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Heald Marriages in Pallot's Index

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Note that most marriages are listed twice in the index - once for each partner. The two entries are not necessarily identical: one may have more detail than the other.

Heald Spouses in Pallot's Index Top / HOME

Alton, MarthaHeald, John1806ROTHWELL 
Ball, ThosHeild, Hannah (85)1787HOLY TRINITY MINORIES 
Banks, FrancisHild, Ben1808St Anne 
Bansell, WilliamHeald, Abigail28 May 1823Mansfield 
Bansell, William (p. of ? N Co Aerley Normanton)Heald, Abigail28 May 1827Mansfield 
Barr, AnnHeald, Edwd1803ST. MARTIN IN THE FIELDS 
Barr, AnnHeald, Edwd. (588)1803ST. MARTIN IN THE FIELDS 
Barr, AnnHeald, Edwd. (588)1803ST. MARTIN IN THE FIELDS 
Bestwick, HannahHeald, George1808Radford 
Bestwick, HannahHeald, George1808Radford 
Bolton, ChasHeald, Elizth1825LONDON 
Bolton, Thos (? sd Bolton)Heald, Mary1811;1829Raddington, Somerset[Paddington, MDX]
Booth, ElizabethHeald, Marmaduke1806NORTH MUSKHAM 
Botcherby, RobertHeald, Jane1828Christchurch 
Botton, ThosHeald, Mary1811Raddington Somerset[Paddington, MDX]
Brewitt, ElizthHeald, Daniel1797Mansfiel Nts 14 
Brewitt, ElizthHeald, Daniel1797Mansfield 
Brooker, ThosHeald, Elizth1815ST. CLEMENT DANES 
Brooker, Thos (Chelsfield Kent)Heald, Elizth1813ST. CLEMENT DANES 
Brooksby, FrancisHeald, Mary17 Apr 1830Newark Ntts XVResidence:of N. Muskham
Brooksby, FrancisHeald, Mary17 Apr 1830NEWARK 
Bryan, WilliamHeald, Elizabeth (p. St Peter)1802S Nicholas Nottingham 
Bryane, WilliamHeald, Elizth1802St Peter 
Burch, JohnHeald, Jane1833HOLBORN ST ANDREW 
Burde, JohnHeald, Jane1833HOLBORN ST ANDREW 
Cabrise, Maria (formerly;or Heald)Heald, Francis (Having as the Lic specifies been previous by married at Paul Santa Maria according to ru?? of Church of Rome on 7th Sept last;186)1833  
Calvert, SamuelHeald, Elisabeth1807ROTHWELL 
Card, MarthaHeald, Jas1825T St M Whitechpl 
Chester, JosephHeald, Eliz1834ROTHERHAM 
Childe, AnneHeald, James1801ROTHWELL 
Cooper, JohnHeald, Elizabeth1800NOTTINGHAM ST NICHOLAS 
Corfield, WmHeald, Mary1805NOTTINGHAM, ST MARY 
Flutter, JohnHeald, Ruth1828T St Antholin St In BapResidence:St. Giles Camberwell
Fortune, JohnHeald, Mary1830ST. MARTIN IN THE FIELDS 
Foster, StephenHeald, Sarah1825Kneesall 
Gibson, ElizthHeald, Robt1834BLOOMSBURY ST GEORGE 
Glendining, AlexHeald, Sarah (Geo. Olmsby)1826S Pancras 
Godking, HannahHeald, Robt1803Morton Derbyshire 
Goodfellow, James (Husbandonan)Heald, Eliz1809Gawsworth Cheshire 
Greatorex, MaryHeald, John1796Morton Derbyshire 
Green, JosephHeild, Eliz1834ROTHERHAM 
Gunson, SamuelHeald, Ann07 Oct 1833ROTHERHAM 
Heyser, MargarettaHeld, Lewis13 Jul 1812Freshwater Hampshire 
Hickling, MaryHeald, Charles1803Nottingham 
Hields, Hields ,  1810ST. GEORGE HANOVER SQUARE 
Hollingsworth, ElizabethHeald, Robert21 May 1834Mansfield 
Hufton, WmHeald, Ann1794SUTTON IN ASHFIELD 
Hufton, WmHeald, Ann1794SUTTON IN ASHFIELD 
Hurt, MaryHealds, William1804Farnsfield 
Jepson, MaryHeald, Ralph1812WALTON LE DALE 
Kerchevall, WilliamHeald, Sarah29 Sep 18??SOUTHWELL 
Locke, GeorgeHeald, Elizabeth15 Aug 1831Mansfield 
Lowe, AdamHealdes, Eliz1828Farnsfield 
Maddox, JasHeald, Ellen1835STEPNEY ST DUNSTAN 
Marsden, RachelHeald, Joseph1800ST. GEORGE HANOVER SQUARE 
Miller, WmHeald, Eliz1817NEWARK 
Millington, AliceHeald, Benjn1809Nottingham 
Munro, JasHeald, Sarah1828St Anne 
Murray, SarahHeald, Thos1815Westminster, Middlesex 
Newman, AnnHeald, Jas1807Hackney Middlesex 
North, HannahHeald, John1793Mansfield 
Parkman, AmeliaHeald, Jno1819St Anne 
Radford, MaryHeald, John1815SHIRLAND 
Ramsden, WmHeald, Grace1802ROTHWELL 
Richardson, ElizthHeald, John1810Mansfield 
Robinson, PaulHeald, Temperance1816Mansfield 
Seymour, WilliamHeald, Mary28 Jun 1777St Alban Wood Street 
Simpson, JohnHeald, Mary1789Westminster, Middlesex 
Slaney, JasHeald, Elizth1814Kneesall 
Smith, CharlesHeld, Hannah1823NORTH MUSKHAM 
Smith, JasHeald, Eliz1805DONCASTER 
Thomas, WmHeald, Sarah1826Gloucester 
Trickett, JaneHeald, Joseph1792Laxton Nott Spouse's Residence:of scarcliffe Derbyshire
Vaughan, EllenHeald, Wm1793CHESTER HOLY TRINITY 
Vincent, Martha (f)Heald, Wm (11)1784S MaryleboneResidence:St Margt Westmr
Wallis, JosephHeald, Sarah (p. Selston Co Nottan)1836Pentrich Deys 14Residence:of Codnor Park
Ward, HannahHeald, Joseph1805DONCASTER 
Watts, John (p Bawtry co York)Heald, Jane1830Kneesall Notts 20 
Wheatcroft, John (p. farmsfield)Heald, Dorothy1804MANSFIELD 
Whitaker, JamesHeald, Mary1806ROTHWELL 
Whitmarsh, NathHeald, Mary1807St Anne 
Wilkinson, SarahHeald, Geo1790Everton Nottinghamshire 
Willis, MaryHeald, Edwd1811ST. CLEMENT DANES 
Willitts, NancyHild, Dan (p of Dudley Co. Wo??ter)1804ROWLEY REGIS 
Wood, MarthaHeald, Wm1806ST. GILES IN THE FIELDS 
Wood, ThomasHeald, Sarah27 Jul 1828ROTHERHAM 

Heald Entries in Pallot's Index Top / HOME

Heald, AbigailBansell, Wm1827Mansfield 
Heald, AnnGunson, Saml1833ROTHERHAM 
Heald, AnnHufton, Wm1794SUTTON IN ASHFIELD 
Heald, AnneMarshall, Will1802STRATTON 
Heald, BenjnMillington, Alice1809Nottingham 
Heald, CharlesHickling, Mary1803Nottingham 
Heald, DanielBrewitt, Elizth1797Mansfield 
Heald, DavidHartley, Ellenor1807Horbury West Riding Yorkshire 
Heald, DorothyWheatcroft, John1804Mansfield 
Heald, EdwdBarr, Ann1803ST. MARTIN IN THE FIELDS 
Heald, EdwdBarr, Ann1803ST. MARTIN IN THE FIELDS 
Heald, EdwdWillis, Mary1811ST. CLEMENT DANES 
Heald, ElisabethCalvert, Samuel1807ROTHWELL 
Heald, ElizChester, Joseph1834ROTHERHAM 
Heald, ElizGoodfellow, James1809Gawsworth 
Heald, ElizSmith, Jas1805DONCASTER 
Heald, ElizabethMiller, William7 Aug 1817NEWARK 
Heald, ElizthBolton, Chas1825St Antholin And St John The Baptist 
Heald, ElizthBrooker, Thos1815ST. CLEMENT DANES 
Heald, ElizthBryan, Wm1802Notytingham 
Heald, ElizthBryane, William1802Nottingham 
Heald, ElizthCooper, John1800Notytingham 
Heald, ElizthHill, John1817WHITECHAPEL, ST. MARY 
Heald, ElizthLocke, Geo1831Mansfield 
Heald, ElizthSlaney, Jas1814Kneesall 
Heald, EllenMaddox, Jas1835STEPNEY ST DUNSTAN 
Heald, FrancisHeald, Maria1833St George The Martyr Queen Street 
Heald, GeoTownsend, Ann1813Islington 
Heald, GeoWilkinson, Sarah1790Everton 
Heald, GeorgeBestwick, Hannah1808Radford 
Heald, GraceRamsden, Wm1802ROTHWELL 
Heald, HealdHeal, Heal   
Heald, Heald ,  1788ST. GEORGE HANOVER SQUARE 
Heald, JamesChilde, Anne1801ROTHWELL 
Heald, JaneBotcherby, Robert1828Christchurch 
Heald, JaneBurch, John1833HOLBORN ST ANDREW 
Heald, JaneWatts, John1830Kneesall 
Heald, JasCard, Martha1825WHITECHAPEL, ST. MARY 
Heald, JasGregory, Harriet1831ST. MARYLEBONE 
Heald, JasNewman, Ann1807Hackney Middlesex 
Heald, JnoParkman, Amelia1819St Anne 
Heald, JohnAlton, Martha1806ROTHWELL 
Heald, JohnGreatorex, Mary1796Morton 
Heald, JohnHeald, Mary26 Aug 1826NEWARK 
Heald, JohnHeald, Mary26 Aug 1826??NEWARK 
Heald, JohnHeald, Sarah26 Jun 1827ROTHERHAM 
Heald, JohnHeald, Sarah26 Jun 1827ROTHERHAM 
Heald, JohnNorth, Hannah1793Mansfield 
Heald, JohnRadford, Mary1815SHIRLAND 
Heald, JohnRichardson, Elizabeth1810Mansfield 
Heald, JosephMarsden, Rachel1820??ST. GEORGE HANOVER SQUARE[1800]
Heald, JosephShelton, Ann1816Ossington 
Heald, JosephTrickett, Jane1792Laxton 
Heald, JosephWard, Hannah1805DONCASTER 
Heald, MariaHeald, Francis7 Sep 1833St George The Martyr Queen Street 
Heald, MarmadukeBooth, Elizabeth3 Feb 1806NORTH MUSKHAM 
Heald, MaryBlackwell, Edwd1833STEPNEY ST DUNSTAN 
Heald, MaryBolton, Thos1811Raddington Somerset[Paddington, MDX]
Heald, MaryBrooksby, Francis17 Apr 1830NEWARK 
Heald, MaryCorfield, Wm1805Nottingham 
Heald, MaryFortune, John1830ST. MARTIN IN THE FIELDS 
Heald, MarySeymour, Wm28 Jun 1777St Alban Wood Street 
Heald, MarySimpson, John1789Westminster, Middlesex 
Heald, MaryWhitaker, James1806ROTHWELL 
Heald, MaryWhitmarsh, Nathl1807St Anne 
Heald, RalphJepson, Mary1812WALTON LE DALE 
Heald, RobertGodking, Hannah1803  
Heald, RobertHollingsworth, Elizabeth21 May 1834Mansfield 
Heald, RobtGibson, Elizth1834Bloomsbury 
Heald, RuthChand, Wm1790Nottingham 
Heald, RuthFlutter, John1828St Antholin And St John The Baptist 
Heald, SarahFoster, Stephen1825Kneesall 
Heald, SarahGlendining, Alex1826ST. PANCRAS 
Heald, SarahKerchevall??, Wm1817SOUTHWELL 
Heald, SarahMunro, Jas1828St Anne 
Heald, SarahThomas, Wm1826Gloucester 
Heald, SarahWallis, Joseph1836Pentrich 
Heald, SarahWood, Thomas27 Jul 1828ROTHERHAM 
Heald, TemperanceRobinson, Paul27 Jan 1816Mansfield 
Heald, ThosMurray, Sarah1815Westminster, Middlesex 
Heald, WmHart, Jane1792ST. MARYLEBONE 
Heald, WmVaughan, Ellen1793Chester 
Heald, WmVincent, Martha1784ST. MARYLEBONE 
Heald, WmWood, Martha1806ST. GILES IN THE FIELDS 
Healde, ElizthRemy, Pierre1803Bloomsbury 
Healdes, ElizLowe, Adam1828Farnsfield 
Healds, WilliamHurt, Mary5 Jan 1804Farnsfield 
Heild, HannahBall, Thos1787Holy Trinity Minories 
Held, ChristainChapman, Cathe1806ST. DUNSTAN IN THE WEST 
Held, HannahSmith, Charles1823NORTH MUSKHAM 
Held, LewisHeyser, Margaretta13 Jul 1812ISLE OF WIGHT 

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