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Also be very aware that the listings are far from complete. There are many more Healds whose parishes have not yet been included in the IGI or VRI; many Healds lost or mistranscribed in both the 1881 and 1901 censuses; and many more still to transcribe at FreeBMD (latest progress). Just because there is only one Heald listed in a given place with a given name at a particular date, it is not necessarily safe to assume that they must definitely be the person you are looking for.

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m. Q31893James /HEALD/Agnes Ann /GIBBONS/CHSDodleston, St MaryLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8a 671 Chs-CW CE19/1/223 // b. JaWiMaAbt1869LAN; to Withington LAN, 1895
Maggie /HEALD/ Q11898[James /HEALD/]AgnesLANDidsburyLINK GRO 8c 721 (Chorlton) CEN 1901
Mary /HELD/9Mar1760James /HELD/AliceLANManchester, CathedralLINKC005464
William /HEILD/12Oct1814James /HEILD/AliceLANOrmskirkLINK LDS batch 9001734
m. Abt1822James /HEALD/Alice /CONSTERDINE/LANBlackley, OfLINK AFN:CNGH-08; LDS 1760843 // b. 1797
m.4Sep1832James /HEALD/Alice /CAPPER/LANLeighLINKM005393
m.  1842James /HEALD/Alice /WORSLEY/LANEccles Parish, St Mary'sLINKLanBMD; LanBMD C1/5/34 // b. 1815
Elizabeth Yates /HEALD/28Oct1849Jas /HEALD/Alice /TWIST/LANChorleyLINK LDS batch 6940020
m. Q41869James /HEALD/Alice /STRINGFELLOW/LANBlackburn, St Mary the VirginLINKLanBMD; LanBMD CE12/24/467 GRO 8e 385 // b. 1849
Marg /HIELD/ Abt1874James /HIELD/AliceLANHorwichLINK CEN 1901 (Bolton)
m. Q41877James /HEALD/Alice Jane /CALDERBANK/LANChorley, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 751 LanBMD RO/17/4 // b. 1857; to Bolton 1889
Ada Alice /HEALD/ Q31891James /HEALD/AliceLANBoltonLINK GRO 8c 469 CEN 1901
m.23Apr1609James /HEALDE/Anne /SMETHURST/LANBuryLINK LDS A459072 & 459073
John /HEALD/27Sep1640James /HEALD/AneLINConingsbyLINKC027642; VRI2 FHL 1541959
m.17Jun1672James /HELD/Ann /WINNELL/LANChorleyLINK REL 1 2 3 4 5
m.Abt.Sep1672James /HEALD/AnnLAN<chorley>LINK LDS --
m. Abt1718James /HELD/Anne /ACTON/CHS<Mobberley>LINKLIC; LIC marr // he of Mobberley, she of Marthall, Rosthorne
m.29Oct1772James /HEILD/Ann /CLAYTON/LANManchesterLINK LDS 178014 & 177859 & A456274 & 456274 (rel. James Hampson BRADSHAW, George Hampson Bradshaw)
William /HEALD/25Jul1776James /HEALD/NancyCHSMorleyLINK LDS batch 6930934
Ann /HEALD/ Abt.1786James /HEALD/NancyESS<chelmsford>LINK LDS 1760827
m.9Nov1801James /HEALD/Anne /CHILDE/YKSRothwellLINKM010613; INDX pallot LDS 459139 & A459137
Benjamin /HEALD/27Aug1803James /HEALD/HannahYKSWakefield, All SaintsLINKP018302; // see also Rothwell 1826
m.19Oct1806James /HEALD/Ann /WILTSHIRE/GLSBristol, St MichaelsLINKVRI; FHL 1595697
m.  1807James /HEALD/Ann /NEWMAN/LNDHackney (MDX)LINKINDX; INDX pallot
m.12Sep1811James /HEALD/Ann /LEWIS/LANWinwickLINKVRI; FHL 1469063; LDS batch 8107231
m.7Sep1814James /HEALD/Ann /KNIGHT/LANBolton Le Moors, Saint PeterLINKM007151
Joseph /HEALD/29Aug1819James /HEALD/AnnLANChorleyLINKP005702; LDS 458644
m.12Aug1820James /HEALD/Hannah /EUXTON/LANLeylandLINKM005441; LDS 458644 & A458644
Sarah Ann /HEALD/23Jul1826James /HEALD/HannahYKSRothwellLINKC010612; // cf 1803
m.26Jan1829James /HEALD/Ann /PLANT/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005467
m.31Jul1843James /HEALD/Ann /HOPKINS/NTTNottingham, St Mary'sLINKFreeBMD; GRO 15 678 LDS batch 7611821
m.29Oct1844James /HEALD/Hannah /BAILEY/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097891; LanBMD CATH/39/449
m.23Dec1849James /HEALD/Ann /HORRIBIN/LANPreston, Saint JohnLINKM007132; LanBMD 229/8/298 // b. 1831
m. Q41851James /HEALD/Ann /FEARNSIDE/YKSLeeds, St PeterLINKYksBMD; GRO 23 522 Yks-LS CE46/37/164
Mary /HEALD/22Jan1852James /HEALD/AnnLANPreston, Saint JohnLINKC007135; // m. 1849
Elizth. /HEALD/ Abt1864James /HEALD/AnnieLANManchesterLINK CEN 1881 (Theberton, SFK)
m. Q41865James /HEALD/Annie /POGSON/YKSBuslingthorpe, St MichaelLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 509 (Leeds) Yks-LS CE9/102 // b. 1841
Henry /HEALD/ Q21868James /HEALD/AnneYKSWrenthorpeLINK GRO 9c 19 (Wakefield) CEN 1881 (Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe)
m.2Aug1868James /HEALD/Ann /MC COMB/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097896; GRO 8d 270 // b. 1848
Charlotte Annie /HEALD/ Q41872James [Waddington] /HEALD/AnnieHAMLaverstokeLINK GRO 2a 205 (Whitchurch H.) CEN 1881 (Theberton, SFK) // m. <Manchester> LAN, Bef 1864
Herbert James /HEALD/20Dec1874James /HEALD/AnnGLASaint AthanLINKC057331; (d. Q2 1875, GRO 11a 315 (Bridgend); bur. 30 Apr 1875 aged 5m -NBI) GRO 11a 566 (Bridgend)
Eva Kate /HEALD/ Q21876James [Waddington] /HEALD/AnnieYKSGantonLINK GRO 9d 383 (Scarbro) CEN 1881 (Theberton, SFK) CEN 1901 (Croydon, SRY) // m. LAN, Bef 1864
Frank N. /HIELD/ Abt1878Jas. W. /HIELD/HannahLAN<Barrow In Furness>LINK CEN 1881
m. Q11878James Henry /HIELD/Annie E /WOOD/YKSChapel Allerton, St MatthewLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 433 (Leeds) Yks-LS CE13/216 // b. 1855
Amy Gertrude /HEALD/ Q41878James /HEALD/AnnieSFKThebertonLINK GRO 4a 764 (Blything) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (St Margaret In The Close, LIN) // m. LAN, Bef 1864
m. Q11884James /HEALD/Annie /COWELL/LANLiverpool, Holy TrinityLINKLanBMD; GRO 8b 48 LanBMD 2103LP/5/196
m.21Nov1895James /HEALD/Fanny /RICHARDSON/LANPreston, ChristchurchLINKVRI2; GRO 8e 910 LanBMD 248/2/317 FHL 1470817 // b. WES, 1868
Lily V /HEALD/ Abt1896[James Waddington /HEALD/]AnnieLNDPentonvilleLINK CEN 1901 (St Matthew, SFK) // m. LAN, Bef 1864
m. Q21896James /HEALD/Annie /WARDLE/LANNewton Heath, All SaintsLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 630 (Prestwich) LanBMD 101/4/270
m.28Sep1741James /HEILD/Bridgot /PANE/LNDWestminster, Saint JamesLINKM147507
m.20Jun1800James /HEALD/Catharine /TOWNLEY/LANWinwickLINKVRI; FHL 1469063; LDS 1760900
Catharine /HEALD/5Dec1802James /HEALD/Catharine /TOWNLEY/LANWiganLINKC005566
m.  1838James /HEALD/Catharine /BURGESS/CHSGreat Budworth, St MaryLINKChsBMD; Chs-CC 126/1/55
Ann /HEALD/ Abt1841James /HEALD/CatherineCHSMereLINK CEN 1851
m.21Nov1841James /HEALD/Catharine /LEDWICK/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005469; LanBMD CATH/23/94 GRO 20 450
m.7Jun1873James /HEALD/Catherine /MOONEY/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097897; GRO 8d 451 // b. 1847
m. Q41874James /HEALD/[Catherine /WILCOCK/]LANLancasterLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 987 // b. 1850
m.  1909James /HEALD/Catherine /GOLDING/LANWest Derby, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; LanBMD REG_WD/253/157
L. /HEALD/ Abt1877James /HEALD/CharlotteSTSLINK(son) CEN 1881 (Normanton, YKS)
Harold James /HEALD/ Q31894James /HEALD/CharlotteLNDBowLINK GRO 1c 528 (Poplar) CEN 1901 (St Mary Stratford Bow)
m.20Sep1830James /HEALD/Christiana /GRINDLE/YKSStainton By TickhillLINKM107891; REL 38
m. Q11883James /HEALD/[Clara /JEPSON/]LANChorltonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 971 // b. CHS, 1861
m. Feb1597James /HEALD/Elizabeth /HILL/CHSMobberleyLINKM036691; LDS batch 8413232
Elizabeth /HEALD/11Apr1639James /HEALD/ElizabthLINConingsbyLINKC027642; VRI2 FHL 1541959
m.11Aug1688James /HEALD/Elizabeth /STEWARD/CHSMobberleyLINK AFN:3ZW6-LS; // b. 1658
m.30May1716James /HEALD/Elizabeth /BRIGGS/YKSWakefield, All SaintsLINKM018301
m.30Oct1718James /HEALD/Elizabeth /EAREY/LANPreston \ LeylandLINKLIC; LIC marr // he of Preston, she of Leyland
m.2Apr1764James /HEALD/Elizabeth /CORNEY/HRTSawbridgeworthLINKVRI; FHL 991395
m.2Mar1778James /HEALD/Elizabeth /LOWE/LANChorleyLINK LDS A458666 & 458666 & 1903897 & 1985543 & 1985649 & 2034828
m.3Nov1788James /HEALD/Elizabeth /HEATON/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005461
m.5Nov1788James /HEALD/Elizabeth /HEATON/LANStandishLINKM005472; VRI FHL 1068751
m.25Jan1789James /HEALD/Elizabeth /CHAMBERS/NTTArnoldLINK LDS batch 7414225
m.9Jul1791James /HEALD/Elizabeth /CUNLIFFE/LANChorleyLINKM005701; LDS batch 7328902
Mary /HEALD/16Jun1799James /HEALD/ElizabethLANBrindle, St. Joseph-RcLINKP015181
m.18Jul1822James /HEALD/Elizabeth /EDGE/CHSAshton Upon MerseyLINK LDS batch 8518331
m. Q11840James /HEALD/Elizabeth /CROFT/LANWalton le Dale, St LeonardLINKLanBMD; GRO 21 397 LanBMD 240/1/216 // b. 1817; to Ashton under Lyne 1849
m. Q41840James /HEALD/Eliza /BATLEY/YKSRothwell, Holy TrinityLINKYksBMD; GRO 23 445 (Leeds) Yks-LS CE109/394
Emma /HEALD/9Sep1846James /HEALD/ElizaYKSHorburyLINKC007582
Alfred /HEALD/ Abt1849Jas. /HEALD/ElizabethLANAshton under Lyne, Taunton BarLINK CEN 1851 // m. <Preston> 1840
m.8Jun1854James /HEALD/Elizabeth /JACKSON/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097893; GRO 8d 308
m. Q31858James /HEALD/Elizabeth /PHILLIPS/LANSalford, St SimonLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 9 Lan-SD C27/2/403
m.  1867James /HEALD/Elizabeth /ROYLE/LANPendleton, St ThomasLINKLanBMD; Lan-SD C38/1/413
Harry /HIELD/27Feb1870James /HIELD/ElizabethYKSYork, Saint MargaretLINKVRI; FHL 1068435 GRO 9d 48
m. Q41870James /HEALD/Elizabeth /MYERS/LANManchester, St JohnLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 539 LanBMD STJ/36/105
m.  1875James /HEALD/Elizabeth Alice /HOWSON/LANAltham, St JamesLINKLanBMD; LanBMD SJALT/2/242
Rowland /HEALD/ Q41880James /HEALD/Elizabeth A.LANSalfordLINK GRO 8d 130 LanBMD RR/133/72 (Regents Road) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Rochdale)
m. Q41884James Henry /HEALD/Eliza /HYLAND/LANHulme, St StephenLINKLanBMD; GRO 8c 994 (Chorlton) LanBMD 72/2/121 // b. 1861 ?
m. Q11887James /HEALD/Elizabeth /WOOD/LANPoolstock, St Thomas & St. JamesLINKLanBMD; GRO 8c 82 (Wigan) LanBMD C36/1/477
m.  1888James /HEALD/Elizabeth /HALL/LANNewton Heath, St AnneLINKLanBMD; LanBMD 102/1/136 // b. 1857
Bertha /HEALD/ Q31889James /HEALD/ElizabethLANBoltonLINK GRO 8c 458 CEN 1901 (Westhoughton U D)
Nellie /HEALD/ Q31890James /HEALD/ElizabethCHSHeaton Norris (LAN)LINK GRO 8a 27 (Stockport) Chs-ST HEA/73/84 CEN 1901 (Stockport, CHS)
Margaret Elsie /HEALD/ Q21892James /HEALD/ElizabethLANLongtonLINK GRO 8e 575 CEN 1901
m. Q21900James /HEALD/Elizabeth Ann /BAILEY/LANChorley, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 1028 LanBMD RO/30/48 // b. 1864
m. Q31901James /HEALD/Elizabeth /CRONSHAW/LANNewton Heath, St AugustineLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 673 (Prestwich) LanBMD 103/1/495
m.19Aug1792James /HEALD/Esther /ELLISON/LANWiganLINK LDS batch 7312308
m.11Feb1793James /HEALD/Esther /BARLOW/CHSStockportLINK LDS batch 7000904
m. Bef1851James /HEALD/EstherLAN<Manchester>LINK // b. 1821
Elizabeth Ellen /HEALD/3Nov1867James /HEALD/EstherLANManchester, CathedralLINKC073547; (d. Q2 1868, GRO 8d 148)
Ada /HEALD/ Abt1888James /HEALD/EstherLINBeltonLINK CEN 1901
m. Aug1792James /HEALD/Ethel /ELLISON/LANWiganLINK LDS 170463 & 177921 & A456549 & 456549
John /HEALD/26Jun1836James /HEALD/Frances [/WILKINSON/]CHSTarporleyLINKVRI2; (b. 1 Jun 1836; m. Ann /BUTTERWORTH/ 1858 -REL) REL 14 CEN 1851 CEN 1881 (Hulme, LAN) FHL 1751854
m.11Sep1759James /HEALD/Grace /DUCKWORTH/LANPreston, Saint JohnLINKM007132
m.  1831James /HEALD/Harriet /GREGORY/LNDSt MaryleboneLINKINDX; INDX pallot
m. Bef1901James /HEALD/HarrietLAN<Manchester>LINK // b. 1869
m.  1908James /HEALD/Harriett /DODSWORTH/YKSLeeds, St AndrewLINKYksBMD; Yks-LS CE38/C/318
m.1Jul1752James /HEALD/Elianor /LODGE/YKSDewsburyLINKM009053
m.13Nov1787James /HEALD/Ellen /YATE/ [/YATES/]LANLeigh [Manchester]LINKM005393; LDS batch 7617620
m.30Jun1788James /HELD/Nelly /TURBIFIELD/WARBirmingham, Saint MartinLINKM010722
m.25Jan1835James /HEALD/Ellen /MC CARTY/LANChorleyLINKM005701
m. Q31847James /HEALD/Ellen /BRANDILL/ or /BRANDALL/CHSBowdon, St MaryLINKChsBMD; GRO 19 5 (Altrincham) Chs-TR CE5/2/140
m. Q41894James /HEALD/Ellen /GARSIDE/LANAshton, Civil MarriageLINKChsBMD; GRO 8d 826 Chs-TA ASH/RM/80/102 // b. 1874
Emily /HEALD/ Q41895James /HEALD/EllaLANBradfordLINK GRO 8d 357 (Prestwich) CEN 1901 (North Manchester)
m.8Sep1892James /HEALD/Henrietta Stewart /BROWN/LANAllerton, All HallowsLINKLanBMD; GRO 8b 537 LanBMD 2069WD/1/56 REL 8 10 // b. 1849; to Didsbury 1893
William Henry Arthur /HEALD/ Q41893James /HEALD/Henrietta Stewart /BROWN/LANCheshire Cum HardyLINK GRO 8c 718 (Chorlton) CEN 1901 (Didsbury) REL 10 // m. Allerton, 1892
m.21Jul1840James /HEALD/Isabella /STANNING/LANChorley, Saint GeorgeLINKM162742; (s. of William /HEALD/;da. of James /STANNING/) VRI FHL 1526078 // b. 1816
m. Q31840James /HEALD/Isabella /STANDING/LANChorley, St GeorgeLINKLanBMD; GRO 21 175 LanBMD C7/1/100
m. Q11875James /HEALD/Isabella /BAINBRIDGE/ \ /ROWLEY/LANUlverstonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 1010 // b. 1854
Sophia /HEALD/ Abt1876James /HEALD/IsabellaSTSLINK CEN 1881 (Barrow In Furness, LAN) // m. Ulverston LAN, 1875
m.17Jun1672James /HELD/Genet /WINNELL/LANChorleyLINKPR; PR marr LDS batch 7328902
m.5Jun1786James /HEALD/Jane /SEED/LANPreston, Saint JohnLINKM007132; AFN:TLBB-2T; // b. 1761
m.3Aug1817James /HEALD/Jane /ELLISON/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005465
m.2Jan1849James /HEALD/Jane /LEADSON/LANLiverpoolLINKFreeBMD; (2nd dau of Thomas /LEADSON/ spirit dealer, deceased) GRO 20 143 // see also 1852
James /HEALD/22Apr1852James /HEALD/JaneLANLiverpool, Saint PeterLINKP020276; // m. 1849
m.29Dec1860James /HEALD/Jane Elizabeth /MERRIFIELD/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097895
m.6Sep1874James /HEALD/Jane /OWENS/LANPreston, Saint JohnLINKM007133; GRO 8e 779 LanBMD 229/34/329
William Henry /HEALD/11Jun1877James /HEALD/JaneLANBlackburn, St Mary the VirginLINKVRI2; (b. 24 May 1877; d. Q2 1877, GRO 8e 262) GRO 8e 431 FHL 1278806
Charlotte M /HEALD/ Abt1897James T /HEALD/Jane WCHAJerseyLINK CEN 1901 (Stockton On Tees)
m. Q41905James Reginald /HEALD/Jessie /FLOUNDERS/LANWest Derby, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8b 926 LanBMD REG_WD/225/154
m. Feb1590James /HEALD/Joane /STRETTELL/CHSMobberleyLINKM036691
m.18Jan1628James /HEALD/Jone /WATERMAN/HAMWinchester, Saint MauriceLINKM136741
m.1Jul1816James /HEALD/John /BAILEY/CHSCheadleLINK LDS -- // ? some mistake
m.12Feb1816James /HEALD/Lettice /NELSON/LANPreston, Saint JohnLINKM007132
m.  1906James /HEALD/Lillian /BENNETT/LANPreston, St ThomasLINKLanBMD; LanBMD 237/5/9
m. Q41883James /HEALD/Louisa /BRAMHAM/YKSPontefractLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 200 LDS 2078193 // b. 1856
m.14Nov1780James /HEALD/Lucy /NORRIS/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005461; REL 8 9 10 WCN heald_lf // b. DBY, 1758; to Stockport CHS, 1787
Lucy /HEALD/14Apr1787James /HEALD/LucyCHSStockport, High Street PresbyterianLINKC076872; (m. Daniel /BURTON MOUNCEY/ 1820; d. 1823) WCN heald_lf //m. Manchester LAN, 1780
Johannis /HELD/4Oct1583Jacobi /GREAVES/Margretae /HELD/DBYEdensorLINKC049983
Betty /HEALD/17Jun1781James /HEALD/Peggy /SIM/LANWiganLINKC005564
m.16Sep1810James /HEALD/Margaret /HALL/LANBoltonLINK LDS 177922 & 178043 & batch 7223705
m.19Oct1835James /HEALD/Margaret /HIGHAM/LANChorleyLINKM005701; // b. 1796; m1 Rebecca /CORNER/ 1817
Harriett /HEILD/16Apr1837James /HEILD/PeggyCHSMottram in LongdendaleLINKVRI2; FHL 1656487
Joseph /HEALD/ Q31847James /HEALD/MargaretLANChorley, St GeorgeLINKVRI2; (bapt. 17 Oct 1847; m. Jane [/COLLINSON/] 1868; widr bef 1901) GRO 21 300 LanBMD CHO/12/40 CEN 1851 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 FHL 1526077
m.14Feb1868James /HEALD/Margaret /SMITH/LANPreston, Saint JohnLINKM007133; AFN:1BMN-PT7; GRO 8e 653 LanBMD 229/28/326 LDS 1985460 & 1985460 // b. 1849
m.  1825James /HEALD/Martha /CARD/LNDWhitechapel, St MaryLINKINDX; INDX pallot
m. Q21883James /HEALD/Martha Ann /NICHOLSON/LANBradford, Christ ChurchLINKLanBMD; LanBMD 33/3/296 GRO 8d 423 (Prestwich) // b. 1862
m.13Apr1755James /HELD/Mary /MATTHEWS/DBYChapel En Le FrithLINKM048512
m.22Jun1774James /HEALD/Mary /COTTON/CHSMiddlewichLINKM089951
James /HEALD/22May1784James /HEALD/MaryLANChorleyLINK(b. 1 May 1784 -AF) AFN:LX3S-X0; LDS 1760911
John /HEALD/10Nov1799James /HEALD/MaryLANFlixtonLINKP005222
m.13Sep1801James /HEALD/Mary /SHERWIN/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005463
m.2Jul1803James William /HEALD/Mary /ELLIS/YKSDewsburyLINK LDS batch 7808833
m.  1811James /HEALD/Mary /POTTER/ESSColchester, Colchester Quakers-NcLINKM015471;
m.7Jul1811James /HEALD/Mary /MANGNALL/LANChorleyLINK AFN:1J2Q-JG1; LDS 458644 & A458644 // b. 1785
m.11Feb1813James /HEALD/Mary /PEARSON/LANPreston, Saint JohnLINKM007132
m.4Mar1827James /HEALD/Mary /RATCLIFF/CHSWilmslowLINKVRI2
m.28Dec1835James /HEALD/Mary /CRAVEN/YKSRothwellLINKM010612; // b. 1796
m.1Oct1837James /HEALD/Mary Ann /HILL/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005469; GRO 20 258 LanBMD CATH/2/110
m.18Sep1838James /HEALD/Mary /HAMLET/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005469; GRO 20 483 LanBMD CATH/7/110
m.30Dec1841James /HEALD/Mary /GREATBANKS/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005469; LanBMD CATH/23/394 GRO 20 525 // b. 1799
m.30Apr1843James /HEALD/Mary /GILL/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097891; GRO 20 417 LanBMD CATH/30/217
m. Q41847James Morris /HEALD/Mary /HULSE/CHSCheadle, St MaryLINKChsBMD; GRO 19 265 (Stockport) Chs-ST ST65/6/14 // b. 1827; to Marple 1848; see also 1851
Mary /HEALD/ Abt1848James [Morris] /HEALD/Mary [/HULSE/]CHS?Herwood?LINK CEN 1851 (Marple) // m. Cheadle 1847; see also 1851
Mary /HEALD/2Jan1848James /HEALD/MaryCHSTaxalLINKVRI2; FHL 1850100
m.10Mar1850James /HEALD/Mary Ann /WHITTAKER/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097892; GRO 20 501 // b. 1828; see also 1855
m.20Jul1850James /HEALD/Mary /FISHER/LANBlackburn, Saint MaryLINKVRI; LanBMD CE12/13/28 FHL 1278808 // b. Bef 1833
John W. /HEALD/ Abt1851James [Morris] /HEALD/MaryCHSMarpleLINK CEN 1851 // m. Bef 1848
William Hy. /HEALD/ Feb1851James /HEALD/MaryYKSWakefieldLINK CEN 1851
Eliza Jane /HEALD/27May1855James /HEALD/Mary AnnLANManchester, CathedralLINKC073544; // m. 1850
m. Q21858James /HEALD/Mary /RIDING/LANCoppull, Parish ChurchLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 440 (Chorley) LanBMD C12/1/51 // b. 1830
m. Q21860James /HEALD/Mary Ann /ROBINSON/DURStocktonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 10a 126 // b. Wakefield YKS, 1838
m.  1868James Robert /HEALD/Mary A.YKSBradfordLINK LDS 1903561 // b. 1842
Eliza /HEALD/9Aug1868James /HEALD/MaryCHSTaxalLINKVRI2; FHL 1850100
m.  1869James /HEALD/Mary Haldane /NELSON/LANEverton, EmmanuelLINKLanBMD; GRO 8b 575 (West Derby) LanBMD 2100WD/1/17
m. Q31870James /HEALD/Maria /ALLEN/LANPrestwich, St MaryLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 638 (Manchester) LanBMD CE18/25/468
Maria Alice /HEALD/6Aug1871James /HEALD/MariaLANPreston, Saint JohnLINKC007137; (d. Q1 1873, GRO 8e 248 (Blackburn)) GRO 8e 554
m.  1878James /HEALD/Mary Alice /DUXBURY/LANBury, St PaulLINKLanBMD; LanBMD CE8/4/34 // b. 1857; to Church 1890
m. Q21884James /HELD/[Mary /STAGG/]NBLTynemouthLINKFreeBMD; GRO 10b 337 // b. BKM, 1851
m. Q21890James Allen /HEALD/Mary /GERRARD/YKSLeeds, Registered BuildingLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 830 Yks-LS RB/98/113
m. Q21893James /HEALD/Mary /ALLINSON/LANChorley, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 718 LanBMD RO/24/132 // b. 1871
Beatrice /HEALD/7May1899James /HEALD/MaryLANChurchLINKVRI2; (b. 5 Apr 1899) GRO 8e 438 (Blackburn) CEN 1901 FHL 1470823
m. Q31905James Albert /HEALD/Mary Elizabeth /HILL/LANGlodwich, St MarkLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 1178 (Oldham) LanBMD CE219/3/81
m. Q31879James Temple /HEALD/Matilda T.NTTNottinghamLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 3_8 // b. Sheffield YKS, 1856
Wm. /HEALD/31Dec1722Jas. /HEALD/Rachll.CHSWilmslowLINKP009681
Mary /HEALD/14Jun1726Jas. /HEALD/RachelCHSWilmslowLINKP009681
m.22Jun1817James /HEALD/Rebecca /CORNER/LANChorleyLINK AFN:290N-TQ; REL 6 LDS A458679 & 458679 // b. 1796; m2 Margaret /HIGHAM/ 1835
m.24Jan1836James /HEALD/Rosanna /SMITH/LANLeylandLINK LDS batch 7226210 // b. 1816; see also 1852
Thomas /HEALD/31Jan1852James /HEALD/RosannaLANPreston, Saint JohnLINKC007135; // m. 1836
m.1Dec1843James /HEALD/Ruth /LEECH/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097891; GRO 20 552 LanBMD CATH/33/467 // b. 1821; moved to Wigan 1851
Edward /HEALD/  1851James A. /HEALD/Ruth [/LEECH/]LANWigan, UphollandLINK(m. Bef 1891; widr bef 1901) LanBMD UPHL/6/403 CEN 1881 (Ardwick) CEN 1901 (South Manchester) // m. Manchester 1843
m.25Dec1775James /HEALD/Sarah /DEWSE/YKSDewsburyLINKM009053; REL 23 24 25
m.24Dec1837James /HEALD/Sarah /WALKER/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005469; GRO 20 423 LanBMD CATH/3/270
Mary /HEALD/6Jul1845James /HEALD/SarahNTTKneesallLINKC044811
m.6Nov1848James /HEALD/Sarah Anne /BAND/LANAshton Under Lyne, St MichaelLINKVRI; (s. of Edward /HEALD/;da. of Christopher /BAND/) Chs-TA CE4/6/189 GRO 20 7 FHL 1550974 // b. Blackrod 1828; to Hadfield, Glossop DBY, 1851
m. Bef1851James /HEALD/Sarah A. [/BAND/]DBY<Hadfield>LINK // cf LAN, 1848;
Melinda Jane /HEALD/ Q11862James /HEALD/SarahNTTKersallLINK(m. 1882) GRO 7b 290 (Southwell) CEN 1881 // m. Bef 1845
m. Q21878James /HEALD/Sarah Elizabeth /SHALLCROSS/DBYChapel le F.LINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 1051
m. Q41878James /HEALD/Sarah /TOWNEND/YKSDoncaster, Register OfficeLINKYksBMD; GRO 9c 938 Yks-DN DON/12/27
Emma Jane /HEALD/ Q41878James /HEALD/SarahYKSDoncasterLINK(m. 1902) GRO 9c 719 (Doncaster) CEN 1881 (Cridling Stubbs) CEN 1901 (Cridling Stubbs)
m. Q11887James /HEALD/Sarah Ann /ALLEN/LANPendleton, St PaulLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 33 (Salford) Lan-SD C30/3/302 // b. 1861
m. Q41902James /HEALD/Sarah /STRINGFELLOW/LANHindsford, St. AnneLINKLanBMD; GRO 8c 394 (Leigh) LanBMD C3L/1/29
John /HEALD/28May1760James /HEALD/SusannaCHSMiddlewichLINKC089951
m. Sep1794James /HEALD/Susanna /DEWS/YKSDewsburyLINKM009053
m. Q21894James /HEALD/Susannah /KIRK/LANBlackburn, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 751 LanBMD RM/119/131
m.9Apr1898James /HEALD/Susannah /THORNTON/LANBlackburn, St ThomasLINKVRI2; GRO 8e 684 FHL 1470819 // b. 1876
Julia Annie /HEALD/ Q21899James /HEALD/SusanLANManchesterLINK GRO 8d 313 CEN 1901
m. Bef1901James /HEALD/SusannahLAN<Padiham>LINK // b. 1869
m.10Dec1658James /HEALD/Thomasine /HEALD/CHSMobberleyLINKM036691
Alis /HEALD/4May1595James /HEALD/LANBolton, Saint PeterLINKP007151; PR bap
William /HEALDE/23Dec1632James /HEALD/DBYWirksworthLINKWIRKSW
Elizabeth /HEALD/6Jul1711James /HEALD/Mrs. /HEALD/LANChorleyLINK AFN:LX3S-HQ; LDS 1760865
Mary /HEALD/11Oct1727James /HEALD/YKSWakefield, All SaintsLINKP018301
Martha /HEALD/22Jan1744James /HEALD/LANFlixtonLINKP005221
m. Q31842James /HEALD/LANChorltonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 20 101
m. Q41871James /HEALD/BRKReadingLINKFreeBMD; GRO 2c 792
m. Q11888James /HEALD/LANPrestwichLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 406
m. Q21889James /HEALD/LANChorltonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 987
m.24Dec1894James /HEALD//HUBY/YKSDoncasterLINK LDS --
m. Q31895James /HEALD/LANBlackburnLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 758
m. Q41898James /HEALD/LANManchesterLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 492
m. Q21902James /HEALD/LANPrestonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 1085
m. Q21903James Arthur /HEALD/GLACardiffLINKFreeBMD; GRO 11a 773
m. Q31903James /HIELDS/YKSGt. OuseburnLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9a 146
m.1Dec1690Japhet /HIELD/Martha /LEDGARD/YKSNorthowram, Northowram And Coley-NcLINKM007231; PR marr // b. 1653; Martha /LEDGER/ of Idle -REL
bur.28Sep1700Japhett /HEALD/YKSHorbury, [of Lupsett]LINK PR bur
m.26Mar1843Jeremiah /HEALD/Ann /ROWBOTHAM/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097891; GRO 20 504 LanBMD CATH/30/16 // b. Dewsbury YKS, 1819; to Staley CHS, 1844, CHS, 1852 Hyde CHS, 1859
Joseph Henry /HEALD/  1844Jeremiah /HEALD/[Ann /ROWBOTHAM/]CHS<Staley>LINKVRI2; (m. Elizabeth /DENERLEY/ 1865) GRO 20 128 (Ashton) Chs-TA NEW/5/47 (Newton) // m. Manchester LAN, 1843
Tom /HEALD/ Abt1852Jerimiah /HEALD/Ann [/ROWBOTHAM/]CHSNewtonLINK(m. Mary; d. 8 Feb 1893) CEN 1881 (Hyde) WILL 1893 // m. LAN, 1843; to Hyde 1859
Sarah Jane /HEALD/ Q41859Jerimiah /HEALD/AnnCHSHydeLINK GRO 8a 8 (Stockport) Chs-TA HYD/30/20 CEN 1881 // m. LAN, 1843
m.  1730Job /HEALD/Ann /HOLLINGSWORTH/YKSKirkburtonLINK AFN:1QKV-M56; // b. 1708
m. Q41843Job /HEALD/[Mary /GODDARD/]YKSHuddersfieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 22 265 // b. 1817
Nancy /HEALD/ Abt1855[Job /HEALD/]MaryYKSHolmfirthLINK(m. Thomas /CHEETHAM/ 1873) CEN 1881 (Saddleworth) // m. 1843
m.13Feb1642John /HELD/Abigall /SAVILL/LNDStepney, Saint DunstanLINKM055762
Frederick Harold /HEALD/ Q21887John /HEALD/AdaYKSSheffieldLINK GRO 9c 395 (Ecclesall B.) CEN 1901 (Mexborough)
m.23Apr1849John /HEALD/Agnes /WATSON/LANAdlington, St PaulLINKVRI; GRO 21 253 (Chorley) LanBMD C2/1/24 FHL 1526077 // b. 1792
m. Q31900John James /HEALD/Agnes /HODGSON/LANFenicliffe, St FrancisLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 792 (Blackburn) LanBMD CE21/1/153 // b. 1877
m.20Feb1603Johannes /HEELDE/Agneta /ALDWYN/SRYEghamLINKM098922
m.27Aug1563John /HEALD/Alice /SLATOR/DBYBeeleyLINKM047062; LDS A184790
m.10May1669John /HEALD/Alice /SHARPLES/YKSWhitkirkLINKM009784; PR xxx
James /HEALD/22Feb1698John /HEALD/Alice /SCHOFIELD/LANOldham, Saint MaryLINKP005622
m.19Jul1710John /HEALD/Alice /MARSDEN/YKSWakefield, All SaintsLINKM018301
Willy /HELD/22Nov1823John /HELD/AliceYKSLangtoft With CottamLINKC109281
m.12May1833John /HEALD/Alice /LEES/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005468
m.11Sep1837John /HEALD/Alice /PICKUP/LANBlackburn, St Mary the VirginLINKVRI2; LanBMD CE12/1/69 GRO 21 18 FHL 1278817 // b. 1817; see also 1855
George /HEALD/ Q11861Jonathan /HEALD/AliceLANBoltonLINK(m. [Esther Ellen /MATHER/] 1882) GRO 8c 253 CEN 1881 (Little Bolton) CEN 1901
Mary Alice /HEALD/ Q31861[John /HEALD/]AliceLANBlackburnLINK GRO 8e 329 LanBMD B/91/79 CEN 1881
m.17Mar1870John /HIELDS/Alice /LAW/YKSAcombLINKVRI2; GRO 9a 100 (Gt. Ouseburn) FHL 1068308 // b. 1847
m. Q11901John /HEALD/[Alice /LEE/]YKSHuddersfieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9a 490 // b. 1878
m.  1903John /HEALD/Alice E /CLARKSON/YKSWharfe District, Registered BuildingLINKYksBMD; Yks-Leeds WHARFERB/23/5
m.20Feb1819John /HEALD/Amelia /PARKMAN/LNDWestminster, Saint Anne SohoLINKM062361; INDX pallot // b. 1793
m. Q21882John /HEALD/Amelia /SINGLETON/LANPreston, St PaulLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 906 LanBMD 247/1/388 // b. 1857
Margaret /HEALD/17Sep1606John /BOWKER/Anne /HEALD/LANManchesterLINK LDS 446010 & 458991
m. Nov1606John /HEALD/Anne /WALKER/CHSMobberleyLINKM036691
m.21Nov1625Johannis /HEALD/Annae /BERISFORD/STSMayfieldLINKVRI2; FHL 1471147
Robertus /HEALDE/2Dec1627Johannes /SUGDEN/Annae /HEALDE/YKSWakefield, All SaintsLINKVRI; FHL 98546
William /HEALD/1May1631John /HEALD/AnnSTSEllastoneLINKP010101; PR bap
m.1Dec1697John /HEALD/Anne /MAKON/LANMiddleton By OldhamLINKM007061
m.26Sep1731John /HEALD/Hannah /AVEYARD/YKSWest ArdsleyLINK LDS A458655; LDS 458655
m.16Nov1732John /HEELD/Anne /BRADLEY/YKSHoltbyLINKM012071; REL 15
m.8Jan1742John /HEALD/Ann /HEPWORTH/YKSLeedsLINKPR; PR xxx LDS batch 7018313
m.13Jun1743John /HEALD/Ann /KEEN/NTTNottingham, Saint PeterLINKM015431; PR marr
Thomas /HEILDS/13Mar1768John /HEILDS/HannahYKSAcombLINKC039611
m.25Jul1773John /HEALD/Hannah /SPREAK/LNDSt. Marylebone, Saint MaryLINKM035242
m.11Jun1775John /HEALD/Ann /FOZARD/YKSDewsburyLINKM009053
m.25Apr1779John /HEALD/Hannah /BOLLONS/YKSWakefield, All SaintsLINKM018303
James /HEALD/12Sep1784John /HEALD/AnnLANManchester, CathedralLINKC005466
m.31Aug1789John /HEALD/Hannah /THORNILL/YKSLeeds, Saint PeterLINKM009624
Mary Ann /HEALD/21Nov1790John /HEALD/AnnCHSStockport, St. MaryLINKC009433; // m. Manchester LAN, Bef 1784 ?
m.17Oct1792John /HEILD/Ann /JACKSON/YKSYork, Saint CruxLINKM011013
m.23Nov1793John /HELD/Hannah /NORTH/NTTMansfield, BTsLINKVRI2; PR marr INDX pallot FHL 503790
Ruth /HEALD/8Feb1801John /HEALD/AnnCHSRingwayLINKVRI2; (b. 9 Jan 1801; bur Bowdon, 18 Jul 1802 aged 1 -NBI) FHL 1836023
Maria /HEALD/19Dec1802John /HEALD/NancyCHSStockport, St MaryLINKC009433; (m. Samuel /SWANN/ 1830 -REL) WCN heald_lf
m.3Jun1803John /HEALD/Hannah /BEARDSHAW/YKSSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterLINKM007759
m.4Feb1806John /HEALD/Hannah /ROYLE/LANFlixtonLINKM005221
m.22May1809John /HEILD/Hannah /MAKIN/LANManchesterLINK LDS 178014 & 456274 & A456274 (rel. George Hampson Bradshaw, James Hampson BRADSHAW)
m.18Jun1810John /HEALD/Ann /BROADBENT/NTTClayworthLINKM046442; VRI FHL 503483 REL 25 // b. Ossett YKS, 1783
m.27Feb1812John /HEALD/Ann /WILKINSON/YKSBatleyLINKM108082; // b. 1790
William /HEALD/4Jul1813John /HEALD/AnnYKSBrothertonLINKC109361; (m. [Sarah Ann /FURNIS/] 1837) // m. NTT, 1810 -REL; cf NTT, 1813
m.25Oct1815John /HEALD/Ann /CHEETHAM/LANPreston, Saint JohnLINKM007132
Jas Cheetham /HEALD/26Oct1817John /HEALD/AnnLANManchester, Saint John DeansgateLINKP020851; // m.1815, Preston?
m. Abt1818John /HEALD/Mrs. Ann /HEALD/LANChorley, OfLINK LDS --
m.16Apr1822John /HEALD/Ann /CARTER/DBYBolsoverLINKM060971; // b. 1800
m.29Nov1824John /HEALD/Ann /CLARKE/LANHalton, BTsLINKVRI2; PR marr FHL 1526205 LDS batch 8826435 // b. 1797
Sarah Ann /HEALD/ Abt1832John /HEALD/HannahDBY<Alfreton>LINK CEN 1851
m.27May1833John /HEALD/Hannah /ODDY/YKSBatleyLINKM108081; // b. 1812
m.7Aug1835John Whitaker /HEALD/Ann /SMITH/YKSLeeds, Saint PeterLINKM071935; LDS 177913 REL 19 20
m.28Sep1836John /HEALD/Anne /GREENWAY/CHSChester, St MaryLINK LDS batch 8935531
m.4Jun1839John /HEALD/Ann /COCKAYNE/DBYDerby, Saint AlkmundLINKM055375; GRO 19 418 // b. 1816
m. Q11845John /HEALD/[Anne /BONSHILL/ \ /BOUSKILL/]WESKendalLINKFreeBMD; GRO 25 417 / see also 1857
m.11May1845John /HEALD/Ann /HOLDSWORTH/YKSWakefieldLINKM071651; GRO 22 541 // b. Wrenthorpe 1822; see also 1860
m.10Feb1846John /HEALD/Ann /FOX/DBYHopeLINK LDS batch 7012804
Hannah /HEALD/ Aft1849John /HEALD/Hannah MariaYKSWakefieldLINK(m. Walter /TOLSON/ Bef 1882) EXOR 1882 EXOR 1882
m.23Jun1849John /HEALD/Nancy /CRAVEN/LANBlackburn, Saint MaryLINKVRI; LanBMD CE12/11/364 FHL 1278808 // b. 1827
m.16Dec1849John /HEALD/Hannah /HUGHES/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097892; REL 12
Reuben /HEALD/ Jun1850John /HEALD/AnnYKSHeckmondwikeLINK(m. Mary H. 1873) GRO 22 89 (Dewsbury) CEN 1851 CEN 1881 (Thornhill) CEN 1901 (Dewsbury)
m.27Dec1852John /HEALD/Ann /KINSEY/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097893; GRO 8d 478
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1853John /HEALD/AnnCHSTarporleyLINK CEN 1881 // m. 1836
Jane Ann /HEALD/  1854John /HEALD/NancyLANBlackburnLINK LanBMD B/58/42 CEN 1881 // m. 1849
Sophia Inwistle /HEALD/1Jul1855John /HEALD/AnnLANChorley, St GeorgeLINKVRI2; FHL 1526077
Jonathan /HEALD/23Nov1856John /HEALD/AnneSTSMayfieldLINKC039361; (m. Mary Jane /STRINGER/ LAN, 1880) VRI2 FHL 1471147 CEN 1881 (Halliwell, LAN) CEN 1901 (Bolton, LAN)
Mary Ann /HEALD/9Jul1857John /HEALD/AnnWESMilnthorpeLINKC061651; // m. 1845
m.  1858John /HEALD/Ann /BUTTERWORTH/CHSLymm, St MaryLINKChsBMD; Chs-WA C13/1/207 REL 14 // b. 1836 moved to Hulme LAN, 1868
Harriet /HEALD/ Abt1860John /HEALD/AnnYKSWrenthorpeLINK CEN 1881 (Wakefield) // m. 1845
William /HEALD/8Dec1861John /HEALD/AnneDBYBolsoverLINKC060971
m.6Dec1863John /HEALD/Ann /NUTTALL/LANPreston, Saint JohnLINKM007133; AFN:1BMN-PM0; LanBMD 229/24/140 LDS 1985460 // b. 1841
Agnes /HEALD/8Aug1868John /HEALD/Ann /BUTTERWORTH/LANManchesterLINKREL; (m. Thomas /GREATOREX/ 1887 -REL) CEN 1881 (Hulme) // m. Lymm CHS, 1858
Elizabeth Ann /HEALD/ Q11871John /HEALD/HannahLANBoltonLINK GRO 8c 301 CEN 1881 (Halliwell)
m. Q11872John /HEALD/Hannah /WILSON/CHSPrestbury, St PeterLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8a 193 Chs-CE PSP/21/40 // b. 1852
m.29Sep1872John William /HEALD/Hannah Johnson /BOWERS/YKSWakefieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 16 REL 23 // b. 1850
m.15May1874John /HEALD/Hannah /HAYES/LINLincoln, St BotolphLINKVRI2; GRO 7a 1008 FHL 1542050 // b. 1850
m.25Dec1875Jonathan /HEALD/Fanny /FOWLER/LANManchester, Saint Andrew AncoatsLINKM033031; GRO 8d 236 LanBMD 16/2/499
William /HEALD/ Q11877John /HEALD/HannahYKSSheffieldLINK GRO 9c 548 CEN 1881 (Brightside Bierlow) CEN 1901 (Brightside Bierlow)
m. Aft1881Jonathan /HEALD/AnnLAN<Cheetham>LINK EXOR 1885
m. Q21881Jonathan /HEALD/Ann /COLLINGE/LANLower Crumpsall, St ThomasLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 491 (Prestwich) LanBMD 81/1/81
Johanne Jacobina /HELD/ Q41883John /HELD/AnnaLNDWhite ChapelLINK GRO 1c 369 (St. Geo. East) CEN 1901 (West Ham)
m. Q11887John Claypole /HEALD/[Annie]LNDStrandLINKFreeBMD; GRO 1b 656 UNIV Cam 1877 // b. Southport LAN, 1859; to Billinge LAN, 1888, Southport LAN, 1889
Kathleen Irene /HEALD/ Q11888John Claypole /HEALD/AnnieLANBillingeLINK GRO 8c 147 (Wigan) CEN 1901 (Southport) // m. LND, 1887
Thomas Lane C /HEALD/ Q31889John [Claypole] /HEALD/AnnieLANSouthportLINK GRO 8b 797 (Ormskirk) CEN 1901 // m. LND, 1887
William /HEALD/ Q31892John /HEALD/AnnieLANPrestonLINK GRO 8e 648 CEN 1901 (Blackpool)
m. Q31893Jonathan /HEALD/Nanny /MCGOWAN/LANLiverpool, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8b 326 LanBMD REG_LP/216/142
m. Q31894John William /HEALD/Annie /BRUCE/YKSDewsburyLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 1134 // b. 1864
m. Bef1901John /HEALD/AnnDBY<Derby>LINK(m2) // b. 1846
m. Bef1901John /HEALD/AnnYKS<Sandal Magna>LINK(?m2) // b. 1844
m. Q41899John /HEALD/Beatrice /MARTIN/YKSHolbeck District, Registered BuildingLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 612 Yks-LS HOLBECKRB/9/107 // b. 1875
m. Q11866John /HEALD/[Biddy /BROOKS/]LANW. DerbyLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8b 655 // b. Liverpool 1829 or Lancaster 1829
Albert Ernest /HEALD/23Aug1874John /HEALD/BiddyLINHorncastleLINKVRI2; FHL 1542140 // cf LAN, 1872
m.3Aug1845John /HEALD/Burnett_ /LEWIS/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097891; LanBMD CATH/45/125
Frederick Alfred /HEALD/12Aug1855John /HEALD/Burnett_ [/LEWIS/]LANManchester, CathedralLINKC073544; // m. 1845
m.20May1572Johannes /HELD/Katherina /TOMPSONE/LANStandishLINKM005471; PR marr LDS 455203
m.13Jul1640John /HEALD/Katheryn /BRADSHAW/LANLeylandLINK LDS A184605
m.24Oct1705John /HEALD/Cathe. /HANSON/YKSLeeds, Saint PeterLINKM009621; PR marr // he of Thornes, she of Stanley; b. 1648
m.20Mar1772Johannes /HELD/Katherina /TOMPSON/LANStandishLINK LDS A455203 // should be 1572 ?
Alice /HEALD/15Aug1824Jonathon /ROYLE/Catherine /HEALD/LANNewchurch By CulchethLINK LDS batch 8805533
m. Bef1851John /HEALD/CatherineYKS<Wooldale>LINKFreeBMD; // b. 1819
m. Q31865John /HEALD/Catherine Ann /ALTY/LANManchester, St JohnLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 509 LanBMD STJ/27/486
m. Q41901John /HEALD/Catherine /BENNETT/LANSalford, St MatthiasLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 148 LanBMD C34/3/336
John /HEALD/26Jul1818John /HEALD/CharlotteLANPreston, St John'sLINK(d. Bef 1826 -AF) AFN:1BMM-ND7; LDS 1985460 & batch 7328902
m. Abt.1616John /HEALD/Dorothy /HEALD/CHS(NBL), Of Berwick-Upon TweedLINK LDS 184615
m.3Dec1636Johannes /HEALD/Dorothea /ROYLE/CHSAlderleyLINKE130711; (b. 1620 -AF) AFN:3500-H1; PR marr LDS -- & A170729 & 183557 & 184304 & A184636 & 962064 & 1239589 (rel. Jonathan H. HALE)
Thomas /HEALD/19Jan1650John /HEALD/Dorothy /ROYLE/---ConcordLINK LDS --
m.12Jul1691John /HEILD/Dorothy /SMITH/YKSBradfieldLINKVRI2; PR marr LDS 177882 & 184282 & 184622 (rel. Ernest HOLLINGS)
m. Q21899John Edward /HEALD/[Edith /POOLE/]LANChorltonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 1265 // b. 1874
m.20Nov1563John /HEELDE/Elizabethe /PAWLMER/SRYEghamLINKM098922
John /HEALDE/28Dec1614John /HEALDE/[Elizabeth]LANChorleyLINKP005701; PR bap LDS 452075 & 458666
m.24Jun1621John /HEALD/Elsabeth /HOULDEN/LANBlackburnLINKPR; PR marr LDS 177880 & 177927 & 178025 & A178074 & 178074 & 178086 & A457698 & 457700 (rel. John G. PEART)
Elin /HEALD/2Oct1627John /HEALD/[Elizabeth]LANChorley, [The Acres]LINKP005701; PR bap LDS 452075 & 458666
Sara /HEALD/10Aug1655John /HEALD/ElizabethSTSEllastoneLINKP010101; PR bap
m.27Dec1659John /HELD/Elizabeth /REDDING/LNDLondon, Allhallows London WallLINKM000851
m.19Jan1688John /HEALD/Elizabeth /TAYLOR/DBYBlackwell By AlfretonLINK LDS batch 7413013
John /HEALD/1Feb1696John /HEALD/ElizabethLNDLondon, Saint John The BaptistLINKP020531
Elizabeth /HEALD/  1709John /HEALD/Mrs Elizabeth /HEALD/LANFlixton, OfLINK LDS 1903782
m.25Jul1710John /HEALD/Elizabeth /WHYTING/KENSaint Werburgh HooLINKM131462
John /HEILD/23Mar1712John /HEILD/Elizabeth /HEILD/SCTAberdeen, Saint NicholasLINKC111686
m.27Jul1718John /HEELD/Elizabeth /WILES/LINSpaldingLINK LDS A455448 & 455450
m.5Oct1728John /HEALD/Elizabeth /GOODWIN/CHSPrestburyLINK LDS A455157 & 455157
John /HEALD/ Apr1734John /HEALD/ElizabethLNDWestminster, Saint Martin In The FieldsLINKC001457
m.6May1742John /HEELD/Elizabeth /TEAT/LINSpaldingLINKM031562
m.18Aug1742John /HEALD/Eliz. /BLYTH/YKSSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterLINKM007755
m.23Mar1744John /HEALD/Elizabeth /YEARSLEY/---<of>LINK LDS 1760919
m.30Mar1749John /HEELD/Elizabeth /KINGSTONE/LINSpaldingLINKM031562
m.14Aug1754John /HEALD/Elisabeth /SCOTT/KENSaint Werburgh HooLINKM131462
m.21Oct1771John /HEELD/Elizabeth /SIDNEY/LNDWestminster, Saint Martin In The FieldsLINKM001452
m.30Nov1771John /HEALD/Elizabeth /GLOVER/LANWinwickLINKM014424; VRI FHL 1469062 & 1656010
Eliz Sydney /HEELD/3Feb1773John /HEELD/ElizabethLINSpaldingLINKC031562
m.14Nov1774John /HEALD/Betty /BURGIN/YKSSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterLINKM007757
m.2Apr1782John /HEALD/Elizabeth /SENIOR/YKSWakefield, All SaintsLINKM018303; REL 18
m.25Jun1786John /HEALD/Elizabeth /CROOK/LANHalton, BTsLINKVRI2; PR marr FHL 1526205 LDS batch 5006141
m.11Nov1798John /HEILDS/Elizabeth /KIRK/YKSAcombLINKM039611
m.27Sep1801John /HEALD/Betty /KICKEY/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005463
William /HEALD/28Nov1802John /HEALD/Elizabeth [/CROOK/]LANHalton, BTsLINKVRI2; (m. Jane Ann Bef 1850; d. 29 Jun 1865) PR bap CEN 1851 (Lancaster) WILL 1865 FHL 1526205 LDS batch 5006141
Mary /HEILDS/15Jan1804John /HEILDS/Elizabeth /KIRK/YKSAcombLINKC039611
m.26Apr1808John /HEALD/Elizabeth /OLLERENSHAW/DBYChelmortonLINK LDS --
m.19Jun1809John /HEALD/Elizabeth /SARGISON/NTTDunhamLINKM046941
m.1Mar1810John /HEALD/Elizabeth /RICHARDSON/NTTMansfieldLINKVRI2; PR marr INDX pallot FHL 503790
Rachel /HEALD/18Apr1813John /FEATHLEY/Elizabeth /HEALD/YKSBeestonLINKC009552
m.23May1814John /HIELD/Elizabeth /HARDAKER/YKSGargraveLINKM007692
m.6Mar1815John /HEALD/Elizabeth /JOLLY/LANChorleyLINK LDS 458644 & A458644
John /HEALD/8Jul1821John /HEALD/ElizabethLANManchester, CathedralLINKC097893
Sarah Ann /HEALD/21Apr1822John /HEALD/ElizabethYKSLeeds, Saint PeterLINKC071932; // son 1840 ?
m.17Nov1823John /HEALD/Elizabeth /LYON/LANChildwallLINKVRI; FHL 1068853
John Holt /HIELD/12Jul1829John /HIELD/ElizabethLNDStepney, Saint DunstanLINKC055762
m.21Sep1835John /HEALD/Elizabeth /STABLER/YKSWakefieldLINKM071651; // b. 1805 ?
Henry /HEALD/  1837John /HEALD/BettyLANFlixtonLINK Lan-TR FLX/1/8 CEN 1851
Mary Anne /HEALD/27Nov1842John /HEALD/ElizabethLANChorley, St GeorgeLINKVRI2; (m. Luke /KENYON/ 1863 -VRI2) GRO 21 300 LanBMD CHO/6/44 CEN 1851 FHL 1526077
m.5Mar1843John /HEALD/Elizabeth /WILCOCK/YKSWakefieldLINKM071651; GRO 22 421 // b. 1821
Sarah Ann /HELDT/9Aug1843John /HELDT/ElizabethYKSKingston Upon Hull, Holy TrinityLINKC107482; GRO 22 401 (Hull) Yks-HL MYT/7/362 (Myton)
Daniel /HEALD/10Apr1853John /HEALD/ElizabethLANChorley, St GeorgeLINKVRI2; GRO 8e 365 LanBMD CHO/18/90 FHL 1526077 // m. Bef 1843
m.17Aug1853John /HEALD/Eliza /MILLER/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097893
m.7Jan1856John /HEALD/Eliza /MINWICK/LINSkellingthorpeLINKVRI2; FHL 1542198 // b. Bef 1839
Harry /HIELDS/3Mar1861John /HIELDS/ElizabethYKSAcombLINKC039612; (m. Mary /KNEESHAW/ 1885 -VRI) Yks-York POP/2/10 (Poppleton) CEN 1881
Stephen /HEALD/ Q11867John /HEALD/ElizaNTTWigsleyLINK GRO 7b 295 (Newark) CEN 1881 (Thurlby, LIN)
m. Q21872John /HEALD/Elizabeth Ogden /WHITEHEAD/LANManchester, St JohnLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 647 LanBMD STJ/39/65
m.20Apr1875John /HEALD/Elizabeth /HOLLIDAY/LANChorley, Saint GeorgeLINKM162742; GRO 8e 634 LanBMD C7/4/101 VRI FHL 1526078 // b. 1855
m. Q21876John /HEALD/Elizabeth /WARBURTON/LANWarrington, St ElphinLINKChsBMD; GRO 8c 184 Chs-WA C25/10/318 REL 3 // b. Manchester 1855
Edwin /HEALD/ Q41878John /HEALD/ElizabethLANBeswickLINK GRO 8d 357 (Prestwich) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (North Manchester)
m. Q11882John /HEALD/Elizabeth /FINCH/LANHaigh, St. DavidLINKLanBMD; GRO 8c 19 (Wigan) LanBMD C14/3/207 // b. 1853
Alice /HIELDS/ Q11889John /HIELDS/ElizabethYKSYork, LaythorpeLINK GRO 9d 60 Yks-York WAL/87/15 (Walmgate) CEN 1901 (York)
Mary Ellen /HIELDS/6Sep1891John /HIELDS/ElizabethYKSYork, St OlaveLINKVRI2; Yks-York BOO/44/53 (Bootham) FHL 990879
Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q11894John /HEALD/ElizabethLANWithingtonLINK GRO 8c 744 (Chorlton) CEN 1901 (Burnage)
m. Q41897John William /HIELDS/[Elizabeth /SCOTT/]YKSHowdenLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9d 187
m. Q11898John /HEALD/Elizabeth /GAFFNEY/LANBradford, Christ ChurchLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 351 (Prestwich) LanBMD 33/7/362 // b. 1875
m.3Jun1903John Robert /HELDT/Eliza /DARNELL/LINCleeLINKVRI2; GRO 7a 1570 FHL 1450453 // b. 1878
m. Q31861John /HEALD/Emma /PASS/YKSSheffieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 405 // b. 1840
John /HEALD/12Feb1750John /HEALD/EstherCHSMobberleyLINK LDS batch 6930934
m.20Nov1766John /HEALD/Esther /FOX/YKSBatleyLINKM108082
m.9Nov1819John /HIELDS/Easter /HICK/YKSYork, Saint Michael-Le-BelfryLINKM011022
m. Q41868John /HEALD/Esther /HEATON/LANChorley, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 693 LanBMD RO/11/86
m.1Aug1910John Frederick Angus /HEALD/Eva Mary /DAVIS/GLACardiffLINK AFN:HH53-RF; // b. DUR, 1889
m. Bef1851John /HEALD/EverellaYKS<Wakefield>LINK // b. 1822
m. Q31895John Edward B. /HEALD/Florence Mabel /NEWBROOK/LANNewton Heath, All SaintsLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 566 (Prestwich) LanBMD 101/4/230 // b. 1873
m.  1908John H /HEALD/Florence /CHARCHILL/LANPendleton, St ThomasLINKLanBMD; LanBMD C38/7/37
m.9Feb1618John /HEALD/Frances /SENIOR/DBYDarley Dale/DarleyLINKM020492
m.17Jul1648John /HEALD/Frances /DRAKE/YKSHartsheadLINKPR; PR marr LDS batch 7110506
m.17Aug1777John /HEALD/Grace /SMITH/YKSBirstallLINKM108113
m.21Feb1870Jonathan /HEALD/Grace Ellen /HIBBS/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097896; GRO 8d 295 // b. CHS, 1797 ?
Jane /HEALD/8May1814John /HEALD/HarrietYKSLeeds, Saint PeterLINKC071931
m.18Jul1830John /HEALD/Harriet /GREENWOOD/YKSRothwellLINKM010612
Nathan Hall /HEALD/2Feb1851John /HEALD/HarriettYKSHorburyLINKC007582; CEN 1851
m. Q41854John /HEALD/[Harriet /ROBERTS/]YKSSheffieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 291 // b. 1832
m. Q41881John /HEALD/[Harriet /BECKETT/]YKSPontefractLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 181 // b. 1859
m. Q21889John Heaton /HIELD/Harriet Mabel /KEEN/LNDIslingtonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 1b 553 // b. Leeds YKS, 1864
m.10Jun1624John /HEALD/Ellen /TYRER/LAN[Leyland]LINKLIC; LIC marr // he of Leyland, she of Chester
m.10Aug1635John /HEALD/Ellen /ROTHWELL/LANChorleyLINKPR; PR marr LDS A458623
m.1Apr1647John /HEALD/Ellen /LEACH/LANBuryLINK LDS 183452 & 184133 & 184600 & A184600 & batch 7208266 (rel. James LEACH)
John /HEALD/26May1667John /HEALD/[Ellen] /FISHWICK/LANChorleyLINKP005702; AFN:1J2N-KWL; PR bap LDS 457893 // illegitimate
m.5Nov1669John /HEALD/Elin /FISHWEEKE/LANCrostonLINKM007951; (b. 1641 -AF) AFN:PV37-QK; PR marr LDS A457893
David /HEALD/16Nov1759John /HEALD/HellenYKSWhitkirkLINKP009782
William /HEALD/4Jun1826John /HEALD/EllenLANPreston, Saint JohnLINKC007133
m. Q11845John /HEALD/Ellen /KIRBY/LANPreston, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 21 521 LanBMD PRESTON/8/34
m.26Oct1845John /HEALD/Ellen /MARKLAND/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097891; LanBMD CATH/47/85 // see also 1854
m.18Apr1852John /HEALD/Ellen /CLOUGH/YKSKnottingleyLINK REL 25 // b. 1828; cf Leeds 1852
m. Q21852John /HEALD/Ellen /CLOUGH/YKSLeeds, St PeterLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 331 Yks-LS CE46/38/386 // cf Knottingley 1852
Harriet Margaret /HEALD/17Dec1854John /HEALD/EllenLANManchester, CathedralLINKC073544; // m. 1845
m. Q41875John /HEALD/Ellen /SINGLETON/LANAshton under Lyne, Christ ChurchLINKChsBMD; (?m2) GRO 8d 781 Chs-TA CE1/4/344
Thomas /HEALD/ Abt1877John /CARDWELL/EllenLANChorleyLINK CEN 1881
Alfred /HEALD/ Q11890John /HEALD/EllenLANOldhamLINK GRO 8d 670 CEN 1901
m. Q21896John /HEALD/[Eleanor /BAINES/]LANPrestonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 1160
m.14Jun1784John /HEALD/Esabell /EVERS/YKSRothwellLINKM010613; REL 21 // see also 1802
Ralph /HEALD/28Nov1802John /HEALD/IsabellaYKSRothwellLINKP010611; (m. Betty /SMITH/ 1822) REL 21 CEN 1851 (Leeds) // m. 1784
m.4Nov1827John /HIELDS/Isabella /RATHMELL/YKSLeeds, Saint PeterLINKM071933
Jane /HEILDS/1Mar1829John /HEILDS/IsabellaYKSAcombLINKC039611; (bur 18 Mar 1829 infant -NBI)
m. Q41874John /HEALD/Isabella /TILLOTSON/LANBurnley, St PeterLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 299 LanBMD CE111/7/486 // b. CHS, 1847; rel Agnes 1897
m.2Oct1603John /HEALD/Jane /ROADES/YKSWhitkirkLINKM009784; PR xxx
John /HEALD/13Apr1610Jo. /HEALD/Jenet /WHITECAR/LANColneLINKP005601; PR bap LDS 447797 & 455054 // illegitimate
m.6Nov1683Johannes /HEELD/Jana /WILKINSON/YKSAlneLINKM073783
m.3Feb1716John /HEALD/Jane /LONGFORD/LANLiverpool, Saint Peter Church StreetLINKM020953; & VRI FHL 1068921
m.25Jun1766John /HEILD/Jane /EDMONDS/HAMRomseyLINKM136696
m.13Mar1768John /HIELD/Jane /MILLNES/YKSAlneLINKM073782
m.16Jul1780John /HEALD/Jane /HINDLE/LANChorleyLINKM005701; AFN:BHSM-B6; // b. 1755; to Blackburn 1781, Manchester 1786
Hindle /HEALD/1Aug1781John /HEALD/Jane /HINDLE/LANBlackburnLINK AFN:RHWC-58; LDS 452876 & 457704 & 538249 // m. Chorley 1780
Margaret /HEALD/ Jun1786John /HEALD/Jane /HINDLE/LANBlackburnLINK LDS 457704
m.24Aug1788John /HEILDS/Jenny /JENNINGS/YKSAcombLINKM039611
John /HIELDS/9Jul1789John /HIELDS/Jane /HOLT/YKSHuntingtonLINKC105242
m.17Nov1794John /HEALD/Jane /BAYLEY/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005463
James /HEALD/26May1799John /HEALD/Jane /BARLOW/LANFlixtonLINKP005222
William /HEALD/7Jun1801John Barlow /HEALD/JaneLANFlixtonLINKP005222
William /HIELD/29Jan1806John /HIELD/Jane /HOLT/YKSYork, Holy TrinityLINK LDS 447955 & 459017
m.13Feb1807John /HEALD/Jane /GREENWOOD/YKSDewsburyLINKM009054; // b. 1764
Edmund /HEALD/17Mar1821John /HEALD/JaneLANLancaster, St MaryLINKVRI2; (b. 2 Mar 1821) FHL 1526146
m.26Feb1828Jonathan /HEALD/Jane /THRELFALL/LANChorleyLINKM005701; // b. 1799
m. Q11840John /HIELD/Jane /HOLROYD/YKSLeeds, Registered BuildingLINKYksBMD; GRO 23 365 Yks-LS RB/1/199 // see also 1853
m.29Jul1847John /HELD/Jane /CROOK/BKMLeckhampsteadLINKM008012; GRO 6 493
James /HELD/20Apr1851John /HELD/JaneBKMLeckhampsteadLINKC008012; (m. [Mary /STAGG/] NBL, 1884) CEN 1881 (Longbenton, NBL) CEN 1901 (Elswick, NBL) // m. 1847
Sarah /HIELD/ Q31853[John /HIELD/]Jane [/HOLROYD/]YKSLeedsLINK GRO 9b 395 Yks-LS WEST/39/64 CEN 1881 (Headingley Cum Burley) // m. 1840
m. Q11859John /HEALD/Jane Brierley /BURGESS/CHSHyde, St GeorgeLINKFreeBMD; Chs-TA CE28/1/465 GRO 8a 54 (Stockport) // to Ashton LAN, 1860
Mary Ann /HEALD/26Feb1860John /HEALD/JennyLANAshton under Lyne, St MichaelLINKVRI2; (b. 8 Jan 1860) Chs-TA DUK/46/79 (Dukinfield) GRO 8d 443 FHL 1538436 // m. Hyde CHS, 1859
m. Q21868John /HEALD/Jane /MATLEY/CHSAshton under Lyne, Christ ChurchLINKChsBMD; GRO 8d 759 Chs-TA CE1/4/35
m.21Aug1870John /HEALD/Jane /HESFORD/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097896; GRO 8d 344 REL 13 // b. 1853
m. Q31870John /HEALD/Jane /LAWRENCE/LANChorley, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 644 LanBMD RO/11/200 // b. 1842
m. Q41874John /HEALD/[Jane /RIMMER/]LANOrmskirkLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8b 1062 // b. 1854
Margaret /HEALD/ Q31878John /HEALD/JaneLANPrestonLINK GRO 8e 595 CEN 1901
m. Q41885John /HEALD/Jane /HODGSON/YKSHunslet District, Registered BuildingLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 445 Yks-LS HUNSLETRB/12/157
m. Q11897John Frederick /HEALD/Jane /BOLAM/DURStocktonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 10a 81 // b. LIN, 1866
Allen /HIELD/ Abt1901[John /HIELD/]JaneCHSPott ShrigleyLINK(Other 1901) CEN 1901 (Bollington)
Anne /HEALD/18Jan1580John /HEALD/JoanGLSWelford-On-AvonLINKC032743
Joan /HEALD/7Jul1654John /HEALD/JoanSSXBoxgroveLINKC037741
m.31May1763John /HEALD/Judith /MARGETSON/YKSWarmfieldLINKM108332; REL 22 // b. 1731
m. Q31894John Henry /HEALD/Lillie Elizabeth /STEVENS/YKSBarnsleyLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 325 // b. 1870
m.7Sep1899John /HEALD/Lily /SHAW/LANChorley, Saint GeorgeLINKVRI; GRO 8e 1057 LanBMD C7/6/375 FHL 1526078 // b. 1872
m. Q41894John Thomas /HEALD/Louisa /NELSON/YKSLeeds Knowsthorpe, St HildaLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 656 Yks-LS CE37/216 // b. 1870
m. Q41896John /HEALD/Louisa /MOSS/LANOpenshaw, St BarnabasLINKLanBMD; GRO 8c 1227 (Chorlton) LanBMD 107/4/161
George /HEALD/ Q31898John /HEALD/LouisaLANDroylsdenLINK Chs-TA AUD/66/46 (Audenshaw) GRO 8d 519 (Ashton) CEN 1901
Ann /HEILD/20Oct1680John /HEILD/MargaretYKSYork, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorLINKP009411; LDS 446200 & 457608
m.14Apr1689John /HELD/Margaret /JONES/WORWorcester, All SaintsLINK LDS batch 7428730
Lucy /HEALD/24Dec1721John /HEALD/MargaretKENSaint Werburgh HooLINKC131462
John /HEALD/22Nov1726John /HEALD/MargaretKENSaint Werburgh HooLINKC131462
m.31Aug1730John /HEALD/Margaret /BOLTON/LANChorley, St LawrenceLINKVRI2; AFN:LX3R-01; FHL 1517686 LDS A458694 & 458694 // b. 1709
m.5Jan1766Jonathan /HEALD/Margaret /MILLER/LANChorleyLINK AFN:290N-ZF; REL 6 LDS A458661 & 458661 & batch 7328902 // b. 1738
Eliz. /HIELD/12Nov1767John /HIELD/MargaretKENBirlingLINKC130932
m.2Sep1783John /HEALD/Margaret /WHINER/YKSRothwellLINKM010613
m.30Jun1811John /HEALD/Margaret /BROUGHTON/LANChorleyLINK LDS 458666 & A458666
Richard /HEALD/21Jun1816John /HEALD/MargaretLANLiverpool, Saint PeterLINKP020272
m.29May1858Jonathan /HEALD/Margaret /ROBERTSHAW/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097894
Ann /HEALD/ Abt1875John /HEALD/Margaret A.LANFarnworthLINK CEN 1881
m. Q41886John Sisson /HEALD/Margaret Ann /BAXENDALE/LANChorleyLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 717 LanBMD C9/1/133 // b. 1857
m.  1920John /HEALD/Maggie /MICKLETHWAITE/YKSBatleyLINK AFN:1QKV-KBV; // b. 1890
m.15Nov1701John /HEALD/Martha /FODEN/CHSPownallLINK(b. 1675 -AF) AFN:HKRH-Z4; LDS batch 6020182
Mary /HEALD/ Jun1707John /HEALD/Martha /FODEN/---Chester County, Kennett TownshipLINK(schurdlu@aol.com) Rootsweb heald04
Mary /HEALD/7Dec1740John /HEALD/MarthaWILHeytesburyLINKC152371
Sarah /HEALD/16Sep1742John /HEALD/MarthaCHSMobberleyLINK LDS batch 6930934
m.1Jan1749John /HEALD/Martha /HAIGH/YKSDewsburyLINKM009053
Mary /HEALD/1Mar1801John /HEALD/Martha /GOODALL/YKSWakefield, Saint JohnLINKP004981
m.27Jul1806John /HEALD/Martha /ALTON/YKSRothwellLINKM010613; INDX pallot
Susanna /HEALD/16May1829John /HEALD/MarthaYKSLeeds, Saint PeterLINKC071933
m.28Aug1870John /HEILD/Martha /LEES/CHSStayley, St PaulLINKVRI2; GRO 8d 863 (Ashton) Chs-TA CE35/5/148 // b. 1849; to Hyde 1872
Harriet Ann /HEALD/ Q41872John /HEALD/MarthaCHSHydeLINK(m. 1902) GRO 8a 24 (Stockport) Chs-TA HYD/49/75 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 // m. Staley 1870
m.7Mar1881John /HEALD/Martha Jane /TICKLE/YKSSheffield, Saint PhillipLINKM058141; GRO 9c 534
Sarah Ann /HEALD/ Q41892John /HEALD/MarthaYKSOssettLINK GRO 9b 697 (Dewsbury) CEN 1901
m.3Jun1594John /HEALD/Mary /BRICKLETT/LNDLondon, Saint Bartholomew The LessLINKM151081
m.  1620John /HEALD/Mary /HANLEY/DBYBakewellLINKM049632
m.11Aug1666John /HEALD/MaryWORWorcester, Saint SwithinLINKM043921
m.4Nov1679John /HEELD/Mary /WRAY/YKSYork, [Of Poppleton] Saint Mary BishophillLINKM009411; LDS 183508 & 184269 & 457608 (rel. Gladys WRAY)
Mary /HEALD/8Jan1682John /HEALD/MaryLANOldham, Saint MaryLINKP005622
m. Jun1685Johanes /HEALD/Maria /GREGORY/DBYBaslowLINK LDS batch 7220008
m.  1690John /HEALD/Mary /CHANDLER/---<alderley>LINK LDS -- & 2078133
William /HELD/2Apr1704John /HELD/MaryLNDLondon, Saint John The BaptistLINKP020531
Ann /HEALD/17Sep1707John /HEALD/MaryHRTHitchin, St. MaryLINKC072482
m.1Dec1709Johannes /HEELD/Maria /DOBSON/YKSAlneLINKM073783
m.7Jul1713Jonathan /HEALD/Mary /OAGELL/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM073541
m.26May1714John /HEALD/Mary /RAYSELL/KENSaint Werburgh HooLINKM131462
m.4Jan1718John /HEALD/Mary /CROFT/DBYSouth WingfieldLINKVRI2; FHL 496705 LDS A184735 & 183585 & 457455 & A457453 & 1239533 (rel. John William CROFTS)
George /HEALD/1Nov1728John /HEALD/MaryDBYStaveleyLINKVRI2; FHL 1041903
m.23Dec1729John /HEALD/Mary /GIRDOM/YKSSheffieldLINK LDS batch 7006404
m.31Jan1749John /HIELD/Mary /MASSAM/YKSYork, Christ-Church & Holy Trinity Kings CLINKM010841; & VRI FHL 1068426
m.31Dec1749John /HEALD/Mary /DEWSE/YKSDewsburyLINKM009053
m.8May1750John /HEELD/Mary /RAVEN/LINSpaldingLINKM031562
m.3Jun1756John /HEALD/Mary /DAVIS/KENSaint Werburgh HooLINKM131462
m.17Jul1757John /HEALD/Mary /MACHEN/CHSMiddlewichLINKM089951
m.26Dec1758John /HEALD/Mary /SLATTER/LNDLondon, Saint Mary MounthawLINKM001481
m.15May1765John /HEALD/Mary /BLAND/YKSSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterLINKM007756
Thomas /HIELD/21May1782John /HIELD/MaryWARDeritend And Bordesley, St. JohnLINKC069811
Mary /HEALD/25Jun1784John /HEALD/MaryYKSWakefield, All SaintsLINKP018302
m.8Nov1796John /HEALD/Mary /GREATOREX/DBYMortonLINKM014944; INDX pallot LDS 183493 & 183584 (rel. George GREATOREX, Robert STONE)
m.6Feb1809John /HEALD/Mary /TAYLOR/YKSSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterLINKM007759
John /HEALD/4Jun1813John /HEALD/MaryLANChorleyLINKP005702; LDS 452075 & 458666
William /HEALD/9Jan1814John /HEALD/MaryCHSRingwayLINKVRI2; (bur Bowdon 10 Jun 1818 aged 4 -NBI) FHL 1836023
m.6Apr1815John /HEALD/Mary /RADFORD/DBYShirlandLINKVRI2; INDX pallot FHL 496705
Robert /HEALD/3Mar1816John /HEALD/MaryLANManchester, CathedralLINKC097892
m.26Aug1826John /HEALD/Mary /HEALD/NTTNewark Upon TrentLINKM061111; PR marr INDX pallot // he of Kneesall
James Morris /HEALD/14Jun1827John /HEALD/Mary AnneCHSDisley, Saint MaryLINKC058681; (m. Mary /HULSE/ 1847; d. New Mills, 31 Jan 1880) CEN 1851 EXOR 1873 WILL 1880
Thomas /HEALD/ Abt1828Jonathan /HEALD/MaryCHSBollingtonLINK(m. [Elizabeth /STEEPLES/] 1851; Grandfather of Thomas /WHITEHURST/ b. abt 1868) CEN 1851 EXOR 1878 CEN 1881 (Hurdsfield) CEN 1901 (Macclesfield)
Ann /HEILDS/3Feb1828John /HEILDS/MaryYKSAcombLINKC039611
m.28Feb1828John /HEALD/Mary /PINDER/YKSSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterLINKM007752
m.11Jun1829John /HEALD/Mary Ann /WRIGHT/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005467; // b. 1801; to Huddersfield YKS, 1840 ?
m.3Oct1833John /HEALD/Mary /EARL/LANWarringtonLINKM007978
Augustine /HEALD/22Mar1840John /HEALD/Mary /WRIGHT/YKSHuddersfield, Saint Patricks CatholicLINKC088421; CEN 1841 // m. Manchester LAN, 1829
m. Q11848John /HEALD/Mary /NORRIS/LANPreston, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 21 462 LanBMD PRESTON/10/89
m. Q21848John /HEALD/Mary /SIMPSON/LANPreston, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 21 459 LanBMD PRESTON/10/104
m.15Mar1852John /HEILD/Mary /BROCK/CHSRuncornLINKVRI2; // b. Bef 1835
m. Bef1857John /HEALD/MaryYKS<Holbeck>LINK // b. 1825
m.18Oct1858John /HEALD/Mary /TAYLOR/DBYHarthill (YKS)LINKREL; AFN:CQ3D-6V; GRO 7b 63 (Worksop, NTT) // b. 1836
m. Q21861John /HEALD/Mary /FISHER/LANChorley, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 562 LanBMD RO/8/40
m.1Jan1864John /HEALD/Mary Jane /SIMPSON/LANWithnell, St. Paul'sLINKLanBMD; LanBMD C22/1/115 LDS A458288 & 458288 & 537285 // b. 1842
m.23May1864John /HEALD/Mary Jane /MATHER/LANChorley, Saint GeorgeLINKM162742; (da. of Robert /MATHER/;b. Abt 1842) LanBMD C7/2/448 VRI FHL 1526078 // b. 1841
m.  1868John /HIELDS/Mrs. Mary /HIELDS/YKSAcomb, OfLINK LDS 2034355
m. Abt1870John /HEALD/MaryYKS<Thornes>LINK // b. 1844
m. Q11870John Wood /HEALD/Mary E /BOOTH/YKSBramley and Holbeck, Registered BuildingLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 362 Yks-LS BRAMLEYRB/1/101 // b. 1849
m.24Dec1870John /HEALD/Mary Jane /MORRIS/LANPreston, Saint JohnLINKM007133; GRO 8e 764 LanBMD 229/31/111 // b. 1849
m. Bef1871John Alfred /HEALD/Mary Elizabeth /SHEARD/YKS<Leeds>LINK // b. 1848
John /HEALD/ Abt1872John /HEALD/Mary AnnYKSLeedsLINK CEN 1881
m.13Aug1874John /HEALD/Mary /LOFTHOUSE/YKSYork, Saint Mary CastlegateLINKVRI; GRO 9d 65 FHL 1068537 // b. Knottingley 1848
John James /HEALD/ Q21876John /HEALD/MaryLANManchesterLINK GRO 8c 769 (Chorlton) CEN 1881 (Chorlton On Medlock) CEN 1901 (Farnborough, HAM)
Alice /HIELD/ Abt1877John /HIELD/MaryCHSGt WarfordLINK CEN 1901 (Hazel Grove)
William Henry /HEALD/ Q11879John /HEALD/MaryYKSNewton Lane EndLINK GRO 9c 41 (Wakefield) CEN 1881 (Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe)
Harry /HEALD/ Q41879[John T. /HEALD/]MaryLANAccringtonLINK GRO 8e 178 (Haslingden) LanBMD ACC/53/468 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
m. Q21880Jonathan /HEALD/Mary Jane /STRINGER/LANBoltonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 403 // b. Mayfield STS, 1856
m. Q31882John Richard /HEALD/Mary Ann /NEWHOUSE/LANPrestonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 1014 // b. Manchester 1856
m. Q41882John William /HEALD/Mary Hellen /FENN/YKSNew Wortley, St John The BaptistLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 522 (Bramley) Yks-LS CE55/B/175 // b. 1861
m. Q21885John William /HEALD/Mary Elizabeth /JAMES/LANWithington, St PaulLINKLanBMD; GRO 8c 1087 (Chorlton) LanBMD 114/1/290 // b. 1859
m.  1886John A /HEALD/Mary /LAW/LANChadderton, Christ ChurchLINKLanBMD; LanBMD CE203/2/119 // b. 1859
m. Q31886John /HEALD/Mary Jane /JACKSON/YKSLeeds, St PeterLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 542 Yks-LS CE46/97/466
m.25Dec1886John /HEALD/Mary Ann /YOUNG/LINLincoln, St BotolphLINKVRI2; GRO 7a 964 FHL 1542051 // b. 1851
Alice /HILD/ Abt1889John /HILD/MaryLANLiverpoolLINK CEN 1901 (Poulton Cum Seacombe, CHS)
m. Q11889John /HEALD/Mary Annie /PLUMMER/YKSLeeds, St GeorgeLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 522 Yks-LS CE44/E/364 // b. 1864
m. Q11889John /HEALD/Mary Jane /ROUTLEDGE/LANHulme, St PhilipLINKLanBMD; GRO 8c 956 (Chorlton) LanBMD 71/2/488 REL 14 // b. CHS, 1863; to Grantham LIN, 1892
m. Q31890John Thomas /HEALD/Mary Elizabeth /JOLLY/LANChorley, St JamesLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 882 LanBMD C9/1/229
Thomas Hugh /HEALD/27Feb1892John /HEALD/Mary Jane /ROUTLEDGE/LINIrnhamLINKREL; (m. Maud /LOFTHOUSE/ -REL) GRO 7a 385 (Bourne) CEN 1901 (Woolsthorpe) // m. LAN, 1889
Eva /HILD/ Abt1895John /HILD/MaryLANBlackpoolLINK CEN 1901 (Poulton Cum Seacombe, CHS)// m. Bef 1889
Margaret /HILD/ Abt1901John /HILD/MaryDURHetton Le HoleLINK CEN 1901
m.29Mar1902John /HEALD/Mary Elizabeth /BURGESS/LANMiles Platting, St LukeLINKCert; GRO 8d 498 (Prestwich) LanBMD 95/4/228 REL 13 // b. 1884
m.6Apr1962John /HEALD/Mary Jane /SIMPSON/SRYNewchapel Near East GrinsteadLINK LDS 458288
m. Q31871John Edward /HEALD/Matilda /CHAPMAN/YKSWakefieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 80 // b. 1850 ; to Leeds 1875
Charlotte /HEALD/ Q11875John E. /HEALD/MatildaYKSLeedsLINK GRO 9b 513 Yks-LS WEST/117/119 CEN 1881 (Otley) CEN 1901 (Otley) // m. Wakefield 1871
Harry /HIELDS/ Abt1887John /HIELDS/OlgaDURMiddletonLINK CEN 1901 (Stockton On Tees)
m.14Nov1695John /HEALD/Paterntia /SPEIGHT/YKSDewsburyLINK LDS A459182
m.6Jul1802John /HEALD/Rachel /THOMPSON/YKSWakefield, All SaintsLINKM018303
m.28Dec1818John /HEALD/Rachel /MOSLEY/YKSKirkburtonLINKM009722; // b. 1796
m.6Feb1731John /HEALD/Rebecca /OLDING/WILSalisbury, Saint ThomasLINKVRI; FHL 1279310
m.  1844John /HEILD/Rebecca /ATHERTON/LANWigan, All SaintsLINKLanBMD; LanBMD C33/5/76
m.20Oct1709John /HELD/Ruth /NODDER/DBYKnivetonLINKM055162
m.31Oct1784John /HEALD/Ruth /WAINWRIGHT/CHSPrestbury, [both of Macclesfield]LINKM012382; PR marr
m.10Jun1661John /HEALD/Sarah /DEAN/---Alderley, OfLINK LDS 1903667 & 1903800 & 1903933 & 2034525
Dorothy /HEALD/10Jul1679John /HEALD/Sarah F /DANE/---LINK LDS 1985586
John /HEALD/4Jul1724Jonathan /HEALD/Mrs. Sarah /HEALD/LANChorleyLINK LDS --
m.15Apr1733John /HEALD/Sarah /GUBB/DEVBratton FlemingLINKM050401
John /HEALD/5Oct1746John /HEALD/SarahKENSaint Werburgh HooLINKC131462
m.18Jul1764John /HEALD/Sarah /MUSGRAVE/YKSDewsburyLINKM009053
m.17Aug1773John /HEALD/Sarah /CLAYTON/YKSBirstallLINKM108113
Thomas /HEALD/7Jun1789John /HEALD/[Sarah /MOOREHOUSE/]YKSKirkburtonLINKVRI2; (m1 Fanny /GOLDTHORPE/ 1818;m2 Mary /CASTLE/ 1823; d. 1864 -AF) AFN:1QKV-LVC; CEN 1841 CEN 1851 FHL 990701
m.28Jun1796John /HEALD/Sarah /BEVERLEY/YKSHalifaxLINKM007493
m.9Nov1802John /HIELD/Sarrah /FOSTER/YKSHaxbyLINKM109032
m.8Jan1804John /HEALD/Sarah /ALLSTEAD/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005464
John /HIELD/23Dec1804John /HIELD/SarahYKSHaxbyLINKC109032
m.27Nov1816John /HEILD/Sarah /PARKINSON/LANManchesterLINK LDS 456274 & A456274
m.11Jun1821John /HEALD/Sarah /ALLWOOD/NTTLowdhamLINKM047451
m.17Jun1821Jonathan /HEALD/Sarah /MC CLOUD/LANChorleyLINKM005701; // b. 1803
m.21Jul1826John /HEALD/Sarah /UNSWORTH/LANChorleyLINK AFN:PV4V-46; LDS 458644 & 458644 & A458644 // b. 1804; to Preston 1841
m.26Jun1827John /HEALD/Sarah /HEALD/YKSRotherhamLINKM009072; INDX pallot
m.12Aug1827John /HEALD/Sarah /BARKER/YKSDewsbury [Ossett], [Storrs Hill]LINK AFN:CSBH-8H; LDS batch 7703814 // b. 1800 -REL
m.30Jun1831John /HEALD/Sarah /WHITE/NTTRadfordLINKM046641
Margaret /HEALD/ Q21843John /HEALD/SarahLANPrestonLINK GRO 21 643 CEN 1851
m. Q11847John /HEALD/Sarah Ann /WATSON/YKSLeeds, St PeterLINKYksBMD; GRO 23 316 Yks-LS CE46/24/156 // b. 1821 or 1829; see also 1851
m.  1849John /HEALD/Sarah A /SYKES/YKSWoodhouse, St MarkLINKYksBMD; Yks-LS CE69/B/281 // b. 1824; m2 Bef 1857 ?
Joseph /HEALD/  1851[John /HEALD/]Sarah A.YKSLeedsLINK(Lodger 1881) Yks-LS NORT/37/461 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 // m. 1847
m.  1864John /HEALD/Sarah /BROWN/YKSHunslet, Registered BuildingLINKYksBMD; Yks-LS HUNSLETRB/1/90 // b. 1843
m.13Apr1865John /HIELDS/Sarah /ARMSTRONG/YKSYork, Saint Mary CastlegateLINKVRI; (s. of William /HIELDS/;da. of James /ARMSTRONG/) GRO 9d 63 FHL 1068537
John /HIELD/ Abt1872John /HIELD/SarahCHSPott ShrigleyLINK(m. Jane Bef 1901 ?) CEN 1901 (Bollington)
m. Q31872John /HEALD/Sarah Ann /SPINKS/DBYDerbyLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 729 // b. 1846
John /HIELDS/ Q41872John /HIELDS/SarahYKSYorkLINK GRO 9d 46 Yks-York WAL/52/81 (Walmgate) CEN 1881 (York St Nicholas In Suburbs)
m.25Dec1873John /HEALD/Sarah /RUTTER/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097897; GRO 8d 494 REL 12 // b. 1854
Emma /HEALD/ Q31874John /HEALD/SarahLANPrestonLINK GRO 8e 557 CEN 1881 (Little Bolton) CEN 1901 (Barnoldswick, YKS) // m. Bolton 1875
m. Q11875John /HEALD/[Sarah Alice /OGDEN/]LANBoltonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 346 // b. 1852; in Preston 1874; to Skipton YKS, 1890
m. Q11878John William /HEALD/Sarah Ann /OVERTON/LANAncoats, All SoulsLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 227 LanBMD 15/1/491
Ada /HEALD/ Q41878John /HEALD/SarahDBYNew MillsLINK GRO 7b 788 CEN 1881 (Beard) CEN 1901 (Disley, CHS)
m. Q11881John Norris /HEALD/Sarah Sykes /CAMELLY/LAN<Manchester>LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 888 WCN heald_lf REL 9 // b. 1859
m. Q31887John William /HEALD/Sarah Jane /RAMSBOTTOM/LANArdwick, St ThomasLINKLanBMD; GRO 8c 800 (Chorlton) LanBMD 21/4/355 // b. Leeds YKS, 1858
Helena Florence /HEALD/ Q41890John /HEALD/SarahYKSSkiptonLINK GRO 9a 45 CEN 1901 (Barnoldswick) // m. Bolton LAN, 1875
m. Q41893John /HEALD/[Sarah Amelia /HODGSON/]YKSWakefieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 53 // b. 1874
m. Q31894John /HEALD/Sarah Lydia /KNOTT/NTTNewarkLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 617 // b. 1871; to Farndon 1899
m.30Jun1895John William /HEALD/Sarah /RENSHAW/NTTWarsop, St Peter and St PaulLINK LDS --
Clarice Mary /HEALD/ Q41899John /HEALD/SarahNTTFarndonLINK GRO 7b 466 CEN 1901 (Little Ponton Entire, LIN) // m. Chaddesden 1894
m.  1906John /HEALD/Sarah Annie /HOWELLS/LANAshton under Lyne, Christ ChurchLINKChsBMD; Chs-TA CE1/8/79
m.  1907John W /HEALD/Sarah E /RENDER/YKSMorley, St PeterLINKYksBMD; Yks-LS CE115/C/323
m. Q41874John Wood /HEALD/Selina /COOKE/YKSLeeds Registered BuildingLINKYksBMD; (m2) GRO 9b 879 Yks-LS RB/55/84 // b. 1849
George H. /HILD/ Abt1877John /HILD/Sophia /WHITE/LNDNunhead (SRY)LINK CEN 1881 (Deptford St Paul, KEN)
Sarah /HEALD/16Aug1778John /HEALD/SusannahLANFlixtonLINKP005221
m.15Mar1835John /HEALD/Susanna /VALLANCE/NTTRadfordLINKM046641
m.21Dec1835John /HEILD/Susianna /SHEPHARD/LANManchesterLINK LDS 177859 & 178014 & A456274 & 456274 (rel. James Hampson BRADSHAW, George Hampson Bradshaw)
James /HEALD/2Jul1837John /HEALD/SusanLANManchester, CathedralLINKC097897
m. Aft1851John /HILD/SasanSSXLINK // b. KEN, 1832
Willy /HEALD/4Apr1855John /HEALD/Susanna /VALLANCE/NTTMansfield, Belredere StLINK LDS -- // m. 1835
m. Q41895John Thomas /HEALD/Susan /HOLLINGSWORTH/YKSSculcoates, Register OfficesLINKYksBMD; GRO 9d 400 Yks-Hull SRO/49/62 // b. LIN, 1872
m.  1631John /HEALD/Unica /BLACKEBURNE/YKSSandal-MagnaLINKVRI2; FHL 994073
Elizabetha /HELD/19May1542Johanis /HELD/DBYBeeleyLINKC047063
Elizabeth /HEALDE/  1578John /HEALDE/YKSLeedsLINK LDS --
Ellen /HELDE/9Apr1581John /HELDE/WARCoventry, Holy TrinityLINKC041922; & C148801 VRI2
Jo. /HELDE/29Oct1596Jo. /HELDE/LANChorleyLINKP005701; AFN:1J2Q-K8X; PR bap LDS 452075 & 458666
Ellen /HEALDE/15Jan1598John /HEALDE/LANBury, Saint MaryLINKP007051
Elizabeth /HEALDE/3Oct1613Johannis /HEALDE/YKSWakefield, All SaintsLINKVRI; FHL 98546
Barbara /HEALDE/6Oct1628Johannis /HEALDE/DBYHathersageLINKP013131
Elizabeth /HEALD/3Jul1636John /HEALD/YKSGargrave, [of Coniston]LINKP007691; PR bap
Robert /HEALD/10Dec1654John /HEALD/YKSWhitkirkLINKP009781; (b. 30 Nov 1654 -PR) PR xxx
Katheran /HEILD/8Jul1655John /HEILD/YKSLong MarstonLINKC060831
Ellen /HEALD/8Dec1672John /HEALD/YKSAlneLINKC073783
John /HEALD/24Apr1679John /HEALD/DBYHathersageLINKP013131
John /HEALD/17Dec1679John /HEALD/YKSMorley, Old Chapel IndependentLINKC088021
Richard /HEALD/25Feb1690John /HEALD/YKSAskham RichardLINKP007621; PR bap
James /HEALD/18May1691John /HEALD/YKSMorley, Old Chapel IndependentLINKC088021
Thos. /HEALD/20Sep1702John /HEALD/CHSWilmslowLINKP009681
John /HEALD/27Dec1705John /HEALD/LANEccleston With DouglasLINKJ133711
Job /HEALD/  1708John /HEALD/YKSKirkburtonLINK(m. Ann /HOLLINGSWORTH/ 1730) AFN:1QKV-M8S;
Martha /HEALD/16Jan1727John /HEALD/LANFlixtonLINKP005221
Ellen /HEALD/4Oct1732John /HEALD/YKSKnaresboroughLINKC058892
m.24Jul1743John /HEALD/NBLNewcastle-Upon-Tyne, OfLINK LDS 170414 (rel. William ROBINSON)
John /HEALD/19Feb1749John /HEALD/LANFlixtonLINKP005221
John /HEALD/26Oct1754John /HEALD/YKSWakefield, All SaintsLINK AFN:23HV-GSR; // or father = Samuel ?
Sarah /HEALD/1Jan1774John /HEALD/DBYHathersageLINKC013132
Jonas /HEALD/27Sep1812John /HEALD/YKSLeeds, Saint PeterLINKC009627; (bur. Wakefield 9 Mar 1815, aged 2 -NBI)
m. Q11848John /HEALDS/NTTSouthwellLINKFreeBMD; GRO 15 809
m. Q31851John /HEALD/LANPrestonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 21 519
m. Q41852John /HEALD/YKSSheffieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 373
m. Q21878John /HEALD/YKSWakefieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 80
m. Q41882John /HELD/BKMNewport PLINKFreeBMD; GRO 3a 979
m. Q21883John /HEALD/DBYDerbyLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 801
Alfred /HEALD/ Q21884John /HEALD/LANSeaforthLINK GRO 8b 555 (W.Derby) CEN 1901 (Darwen) // m. YKS, 1883
m. Q41886John /HEALD/LANLancasterLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 1060
Jane Ellen /HEALD/ Q21888John Wm /HEALD/LANClayton Le MoorsLINK GRO 8e 345 (Blackburn) CEN 1901 (Darwen) // m. YKS, 1883
m. Q11891John /HEALD/YKSLeedsLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 522
m. Q11891John /HEALD/LANChorltonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 956
m. Q41891John William /HEALD/LANSalfordLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 243
m. Q11894John /HEALD/NTTBasfordLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 243
m. Q41894John /HEALD/LANPrestwichLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 591
m. Q41901John William /HEALD/STSBurtonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 6b 661
m. Q21902John /HEALD/YKSEcclesall B.LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 625
m. Q31902John /HEALD/DBYDerbyLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 1096
m. Q31903John Edward /HEALD/LANPrestwichLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 661
m. Q31904John /HEALD/LANPrestonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 1167
m. Q41904John /HEALD/LANFyldeLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 1207
m. Q41904John William /HIELDS/YKSThirskLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9d 831
m. Q21905John William /HEALD/YKSWakefieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 130
m. Q41906John William /HIELDS/YKSYorkLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9d 115
m. Q11910John /HELD/LNDW. Ham (ESS)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 4a 28
m. Q11913John /HILD/LNDCamberwellLINKFreeBMD; GRO 1d 1356
John /HEILD/ Bef1835Jonah /HEILD/CHS<Runcorn>LINKVRI2; (m. Mary /BROCK/ 1852)
m. Q31893Joseph /HEALD/Ada /JACKSON/CHSHyde, St GeorgeLINKChsBMD; GRO 8a 57 (Stockport) Chs-TA CE28/4/167
m. Q11843Joseph /HEALD/Alice /TWIST/LANWiganLINKFreeBMD; GRO 21 495 // b. 1823; see also 1851
Robert James /HEALD/9May1851Joseph /HEALD/AliceLANChorleyLINKP005702; (m. Elizabeth /ALLEN/ 1874 -VRI) LanBMD CHO/16/58 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 // m. 1843
m.27Jun1657Joseph /HEALD/Ann /BACKHOUSE/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005461
Hannah /HEILDS/11Dec1796Joseph /HEILDS/Ann /MAKING/YKSAcombLINKC039611
Joseph /HEILDS/15Aug1802Joseph /HEILDS/Ann /MAYKING/YKSAcombLINKC039611
John /HEALD/17Oct1802Joseph /HEALD/HannahYKSBatleyLINKC108082; (b. 19 Sep 1802) REL 30 31
m.28Apr1804Joseph /HEALD/Hannah /WARD/YKSDoncasterLINK LDS 170472 & 184645
m.5Feb1816Joseph /HEALD/Ann /SHELTON/NTTOssington, BTsLINKVRI2; PR marr INDX pallot FHL 504527 LDS 170521 & 183550 & 184300 & 184632 & A184632 (rel. Thomas HOWARD)
m.29Apr1832Joseph /HEILD/Ann Glover /THOMPSON/LANManchesterLINK LDS 177859 & A456274 (rel. James Hampson BRADSHAW) // b. LND, 1809; moved to Newcastle NBL, 1838
Henry /HEALD/22May1838Joseph /HEALD/Ann GloverNBLNewcastle Upon Tyne, Saint AndrewLINKC016102; GRO 25 302 // m. Manchester, LAN, 1832
Isaac /HEALD/30Oct1845Joseph /HEALD/HannahYKSKnottingleyLINKC108451; (m. Mary Ann 1867; m2 [Eliza /WILSON/] 1893) GRO 22 439 CEN 1851 CEN 1881 (Hull Holy Trinity) CEN 1901 (Hull Holy Trinity)
Alfred /HEALD/21Dec1851Joseph /HEALD/Ann GloverNBLNewcastle Upon Tyne, Saint AndrewLINKC016103; (m. Florence 1876; d. Q3 1892, GRO 10b 55) EXOR 1877 CEN 1881 Papers in Tyne and Wear Archives // m. Manchester, LAN, 1832
Townend /HEALD/ Q21857[Joseph /HEALD/][Hannah]YKSKnottingleyLINK(m. Elizabeth Ann Bef 1881; m2 [Ada /JACKSON/] 1887; neph. of Elizabeth /MORTON/ (1821)) GRO 9c 68 (Pontefract) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Sculcoates)
Walter /HEALD/ Q41871Joseph /HEALD/AnnYKSWakefieldLINK(m. Elizabeth Bef 1898) GRO 9c 41 CEN 1881 (Scarborough) CEN 1901 (Doncaster)
m. Q41871Joseph /HIELD/[Fanny Kate /HOULDING/]LNDIslingtonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 1b 573 // b. YKS, 1846; moved to Leeds YKS, 1872
David Houlding /HIELD/ Q41872[Joseph] /HIELD/Fanny [Kate] /HOULDING/YKSHeadingleyLINK(m. LND, 1901) GRO 9b 569 (Leeds) Yks-LS KIRK/49/85 CEN 1881 (Potter Newton) CEN 1901 (Bloomsbury, LND) // m. Islington LND, 1871
m. Q11878Joe Tolson /HEALD/[Hannah /WESTERMAN/]YKSWakefieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 41 // b. 1856
Maud /HILD/ Abt1883Joseph /HILD/HannahDURDarlingtonLINK CEN 1901 (Guiseley, YKS)
m. Q21891Joseph /HEALD/Fanny /LOMAS/LANMiles Platting, St LukeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 470 (Prestwich) LanBMD 95/2/483 // b. 1873
m.3Sep1894Joseph Thomas /HEALD/Annie /BACON/YKSSprotbroughLINKVRI2; GRO 9c 1055 (Doncaster) FHL 1545734 // b. 1869
m.10Oct1894Joseph /HEALD/Nancy /SEDDON/LANChorley, Saint GeorgeLINKM162742; GRO 8e 805 LanBMD C7/6/93 VRI FHL 1526078 // b. 1866
m. Q21881Joseph /HEALD/Caroline Rachel /MILLER/LANChorley, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 730 LanBMD RO/18/78
m.9Oct1842Joseph /HEALD/Charlotte /ROTHWELL/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097891; LanBMD CATH/27/252 GRO 20 371 REL 11 // see 1852
John /HEALD/20Jul1852Joseph /HEALD/Charlotte /ROTHWELL/LANManchester, CathedralLINKCert; GRO 8d 324 // m. 1842
m.15Jan1906Joseph /HEALD/Diana /BELL/LINBarton upon Humber, St MaryLINKVRI2; FHL 1450439 // b. 1883
Joseph /HEALD/28Jun1757Joseph /HEALD/ElisabethNTTNottingham, Saint MaryLINKC044871
Moseph /HEALD/27Oct1781Joseph /HEALD/Eliz.YKSWakefield, All SaintsLINKP018302
Joseph /HEALD/28Oct1787Joseph /HEALD/ElizabethYKSSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterLINKC150523; TR cutler 1802
John /HEALD/16Jul1797Joseph /HEALD/ElizabethLANBrindle, St. Joseph-RcLINKP015181
m.30May1831Joseph /HEILD/Elizabeth /WOOD/LANManchesterLINK LDS A456929
m.20May1838Joseph /HEALD/Elizabeth /JOLLY/LANChorley, Saint GeorgeLINKM162742; (s. of William /HEALD/;da. of Joseph /JOLLY/) GRO 21 157 LanBMD C7/1/18 VRI FHL 1526078 // b. 1806; see also 1851
m.23Apr1848Joseph /HEALD/Elizabeth /SMALL/LANDidsbury, Saint JamesLINKM005291; GRO 20 52 (Chorlton) LanBMD 53/2/129 // b. Styal CHS, 1821
Alfred /HEALD/19Oct1851Joseph /HEALD/ElizabethLANChorley, St GeorgeLINKVRI2; (d. Q2 1870, GRO 8e 314) LanBMD CHO/17/13 FHL 1526077 // m. 1838
m.1Jan1852Joseph /HEALD/Eliza /BENT/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097893; GRO 8d 67 // b. 1832
Robert /HEALD/ Q31859Joseph /HEALD/ElizabethLANHulmeLINK GRO 8c 621 (Chorlton) CEN 1881 (Salford) // m. 1848
m.16Jul1865Joseph Henry /HEALD/Elizabeth /DENERLEY/CHSStaley, St PaulLINKVRI2; GRO 8d 849 (Ashton) Chs-TA CE35/4/144 // b. 1844
m. Q41867Joseph /HEALD/[Elizabeth /RENSTEN/]YKSWakefieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 24 // b. Harby NTT, 1846
m. Q21880Joe /HEALD/Eliza /CHAPPELL/YKSWakefieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 83 // b. 1853
m. Q21891Joseph /HEILDS/[Elizabeth /FOUND/]YKSTadcasterLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 1062 // b. 1863
m.22Dec1904Joseph /HEALD/Elsie /MARROW/LINCleeLINKVRI2; GRO 7a 1333 (Grimsby) FHL 1450453 // b. 1870
Harriett /HIELD/24Apr1853Joseph /HIELD/EmmaSTSTunstall By Stoke Upon TrentLINKC045801
m. Q41887Joseph /HEALD/Emma /ELLISON/LANSalford, Christ ChurchLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 89 (Salford) Lan-SD C21/3/384 // b. 1861
m.10Dec1726Joseph /HEALD/Easter /GILDUS/LANLiverpool, Saint Peter Church StreetLINKM020953; (wf prev marr) & VRI FHL 1068921
Jane /HEALD/10Oct1841Joseph /HEALD/Esther ElizabethCHSStockportLINKVRI2; FHL 1751723
m. Q41880Joseph /HEALD/Harriet Ann /WRIGGLESWORTH/YKSPontefractLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 168 // b. 1854
m. Q41873Joseph /HEALD/[Ellen Redfearn /JOHNSON/]YKSWakefieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 92
m. Q21874Joseph /HEALD/Ellen /NOLAN/LANSalford, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 138 (Salford) Lan-SD SAL/28/154
m.  1792Joseph /HEALD/Jane /TRICKETT/NTTLaxtonLINKINDX; INDX pallot // he of Scarcliff DBY
m. Q41840Joseph /HEALD/[Jane /TAYLOR/]NTTNewarkLINKFreeBMD; GRO 15 1036
m. Q41847Joseph /HIELD/Jennet Isabella /HODGES/LNDSt PancrasLINKFreeBMD; GRO 1 340 // b. YKS, 1826; to York YKS, 1849; see also YKS, 1851; to Ecclesall YKS, 1853 ?
Esther /HIELD/11Nov1849Joseph /HIELD/Jennet IsabellaYKSYork, Saint OlaveLINKC011082; Yks-YK BOO/9/93 (Bootham) CEN 1861 (Ecclesall Bierlow) VRI FHL 1068540 // m. LND, 1847
Richard [W.] /HIELD/22Sep1851Joseph /HIELD/Jennet IsabellaYKSYork, Saint OlaveLINKC011082; Yks-YK BOO/11/40 (Bootham) CEN 1861 (Ecclesall Bierlow) VRI FHL 1068540 // m. LND, 1847
m.  1853Joseph /HEALD/Jane /CHAPMAN/LANManchester, St MaryLINKLanBMD; LanBMD 9/8/46
Richard /HEALD/ Abt1858Joseph /HEALD/JaneNTTWigsleyLINK(m. Bef 1892; widr bef 1901) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (South Clifton) // m. Bef 1842
m. Q11865Joseph /HIELD/Jane /LINDLEY/LANBlackburn, St Mary the VirginLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 309 LanBMD CE12/24/122
m. Q31868Joseph /HEALD/Jane /COLLINSON/LANChorley, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 656 LanBMD RO/11/67
m. Q11869Joseph /HEALD/Jane /ARMITAGE/YKSHunslet, Registered BuildingLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 377 Yks-LS HUNSLETRB/3/149
m. Q41871Joseph /HEALD/Jane /ELLIS/YKSHunslet, St Mary the VirginLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 429 Yks-LS CE23/B/440
m. Q31896Joseph /HEALD/Jane /HOPSON/LANSalford, St GeorgeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 44 Lan-SD C37/4/162 // b. 1876
m. Q21870Joseph /HEALD/[Joanna Elizabeth /FOSTER/]YKSBeverleyLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9d 182 // b. Chorley LAN, 1844; to Chorley LAN, 1872, Cardiff GLA, 1882, Romney MON, 1891
Edith Annie /HEALD/ Q41873Joseph /HEALD/Joanna E.LANChorleyLINK(m. GLA, 1898) GRO 8e 460 LanBMD CHO/48/68 CEN 1881 (Cardiff St John, GLA)
Kate /HEALD/ Abt1882Joseph /HEALD/[Joanna E.]GLACardiffLINK CEN 1901 (Rumney, MON) // m. YKS, 1870
Gordon /HEALD/ Abt1891Joseph /HEALD/[Joanna E.]MONRumneyLINK CEN 1901 // m. YKS, 1870
m. Bef1837Joseph /HEALD/Leah /LAND/YKS<Ossett>LINKREL; // b. 1810; children bapt as '.. Heald /SMITH/'
m. Q41867Joseph /HIELD/Lydia Mary /HOULKER/LANBlackburn, St JohnLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 444 LanBMD CE133/2/3
m. Q11875Joseph /HEALD/[Lydia /CASTLE/]YKSHuddersfieldLINKFreeBMD; (m2?) GRO 9a 464 // b. 1825
m.13Aug1859Joseph /HEALD/Margaret /WIDDOWSON/LANLiverpool, St. SilasLINKVRI; FHL 1545995 // b. 1832
Margaret /HEALD/20Dec1885Joseph /HEALD/MargaretLANPreston, St MarkLINKVRI2; (bapt. 31 Jan 1886) GRO 8e 641 CEN 1901 (Haslingden) FHL 1471020
David Samuel /HEALD/ Q11887Joseph /HEALD/MargaretYKSNormantonLINK GRO 9c 10 (Wakefield) CEN 1901
Isabella /HEALD/ Q31888Joseph /HEALD/MargarettaLANBlackburnLINK GRO 8e 392 CEN 1901 (Haslingden)// m. <Preston> Bef 1886
m. Q31855Joseph /HEALD/Martha /SMITH/YKSEcclesall BLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 236 // b. 1818
m.1Jan1896Joseph Richard /HEALD/Martha Alice /HOYLE/LANChorley, Saint GeorgeLINKM162742; GRO 8e 663 LanBMD C7/6/165 VRI FHL 1526078 // b. 1876
m.21Nov1896Joe /HEALD/Martha /WOOD/YKSHorbury BridgeLINKREL; GRO 9c 33 // b. 1873
m. Q41903Joseph /HEALD/Martha Ellen /WALTON/CHSWarrington, St ElphinLINKChsBMD; GRO 8c 267 Chs-WA C25/18/2
m.10Jul1766Joseph /HEALD/Mary /READE/LANChorleyLINK AFN:LX3Q-XP; LDS A458661 & batch 7328902 // b. 1744
m.10Jul1766Joseph /HEALD/Mary /MEADE/LANChorleyLINK // b. 1744
m.18Feb1772Joseph /HEALD/Mary /KELK/NTTHeadonLINKM011091; PR marr
m.25Sep1781Joseph /HEALD/Mary /VEARE/CHSPrestbury, [both of Macclesfield]LINKM012382; PR marr
Jane /HEALD/17Jul1785Joseph /HEALD/MaryYKSSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterLINKC007757
Joseph /HIELD/4May1788Jos. /HIELD/MaryBDFStudhamLINKP005071
Henry /HEALD/4Dec1796Joseph /HEALD/MaryYKSDewsburyLINKC009055; VRI2
Jane /HEALDS/23Aug1825Joseph /HEALDS/MaryNTTKneesallLINKC044811
Robert /HEILDS/5Feb1827Joseph /HEILDS/MaryYKSAberfordLINKC007342; (bur. 20 Feb 1827, infant -NBI)
Henry /HEALD/ Abt1828Joseph /HEALD/MaryLANBlackley ('YKS')LINK CEN 1841 (Almondbury, YKS) CEN 1851 (Almondbury, YKS)
m.16Apr1838Joseph /HEALD/Mary /TOOTLE/LANPreston, St JohnLINKM007132; LanBMD 229/1/218 GRO 21 322
m.25Aug1839Joseph /HEALD/Mary /BAXTER/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005469; GRO 20 453 LanBMD CATH/11/460
Selina /HEALD/29Nov1840Joseph /HEALD/Mary AnnNTTCarburtonLINKC011222
Elizabeth /HEALD/ Mar1841Joseph /HEALD/MaryLANChorleyLINK CEN 1841 CEN 1851 // could be 1841
James Roberts /HEALD/ Q21842Joseph /HEALD/Mary KayYKSAlmondbury \ HuddersfieldLINK(m. Mary A. 1868) GRO 22 292 (Huddersfield) CEN 1851 CEN 1881 (Bowling) LDS batch 5015488 // m. <Blackley> LAN, Bef 1828
m.20Sep1847Joseph /HIELDS/Mary /EMPSON/YKSAcombLINKVRI2; GRO 23 599 (York) FHL 1068308 // b. 1823 ?
m.13Nov1859Joseph /HEALD/Mary /WARREN/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097894; GRO 8d 269 // b. 1835
m. Q41869Joseph /HEALD/Mary Ann /SHUTTLEWORTH/YKSBradford YorksLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 315
m. Q11874Joseph /HEALD/Mary /WILLIAMS/CHSPrestbury, St PeterLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8a 179 Chs-CE PSP/22/94
Eliza Ann /HEALD/ Q41874Joseph /HEALD/Mary A.DBYLINK GRO 7b 467 (Derby) CEN 1881 (Harby, NTT)
m. Q11875Joe /HEALD/Mary /TURNER/YKSLeeds, Registered BuildingLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 759 Yks-LS RB/55/145 // b. 1847; to York 1876
Mary Jane /HEALD/ Q11876Joe /HEALD/MaryYKSYorkLINK CEN 1881 (Leeds) // m. Leeds 1875
m. Q31893Joseph /HEALD/Mary Elizabeth /ELLISON/LANWigan, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8c 116 LanBMD ROW/78/87
m.27Nov1895Joseph /HEALD/Mary Ann /JOHNSON/NTTWarsopLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 199 LDS batch 8008430 // b. 1873
m.  1903Joseph /HELD/Mary Ellen /ANDERTON/CHSSutton, St GeorgeLINKChsBMD; Chs-CE SGS/5/85
m. Q21905Joseph /HEALD/Maud Violet /VOSE/LANSalford, St SimonLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 169 LanBMD C27/18/354
m. Q41876Joseph Edward /HEALD/Phillis /BARKER/LANPreston, St PaulLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 899 LanBMD 247/1/109 // b. 1849; to Blackburn 1883
David /HEALD/ Q31889Joseph /HEALD/PhyllisLANBlackburnLINK GRO 8e 439 CEN 1901
m.24Mar1800Joseph /HEALD/Rachel /MARSDEN/LNDWestminster, St George Hanover SqLINKINDX; INDX pallot LDS batch 8716830 REL 16 // b. YKS, 1775
Pheebe /HEALD/8Feb1801Joseph /HEALD/Rachel [/MARSDEN/]LNDLondon, Old Jewry PresbyterianLINKC097551; (b. 18 Jan 1801 -VRI; d. unm. 23 Jul 1852 -REL; bur Darley DBY 26 Jul aged 51 -NBI) VRI FHL 813809 Dr Williams Library 3589 (Par of St Lawrence, LND) CEN 1841 CEN 1851 (Wakefield, YKS) // m. 1800
Rachel /HEALD/9Aug1839Joseph /HEALD/RachelKENSevenoaksLINKVRI; FHL 1469563
Samuel /HEALD/29Mar1812Joseph /HEALD/RebeccaYKSBirstallLINKC108113
m.24Jun1870Joseph Jackson /HEALD/Rebecca /GEESON/NTTSutton In Ashfield, St MargaretLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 133 LDS batch 8506731 // b. 1841
m. Q21905Joseph /HEALD/Rose Hannah /ROBERTS/LANWarrington, St ElphinLINKChsBMD; GRO 8c 277 Chs-WA C25/18/124 REL 1 // b. 1878
m.18Mar1782Joseph /HEALD/Sarah /MOXON/YKSWakefieldLINK AFN:1ZQJ-GZW; LDS -- // b. 1756
Thomas /HEALD/1Mar1818Joseph /HEALD/SarahYKSSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterLINKC007752
Hannah /HEALD/10Aug1819Joseph /HEALD/SarahYKSFarnley By LeedsLINKC009582; (bur. 29 Apr 1821, aged 1 -NBI)
Absalom /HEALD/16Aug1835Joseph /HEALD/SarahYKSRothwellLINKC010612; (m. Annie 1857) CEN 1851 CEN 1881 (Hunslet)
William /HEALD/ Mar1851[Joseph /HEALD/][Sarah]YKSRothwellLINKYksBMD; Yks-LS ROTH/6/481 CEN 1851 // m. Bef 1835
m. Q31895Joseph /HEALD/[Sarah Phillips /SMITH/]SOMAxbridgeLINKFreeBMD; (m2) GRO 5c 919 // b. LAN, 1844
m. Q11870Joseph /HEALD/Selina /FROGGET/YKSDewsburyLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 670 // b. 1836
m.2Apr1874Joseph /HEALD/Selina Douglas /CURTIS/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097897; GRO 8d 230 // b. 1850
Tho /HEALD/3Oct1718Joseph /HEALD/LANLiverpool, Saint PeterLINKP020271
John /HEILD/13Jan1734Joseph /HEILD/CHSMacclesfield, St. MichaelLINKP011441
m.  1746Joseph /HEALD/---OfLINK LDS 178011 (rel. Jonathan H. Hale)
Nancy /HEALD/14Aug1768Joseph /HEALD/YKSEcclesallLINKC150601
Stansfield Waddington /HEALD/17Apr1803Joseph /HEALD/YKSLightcliffeLINKC107803; (m. Elizabeth Bef 1825) // nr Halifax
Thomas /HEALD/ Bef1831Joseph /HEALD/LIN<Great Grimsby>LINKVRI2; (m. Elizabeth /LOFTHOUSE/ 1848) FHL 1541945
m. Q41837Joseph /HEALD/YKSSheffieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 22 407
m. Q21855Joseph /HEALD/YKSSheffieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 362
m. Q21860Joseph /HEALD/YKSWakefieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 33
Jane /HEALD/ Q11862Joseph /HEALD/YKSSheffieldLINK GRO 9c 270 CEN 1881
m. Q41870Joseph /HEALD/YKSBradford YkLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 25
m. Q21874Joseph /HEALD/LINLincolnLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7a 1100
m. Q21874Joseph /HEALD/YKSBradford, Y.LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 69
m. Q21883Joseph /HEALD/YKSBradford YLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 192
m. Q11884Joseph Revis /HIELDS/NTTNottinghamLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 271
m. Q31885Joseph /HEALD/LANOrmskirkLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8b 1065
m. Q41885Joseph /HEALD/YKSScarboroughLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9d 703
m. Q41892Joseph /HEALD/YKSThorneLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 1251
m. Q31901Joseph /HEALD/LANChorleyLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 959
m. Q21907Joseph /HEILDS/YKSTadcasterLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 1553
Anne /HEALD/8Aug1720Joshua /HEALD/AnneLINMiddle Rasen (drakes)LINKC031092
m. Q11889Joshua /HEALD/[Clara /CROUDSON/]YKSBradford Y.LINKFreeBMD; (m2) GRO 9b 244 // b. 1839; to Leeds 1890
Beatrice Ethel C /HEALD/ Q21895Joshua /HEALD/ClaraYKSLeedsLINK Yks-LS SE/136/116 GRO 9b 409 CEN 1901
Anne /HEALD/27Sep1707Joshua /HEALD/ElizabethLINMiddle Rasen (drakes)LINKC031092
m.  1863Joshua /HEALD/Mary A /INGLE/YKSLeeds Registered BuildingLINKYksBMD; Yks-LS RB/28/153 // b. 1839
m.30Oct1847Joshua /HEALD/Sarah Jane /JACKSON/YKSDewsbury, All SaintsLINK REL 23 // b. 1829; see also 1853
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1853Joshua /HEALD/Sarah JaneYKSAlverthorpe, PotovensLINKREL; (m. Eliza /CHAPPELL/ 1880; d. Horbury, 6 Feb 1932) CEN 1881 (Horbury) CEN 1901 (Horbury) // m. 1847
m. Q11846Joshua /HEALD/HAMBasingstokeLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7 73
m. Q41884Josiah /HEALD/Alice Ann /MAYMENT/ or /MAYNERT/YKSLeeds, St AndrewLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 593 Yks-LS CE38/B/51
m. Q21895Jules /HELD/LNDMaryleboneLINKFreeBMD; GRO 1a 1217
m. Bef1881Julius /HELD/EllenLAN<Liverpool>LINK // b. Germany, *JuAbt1846---_3741
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