Heald Births and Marriages UK: 1851-1900

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The standard of proof used to consolidate these listings is current best guess (not 'absolute cast-iron certainty') -- so do not necessarily trust every suggested link, eg between a birth and a subsequent marriage, or consolidation, eg between different census returns. The listings have been mostly compiled from published indexes: you are strongly advised to check out wherever possible the original underlying documents, which may contain further information that could contradict the assumptions here.

Also be very aware that the listings are far from complete. There are many more Healds whose parishes have not yet been included in the IGI or VRI; many Healds lost or mistranscribed in both the 1881 and 1901 censuses; and many more still to transcribe at FreeBMD (latest progress). Just because there is only one Heald listed in a given place with a given name at a particular date, it is not necessarily safe to assume that they must definitely be the person you are looking for.

If there is any information you can add or correct, please contact me at j.heald@ucl.ac.uk.

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Margaret Ann /BALLAM/ Abt1849CEN- (m. Alfred /HEALD/; d. 28 Mar 1888)HurstLAN CEN 1881 (Ashton Under Lyne) EXOR 1885 WILL 1888
m. Q41870FreeBMDAlfred /HEALD/Margaret Ann /BALLAM/CarlisleCUL GRO 10b 743 CEN 1881 // b. LAN, 1849; back to Ashton u Lyne LAN, 1871
m. Q11895FreeBMDCharles Reginald /HEALD/[Annie Susan H /SAMPSON/]CockermouthCUL GRO 10b 763 // b. LAN, 1867 ; UNIV Cam 1886; cf LND, Bef 1901
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Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q11852FreeBMD- KendalWES GRO 10b 548
Mary Ann /HEALD/9Jul1857C061651John /HEALD/AnnMilnthorpeWES // m. 1845
John /HEALD/11Sep1859C061651John /HEALD/AnnMilnthorpeWES GRO 10b 579 (Kendal)
John /HEALD/ Abt1860CEN- (Serv 1881)HevershamWES CEN 1881 (Cartmel Fell, LAN)
Abraham /HEALD/ Abt1854CEN- (m. Alice [/WILKINSON/] 1878)Minterthorp \ MilnthorpeWES CEN 1881 (Crook) CEN 1901 (Preesall With Hackinsall Entire, LAN)
Thomas /HEALD/11Jul1858C055671Thomas /HEALD/IsabellaOrtonWES CEN 1881 (Preston, LAN) // m. <Preston> LAN, 1849; bapt1 LAN, 1857
William /HEALD/12Feb1860C055671Thomas /HEALD/IsabellaOrtonWES(m. [Ann /HUNTER/] LAN, 1888) GRO 10b 511 (E Ward) CEN 1881 (Preston, LAN) CEN 1901 (Preston, LAN)
Joseph /HEALD/6Oct1861C055671Thomas /HEALD/IsabellaOrton \ TebayWES(m. Margaretta LAN, Bef 1886) GRO 10b 552 CEN 1881 (Preston, LAN) CEN 1901 (Haslingden, LAN)
James /HEALD/31May1868C055671Thomas /HEALD/IsabellaOrton \ TebayWES(b. Q1 1868, GRO 10b 587 (E Ward); m. Fanny /RICHARDSON/ LAN, 1895 -VRI2) CEN 1881 (Preston, LAN) EXOR 1895 CEN 1901 (Preston, LAN) FHL 1470817
George /HEALD/25Jul1869C055671Thomas /HEALD/IsabellaOrton \ TebayWES(m. Ann Eliza /BOWES/ LAN, 1892 -VRI2) CEN 1881 (Preston, LAN) CEN 1901 (Preston, LAN) FHL 1471020
Tamar /HEALDE/ Abt1869FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1875, GRO 10b 419)<Kendal>WES
m. Q21871FreeBMDMargaret /HEALDE/KendalWES GRO 10b 1062
Alice Abt1859CEN- (m. Abraham /HEALD/ 1878)Lyth \ MilnthorpeWES CEN 1881 (Crook) CEN 1901 (Preesall With Hackinsall Entire, LAN)
m. Q41878FreeBMDAbraham /HEALD/[Alice /WILKINSON/]KendalWES GRO 10b 1077 // b. 1854; to Yealand LAN, 1880, to Preesall LAN, 1891
John /HEALD/ Q21879FreeBMD- KendalWES GRO 10b 737
m. Q31879FreeBMDElizabeth /HEALD/KendalWES GRO 10b 782
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Theresia /HILDE/ Abt1881CEN- (Other 1901)WrexhamDEN CEN 1901 (Neston Cum Parkgate, CHS)
Susan /HEALD/ Q31889FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1890, GRO 11b 245)LlanrwstDEN GRO 11b 329
Susan Jane /HEALD/ Q41898CENGeorge /HEALD/SusanLlanrwst RuralDEN GRO 11b 311 CEN 1901 // m. Crewe CHS, 1884 ?
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Alison Mildred B /HEALD/ Abt1892FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1892, GRO 6a 516)<Cleobury M.>SAL
m. Q21898FreeBMDGeorge Harry /HEALD/AtchamSAL GRO 6a 1364
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Alfred /HEALD/21Dec1851C016103Joseph /HEALD/Ann GloverNewcastle Upon Tyne, Saint AndrewNBL(m. Florence 1876; d. Q3 1892, GRO 10b 55) EXOR 1877 CEN 1881 Papers in Tyne and Wear Archives // m. Manchester, LAN, 1832
Ellen /HEALD/4Nov1852C016103Joseph /HEALD/AnnNewcastle Upon Tyne, Saint AndrewNBL
Mary /HEALD/ Q11868FreeBMD- Newcastle upon TyneNBL GRO 10b 115
m. Q21870FreeBMDEdith /HEALD/Newcastle upon TyneNBL GRO 10b 67
m. Q11871FreeBMDAmy /HEALD/Newcastle upon TyneNBL GRO 10b 54
Florence Abt1852CEN- (m. Alfred /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1901)SunderlandDUR CEN 1881 (Newcastle On Tyne St Andrew, NBL) CEN 1901 (Wrotham, KEN)
m. Q21876FreeBMDAlfred /HEALD/Florence /OLIVER/Newcastle upon TyneNBL GRO 10b 48 // b. 1851
Florence E. /HEALD/ Abt1878CENAlfred /HEALD/FlorenceNewcastle On Tyne, St AndrewNBL CEN 1881
Gertrude /HEALD/ Abt1879CENAlfred /HEALD/FlorenceNewcastle On Tyne, St AndrewNBL CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Wrotham, KEN)
Louisa Mary /HIELDS/ Q31875CENThomas /HIELDS/CharlotteNewcastle On TyneNBL(m. 1898) GRO 10b 126 CEN 1881 (Byker, NBL) // m. Middlesex LND, Bef 1865
William George /HIELDS/ Q11878CENThomas /HIELDS/CharlotteNewcastle On TyneNBL GRO 10b 116 CEN 1881 (Byker, NBL)
Female /HEALD/ Q21877FreeBMD- Newcastle On TyneNBL GRO 10b 74
Female /HEALD/ Q21878FreeBMD- Newcastle T.NBL GRO 10b 75
Ethel /HEALD/ Abt1878CEN- NewcastleNBL CEN 1901 (Bexhill, SSX)
George Ernest /HEALD/ Q41880FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1881, GRO 10b 23)Newcastle T.NBL GRO 10b 21
Ernest /HEALD/ Abt1881CENFrederick /HEALD/MaryNewcastle On TyneNBL CEN 1881 (Westgate, NBL) // m. <Manchester> LAN, 1874
Harriet Lilian /HEALD/29Jan1882VRI2Frederick /HEALD/MaryNewcastle Upon Tyne, St NicholasNBL(m. 1900) FHL 1068903
George Henry /HEALD/16Sep1883VRI2Frederick /HEALD/MaryNewcastle Upon Tyne, St NicholasNBL FHL 1068903
Sarah Ellen Mary /HEALD/20Mar1885VRI2Frederick /HEALD/MaryNewcastle Upon Tyne, St NicholasNBL(reg. Q2 1885, GRO 10b 9) FHL 1068903
Mary Abt1865CEN- (m. James /HELD/)Northn WallsendNBL CEN 1901 (Elswick)
Mary /HELD/ Abt1868FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1904)<Newcastle T.>NBL GRO 10b 28
m. Q21884FreeBMDJames /HELD/[Mary /STAGG/]TynemouthNBL GRO 10b 337 // b. BKM, 1851
Isabella Jane /HELD/ Q41886CENJames /HELD/MaryNewcastle On TyneNBL GRO 10b 67 CEN 1901 (Elswick)
John /HELD/ Q31891CENJames /HELD/MaryNewcastle On TyneNBL GRO 10b 81 CEN 1901 (Elswick)
James /HELD/ Q11896CENJames /HELD/MaryNewcastle On TyneNBL GRO 10b 66 CEN 1901 (Elswick)
Mary /HELD/ Q11901CENJames /HELD/MaryNewcastle On TyneNBL GRO 10b 54 (Newcastle T.) CEN 1901 (Elswick)
Alma /HELD/ Q41891FreeBMDThomas /HELD/EmilyNewcastleNBL GRO 10b 64 (Newcastle T.) CEN 1901 (Benwell) // m. BKM, 1883
Thomas /HELD/ Q41893FreeBMDThomas /HELD/EmilyBenwellNBL GRO 10b 58 (Newcastle upon Tyne) CEN 1901
George Robert /HELD/ Q31896CENThomas /HELD/EmilyBenwellNBL GRO 10b 54 (Newcastle T.) CEN 1901
Fred /HELD/ Q11899CENThomas /HELD/EmilyBenwellNBL GRO 10b 28 (Newcastle T.) CEN 1901
Mariam /HELD/ Q41897FreeBMD- Newcastle T.NBL GRO 10b 142
Louisa M /HELD/ Q41897CEN- (Other 1901)Newcastle Upon TyneNBL GRO 10b 142 CEN 1901 (Heaton)
Alfred John /HELD/ Q31901FreeBMD- Newcastle T.NBL GRO 10b 97
Ethel /HELD/ Q11903FreeBMD- Newcastle T.NBL GRO 10b 37
m. Q21891FreeBMDAnn /HIELDS/Newcastle T.NBL GRO 10b 59
m. Q21893FreeBMDAlice Ann\Mary /HIELDS/Newcastle TNBL GRO 10b 17
Alice /HIELDS/ Abt1895CEN- (Other 1901; gdau of Thomas and Charlotte?)Newcastle On TyneNBL CEN 1901 (Byker)
m. Q31896FreeBMDHarriet Golding /HIELDS/Newcastle T.NBL GRO 10b 50 // b. Acomb YKS, 1873
Agnes C Abt1875CEN- (m. Edwin /HIELDS/)North ShieldsNBL CEN 1901 (Tynemouth)
m. Q41896FreeBMDEdwin Walter /HIELDS/Agnes Calderwood /KINNON/TynemouthNBL GRO 10b 377 // b. YKS, 1874
Gladys Victoria /HIELDS/ Q41897CENEdwin /HIELDS/AgnesNorth ShieldsNBL GRO 10b 241 (Tynemouth) CEN 1901 (Tynemouth)
George /HIELDS/ Q41900FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1900, GRO 10b 145)TynemouthNBL GRO 10b 228
Agnes /HIELDS/ Q31905FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1905, GRO 10b 136)TynemouthNBL GRO 10b 273
Mabel /HIELDS/ Q41909FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1909, GRO 10b 127)TynemouthNBL GRO 10b 224
m. Q31898FreeBMDLouisa Mary /HIELDS/Newcastle upon TyneNBL GRO 10b 23 // b. 1875
m. Q11900FreeBMDHarriett Lillian /HEALD/GatesheadNBL GRO 10a 1075 // b. 1882
m. Q11901FreeBMDBertie /HIELD/Newcastle T.NBL GRO 10b 168
m. Q21902FreeBMDPercy /HEALD/Gateshead (DUR)NBL GRO 10a 1319
m. Q41903FreeBMDEllen /HEALD/Newcastle T.NBL GRO 10b 192
m. Q41903FreeBMDLouis Alfred /HEALD/Newcastle T.NBL GRO 10b 141
Emily Foster /HEALD/ Q11905FreeBMD- Castle W.NBL GRO 10b 371
m. Q31911FreeBMDEdward E /HEILD/S. Shields (DUR)NBL GRO 10a 1538
m. Q21913FreeBMDMabel A /HIELDS/TynemouthNBL GRO 10b 546
Selena Abt1877CEN- (m. /HELD/; wid. bef. 1901; Other 1901)EverwoodDUR CEN 1901 (Newsham & South Blyth, NBL)
m. Q21901FreeBMDSelina /HELD/Newcasle T.NBL GRO 10b 296
m. Q31906FreeBMDWilliam /HELD/Newcastle T.NBL GRO 10b 16
Thomas Edward /HELD/ Q41907FreeBMD- Newcastle T.NBL GRO 10b 70
William /HELD/ Q11909FreeBMD- Newcastle. T.NBL GRO 10b 66
Ethel /HELD/ Q21910FreeBMD- Newcastle T.NBL GRO 10b 22
m. Q21911FreeBMDAlbert T /HELD/Newcastle T.NBL GRO 10b 134
George /HELD/ Q41911FreeBMD- Newcastle T.NBL GRO 10b 93
m. Q41911FreeBMDHorace J /HELD/Newcastle T.NBL GRO 10b 3
m. Q11914FreeBMDAlma /HELD/MorpethNBL GRO 10b 664
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# -- Stockton --
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Sarah Abt1840CEN 188- (m. Benjn. /HEALD/)Durham, SedgefieldCEN
m. Q41861FreeBMDBenjamin William /HEALD/[Sarah /FAWDEN/]StocktonDUR GRO 10a 113 // b. Wakefield YKS, 1840
Benjn. /HEALD/ Abt1861CENBenjn. /HEALD/SarahStockton On TeesDUR CEN 1881
M.I. /HEALD/ Abt1864CENBenjn. /HEALD/SarahStockton On TeesDUR CEN 1881
John William /HEALD/ Q31872FreeBMD- StocktonDUR GRO 10a 127
John R. /HEALD/ Abt1873CENBenjn. /HEALD/SarahStockton On TeesDUR CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Alfred /HEALD/ Q21861FreeBMD- (bur 4 Sep 1861 aged 4m -NBI)StocktonDUR GRO 10a 73
Mary A. Abt1841CEN- (m. James /HEALD/)Stockton On TeesDUR CEN 1881 CEN 1901
m. Q21860FreeBMDJames /HEALD/Mary Ann /ROBINSON/StocktonDUR GRO 10a 126 // b. Wakefield YKS, 1838
Emily /HEALD/ Q31862FreeBMD- StocktonDUR GRO 10a
Emily /HEALD/ Abt1862CENJames /HEALD/Mary A.Stockton On TeesDUR CEN 1881
Sarah L.E. /HEALD/ Abt1865CENJames /HEALD/Mary A.Stockton On TeesDUR CEN 1881
Louisa /HEALD/ Q11867CENJames /HEALD/Mary A.Stockton On TeesDUR(Other 1901) GRO 10a 98 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Bognor)
James T. /HEALD/ Abt1869CENJames /HEALD/Mary A.Stockton On TeesDUR(m. Jane CHA, Bef 1897) CEN 1881
Albert William /HEALD/ Q41870CENJames /HEALD/Mary A.Stockton On TeesDUR GRO 10a 118 CEN 1881
Arthur Frederick /HEALD/ Q21872CENJames /HEALD/Mary A.Stockton On TeesDUR(m. Lillian 1897) GRO 10a 155 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (West Hartlepool)
Florence Mary /HEALD/ Q11874CENJames /HEALD/Mary A.Stockton On TeesDUR GRO 10a 150 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Edith Lavinia /HEALD/ Q11875CENJames /HEALD/Mary A.Stockton On TeesDUR GRO 10a 155 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Thornaby, YKS)
Gertrude Eva /HEALD/ Q31876CENJames /HEALD/Mary A.Stockton On TeesDUR GRO 10a CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Tettenhall, STS)
Ellen Louisa /HEALD/ Q41862FreeBMD- StocktonDUR GRO 10a 64
Lucy Amelia /HEALD/ Q31864FreeBMD- StocktonDUR GRO 10a 94
Mary Abt1847CEN- (m. George /HEALD/)Stockton On TeesDUR CEN 1881 (Cornforth)
Matilda Abt1850CEN- (m. George /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1901)Bishop MiddlehamDUR CEN 1901 (Stockton On Tees)
m. Q21865FreeBMDGeorge /HEALD/[Matilda /HESBY/]StocktonDUR GRO 10a 146
m. Bef1867George /HEALD/Mary<Stockton on Tees>DUR // b. 1845
Margaret E /HEALD/ Q41866FreeBMD- StocktonDUR GRO 10a 129
Mary E. /HEALD/ Abt1867CENGeorge /HEALD/MaryStockton On TeesDUR CEN 1881 (Cornforth)
Mary A. /HEALD/ Abt1870CENGeorge /HEALD/MaryCoxhoeDUR CEN 1881 (Cornforth)
Sarah Jane /HEALD/ Q21871CENGeorge /HEALD/MaryCoxhoeDUR GRO 10a 157 (Stockton) CEN 1881 (Cornforth)
George Edward /HEALD/ Q31874CENGeorge /HEALD/Mary[West] CornforthDUR CEN 1881 GRO 10a 188 (Stockton) CEN 1901 (Stockton On Tees)
John William /HEALD/ Q21880CENGeorge /HEALD/Mary[West] Cornforth LaneDUR GRO 10a 112 (Stockton) CEN 1881 (Cornforth) CEN 1901 (Stockton On Tees)
James Edward /HEALD/ Q31872FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1872, GRO 10a 75)StocktonDUR GRO 10a 127
Hannah Abt1848CEN- (m. Edward /HEALD/)S StocktonYKS CEN 1881 (Stockton On Tees, DUR)
m. Bef1873Edward /HEALD/Hannah<Stockton On Tees>DUR // b. Wakefield YKS, 1834
Alfred /HEALD/ Abt1873CENEdward /HEALD/HannahStocktonDUR CEN 1881 (Stockton On Tees)
J.W. /HEALD/ Abt1879CENEdward /HEALD/HannahStocktonDUR CEN 1881 (Stockton On Tees)
Emily /HEALD/12Jul1872CENFrederick /HEALD/Jane /ADDISON/Stockton On TeesDUR AFN:23HV-GHW; GRO 10a 121 CEN 1881 (Whitton) LDS batch 8612032 // m. <New Frodingham> LIN, 1863
Arthur /HEALD/ Q41874CENFrederick /HEALDS/JaneCarlton Iron Works \ HillingtonDUR(m. Mary 1901) GRO 10a 124 (Stockton) CEN 1881 (Whitton) CEN 1901 (Stockton On Tees) LDS 2078163
Richard Williams /HEALD/ Q11879FreeBMD- Guisbro'YKS GRO 9d 490
Richard /HEALDS/ Abt1879CENFrederick /HEALDS/JaneCarling-HowYKS LDS 2078163 CEN 1881 (Whitton, DUR)
Richard /HEALD/ Abt1882CENFrederick /HEALD/JaneSkinningroveYKS CEN 1901 (Stockton On Tees, DUR)
Hilda /HEALD/ Q21888CENFrederick /HEALD/JaneStockton On TeesDUR GRO 10a 91 CEN 1901
Frederick /HEALD/ Abt1890CENFrederick /HEALD/JaneStockton On TeesDUR CEN 1901
Thomas James /HEALD/ Q21877FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1879, GRO 10a 52)StocktonDUR GRO 10a 117
Charles Marmaduke /HEALD/ Q41877FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1881, GRO 10a 45)StocktonDUR GRO 10a 85
George Edward /HEALD/ Q21878FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1878, GRO 10a 42)StocktonDUR GRO 10a 71
Lily Alberta /HEALD/ Q31879FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1880, GRO 9d 348 (Guisbro', YKS))StocktonDUR GRO 10a 68
Christopher /HEALD/ Q41881FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1882, GRO 10a 35)StocktonDUR GRO 10a 49
m. Q21881FreeBMDEmily /HEALD/StocktonDUR GRO 10a 112
George Thomas H /HEALD/ Q21883FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1883, GRO 10a 28)StocktonDUR GRO 10a 56
Wilfred Norman R /HEALD/ Q31884FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1885, GRO 10a 44)StocktonDUR GRO 10a 101
James /HEALD/ Q21885FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1886, GRO 10a 36)StocktonDUR GRO 10a 71
Joseph William /HEALD/ Q41885CEN- (rel Benjamin /HEALD/ 1861)Stockton On TeesDUR GRO 10a 79 CEN 1901
Olga Abt1863CEN- (m. John /HIELDS/ DUR, Bef 1887)GERMANY--- CEN 1901 (Stockton On Tees)
m. Bef1887John /HIELDS/Olga<Middleton>DUR // b. 1864
Harry /HIELDS/ Abt1887CENJohn /HIELDS/OlgaMiddletonDUR CEN 1901 (Stockton On Tees)
Arthur /HIELDS/ Abt1889CENJohn /HIELDS/OlgaMiddletonDUR CEN 1901 (Stockton On Tees)
Naomi /HIELDS/ Abt1892CENJohn /HIELDS/OlgaStocktonDUR CEN 1901 (Stockton On Tees)
Lily /HIELDS/ Abt1894CENJohn /HIELDS/OlgaMiddletonDUR CEN 1901 (Stockton On Tees)
Clara /HIELDS/ Abt1901CENJohn /HIELDS/OlgaStocktonDUR CEN 1901 (Stockton On Tees)
Christiana Abt1869CEN- (m. [George] /HEALD/)StocktonDUR CEN 1901 (Middlesbrough, YKS)
m.28Feb1889FreeBMDGeorge Edward /HEALD/Christina /CAMPBELL/Stockton On TeesDUR AFN:HH54-SQ; GRO 10a 115 LDS batch 8130030 // b. LIN, 1869
John Frederick Angus /HEALD/1May1889FreeBMDGeorge Edward /HEALD/Christina /CAMPBELL/Stockton On TeesDUR(m. Eva Mary /DAVIS GLA, 1910; d. 3 Dec 1949 Cardiff -AF) AFN:HH53-RF; GRO 10a 82 LDS batch 7421703
Evelyn /HEALD/28Sep1892CENGeorge Edward /HEALD/Christina /CAMPBELL/Stockton On TeesDUR(d. Mar 1967 Middlesborough -AF) AFN:HH54-V3; CEN 1901 (Middlesbrough, YKS) LDS batch 7806730 & batch 7806730
Louisa \ Laura /HEALD/2Aug1893CENGeorge Edward /HEALD/Christina /CAMPBELL/Stockton On TeesDUR(m. James /O'LONE/ -AF) AFN:HH54-W8; CEN 1901 (Middlesbrough, YKS)
m. Q31889FreeBMDMargaret Jane /HEALD/StocktonDUR GRO 10a 80 // b. LIN, 1865
Margaret Jane S /HEALD/ Q21890FreeBMD- StocktonDUR GRO 10a 39
m. Q21890FreeBMDMary Ann /HEALD/StocktonDUR GRO 10a 164
Eveline /HEALD/ Q41891FreeBMD- StocktonDUR GRO 10a 57
Mary Isabella /HEALD/ Q21892FreeBMD- StocktonDUR GRO 10a 68
Emily Louisa /HEALD/ Q41893FreeBMD- StocktonDUR GRO 10a 76
m. Q11894FreeBMDEllen Louisa /HEALD/StocktonDUR GRO 10a 86 // b. LIN, 1870
Sarah Jane /HEALD/ Q41894FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1898, GRO 10a 51)StocktonDUR GRO 10a 87
Jane Abt1870CEN- (m. John /HEALD/)SenshawDUR CEN 1901 (Stockton On Tees)
m. Q11897FreeBMDJohn Frederick /HEALD/Jane /BOLAM/StocktonDUR GRO 10a 81 // b. LIN, 1866
Frank /HEALD/ Q11898CENJohn /HEALD/JaneStocktonDUR GRO 10a 68 CEN 1901 (Stockton On Tees)
Benjamin Frederick /HEALD/ Q21897FreeBMD- StocktonDUR GRO 10a 85
Lillian Abt1876CEN- (m. Arthur /HEALD/)MiddlesbroYKS CEN 1901 (West Hartlepool, DUR)
m. Q31897FreeBMDArthur Frederick /HEALD/Lillian /PARVIN/StocktonDUR GRO 10a 79 // b. 1872
Arthur Reginald /HEALD/ Q41899CENArthur /HEALD/LillianWest HartlepoolDUR GRO 10a 165 CEN 1901
Lilian Lavinia /HEALD/ Q41901FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1901, GRO 10a 111)HartlepoolDUR GRO 10a 113
George Frederick /HEALD/ Q11903FreeBMD- HartlepoolDUR GRO 10a 129
Albert Victor /HEALD/ Q41904FreeBMD- HartlepoolDUR GRO 10a 182
Robert /HEALD/ Q31899FreeBMD- StocktonDUR GRO 10a 80
m. Q41899FreeBMDSarah Lucy A /HEALD/StocktonDUR GRO 10a 110
m. Q21900FreeBMDEmily /HEALD/StocktonDUR GRO 10a 126
Mary Abt1876CEN- (m. Arthur /HEALD/)Stockton On TeesDUR CEN 1901
m. Q11901FreeBMDArthur /HEALD/[Mary /HILL/]StocktonDUR GRO 10a 103 // b. 1874
Olive /HEALD/ Q21901FreeBMD- StocktonDUR GRO 10a 88
Harold /HEALD/ Q31901FreeBMD- StocktonDUR GRO 10a 70
Esther \ Hester /HEALD/ Q31902FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1905, GRO 10a 46)StocktonDUR GRO 10a 65
Clifford /HEALD/ Q11903FreeBMD- StocktonDUR GRO 10a 74
Winifred Maud /HEALD/ Q11905FreeBMD- StocktonDUR GRO 10a 83
m. Q21904FreeBMDGeorge Edward /HEALD/StocktonDUR GRO 10a 194
Hannah Abt1852CEN- (m. Joseph /HILD/ DUR, Bef 1883)ReptonDBY CEN 1901 (Guiseley, YKS)
# -- Darlington --
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m. Bef1883Joseph /HILD/Hannah<Darlington>DUR
Maud /HILD/ Abt1883CENJoseph /HILD/HannahDarlingtonDUR CEN 1901 (Guiseley, YKS)
Lily /HILD/ Abt1884CENJoseph /HILD/HannahDarlingtonDUR CEN 1901 (Guiseley, YKS)
Sarah /HILD/ Abt1885CENJoseph /HILD/HannahDarlingtonDUR CEN 1901 (Guiseley, YKS)
Jos /HILD/ Abt1887CENJoseph /HILD/HannahDarlingtonDUR CEN 1901 (Guiseley, YKS)
Gertrude /HILD/ Abt1888CENJoseph /HILD/HannahDarlingtonDUR CEN 1901 (Guiseley, YKS)
Helena /HILD/ Abt1890CENJoseph /HILD/HannahDarlingtonDUR CEN 1901 (Guiseley, YKS)
Annie /HILD/ Abt1894CENJoseph /HILD/HannahDarlingtonDUR CEN 1901 (Guiseley, YKS)
Rene /HEALD/ Q31905FreeBMD- DarlingtonDUR GRO 10a 44
# -- Bishop Auckland --
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m. Q31866FreeBMDWilliam /CLOUGH/Margaret Ellen /HIELD/AucklandDUR GRO 10a 275 // b. Birkin YKS, 1845
m. Q11873FreeBMDThomas /HALL/Drusilla /HIELD/AucklandDUR GRO 10a 369 // b. Birkin YKS, 1849
Mabel /HEALD/ Abt1882CENRebeccaShildonDUR CEN 1901 (Walton On The Hill, LAN) // m. LEI, Bef 1876
Catharine Chatto /HEALD/ Q41884FreeBMD[Charles /HEALD/][Isabella /CHATTO/]AucklandDUR GRO 10a 202
Walter Henry /HEALD/ Q31886FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1886, GRO 10a 99)AucklandDUR GRO 10a 199
John Arthur /HEALD/ Q11889CENRebeccaShildonDUR GRO 10a 186 (Auckland) CEN 1901 (Walton On The Hill, LAN)
James /HILDES/ Q41884FreeBMD- AucklandDUR GRO 10a 183
Mary Ann /HILDES/ Q41884FreeBMD- AucklandDUR GRO 10a 183
m. Q31896FreeBMDBenjamin /LOCKEY/Margaret Elizabeth /HEALD/SedgefieldDUR GRO 10a 163 DurBMD C27/2/177
# -- Other --
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John /HIELDS/ Abt1864CEN- (m. Olga Bef 1887)SeatonDUR CEN 1901 (Stockton On Tees)
Dosha Abt1848CEN- (m. Thomas /HEALD/)GatesheadDUR CEN 1881 (Chester Le Street)
m. Bef1867Thomas /HEALD/Dosha<Gateshead>DUR // b. 1844
Mary /HEALD/ Abt1867CENThomas /HEALD/DoshaGatesheadDUR CEN 1881 (Chester Le Street)
Thomas /HEALD/ Abt1871CENThomas /HEALD/DoshaGatesheadDUR CEN 1881 (Chester Le Street)
Marion /HEALD/ Abt1873CENThomas /HEALD/DoshaGatesheadDUR CEN 1881 (Chester Le Street)
Jane /HEALD/ Abt1875CENThomas /HEALD/DoshaGatesheadDUR CEN 1881 (Chester Le Street)
George W. /HEALD/ Abt1879CENThomas /HEALD/DoshaGatesheadDUR CEN 1881 (Chester Le Street)
m. Q41867FreeBMDWilliam /HEALD/GatesheadDUR GRO 10a 858
Florence Elizabeth /HIELDS/ Q21868FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1868, GRO 9d 36 (York))GatesheadDUR GRO 10a 758
John /HILD/ Abt1875CEN- (m. Mary Bef 1901)Hetton Le HoleDUR CEN 1901
Margaret /HELD/ Abt1885CEN- (Other 1901)JarrowDUR CEN 1901
Kathleen /HEALD/ Abt1885CEN- (Other 1901)DurhamDUR CEN 1901 (Toxteth Park, LAN)
Margaret /HEALDE/ Q11888FreeBMD- GatesheadDUR GRO 10a 814
m. Q41897FreeBMDJoshua /NORRIS/Mary Ann G /HEALD/DurhamDUR GRO 10a 538 DurBMD DCCE4/2/344
m. Q41889FreeBMDFrederick /HEALD/S.ShieldsDUR GRO 10a 1102
Hilda May /HEALD/ Q41890FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1892, GRO 10a 291)SunderlandDUR GRO 10a 534
Robert Robinson /HEALD/ Q41892CENRobert /HEALD/ElizabethSunderlandDUR GRO 10a 589 CEN 1901 // m. Hunslet YKS, 1885
Marian /HEALD/ Q41894CENRobert /HEALD/ElizabethSunderlandDUR GRO 10a 579 CEN 1901
George /HEALD/ Q31897CENRobert /HEALD/ElizabethSunderlandDUR GRO 10a 587 CEN 1901
Hilda May /HEALD/ Q41898FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1900, GRO 10a 388)SunderlandDUR GRO 10a 604
m. Q21897FreeBMDFrederick C /AARON/Sarah Jane /HEALD/WeardaleDUR GRO 10a 456 DurBMD C47/2/313
m. Q21897FreeBMDMartha /HEALD/SunderlandDUR GRO 10a 1057
Mary Abt1876CEN- (m. John /HILD/)West AucklandDUR CEN 1901 (Hetton Le Hole)
m. Bef1901John /HILD/Mary<Hetton Le Hole>DUR
Margaret /HILD/ Abt1901CENJohn /HILD/MaryHetton Le HoleDUR CEN 1901
Thomas Arthur /HEALD/ Q11900FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1900, GRO 10a 326)SunderlandDUR GRO 10a 642
Gladys Gertrude /HEALD/ Q41901FreeBMD- SunderlandDUR GRO 10a 666
Edith Webster /HILDS/ Abt1905FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1907, GRO 10a 444)<Sunderland>DUR
Amy /HEALD/ Q31903FreeBMD- GatesheadDUR GRO 10a 1131
Ethel /HEALD/ Q41904FreeBMD- GatesheadDUR GRO 10a 1085
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George /HILD/ Abt1851CEN- (Other 1901)HatherLEI CEN 1901 (Thrapston St James, NTH)
Charles Albert /HEALD/ Q41870CENCharles /HEALD/IsabellaLeicester CityLEI GRO 7a 30 (Blaby) CEN 1881 (Shildon, DUR) // m. Eston YKS, 1869; to Birkenhead 1878, Liverpool LAN, 1878
Annie /HEALD/ Q31872CENCharles /HEALD/IsabellaLeicester CityLEI GRO 7a 34 (Blaby)CEN 1881 (Shildon, DUR)
Robert Chatto /HEALD/ Q21874FreeBMD- (d. Birkenhead Q2 1878 aged 3, Chs-WR BIR/64/4, GRO 8a 306)BlabyLEI
William Gill /HEALD/ Q21876CENCharles /HEALD/IsabellaLeicester CityLEI(m. LAN, 1902) GRO 7a 34 (Blaby) CEN 1881 (Shildon, DUR)
Rebecca Abt1847CEN- (m. /HEALD/ LEI, Bef 1876)StocktonDUR CEN 1901 (Walton On The Hill, LAN)
m. Bef1876Rebecca<Compsthorpe>LEI // to Shildon DUR, 1889
William G /HEALD/ Abt1876CENRebeccaCompsthorpeLEI CEN 1901 (Walton On The Hill, LAN)
m.14Feb1931T904470Victor Harry /SMITH/Janet Mary /HEALD/Market HarboroughLEI // b. NTT, 1904; cf NTT, 1922
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m. Q41865FreeBMDBertrand /HEALD/WellingbroNTH GRO 3b 347
Elizth /HOWE/ Abt1850CENJames /HOWE/PavenhamBDF(m. Wm. Jno. /HELD/; d. Q1 1890, GRO 3b 18 (Potterspury)) CEN 1881 (Wolverton)
m. Q41880FreeBMDWilliam John T /HELD/Elizabeth /HOWE/PotterspuryNTH GRO 3b 83 // b. BKM, 1848; m2 BKM, 1901
Harry /HILD/ Q11883CENWilliam /HILD/[Elizth /HOWE/]Newport Pagnell (BKM)NTH GRO 3a 715 CEN 1901 (Wolverton)
Albert /HELD/ Q21884FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1884, GRO 3b 15)PotterspuryNTH GRO 3b 29
Arthur /HELD/ Q21885CENWilliam /HILD/[Elizth /HOWE/]Wolverton (BKM)NTH GRO 3b 31 (Potterspury) CEN 1901
Lucy Jane /HELD/ Q21887FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1887, GRO 3b 12)PotterspuryNTH GRO 3b 23
Florrie Louisa /HELD/ Q21888FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1889, GRO 3b 19)PotterspuryNTH GRO 3b 23
John /HELD/ Q11890FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1890, GRO 3b 16)PotterspuryNTH GRO 3b 24
m. Q11911FreeBMDCharles W /HELD/PotterspuryNTH GRO 3b 45
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m.26Apr1863M071423Edward Henry /LAW/Sarah /HEALD/Birmingham, All SaintsWAR
m. Q21863FreeBMDSarah /HEALD/BirminghamWAR GRO 6d 10
Sarah Ann Jones /HEALD/ Q11864FreeBMD- BirminghamWAR GRO 6d 88
Edward /HIELD/ Abt1864CEN- (m. Emma Bef 1890)KinetonWAR CEN 1901 (Old Stratford Within)
Kate Isabel /HEALD/ Q41877CENHenry /HEALD/Emma E.BirminghamWAR(m. STS, 1901) GRO 6d 420 (Aston) CEN 1881 (Aston) CEN 1901 (Handsworth, STS) // m. LND, 1873
Alice Esther /HEALD/ Q11879CENHenry /HEALD/Emma E.BirminghamWAR GRO 6d 412 (Aston) CEN 1881 (Aston) CEN 1901 (Handsworth, STS)
Joseph Herbert /HEALD/ Q21880FreeBMD- AstonWAR GRO 6d 452
Herbert /HEALD/ Abt1881CENHenry /HEALD/EmmaAstonWAR CEN 1901 (Handsworth, STS)
Arthur /HEALD/ Abt1887CENHenry /HEALD/EmmaAstonWAR CEN 1901 (Handsworth, STS)
Howard /HEALD/ Q41892FreeBMD- W. BromwichSTS GRO 6b 765
Howard /HEALD/ Abt1893CENHenry /HEALD/EmmaAstonWAR CEN 1901 (Handsworth, STS)
Annie Abt1844CEN- (m. /HIELD/ Bef 1869; wid. bef. 1901)BirminghamWAR CEN 1901
m. Bef1869Annie<Birmingham>WAR
John /HIELD/ Abt1869CENAnnieBirminghamWAR CEN 1901
Alfred /HIELD/ Abt1885CENAnnieBirminghamWAR CEN 1901
Sarah Abt1829CEN- (m1 /MC LEISH/; m2 Charles /HELD/)Cleobury MortimerSAL CEN 1881 (Birmingham, WAR)
m. Q11876FreeBMDCharles John /HELD/Sarah /MC LEISH/AstonWAR GRO 6d 342
m. Q11881FreeBMDWilliam /HIELD/BirminghamWAR GRO 6d 72
Jane Abt1862CEN- (m. Edward /HILDES/ WAR, Bef 1888)AlmchurchWOR CEN 1901 (New Milverton, WAR)
m. Bef1888Edward /HILDES/Jane<Leamington>WAR
Ethel /HILDES/ Abt1888CENEdward /HILDES/JaneLeamingtonWAR CEN 1901 (New Milverton)
Elsie /HILDES/ Abt1892CENEdward /HILDES/JaneLeamingtonWAR CEN 1901 (New Milverton)
Emma Abt1869CEN- (m. Edward /HIELD/ Bef 1890)Butlers MarstonWAR CEN 1901 (Old Stratford Within)
m. Bef1890Edward /HIELD/Emma<Butlers Marston>WAR // b. 1864
Ernest /HIELD/ Abt1890CENEdward /HIELD/EmmaButlers MarstonWAR CEN 1901 (Old Stratford Within)
Beatrice /HIELD/ Abt1894CENEdward /HIELD/EmmaButlers MarstonWAR CEN 1901 (Old Stratford Within)
Dennis /HIELD/ Abt1896CENEdward /HIELD/EmmaButlers MarstonWAR CEN 1901 (Old Stratford Within)
Cyril /HIELD/ Abt1899CENEdward /HIELD/EmmaButlers MarstonWAR CEN 1901 (Old Stratford Within)
m. Bef1895Gustav /HELD/<Birmingham>WAR // b. LND, 1864
Gustav /HELD/ Abt1895CENGustav /HELD/BirminghamWAR CEN 1901
Annie Abt1876CEN- (m. Frederick Wm /HEALD/)BirminghamWAR CEN 1901 (Luton)
m. Q31900FreeBMDFrederick William /HEALD/Annie /GRIFFIN/BirminghamWAR GRO 6d 137 // b. LAN, 1875
George Henry /HEALD/ Q21903FreeBMD- AstonWAR GRO 6d 259
Mona /HEALD/ Q41905FreeBMD- AstonWAR GRO 6d 314
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# -- Wolstanton --
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Maud [Ellen\Eliza] /HEALD/ Q31873FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1874, GRO 6b 84)WolstantonSTS GRO 6b 165
Eliza Abt1854CEN- (m. Thomas /HEALD/)ManchesterLAN CEN 1881 (Burslem, STS) CEN 1901 (Burslem, STS)
m. Bef1876Thomas /HEALD/Eliza<Burslem>STS // b. Tarporley CHS, 1849
George Harry /HEALD/ Q31875CENThomas /HEALD/ElizaBurslemSTS(m. Margaret Bef 1900) GRO 6b 156 (Wolstanton) CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Frederick James /HEALD/ Q31877FreeBMDThomas /HEALD/ElizaBurslemSTS(m. Ada 1900) GRO 6b 172 (Wolstanton) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Hanley)
Lily /HEALD/ Q21880CENThomas /HEALD/ElizaBurslemSTS GRO 6b 15_ CEN 1881
Susan Lily /HEALD/ Abt1880CENThomas /HEALD/ElizaBurslemSTS CEN 1901
Ada Mary /HEALD/ Q11884CENThomas /HEALD/ElizaBurslemSTS GRO 6b 160 CEN 1901
Henrietta /HEALD/ Q21887CENThomas /HEALD/ElizaBurslemSTS GRO 6b 157 CEN 1901
Patty Lauder /HEALD/ Q31889CENThomas /HEALD/ElizaBurslemSTS GRO 6b 162 CEN 1901
Alice /HEALD/ Q11895CENThomas /HEALD/ElizaBurslemSTS GRO 6b 156 (Wolstanton) CEN 1901
Sarah Alice Abt1855CEN- (m. Samuel /HEALD/; d. Q2 1890, GRO 6b 85 (Wolstanton))FaddeleyCHS CEN 1881 (Burslem, STS)
m. Q11877StsBMDSamuel /HEALD/Sarah Alice /MOTTRAM/Burslem, St PaulSTS GRO 6b 120 (Wolstanton) StsBMD 4/04/145 // b. Tarporley CHS, 1855
Frances Eliza /HEALD/ Q11878CENSamuel /HEALD/SarahBurslemSTS GRO 6b 143 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Mary Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q31879CENSamuel /HEALD/SarahBurslemSTS GRO 6b 164 CEN 1881
Ada /HEALD/ Abt1881CENSamuel /HEALD/SarahBurslemSTS(d. Q4 1883, GRO 6b 103 (Wolstanton)) CEN 1881
Fred K /HEALD/ Abt1885CENSamuel /HEALD/[Sarah]BurslemSTS CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/ Q41886CENSamuel /HEALD/[Sarah]BurslemSTS GRO 6b 141 (Wolstanton) CEN 1901
Thomas /HEALD/ Abt1882CEN- (Other 1901)BurslemSTS CEN 1901
James Henry /HEALD/ Q11883FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1883, GRO 6b 105)WolstantonSTS GRO 6b 147
Thomas Frederick /HEALD/ Q41884FreeBMD- WolstantonSTS GRO 6b 175
Zillab /HEALD/ Q11886FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1886, GRO 6b [58]3)WolstantonSTS GRO 6b 155
Reginald /HEALD/ Abt1889FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1893)<Wolstanton>STS GRO 6b 86
m. Q21891FreeBMDHans Ludwig /HELDT/WolstantonSTS GRO 6b 181
Arthur /HEALD/ Q21892FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1892, GRO 6b 66)WolstantonSTS GRO 6b 155
John William /HEALD/ Q21893FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1893, GRO 6b 103)WolstantonSTS GRO 6b 187
Frank Leslie /HEALD/ Q11897FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1897, GRO 6b 82)WolstantonSTS GRO 6b 150
Thomas Frederick /HEALD/ Q31897FreeBMD- WolstantonSTS GRO 6b 148
Fred K R /HEALD/ Abt1898CEN- (rel Samuel /HEALD/ 1877)BurslemSTS CEN 1901
Frances Lucy E M /HEALD/ Q41899FreeBMD- WolstantonSTS GRO 6b 131
Margaret Abt1875CEN- (m. George Harry /HEALD/)ShrewsburySAL CEN 1901 (Burslem, STS)
m. Bef1900George Harry /HEALD/Margaret<Burslem>STS // b. 1875
Lucy /HEALD/ Abt1900CENGeorge Harry /HEALD/MargaretBurslemSTS CEN 1901
Ada A. Abt1880CEN- HanleySTS CEN 1901
m. Q11900StsBMDFrederick James /HEALD/Ada /BOWERS/Cobridge, Christ ChurchSTS GRO 6b 118 (Wolstanton) StsBMD 6/6/205 // b. 1877
Frank Leslie /HEALD/ Q31900CENFrederick /HEALD/AdaBurslemSTS GRO 6b 164 (Wolstanton) CEN 1901 (Hanley)
m. Q31900StsBMDGeorge /LEIGH/Mary Elizabeth /HEALD/Burslem, St JohnSTS GRO 6b 132 (Wolstanton) StsBMD 3/10/134
m. Q21901StsBMDRalph A /HILL/Frances /HEALD/Burslem, St JohnSTS GRO 6b 150 (Wolstanton) StsBMD 3/10/177
Margaret /HEALD/ Q31901FreeBMD- WolstantonSTS GRO 6b 159
Thomas Henry /HEALD/ Q11903FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1903, GRO 6b 121)Stoke T.STS GRO 6b 215
Oscar Henry /HEALD/ Q21903FreeBMD- WolstantonSTS GRO 6b 140
m. Q41904FreeBMDBeatrice Temple /HEALD/Stoke T.STS GRO 6b 303
Leon /HEALD/ Q11905FreeBMD- WolstantonSTS GRO 6b 150
James /HEALD/ Abt1853CEN- (Lodger 1881; m. Charlotte Bef 1877)STS CEN 1881 (Normanton, YKS)
Harriett /HIELD/24Apr1853C045801Joseph /HIELD/EmmaTunstall By Stoke Upon TrentSTS
Jonathan /HEALD/23Nov1856C039361John /HEALD/AnneMayfieldSTS(m. Mary Jane /STRINGER/ LAN, 1880) VRI2 FHL 1471147 CEN 1881 (Halliwell, LAN) CEN 1901 (Bolton, LAN)
Caroline (male) /HILD/ Abt1860CEN- (m. Mary)Newcastle Under LymeSTS CEN 1901 (Newcastle Under Lyme)
William /HEALD/ Abt1867CEN- (m. Grace LAN, Bef 1894)StokeSTS CEN 1901 (Abram, LAN)
Elizabeth Abt1851CEN- (m1 /HEALD/; m2 Thomas /TAYLOR/)TutburySTS CEN 1881 (Burton Upon Trent)
m. Q21868FreeBMDRichard /HEALD/[Elizabeth /COX/]BurtonSTS GRO 6b 455
Sarah L. /HEALD/ Abt1869CENElizabethBillboroughNTT(m. STS, 1890) CEN 1881 (Burton Upon Trent, STS)
Amy /HEALD/ Q21870CENElizabethBurton On TrentSTS(m. 1890) GRO 6b 382 CEN 1881
John William /HEALD/ Q11872CENElizabethBurton On TrentSTS GRO 6b 395 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Burton Extra)
Florence Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q41873FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1876, GRO 6b 220)BurtonSTS GRO 6b 394
Thomas /HEALD/ Q41875FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1876, GRO 6b 207)BurtonSTS GRO 6b 403
Hannah /HELD/9Apr1871VRI2Charles /HELD/HarrietGoldenhillSTS(b. 21 Jun 1868) FHL 1470995
Fanny /HELD/9Apr1871VRI2Charles /HELD/HarrietGoldenhillSTS(b. 17 Nov 1870) FHL 1470995
Samuel /HELD/ Abt1875CEN- (m. Sarah Bef 1901)HeadnesfordSTS CEN 1901 (Cannock)
m.20May1872M166281John /BLOOD/Sophie Emalee /HELDT/Dresden, Parish Church Or Church Of The ResurSTS GRO 6b 51 (Stone)
Sophia /HEALD/ Abt1876CENJames /HEALD/IsabellaSTS CEN 1881 (Barrow In Furness, LAN) // m. Ulverston LAN, 1875
Charlotte Abt1855CEN- (m. James /HEALD/; Lodger 1881)STS CEN 1881 (Normanton, YKS)
m. Bef1877James /HEALD/CharlotteSTS // b. 1853
L. /HEALD/ Abt1877CENJames /HEALD/CharlotteSTS(son) CEN 1881 (Normanton, YKS)
Leah /HEALD/ Abt1879CENJames /HEALD/CharlotteSTS CEN 1881 (Normanton, YKS)
Mary Abt1861CEN- (m. Caroline /HILD/ Bef 1881)NewcastleSTS CEN 1901 (Newcastle Under Lyme)
m. Bef1881Caroline /HILD/Mary<Newcastle Under Lyme>STS
Caroline (male) /HILD/ Abt1881CENCaroline /HILD/MaryNewcastleSTS CEN 1901 (Newcastle Under Lyme)
Elizabeth /HILD/ Abt1882CENCaroline /HILD/MaryNewcastleSTS CEN 1901 (Newcastle Under Lyme)
Herbert /HILD/ Abt1884CENCaroline /HILD/MaryNewcastleSTS CEN 1901 (Newcastle Under Lyme)
Mary /HILD/ Abt1889CENCaroline /HILD/MaryNewcastleSTS CEN 1901 (Newcastle Under Lyme)
Sarah /HILD/ Abt1891CENCaroline /HILD/MaryNewcastleSTS CEN 1901 (Newcastle Under Lyme)
Minnie /HILD/ Abt1895CENCaroline /HILD/MaryNewcastleSTS CEN 1901 (Newcastle Under Lyme)
Hilda /HILD/ Abt1898CENCaroline /HILD/MaryNewcastleSTS CEN 1901 (Newcastle Under Lyme)
Maggie /HILD/ Abt1900CENCaroline /HILD/MaryNewcastleSTS CEN 1901 (Newcastle Under Lyme)
Kathleen /HIELD/ Q11885CENRichard /HIELD/HelenWolverhamptonSTS GRO 6b 580 CEN 1901 // m. Manchester LAN, Bef 1880
Vere Bruce /HIELD/ Q21887CENRichard /HIELD/HelenWolverhamptonSTS GRO 6b 676 CEN 1901
Leslie Wallace B /HIELD/ Q11892CENRichard /HIELD/HelenWolverhamptonSTS GRO 6b 532 CEN 1901
Ethel /HEALD/ Q31885FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1893, GRO 6b 462)W. BromwichSTS GRO 6b 726
Arthur /HEALD/ Q21887FreeBMD- W. BromwichSTS GRO 6b 775
m. Q21890FreeBMDSarah Lavinia /HEALD/BurtonSTS GRO 6b 529 // b. NTT, 1869
m. Q41890FreeBMDAmy /HEALD/BurtonSTS GRO 6b 589 // b. 1870
m. Q21891FreeBMDFrederick Herbert /HEALD/WalsallSTS GRO 6b 900
m. Q41900FreeBMDMaud Elizabeth /HEALD/W. BromwichSTS GRO 6b 1437 // b. LND, 1876
Sarah Abt1876CEN- (m. Samuel /HELD/)WorcesterWOR CEN 1901 (Cannock, STS)
m. Bef1901Samuel /HELD/Sarah<Cannock>STS // b. 1875
m. Q31901FreeBMDKate Isabell /HEALD/W. BromwichSTS GRO 6b 1293 // b. WAR, 1877
m. Q41901FreeBMDJohn William /HEALD/BurtonSTS GRO 6b 661
Mary Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q21902FreeBMD- BurtonSTS GRO 6b 455
m. Q41903FreeBMDEmily Helena /HEALD/W. BromwichSTS GRO 6b 1437
John William /HEALD/ Q31904FreeBMD- BurtonSTS GRO 6b 461
m. Q31904FreeBMDLeonard /HIELD/WolverhamptonSTS GRO 6b 975
m. Q41908FreeBMDRichard /HIELD/WolverhamptonSTS GRO 6b 975
* /HEALD/ Q21856FreeBMD- LichfieldSTS GRO 6b *
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Uruslina /HELD/ Q31906FreeBMD- BangorCAE GRO 11b 459
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m. Q11890FreeBMDMarius /HILDE/LlanellyCMN GRO 11a 1055 // b. Denmark *MaAbt1860---_950578
Alfred /HILDE/ Q11891CENMorris /HILDE/Burry PortCMN GRO 11a 1016 (Llanelly) CEN 1901 (Pembrey)
Alice Hilda /HILDE/ Q41892FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1894, GRO 11a 548 )LlanellyCMN GRO 11a 983
George /HILDE/ Q11894FreeBMD- LlanellyCMN GRO 11a 1033
John /HILDE/ Q31895FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1896, GRO 11a 546)LlanellyCMN GRO 11a 1082
Elizabeth Abt1871CEN- (m. Morris /HILDE/)Burry PortCMN CEN 1901 (Pembrey)
m. Bef1898Marius \ Morris /HILDE/Elizabeth<Burry Port>CMN(m2) // b. Denmark *MaAbt1860---_950578
Mary /HILDE/ Q31897CENMorris /HILDE/ElizabethBurry PortCMN GRO 11a 1081 (Llanelly) CEN 1901 (Pembrey)
William /HILDE/ Q11899CENMorris /HILDE/ElizabethBurry PortCMN GRO 11a 1055 (Llanelly) CEN 1901 (Pembrey)
Lizzie /HILDE/ Q11901CENMorris /HILDE/ElizabethBurry PortCMN GRO 11a 1136 (Llanelly) CEN 1901 (Pembrey)
Margaret /HILDE/ Q21906FreeBMD- LlanellyCMN GRO 11a 1195
m. Q11912FreeBMDAlfred /HILDE/LlanellyCMN GRO 11a 1369
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m. Q11855FreeBMDAnn /HILD/Merthyr TBRE GRO 11a 433
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Herbert James /HEALD/20Dec1874C057331James /HEALD/AnnSaint AthanGLA(d. Q2 1875, GRO 11a 315 (Bridgend); bur. 30 Apr 1875 aged 5m -NBI) GRO 11a 566 (Bridgend)
Kate /HEALD/ Abt1882CENJoseph /HEALD/[Joanna E.]CardiffGLA CEN 1901 (Rumney, MON) // m. YKS, 1870
William Bertram /HEALD/ Q21883FreeBMD- CardiffGLA GRO 11a 281
William /HEALD/ Abt1883CENJoseph /HEALD/[Joanna E.]PenarthGLA CEN 1901 (Rumney, MON)
Fred /HEALD/ Abt1885CENJoseph /HEALD/[Joanna E.]PenarthGLA CEN 1901 (Rumney, MON)
Sarah Abt1860CEN- (m. George /HEALD/ GLA, Bef 1884)WithnellLAN CEN 1901 (St John, GLA)
m. Bef1884George /HEALD/Sarah<Swansea>GLA // b. LAN, 1859
Joseph Edward /HEALD/ Q31884CENGeorge /HEALD/SarahSwanseaGLA GRO 11a 759 CEN 1901 (St John)
William Dillwyn /HEALD/ Q41885FreeBMD- SwanseaGLA GRO 11a 772
Esther Mary /HEALD/ Q21888CENGeorge /HEALD/SarahSwanseaGLA GRO 11a 802 CEN 1901 (St John)
George Norman /HEALD/ Q11891FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1893, GRO 11a 225 (Cardiff))SwanseaGLA GRO 11a 949
Thomas Penrose /HEALD/ Q21892CENGeorge /HEALD/SarahCardiffGLA GRO 11a 402 CEN 1901 (St John)
William /HEALD/ Abt1888CENSamuel /HEALD/SarahGlenneathGLA CEN 1901 (Paddington, LND) // m. LND, Bef 1886
Thomas /HEALD/ Abt1889CENSamuel /HEALD/SarahNeathGLA CEN 1901 (Paddington, LND)
Thomas Stanley /HEALD/ Q31890FreeBMD- CardiffGLA GRO 11a 363
Edwin Gordon /HEALD/ Q31890FreeBMD- CardiffGLA GRO 11a 363
Eliz Abt1867CEN- (m. Geo /HEALD/ GLA, Bef 1896)TauntonSOM CEN 1901 (Ystradyfodwg, GLA)
m. Bef1896Geo /HEALD/Eliz<Penygraig>GLA // b. SOM, 1868
August /HEALD/ Abt1896CENGeo /HEALD/ElizPenygraigGLA CEN 1901 (Ystradyfodwg)
Wm /HEALD/ Abt1901CENGeo /HEALD/ElizPenygraigGLA CEN 1901 (Ystradyfodwg)
m. Q21898FreeBMDEdith Annie /HEALD/CardiffGLA GRO 11a 601 // b. LAN, 1873
Elizth Abt1878CEN- (m. /HILD/ Bef 1898; wid. bef. 1901)Merthyr TydfilGLA CEN 1901 (Of Merthyr Tydfil)
m. Bef1898Elizth<Dowlais>GLA
John /HILD/ Abt1898CENElizthDowlaisGLA CEN 1901 (Of Merthyr Tydfil)
Daniel /HILD/ Abt1900CENElizthDowlaisGLA CEN 1901 (Of Merthyr Tydfil)
m. Q21903FreeBMDJames Arthur /HEALD/CardiffGLA GRO 11a 773
Arthur Ronald /HEALD/ Q11905FreeBMD- CardiffGLA GRO 11a 337
m.1Aug1910John Frederick Angus /HEALD/Eva Mary /DAVIS/CardiffGLA AFN:HH53-RF; // b. DUR, 1889
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Gordon /HEALD/ Abt1891CENJoseph /HEALD/[Joanna E.]RumneyMON CEN 1901 // m. YKS, 1870
Thomas /HEALD/ Abt1891CENJoseph /HEALD/[Joanna E.]RumneyMON CEN 1901
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Isabel /<HIELDS>/24Dec1865C002056Robert /HIELDS/MatildaSaint MabynCON // should be YKS, 1865 ?
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John /HEALD/ Abt1854CEN- (m. Margaret A. LAN, Bef 1875)BreadinchDEV CEN 1881 (Farnworth, LAN)
Charles /HEALD/ Q41862FreeBMD- BidefordDEV GRO 5b 529
Albert William /HELDES/ Abt1879FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1885)<Plymouth>DEV GRO 5b 161
Edith /HEALD/ Abt1881CEN- (Other 1901)West BucklandDEV CEN 1901 (Ilfracombe)
Doris /HILDE/ Abt1897CENAndrew /HILDE/AnnieDevonportDEV CEN 1901 (Barrow In Furness, LAN) // m. YKS, Bef 1896
m. Q31874FreeBMDMary Ann /HEALE/ \ /HEALDE/OkehamptonDEV GRO 5b 689
Ada /HEALDE/ Q11888FreeBMD- Newton A. GRO 5b 120
William /HEALDE/ Q11888FreeBMD- Torrington GRO 5b 473
Olive Louisa /HEALDE/ Q11898FreeBMD- TotnesDEV GRO 5b 150
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m. Q31854FreeBMDThomas /HEALD/BathSOM GRO 5c 1067
Mary S. /HEALD/ Abt1855CEN- (Serv 1881)ShiphamSOM CEN 1881 (Worsley, LAN)
m. Q21858FreeBMDWilliam Norris /HEALD/BathSOM GRO 5c 1165 // cf LAN, 1858
Geo /HEALD/ Abt1868CEN- (m. Eliz GLA, Bef 1896)St MartinSOM CEN 1901 (Ystradyfodwg, GLA)
Sarah Abt1852CEN- (m. Joseph /HEALD/)ChelseaLND CEN 1901 (Rumney, MON)
m. Q31895FreeBMDJoseph /HEALD/[Sarah Phillips /SMITH/]AxbridgeSOM(m2) GRO 5c 919 // b. LAN, 1844
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m. Q31874FreeBMDMarion Edith H /HEALDE/SherborneDOR GRO 5a 637
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James /HEALD/ Abt1851CEN- (Lodger 1881)DevizesWIL CEN 1881 (Pendleton In Salford, LAN)
William James /HEALD/ Q41861CEN- (m. Anna YKS, Bef 1889)SalisburyWIL GRO 5a 17 (Highworth) CEN 1901 (Halifax, YKS)
m. Q21892FreeBMDJoseph /HEALD/Bradford upon AvonWIL GRO 5a 257
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Nicholas Ernest /HEALD/ Q31887FreeBMD- RossHEF GRO 6a 481
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Stansfield W /HEALD/ Q21866FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1867, GRO 6a 180)StroudGLS GRO 6a 281
Elizabeth /HEALD/ Abt1883CEN- (Other 1901)CheltenhamGLS CEN 1901 (Sutton Coldfield, WAR)
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William /HEALD/ Abt1866CEN- (Scholar 1881)NFK CEN 1881 (Chester St John Baptist, CHS)
Elizabeth /HEALD/ Abt1866FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1878)<Norwich>NFK GRO 4b 176
Arthur /HILDE/ Abt1867CEN- (m. Charlotte)NorwichNFK CEN 1901
Robert /HILD/ Abt1870CEN- (Other 1901)WellsNFK CEN 1901 (Grimsby, LIN)
m. Q41881FreeBMDEliza /HELD/NorwichNFK GRO 4b 338
Charlotte Abt1868CEN- (m. Arthur /HILDE/ Bef 1888)NorwichNFK CEN 1901
m. Bef1888Arthur /HILDE/Charlotte<Norwich>NFK
George /HILDE/ Abt1888CENArthur /HILDE/CharlotteNorwichNFK CEN 1901
Lottie /HILDE/ Abt1890CENArthur /HILDE/CharlotteNorwichNFK CEN 1901
Edward /HILDE/ Abt1892CENArthur /HILDE/CharlotteNorwichNFK CEN 1901
Robert /HILDE/ Abt1894CENArthur /HILDE/CharlotteNorwichNFK CEN 1901
William /HILDE/ Abt1897CENArthur /HILDE/CharlotteNorwichNFK CEN 1901
Peter /HELD/ Q41904FreeBMD- YarmouthNFK GRO 4b 17
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Amy Gertrude /HEALD/ Q41878CENJames /HEALD/AnnieThebertonSFK GRO 4a 764 (Blything) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (St Margaret In The Close, LIN) // m. LAN, Bef 1864
Agnes Bertha /HEALD/ Abt1881CENJames [Waddington] /HEALD/AnnieThebertonSFK(m. Harry /LOTE/ LIN, 1904 -VRI2) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (St Matthew)
Wilfred George D /HEALD/ Q31896FreeBMD- IpswichSFK GRO 4a 906
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m.24Jun1851RELHenry /PECK/Eliza Ann /HEALD/Wisbech, Of Morrow HouseCAM
m. Q31852FreeBMDPriscilla /HEALD/St IvesCAM GRO 3b 444
Female /HEALD/ Q41861FreeBMD- CaxtonCAM GRO 3b 462
Esther Abt1851CEN- (m. William /HEALD/)St MarysCAM CEN 1881 (Preston, SSX)
m. Bef1876William /HEALD/EstherWor...terCAM // b. 1845
Katie T. /HEALD/ Abt1876CENWilliam /HEALD/EstherWor...terCAM CEN 1881 (Preston, SSX)
m. Q31876FreeBMDEmilie Sophia /HEALD/WisbeachCAM GRO 3b 978
m. Q31878FreeBMDRichard /HIELD/WisbeachCAM GRO 3b 932
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Samuel /HEALD/ Abt1853CEN- (m. Sarah LND, Bef 1886)DanburyESS CEN 1901 (Paddington, LND)
Agnes /HEALD/ Abt1857CEN- (Serv 1881)MaldonESS CEN 1881 (St Giles In Fields, LND)
m. Q41868FreeBMDEllen Jane /HEALD/WithamESS GRO 4a 555 // b. Maldon 1845
Frank /HEALD/ Abt1870CEN- (m. Lilian LND, Bef 1898)IlfordESS CEN 1901 (Ashtead, SRY)
Alice /HEALD/ Q41873CENWilliam [Newman] /HEALD/SusanColchesterESS GRO 4a 314 CEN 1881 (Heaton Norris, LAN) CEN 1901 (Heaton Norris, LAN) // m. Manchester LAN, 1873
Henry /HEALD/ Abt1876CEN- (Other 1901)HomsteadESS CEN 1901 (Ashford, KEN)
Mary Ann /HEALD/ Abt1877CEN- (Other 1901)MuckingESS CEN 1901 (Barking)
Mittie Alice /HEALD/ Q11897FreeBMD- RomfordESS GRO 4a 458
m. Q31913FreeBMDMary M J /HELD/RochfordESS GRO 4a 1391
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Mary Ann /HEALD/ Q11852FreeBMD- LutonBDF GRO 3b 408
Emma /PURSER/ Abt1827CEN- (m. /HIELD/; wid. bef. 1901)Bedford, S JohnsBDF CEN 1881 (Westminster St Margaret, LND) CEN 1901 (Turvey)
m.5Nov1860M003233Thomas /HIELD/Emma /PURSER/Bedford, Saint JohnBDF
Florence /HIELD/ Abt1863CEN- (Other 1901)BedfordBDF CEN 1901 (Cambridge, CAM)
Harry /HEALD/ Q11861FreeBMD- LutonBDF GRO 3b 428
Edward /HELDE/ Q11864FreeBMD- LutonBDF GRO 3b 456
m. Q11868FreeBMDEmma /HEALD/LutonBDF GRO 3b 613
Frederick /HEALD/ Q31901FreeBMD- LutonBDF GRO 3b 410 // m. WAR, 1900 ?
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William /HEALD/ Abt1855CEN- (m. Martha Alice LAN, 1876)HarpingtonHRT CEN 1881 (Padiham, LAN) CEN 1901 (Burnley, LAN)
m. Q41888FreeBMDMary Jane /HELD/H. HempsteadHRT GRO 3a 789
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James /HELD/20Apr1851C008012John /HELD/JaneLeckhampsteadBKM(m. [Mary /STAGG/] NBL, 1884) CEN 1881 (Longbenton, NBL) CEN 1901 (Elswick, NBL) // m. 1847
Elizabeth Ann /HELD/ Q41852C008012John /HELD/JaneLeckhampsteadBKM(bapt 2 Jan 1853; m. 1880) GRO 3a 432 (Buckingham)
Mary Jane /HELD/15Oct1854C008012John /HELD/JaneLeckhampsteadBKM(Serv 1881) CEN 1881 (Waresley, HUN)
Alma /HELD/3Aug1856C008012John /HELD/JaneLeckhampsteadBKM(Serv 1881; m. 1883) CEN 1881 (Newport Pagnell)
Eliza /HELD/1May1859C008012John /HELD/JaneLeckhampsteadBKM(Serv 1881) GRO 3a 477 (Buckingham) CEN 1881 (Waresley, HUN)
Tom /HELD/ Q41860FreeBMD- BuckinghamBKM GRO 3a 439
Tom /HELD/6Jan1861C008012John /HELD/JaneLeckhampsteadBKM(m. [Emma /WARWICK/] 1883) CEN 1881 (Bradwell) CEN 1901 (Benwell, NBL)
m. Q31858FreeBMDAlice /HELD/BuckinghamBKM GRO 3a 737
Ada Ellen /HELD/ Abt1865FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1867, GRO 3a 372)<Newport P.>BKM
Charlie /HELD/ Q21867FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1878, GRO 3b 15 (Potterspury, NTH))Newport P.BKM GRO 3a 539
Ada Emma E /HELD/ Abt1869FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1871, GRO 3a 359)<Newport Pagnell>BKM
m. Q31869FreeBMDLouisa Harriett /HEALD/EtonBKM GRO 3a 579 // b. 1850
Annie E. Abt1850CENSarah /TAME/Newport PagnellBKM(m. George /HELD/) CEN 1881
m.11Aug1872M015221George /HELD/Annie Elizabeth /TAME/Newport PagnellBKM GRO 3a 805 // b. 1849
Evelyn Elizabeth /HELD/15Aug1873P015221George /HELD/Annie ElizabethNewport PagnellBKM GRO 3a 547 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (St Leonard, SSX)
Ernest John /HELD/ Q11875FreeBMDGeorge /HELD/Annie E.Newport P.BKM GRO 3a 571 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
George Edward /HELD/ Q11877CENGeorge /HELD/Annie E.Newport Pagnell \ New PrymamBKM GRO 3a 605 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Bridewell, LND)
Percy James /HELD/ Q21879CENGeorge /HELD/Annie E.Newport PagnellBKM GRO 3a 628 CEN 1881
Arthur Thomas /HELD/ Q41881FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1881, GRO 3a 361)Newport P.BKM GRO 3a 649
m. Q21880FreeBMDElizabeth Ann /HELD/BuckinghamBKM GRO 3a 823
m. Q41882FreeBMDJohn /HELD/Newport PBKM GRO 3a 979
Emily Abt1862CEN- (m. Thomas /HELD/)Newport PagnellBKM CEN 1901 (Benwell, NBL)
m. Q21883FreeBMDTom /HELD/[Emma /WARWICK/]Newport PagnellBKM GRO 3a 812 // b. 1861; to Newcastle NBL, 1891
William John /HELD/ Q31883CENThomas /HELD/EmilyNewport PagnellBKM GRO 3a 660 CEN 1901 (Benwell, NBL)
Albert Thomas /HELD/ Q31884CENThomas /HELD/EmilyNewport PagnellBKM GRO 3a 705 CEN 1901 (Benwell, NBL)
Horace James /HELD/ Q21886CENThomas /HELD/EmilyStantonburyBKM GRO 3a 731 (Newport Pagnell) CEN 1901 (Benwell, NBL)
Ethel Mary /HELD/ Q11888CENThomas /HELD/EmilyStantonburyBKM GRO 3a 731 (Newport Pagnell) CEN 1901 (Benwell, NBL)
Frank /HELD/ Q11890CENThomas /HELD/EmilyNewport PagnellBKM GRO 3a 762 CEN 1901 (Benwell, NBL)
m. Q31883FreeBMDAlma /HELD/Newport PagnellBKM GRO 3a 945 // b. 1856
m. Q41901FreeBMDWilliam John T /HELD/Newport P.BKM(m2) GRO 3a 1531 // b. 1848; m1 NTH, 1880
m. Q41902FreeBMDFriedrich /HILD/AylesburyBKM GRO 3a 1569
Annie Winifred /HELD/ Q31890FreeBMD- Newport P.BKM GRO 3a 725
Adelaide Mary /HEALD/ Q11852CEN- (Niece of Adelaide S. /HEALEY/; m. LND, 1887)WoburnBKM GRO 3a 361 (Wycombe) CEN 1881 (Iver)
Alfred Francis /HEALD/ Abt1865CENAlfred John /HEALD/AnneBurnhamBKM CEN 1881 UNIV Cam 1893 CEN 1901 (Cambridge, CAM) // m. LND, 1863
Kate Louisa /HEALD/ Q21866CENAlfred John /HEALD/AnneBurnhamBKM GRO 3a 414 (Eton) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Burnham)
Ellen /HEALD/ Abt1868CENAlfred John /HEALD/AnneBurnhamBKM CEN 1881
Sophia /HEALD/ Abt1869FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1869, GRO 3a 287)<Eton>BKM
m. Q21892FreeBMDEllen /HEALD/EtonBKM GRO 3a 891
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Frances /HILD/ Abt1876CEN- (Other 1901)Oxfordshire ...OXF CEN 1901 (Weston, NFK)
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m. Bef1854William /HEALD/<Hurst>BRK // b. Kmeesal NTT, 1828; moved to Mere CHS, 1857
Mary /HEALD/ Abt1854CENWilliam /HEALD/HurstBRK CEN 1881 (Mere, CHS) CEN 1901 (Rochdale, LAN)
William /HEALD/ Abt1856CEN<William /HEALD/>Hurst TwyfordBRK(m. Sarah A. LAN, 1879) CEN 1881 (Urmston) EXOR 1886 CEN 1901 (Urmston, LAN)
m. Q41871FreeBMDJames /HEALD/ReadingBRK GRO 2c 792
m. Q21902FreeBMDPeter /HELD/MaidenheadBRK GRO 2c 824
Moritz /HELD/ Q31903FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1904, GRO 2c 225)MaidenheadBRK GRO 2c 417
Clifford /HIELDS/ Q21906FreeBMD- HungerfordBRK GRO 2c 294
Katharine /HIELDS/ Q21908FreeBMD- HungerfordBRK GRO 2c 286
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Arthur George /HEALD/13Aug1854VRI2Henry /HEALD/SarahWonstonHAM(m. Martha LND, 1877) EXOR 1889 CEN 1901 (Camberwell, LND) // m. Salisbury WIL, 1846
Alfred Henry /HELD/ Q21864FreeBMDAlfred J. /HELD/MargretSouthamptonHAM(m. Agnes, Poplar LND, 1890) GRO 2c 2 CEN 1881 (Bethnal Green, LND) CEN 1901 (Bromley) // m. LND, Bef 1863
Joseph /HELDE/ Abt1868CEN- (Other 1901)FarnboroughHAM CEN 1901 (Aldershot)
Helen Annie /HEALD/12Jun1870C146692Horace /HEALD/EmmaBishops WalthamHAM(m. William Lewis /CANTRILL/ DBY, 1894) // m. DBY, 1867; cf DBY, 1870
m.24Jun1872M146692John /CARVER/Helen /HEALD/Bishops WalthamHAM // b. DBY, 1840
m. Q21872FreeBMDHelen /HEALD/DroxfordHAM GRO 2c 206
Charlotte Annie /HEALD/ Q41872CENJames [Waddington] /HEALD/AnnieLaverstokeHAM GRO 2a 205 (Whitchurch H.) CEN 1881 (Theberton, SFK) // m. <Manchester> LAN, Bef 1864
Charlotte Anne /HEALD/ Abt1875VRI2James /HEALD/<Lincoln, LIN>HAM(m. Herbert /BROWN/ LIN, 1897) FHL 1542066
Arthur /HEALD/ Q41874FreeBMD- StockbridgeHAM GRO 2c 124
Hannah Abt1861CEN- (m. William /HEALD/)West PeckhamNFK CEN 1901 (Alverstoke, HAM)
m. Q31885FreeBMDWilliam /HEALD/[Hannah /BIRD/]PortseaHAM GRO 2b 813
William Henry /HEALD/ Q31887FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1887, GRO 2b 307)PortseaHAM GRO 2b 536
Alan James /HEALD/ Q31889CENWilliam /HEALD/HannahGosportHAM GRO 2b 542 (Alverstoke) CEN 1901 (Alverstoke)
Alice Annie /HEALD/ Q31892CENWilliam /HEALD/HannahGosportHAM GRO 2b 544 (Alverstoke) CEN 1901 (Alverstoke)
Sarah Mabel /HEALD/ Q21895CENWilliam /HEALD/HannahGosportHAM GRO 2b 531 (Alverstoke) CEN 1901 (Alverstoke)
Elizabeth Mabel /HEALD/ Q11898CENWilliam /HEALD/HannahGosportHAM GRO 2b 526 (Alverstoke) CEN 1901 (Alverstoke)
John /HEALD/ Q41901FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1901, GRO 2b 353)AlverstokeHAM GRO 2b 553
m. Q31904FreeBMDArthur /HEALD/PortsmouthHAM GRO 2b 885
Annie Abt1851CEN- (m. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1901)PetersfieldHAM CEN 1901 (Portsmouth)
# -- Isle of Wight --
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Charles /HEALD/ Abt1860CEN- (Boarder 1881)Isle of Wight, FshwaterHAM CEN 1881 (West Ham, ESS)
Louis Jean Baptiste /NOEL/  VRIJean Claude /NOEL/<Chale>HAM(m2 Mary /HEALD/) FHL 1470805
m.4Oct1888M166512Louis Jean Baptiste /NOEL/Mary /HEALD/Chale, St AndrewHAM GRO 2b 1119 IowBMD COE13.1/153 VRI FHL 1470805 // b. Birstall YKS, 1849
Charlotte /JOLLIFFE/ Abt1873VRIJames Duckett /JOLLIFFE/Isle of Wight, ChaleHAM(b. 29 Mar; m. Charles William /HEALD/) CEN 1901 (Chale) FHL 1470805
m.26Sep1893M166512Charles William /HEALD/Charlotte /JOLLIFFE/ChaleHAM GRO 2b 1115 IowBMD COE13.1/173 VRI FHL 1470805 REL 22 // b. Birstall YKS, 1851
William Margetson /HEALD/21Aug1894FreeBMDCharles William /HEALD/Charlotte /JOLLIFFE/Isle of Wight, ChaleHAM(d. 8 Sep 1918) GRO 2b 622 CEN 1901 (Chale)
Mary Helen /HEALD/15May1902RELCharles William /HEALD/Charlotte /JOLLIFFE/<I.Wight>HAM(m. Edgar John /LIVINGTON/) GRO 2b 623 REL 22
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Alice /HEALD/ Q21868FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1869, GRO 2a 137)CroydonSRY GRO 2a 202
Susanna /DANN/ Abt1846CENMariaNutfieldSRY(m. Charles John /HEALD/) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Lewisham, LND)
m.4Jul1870Charles John /HEALD/Susanna /DANN/ReigateSRY GRO 2a 245 LDS batch 7533809 // b. Cambridge CAM, 1844; moved to Keymer SSX, 1873
Robert John /HEALD/ Q41874FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1874, GRO 2a 156)KingstonSRY GRO 2a 258
Mary /HILDES/ Q41884FreeBMD- FarnhamSRY GRO 2a 110
Henry John /HEALD/ Q31885FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1894, GRO 2a 13)EpsomSRY GRO 2a 22
m. Q21891FreeBMDWilliam /HEALD/CroydonSRY GRO 2a 492
Mona Broughton /HEALD/ Q41892FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1893, GRO 2a 131)CroydonSRY GRO 2a 249
Helena Abt1864CEN- (m. /HEALD/)EtonBRK CEN 1901 (Oystermouth, GLA)
m. Bef1893/HEALD/Helena<Upper Norwood>LND
Hilda Alberta W /HEALD/ Q21892CENHelenaUpper NorwoodLND GRO 2a 212 (Croydon) CEN 1901 (Oystermouth)
Eleanor R Abt1868CEN- (m. Richard /HEALD/)SuttonSRY CEN 1901 (Croydon)
m. Q11895FreeBMDRichard James /HEALD/Eleanor Rebecca /GREEN/EpsomSRY GRO 2a 2 // b. RiRiLoQ3_1871LND
Doris Evelyn /HEALD/ Q41897CENRichard /HEALD/EleanorNorwoodSRY GRO 2a 249 (Croydon) CEN 1901 (Croydon)
Violet /HEALD/ Abt1899CENFrank /HEALD/LilianAshteadSRY CEN 1901 // m. <Hampstead> LND, Bef 1898
Frank /HEALD/ Abt1901CENFrank /HEALD/LilianAshteadSRY CEN 1901
Stephen Alfred /HEALD/ Q41904FreeBMD- Richmond SSRY GRO 2a 484
m. Q31913FreeBMDKathleen /HIELD/GuildfordSRY GRO 2a 215
m.6Apr1962John /HEALD/Mary Jane /SIMPSON/Newchapel Near East GrinsteadSRY LDS 458288
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Sasan Abt1834CEN- (m. John /HILD/)...ESS CEN 1901 (Hastings, SSX)
m. Aft1851John /HILD/SasanSSX // b. KEN, 1832
Florence Susanna /HEALD/ Q21873CENCharles J. /HEALD/Susanna /DANN/<Keymer>SSX GRO 2b 228 (Brighton) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Lewisham, LND) // m. SRY, 1870
Charles /HEALD/ Q31874CENCharles J. /HEALD/Susanna /DANN/<Keymer>SSX GRO 2b 248 (Brighton) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Lewisham, LND)
Alfred /HEALD/ Q41875CENCharles J. /HEALD/Susanna /DANN/<Keymer>SSX GRO 2b 146 (Cuckfield) CEN 1881
Thomas Dann /HEALD/ Q11877CENCharles J. /HEALD/Susanna /DANN/HassocksSSX GRO 2b 168 (Cuckfield) CEN 1881 (Keymer) CEN 1901 (Of Winscombe Civil Parish, SOM)
William /HEALD/ Q31878CENCharles J. /HEALD/Susanna /DANN/HassocksSSX GRO 2b 172 (Cuckfield) CEN 1881 (Keymer) CEN 1901 (Lewisham, LND)
m. Q11875FreeBMDMary /HEALD/HastingsSSX GRO 2b 34
William Leonard /HILDES/ Q41884FreeBMD- BattleSSX GRO 2b 62
Grace Isabel /HILDES/ Q41884FreeBMD- RyeSSX GRO 2b 10
John /HILDES/ Q41884FreeBMD- RyeSSX GRO 2b 1
Ethel Blanch A /HILDES/ Q41884FreeBMD- TicehurstSSX GRO 2b 113
Reginald Herbert E N /HEALD/ Q41896FreeBMD- CuckfieldSSX GRO 2b 159
m. Q31890FreeBMDAntonia /HELD/BrightonSSX GRO 2b 430
Louis Victor /HELD/ Q31898FreeBMD- BrightonSSX GRO 2b 257
Annie Abt1871CEN- (m. /HEALD/ SSX, Bef 1897)INDIA--- CEN 1901 (Lewisham)
m. Bef1897Annie<Horsted Keynes>SSX
Morris H. /HEALD/ Abt1897CENAnnieHorsted KeynesSSX CEN 1901 (Lewisham, LND)
Phyllis /HEALD/ Q11898CENAnnieHorsted KeynesSSX GRO 2b 144 (Cuckfield) CEN 1901 (Lewisham, LND)
m. Q11903FreeBMDAnna /HELD/BrightonSSX GRO 2b 351
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George /HEALD/ Abt1854CEN- (m. Alice LAN, 1878)Gravesend \ Manchester (LAN)SRY CEN 1881 (Bradford) CEN 1901 (North Manchester, LAN)
Mary A. Abt1837CEN- (m. Edward /HEALD/)SittingbourneKEN CEN 1881 (Wigan, LAN)
m. Bef1857Edward /HEALD/Mary A.<Sittingbourne>KEN // b. Hull YKS, 1824
Elizabeth /HEALD/ Abt1857CENEdward /HEALD/Mary A.SittingbourneKEN CEN 1881 (Wigan, LAN)
George Edward /HEALD/ Q11862FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1868, GRO 2a 442(Milton))SheppeyKEN GRO 2a 634
George Frank /HEALD/ Q11870CENEdward /HEALD/Mary A.BobbinKEN GRO 2a 817 (Milton) CEN 1881 (Wigan, LAN)
m. Q31894FreeBMDWilliam /HEALD/MaidstoneKEN GRO 2a 1289
Alice Abt1878CEN- (m. Ernest /HEALD/)BromleyKEN CEN 1901 (Chislehurst)
m. Q21900FreeBMDErnest /HEALD/[Alice Edith /MARFLEET/]BromleyKEN GRO 2a 901 // b. NTT, 1877
Gladys Alice /HEALD/ Q41902FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1903, GRO 2a 323)BromleyKEN GRO 2a 505
m. Q21901FreeBMDGertrude /HEALD/MallingKEN GRO 2a 1351
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1857FreeBMD[William /HEALD/][Harriet]<Dartford>KEN(d. Q1 1874, GRO 2a 228)
Alice Harriet /HEALD/28Nov1858VRIWilliam /HEALD/HarrietCrayfordKEN FHL 1469337 // m. Manchester LAN, 1845
Catherine Ellen /HEALD/ Q41859FreeBMD- DartfordKEN GRO 2a 231
George Henry /HEALD/ Q11862FreeBMD[William /HEALD/][Harriet]CrayfordKEN(m. Ann 1881) GRO 2a 269 (Dartford) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Coventry, WAR)
William /HEALD/ Abt1876FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1876)<Dartford>KEN GRO 2a 221
Ann Eliza Abt1861CEN- (m. George Henry /HEALD/)CrayfordKEN CEN 1901 (Coventry, WAR)
m. Q21881FreeBMDGeorge Henry /HEALD/[Ann Eliza]DartfordKEN GRO 2a 690 // b. 1862; to Edmonton (MDX) LND, 1891
Horace /HEALD/ Q41884CENGeorge Henry /HEALD/Ann ElizaCrayfordKEN GRO 2a 452 (Dartford) CEN 1901 (Coventry, WAR)
Emma Sophia /HEALD/ Q31886CENGeorge Henry /HEALD/Ann ElizaCrayfordKEN GRO 2a 466 (Dartford) CEN 1901 (Coventry, WAR)
Robert /HILD/ Abt1877CEN- (Other 1901)...KEN CEN 1901 (Moss Side, LAN)
Harold /HIELD/ Abt1879CEN- (Other 1901)KentKEN CEN 1901 (Hammersmith, LND)
Alizon Mildred B /HEALD/ Q21891FreeBMD- HastingsKEN GRO 2b 31
m. Q21906FreeBMDFritz /HELD/HastingsKEN GRO 2b 48
Friedrich Heinrich /HELD/ Q41906FreeBMD- HastingsKEN GRO 2b 22
William Otto /HELD/ Q31908FreeBMD- HastingsKEN GRO 2b 20
Henry D /HELD/ Q31911FreeBMD- HastingsKEN GRO 2b 21
m. Q21911FreeBMDKarl L /HELD/DoverKEN GRO 2a 2282
Thomas /HILDES/ Q41884FreeBMD- MaidstoneKEN GRO 2a 720
Alfred Hanson /HILDES/ Q41884FreeBMD- TenterdenKEN GRO 2a 773
Olive Kate /HILDES/ Q41884FreeBMD- TunbridgeKEN GRO 2a 688
Edward Heno_m /HILDES/ Q41884FreeBMD- W. AshfordKEN GRO 2a 793
William Redvers /HILDS/ Abt1902FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1907, GRO 2a 557)<Thanet>KEN
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Florence Annie /HEALD/ Q11861FreeBMD- EdmontonMDX GRO 3a 117
Charlotte Abt1838CEN- (m. Thomas /HIELDS/)MargatefieldGLS CEN 1881 (Byker, NBL)
m. Bef1865Thomas /HEALD/Charlotte<Brentford>LND // b. Acomb YKS, 1831; in Acomb YKS, 1873, moved to Newcastle NBL, 1875
Elizabeth A. /HIELDS/ Abt1865CENThomas /HIELDS/CharlotteBrentford (MDX)LND CEN 1881 (Byker, NBL) CEN 1901 (Byker, NBL)
Annie C /HIELDS/ Q41866CENThomas /HIELDS/CharlotteBrentford (MDX)LND GRO 3a 38 CEN 1881 (Byker, NBL)
Thomas Bryant /HIELDS/ Q21868CENThomas /HIELDS/CharlotteKingsland Bourne \ Brentford (MDX)LND(m. [Ada /PRINCE/] YKS, 1890; bur Leeds 8 Jan 1940 aged 71 -NBI) GRO 1c 91 (Shoreditch) CEN 1881 (Byker, NBL) CEN 1901 (North Bierley, YKS)
Alice Mary /HIELDS/ Q11871CENThomas /HIELDS/CharlotteCrawford StreetLND GRO 1a 563 (Marylebone) CEN 1881 (Byker, NBL)
Clara May /HEALD/ Q11888CEN- (rel. Maud Sophia /HEALD/ LAN, 1884; Other 1901)EalingLND GRO 3a 91 (Brentford) CEN 1901 (South Manchester)
James Walter M /HEALD/ Q11891FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1891, GRO 1c 335 (Poplar))Brentford (MDX)LND GRO 3a 119
Hugh Ronald /HEALD/ Q11889FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1889, GRO 1b 406 (Holborn))EdmontonMDX GRO 3a 367
Harry /HEALD/ Q31891CENGeorge /HEALD/AnnEdmonton (MDX)LND GRO 3a 410 CEN 1901 (Coventry, WAR) // m. Crayford KEN, 1881
Edith /HEALD/ Q11894CENGeorge /HEALD/AnnEdmonton (MDX)LND GRO 3a 406 CEN 1901 (Coventry, WAR)
Jules Albert /HELD/ Q31896FreeBMD- EdmontonMDX GRO 3a 325
m. Q21897FreeBMDMary /HEALD/Edmonton (MDX)LND GRO 3a 450
Fanny Abt1876CEN- (m. William /HEALD/)Wales ...WAL CEN 1901 (Willesden, MDX)
m. Q11898FreeBMDWilliam Samuel /HEALD/[Fanny Gertrude /WILLIAMES/]Hendon (MDX)LND GRO 3a 245 // b. 1878
m. Q11898FreeBMDWilliam Samuel /HEALD/[Fanny /MITCHELL/]Hendon (MDX)LND GRO 3a 345 // b. 1878
Eva /HEALD/ Q11899FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1899, GRO 3a 127)Hendon (MDX)LND GRO 3a 220
m. Q41901FreeBMDDavid Houlding /HIELD/Edmonton (MDX)LND GRO 3a 644 // b. YKS, 1872
Maud Christine /HEALD/ Q31902FreeBMD- HendonMDX GRO 3a 253
Ida Amy /HELD/ Q41908FreeBMD- EdmontonMDX GRO 3a 486
Beatrice /HILDES/ Q41884FreeBMD- HendonMDX GRO 3a 197
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m. Q31851FreeBMDAnn Maria /HEALD/W LondonLND GRO 2 277
John James /HEALD/ Q41852FreeBMD- St GilesLND GRO 1b 340
m. Q21854FreeBMDWilliam Thomas /HEALD/St George's Hanover SqLND GRO 1a 371
Eliza Jane Abt1822CEN- (m. Frederick /HEALD/)St PancrasLND CEN 1881 (St Anne Soho, LND)
m. Bef1855Frederick /HEALD/Eliza Jane<London>LND // b. 1830
Amelia Mary /HEALD/20Dec1857C062201Frederick /HEALD/Eliza JaneWestminster [St Giles, MDX], Saint Mary SohoLND CEN 1881 (St Anne Soho, LND) CEN 1901 (St Pancras)
Frederick Henry /HEALD/3Mar1861C062201Frederick /HEALD/Eliza JaneWestminster, Saint Mary SohoLND CEN 1901 (St Pancras)
Fredk.Hy. /HEALD/ Abt1855CENFrederick /HEALD/Eliza JaneSt Anne SohoLND CEN 1881
m. Q11855FreeBMDFanny Louisa /HEALD/ChelseaLND GRO 1a 196
m.31Oct1858M062361William /TRICE/ \ /TREE/Mary Jane /HEALD/Westminster, Saint Anne SohoLND GRO 1b 618 (Strand)
m. Q41858FreeBMDWilliam Jennings /HIELD/WestminsterLND GRO 1a 454
Frederick /HEALD/ Q41860FreeBMD- StrandLND GRO 1b 437
Edward /HILD/ Abt1862CEN- (m. Hanelt Bef 1892)MiddlesexLND CEN 1901 (Battersea, LND)
Alice /HEALD/ Q31862FreeBMD- IslingtonLND GRO 1b 282
m. Q41862FreeBMDGustav Adolph /HELD/MaryleboneLND GRO 1a 859 // b. 1841; m2 1878
Margret Abt1842CEN- (m. Alfred J. /HELD/)LiverpoolCHS CEN 1881 (Bethnal Green, LND)
m. Bef1863Alfred J. /HELD/Margret<S Lukes, MDX>LND // b. Denmark, *AlAbt1825---_0421; to Southampton *AlAlMaQ2_1864HAM
Albertini /HELD/ Q11861FreeBMD- St LukeLND GRO 1b 591
Florentine /HELD/ Q21862CENAlfred J. /HELD/MargretSt Lukes (MDX)LND GRO 1b 58 CEN 1881 (Bethnal Green, LND)
Florentia /HELD/ Abt1868CEN- (Other 1901)ClaptonLND CEN 1901 (St Mary Stratford Bow)
m. Q41865FreeBMDAlfred /HELD/[Margaret /COSKOW/]BrentfordMDX GRO 3a 137
Mary F. /HELD/ Abt1867CENAlfred J. /HELD/MargretKnightsbridge \ Brompton (MDX)LND CEN 1881 (Bethnal Green, LND) CEN 1901 (Bromley)
Leah A. /HELD/ Abt1870CENAlfred J. /HELD/Margret(F)LND CEN 1881 (Bethnal Green, LND) CEN 1901 (Bromley)
Mary J M /HELD/ Q21866FreeBMD- KensingtonLND GRO 1a 148
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1866CEN- (Other 1901; rel Henry /HEALD/ 1845)IslingtonLND CEN 1901 (Handsworth, STS)
Anne Abt1841CEN- (m. Alfred John /HEALD/)Gt MarlowBKM CEN 1881 (Burnham) CEN 1901 (Burnham)
m.7Jun1863M022421Alfred John /HEALD/Ann /BEASLEY/London, Saint Bride Fleet St.LND GRO 1c 117 // b. Wisbech CAM, 1839; moved to Burnham BKM, 1865
Mary /HEALD/ Q31864FreeBMD- St LukeLND GRO 1b 562
Annie Maria /CLARK/ Abt1858James /CLARK/<Westminster>LND
Annie Abt1857CEN- (m. Gustav /HELD/)ErithKEN CEN 1881 (St Anne Soho, LND)
Annie Abt1862CEN- (m. Gustav /HELD/)ErithKEN CEN 1901 (Birmingham, WAR)
m.16Sep1878M150515Gustav Adolf /HELD/Annie Maria /CLARK/Westminster, Saint Anne SohoLND(hb. prev marr) GRO 1a 845 VRI FHL 1468920 // b. 1841
Annie Abt1844CEN- (m. Arthur /HEALD/)ManchesterLAN CEN 1881 (Kensington, LND) CEN 1901 (Hammersmith)
m. Abt1865Arthur /HEALD/Annie<Kensington>LND // b. 1839
m.13Feb1866John /HALL/Kate /HEALD/LondonLND LDS 2034791 // actually m. Hale CHS, 1866
Ann Elizabeth Abt1835CEN- (m. Robert Timothy /HEALD/; d. Q2 1891, GRO 2a 226 (Kingston, SRY))MilfordHAM CEN 1881 (Wimbledon, SRY)
m. Bef1868Robert Timothy /HEALD/Ann Elizabeth<City of London>LND // b. 1842
Ada Mary /HEALD/1Sep1867C041301Robert Timothy /HEALD/Ann ElizabethLondon, Saint Alphage London WallLND CEN 1881 (Wimbledon, SRY)
Anne Maria Caroline /HEALD/25Jul1869C013443Robert Timothy /HEALD/Ann ElizabethWimbledon \ SohoLND CEN 1881 (Wimbledon, SRY) CEN 1901 (North Wimbledon, SRY)
Emily S Abt1846CEN- (m. Robert T /HEALD/)CarewentMON CEN 1901 (North Wimbledon, SRY)
m. Q31892FreeBMDRobert Timothy /HEALD/Emily Stracy /ARNOLD/Kingston (SRY)LND(m2) GRO 2a 640 // b. 1842
Hannah Abt1841CEN- (m. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1881)Belgium, (British Subject)--- CEN 1881 (Kensington, LND)
Roper /HEALD/ Abt1863CENHannahBelgium, (British Subject)--- CEN 1881 (Kensington, LND)
m.25Dec1870M001455John /HAMBLIN/Sarah /HEALD/Westminster, Saint Martin In The FieldsLND GRO 1b 851 (Strand)
Ellen Sophia /HEALD/ Abt1850FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1900)<Strand>LND GRO 1b 371
Ellen S Abt1854CEN- Covent Garden (MDX)LND CEN 1881 (Camberwell, SRY)
m. Q21872FreeBMDWilliam Chandler /HEALD/Ellen Sophia /MC CORMICK/St GilesLND GRO 1b 805 // b. 1847
Mary Ellen /HEALD/ Q11873CEN[William Chandler /HEALD/][Ellen Sophia /MC CORMICK/]Bloomsbury \ St. GilesLND(Grand Daur 1881) GRO 1b 571 CEN 1881 (Camberwell, SRY)
Sarah A.O. /TOWNEND/ Abt1847CENRichard A. /TOWNEND/LondonLND(m. Alfred /HEALD/) CEN 1881 (Didsbury, LAN) CEN 1901 (Paddington) WCN heald_lf
m. Q21873FreeBMDAlfred /HEALD/Sarah Ann Occleston /TOWNEND/London, CityLND GRO 1c 109 WCN heald_lf // b. Manchester LAN, 1845
Ernest /HELD/ Q21874FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1876, GRO 1a 338)WestminsterLND GRO 1a 455
Edward Roynon /HEALD/ Abt1874FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1893)<Kensington>LND GRO 1a 112
Elizabeth Abt1855CEN- (m. Edward W. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1901)St Pancras \ St Martin In FieldsLND CEN 1881 (St Giles In Fields, LND) CEN 1901 (Lambeth)
m. Q21874FreeBMDEdward William /HEALD/[Eliza Annie /BOURN/]Bethnal GreenLND GRO 1c 418 // b. 1850
Edward William /HEALD/ Q41874CENEdward W. /HEALD/ElizabethSt GilesLND(m. Alice 1899) GRO 1b 604 CEN 1881 (St Giles In Fields, LND) CEN 1901 (Lambeth)
Herbert Henry /HEALD/ Q41878CENEdward W. /HEALD/ElizabethSt Giles \ StrandLND GRO 1b 649 (St Giles) CEN 1881 (St Giles In Fields, LND) CEN 1901 (Lambeth)
Elizabeth Mary /HEALD/ Q21876FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1878, GRO 1b 389)St GilesLND GRO 1b 632
m. Q31877FreeBMDElizabeth /HEALD/MaryleboneLND GRO 1a 224
William M. /HEALD/ Abt1878CEN- ChelseaLND CEN 1901 (Royal Navy, Overseas)
Eliza Abt1842CEN- (m. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1901; Other 1901)MaryleboneLND CEN 1901 (Willesden, MDX)
William Samuel /HEALD/ Q11878CEN- (m. Fanny 1898)MaryleboneLND GRO 1a 644 CEN 1901 (Willesden, MDX)
m. Q31878FreeBMDBarbara /HILD/St. GilesLND GRO 1b 946
Alice Wells H /HEALD/ Q11879FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1880, GRO 1b 585)HolbornLND GRO 1b 769
Maud Eliza /HEALD/ Q41880FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1893, GRO 1a 389)MaryleboneLND GRO 1a 615
m. Q31883FreeBMDJessie Elizabeth /HEALD/HolbornLND GRO 1b 1152
Louisa Wills Bef1867- (m. Benjamin Gray /HEALD/; d. SRY, 16 Apr 1889)<London>LND ADM 1889
m. Q11884FreeBMDBenjamin Gray /HEALD/Louisa Anne W. /KNIGHT/PancrasLND GRO 1b 6 // b. Leeds YKS, 1847
Sarah Abt1843CEN- (m. Samuel /HEALD/ LND, Bef 1886)Carlton BrsadeNFK CEN 1901 (Paddington, LND)
m. Bef1886Samuel /HEALD/Sarah<Chelsea>LND // b. ESS, 1853; to Neath GLA, 1888
Samuel /HEALD/ Abt1886CENSamuel /HEALD/SarahChelseaLND CEN 1901 (Paddington)
Robert Gill /HEALD/ Q41886FreeBMD- St.Geo.H.Sq. GRO 1a
Robert Gill /HEALD/ Q31890FreeBMD- St. Geo. H. Sq.LND GRO 1a 473
Annie K Abt1861CEN- (m. John C /HEALD/)AltonWIL CEN 1901 (Southport, LAN)
m. Q11887FreeBMDJohn Claypole /HEALD/[Annie]StrandLND GRO 1b 656 UNIV Cam 1877 // b. Southport LAN, 1859; to Billinge LAN, 1888, Southport LAN, 1889
m. Q31887FreeBMDAdelaide Mary /HEALD/KensingtonLND GRO 1a 314 // b. BKM, 1852
Florence /HEALD/ Q11888FreeBMD- MaryleboneLND GRO 1a 587
Florence Abt1858CEN- (m. Hugh /HEALD/ LND, 1888)ArnsideWES CEN 1901 (Ormskirk, LAN)
m. Q21888FreeBMDHugh /HEALD/Florence /RODICK/HampsteadLND GRO 1a 1160 // b. LAN, 1860; to Ormskirk LAN, 1889
Grace Abt1868CEN- (m. Henry /HELD/ 1888)St GilesLND CEN 1901 (St Marylebone)
m. Q41888FreeBMDHenry /HELD/[Grace Sarah /DANIELS/]MaryleboneLND GRO 1a 1178 // b. 1867
Minnie Grace /HELD/ Abt1889FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1889, GRO 1a 381)<Marylebone>LND
Albert Edward /HELD/ Q11891CENHenry /HELD/GraceMaryleboneLND GRO 1a 552 CEN 1901 (St Marylebone)
Edith /HELD/ Abt1894CENHenry /HELD/GraceMaryleboneLND CEN 1901 (St Marylebone)
m. Q41889FreeBMDEugen /HELD/HolbornLND GRO 1b 1135
Philip Cl[ae]rk /HEALD/ Q11890FreeBMD- MaryleboneLND GRO 1a 568
Ivy Winifred /HEALD/ Abt1891FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1898, GRO 2c 290)<E. Hampstead>LND
m. Q21891FreeBMDAlice Frances /HEALD/KensingtonLND GRO 1a 302
m. Q21891FreeBMDWilliam /HEALD/PancrasLND GRO 1b 109
m. Q21892FreeBMDEthel Marian /HEALD/KensingtonLND GRO 1a 312
Sarah J. Abt1857CEN- (m. William /HEALD/ SRY, Bef 1893)LancasterLAN CEN 1901 (Streatham, LND)
m. Bef1893William /HEALD/Sarah J.<Balham>SRY // b. LAN, 1859
William Lyster /HEALD/ Q31892CENWilliam /HEALD/Sarah J.BalhamSRY GRO 1d 76[41] (Wandsworth) CEN 1901 (Streatham, LND)
Alma Sarah /HEALD/ Q21893FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1894, GRO 1b 374)StrandLND GRO 1b 653
Mary P Abt1867CEN- (m. Robert /HIELD/)St PancrasLND CEN 1901 (St Giles In The Fields & St George Bloomsbury)
m. Q21894FreeBMDRobert /HIELD/Mary Ponsonby /BIRCH/MaryleboneLND GRO 1a 969 // b. YKS, 1866
Edith Grace /HELD/ Q21894FreeBMD- MaryleboneLND GRO 1a 500
m.5Dec1894M037215John Payne /JENNINGS/Mary Ellen /HEALD/Westminster, Saint Martin In The FieldsLND GRO 1b 1080 (Strand)
m. Q21895FreeBMDJules /HELD/MaryleboneLND GRO 1a 1217
m. Q41895FreeBMDAlbert Auguste /HELD/ChelseaLND GRO 1a 657
m. Q41895FreeBMDCarl Christian M /HELDT/MaryleboneLND GRO 1a 1116
Jessie Abt1877CEN- (m. Basil /HEALD/)AshbourneDBY CEN 1901 (Derby)
m. Q21897FreeBMDBasil Montague /HEALD/[Jessie /MELLOR/]St GilesLND GRO 1b 1118 // b. DBY, 1873
Lilian Abt1870CEN- (m. Frank /HEALD/)PortsmouthHAM CEN 1901 (Ashtead, SRY)
m. Bef1898Frank /HEALD/Lilian<Hampstead>LND // b. ESS, 1870; to Ashtead SRY, 1899
Elsie /HEALD/ Abt1898CENFrank /HEALD/LilianHampsteadLND CEN 1901 (Ashtead)
Muriel Abt1864CEN- (m. Charles Reginald /HEALD/)Lollant Llackmnwn N BLND CEN 1901 (Kensington)
m. Bef1901Charles Reginald /HEALD/Muriel<Kensington>LND // b. LAN, 1867; cf CUL, 1895
Ernest George /HELD/ Q11901FreeBMD- HolbornLND GRO 1b 638
m. Q21901FreeBMDKathchen /HILD/PancrasLND GRO 1b 258
m. Q31901FreeBMDGeorge Edward /HELD/London C.LND GRO 1c 25
Marie Emma /HELD/ Q41901FreeBMD- PancrasLND GRO 1b 64
m. Q21903FreeBMDEgerton /HEALD/Marguerite Wilson /WINGFIELD-BONNYN/FulhamLND(m2) GRO 1a 702 // b. LAN, 1861
m. Q31903FreeBMDArnold /HELD/StrandLND GRO 1b 1366
m. Q31903FreeBMDReginald Mayor /HEALD/PaddingtonLND GRO 1a 102 // b. LAN, 1867
Vivian Percy M /HELD/ Q41903FreeBMD- HolbornLND GRO 1b 601
Margaret Gladys /HILD/ Q41903FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1904, GRO 1b 62)PancrasLND GRO 1b 86
m. Q31904FreeBMDRuby Constance /HEALD/HampsteadLND GRO 1a 1463
Arthur /HEALD/ Q31905FreeBMD- KensingtonLND GRO 1a 131
Albert Frederick J /HILD/ Q21906FreeBMD- PancrasLND GRO 1b 105
m. Q21906FreeBMDFrederick Carl /HELD/PancrasLND GRO 1b 199
m. Q41906FreeBMDMarie Augusta T /HILD/PancrasLND GRO 1b 35
m. Q21909FreeBMDWilhelm /HELD/London C.LND GRO 1c 59
m. Q21909FreeBMDHilda May /HELD/St.GilesLND GRO 1b 1055
m. Q11912FreeBMDElizabeth /HELD/PancrasLND GRO 1b 106
m. Q21913FreeBMDKurt J /HELD/FulhamLND GRO 1a 590
m. Q31913FreeBMDGustav F /HELD/PancrasLND GRO 1b 345
m. Q11914FreeBMDAlbert M F /HELD/PaddingtonLND GRO 1a 85
d.10Mar1932Kate /HEALD/London>LND LDS 2034467
Sarah Abt1835CEN- (m. /HELD/; wid. bef. 1901)Barking NewshirtCHS CEN 1901 (Old Brentford, MDX)
Alice Abt1854CEN- (m. /HEALD/; Other 1901)LancasterLAN CEN 1901 (Streatham, LND)
Jane Abt1880CEN- (m. /HIELD/; Other 1901)Newcastle On TyneNBL CEN 1901 (Islington)
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m. Q31852FreeBMDLouisa Sarah Ann /HEALD/ShoreditchLND GRO 1c 508 // b. SSX, 1828
Catherine Amelia /HEALD/ Q21853FreeBMD- ShoreditchLND GRO 1c 166
m. Q31854FreeBMDHelena /HILD/WhitechapelLND GRO 1c 722
m. Q31855FreeBMDLouisa /HEALD/W Ham (ESS)LND GRO 4a 2
Catherine Abt1826CEN- (m. Thomas H. /HEALD/)WhitechapelLND CEN 1881 (St Luke, LND)
m. Bef1857Thomas H. /HEALD/Catherine<Shoreditch>LND // b. Brighton SSX, 1826
Annie C. /HEALD/ Abt1857CENThomas H. /HEALD/CatherineShoreditchLND CEN 1881 (St Luke, LND) CEN 1901 (St Sepulchre)
Jessie Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q41859CENThomas H. /HEALD/CatherineShoreditchLND GRO 1c 183 CEN 1881 (St Luke, LND)
Herbert H. /HEALD/ Q21866CENThomas H. /HEALD/CatherineShoreditchLND GRO 1c 142 CEN 1881 (St Luke, LND)
Ruth E. /HEALD/ Abt1869CENThomas H. /HEALD/CatherineSt LukeLND CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (St Sepulchre)
Frederick /HIELD/ Abt1858CEN- (m. Emily Bef 1881)HoxtonLND CEN 1901 (Hackney)
m. Q11863FreeBMDElizabeth /HEALD/W. Ham (ESS)LND GRO 4a 37
m. Q21863FreeBMDSam /HIELD/IslingtonLND GRO 1b 485
Mary /HEALD/ Abt1865FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1877)<West Ham (ESS)>LND GRO 4a 49
m. Q41865FreeBMDCaroline Ann Newman /HEALD/E. LondonLND GRO 1c 38 // b. 1841
Emma Ellen /HEALD/ Q11866FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1871, GRO 2a 166 (Kingston, SRY))PoplarLND GRO 1c 674
Marie Jean J F /HELD/ Abt1868FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1876, GRO 1c 161)<Bethnal Green>LND
Mary A. Abt1844CEN- (m. Theodore O. /HELD/)Kings LynnNFK CEN 1881 (Islington, LND)
m. Q21869FreeBMDTheodore /HELD/Mary Ann /FULLER/IslingtonLND GRO 1b 274
Theophile Leopold T /HELD/ Q41870FreeBMD- HackneyLND GRO 1b 440
Leopold T. /HELD/ Abt1871CENTheodore O. /HELD/Mary A.Hackney (MDX)LND CEN 1881 (Islington, LND) CEN 1901 (Islington)
Charlotte Madeline /HELD/ Q41872FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1873, GRO 1b 268)HackneyLND GRO 1b 448
Jessie Leonie E /HELD/ Q11875CENTheodore O. /HELD/Mary A.Islington (MDX)LND(m. 1896) GRO 1b 393 CEN 1881 (Islington, LND)
Mary Madelaine L /HELD/ Abt1877FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1887, GRO 1b 288)<Islington>LND
Mary Louisa M /HELD/ Q21877CENTheodore O. /HELD/Mary A.London Islington (MDX)LND GRO 1b 418 CEN 1881 (Islington, LND)
Margaret Abt1836CEN- (m. Charles /HELD/)SRY CEN 1881 (Islington, LND)
m. Bef1881Charles /HELD/Margaret<Islington>LND // b. Prussia, *ChAbt1839---_0249
m. Q21870FreeBMDRobert /HEALD/PancrasLND GRO 1b 191
Fanny K. /HOULDING/ Abt1850CENFrancesIslingtonLND(m. /HEILD/) CEN 1881 (Potter Newton, YKS)
m. Q41871FreeBMDJoseph /HIELD/[Fanny Kate /HOULDING/]IslingtonLND GRO 1b 573 // b. YKS, 1846; moved to Leeds YKS, 1872
m. Q31873FreeBMDCharles Louis /HELD/IslingtonLND GRO 1b 361
Emma E. Abt1850CEN- (m. Henry /HEALD/)Islington (MDX)LND CEN 1881 (Aston, WAR) CEN 1901 (Handsworth, STS)
m. Q31873FreeBMDHenry /HEALD/Emma Esther M. /BROWN/West Ham (ESS)LND GRO 4a 98 // b. 1845; moved to Aston WAR, 1877
Henry Percival /HEALD/ Q31874CENHenry /HEALD/Emma E.LondonLND GRO 4a 93 (West Ham (ESS)) CEN 1881 (Aston, WAR)
Maud Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q11876FreeBMD- (m. STS, 1900)W.Ham (ESS)LND GRO 4a 113
Maud /HEALD/ Abt1876CENHenry /HEALD/Emma E.BirminghamWAR CEN 1881 (Aston)
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1880CENHenry /HEALD/Emma E.London (MDX)LND CEN 1881 (Aston, WAR)
m. Q31874FreeBMDEdmund William /HEALE/ \ /HEALDE/Bethnal GreenLND GRO 1c 469
m. Q31874FreeBMDCatherine Amelia /HEALD/IslingtonLND GRO 1b 598
Christiana Abt1849CEN- (m. /HELD/)Poplar (MDX)LND CEN 1881 (West Ham, ESS)
m. Bef1875/HELD/ChristianaPoplar (MDX)LND
Ellen /HELD/ Abt1875CEN/HELD/ChristianaPoplar (MDX)LND CEN 1881 (West Ham, ESS)
Joseph /HELD/ Abt1876CEN/HELD/ChristianaPoplar (MDX)LND CEN 1881 (West Ham, ESS)
James /HELD/ Abt1878CEN/HELD/ChristianaW Ham (ESS)LND CEN 1881 (West Ham)
m. Q11875FreeBMDHelen /HEALD/Bethnal GreenLND GRO 1c 419
Amelia F. Abt1853CEN- (m. George H. /HEALD/)Shoreditch \ Bethnal GreenLND CEN 1881 (Hackney, LND) CEN 1901 (Hackney)
m. Q21876FreeBMDGeorge Edward George Henry /HEALD/Amelia Florence /BENHAM/LambethLND GRO 1d 627 // b. GeQ1_1848LND
Florence /HEALD/ Q41877CENGeorge H. /HEALD/Amelia F.LambethLND GRO 1d 399 CEN 1881 (Hackney, LND) CEN 1901 (Hackney)
Ellen /HEALD/ Q41879CENGeorge H. /HEALD/Amelia F.HackneyLND GRO 1b 663 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Amy /HEALD/ Q41881CENGeorge /HEALD/AmeliaHackneyLND GRO 1b 579 CEN 1901
Ernest /HEALD/ Q11884CENGeorge /HEALD/AmeliaHackneyLND GRO 1b 620 CEN 1901
George Henry /HEALD/ Q31876FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1877, GRO 1d 239)LambethLND GRO 1d 361
m. Q11877FreeBMDWilliam /HEALD/W. Ham (ESS)LND GRO 4a 85
m. Q41878FreeBMDFrederick William A /HELDT/ShoreditchLND GRO 1c 292
Emily Elizabeth /HELDT/ Abt1880FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1892, GRO 1b 342)<Hackney>LND
Alice Maud /HELDT/ Q21885FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1886, GRO 1b 362)HackneyLND GRO 1b 583
Emily Abt1850CEN- (m. Ambrose /HEALD/ MDX, Bef 1881)MiddxLND CEN 1901 (Pinner, MDX)
m. Bef1881Ambrose /HEALD/Emily<Hornsey>MDX // b. LND, 1848
Margaret /HEALD/ Abt1881CENAmbrose /HEALD/EmilyHornseyMDX CEN 1901 (Pinner)
Emily Abt1859CEN- (m. Frederick /HIELD/ Bef 1881)St LukesLND CEN 1901 (Hackney)
m. Bef1881Frederick /HIELD/Emily<St Lukes>LND // b. 1858
Ernest /HIELD/ Abt1881CENFrederick /HIELD/EmilySt LukesLND CEN 1901 (Hackney)
Emily /HIELD/ Abt1884CENFrederick /HIELD/EmilyClaptonLND CEN 1901 (Hackney)
Bernard /HIELD/ Abt1887CENFrederick /HIELD/EmilyClaptonLND CEN 1901 (Hackney)
Henry /HIELD/ Abt1890CENFrederick /HIELD/EmilyClaptonLND CEN 1901 (Hackney)
Christopher /HIELD/ Abt1893CENFrederick /HIELD/EmilyClaptonLND CEN 1901 (Hackney)
Sidney /HIELD/ Abt1896CENFrederick /HIELD/EmilyClaptonLND CEN 1901 (Hackney)
Anna Abt1852CEN- (m. John /HELD/ Bef 1882)GERMANY, ForeignLND CEN 1901 (West Ham)
m. Bef1882John /HELD/Anna<White Chapel>LND // b. Germany *JoAbt1855---_0451
Mary /HELD/ Abt1882CENJohn /HELD/AnnaWhite ChapelLND CEN 1901 (West Ham)
Johanne Jacobina /HELD/ Q41883CENJohn /HELD/AnnaWhite ChapelLND GRO 1c 369 (St. Geo. East) CEN 1901 (West Ham)
Frieda Pauline /HELD/ Q11887CENJohn /HELD/AnnaWhite ChapelLND GRO 1c 385 (St. Geo. East) CEN 1901 (West Ham)
John /HELD/ Abt1890CENJohn /HELD/AnnaCustom House (ESS)LND CEN 1901 (West Ham, LND)
m. Q41882FreeBMDAnnie /HIELD/KensingtonLND GRO 1a 129
Jacob /HELD/ Q11885FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1885, GRO 1c 237 (St. Geo. East))WhitechapelLND GRO 1c 360
Debbe /HELD/ Q11886FreeBMD- St. Geo. EastLND GRO 1c 405
Jacob /HELD/ Q21888FreeBMD- WhitechapelLND GRO 1c 339
Frederick William /HELDT/ Q11883FreeBMD- W.Ham (ESS)LND GRO 4a 230
m. Q31887FreeBMDFlorence /HIELD/IslingtonLND GRO 1b 596
m. Q41887FreeBMDMary Ellen /HEALD/IslingtonLND GRO 1b 642
Harriet M Abt1868CEN- (m. John H /HIELD/)IslingtonLND CEN 1901 (St Pancras)
m. Q21889FreeBMDJohn Heaton /HIELD/Harriet Mabel /KEEN/IslingtonLND GRO 1b 553 // b. Leeds YKS, 1864
Phyllis Mary /HIELD/ Q21891CENJohn /HIELD/HarrietSt PancrasLND GRO 1b 129 CEN 1901
Eva H /HIELD/ Abt1894CENJohn /HIELD/HarrietSt PancrasLND CEN 1901
Nancy Mabel /HIELD/ Q31899CENJohn /HIELD/HarrietSt PancrasLND GRO 1b 142 CEN 1901
Agnes Abt1866CEN- (m. Alfred /HELD/)Bethnal GreenLND CEN 1901 (Bromley)
m. Q21890FreeBMDAlfred Henry /HELD/Agnes /DUNGEY/PoplarLND GRO 1c 1123 // b. Southampton HAM, 1864
Alfred Henry _ /HELD/ Q21891CENAlfred /HELD/AgnesHackneyLND GRO 1b 607 CEN 1901 (Bromley)
Sydney Charles /HELD/ Q41893CENAlfred /HELD/AgnesBethnal GreenLND GRO 1c 221 CEN 1901 (Bromley)
May Louisa /HEALD/ Q31892FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1893, GRO 1c 437)PoplarLND GRO 1c 564
John Hamer /HIELD/ Q41893FreeBMD- PancrasLND GRO 1b 156
Charlotte Abt1861CEN- (m. James /HEALD/)ChelseaLND CEN 1901 (St Mary Stratford Bow)
m. Bef1894James /HEALD/Charlotte<Bow>LND // b. LAN, 1849
Harold James /HEALD/ Q31894CENJames /HEALD/CharlotteBowLND GRO 1c 528 (Poplar) CEN 1901 (St Mary Stratford Bow)
m. Q21895FreeBMDCarl William Waldemar /HELDT/St Geo EastLND GRO 1c 554
Severine Paula /HELDT/ Q31896FreeBMD- St. Geo. EastLND GRO 1c 361
Paula Severine /HELDT/ Abt1897FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1897, GRO 1c 207)<St. Geo. East>LND
Victoria Eliza /HELDT/ Q31897FreeBMD- St. Geo. EastLND GRO 1c 375
Hans Philip A A /HELDT/ Q21903FreeBMD- St. Geo. EastLND GRO 1c 315
Lily V /HEALD/ Abt1896CEN[James Waddington /HEALD/]AnniePentonvilleLND CEN 1901 (St Matthew, SFK) // m. LAN, Bef 1864
m. Q31896FreeBMDJessie Leonie E /HELD/IslingtonLND GRO 1b 408 // b. 1875
Lilian Maud /HEALDES/ Q11898FreeBMD- PoplarLND GRO 1c 585
Clara Alice /HEALDE/ Q11898FreeBMD- HackneyLND GRO 1b 459
Louisa Elizabeth /HEALDES/ Q11898FreeBMD- West Ham (ESS)LND GRO 4a 61
Michael Holroyd /HIELD/ Q41901FreeBMD- IslingtonLND GRO 1b 173
m. Q41902FreeBMDKarl August E /HELDT/WhitechapelLND GRO 1c 550
m. Q11903FreeBMDLena /HELD/WhitechapelLND GRO 1c 325
m. Q31903FreeBMDEllen /HEALD/HackneyLND GRO 1b 1044
m. Q21904FreeBMDLeopold Theodore /HELD/IslingtonLND GRO 1b 358
m. Q31904FreeBMDMary Ann /HELD/W. Ham (ESS)LND GRO 4a 639
m. Q31904FreeBMDAbraham Blinder-Recte /HELD/St. Geo. EastLND GRO 1c 536
Reginald Leopold /HELD/ Q21905FreeBMD- HackneyLND GRO 1b 389
m. Q21905FreeBMDGrace Sarah /HELD/IslingtonLND GRO 1b 303
m. Q21905FreeBMDAlfred Richard /HEALD/ShoreditchLND GRO 1c 140
m. Q31905FreeBMDFriedrich Wilhelm A /HELD/ShoreditchLND GRO 1c 265
Charlotte Johanna M /HELD/ Q41909FreeBMD- IslingtonLND GRO 1b 291
m. Q11910FreeBMDJohn /HELD/W. Ham (ESS)LND GRO 4a 28
# -- Lambeth and Southwark --
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m. Q41852FreeBMDSarah /HEALD/St George SouthwarkLND GRO 1d 174
m. Q11863FreeBMDMary Alice /HEALD/NewingtonLND GRO 1d 181
m. Bef1864Gustav /HELD/<St George (SRY)>LND // b. Germany *GuAbt1842---_0132
Gustav /HELD/ Abt1864CENGustav /HELD/St George (SRY)LND(m. WAR, Bef 1895) CEN 1881 (St Anne Soho, LND) CEN 1901 (Birmingham, WAR)
Henry /HELD/ Abt1867CEN- (m. Grace 1888)PeckhamLND CEN 1901 (St Marylebone)
Henry /HELD/ Abt1866CENGustav /HELD/St Pancras (MDX)LND CEN 1881 (St Anne Soho, LND)
Frances /HELD/ Abt1868CENGustav /HELD/St George (SRY)LND CEN 1881 (St Anne Soho, LND)
Laura /HELD/ Abt1869CENGustav /HELD/St George (SRY)LND CEN 1881 (St Anne Soho, LND)
Johanes /HELD/ Abt1866FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1869, GRO 1d 34)<St Olave>LND
Elizabeth Frances /HELD/ Q41867FreeBMD- CamberwellLND GRO 1d 623
m. Q31867FreeBMDWilliam /HEILD/BermondseyLND GRO 1d 61
m. Q41874FreeBMDJohan /HILD/CamberwellLND GRO 1d 1142
Johan Franz J /HILD/ Q31875FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1878, GRO 1d 548)CamberwellLND GRO 1d 696
George Henry R /HILD/ Q41876FreeBMD- CamberwellLND GRO 1d 798
Ellen Gertrude E /HILD/ Q11879FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1879, GRO 1d 403)CamberwellLND GRO 1d 835
Gertrude Barbara /HILD/ Abt1882FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1885)<St Olave>LND GRO 1d 200
Mary Gertrude A /HILD/ Q31886FreeBMD- St. OlaveLND GRO 1d 281
Eliza Abt1853CEN- WestminsterSRY CEN 1901 (Camberwell, LND)
m. Bef1888/HILD/Eliza<Camberwell>SRY
Rosina /HILD/ Abt1888CENElizaCamberwellSRY CEN 1901
George /HILD/ Abt1873CEN- (Other 1901)LondonLND CEN 1901 (Burnham, SOM)
m. Q31874FreeBMDAlice /HEALD/WandsworthLND GRO 1d 889
Sarah /HILDE/ Abt1876CEN- (Other 1901)PeckhamLND CEN 1901 (St James Westn)
Emma Abt1854CEN- (m. Frederick W /HEALD/)CityLND CEN 1901 (St Paul Deptford)
m. Q41876FreeBMDFrederick William /HEALD/Emma /SHERWOOD/LambethLND GRO 1d 539 // b. LAN, 1851
Maud E.S. /HEALD/ Abt1878CENFrederick /HEALD/EmmaAUSTRALIALND CEN 1901 (St Paul Deptford)
Norman Frederick /HEALD/ Q31887CENFrederick /HEALD/EmmaSydenham (KEN)LND GRO 1d 1150 (Lewisham) CEN 1901 (St Paul Deptford, LND)
Beatrice M. /HEALD/ Abt1899CENFrederick /HEALD/EmmaAUSTRALIALND CEN 1901 (St Paul Deptford)
Christopher /HEALD/ Abt1886CEN- (Other 1901)Sydenham (SRY)LND CEN 1901 (St Leonard, SSX)
Geoffrey /HEALD/ Q11888CEN- (Other 1901)Sydenham (SRY)LND GRO 1d 1178 (Lewisham) CEN 1901 (St Leonard, SSX)
Martha Abt1856CEN- (m. Arthur /HEALD/)Browley (MDX)LND CEN 1901 (Camberwell, LND)
m. Q11877FreeBMDArthur George /HEALD/[Martha /BIRD/]St. SaviourLND GRO 1d 166 // b. Wonston HAM, 1854
Fanny G Abt1858CEN- (m. Richard M /HEALD/)N KMDX CEN 1901 (Streatham, LND)
m. Q31881FreeBMDRichard Matthews /HEALD/Fanny Gertrude /POPE/WandsworthLND GRO 1d 1013 WCN heald_lf // b. LAN, 1856
Ada /HELD/ Abt1883CEN- (Other 1901)KenningtonLND CEN 1901 (Reigate, SRY)
Alfred /HEALD/ Abt1883CEN- (Other 1901)BermondseyLND CEN 1901
Alfred Richard /HEALD/ Q31883FreeBMD- St. Saviour [Southwark]LND GRO 1d 97
m. Q41884FreeBMDAgnes /HEALD/CamberwellLND GRO 1d 1250
m. Q41885FreeBMDAlfred Edward /HEALD/St Saviour [Southwark]LND GRO 1d 461 // b. Burnley LAN, 1852 ?
Alice Edith /HEALD/ Q31885FreeBMD- (Other 1901)St. SaviourLND GRO 1d 173 CEN 1901 (Bath, SOM)
Olive Haden /HEALD/ Q11888FreeBMD- St. SaviourLND GRO 1d 19
Ivy Winifred /HEALD/ Q41890FreeBMD- St.SaviourLND GRO 1d 139
m. Q31891FreeBMDWilliam /HEALD/WandsworthLND GRO 1d 934
Hanelt Abt1864CEN- (m. Edward /HILD/)SuffolkSFK CEN 1901 (Battersea, LND)
m. Bef1892Edward /HILD/Hanelt<Battersea>LND // b. 1862
Edward /HILD/ Abt1892CENEdward /HILD/HaneltBatterseaLND CEN 1901
Amy Abt1863CEN- (m. Frederick /HEALD/)NuneatonWAR CEN 1901 (East Ham, ESS)
m. Bef1892Frederick /HEALD/Amy<Dulwich>LND // b. LAN, 1860
Amy Gladys /HEALD/ Q21892CENFrederick /HEALD/AmyDulwichLND GRO 1d 531 (Lambeth) CEN 1901 (East Ham, ESS)
Helen Josephine /HEALD/ Q21893CENFrederick /HEALD/AmyDulwichLND GRO 1d 534 (Lambeth) CEN 1901 (East Ham, ESS)
Henry /HEALD/ Abt1896CENFrederick /HEALD/AmyEast East Ham (ESS)LND CEN 1901 (East Ham)
Herbert /HEALD/ Abt1901CENFrederick /HEALD/AmyEast East Ham (ESS)LND GRO 4a 275 (W. Ham (ESS)) CEN 1901 (East Ham)
Edward Martin /HEALD/ Q31895CEN- Southwark, St. SaviourLND GRO 1d 144 CEN 1901 (St Saviours Southwark)
William /HEALD/ Q21899FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1899, GRO 1d 35)St. Saviour [Southwark]LND GRO 1d 60
m. Q31898FreeBMDVinnie Sophia /HELD/St Saviour [Southwark]LND GRO 1d 354
Alice C. Abt1871CEN- (m. Edward W. /HEALD/)CharltonKEN CEN 1901 (Lambeth, LND)
m. Q41899FreeBMDEdward William /HEALD/Alice Caroline /ALEXANDER/LambethLND GRO 1d 712 // b. 1874
Herbert Christian /HEALD/ Q11901CENEdward /HEALD/AliceKenningtonLND GRO 1d 403 (Lambeth) CEN 1901 (Lambeth)
Lilian Doris /HEALD/ Q31902FreeBMD- LambethLND GRO 1d 407
Louisa Isabella /HELDT/ Q11903FreeBMD- St OlaveLND GRO 1d 248
Doris Eveline U /HELDT/ Q11903FreeBMD- WandsworthLND GRO 1d 634
m. Q21903FreeBMDAlfred Francis /HEALD/LambethLND GRO 1d 778
m. Q41903FreeBMDHerbert Henry /HEALD/LambethLND GRO 1d 612
Evelyn May /HEALD/ Q21905FreeBMD- LambethLND GRO 1d 386
Reginald Douglas /HELDT/ Q11905FreeBMD- WandsworthLND GRO 1d 587
Elizabeth Ivy /HEALD/ Q11905FreeBMD- WandsworthLND GRO 1d 688
Gerald /HELDT/ Q41905FreeBMD- WandsworthLND GRO 1d 565
Eric Charles /HELD/ Q31905FreeBMD- SouthwarkLND GRO 1d 120
Dorothy /HELDT/ Q11907FreeBMD- LambethLND GRO 1d 463
m. Q21907FreeBMDMartha /HELDT/SouthwarkLND GRO 1d 204
m. Q21907FreeBMDPercy James /HELD/LambethLND GRO 1d 418
m. Q31907FreeBMDFrederick William /HELDT/St. OlaveLND GRO 1d 492
Gladys /HELDT/ Q31908FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1908, GRO 1d 93)St OlaveLND GRO 1d 214
Alfred John /HEALD/ Q41905FreeBMD- CamberwellLND GRO 1d 928
m. Q31910FreeBMDFranz C J /HILD/St. OlaveLND GRO 1d 42_
m. Q11913FreeBMDMay G A /HILD/CamberwellLND GRO 1d 1194
m. Q11913FreeBMDJohn /HILD/CamberwellLND GRO 1d 1356
Dorothy Helen /HEALD/ Q31901FreeBMD- Bromley (KEN)LND GRO 2a 521
# -- DEPTFORD --
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m. Q41851FreeBMDHannah /HEALD/RotherhitheLND GRO 4 565
Sarah Abt1836CEN- (m. Wm. /HEALD/)DeptfordLND CEN 1881 (Deptford St Nicholas)
m. Abt1860William /HEALD/Sarah<Deptford>LND // b. 1836
Amelia Abt1839CEN- (m. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1901)FRANCELND CEN 1901 (St Paul Deptford)
Armelia Abt1841CEN- (m. /HEALDS/; wid. bef. 1881)FRANCE, Paris (B S)--- CEN 1881 (Deptford St Paul, KEN)
Jane Abt1842CEN- (m. Frederick /HEALDS/)DunningtonSAL CEN 1881 (Whitton, DUR)
Jane Abt1845CEN- (m. Frederick /HEALD/)ShrewsburySAL CEN 1901 (Stockton On Tees, DUR)
m. Q41861FreeBMDFrederick /HEILD/Jane /ADDISON/NewingtonLND GRO 1d 220 // b. Wakefield YKS, 1842; to New Frodingham LIN, 1865, to Stockton-On-Tees DUR, 1872
Louisa Abt1844CEN- (m. Richard /HEALD/)London, London City OfLND CEN 1881 (Deptford St Paul, KEN) CEN 1901 (Ashtead, SRY)
m. Q41868FreeBMDRichard /HEALD/[Louisa /TRIMBY/]NewingtonLND GRO 1d 204 // b. 1840
Richd. /HEALD/ Abt1870CENRichard /HEALD/LouisaHatcham \ New CrossLND(m. [Eleanor Rebecca /GREEN/] SRY, 1895) CEN 1881 (Deptford St Paul, KEN) CEN 1901 (Croydon, SRY)
Herbert Edwin /HEALD/ Q31871FreeBMDRichard /HEALD/LouisaHatcham \ New CrossLND(m. Emily Frances /CHITTY/ 1900) GRO 1d 738 (Greenwich) CEN 1881 (Deptford St Paul, KEN) CEN 1901 (Lewisham, LND)
Annie Louisa /HEALD/ Q21873FreeBMDRichard /HEALD/LouisaHatcham \ New CrossLND GRO 1d 738 (Greenwich) CEN 1881 (Deptford St Paul, KEN) CEN 1901 (Ashtead, SRY)
Frederick Hassenstein /HEALD/ Q11875CENRichard /HEALD/LouisaHatchamLND(m. 1901) GRO 1d 859 (Greenwich) CEN 1881 (Deptford St Paul, KEN)
Fredk /HEALD/ Abt1875CEN- (Other 1901)NewKEN CEN 1901 (Lewisham, LND)
m. Q41867FreeBMDAugusta Adelaide /HEALD/LewishamLND GRO 1d 1173 // b. Wycombe BKM, 1848
Daisy /HEALD/ Abt1882CENRichard /HEALD/LouisaNew CrossLND CEN 1901 (Ashtead, SRY)
Sophy /HIELD/ Abt1869CEN- (Other 1901)WoolwichLND CEN 1901
Arthur /HEALD/ Q31870CEN- (Inmate 1881)GreenwichLND GRO 1d 774 CEN 1881 (Edmonton, MDX)
Alfred /HEALD/ Q41877FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1877, GRO 1d 540)GreenwichLND GRO 1d 932
Sophia /WHITE/ Abt1848CEN- (m. John /HILD/)ChelseaMDX CEN 1881 (Deptford St Paul, KEN) CEN 1901 (Bermondsey)
Sophia Abt1848CEN- (m. John /HILD/)ChelseaLND
m. Bef1877John /HILD/Sophia<Nunhead>SRY // b. Germany, *JoAbt1848---_0708
m. Q41874FreeBMDJohan /HILD/CamberwellLND GRO 1d 142
George H. /HILD/ Abt1877CENJohn /HILD/Sophia /WHITE/Nunhead (SRY)LND CEN 1881 (Deptford St Paul, KEN)
Franz Casper J /HILD/ Q41883CENJohn /HILD/SophiaRotherhitheLND GRO 1d 950 (Greenwich) CEN 1901 (Bermondsey)
May /HILD/ Abt1887CENJohn /HILD/SophiaRotherhitheLND CEN 1901 (Bermondsey)
Martin Christian /HILD/ Q21888FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1888, GRO 1d 585)GreenwichLND GRO 1d 1017
m. Q21885FreeBMDMatilda Jane /HEALD/GreenwichLND GRO 1d 1308
m. Q31887FreeBMDEgerton /HEALD/Jane Davidson /BUSBY/LewishamLND GRO 1d 1508 // b. Manchester LAN, 1861
Fanny Louisa Abt1863CEN- (m. Benj Gray /HEALD/)BranstonLIN CEN 1901 (Leeds, YKS)
m. Q21892FreeBMDBenjamin Gray /HEALD/[Fanny Louisa /CALVERT/]LewishamLND(m2) GRO 1d 1667 // b. Leeds YKS, 1847; to Leeds YKS, 1901
Emily F Abt1873CEN- (m. Herbert E. /HEALD/)Greenwich (KEN)LND CEN 1901 (Lewisham, LND)
m. Q31900FreeBMDHerbert Edwin /HEALD/Emily Frances /CHITTY/LewishamLND GRO 1d 2112 // b. 1871
m. Q31901FreeBMDFrederick Hassenstein /HEALD/GreenwichLND GRO 1d 1905 // b. 1875
Alan Herbert C /HEALD/ Q41901FreeBMD- LewishamLND GRO 1d 1202
m. Q21903FreeBMDBeatrice Martha /HEALD/GreenwichLND GRO 1d 1790
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m.14Jul1852RELJohn /BRAYSHAW/Priscilla /HEALD/ENG // b. ESS, 1820
Thos /HEALD/ Abt1868CEN- (Other 1901)EnglandENG CEN 1901 (Huddersfield, YKS)
Frederick /HEALD/ Abt1875CEN- (Other 1901)EnglandENG CEN 1901 (St Helier, CHA)
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Jane W Abt1866CEN- (m. James /HEALD/)ScotlandSCT CEN 1901 (Stockton On Tees, DUR)
m. Bef1897James T /HEALD/Jane W<Jersey>CHA // b. Stockton DUR, 1869
Charlotte M /HEALD/ Abt1897CENJames T /HEALD/Jane WJerseyCHA CEN 1901 (Stockton On Tees)
James C /HEALD/ Abt1899CENJames T /HEALD/Jane WJerseyCHA CEN 1901 (Stockton On Tees)
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m.14Jun1851M115764Robert /ORR/Helen /HEALD/ArdrossanSCT
Catherine Abt1831CEN- (m. Thomas /HEALD/)Ayrshire, BeithSCT CEN 1881 (Ardrossan)
m.7Dec1860M116151Thomas /HEALD/Catherine /MCMILLAN/StevenstonSCT // b. 1833
Thomas /HEALD/12Oct1860C116151Thomas /HEALD/Catherine /MCMILLAN/StevenstonSCT
Thomas /HEALD/3Feb1862C115761Thomas /HEALD/Catherine /MCMILLAN/ArdrossanSCT CEN 1881
James /HEALD/30Oct1863C115761Thomas /HEALD/Catherine /MCMILLAN/ArdrossanSCT CEN 1881
Janet /HEALD/1Nov1865C115761Thomas /HEALD/Catherine /MCMILLAN/ArdrossanSCT CEN 1881
Margaret [(Maggie)] /HEALD/11Dec1867C115761Thomas /HEALD/Catherine /MCMILLAN/ArdrossanSCT CEN 1881
William /HEALD/21Mar1870C115761Thomas /HEALD/Catherine /MCMILLAN/ArdrossanSCT
John /HEALD/16May1873C115761Thomas /HEALD/Catherine /MCMILLAN/ArdrossanSCT CEN 1881
John /HEALD/ Abt1874CEN- (Other 1901)ScotlandSCT CEN 1901 (Milton, KEN)
m.25Apr1862M115761Alexr. /HUNTER/Hannah /HEALD/ArdrossanSCT
William Donald /HIELD/2Nov1868C112823Thomas /HIELD/Elizabeth /BATTY/DundeeSCT(m. [Florence Mary /TOWN/] YKS, 1898) CEN 1881 (Leeds, YKS) CEN 1901 (Potternewton, YKS) // m. Leeds YKS, 1868
Ann Abt1854CEN- (m. /HEALDS/)Fife, DysartSCT CEN 1881 (Kirkcaldy)
Jemmia /HEALDS/ Abt1876CENAnnFife, KirkcaldySCT CEN 1881
Alfred /HEALDS/ Abt1879CENAnnFife, KirkcaldySCT CEN 1881
Ann /HEILD/ Abt1878CEN- (Visitor 1881)Lanark, PartickSCT CEN 1881 (Govan) // rel. Mary ENG, 1839 ?
Alexander /HEALD/ Abt1884CEN[Henry /HEALD/]GlasgowSCT(Other 1901) CEN 1901 (North Manchester, LAN) // father b. LAN, 1857
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Thomas /HEALD/ Abt1852CEN- (m. Mary A.)DublinIRL CEN 1881 (Barnsley, YKS)
Mary A. Abt1844CEN- (m1 /BEXON/;m2 Thomas /HEALD/)DublinIRL CEN 1881 (Barnsley, YKS)
Hugh /HEILD/ Abt1869CEN- (Other 1901)IrelandIRL CEN 1901 (Stanley, DUR)
Samuel /HEALD/21May1872VRI2Samuel /HEALD/Isabella /MUSGROVE/Belfast No 10IRL FHL 255848 // m. Manchester LAN, 1859
William /HEALD/8Apr1874VRI2Samuel /HEALD/Isabella /MUSGROVE/Belfast No 10IRL FHL 255899
Margaret A. Abt1857CEN- (m. Henry /HEALD/)LimerickIRL CEN 1881 (Hunslet, YKS)
m. Bef1878Henry /HEALD/Margaret A.<Ireland>IRL // b. YKS, 1845
Wm. Hy. /HEALD/ Abt1878CENHenry /HEALD/Margaret A.C ArmaghIRL CEN 1881 (Hunslet, YKS)
William /HEALD/ Abt1877CEN- (m. [Clara /SUMNER/], Preston LAN, 1898)IrelandIRL CEN 1901 (Preston, LAN)
Jane E /HEALD/ Abt1883CEN- (Other 1901)IrelandIRL CEN 1901 (Pudsey, YKS)
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Marius \ Morris /HILDE/ Abt1860CEN- (m1 CMN, 1890; m2 Elizabeth CMN, Bef 1898)DENMARK, Danish Subject--- CEN 1901 (Pembrey, CMN)
Marguerite /HILD/ Abt1881CEN- (Other 1901)FRANCE, French Subject--- CEN 1901 (Wellesbourne Hastings, WAR)
Hannah Abt1841CEN- (m. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1901)NormantonYKS CEN 1901 (Wandsworth, LND)
m. Bef1862Hannah<BRUSSELS>---
Louis R. /HEALD/ Abt1862CENHannahBRUSSELS, British Sub--- CEN 1901 (Wandsworth)
Frederick /HELD/ Abt1852CEN- (Lodger 1881)GERMANY, (B.P.)--- CEN 1881 (Soothill, YKS)
Carper J. /HILD/ Abt1854CEN- (Brother of Katherina *KaAbt1845---_0683)GERMANY, Nassau (F)--- CEN 1881 (Camberwell, SRY)
John /HELD/ Abt1855CEN- (Servant 1881; m. Anna LND, Bef 1882)GERMANY, Darmstadt B Subject--- CEN 1881 (St George In East, LND) CEN 1901 (West Ham, ESS)
Katherine /HILD/ Abt1858CEN- GERMANY, Nassan--- CEN 1901 (Lewisham, LND) // cf *KaAbt1845---_0683
Edward /HELD/ Abt1874CEN- (Other 1901)GERMANY, German Subject--- CEN 1901 (St George Bloomsbury, LND)
Albert /HELD/ Abt1882CEN- (Other 1901)GERMAN--- CEN 1901 (Hammersmith, LND)
Albert /HILD/ Abt1883CEN- (Other 1901)GERMAN, German Subt--- CEN 1901 (Dover, KEN)
Leo /HELD/ Abt1883CEN- (Other 1901)GERMANY, German Subject--- CEN 1901 (Fleetwood, LAN)
Katherine Abt1857CEN- (m. /HILD/; wid. bef. 1901)GERMANY, German Subject--- CEN 1901 (Carshalton, SRY)
Mary /HILD/ Abt1886CENKatherineGERMANY, German Subj--- CEN 1901 (Carshalton, SRY)
Fredrick /HILD/ Abt1876CEN- (Other 1901)AUSTRIA, Michelsberg--- CEN 1901
Joseph /HELD/ Abt1880CEN- (Other 1901)AUSTRIA, Austrian--- CEN 1901 (St Anne)
Edith Abt1850CEN- (m. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1901)LondonLND CEN 1901 (Branksome, DOR)
m. Bef1878Edith<TURKEY Constancople British Subject>---
Edith Mabel /HEALD/ Abt1877CENEdithTURKEY, Constantinople (British Subject)---(d. Q3 1901, GRO 5a 145 (Poole, DOR)) CEN 1901 (Branksome, DOR)
Rubey C /HEALD/ Abt1884CENEdithTURKEY, Constantinople (British Subject)--- CEN 1901 (Branksome, DOR)
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Lavinia Abt1863CEN- (m. William /HILD/)IrelandIRL CEN 1901 (Nottingham, NTT)
m. Bef1899William /HILD/Lavinia<NATAL>---
Edith /HILD/ Abt1899CENWilliam /HILD/LaviniaNATAL--- CEN 1901 (Nottingham)

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