Heald Births and Marriages UK: DBY NTT & LIN, 1801-1850

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The standard of proof used to consolidate these listings is current best guess (not 'absolute cast-iron certainty') -- so do not necessarily trust every suggested link, eg between a birth and a subsequent marriage, or consolidation, eg between different census returns. The listings have been mostly compiled from published indexes: you are strongly advised to check out wherever possible the original underlying documents, which may contain further information that could contradict the assumptions here.

Also be very aware that the listings are far from complete. There are many more Healds whose parishes have not yet been included in the IGI or VRI; many Healds lost or mistranscribed in both the 1881 and 1901 censuses; and many more still to transcribe at FreeBMD (latest progress). Just because there is only one Heald listed in a given place with a given name at a particular date, it is not necessarily safe to assume that they must definitely be the person you are looking for.

If there is any information you can add or correct, please contact me at j.heald@ucl.ac.uk.

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# -- WORKSOP --
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Abigail /HEALD/21Aug1803VRIWilliam /HEALD/FrancesWorksopNTT(b. 16 Aug 1803) FHL 504058
Ann /HEALD/20Jan1811VRISarah /HEALD/WorksopNTT(b. 4 Dec 1810) FHL 504058
m.15Jan1835M008622Thomas /KESKEAEN/Ann /HEALDS/WorksopNTT
Selina /HEALD/29Nov1840C011222Joseph /HEALD/Mary AnnCarburtonNTT
m. Q31844FreeBMDHenry /HEALD/[Elizabeth /HANDLEY/]WorksopNTT GRO 15 827
George /HEALD/ Q11845FreeBMD- WorksopNTT GRO 15 7
George /HEALDS/13Jan1845C008622Henry /HEALDS/ElizabethWorksopNTT
William /HEALD/ Q11845FreeBMD- WorksopNTT GRO 15 719
William /HEALDS/13Jan1845C008622Henry /HEALDS/ElizabethWorksopNTT
Thomas /HEALD/ Q21846FreeBMD- WorksopNTT GRO 15 *
# -- EAST RETFORD (C19 registration area) --
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m.22Nov1806M060531George /HANCOCK/Elizabeth /HEALD/OrdsallNTT
Ann Abt1785CEN- (m. John /HEALD/)ClayworthNTT CEN 1851 (Knottingley, YKS)
m.18Jun1810M046442John /HEALD/Ann /BROADBENT/ClayworthNTT VRI FHL 503483 REL 25 // b. Ossett YKS, 1783
William /HEALD/ Abt1812CEN- (m. Sarah)OssettYKS CEN 1851 (Knottingley)
William /HEALD/4Jul1813C046441John /HEALD/AnnClayworthNTT // cf YKS, 1813
m.14Jul1823George /REED/Ann /HEALD/<of Everton>NTT LDS -- & 2078174
William /HELD/ Abt1823CEN- (m. Caroline YKS, Bef 1862)Eas RetfordNTT CEN 1881 (Killamarsh, DBY)
William /HEALL/ Abt1832CEN- (servant 1851)RetfordNTT CEN 1851 (Conisbrough, YKS)
Ann /HEALD/ Abt1811FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1891)<East Retford>NTT GRO 7b 14
# -- MANSFIELD (C19 registration area) --
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John /HEALD/17Nov1805Daniel /HEALD/Elizabeth /BREWITT/Mansfield, Stockwell GateNTT LDS --
Abigial /HEALD/ Abt1806Daniel /HEALD/Elizabeth /BREWITT/Nottingham, MansfieldNTT LDS --
Sarah /HEALD/16Nov1807C320575Daniel /HEALD/Elizabeth [/BREWITT/]MansfieldNTT VRI2 FHL 503790 LDS --
Harriet /HEALD/12Mar1811C320575Daniel /HEALD/Elizabeth [/BREWITT/]MansfieldNTT VRI2 FHL 503790 LDS --
John /WHEATCROFT/ Abt1773VRI2- (m. Dorothy /HEALD/ 1804)<Mansfield>NTT FHL 503790
m.11Sep1804VRI2John /WHEATCROFT/Dorothy /HEALD/Mansfield, BTsNTT PR marr INDX pallot FHL 503790 // b. 1774; he of Farnsfield -PAL
Henry /HEALD/18Dec1805VRI2Robert /HEALD/Mansfield, BTsNTT FHL 503790
Elizabeth  - (m1 Henry /SMITH/; m2 /RICHARDSON/; m3 John /HEALD/)<Mansfield>NTT // see property transaction 1813
m.1Mar1810VRI2John /HEALD/Elizabeth /RICHARDSON/MansfieldNTT PR marr INDX pallot FHL 503790
m.27Jan1816INDXPaul /ROBINSON/Temperance /HEALD/[Newark] MansfieldNTT INDX pallot LDS 183508 & 184175 & 457863 & A457863 & batch 7230718 (rel. William HILL)
m.28May1827M044861William /BANSALL/ \ /BAUSALL/Abigal /HEALD/MansfieldNTT INDX pallot LDS 1985305
m.15Aug1831M044861George /LOCK/Elizabeth /HEALD/MansfieldNTT INDX pallot
m.25May1834M044861Robert /HEALD/Elizabeth /HOLLINSWORTH/MansfieldNTT INDX pallot
Anne /HEALD/8Feb1835C044861Robert /HEALD/ElizabethMansfieldNTT
m.15Mar1835M046641John /HEALD/Susanna /VALLANCE/RadfordNTT
Daniel /HEALD/16Sep1835C044861John /HEALD/SusanMansfieldNTT
Elizabeth /HEALD/21Jul1837C044861John /HEALD/SusanMansfieldNTT
Mary Ann /HEALD/15Apr1839John /HEALD/Susanna /VALLANCE/Mansfield, Stockwell GateNTT LDS --
Joseph Jackson /HEALD/1Sep1841CENJohn /HEALD/SusannaMansfield, St Peter'sNTT(m. Rebecca [/GEESON/] 1870) CEN 1881 (Warsop) CEN 1901 (Warsop) LDS batch 8506731
Harriett Lock /HEALD/ Nov1844FreeBMDJohn /HEALD/Susanna /VALLANCE/Mansfield, Stockwell GateNTT(m. Peter /CLARKE/ 1867) GRO 15 494 LDS --
John Brewitt /HEALD/18Jun1847John /HEALD/Susanna /VALLANCE/Mansfield, Belredere StNTT LDS --
John Brewitt /HEALD/ Q31847FreeBMD- MansfieldNTT GRO 15 489
Abigail Brewitt /HEALD/9Jun1850FreeBMDJohn /HEALD/Susanna /VALLANCE/Mansfield, Belredere StNTT(m. Francis /SWINTON/ 1873) GRO 15 587 LDS --
m.30Dec1839Joseph Jarvis /JACKSON/Harriett /HEALD/MansfieldNTT LDS --
John /HEALD/ Abt1846CEN- (Lodger 1881)MansfieldNTT CEN 1881
Susan /HEILD/ Abt1814FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1883)<Mansfield>NTT GRO 7b 53
# -- SOUTHWELL (C19 registration area) --
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m.5Jan1804M044701William /HEALDS/Mary /HURT/FarnsfieldNTT PR marr INDX pallot
John /HEALDS/7Jan1804C044701William /HEALDS/MaryFarnsfieldNTT
Elizabeth /HEALDS/31Dec1804C044701William /HEALDS/MaryFarnsfieldNTT
Elizabeth /HEALDES/31Dec1805- (m. Adam /LOWE/ 1828)FarnsfieldNTT LDS 538035
Mary /HEALD/29Jul1810C044701William /HEALD/MaryFarnsfieldNTT
Ann /HEALDS/21Feb1813C044701William /HEALDS/MaryFarnsfieldNTT
Alice /HEALDS/26Sep1815C044701William /HEALDS/MaryFarnsfieldNTT
Henry /HEALDE/10Jul1818C044701William /HEALDE/MaryFarnsfieldNTT
Sarah /HEALD/8Jul1821C044701William /HEALD/MaryFarnsfieldNTT
Hannah /HEALDES/17Apr1825C044701William /HEALDES/MaryFarnsfieldNTT
John /HEALDES/14Oct1827C044701William /HEALDES/MaryFarnsfieldNTT
Susannah /HEALDES/4May1828C044701Mary /HEALDES/FarnsfieldNTT
George /HEALD/ Abt1811CEN- (m. Ann Bef 1841)KneesalNTT CEN 1881 (Kneesall)
m.28Nov1814PRJames /SLANEY/Elizabeth /HEALD/KneesallNTT PR marr INDX pallot LDS batch 7133717 // he of Laxton
m.29Sep1817M061161William /RICHARDS/Sarah /HEALD/SouthwellNTT
m.29Sep1817William /KERCHEVALL/Sarah /HEALD/SouthwellNTT PR marr INDX pallot
James /HEILD/21Nov1820C061161Hannah /HEILD/SouthwellNTT
James /HEALD/ Abt1821CEN- (m. Sarah Bef 1845)SouthwellNTT CEN 1881 (Kersall)
m.11Jun1821M047451John /HEALD/Sarah /ALLWOOD/LowdhamNTT
Thomas /HEALD/5Sep1824C047451John /HEALD/SarahLowdhamNTT
Thomas /HEALD/ Abt1825CEN- (m. Harriett Bef 1859; widr bef 1901)GunthorpeNTT CEN 1881 (Bilborough) CEN 1901 (Bilborough)
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1822CEN- (m. Jane Bef 1842)OssingtonNTT CEN 1881 (Wigsley)
Elizabeth /HEALD/ Abt1823CEN- (servant 1851)?Neusle?NTT CEN 1851 (Manchester, LAN) // kneesal ?
Jane /HEALDS/23Aug1825C044811Joseph /HEALDS/MaryKneesallNTT
Mary /HEALDS/16Apr1828C044811Joseph /HEALDS/MaryKneesallNTT
Elizabeth /HEALDS/29Sep1830C044811Joseph /HEALDS/MaryKneesallNTT
m.22Feb1825M044811Stephen /FOSTER/Sarah /HEALD/Kneesall, [North Muskham]NTT PR marr INDX pallot LDS 183579 & 184232 (rel. Joseph A. QUIBELL) // he of N. Muskham
m.26Aug1826M061111John /HEALD/Mary /HEALD/Newark Upon TrentNTT PR marr INDX pallot // he of Kneesall
William /HEALD/25Nov1827C044811John /HEALD/MaryKneesallNTT
William /HEALD/ Abt1828CEN- (m. BRK, Bef 1854; Uncle of Martha /JONES/ b. abt 1864; d. 24 Mar 1886)KneesalNTT CEN 1851 (Tabley, CHS) CEN 1881 (Mere, CHS) WILL 1886
Ann Abt1807CEN- (m. /HEALDS/; wid. bef. 1881; Serv 1881)WarsopNTT CEN 1881 (Ollerton)
m.6Apr1828INDXAdam /LOWE/Elizabeth /HEALDES/FarnsfieldNTT INDX pallot LDS 183481 & 184130 & batch 7322802 (rel. John H. GODDARD) // b. 1805
m.9Dec1830M044811John Wroe /WATTS/Jane /HEALD/KneesallNTT PR marr INDX pallot // he of Bawtry YKS
Richard /HEALD/ Abt1839CEN- (m. Mary An YKS, Bef 1868)BudbyNTT CEN 1881 (Mexborough, YKS) CEN 1901 (Sprotbrough, YKS)
Richard /HEALD/ Abt1840CEN- Nk-- CEN 1861 (Brightside Bierlow)
William R. /HEALD/ Abt1839CEN- (m. Ellen /PRITCHETT/ 1867)BudbyNTT CEN 1881 (Ollerton) CEN 1901 (Ollerton)
m.28Sep1840William /BRITTON/Sarah /HEALDS/SouthwellNTT LDS batch 8412130
m. Q31840FreeBMDSarah /HEALDS/SouthwellNTT GRO 15 789
Ann Abt1811CEN- (m. George /HEALD/)MaplebeckNTT CEN 1881 (Kneesall)
m. Bef1841George /HEALD/Ann<Kneesal>NTT // b. 1811
m. Q31839FreeBMDGeorge /HEALD/SouthwellNTT GRO 15 783
Jane /HEALD/ Abt1841CENGeorge /HEALD/AnnKneesalNTT(m. Thomas /HUDSON/) CEN 1881 (Kneesall)
Mary /HEALD/16Sep1844C044811George /HEALD/AnnKneesallNTT GRO 15 641 (Southwell)
Mary /HEALD/ Abt1844CEN- KneesallNTT CEN 1881 (St Pancras, LND)
William /HEALD/23May1847C044811George /HEALD/AnnKneesallNTT GRO 15 634 (Southwell) CEN 1881 (Kneesall)
William /HEALD/ Abt1847CEN- (m. Mary Bef 1901)KneesallNTT CEN 1901 (Entire Bevercotes)
Sarah Abt1823CEN- (m. James /HEALD/)KersallNTT CEN 1881
m. Bef1845James /HEALD/Sarah<Kersall>NTT see also 1862 // b. 1821
Mary Hopkin /HEALD/ Q21845FreeBMD- SouthwellNTT GRO 15 665
Mary /HEALD/6Jul1845C044811James /HEALD/SarahKneesallNTT
Herbert /HEALD/ Abt1847CEN- (m. Hannah 1873)KersallNTT CEN 1881
m. Q41846FreeBMDHannah /HEALDS/SouthwellNTT GRO 15 1182
m. Q41846FreeBMDSusannah /HEALDS/SouthwellNTT GRO 15 1181
m. Q11848FreeBMDJohn /HEALDS/SouthwellNTT GRO 15 809
m. Bef1849George /HEALD/Eleanor Gertrude<Ollerton>NTT
Eleanor Gertrude /HEALD/4Nov1849C010992George /HEALD/Eleanor GertrudeOllertonNTT
Jane /HEALDS/ Q11850FreeBMD- SouthwellNTT GRO 15 6
Mahalah Hannah /HEALD/ Q31850FreeBMD- (m. 1872)SouthwellNTT GRO 15 681
# -- NEWARK (C19 registration area) --
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Hannah /HELD/ Abt1802LIC- (m. Charles /SMITH/ 1823)<North Muskham>NTT
m.3Feb1806PRMarmaduke /HEALD/Elizabeth /BOOTH/North MuskhamNTT PR marr INDX pallot LDS batch 7333811 // he of Ossington
Mary /HEALD/12Jun1806C061621Marmaduke /HEALD/ElizabethNorth MuskhamNTT
Joseph /HEALD/19Apr1812C168101Marmaduke /HEALD/EleanorOssingtonNTT
Mary /HELDS/21Aug1814C046411Marmaduke /HELDS/EleanorCarlton In LindrickNTT
m.19Jun1809M046941John /HEALD/Elizabeth /SARGISON/DunhamNTT
m.5Feb1816VRI2Joseph /HEALD/Ann /SHELTON/Ossington, BTsNTT PR marr INDX pallot FHL 504527 LDS 170521 & 183550 & 184300 & 184632 & A184632 (rel. Thomas HOWARD)
Harriot Shelton /HEALDS/19May1816C030591Joseph /HEALDS/AnnNorth ScarleLIN(m. NTT, 1841 ?)
Henry /HEALDS/4Jan1818C054091Joseph /HEALDS/AnnTuxfordNTT
Mary /HEALDS/16Jan1820C054091Joseph /HEALDS/AnnTuxfordNTT
Sarah /HEALD/15Jun1828C054011Joseph /HEALD/AnnThorneyNTT
m.7Aug1817M061111William /MILLER/Elizabeth /HEALD/Newark Upon TrentNTT PR marr INDX pallot
Charles /SMITH/ Abt1802LIC- (m. Hannah /HELD/)<North Muskham>NTT
m.5May1823LICCharles /SMITH/Hannah /HELD/North MuskhamNTT LIC marr
m.6May1823PRCharles /SMITH/Hannah /HELD/North MuskhamNTT PR marr INDX pallot LDS batch 7333811 // b. 1802
m.17Apr1830M061111Francis /BROOKSBY/Mary /HEALD/Newark Upon TrentNTT PR marr INDX pallot // he of N. Muskham -PAL
John /HEALD/ Abt1837CEN- (m. Eliza Bef 1860)WigsleyNTT CEN 1881 (Thurlby, LIN)
William /HEALD/ Abt1840CEN- (m. Bef 1868)WigsleyNTT CEN 1881 (Great Gonerby, LIN)
m.1Jun1840M054015Stephen /HOLMES/Mary /HEALD/ThorneyNTT GRO 15 829
Jane Abt1819CEN- (m. Joseph /HEALD/)HarringtonLIN CEN 1881 (Wigsley, NTT)
m. Bef1842Joseph /HEALD/Jane<Wigsley>NTT see also 1858 // b. 1822
m. Q41840FreeBMDJoseph /HEALD/[Jane /TAYLOR/]NewarkNTT GRO 15 1036
John /HEALD/28Oct1841C054011Joseph /HEALD/JaneThorneyNTT GRO 15 518 (Newark)
John /HEALD/ Abt1842CENJoseph /HEALD/JaneWigsleyNTT CEN 1881
Sarah Ann /HEALD/12Mar1843C054011Joseph /HEALD/JaneThorneyNTT
William /HEALD/ Abt1848CEN- (m. Mary Ann 1877)WigsleyNTT CEN 1881 (Newark Upon Trent, NTT)
m. Q21841FreeBMDHarriott /HEALD/NewarkNTT GRO 15 805 // b. LIN, 1816 ?
Mary Abt1822CEN- (m. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1881)KettlethorpeLIN CEN 1881 (Wigsley, NTT)
m.3Feb1842M054011Henry /HEALD/Mary /JACKSON/ThorneyNTT
Ann /HEALD/ Q11845FreeBMD- NewarkNTT GRO 15 591
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1846CEN- (m. Elizabeth YKS, Bef 1869)HarbyNTT CEN 1881 (Ardsley, YKS) CEN 1901 (Ardsley, YKS) // rel. 1851 ?
John J. /HEALD/ Abt1850CEN- (m. Hannah YKS, Bef 1877)HarbyNTT CEN 1881 (Brightside Bierlow, YKS) CEN 1901 (Brightside Bierlow, YKS) // cf Sheffield 1877
John /HEALD/ Abt1850VRI2John /HEALD/<Lincoln>LIN(m. Hannah /HAYES/ 1874 -VRI2) FHL 1542050
John /HEALD/ Abt1851VRI2- (m. Mary Ann /YOUNG/ 1886; d. bef 1892 -VRI2)<Lincoln>LIN FHL 1542051
Benjamin /HEALD/ Q31844FreeBMD- NewarkNTT GRO 15 526
Marmaduke Henry /HEALD/ Q11848CEN- (m. Elizabeth Bef 1879)North Scarle\ Shaw Lane (LIN)NTT GRO 15 531 (Oundle, NTH) CEN 1881 (Sturton) CEN 1901 (Sturton)
# -- BASFORD (C19 registration area) --
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Nathan /HEALD/ Abt1803FreeBMD- (d. 3 Aug 1873)<Basford>NTT GRO 7b 52 WILL 1873
Sarah /HEALD/ Abt1815- (m. Joseph /WALLIS/ DBY, 1836)Notts., Of SelstonNTT LDS 445792
m.6Jun1831M015741John /HARDSTAFF/Ann /HEALD/SelstonNTT
m.24Apr1837M015741Nathan /HEALD/Ann /HARDSTAFF/SelstonNTT
George /HEALD/ Q41837FreeBMD- BasfordNTT GRO 15 349
George /HEALD/ Abt1836CEN- (m2 Susan [/DAVEY/] CHS, 1884 ?)NottinghamNTT CEN 1901 (Llanrwst Rural, DEN) // cf LEI, 1839 ?
m.30Dec1840M015741Joseph /PAGE/Elizabeth /HEALD/SelstonNTT GRO 15 864 (Basford)
George /HEALD/ Q31842FreeBMD- SouthwellNTT GRO 15 593
George /HEALD/ Abt1842CEN- (m. Elizabeth Bef 1869)Westwood / SelstonNTT CEN 1881 (Selston) CEN 1901
Ann /HEALD/ Abt1844FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1844)<Basford>NTT GRO 15 314
Elizabeth Handstaff /HEALD/ Q41844FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1845, GRO 15 370)BasfordNTT GRO 15 428
m. Q21850FreeBMDThomas /HEALD/BasfordNTT GRO 15 709
Lydia Abt1816CEN- (m. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1881; Visitor 1881)BasfordNTT CEN 1881
m. Q41838FreeBMDAnn /HEALD/BasfordNTT GRO 15 881
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m.29Jan1802M060513Wm. /BRYAN/Elizth. /HEALD/Nottingham, Saint NicholasNTT PR marr INDX pallot // she of St Peter's
m.16Feb1802PRWilliam /BRYANE/Elizabeth /HELD/Nottingham, St PetersNTT PR marr INDX pallot LDS 457442 & A457438
m.18Sep1803M015431Charles /HEALD/Mary /HICKLING/Nottingham, Saint PeterNTT PR marr INDX pallot // she of Bulcote
Henry /HEALD/18Aug1804P015431Charles /HEALD/MaryNottingham, Saint PeterNTT
Ann /HEALD/10Dec1805P015431Charles /HEALD/MaryNottingham, Saint PeterNTT
Mary /HEALD/30Mar1807P015431Charles /HEALD/MaryNottingham, Saint PeterNTT
John /HEALD/26Apr1809P015431Charles /HEALD/MaryNottingham, Saint PeterNTT
Hugh Maltby /HEALD/29May1810P015431Charles /HEALD/MaryNottingham, Saint PeterNTT
m.29Sep1805M044871William /CORFIELD/Mary /HEALD/Nottingham, Saint MaryNTT PR marr INDX pallot
Hannah /BESTWICK/ Abt1782CEN/BESTWICK/CarsingtonDBY(bur. Wirksworth, 19 Nov 1856) INCE 022c CEN 1851
m.5Sep1808VRIGeorge /HEALD/Hannah /BESTWICK/RadfordNTT PR marr FHL 503809 INCE 022c INDX pallot // b. Ashover, DBY, 1774; moved to Carsington DBY, 1810
m.7Aug1809PRBenjamin /HEALD/Alice /MILLINGTON/Nottingham, St MaryNTT PR marr INDX pallot LDS batch 7105429
m.29Feb1816M044873Benjamin /HEALD/Ann /HOLMES/Nottingham, Saint MaryNTT
Mary /HEALD/5Mar1816C044873Benjamin /HEALD/AnnNottingham, Saint MaryNTT
Penelope /HEALD/9Apr1817C044873Benjamin /HEALD/AnnNottingham, Saint MaryNTT
Benjamin /HEALD/19Dec1819C044873Benjamin /HEALD/AnnNottingham, Saint MaryNTT
Benjamin /HEALD/ Abt1820CEN- (m. Mary Higgins /TAYLOR/ 1844; d. 10 Oct 1888)<Nottingham St Mary>NTT CEN 1881 WILL 1888
Henry /HEALD/22Jun1825C044873Benjamin /HEALD/AnnNottingham, Saint MaryNTT
Ann /HEALD/ Abt1830CEN- (Sister 1881)France--- CEN 1881 (Nottingham St Mary, NTT)
Ann Olympia /HEALD/ Abt1829CEN- WilfordNTT CEN 1901 (South Wilford)
James Sanderson /HEALD/11Aug1822P015431Elizabeth /HEALD/Nottingham, Saint PeterNTT //rel. 1837
Jane [/GRATON/] Abt1802CEN- (m. Samuel /HEALD/; d. 7 Aug 1872)North WingfieldDBY CEN 1851 (Leeds, YKS) WILL 1872 ADM 1894
m.24Sep1826M060514Samuel /HEALD/Jane /GRATON/Nottingham, Saint NicholasNTT // moved to Leeds, YKS, 1833
Charles Gratton /HEALD/ Abt1828CEN[Samuel /HEALD/][Jane /GRATTON/]NottinghamNTT(bapt Leeds YKS, 1833; Visitor 1881) CEN 1881 (Stafford St Mary, STS) CEN 1901 (Stafford, STS)
Jane /HEALD/ Abt1828CEN[Samuel /HEALD/][Jane]NottinghamNTT(bapt Leeds YKS, 1833; d. Litchurch, DBY 18 Feb 1885) CEN 1851 (Leeds, YKS) EXOR 1877 WILL 1885
m.30Jun1831M046641John /HEALD/Sarah /WHITE/RadfordNTT
Sarah Ann /HEALD/4Apr1832P015431John /HEALD/SarahNottingham, Saint PeterNTT
Mary /HEALD/26Apr1833C047451John /HEALD/SarahLowdhamNTT
Lavinia /HEALD/4Dec1842C045401John /HEALD/SarahBilboroughNTT GRO 15 417 (Basford)
Richard Allwood /HEALD/28Apr1844C045401John /HEALD/SarahBilboroughNTT
Sarah E. /HIELD/ Abt1834CEN- <Nottingham St Mary>NTT CEN 1881
Alice /HIELD/ Abt1836CEN- (Sister 1881)<Nottingham St Mary>NTT CEN 1881
Eliza A. /HIELD/ Abt1847CEN- (Sister 1881)<Nottingham St Mary>NTT CEN 1881
m. Q31837FreeBMDJane Sanderson /HEALD/NottinghamNTT GRO 15 615 // rel. 1822
Jane /HIELDS/ Q21838FreeBMD- NottinghamNTT GRO 15 572
Jane /HIELDS/ Abt1840FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1840)<Nottingham>NTT GRO 15 471
m.31Jul1843FreeBMDJames /HEALD/Ann /HOPKINS/Nottingham, St Mary'sNTT GRO 15 678 LDS batch 7611821
Mary Abt1820CEN- (m. Benjamin /HEALD/)LEI CEN 1881 (Nottingham St Mary, NTT) EXOR 1888
m. Q41844FreeBMDBenjamin /HEALD/Mary Higgins /TAYLOR/NottinghamNTT GRO 15 1114 // b. 1820
m. Q41848FreeBMDHenry /HEALD/NottinghamNTT GRO 15 1171
Francis Benjamin /HEALD/ Q11849CEN- (m. [Ellen /MAXFIELD/] 1873)NottinghamNTT GRO 15 6118 CEN 1881 (Wilford) CEN 1901 (South Wilford)
Mary /HIELDS/ Abt1805FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1873)<Nottingham>NTT GRO 7b 142
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Mary /HEALD/ Abt1827CEN- (servant 1851)NTT CEN 1851 (Ashton under Lyne, LAN)
Frederick /HEALD/ Abt1847CEN- (Other 1901)NTT CEN 1901 (Llanfihangel G M, DEN)
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Thomas /HEALD/ Bef1831VRI2Joseph /HEALD/<Great Grimsby>LIN(m. Elizabeth /LOFTHOUSE/ 1848) FHL 1541945
m.18Nov1833VRI2Peter /HELD/Eliza /DAWSON/HumberstoneLIN FHL 1450458
Elizabeth /LOFTHOUSE/ Bef1832VRI2Thomas /LOFTHOUSE/<Great Grimsby>LIN(m. Thomas /HEALD/ 1848) FHL 1541945
m.4May1848VRI2Thomas /HEALD/Elizabeth /LOFTHOUSE/Great Grimsby, St JamesLIN GRO 14 449 FHL 1541945 // b. Bef 1831
Alfred /HEALD/ Q41848FreeBMD- CaistorLIN GRO 14 307
George /HEALD/ Abt1839- (m. Alice /DAWSON/ 1867)South FerribyLIN LDS --
# -- near LINCOLN --
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Wm. /HEALD/25Sep1803C027221Benjn. /HEALD/AnnBrant BroughtonLIN
m.6May1817M029501Thomas /HIELD/Susanna /GOY/KettlethorpeLIN // moved to London LND, 1818, Newcastle NBL, 1818, Sunderland DUR, 1822
John /HEALD/ Bef1839VRI2George /BAXTER/<Skellingthorpe>LIN(m. Eliza /MINWICK/ 1856) FHL 1542198
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m.19Jan1801Charles /WHITE/Sarah /BROUGHTON/WispingtonLIN LDS batch 7112307 // b. Sarah /HEALD/ YKS, 1761
Abraham Dunlin /PARKINSON/21Oct1771C034941John /PARKINSON/SarahBelleau and AbyLIN
m. Bef1805Abraham Dunlin /PARKINSON/Hannah Margaret /HEALD/<Horncastle>LIN // b. YKS, 1777
John Heald Dunlin /PARKINSON/  RELAbraham Dunlin /PARKINSON/Hannah Margaret<Horncastle>LIN
Sarah /PARKINSON/27Mar1805C011912Abraham Dunlin /PARKINSON/Hannah MargaretHorncastleLIN
Abraham Dunlin /PARKINSON/26May1809C011912Abraham Dunlin /PARKINSON/Hannah MargaretHorncastleLIN
m.19Mar1835M077501Jacob /ARMATAGE/Sarah /HIELD/Wood EnderbyLIN // cf Haxby, nr York
m. Q31837FreeBMDJoseph /HEALD/LouthLIN GRO 14 617
Mary /HELD/ Q41841FreeBMD- LouthLIN GRO 14 471
Frances /HELD/ Q11844FreeBMD- LouthLIN 14 __8
Frances /HELD/21Apr1844C026282Eliza /HELD/LouthLIN
# -- SLEAFORD --
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Benjamin /HEALD/ Abt1836CEN- (m. Hellen Bef 1866)New SleafordLIN CEN 1881 (Old Sleaford)
Benjamin /HEALD/ Q21838FreeBMD- SleafordLIN GRO 14 497
Jane Abt1809CEN- (m. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1881)PointonLIN CEN 1881 (Old Sleaford) CEN 1901 (Old Sleaford)
m. Bef1836William /HEALD/JaneNew SleafordLIN
Mary /HEALD/23Sep1836C030431William /HEALD/JaneNew SleafordLIN
Ann Ants_brooke /HEALD/ Q11840FreeBMD- SleafordLIN GRO 14 511
Jane /HEALD/ Q21842C030431William /HEALD/JaneNew SleafordLIN(bapt 19 Oct 1849; m. 1871) GRO 14 524 (Sleaford)
Louisa /HEALD/ Q41844C030431William /HEALD/JaneNew SleafordLIN GRO 14 * (Sleaford)
Benjamin /HEALD/ Abt1845CEN- (Boarder 1881)LIN CEN 1881 (St Pancras, LND)
Benjamin /HEALD/ Abt1847CEN- (Other 1901)BeckinghamLIN CEN 1901 (Claypole)
Benjamin /HEALD/19Oct1849C030431William /HEALD/JaneNew SleafordLIN
John Aulsebrooke /HEALD/ Q41846C030431William /HEALD/JaneNew SleafordLIN(bapt 19 Oct 1849) GRO 14 543 (Sleaford) CEN 1881 (Old Sleaford)
William /HEALD/ Abt1842CEN- (Boarder 1881)LIN CEN 1881 (St Pancras, LND)
William /HEALD/ Q41848FreeBMD- SleafordLIN GRO 14 _22
William /HEALD/19Oct1849C030431William /HEALD/JaneNew SleafordLIN
Ann Halsebrooke /HEALD/19Oct1849C030431William /HEALD/JaneNew SleafordLIN(m. 1876)
# -- SPALDING --
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Richard /HEALD/ Abt1841FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1841)<Spalding>LIN GRO 14 429

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