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The standard of proof used to consolidate these listings is current best guess (not 'absolute cast-iron certainty') -- so do not necessarily trust every suggested link, eg between a birth and a subsequent marriage, or consolidation, eg between different census returns. The listings have been mostly compiled from published indexes: you are strongly advised to check out wherever possible the original underlying documents, which may contain further information that could contradict the assumptions here.

Also be very aware that the listings are far from complete. There are many more Healds whose parishes have not yet been included in the IGI or VRI; many Healds lost or mistranscribed in both the 1881 and 1901 censuses; and many more still to transcribe at FreeBMD (latest progress). Just because there is only one Heald listed in a given place with a given name at a particular date, it is not necessarily safe to assume that they must definitely be the person you are looking for.

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Willm. /HELD/ Apr1610R. /HELD/MargerettGLSDeerhurstLINKC027843
m.13Aug1758Ralph /HEALD/Alice /OSBALDESTON/LANPreston, Saint JohnLINKM007132
m. Q21900Ralph /HEALD/Nancy Annie /MATHER/LANOldham, Registrar AttendedLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 1243 LanBMD RM/97/119 // b. DBY, 1876
m.8Apr1822Ralph /HEALD/Betty /SMITH/YKSRothwellLINKM010612; REL 21 LDS 178017 & 183539 (rel. Ernest HOLLINGS) // b. 1802
m. Q31893Ralph /HEALD/Eliza /SCOWCROFT/LANPreston, EmmanuelLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 999 LanBMD 226/2/354 // b. 1867
m.18Nov1789Ralph /HEALD/Ellin /STARKIE/LANNewchurch in PendleLINKVRI2
Edmund /HEALD/14Dec1800Ralph /HEALD/Ellen /STARKEY/LANBlackrod, Saint KatherineLINKC005312; // cf Pendle 1792
Molley /HEALD/15May1803Ralph /HEALD/Ellen /STARKEY/LANBlackrod, Saint KatherineLINKC005312
m.4Jul1874Ralph /HEALD/Ellen /FISHER/LANPreston, Saint JohnLINKM007133; AFN:1BMN-QB9; GRO 8e 740 LanBMD 229/34/252 LDS 1985460 & 1985460 // b. 1853
m. Q41847Ralph /HEALD/Jane /AINSCOUGH/LANHaigh, St. DavidLINKLanBMD; GRO 21 535 (Wigan) LanBMD C14/1/253 // b. 1826; see also 1851
Mary /HEALD/  1851Ralph /HEALD/JaneLANAspullLINK LanBMD ASPL/8/368 CEN 1881 // m. 1847
m. Q31882Ralph /HEALD/Margaret Jane /GIBSON/LANHaigh, St. DavidLINKLanBMD; GRO 8c 16 (Wigan) LanBMD C14/3/229
m.27Jun1812Ralph /HEALD/Mary /JEPSON/LANWalton Le DaleLINKM005681; PR marr INDX pallot LDS 178015 & 178075 & 183465 (rel. Hannah JEPSON)
Elizabeth /HEALD/ Abt1848Ralph /HEALD/MaryCHSN EtchellsLINK CEN 1851
m. Q21855Ralph /HEALD/Mary /CLARK/YKSRothwell, Holy TrinityLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 252 (Hunslet) Yks-LS CE109/C/243
m.6Dec1837Ralph /HEALD/Susanna /HARRISON/LANBlackburn, Saint Mary the VirginLINKVRI; LanBMD CE12/1/170 GRO 21 19 FHL 1278808 // b. 1820
Ralph /HEALD/8Nov1853Ralph /HEALD/Susannah [/HARRISON/]LANPreston, Saint JohnLINKC007135; (d. Bef 25 Dec 1853 -AF) AFN:1BMM-LW0; LDS 1985460 & 1985460
Elizabeth /HEALDE/8May1582Raffe /HEALDE/LANChorleyLINKP005701; PR bap LDS 452075 & 458666
John /HEALD/7Feb1691Ralph /HEALD/LANChorley, Charnock RichardLINK LDS 452075 & 458666
m. Q31903Reginald Mayor /HEALD/LNDPaddingtonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 1a 102 // b. LAN, 1867
m. Q21873Reuben /HEALD/Mary Hannah /ROBINSON/YKSDewsbury, <Heckmondwike>LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 859 // b. 1850
m.  1619Richard /HEALD/Alisse /LYON/LANBury, Saint MaryLINKM007051
m.19Nov1689Richard /HIELD/Alice /HARRISON/YKSWheldrakeLINKM105483
m.10Jun1766Richard /HELD/Alice /MARSDEN/LANBlackburnLINK LDS -- & 1985490
m. Q31842Richard /HEALD/[Angela /HAMPSON/]YKSWakefieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 22 438 // b. 1812; see also 1855
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1855[Richard /HEALD/]AngelaYKSWakefieldLINK(Niece 1881) CEN 1881 // m. 1842
Marie /HEALD/10Apr1650Rice /HEALD/AnneGLSDeerhurstLINKC027843
Richard /HEALD/1Dec1694Richard /LODGE/Ann /HEALD/YKSKirkheatonLINK LDS batch 7312905
m.16Feb1824Richard /HEALD/Hannah /LAWTON/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005466
Willm. /HEALD/12Jun1836Richard /HEALD/AnnLNDLondon, St Andrew By The WardrobeLINKC022321
m. Q31881Richard Matthews /HEALD/Fanny Gertrude /POPE/LNDWandsworthLINKFreeBMD; GRO 1d 1013 WCN heald_lf // b. LAN, 1856
Mary /HEILD/ Abt1889Richard /HEILD/AnnieLANAccringtonLINK CEN 1901
m.5Sep1599Richard /HEALD/Bridgitt /HALL/LINLincoln, Saint Margaret In The CloseLINKM011341
m.29Apr1675Richard /HEELD/Dorothy /FERRIMAN/YKSAlneLINKM073783
Ann /HEALD/20Nov1616Richard /HEALD/Eliza. /ROMSBOTHOME/LANLancaster, Saint MaryLINKP005901; PR bap // illegitimate
m.2May1667Richard /HEILD/Elizabeth /FARNHAM/YKSAlneLINKM073783
m.20Jun1705Richard /HEALD/Elizabeth /PATRICK/YKSLong MarstonLINKM060831
Elisabeth /HEELD/16Oct1795Richard /HEELD/ElisabethYKSEscrickLINKC105133
m.13May1852Richard Layton /HIELD/Eliza /YATES/YKSHemingbroughLINKM109224; (da. of Joseph /YATES/) GRO 9d 143 (Howden) // b. 1830
m. Q21868Richard /HEALD/[Elizabeth /COX/]STSBurtonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 6b 455
m.6Sep1808Richard /HEILD/Ester /REX/LANManchesterLINK LDS 177859 & 178014 & 456274 & A456274 (rel. James Hampson BRADSHAW)
m.19May1778Richd. /HEELD/Frances /ROBINSON/YKSEscrickLINKM105133; REL 15 // b. 1747 -REL
m.6Oct1649Richard /HEALD/Ellin /ASPINALL/LANMiddleton By OldhamLINKM007061; LDS 455417
m.6Oct1685Richardus /HEELD/Hellena /HEELD/YKSAlneLINKM073783
m.2Feb1725Richard /HEALD/Ellen /HENDRY/YKSLong MarstonLINKM060831
John /HIELD/4Jul1740Richd /HIELD/EllenLANWarringtonLINKP007972
m.23Jun1844Richard /HEALD/Ellen /HATTON/LANWinwick, [St Oswald]LINKVRI2; Chs-WA C29/2/61 REL 7 // b. 1825; see also 1854
Frederic /HEALD/  1854[Richard /HEALD/][Ellen]LANAshtonLINK(m. Hannah 1873) LanBMD ASHT/8/265 CEN 1881 (Ashton In Makerfield) CEN 1901 (St Helens) // m. 1844
Leonard /HIELD/3Aug1879Richard /HIELD/Helen [/BRUCE/]LANWarton (near Lancaster) [Whalley]LINKVRI2; (b. 5 Jul 1879) GRO 8e 327 (Clitheroe) LanBMD WH/8/72 (Whalley) CEN 1881 (Wisbech St Peter, CAM) CEN 1901 (Wolverhampton, STS) FHL 1469070 // m. Bef 1880; to Manchester 1880
Victor /HIELD/ Q31880Richard /HIELD/Helen /BRUCE/LANManchesterLINK GRO 8d 59 CEN 1881 (Wisbech St Peter, CAM) CEN 1901 (Wolverhampton, STS)
Kathleen /HIELD/ Q11885Richard /HIELD/HelenSTSWolverhamptonLINK GRO 6b 580 CEN 1901 // m. Manchester LAN, Bef 1880
m. Q11895Richard James /HEALD/Eleanor Rebecca /GREEN/SRYEpsomLINKFreeBMD; GRO 2a 2 // b. RiRiLoQ3_1871LND
m.26Oct1878Richard /HEALD/Isabell Snowden /LIDDLE/YKSYork, Clifton Church (St. Philip And St. JLINKM159171; GRO 9d 85 // b. 1854
m.9Jun1621Richard /HEALD/Jane /PENDLEBURY/LAN[Middleton]LINKLIC; LIC marr
m.3Dec1682Richardus /HEELD/Jana /STEVENSON/YKSAlneLINKM073783
m.4Sep1814Richard /HEALD/Jane /VALLANCE/YKSWakefield, Saint JohnLINKM004982
m.28Jan1822Richard /HELD/Jane /WHITE/YKSWhitbyLINKM007742
m.20Jul1701Rico. /HEALD/Judith /SWINSCOT/DBYTideswellLINKM058012; LDS batch 7002904
m. Q41868Richard /HEALD/[Louisa /TRIMBY/]LNDNewingtonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 1d 204 // b. 1840
James /HELD/25Apr1613Rice /HELD/MargaretGLSDeerhurstLINKC027843
m.21Dec1700Richard /HELD/Margaret /HOWORTH/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005462
Thomas /HEALD/2May1775Richard /HEALD/MargaretLANChorleyLINK AFN:LX3S-S9; LDS 1760911
m.24Sep1571Rychard /HEALDE/Margerye /WALCHE/LANRadcliffe, Saint MaryLINKM005971
m.29Jan1602Richard /HEALD/Margerie /PRESTON/CHSWilmslowLINK LDS batch 6930934
John /HELDE/10Jan1607Rychard /HELDE/MargeryWORHartleburyLINKC063262
Martha /HEALDS/15Jan1832Richard /HEALDS/MarthaSRYCompton Near GuildfordLINKC068001
m.8Nov1612Richus /HEALDE/Maria /BOOTHE/LANPrestwichLINKM005551
m.12Jun1655Richard /HEALD/Mary /NEWENDEN/KENCharingLINKM157741
m.24Feb1682Richard /HEALD/Mary /YATE/ [/YATES/]LANRadcliffe, Saint MaryLINKM005971; LDS 177897 & 458894 (rel. WILLIAM YATES STODDARD)
m.25Apr1695Richard /HEILD/Mary /HATAN/YKSMoor MonktonLINKM071773
m.8Aug1702Richard /HEALD/Mary /AINSCOE/LANChorleyLINK LDS batch 7328902 // typo for 1762 ?
m.8Aug1762Richard /HEALD/Mary /AINSCOW/LANChorleyLINK AFN:RHWD-HT; LDS A458666 & 1903897 & 1985543 & 1985649 & 2034828 // b. 1741; cf 1702
m.7Apr1773Richard /HEALD/Mary /BROOK/YKSWakefieldLINK LDS A457103 & 457105
m. Bef1792Richard /HEALD/Mary /HUNTER/LND<Westminster>LINK // of Preston?; see also 1803
Jane /HEALD/7Feb1803Richard /HEALD/MaryLNDWestminster, Saint Anne SohoLINKC150512; //m. Bef 1792
m.21Aug1803Richard /HEALD/Mary /ASHFORTH/YKSConisbroughLINKM106272
William /HEALD/13Apr1808Richard /HEALD/MaryYKSWakefield, All SaintsLINKP018302
m.15Nov1829Richard /HIELDS/Mary /HARDCASTLE/YKSLeeds, Saint PeterLINKM071933; // wf m2 York 1841 ?
John /HEILDS/10Jul1831Richard /HEILDS/MaryYKSAcombLINKC039611; (m. Elizabeth Bef 1861) CEN 1881
Ann Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q21867[Richard W] /HEALD/Mary AnYKSSheffieldLINK(Other 1901) GRO 9c 308 (Ecclesall B.) CEN 1881 (Mexborough) CEN 1901 (Scarborough)
m.20Apr1878Richard /HEALD/Mary Elizabeth /MARSDEN/LANChorley, Saint GeorgeLINKM162742; GRO 8e 623 LanBMD C7/4/289 VRI FHL 1526078 // b. 1854
m.16Feb1678Richard /HELD/Sara /MILSTON/LANFlixtonLINKM005221
m.10Mar1800Richard Henry /HEALD/Sarah /LINLEY/YKS<Wakefield>LINKREL; // b. 1771; see 1803
Henry Francis /HEALD/1Jan1801Richard /HEALD/SarahLNDWestminster, Saint Anne SohoLINKC150512
Samuel Linley /HEALD/15Jan1803Richd. Henry /HEALD/SarahYKSWakefield [Hanshaw], West Gate PresbyterianLINKC087581; (b. 29 Dec 1802 -REL; m. Hannah /CALVERT/ 1829; m2 Priscilla Worrell /PORTER/ 1846; d. 31 Oct 1854 aged 52 -MI) CEN 1851 (Leeds) // m. 1800
m.  1856Richard /HEALD/Sarah /SMITH/YKSLeeds, St PeterLINKYksBMD; Yks-LS CE46/50/56
Isabella /HEALD/26Dec1873Richard /HEALD/SarahLANPreston, Saint JohnLINKC007137
m.6Jul1772Richard /HEALD/Susanna /CONINGTON/LINBostonLINKM011332
John /HEALD/19Aug1801Richard /HEALD/SusannaYKSSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterLINKJ150552
Willm. /HIELD/20Apr1604Richard /HIELD/LINKirton In HollandLINKP006071
Richard /HALD/12Dec1619Richard /HALD/LEIThorntonLINKC034851
Richard /HEALD/7May1626Richard /HEALD/LANBury, Saint MaryLINKP007051
Elizabeth /HEALD/5Jul1649Richard /HEALD/LANBury, Saint MaryLINKP007051
Alice /HIELD/15Dec1738Richd. /HIELD/YKSYork, Saint LaurenceLINKP009711
Selina /HEALD/ Q11852[Richard W /HEALD/]YKSSheffieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 285 CEN 1861 (Ecclesall Bierlow)
m. Q31878Richard /HIELD/CAMWisbeachLINKFreeBMD; GRO 3b 932
m. Q21889Richard /HEALD/LINLincolnLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7a 998
Alfred Cecil /HEALD/ Q21891Richard /HEALD/NTTSouth CliftonLINK GRO 7b 429 (Newark) CEN 1901
m. Q21901Richard /HEALD/YKSSheffieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 790
m. Q41902Richard /HEALD/NTTE. RetfordLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 52
m. Q41908Richard /HIELD/STSWolverhamptonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 6b 975
m.13May1894Robert Frederick /HEALD/Ada /MAUGHAM/YKSLeeds, All SaintsLINKREL; GRO 9b 593 REL 20 WCN :1463339 // b. 1872
m.  1895Robert F /HEALD/Ada /MANGHAM/YKSLeeds, All SaintsLINKYksBMD; Yks-LS CE33/C/447
m.17Aug1664Robert /HEALD/Alice /CLIFTON/CHSChesterLINKLIC; LIC marr // he of Chorley, LAN; she of Chester
m.3Oct1654Robert /HEALD/Ann /ASBY/YKSLeeds, Saint PeterLINKM009621; PR marr
Roberti /HEALD/21Dec1656Roberti /HEALD/AnnaDBYStaveleyLINKVRI2; FHL 1041903
m.25May1657Robert /HEALD/Ann /TAYLER/LANClitheroeLINKM033251
Robert /HEALDE/5May1726Robert /HEALDE/AnneDBYAshbourne, Saint OswaldLINKC139092; VRI2
Nancy /HEALD/1Sep1789Robt. /HEALD/HannahDBYEyamLINKC054431
m.13May1792Robert /HEALD/Ann /BARRACLOUGH/YKSSheffieldLINK LDS batch 7206921
m.  1803Robert /HEALD/Hannah /GODKING/DBYMortonLINKINDX; INDX pallot
m.11Jan1803Robert /HEALD/Hannah /GREATOREX/DBYMortonLINKM014942
Ada Mary /HEALD/1Sep1867Robert Timothy /HEALD/Ann ElizabethLNDLondon, Saint Alphage London WallLINKC041301; CEN 1881 (Wimbledon, SRY)
m. Q21891Robert /HEALD/Nancy /PARKINSON/LANPemberton, St. JohnLINKLanBMD; GRO 8c 68 (Wigan) LanBMD C22/6/123 // b. 1868
m.13May1666Robert /HEALD/Brichet /TAYLOR/DBYDarley & Darley DaleLINKM139081; LDS batch 7132025 // of Tideswell
Elizabeth /HEALD/19Dec1681Robert /HEALD/KatherineDBYLongfordLINKK055493
m. Aft1851Robert /HEALD/[Catherine] EllenLAN<Manchester>LINK
m. Abt1868Robert /HEALD/Charlotte E.LIN<St Botolph>LINK // b. Hull YKS, 1839
m. Bef1901Robert /HEALD/CharlotteLAN<Manchester>LINK(?m2) // b. 1846
m.24Aug1626Robart /HEILD/Ellizabeth /NUTTOLL/LANRadcliffe, Saint MaryLINKM005971; LDS 183518 (rel. Leonard John NUTTALL)
m.17Aug1641Robert /HEALD/Elizabeth /BRIDGE/LANBury, [Prestwich] Saint MaryLINKM007051; LDS 170398 & 170468 & 184639 & A184639 (rel. Nettie H.B. BARRETT)
m.8Nov1649Rbt. /HEALD/Elizabeth /TOWNEND/YKSDewsburyLINKM009051; PR marr LDS 183587 & 459184 (rel. John Lewis TOWNSON)
m.11Oct1726Robert /HEALD/Eliza /HAY/DBYChesterfieldLINK LDS batch 7721748
Elizabeth /HEALD/25Feb1727Robt. /HEALD/Eliza.KENSaint Werburgh HooLINKC131462
m.4Dec1769Robert /HEALD/Elizabeth /HALL/YKSDewsburyLINKM009053
Ann /HEALD/8Jun1786Robt. /HEALD/Eliz.LINCaythorpeLINKC026121
m.5May1801Robert /HEALD/Elizabeth /MARTIN/LANLiverpool, Saint NicholasLINKM005992
m.21Oct1819Robert /HEALD/Elizabeth /TOPPING/LANLiverpool, Saint NicholasLINKM005992
Eliza /HALD/27Aug1826Robert /HALD/ElizabethYKSStillingfleetLINKC105571
m.  1834Robert /HEALD/Elizabeth /GIBSON/LNDBloomsbury, St GeorgeLINKINDX; INDX pallot
m.25May1834Robert /HEALD/Elizabeth /HOLLINSWORTH/NTTMansfieldLINKM044861; INDX pallot
George /HEALD/ Abt1850[Robert /HEALD/][Elizabeth]YKSSheffieldLINK CEN 1861 (North Sheffield)
Jane /HEALD/ Q11852Robert /HEALD/ElizabethYKSSheffieldLINK(m. /MANNING/;wid. by 1881) GRO 9c 245 CEN 1861 (North Sheffield) CEN 1881 // m. Bef 1850
m.14Feb1874Robert James /HEALD/Elizabeth /ALLEN/LANChorley, Saint GeorgeLINKM162742; GRO 8e 582 LanBMD C7/4/24 VRI FHL 1526078 // b. 1851
m.6Apr1874Robert /HEALD/Elizth /CASTLEDINE/NTTSelstonLINKM015741; GRO 7b 263 (Basford) // b. 1852
m. Q31874Robert /HEALD/Elizabeth /PARKINSON/LANSalford, St SimonLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 87 Lan-SD C27/11/109
m. Q31885Robert /HEALD/Elizabeth /SIMPSON/YKSHunslet, St Mary the VirginLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 368 Yks-LS CE23/E/353 // b. 1860; to Sunderland DUR, 1892
m. Q21891Robert Holgate /HEALD/[Betsy /WEST/]YKSThorneLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 963 // b. LIN, 1867
Robert Robinson /HEALD/ Q41892Robert /HEALD/ElizabethDURSunderlandLINK GRO 10a 589 CEN 1901 // m. Hunslet YKS, 1885
Mary F /HEALD/ Abt1901Robert /HEALD/ElizabethLANPrestonLINK CEN 1901
m. Q31892Robert Timothy /HEALD/Emily Stracy /ARNOLD/LNDKingston (SRY)LINKFreeBMD; (m2) GRO 2a 640 // b. 1842
m. Q11896Robert /HIELDS/EmilyYKSGt. OuseburnLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9a 95 // b. 1871
m. Bef1901Robert /HEALD/EmmaDBY<Derby>LINK // b. Wakefield YKS, 1855
m.14Aug1628Robertus /HEALD/Emmatta /WARD/NTTStaplefordLINKM061172
m.5May1716Robert /HYELD/Hester /ROBUCK/DBYChapel En Le FrithLINKM048512
m. Q41881Robert /HEALD/Esther Ann /PARKINSON/LANSalford, St PhilipLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 142 (Salford) Lan-SD C35/2/412 // b. 1862
m.10Apr1699Robt. /HEALD/Grace /ROUSE/YKSWakefield, All SaintsLINKM018301
George Augustus /HEALD/23Jun1809Robert /HEALD/Harriet /SMITH/BKMTaplowLINKC073721
m.22Aug1831Robert /HEALD/Harriett /LYONS/YKSHandsworthLINKM109321
m.22Jul1610Robert /HEALD/Ellen /TRAVYS/LANManchesterLINK LDS A458987 & 458991
m.28Aug1853Robert /HEALD/Ellen /BARTON/LANPreston, Saint JohnLINKM007133; LanBMD 229/12/360
m. Q21858Robert /HEALD/Ellen /OWENS/LANManchester, St JohnLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 441 LanBMD STJ/17/125
Elizabeth /HIELD/ Abt1893Robert /HIELD/EllenCHSStaplefordLINK CEN 1901 (Bruen Stapleford)
m.29Jun1606Robert /HEALD/Isabell /READ/YKSWhitkirkLINKPR; PR xxx
Elizabeth /HELDE/4Aug1582Robte. /HELDE/[Janet]LANChorleyLINKP005701; PR bap LDS 452075 & 458666
m.22Jun1653Robert /HEALD/Jane /NEWSOM/YKSDewsburyLINKPR; PR marr LDS A459182
Henery /HEALD/7May1657Robert /HEALD/JaneDBYAshbourne, Saint OswaldLINKVRI; FHL 1041048
m.22Nov1668Robert /HEALD/Jane /NUTTY/YKSLeeds, Saint PeterLINKM009621; PR marr
Sarah Jane /HEALD/22Feb1863Robert /HEALD/JaneYKSKnottingleyLINKC108451
m.1Aug1603Robert /HEALD/Margarett /WATT./LNDLondon, Saint Martin PomeroyLINKM022652
Ann /HEALD/15Aug1672Robert /HEALD/MargaretSTSEllastoneLINKP010101; PR bap
m.21Mar1891Robert /HEALD/Martha /TAYLOR/LANChorley, Saint GeorgeLINKM162742; GRO 8e 732 LanBMD C7/5/384 VRI FHL 1526078 // b. 1868
m.7Jun1596Robert /HELD/Mary /MORRICE/LNDLondon, Saint Nicholas Cole AbbeyLINKM022632
m.14Aug1634Robte. /HEALD/Marie /FOGG/LANBury, Saint MaryLINKM007051
m.5Feb1645Robt. /HEALD/Marye /FLETCHER/YKSDewsburyLINKPR; PR marr LDS A459182 & 459184
m.29Oct1712Robert /HEALD/Mary /STYANT/KENSaint Werburgh HooLINKM131462
Robert /HEALD/18Aug1751Robert /HEALD/MaryNFKHeighamLINKC133411
m.6Sep1758Robert /HEALD/Mary /LOWE/DBYMortonLINK LDS batch 6930911 & 183569 (rel. William COOK)
Betty /HEALD/10Feb1760Robt /HEALD/MaryCHSPrestburyLINKP012381
m.4Sep1810Robert /HEALD/Mary /WOOD/CHSBowdonLINK LDS 1903816
John /HEALD/ Abt1832[Robert /HEALD/][Mary /HOPKINSON/]YKSSheffieldLINK(m. Harriett 1854) CEN 1861 (West Sheffield) CEN 1881 WCN cmahoney // m. Wakefield 1832
m.10Dec1832Robert /HEALD/Mary /HOPKINSON/YKSWakefield, All SaintsLINKM071651; REL 39 WCN cmahoney // b. Sheffield 1800 -REL; to Sheffield 1832
m.3Sep1838Robert /HEALD/Mary Eliza /ALLISON/LANDidsbury, Saint JamesLINKM005291; LanBMD 53/1/14 // b. RoAbt1817CHS_3964; to Stockport CHS, 1839
Jane /HEALD/6Feb1839Robert /HEALD/Mary Eliza [/ALLISON/]CHSHeaton Norris \ StockportLINKVRI2; (d. Q1 1840 aged 1, Chs-ST ST2/3/2, GRO 19 277; bur 6 Jan 1840 -NBI) Chs-ST HEA/2/76 FHL 1751723 // m. Didsbury LAN, 1838
m.  1845Robert /HEALD/Mary /WILLIAMSON/LANManchester, St JohnLINKLanBMD; LanBMD STJ/5/447 // b. 1818; see also 1861; m2 Sarah 1878 ?
m.5Feb1859Robert /HEILDS/Mary /MOISER/YKSHuntingtonLINKM105244
Charles /HEALD/ Q41866Robert /HEALD/[Maria]YKSSheffieldLINKGRO 9c ; (m. [Ann Elizabeth /DEWSNAP/] 1886) CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Harriet Annie /HEALD/ Q21871Robert /HEALD/MaryYKSSheffieldLINK GRO 9c 395 CEN 1881 (Ecclesall Bierlow)
m. Q41883Robert /HEALD/Mary Ann /MOOBEY/LANSalford, St BartholmewLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 95 (Salford) Lan-SD C43/5/271 // b. 1861
Martha /HIELD/ Abt1884Robert /HIELD/MaryLANBoltonLINK CEN 1901
m. Q41885Robert /HEALD/Mary Jane /HORSEFIELD/LANHulme, St MichaelLINKLanBMD; GRO 8c 927 (Chorlton) LanBMD 69/3/23 // b. 1865
m. Q21890Robert Temple /HEALD/Mary Elizabeth /DIXON/LANMiles Platting, St John the EvangelistLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 383 (Manchester) LanBMD 94/2/77 // b. Sheffield YKS, 1862
m. Q21894Robert /HIELD/Mary Ponsonby /BIRCH/LNDMaryleboneLINKFreeBMD; GRO 1a 969 // b. YKS, 1866
m. Q41898Robert Edmund /HEALD/Mary /BUTLER/CHSStockport, Civil MarriageLINKChsBMD; Chs-ST STR/54/157 GRO 8a 137 // b. LAN, 1867
m.27Jul1863Robert /HIELDS/Matilda /WHITMARSH/YKSYork, Saint LaurenceLINKM009714; (hb. prev marr) VRI FHL 1068434 // b. 1833
Isabel /<HIELDS>/24Dec1865Robert /HIELDS/MatildaCONSaint MabynLINKC002056; // should be YKS, 1865 ?
Gertrude Ellen T /HEALD/ Q11874Robert E.T. /HEALD/MatildYKSSheffieldLINK GRO 9c 406 CEN 1881 (Nottingham St Mary, NTT)
Rosetta T. /HEALD/ Q31879Robert E.T. /HEALD/MatildLINGrimsby \ CleethorpesLINK GRO 7a 680 (Caistor) CEN 1881 (Nottingham St Mary, NTT) CEN 1901 (Sheffield, YKS) // m. Sheffield YKS, Bef 1874
Gilbert T. /HEALD/ Abt1883Robert E.T. /HEALD/MatildaNTTNottinghamLINK CEN 1901 (Sheffield, YKS) // m. Sheffield YKS, Bef 1874
William /HALD/26Mar1626Robert /HALD/Rosina /FOSTAR/Edinburgh, CanongateLINKVRI2; FHL 103086
m.25Jul1671Robert /HEALD/Sarah /GUNSON/YKSDewsburyLINK LDS A459182
m.4Oct1747Robert /HEALD/Sarah /BRAMWELL/DBYPeak ForestLINKVRI; PR marr FHL 1041014; LDS 183544 & 184292 (rel. George W. BRAMWELL) // of Eyam
Nicholas /HEALD/ Abt1753Robert /HEALD/SarahYKS<Braithwell>LINK(m. Sarah /BURROWS/ Bef 1784; bur. 4 Apr 1826, aged 73 -PR bur)
m.8Jul1759Robert /HEALD/Sarah /CAREY/CHSPrestburyLINKM012382; PR marr // he of Upton
Thomas /HIELDS/29Nov1779Robert /HIELDS/SarahYKSNaffertonLINKC106382
m.25May1863Robert /HEALD/Sarah Ann /WRIGHT/LANPreston, Saint JohnLINKM007133; LanBMD 229/23/352 // b. 1838
m. Q41878Robert /HEALD/Sarah /DAVENPORT/ also /HAMMOND/LANArdwick, St MatthewLINKLanBMD; (m2?) GRO 8c 775 (Chorlton) LanBMD 19/1/290 // b. 1818
m.28Oct1663Robert /HEYLD/Thomazin /BOLLINGTON/CHSPrestburyLINKM012382
Jane /HELD/  1548Roberti /HELD/DBYWingerworthLINKVRI; FHL 1041039
Hughe /HEALDE/8Jul1552Robte. /HEALDE/LANChorleyLINKP005701; AFN:1J2N-PSN; PR bap LDS 452075 & 458666
Henry /HELDE/2Jul1563Robert /HELDE/LNDWestminster, Saint MargaretLINKP001601
John /HEALD/6Aug1600Robert /HEALD/YKSWhitkirkLINKP009781; PR xxx
Robte /HEALDE/26Jun1601Robte /HEALDE/CHSStockport, Saint MaryLINKC009431
Xpofer /HEALD/28Oct1606Robt. /HEALD/YKSYork, Holy Trinity MicklegateLINKP011101
Edwarde /HEALDE/14Aug1614Robt /HEALDE/LINHaintonLINKC028852
Timothy /HEALD/12Mar1617Robt. /HEALD/YKSWhitkirkLINKP009781; (bur. 29 Sep 1624 -PR xxx) PR xxx
Elizabeth /HEALDE/17Aug1623Robeart /HEALD/DBYWirksworthLINKWIRKSW; VRI2 FHL 1041042
Edward /HEALD/12Mar1626Robt. /HEALD/YKSWhitkirkLINKP009781; (bur. 12 Oct 1628 -PR xxx) PR xxx
Saray /HEALDE/10May1626Robeart /HEALD/DBYWirksworthLINKWIRKSW; VRI2 FHL 1041042
Robert /HEALD/16Mar1716Robert /HEALD/DBYAshbourne, Saint OswaldLINKC139092; VRI2
Henry /HEALD/18Dec1805Robert /HEALD/NTTMansfield, BTsLINKVRI2; FHL 503790
m. Q31838Robert /HEALD/LANChorleyLINKFreeBMD; GRO 21 102
m. Q31841Robert /HEALD/DEVPlymouthLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9 411
m. Q21870Robert /HEALD/LNDPancrasLINKFreeBMD; GRO 1b 191
m. Q11901Bertie /HIELD/NBLNewcastle T.LINKFreeBMD; GRO 10b 168
m. Q41903Robert William T /HEALD/LANPrestwichLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 519
m. Q41904Robert /HEALD/LANBoltonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 707
m. Q41905Robert /HEALD/YKSSheffieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 940
m.3Oct1563Roger /HEYLDE/Alice /STANDISHE/WORKidderminster, All SaintsLINKVRI2; FHL 435259
m.28Feb1594Roger /HELDE/Ann /TUNARD/LINConingsbyLINKVRI2; FHL 1541959
m. Bef1702Roger /HEALD/AnnYKS<Leeds>LINK
m.17Jun1656Roger /HEALD/Catherine /BARNBY/YKSLeeds, Saint PeterLINKM009621; PR marr // of Halton
m.18Nov1635Roger /HEALD/Elizabeth /BYWATER/YKSWhitkirkLINKM009784; PR xxx
m.8Feb1640Roger /HEALD/Bes /BRODBENT/YKSWhitkirkLINKM009784
m.11Jun1717Roger /HEALD/Eliz. /MARSHALL/YKSLeeds, Saint PeterLINKM009621; PR marr
m.24Nov1618Roger /HEALD/Jennett /GREGGS/YKSWhitkirkLINKM009784; PR xxx
m.3Aug1714Roger /HEALD/Sarah /LINDLEY/YKSLeeds, Saint PeterLINKM009621; PR marr LDS 2034626
m.29Jan1605Roger /HEALD/Ursula /HAYTON/YKSWhitkirkLINKM009784
Elizabeth /HEALD/7Feb1661Roger /HEALD/DURChester Le StreetLINKP000581
m. Q21902Rowland /HEALD/Alice /OGDEN/LANNewbold, St PeterLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 54 (Rochdale) LanBMD CE8/2/374
m.17Jan1831Rowland /HEALD/Catharine /WALTON/LANChorleyLINKM005701
m.25Dec1851Rowland /HEALD/Martha /EDWARDS/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097893; GRO 20 638 // b. Chorley 1824 moved to Stockport CHS, 1861
William /HEALD/ Q21861Rowland /HEALD/MarthaCHSRomilayLINK CEN 1881 (Salford, LAN) CEN 1901 (Rochdale, LAN) // m. Manchester LAN, 1851
An /HELDE/5Jul1601Rowland /HELDE/LNDLondon, Saint Gregory By Saint PaulLINKC054261
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