Heald Probate and Wills UK, 1858-1899

Source: Extracted from the printed indexes of the national probate registry, on fiche.

See also: Wills before 1858

Note: not yet rechecked; some fields not always transcribed; only the surname variants Heald/e/s are included; further indexes from 1900 to present day not yet examined.

Adm. = Administration grant (no will)


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Year Name Address Date Died Occupation Value Probate Office
1887: Heald, Ann Leasgill, Milnthorpe d. 22 Apr 1887 159-16-4 Carlisle, 14 May
exec: William Jackson, of Leasgill, gent


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Year Name Address Date Died Occupation Value Probate Office
1859: Heald, Jane Pendleton d. 1 July 1859 (formerly of Alderley Edge, CHS) < 50 + savings a/c Manchester
exec: Alfred Peter Fletcher, of Beaucliffe, Eccles, LAN, merchant
1862: Heald, John Heath Charnock d. 26 Jun 1861 Yeoman (formerly of Adlington) < 300 Lancaster
exec: John Nightingale, of Anderton, stonemason
1863: Heald, George Garston, nr Liverpool d. 10 Oct 1863 < 40,000 Liverpool
exec: William Norris Heald, of Brook House, Halewood, gentleman (son)
exec: Joseph Wilkinson of York, gent.
1865: Heald, William Lancaster d. 29 June 1865 Livery stable keeper < 1000 Lancaster
exec: William Heald, book-keeper (nephew)
exec: Edmund Heald, livery-stable keeper (nephew)
1866: Heald, Maria Parr's Wood, Didsbury d. 7 Mar 1866 Spinster < 100,000 Manchester
exec: James Heald, of Parr's Wood (brother)
1867: Heald, William Bolton St, Chorley d. 4 Nov 1867 Grocer, provision dealer < 1500 Lancaster
exec: John Nightingale, of Adlington, stonemason
exec: John Ditchfield, of Chorley, postmaster
1868: Heald, Hugh Chorley d. 22 Sep 1868 Ironfounder, colliery proprietor < 5000 Lancaster
exec: Thomas Heald, of Wigan, gent (son)
exec: Joseph Heald, of Liverpool, coal merchant (son)
1868: Heald, James Clitheroe d. 11 Jan 1868 Yeoman (formerly of Tockholes) < 100
exec: Thomas Sharples, of Clitheroe, innkeeper & others
2 codicils
Heald, James Parr's Wood, Didsbury d. 26 Oct 1873 < 350,000 Principal Registry, 15 Dec
exec: William Norris Heald, Esq., of Birkdale, Southport (nephew)
exec: James Wood, of Liverpool, engineer (nephew)
exec: Thomas Walton Stead, of Temple Dale St, Liverpool, public accountant
1873: Heald, Joseph Chorley d. Blacksmith < 450 Lancaster, 28 May
exec: Joseph Heald, waggon builder (son)
exec: Simon Leach, waggon builder
1875: Heald, Margaret Wigan d. 2 Dec 1875 Spinster < 100 Liverpool, 20 Dec
exec: John Kay, of 11 Church St, Wigan & others
1875:Adm. Heald, Robert 3 Selby St, Ardwick, Manchester d. 4 Jan 1875 Storekeeper < 80
exec: Catherine Ellen Heald, of 3 Selby St (widow)
1877: Heald, Eleanor Lancaster d. 29 Dec 1876 Confectioner, spinster < 1000
exec: Hannah Lonsdale, wife of William Lonsdale, of 127 Montague St, Blackburn
1878: Heald, Alexander Chorley d. 1 Jan 1877 Housepainter < 300 Lancaster, 7 Jan
exec: Charlotte Heald (widow)
exec: Joseph Barnes, bookkeeper
1880: Heald, William 10 George St, off Holland St, Newton nr Manchester d. Gent (formerly of Bath St, Peel Causeway, Bowdon, CHS) < 1000 Manchester
exec: Margaret Heald, of 10 George St (widow)
exec: William Broadhurst, of 470 Oldham Road, Miles Platting, Manchester, foreman in the waggon department of the Lancs.&Yorks. rly. co.
exec: Edwin Broadhurst, of 470 Oldham Road, wheelwright
1882: Heald, William Lancaster d. Glass and china dealer 450-0-11 Lancaster, 27 Dec
exec: Margaret Heald, of 52 Market St, Lancaster (widow)
1883:Adm. Heald, Thomas St Marks Road, Preston d. 5 Feb 1883 Engine driver 134 , 2 May
exec: Isabella Heald (widow)
1884: Heald, Alice Harpur's Lane, Chorley d. 26 Jun 1884 Spinster 22 Lancaster, 12 Jul
exec: Rowland Heald, of 23 Sand St, Ordsall Lane, Manchester, factory operative (brother)
1884: Heald, Joseph Prince's Road, Liverpool d. Coal merchant 8816-12-3 Liverpool, 16 Dec
exec: Margaret Heald (widow)
exec: Hugh Heald, surgeon (son)
exec: Margaret Josephine Heald, spinster (daughter), of 62 Princes Road
1884: Heald, William Hesketh Preston d. Innkeeper 432-1-9 Lancaster, 31 Mar
exec: Ellen Heald, of 26 and 27 Lovat Road, Preston (widow)
1885: Heald, Alfred William 125 Catherine St, Ashton under Lyne d. 26 Jan 1885 Plumber and glazier 262-2-1 Manchester, 11 Feb
exec: Margaret Ann Heald, of 125 Catherine St (widow)
1885:Adm. Heald, Jonathan Lower Crumpsall d. 7 Oct 1884 Schoolmaster 440-18-7 Principal Registry, 18 Jun
exec: Ann Heald, of 113 Derby Villas, Cheetham (widow)
1885: Heald, Margaret Parrs Wood, Didsbury d. 26 Oct 1885 156,635-5-11 Principal Registry, 19 Nov
exec: William Norris Heald, of Parrs Wood, Esq (nephew)
exec: James Wood, of Woodbank, Southport, LLD. (nephew)
exec: Thomas Watton Stead, of Temple Dale St, Liverpool, chartered accountant
1886: Heald, Luke 34 Clarkson St, Rhodes, Middleten d. 1 May 1886 Gentleman 1191-6-5 Manchester, 14 July
exec: Thomas Jacques, of 60 Broadman Lane, Rhodes, provision dealer
exec: John Thorp, of Crab Lane, Blackley, architect
1886:Adm. Heald, Mary Ormskirk d. 16 May 1886 50 Liverpool, 4 June
exec: Edwin Heald, of Bird-i'-th'-hand, Ormskirk, labourer (widower)
1886: Heald, Sarah 2 Cunliffe St, Chorley d. 6 April 1886 Widow 335-10-3 Lancaster, 24 May
exec: John Dickenson, of 235 Moor Road, Chorley, gent
exec: Alexander Dickinson, of Sebastopol, nr Chorley, farmer
1886:Adm. Heald, William 2 Cunliffe St, Chorley d. 24 Dec 1885 Innkeeper 157-1-0 Lancaster, 23 Jan
exec: Sarah Heald, of 2 Cunliffe St (widow)
1887: Heald, Mary 209 Eaves Lane, Chorley d. 11 Jan 1887 (formerly of 52 Clifford St) 399-18-3 Lancaster, 29 Jan
exec: Ralph Hindle, of 52 Park Road, Chorley & others
1888: Heald, Margaret Ann 125 Katharine St, Ashton under Lyne d. 28 Mar 1888 Widow 156-8-5 Manchester, 25 July
exec: Thomas Ballam, of 4 Henrietta St, Ashton under Lyne, commission agent: uncle and guardian of Lily Heald, spinster, James Heald, Eleanor Heald, spinster, all minors, and Alfred Heald, infant (children and only next of kin)
1888: Heald, William Chorley d. 16 Mar 1888 Blacksmith 62 Lancaster, 24 July
exec: Ellen Heald, of 1 Bank St, Chorley (widow)
1889:Adm. Heald, Albert Chorley d. 12 Jan 1889 Batchelor 290 Lancaster, 5 Mar
exec: John Heald, of 9 Knowles St, Chorley, spinner (uncle)
exec: Thomas Heald, of 31 Colliery St, Chorley, painter (uncle), next of kin
1889:Adm. Heald , Joseph 29 Red Bank, Chorley d. 15 Apr 1888 Colliery labourer 137 Lancaster, 22 Aug
exec: Elizabeth Heald, of 29 Red Bank (widow)
1889:Regrant Heald, William 2 Cunliffe St, Chorley d. 24 Dec 1885 Innkeeper 346-14-7 Principal Registry, 7 Mar
exec: John Dickenson, of 70 Bolton St, Chorley
exec: Alexander Dickinson, of Moor Road Farm, Sebastopol, nr Chorley, farmer
1891:Adm. Heald, Sarah 147 Grey Mare Lane, Bradford, nr Manchester d. 12 Dec 1890 2111-18-7 Manchester, 7 Jan
exec: Henry Kirk Walker, of 6 Young St, Salford, maker up and packer (nephew)
exec: Sarah Meacham, wife of William Charles Meacham, of 147 Grey Mare Lane (niece)
1895: Heald, Isabella 65 Wellfield Road, Preston d. 26 Oct 1894 Widow 92-2-0 Lancaster, 23 Feb
exec: James Heald, solicitor's clerk
1895: Heald, Isabella Drinkwater Farm, Wheelton d. 2 Mar 1895 at Withnell, nr Chorley 250 Lancaster, 23 May
exec: James Heald, plumber and glazier
1895: Heald, John 444 Queensgate, Colne Road, Burnley d. 4 Sep 1895 Drysalter 2226-12-9 London, 14 Nov
exec: Isabella Heald (widow)
exec: William Hervey Tillotson, butcher
1896: Heald, James 12 Islington St, Salford d. 3 May 1895 Blacksmith 800-19-8 London, 11 Mar
exec: Joseph Heald, cycle maker
exec: John Foster, finisher
1897: Heald, George Bolton Woodgate Farm, Didsbury, nr Manchester d. 28 Dec 1896 480-0-5 Manchester, 10 May
exec: Elizabeth Heald, spinster
1897:Adm. Heald, James Edward Blackburn Park Farm, Didsbury d. 4 Nov 1897 at Monsall hospital, Monsall, Manchester Farmer and dairyman 326-11-4 Manchester, 6 Dec
exec: Agnes Ann Heald (widow)
1899:Adm. Heald, Thomas Greenfield House, Billinge, Wigan d. 16 Feb 1899 Solicitor 11,502-16-10 Liverpool, 10 Apr
exec: John Claypole Heald, solicitor
1899: Heald, William Hampton Road, Southport d. 3 Jul 1899 Gentleman 7705-7-9 Liverpool, 11 Sep
exec: Margaret Heald (widow)
exec: Rev. William Arthur Nicklin, clerk


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Year Name Address Date Died Occupation Value Probate Office
1860: Heald, Thomas Mobberley d. 17 May 1860 Yeoman < 200 Chester
exec: Mary Sinclair, of Mobberley, spinster & others
1867: Heald, Thomas Witton d. 5 Oct 1867 < 100
exec: James Allcock, of Castle Northwich, salt proprietor
exec: William Barker, of Leftwich, waterman
1869:Adm. Heald, Thomas Stockport d. 21 Nov 1869 Overlooker of cotton carders < 200
exec: Hannah Heald, of 252 Heaton Lane, Stockport (widow)
1872: Heald, William Pownall Fee d. Farmer < 600 Chester, 13 July
exec: John Maddocks, of Bollin Fee, innkeeper
exec: John Wright, of Pownall Fee, farmer
1873: Heald, John Peers Marple d. 1 Apr 1873 Yeoman < 450 Chester, 17 Apr
exec: George Henry Heald, mechanic (son)
exec: James Morris Heald, of Hague Bar, nr New Mills, DBY, rock cutter (son)
exec: Lucy Matilda Heald, of Peers, spinster (daughter)
1873: Heald, Phebe Morley d. 7 Mar 1873 Widow < 450 Chester
exec: Thomas Dooley of Cheadle, gent (brother)
exec: James Maddocks, of Wilmslow, innkeeper
1878: Heald, Henry Lymm d. 28 Dec 1877 Builder < 1000 Chester, 18 Feb
exec: Thomas Heald, of Rainhill, nr Prescot, LAN, estate agent (son)
exec: William Johnson, of 23 Bold Street, Warrington, cashier
1878: Heald, Jonathan 55 Garden Street, Hurdsfield, Macclesfield d. 18 Dec 1877 Yeoman < 1500 Chester, 30 Jan
exec: Grace Ellen Heald (widow)
exec: Thomas Heald, of Palmerston St, Bollington, CHS, joiner (son)
exec: Jonathan Heald, Lower Crumpsall School House, Cheetham, LAN, schoolmaster (son)
1886: Heald, William Mere d. 24 Mar 1886 855-12-11 Chester
exec: William Heald, of the Bank, St Ann's St, Manchester, banker's clerk (son)
1890: Heald, Samuel "Red Lion" Inn, Bollington, nr Macclesfield d. 4 Nov 1890 at said inn 197-17-9 Principal Registry, 16 Dec
exec: Agnes Heald, of said inn (widow)
exec: John Heald, of Colne Road, Burnley, LAN, wholesale druggist
1893: Heald, Thomas Great Norbury St, Hyde d. 8 Feb 1893 Hat manufacturer 558-14-9 Chester, 13 Mar
exec: Mary Heald (widow)
exec: (regrant, 2 June) James Heald, hat manufacturer
1894: Heald, Mary Firs Bowdon d. 20 May 1894 Spinster 4200-13-9 Chester, 16 Jul
exec: Rachel Heald, spinster
1895: Heald, Lucy Matilda Peeres nr Strines, Marple d. 12 Jun 1895 Spinster 289-14-3 Chester, 8 Jul
exec: George Henry Heald, mechanic
1896:Adm. & will Heald, Mary 6 Chapel St, Newtown d. 11 Mar 1896 Widow Chester, 1 May
exec: James Heald, greengrocer
1896: Heald, Nicholas Firs Bowdon d. 28 Oct 1896 Gentleman 254-15 London, 11 Dec
exec: Rachel Heald, spinster
exec: Walter Heald, merchant
1898: Heald, Jeremiah Great Norbury St, Hyde d. 15 Mar 1897 921-1-6 Chester, 20 Apr
exec: James Heald, hat manufacturer
exec: Eli Robinson, grocer


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Year Name Address Date Died Occupation Value Probate Office
1877: Heald, Joseph Leazes Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne d. 5 July 1877 Ship and insurance broker < 6000 Newcastle, 24 Sep
exec: Alfred Heald, of 49 Leazes Terrace, ship and insurance broker (son)
exec: William Grace, of 6 Collingwood Terrace, Jesmond, Newcastle, land agent
exec: Thomas Todd, of Upper Terrace, Claremont, Newcastle upon Tyne, ship and insurance broker


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Year Name Address Date Died Occupation Value Probate Office
1861: Heald, Samuel Fenton Wakefield d. 25 Jul 1861 Wakefield
exec: Robert John Lumb, solicitor
exec: George Bargh Fenton Heald, painter
1866: Heald, Mary Batley Carr, nr Dewsbury d. 27 July 1866 < 200 Dewsbury
exec: William Conyer, elder, of Batley Carr Top
exec: James France, Batley Carr, wool merchant
1866: Heald, Samuel Leeds d. 25 Jun 1866 Woolstapler < 25,000 Wakefield
exec: Alfred William Heald, of Leeds, woolstapler (son)
exec: Samuel Varley, of Stanningley, Calverley, wool merchant
1872: Heald, Jane Leeds d. 7 Aug 1872 Widow < 1500 Wakefield, 9 Sep
exec: Alfred William Heald, of Leeds, gent (son)
exec: Jane Heald, of Leeds, spinster (daughter)
1872: Heald, Joseph Franklinstreet, Sheffield d. 13 Dec 1871 < 600 Principal Registry
exec: John Thomas Petty, manufacturer
exec: Joseph Smith, penblade forger
1872: Heald, Sarah Kirkgate, Wakefield d. 1 Jun 1872 < 1000 Wakefield, 11 Sep
exec: Mary Heald, of Kirkgate, spinster (sister)
1873:Adm. Heald, Robert Smallpage Yard, Wakefield d. 9 Dec 1872 Fruiterer Wakefield, 23 Jan
exec: Mary Heald, 8 Nelson St, Stockton-on-Tees, DUR (widow)
1874: Heald, Henry Beyrout, SYRIA d. 16 Jul 1874 British merchant (formerly of Leeds) < 9000 Principal Registry
exec: Frederick Heald Smith, of 1 Cherrymount, Higher Broughton, Manchester, LAN, merchant (nephew) & others
1875: Heald, George Fenton Wakefield d. 15 Mar 1863 Painter < 800 , 8 May
exec: James Henry Haldane, of Stanley
1875:Adm. Heald, Mary Wakefield d. 2 Oct 1871 Widow < 300 Wakefield, 8 May
exec: George Henry Heald, painter (son)
1875: Heald, Rev. William Margetson Birstal d. 25 Sept 1875 Clerk, Vicar of the parish < 18,000 Wakefield, 2 Nov
exec: Rev. Charles William Heald, of Birstal, clerk (son)
exec: John Margetson Heald, scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge (son)
1877: Heald, Alfred William Leeds d. 18 Mar 1877 Gentleman < 50,000 Principal Registry
exec: Jane Heald, of Leeds, spinster (sister)
exec: Samuel Varley, of Stanningley, worsted spinner
exec: James Walter Oxley, of Leeds, banker
1879: Heald, George Henry Mount Pleasant, Wakefield d. 16 Aug 1879 at Ventnor, Isle of Wight Painter and decorator < 1500 Wakefield, 10 Nov
exec: William Thomas Heald, of Mount Pleasant, painter and decorator (brother)
exec: Edwin Barraclough, of 44 Fieldhead Road, Sheffield, cashier
1879: Heald, John Scargill St, Dewsbury d. 1 Jan 1879 Blacksmith < 100 Wakefield, 16 Jan
exec: Ann Maria Heald (widow)
1879: Heald, Mary Kirkgate, Wakefield d. 18 Dec 1878 Spinster < 3000 Wakefield, 16 Jan
exec: Charles Bathurst Luis Fernandes, solicitor
1882:Adm. Heald, Ann Maria Dewsbury d. 7 Oct 1879 Widow 42 Wakefield, 15 Nov
exec: Hannah Tolson, wife of Walter Tolson, of Batley, YKS (daughter)
1882:Regrant Heald, John Scargill St, Dewsbury d. 1 Jan 1879 Blacksmith 35 Wakefield, 20 Dec
exec: Hannah Tolson, wife of Walter Tolson, of Batley, YKS (daughter)
1883: Heald, Mary 17 Bootham Terrace, nr York d. 7 Feb 1881 Widow (formerly of Fordwick Villas, Cowper St, Leeds) 2374-17-8 York, 1 Dec
exec: Joseph Wilkinson, of York, gent (nephew) & others
1887:Adm. Heald, Hannah Jane Staincliffe, Batley d. 11 Jul 1887 Spinster 15-10-4 Wakefield, 26 Aug
exec: Thomas Heald, of Staincliffe, blanket raiser (father), next of kin
1889:Adm. Heald, Louisa Wills East St, Leeds d. 16 Apr 1889 at St Thomas's Home, SRY 71-1-4 Wakefield, 16 May
exec: Benjamin Gray Heald, of East St, surgeon (widower)
1890: Heald, John Methley d. 20 Jun 1890 1441 Wakefield, 14 July
exec: Elizabeth Braim, of Methley, spinster
1894: Heald, Elizabeth 22 Belmont Terrace, Peterson Rd, Wakefield d. 30 Aug 1894 at 11 Hanover Sq, Leeds Widow 1757-5-5 Wakefield, 24 Oct
exec: Alice Blackmore, wife of Tom Cable Blackmore
exec: Annie Heald, spinster
exec: Hannah Maria Wordsworth, wife of William Wordsworth
1894:Regrant Heald, Jane Leeds d. 7 Aug 1872 Widow 1668-8-0
exec: Sarah Spence, widow
1897:Adm. Heald, Sarah Anne Cliffe House, Kilnhurst d. 30 Nov 1893 225-6-2 Wakefield, 16 Oct
exec: Bowman Heald, earthenware manufacturer (widower)
1899: Heald, Thomas Kilpin Hill, Batley d. 7 Apr 1899 Blanket raiser 475 Wakefield, 5 Dec
exec: John William Heald, butcher
exec: Edgar Heald, blanket raiser
1899: Heald, William 122 Crookesmoor Road, Sheffield d. 19 July 1899 443-4-8 Wakefield, 12 Aug
exec: John Taylor, type founder
exec: Edwin Padley, bookkeeper


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Year Name Address Date Died Occupation Value Probate Office
1859: Heald, Nathan Tibshelf d. 8 May 1859 Saddler and harness maker < 450 Derby
exec: Robert Heald, of Tibshelf, gent
1867: Heald, Ann Hague Bar, nr New Mills, Whitle, Glossop d. 27 Sept 1866 on railway Spinster < 800
exec: Peter Heald, of Hague Bar, block printer (brother)
1871: Heald, Peter Hague Bar, nr New Mills d. 31 Mar 1871 Yeoman < 800
exec: Lucy Heald, of Hague Bar, spinster (sister)
exec: John Heald, of Piers, Marple, CHS, gent (brother)
exec: Samuel Swann, of Mouseley Bottom, nr New Mills, farmer
1872: Heald, John Ripley d. 7 Jan 1872 Hosier < 100 Derby, 7 Jan
exec: Hannah Heald (widow)
1878: Heald also Wrightson, George Kirk Ireton d. 26 May 1878 Farmer < 100 Derby, 27 Jun
exec: Charles Heald otherwise Wrightson, of Wirksworth, carter (son)
exec: Daniel Pickering, of Kirk Ireton, schoolmaster
1879:Adm. Heald, Ellen Elder Yard, Chesterfield d. 6 Dec 1878 Spinster < 100 Derby, 18 Feb
exec: Mary Heald, of Elder Yard (mother), next of kin
1880: Heald, James Morris Hague Bar, New Mills d. 31 Jan 1880 Block cutter < 100 Derby, 24 Dec
exec: Mary Heald, of Hague Bar (widow)
1884: Heald, Robert Pinxton d. 1 Jun 1884 3268-16-6 Derby, 5 Aug
exec: Jane Anne Coupe, wife of George Coupe, of Crich (niece)
exec: Mary Hounsfield, of Pinxton, spinster (niece)
exec: Elizabeth Reeve, wife of John Winrow Reeve, of Alderwosley (niece)
1885: Heald, Jane Litchurch d. 18 Feb 1885 Spinster 44,587-18-11 Principal Registry, 1 Jun
exec: James Walker Oxley, of Leeds, banker
exec: John Thompson, of 18 Grove Terrace, Leeds, gent
exec: Samuel Varley, of Stanningley, nr Leeds, merchant
1885: Heald, Lucy Hague Bar, Whittle d. 27 Dec 1884 Spinster 1566-18-6 Derby, 7 Sep
exec: Joseph Warren, of Mousley Bottom, New Mills, calico printer's foreman
exec: Abel Grundey, of Market St, New Mills, draper
1895: Heald, Anne 20 Charnwood St, Derby d. 11 Sep 1895 Widow 1306-12-9 Derby, 15 Oct
exec: Horace Heald, railway official


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Year Name Address Date Died Occupation Value Probate Office
1873: Heald, Nathan Westwood, Selston d. 3 Aug 1873 < 300 Nottingham, 8 Sep
exec: Francis Dovey, of Brinsley, Greasley
exec: Mary Heald, of Westwood (widow)
1888: Heald, Benjamin 27 1/2 High Pavement, Nottingham d. 10 Oct 1888 Lace designer and draughtsman 152-5-6 Nottingham, 5 Dec
exec: Mary Higgins Heald, of 27 1/2 High Pavement (widow)


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Year Name Address Date Died Occupation Value Probate Office
1858: Heald, Benjamin Brant Broughton d. 25 May 1858 Farmer (formerly of Carlisle, CUL) < 3000 Lincoln
exec: Mary Heald, spinster (sister)
1873: Heald, Mary Brant Broughton d. 7 Aug 1873 Spinster < 3000 Lincoln, 3 Nov
exec: Charles Edward Burtt, of Welbourn, farmer
exec: John Brocklebank, of Basingham, farmer
1881:with codicil Heald, Thomas Horncastle d. 19 May 1881 Wine and spirit merchant < 385 Lincoln, 23 Aug
exec: Charles Heald Peck, of Leverington, CAM, auctioneer


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Year Name Address Date Died Occupation Value Probate Office
1858: Heald, George Rugeley d. 25 May 1858 Principal Registry
exec: Eliza Heald, of Thornes, Wakefield, YKS, spinster (sister)


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Year Name Address Date Died Occupation Value Probate Office
1877:Adm. Heald, George Gladstone St, Peterborough d. 30 Nov 1876 Railway clerk, bachelor < 50 Peterborough, 22 Mar
exec: Thomas Heald, of Heanor, DBY, baker (brother)
1892: Heald, Alfred Wisbech St Peter d. 17 Feb 1892 Silversmith 3892-13-6 Peterborough, 22 Mar
exec: Sarah Catherine Heald (widow)
1897: Heald, Sarah Catherine Wisbech d. 22 Sep 1897 Widow 699-10-0 London, 2 Nov
exec: Alfred John Heald, chemist
exec: Ward Layle, timber merchant


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Year Name Address Date Died Occupation Value Probate Office
1865: Heald, Mary Ann Norwich d. 30 Jun 1865 Spinster < 800 Norwich
exec: James Crane Watson, carpenter & others
1896:Adm. Heald, Robert Hingham d. 25 Apr 1896 Surgeon and apothecary 794-18-7 London, 24 Jun
exec: Jane Heald (widow)


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Year Name Address Date Died Occupation Value Probate Office
1898: Heald, Ellen 162 Sherrard Road, Forest Gate d. 9 Feb 1898 Widow 1495-10-0 London, 2 Jun
exec: Henry Ainsworth, salesman
exec: Seth Heald, builder


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Year Name Address Date Died Occupation Value Probate Office
1899: Heald, Joseph Holloway sanatorium hospital, Virginia Water d. 15 May 1899 Manufacturer's agent 383-6-8 London, 2 Jan
exec: Alfred Heald, gentleman
exec: Richard Matthews Heald, bank manager


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Year Name Address Date Died Occupation Value Probate Office
1889: Heald, John Bishops Waltham d. 28 Oct 1889 Gentleman 425-5-0 Winchester, 21 Nov
exec: Anne Heald, of Bishops Waltham (widow)
1897: Heald, Mary Alexandra Road, Isle of Wight d. 13 June 1897 at Chale, IoW Widow 1294-16-0 London, 22 Sep
exec: Rev. John Margetson Heald, clerk


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Year Name Address Date Died Occupation Value Probate Office
1876: Heald, Richard 91 Kennington Park Road, Newington Butts d. 6 Sep 1876 at 7 Cliff Terrace, Margate, KEN (formerly of 3 Little Trinity Lane, City of LND) < 16,000 Principal Registry
exec: Ralph Newman, of 23 Rose Hill Terrace, Brighton, SSX, gentleman
exec: Richard Heald, of 3 Little Trinity Lane, LND, sack manufacturer (son)
1882: Heald, Henry George 90 Albert Road, Peckham d. 25 Nov 1881 Gentleman 1507 Principal Registry, 23 Jan
exec: Henry William Green, of The Mill, Wanstead, ESS
exec: James Frederick Reid, of Tytherleigh, Lambert Road, Brixton Rise, SRY
1889: Heald, Sarah Wilkins 43 Coleman Rd, Peckham d. 19 Sep 1889 (formerly of 16 Munton Rd, New Kent Road, SRY) 618-10-10 Principal Registry, 1 Nov
exec: Arthur George Coleman, of 43 Coleman Rd, clerk to the Bishop of London's fund (son)


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Year Name Address Date Died Occupation Value Probate Office
1895: Heald, George James 9 Sackville Road, West Brighton d. 15 Dec 1894 Gentleman 5815-12-4 London, 19 Jan
exec: Alfred Heald, gentleman
exec: Richard Matthews Heald, banker's clerk


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Year Name Address Date Died Occupation Value Probate Office
1870: Heald, Henry Ringmer Lodge, Lee d. 20 Dec 1869 Gent (formerly of 10 Taunton Road, Lee, KEN; also of 23 Throgmorton St, LND) < 800
exec: Anne Heald, of Ringmer Lodge (widow)


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Year Name Address Date Died Occupation Value Probate Office
1870: Heald, William Thomas 14 Burton St, Eaton Sq d. 10 Jul 1870 (formerly of Dalkieth House, SCT) < 3000
exec: Emily Heald, of 14 Burton St (widow)


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Year Name Address Date Died Occupation Value Probate Office
1866: Heald, Elizabeth 453 Fulham Road d. 23 Oct 1866 Widow < 100 Principal Registry
exec: Richard Reily, of Mount St, Grosvenor Sq, auctioneer
1867: Heald, Susanna 270 Camden Road, St Pancras d. 13 May 1867 < 1500 Principal Registry
exec: Frances Margaret Nicholson, of 270 Camden Road, spinster
1869:Adm. Heald, George Br. Merchant Ship "Queen of Australia" d. 29 Oct 1868 at sea Ship's steward < 100 Principal Registry
exec: Sarah Heald, of 24 Lismore Road, Haverstock, MDX (widow)
1877: Heald, Anne 10 Devonshire Terrace, Kensington d. 22 July 1877 Widow (formerly of Lee, KEN) < 450
exec: Arthur Heald, of 10 Devonshire Terrace (son)
1896: Heald, Emily 18 Bloomfield Terrace, Pimlico d. 31 Jul 1896 Widow 2788-10-2 London, 10 Sep
exec: Rev. George Herbert Palmer, clerk
exec: Frank Hardy, civil service clerk

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Year Name Address Date Died Occupation Value Probate Office
1895: Heald, William Corcovado Cotton Mill, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL d. 31 Mar 1895 Manager of a Carding Mill 527 London, 13 May
exec: Margaret Foster Heald (widow)
1897:Adm. Heald, Frank Gerona, Isla de Luzon, PHILLIPINE ISLANDS d. 9 Feb 1894 Merchant 934 London, 20 Feb
exec: Rachel Heald, spinster

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