Heald Births and Marriages UK: DBY NTT & LIN, 1726-1800

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The standard of proof used to consolidate these listings is current best guess (not 'absolute cast-iron certainty') -- so do not necessarily trust every suggested link, eg between a birth and a subsequent marriage, or consolidation, eg between different census returns. The listings have been mostly compiled from published indexes: you are strongly advised to check out wherever possible the original underlying documents, which may contain further information that could contradict the assumptions here.

Also be very aware that the listings are far from complete. There are many more Healds whose parishes have not yet been included in the IGI or VRI; many Healds lost or mistranscribed in both the 1881 and 1901 censuses; and many more still to transcribe at FreeBMD (latest progress). Just because there is only one Heald listed in a given place with a given name at a particular date, it is not necessarily safe to assume that they must definitely be the person you are looking for.

If there is any information you can add or correct, please contact me at j.heald@ucl.ac.uk.

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# -- CHAPEL en le FRITH --
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m.18Jun1736VRIWilliam /FERN/Mary /HEALD/[Tideswell], Peak ForestDBY PR marr FHL 1041014 LDS 2078188
m.15Jun1740Benjamin /FORD/Grace /HELD/Chapel En Le FrithDBY LDS 183471 & 184175 & A184618 & 1239580 (rel. William FORD)
m.4Oct1747VRIRobert /HEALD/Sarah /BRAMWELL/Peak ForestDBY PR marr FHL 1041014; LDS 183544 & 184292 (rel. George W. BRAMWELL) // of Eyam
m.13Apr1755M048512James /HELD/Mary /MATTHEWS/Chapel En Le FrithDBY
James /HEALD/ Abt1758REL<James /HEALD/>DBY(m. Lucy /NORRIS/ Manchester, LAN, 1780; bur. Chapel-en-le-Frith, 22 May 1815, aged 56) REL 8 9 10 WCN heald_lf
John /HEALD/16Jan1763C079461James /HEALD/Chinley, IndependentDBY(? m. Ann, Manchester LAN, Bef 1784 -REL)
Esther /HEALD/14Aug1765C079461James /HEALD/Chinley, IndependentDBY(? m. John /CRAMPTON/, Manchester LAN, 1786 -REL) WCN heald_lf
Hannah /HEALD/25Oct1767C079461James /HEALD/Chinley, IndependentDBY WCN heald_lf
Mathew /HEALD/27Nov1772C079461James /HEALD/Chinley, IndependentDBY WCN heald_lf
Sally /HEALD/5Jun1775C079461James /HEALD/Chinley, IndependentDBY WCN heald_lf
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m.28May1728M049632Francis /COCKER/Elizabeth /HELD/BakewellDBY
Joseph /HELD/4Aug1728C058972Francis /HELD/ElizabethStony MiddletonDBY // cf 1725, YKS, 1746
Mary /HELD/7Feb1731C058972Francis /HELD/ElizabethStony MiddletonDBY
Ann /HELD/29Jul1733C058972Francis /HELD/ElizabethStony MiddletonDBY
Thomas /HELD/23Nov1735C058972Francis /HELD/Stony MiddletonDBY
Francis /HELD/16Jul1738C058972Francis /HELD/Stony MiddletonDBY
Robert /HELD/16Mar1739C058972Francis /HELD/Stony MiddletonDBY TR cutler YKS, 1753
Daniel /HELD/23Feb1728C058972Daniel /HELD/Christian_Stony MiddletonDBY
m.28Oct1741Robert /BARBER/Ann /HEALD/Eyam In Eyam DaleDBY LDS batch 7025312 & batch 7225614
m.8Aug1747M049632John /BARRET/Elling /HEALD/BakewellDBY
m.15Apr1759M013132George /HEALD/Barbara /SMITH/HathersageDBY
m.12Nov1770William /HEALD/Millicent /BRAMWELL/TideswellDBY LDS batch 7001202
Sarah /HEALD/1Jan1774C013132John /HEALD/HathersageDBY
Nancy /HEALD/1Sep1789C054431Robt. /HEALD/HannahEyamDBY
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m.11Oct1726Robert /HEALD/Eliza /HAY/ChesterfieldDBY LDS batch 7721748
Anne /HEALD/6Aug1727P014941Robt /HEALD/ElizabethMortonDBY
George /HEALD/10Dec1728P014941Robt /HEALD/ElizabethMortonDBY
Henry /HEALD/12Feb1730P014941Robt /HEALD/ElizabethMortonDBY
Hannah /HEALD/29Aug1731P014941Robt /HEALD/ElizabethMortonDBY
Mary /HEALD/21Mar1734P014941Robt /HEALD/ElizabethMortonDBY
Nathan /HEALD/24Oct1736P014941Robt /HEALD/ElizabethMortonDBY
Dorothy /HEALD/14Dec1739P014941Robt /HEALD/ElizabethMortonDBY
George /HEALD/1Nov1728VRI2John /HEALD/MaryStaveleyDBY FHL 1041903
Rose /HEALD/12Oct1733C055752John /HEALD/MaryStaveleyDBY VRI2 FHL 1041903
William /HEALD/31Dec1730J049932John /HEALD/DronfieldDBY
John /HEALD/8Dec1732J049932John /HEALD/DronfieldDBY
m.7Jan1730George /HEALD/Ann /HANCOCK/StaveleyDBY LDS batch 7019022 // alt
Thomas /HEALD/5Nov1731VRI2George /HEALD/AnneStaveleyDBY FHL 1041903
Catherine /HEALD/5Nov1741C055752George /HEALD/AnneStaveleyDBY VRI2 FHL 1041903
m.4Jun1734M035863Thomas /HEALD/Elizabeth /CLARKE/ChesterfieldDBY
Martha /HEALD/11May1735C035863Thomas /HEALD/ChesterfieldDBY
George /HEALD/5Nov1737C035863Thomas /HEALD/ChesterfieldDBY
Ellen /HEALD/9Nov1735C047552George /HEALD/HeasterWhitwellDBY
Daniel /HEALD/20Nov1738P014941Daniel /HEALD/Mabel [/WHITE/]MortonDBY LDS -- //m. Beeley 1720
m.5May1742M048542George /HEALD/Lidia /JOHNSON/ClowneDBY
Anne /HEALD/4Apr1743C055752George /HEALD/LydiaStaveleyDBY VRI2 FHL 1041903
William /HEALD/11Nov1744VRI2George /HEALD/LidiaStaveleyDBY FHL 1041903
Mary /HEALD/14Dec1746C055752George /HEALD/LydiaStaveleyDBY VRI2 FHL 1041903
m.25Apr1743M048362Roger /WATKINSON/Martha /HEALD/Old Brampton, Saint PeterDBY
m.25Apr1743Roger /WATKINSON/Maria /HEALD/Old BramptonDBY LDS batch 7412211
m.21Oct1744M058802Joseph /HILL/Sarah /HEALD/South WingfieldDBY VRI2 FHL 496705
William /HEALD/24Jul1750VRI2William /HEALD/Elizabeth /BRITTON/StaveleyDBY FHL 1041903
Mary /HEALD/24Feb1755C055752William /HEALD/ElizabethStaveleyDBY VRI2 FHL 1041903
Thomas /HEALD/29Jun1759VRI2William /HEALD/ElizabethStaveleyDBY FHL 1041903
Anne /HEALD/27Dec1760C055752William /HEALD/ElizabethStaveleyDBY VRI2 FHL 1041903
Elizabeth /HEALD/21Sep1763C055752William /HEALD/ElizabethStaveleyDBY VRI2 FHL 1041903
Nathan /HEALD/24Aug1752P014941Anne /HEALD/MortonDBY
m.16Feb1754M014942Thomas /HASLAM/Mabel /HEALD/MortonDBY
Martha /HEALD/ Abt.1735- (m. Harry /LOWE/)ChesterfieldDBY LDS 453728
m.3Jan1756Harry /LOWE/Martha /HEALD/ChesterfieldDBY LDS A456534 & 456534
m.2Jun1756John /BELL/Ann /HEALD/MortonDBY LDS batch 7215834
m.6Sep1758Robert /HEALD/Mary /LOWE/MortonDBY LDS batch 6930911 & 183569 (rel. William COOK)
m.26Feb1759M055753Thomas /HEALD/Ann /STEEL/StaveleyDBY
George /HEALD/29Sep1762VRI2Thomas /HEALD/AnneStaveleyDBY FHL 1041903
Nancy /HEALD/26Mar1766C055752Thomas /HEALD/AnneStaveleyDBY VRI2 FHL 1041903
m.5Nov1760M055753George /HEALD/Hannah /COPLAND/StaveleyDBY
m.24Jan1763M035863George /HEALD/Hannah /PEARSON/ChesterfieldDBY
Thomas /HEALD/1Jan1764C060972George /HEALD/HannahBolsoverDBY
George /HEALD/29Jun1766C060972Geo /HEALD/HannahBolsoverDBY
William /HEALD/1Jul1769C060972George /HEALD/HannahBolsoverDBY
Hannah /HEALD/9Sep1771C060972George /HEALD/HannahBolsoverDBY
Anne /HEALD/26Mar1775C060972George /HEALD/HannahBolsoverDBY
Elizabeth /HEALD/1Nov1778C060972George /HEALD/HannahBolsoverDBY
m.26Oct1764M035863Benjamin /WHITE/Mary /HEALD/ChesterfieldDBY
m.26Jul1767John /TURNER/Anne /HEALD/StaveleyDBY LDS batch 7321307
Nathan /HEALD/ Abt.1744- (m. Jane /FISHER/)MortonDBY LDS 446259
m.6Feb1769PRNathan /HEALD/Jane /FISHER/Ault Hucknall, [Ockbrook]DBY PR marr LDS A458420 & 458420; LDS batch 7031006 // he of Morton
Robt /HEALD/21Jan1770P014941Nathan /HEALD/JaneMortonDBY
John /HEALD/29Sep1771P014941Nathan /HEALD/JaneMortonDBY
Nathan /HELD/15Apr1775P014941Nathan /HELD/JaneMortonDBY(m. Mary /ASHMORE/ 1800; d. 8 May 1859) CEN 1851 (Tibshelf) WILL 1859
Elizabeth /HEALD/11May1777P014941Nathan /HEALD/JaneMortonDBY
Mary /HEALD/ Abt.1747- (m. Thomas /MACHIN/)StaveleyDBY LDS 538049
m.5Apr1768M055753Thomas /MACHEN/Mary /HEALD/StaveleyDBY LDS 538062
Hannah /HILL/  John /HILL/<Wirksworth \ Tibshelf>DBY(m1 Daniel /HEALD/; m2 Robert /COOPER/ 1787) INCE 022c (11)
m.12Apr1770M059521Daniel /HEALD/Hannah /HILL/TibshelfDBY // miller, of Grantham - INCE 022c (12); to Grantham LIN, 1776 ?
John /HEALD/21Mar1771VRI2Daniel /HEALD/AshoverDBY FHL 1041018
John /HEALD/ Abt1771Daniel /HEALD/Hannah<North Wingfield>DBY(d. Matlock, 28 May 1838; bur. 30 May) INCE 022c (17)
William /HEALD/8Jun1772C058752Daniel /HEALD/HannahNorth WingfieldDBY
George /HEALD/24Mar1774VRI2Daniel /HEALD/AshoverDBY FHL 1041018
George /HEALD/24Mar1774C058752Daniel /HEALD/HannahNorth WingfieldDBY(m. Hannah /BESTWICK/ NTT, 1808; bur. 1 Jun 1858) INCE 022c (18) CEN 1851
m.12Aug1770M014942John /WRIGHT/Mary /HEALD/MortonDBY
Dorothy /HEALD/18Nov1771P014941George /HEALD/ElizabethMortonDBY
Ann /HEALD/26Sep1773P014941George /HEALD/ElizabethMortonDBY
George /HEALD/19Feb1775P014941George /HEALD/ElizabethMortonDBY
Mary /HEALD/29Jan1777P014941George /HEALD/ElizabethMortonDBY
m.25May1771M035863John /MEE/Ann /HEALD/ChesterfieldDBY
m.29Dec1777M055753Robert /SAGAR/Hannah /HEALD/StaveleyDBY
m.4Mar1780M014942John /BLANKLEY/Jane /HEALD/MortonDBY
m.25Apr1786M055753Godfrey /CROFTS/Anne /HEALD/StaveleyDBY
Robert /COOPER/  M055753Thomas /COOPER/<Kirk Ireton>DBY INCE 014b (42)
m.15Dec1787WIRKSWRobert /COOPER/Hannah /HEALD/WirksworthDBY(widow of Daniel /HEALD/ m. 1770; witn. John DAWSON,Jos. COTTRILL) INCE 022c (19) LDS batch 7333107 // of Callow
m.2Nov1790M060972Thomas /HEALD/Elizabeth /HUNT/BolsoverDBY
Elizabeth /HEALD/11Sep1791C060972Thomas /HEALD/ElizabethBolsoverDBY
Hannah /HEALD/1Jan1794C060972Thomas /HEALD/ElizabethBolsoverDBY
Geoe /HEALD/28Aug1796C060972Thos /HEALD/ElizhBolsoverDBY
John /HEALD/2Dec1798C060972Thos /HEALD/ElizhBolsoverDBY // could be 1800
m.3Jul1791M055753Samuel /ATKIN/Elizabeth /HEALD/StaveleyDBY
m.28Nov1791George /HEALD/Ann /FOX/BolsoverDBY LDS batch 7100625
William /HEELD/28Jan1793C060972George /HEELD/AnnBolsoverDBY
George /HEALD/10Aug1794George /HEALD/AnnBolsoverDBY LDS batch 7100610
Thos /HEALD/28Apr1797C060972Geo /HEALD/AnnBolsoverDBY
John /HEALD/14Apr1798George /HEALD/AnnBolsoverDBY LDS batch 7100610
John /HEALD/14Apr1799C060972Geo /HEALD/AnnBolsoverDBY // could be 1800
m.19Sep1792Richard /COOKE/Hannah /HEALD/WhittingtonDBY LDS batch 7530816
George /HEALD/ Abt1796CEN- (m. Catharine /UNWIN/ 1819; widr bef 1851)BolsoverDBY CEN 1851 (Barton upon Irwell, LAN)
m.5Nov1796John /HELD/Mary /GREATOREX/<of Morton>DBY LDS 1239526
m.8Nov1796M014944John /HEALD/Mary /GREATOREX/MortonDBY INDX pallot LDS 183493 & 183584 (rel. George GREATOREX, Robert STONE)
m.16Sep1800M059521Nathan /HEALD/Mary /ASHMORE/TibshelfDBY // b. 1775; see 1801
John /HEALD/ Abt1800CEN- (m. Ann /CARTER/ 1822)<Eckington>DBY CEN 1851 // could be 1799 or 1798
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Robert /HEALDE/5May1726C139092Robert /HEALDE/AnneAshbourne, Saint OswaldDBY VRI2
# -- DERBY (and BASFORD) --
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m.24May1732VRI2Richard /MILWARD/Mary /HEALD/Derby, St PeterDBY LDS A455134 & 455134
Henrietta /HEALD/18Jan1774C067011Henry /HEALD/MaryIlkeston, Old Meeting-PresbyterianDBY
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# -- WORKSOP --
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m.  1756M008623Daniel /HEALD/Catherine /MOSELEY/WorksopNTT VRI FHL 504058
John /HEALD/19May1758P008621Daniel /HEALD/CatherineWorksopNTT
m.9Jun1763M008623Daniel /HEALD/Abigail /HARDY/ [/HARBY/]WorksopNTT VRI FHL 504058
Ruth /HEALD/5Jul1764P008621Daniel /HEALD/AbigalWorksopNTT
Ruth /HEALD/2Jan1766P008621Daniel /HEALD/AbigailWorksopNTT
Daniel /HEALD/25Mar1768P008621Daniel /HEALD/Abigail [/HARBY/]WorksopNTT LDS --
William /HEALD/28Apr1772VRIDaniel /HEALD/Abigail [/HARBY/]WorksopNTT FHL 504058 LDS --
Richard /HEALD/27Jul1774VRIDaniel /HEALD/AbigailWorksopNTT FHL 504058 TR cutler YKS, 1790
Abigail /HEALD/04Jun1779Daniel /HEALD/Abigial /HARBY/WarsopNTT LDS --
Ann /HEALD/27May1792VRIGeorge /HEALD/MaryCuckneyNTT FHL 503487
m.26Nov1793M008623William /HEALD/Frances /SEARS/WorksopNTT VRI FHL 504058
Daniel /HEALD/19Apr1794VRIWilliam /HEALD/FrancesWorksopNTT FHL 504058
Temperance /HEALD/9Apr1796VRIWilliam /HEALD/FrancesWorksopNTT FHL 504058
John /HEALD/27Jan1799VRIWilliam /HEALD/FrancesWorksopNTT FHL 504058
Catherine /HEALD/3Dec1800VRIWilliam /HEALD/FrancesWorksopNTT(b. 29 Nov 1800) FHL 504058
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m.18Feb1772M011091Joseph /HEALD/Mary /KELK/HeadonNTT PR marr
m.2Nov1789William /HEALD/Frances /ROEBUCK/East RetfordNTT LDS batch 7121502
George /HEALD/ Abt.1765- (m. Sarah /WILKINSON/ 1790)EvertonNTT AFN:3W56-1G; LDS 442765
m.4Feb1790INDXGeorge /HEALD/Sarah /WILKINSON/EvertonNTT AFN:3W56-1G; INDX pallot LDS A459162 & 459164 & batch 7314205 // b. 1765
John /HEALD/14Nov1790George /HEALD/SarahEvertonNTT(d. 28 Jun 1791 -AF) AFN:3W57-GT; LDS batch 7314205
Mary /HEALD/21May1792George /HEALD/SarahEvertonNTT LDS batch 7314205
Mary /HEALD/22May1792George /HEALD/Sarah /WILKINSON/EvertonNTT AFN:3W57-H1; LDS 442762 & 459164
Mary /HEALD/24May1792C010962George /HEALD/SarahEvertonNTT
Sarah /HEALD/23May1796George /HEALD/SarahEvertonNTT(d. 12 Aug 1847, Misson -AF) AFN:27WJ-6K; LDS batch 7314205
Ann /HEALD/25Jul1800George /HEALD/SarahEvertonNTT AFN:3W57-J6; LDS batch 7314205
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m.11Jul1739M062382Henry /HEALD/Mary /CROOKS/MistertonNTT // cf Sutton 1740
Joseph /HEALD/18Jan1746C062382Henry /HEALD/MaryMistertonNTT
Robert /HEALD/9Jun1751Henry /HEALD/MaryMistertonNTT LDS batch 7734022
Elizabeth /HEALD/29Jun1755C062382Henry /HEALD/MaryMistertonNTT
Mary /HEALD/20Jan1760C062382Henry /HEALD/MaryMistertonNTT
Barbara /HEALD/6Mar1763C062382Henry /HEALD/MaryMistertonNTT
George /HEALD/ Abt.1740- MisertonNTT LDS --
m.15Oct1764George /HEALD/Sarah /WHITE/MistertonNTT LDS batch 7016219
William /HEALD/27Jun1765C062382George /HEALD/SarahMistertonNTT
George /HEALD/22May1768C062382George /HEALD/SarahMistertonNTT
Joseph /HEALD/21Oct1770C062382George /HEALD/SarahMistertonNTT
Sarah /HEALD/13Sep1772George /HEALD/SarahMistertonNTT LDS batch 7108407
Mary /HEALD/3Dec1775George /HEALD/SarahMistertonNTT LDS batch 7108407
Joseph /HEALD/3Dec1775C062382George /HEALD/SarahMistertonNTT
John /HEALD/14Sep1777C062382George /HEALD/SarahMistertonNTT
Betty /HEALD/  1780George /HEALD/Sarah /WHITE/MistertonNTT(d. 16 Jan 1780 -IGI nofilm) LDS batch 8700232
Joseph /HEALD/16Sep1781C062382George /HEALD/SarahMistertonNTT
Sarah /HEALD/6Nov1783George /HEALD/SarahMistertonNTT LDS batch 7108407
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Elizabeth /HEALD/11Jan1740VRIHenry /HEALD/MarySutton In AshfieldNTT FHL 503820 // cf Misterton 1739
George /HEALD/27Feb1742VRIHenry /HEALD/MarySutton In AshfieldNTT FHL 503820
Elizabeth /HEALD/3Aug1745VRIHenry /HEALD/MarySutton In AshfieldNTT FHL 503820
Henry /HEALD/3Aug1745VRIHenry /HEALD/MarySutton In AshfieldNTT FHL 503820
John /HEALD/ Abt1755MISC- (m. Elizabeth /RICHARDSON/ 1810; d. 1 Mar 1811; bur. 2 Mar -PR bur)<Mansfield>NTT MISC NTT
Daniel /HEALD/ Abt1764MISC- (m. Elizabeth /BREWITT/ 1797; bur. 27 May 1846 -PR bur)<Mansfield>NTT MISC NTT
m.29Aug1770VRIGeorge /HEALD/Elizabeth /ORSON/Sutton in AshfieldNTT FHL 503820
Dorothy /HEALD/ Abt1774VRI2- (m. John /WHEATCROFT/ 1804)<Mansfield>NTT FHL 503790
m.30Sep1783Barbara /HEILD/Sutton In AshfieldNTT LDS 170403 & 170453 & 183464 & 184125 (rel. John Mellor, John H. LESTER)
m.30Sep1783John /MELLOR/ \ /MELLORS/Barbara /HEILD/Sutton In AshfieldNTT LDS A170516 & 170517 & A184624 & 184625
m.30Dec1783VRIJohn /MELLOR/Barbara /HEILD/Sutton in AshfieldNTT FHL 503820
m.16Jul1786M008623George /HEALD/Elizabeth /COWPER/WorksopNTT VRI FHL 504058 // cf Arnold 1794
Elisabeth /HEALD/29Jul1787VRIGeorge /HEALD/ElizabethWarsopNTT FHL 504054
Henry /HEALD/25Jan1789VRIGeorge /HEALD/ElizabethWarsopNTT FHL 504054
m.  1792INDXJoseph /HEALD/Jane /TRICKETT/LaxtonNTT INDX pallot // he of Scarcliff DBY
Elizabeth /HEALD/7Apr1793VRI2Joseph /HEALD/JaneMansfield, BTsNTT FHL 503790
m.23Nov1793VRI2John /HELD/Hannah /NORTH/Mansfield, BTsNTT PR marr INDX pallot FHL 503790
m.14Sep1794VRIWilliam /HUFTON/Ann /HEALD/Sutton in AshfieldNTT INDX pallot FHL 503820
m.4Sep1794William /HUFFEN/Ann /HEALD/Sutton In AshfieldNTT LDS 2034644
Elizabeth Bef1780- (m. Daniel /HEALD/; bur. 28 Nov 1838 -PR bur)<Mansfield>NTT MISC NTT
m.21Nov1797VRI2Daniel /HEALD/Elizabeth /BREWITT/Mansfield, BTsNTT PR marr FHL 503790 INDX pallot // b. 1764
Harriett /HEALD/ Jan1797Daniel /HEALD/Elizabeth /BREWITT/MansfieldNTT LDS --
Elizabeth /HEALD/24Sep1798VRI2Daniel /HEALD/ElizabethMansfield, BTsNTT FHL 503790
Mary Ann /HEALD/14Jul1800C320573Daniel /HEALD/Elizabeth [/BREWITT/]MansfieldNTT(bur. 5 Oct 1825 -PR bur) VRI2 FHL 503790 LDS --
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m.10Jul1772M048621Isaac /HALD/Ann /NICHOLSON/HalamNTT
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m.13Jun1743M015431John /HEALD/Ann /KEEN/Nottingham, Saint PeterNTT PR marr
Susanna /HEALD/30Dec1745VRIJohn /HEALD/AnnNottingham, Saint MaryNTT FHL 503798
George /HEALD/ Abt1728LIC- (m. Ellen /TAYLOR/ aged 22)Nottingham, St. Mary'sNTT LDS 447902
Ellen /TAYLOR/ Abt1729LIC- Nottingham, St. Mary'sNTT
m.5May1750LICGeorge /HEALD/Ellen /TAYLOR/Nottingham, St. Mary'sNTT LIC marr
m.6May1750VRIGeorge /HEALD/Ellen /TAYLOR/Nottingham, St. Mary'sNTT PR marr FHL 503798; LDS 455204 & batch 7101512
William /HEALD/26Jan1750VRIGeorge /HEALD/HelenNottingham, Saint MaryNTT FHL 503798
Mary /HEALD/24Mar1752VRIGeorge /HEALD/EllenNottingham, Saint MaryNTT FHL 503798
Roger James /HEALD/4Feb1755VRIGeorge /HEALD/EleanorNottingham, Saint MaryNTT FHL 503798 TR cutler YKS, 1768
George /HEALD/1Feb1759P015431George /HEALD/EllenNottingham, Saint PeterNTT
Joseph /HEALD/28Jun1757C044871Joseph /HEALD/ElisabethNottingham, Saint MaryNTT
Sarah /HEALD/15Apr1759C044871Joseph /HEALD/ElisabethNottingham, Saint MaryNTT
Benjamin /HEALD/10Mar1761C044871Joseph /HEALD/ElisabethNottingham, Saint MaryNTT
m.3Apr1760Henry /HEALD/Mary /WOODHEAD/NottinghamNTT LDS 184297
m.3Apr1769Henry /HEALD/Mary /WOODHEAD/MarnhamNTT LDS 184634
m.3Apr1769M044871Henry /HEALD/Mary /WOODHEAD/Nottingham, Saint MaryNTT PR marr LDS A184634 & 183524 (rel. Henry CLAY)
John /HEALD/8Jan1770C044871Henry /HEALD/MaryNottingham, Saint MaryNTT
Henrietta /HEALD/18Jan1774C081531Henry /HEALD/MaryNottingham, High Pavement PresbyterianNTT
Ann /HEALD/4Oct1776C081531Henry /HEALD/MaryNottingham, High Pavement PresbyterianNTT
Harriot /HEALD/4Apr1779C044871Henry /HEALD/MaryNottingham, Saint MaryNTT
Elisabeth /HEALD/6Apr1781C044871Henry /HEALD/MaryNottingham, Saint MaryNTT
Henry /HEALD/12Mar1783C044871Henry /HEALD/MaryNottingham, Saint MaryNTT
Mary /HEALD/15Nov1784C044871Henry /HEALD/MaryNottingham, Saint MaryNTT
m.27Jun1776M044871William /KNIGHT/Mary /HEALD/Nottingham, Saint MaryNTT PR marr
Mary /HEALD/ Abt.1759- (m. Joseph /WARD/)St. Mary's NottinghamNTT LDS 444900
m.8Oct1780PRJoseph /WARD/Mary /HEALD/Nottingham, St MarysNTT PR marr LDS 170398 & A459177 & 459178 (rel. Joseph Stras PEERY)
Benjamin /HEALD/ Abt.1756- (m. Mary /WRIGHT/)Nottingham, Of St. Mary'sNTT LDS 447961
m.19Nov1781PRBenjamin /HEALD/Mary /WRIGHT/Nottingham, St MarysNTT PR marr LDS A459017 & 459021 & batch 7232714
Joseph /HEALD/7Apr1783C044871Benjamin /HEALD/MaryNottingham, Saint MaryNTT
Benjamin /HEALD/25Jan1785C044871Benjamin /HEALD/MaryNottingham, Saint MaryNTT
Mary /HEALD/21Oct1787C044872Benjamin /HEALD/MaryNottingham, Saint MaryNTT
m.25Jan1789James /HEALD/Elizabeth /CHAMBERS/ArnoldNTT LDS batch 7414225
m.18Oct1790M015431William /CHAND/Ruth /HEALD/Nottingham, Saint PeterNTT PR marr INDX pallot
Rebeckah /HEALD/10Aug1794VRIGeorge /HEALD/ElizabethArnoldNTT FHL 503471 // cf Worksop 1786
m.30Oct1800M060513John /COOPER/Elizabeth /HEALD/Nottingham, Saint NicholasNTT PR marr INDX pallot LDS 183469 (rel. John COOPER)
Elizabeth /HELD/ Abt.1781- (m. William /BRYANE/)Nottingham, Of St. PetersNTT LDS 447988
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m.9Oct1728M011911George /HEALD/Margtt Mrs /WARD/HorncastleLIN VRI2 FHL 1542140 LDS 177873 (rel. Joseph S. PEERY)
Anth. /HEALD/5Dec1729P011911Geo. /HEALD/Margtt.HorncastleLIN VRI2 FHL 1542140
George /HEALD/2Dec1730P011911Geo. /HEALD/Margtt.HorncastleLIN VRI2 FHL 1542140
Susanna /HEALD/19Jan1731VRI2George /HEALD/MargrettHorncastleLIN FHL 1542140
Susana. /HEALD/19Jan1732P011911Geo. /HEALD/Margtt.HorncastleLIN
George /HEALD/1May1733P011911Geo. /HEALD/Margtt. [Mary]HorncastleLIN
Eliz. /HEALD/28Aug1734P011911Geo. /HEALD/Margtt.HorncastleLIN VRI2 FHL 1542140
Margtt. /HEALD/21Nov1735P011911George /HEALD/Margtt.HorncastleLIN(b. 30 Oct 1735 -VRI2) VRI2 FHL 1542140
Mary /HEALD/22Dec1736P011911Geo. /HEALD/Margtt.HorncastleLIN VRI2 FHL 1542140
Dorathy /HEALD/10Feb1737VRI2George /HEALD/MargrettHorncastleLIN FHL 1542140
Dorathy /HEALD/10Feb1738P011911Geo. /HEALD/Margtt.HorncastleLIN
Richard /HEALD/23Jul1742P011911George /HEALD/MargrettHorncastleLIN(bur 27 Dec 1816 aged 74 -NBI)
George /HEALD/17Aug1743P011911Geo. /HEALD/Margtt.HorncastleLIN
Ann /HEALD/13May1748P011911George /HEALD/Margaret /HEALD/HorncastleLIN
m.30Jun1763M011332Peter /CAMPART/Susana Miss /HEALD/BostonLIN
m.27Sep1763M011332William /PENNELL/Elizabeth Miss /HEALD/BostonLIN
m.4Jul1769VRI2Benjamin /LUDLOW/Ann /HEALD/HorncastleLIN FHL 1542141 LDS 183495 (rel. Moses LUDLOW)
m.6Jul1772M011332Richard /HEALD/Susanna /CONINGTON/BostonLIN
Richard /HEALD/4Jun1773P011911Richard /HEALD/SusannaHorncastleLIN
George /HEALD/10May1775P011911Richard /HEALD/SusannaHorncastleLIN(m. Emma /TRAFFORD/ NFK, 1825; d. 18 May 1834; bur 30 May aged 59 -NBI) // UNIV Cam 1794
Richard /HEALD/16Apr1777P011911Richard /HEALD/SusannaHorncastleLIN(bur 9 Mar 1841 aged 62 -NBI)
Frances /HEALD/22Jun1778P011911Richd. /HEALD/SusannahHorncastleLIN
Susanna /HEALD/3Nov1779P011911Richard /HEALD/SusannaHorncastleLIN
Frances /HEALD/3Aug1781P011911Richard /HEALD/SusannaHorncastleLIN
m. Dec1793M028401John /DAWSON/Elizabeth /HALD/FriskneyLIN
# -- NEWARK --
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m.21Nov1769M027221John /LANE/Jane /HEALD/Brant BroughtonLIN
Jane /HEALD/22Jul1770C027221Benjain /HEALD/JaneBrant BroughtonLIN
Sarah /HEALD/22Jul1770C027221Benjamin /HEALD/JaneBrant BroughtonLIN
Robert /HEALD/22Jul1770C027221Benjamin /HEALD/JaneBrant BroughtonLIN
Benjamin /HEALD/12Jun1771C027221Benjamin /HEALD/JaneBrant BroughtonLIN
Ann /HEALD/8Jun1786C026121Robt. /HEALD/Eliz.CaythorpeLIN
Jane /HEALD/14May1788C026121Robt. /HEALD/Eliz.CaythorpeLIN
Eliz. /HEALD/14Jun1789C026121Robt. /HEALD/Eliz.CaythorpeLIN
Mary /HEALD/4Jul1790C026121Robt. /HEALD/Eliz.CaythorpeLIN
Jane /HEALD/11Aug1791C026121Robt. /HEALD/Eliz.CaythorpeLIN
Robt. /HEALD/31Oct1792C026121Robt. /HEALD/Eliz.CaythorpeLIN
Sarah /HEALD/20Apr1794C026121Robt. /HEALD/Eliz.CaythorpeLIN
Benjamin /HEALD/30Aug1789C027221Benjamin /HEALD/AnnBrant BroughtonLIN(d. 25 May 1858; bur 29 May aged 68 -NBI) WILL 1858
John /HEALD/29May1791C027221Benjn. /HEALD/AnnBrant BroughtonLIN(bur 31 Mar 1853 aged 61 -NBI)
Anne /HEALD/3Mar1793C027221Benjamin /HEALD/AnneBrant BroughtonLIN
Mary /HEALD/4Oct1794C027221Benjamin /HEALD/AnneBrant BroughtonLIN(d. 7 Aug 1873, GRO 7b 211; bur 12 Aug aged 78 -NBI) EXOR 1858 WILL 1873
Thomas /HEALD/17Sep1796C027221Benjamin /HEALD/AnnBrant BroughtonLIN
Robert /HEALD/26Jul1799C027221Benjn. /HEALD/AnnBrant BroughtonLIN(bur 8 Mar 1832 aged 32 -NBI)
# -- GRANTHAM --
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Mary /HEALD/6May1776C011244Daniel /HEALD/HannahGranthamLIN // ? m. Tibshelf DBY, 1770 INCE 022c (12)
Eliz /HEALD/20Jul1778C011244Daniel /HEALD/HannahGranthamLIN
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Henry /HEELD/28Aug1726C031562John /HEELD/ElizabethSpaldingLIN
Theophilus /HEELD/14Feb1729C031562John /HEELD/ElizabethSpaldingLIN
Theophilus /HEELD/10Apr1732C031562John /HEELD/ElizabethSpaldingLIN
Elizabeth /HEELD/10Apr1732C031562John /HEELD/ElizabethSpaldingLIN
m.27Apr1741M011132Richard /JEFFREY/Mary /HELD/HolbeachLIN
m.6May1742M031562John /HEELD/Elizabeth /TEAT/SpaldingLIN
John /HEELDS/6Jan1749C031562John /HEELDS/ElizabethSpaldingLIN
m.30Mar1749M031562John /HEELD/Elizabeth /KINGSTONE/SpaldingLIN
Theophilus /HEELDS/3Feb1747C031562Henry /HEELDS/SarahSpaldingLIN
Elizabeth /HEELDS/1Dec1750C031562Henry /HEELDS/MarySpaldingLIN
Mary /HEELD/8Mar1750C031562John /HEELD/MarySpaldingLIN
m.8May1750M031562John /HEELD/Mary /RAVEN/SpaldingLIN
Mary /HEELDS/7Aug1754C031562John /HEELDS/MarySpaldingLIN
Elizabeth /HEELD/5May1756C031562John /HEELD/MarySpaldingLIN
Eliz Sydney /HEELD/3Feb1773C031562John /HEELD/ElizabethSpaldingLIN
John Kingston /HEELD/12Apr1775C031562John /HEELD/ElizabethSpaldingLIN
m.15Jul1773M031562Thomas /BACON/Mary /HEELD/SpaldingLIN

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