Heald Births and Marriages UK: YKS, 1626-1725

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The standard of proof used to consolidate these listings is current best guess (not 'absolute cast-iron certainty') -- so do not necessarily trust every suggested link, eg between a birth and a subsequent marriage, or consolidation, eg between different census returns. The listings have been mostly compiled from published indexes: you are strongly advised to check out wherever possible the original underlying documents, which may contain further information that could contradict the assumptions here.

Also be very aware that the listings are far from complete. There are many more Healds whose parishes have not yet been included in the IGI or VRI; many Healds lost or mistranscribed in both the 1881 and 1901 censuses; and many more still to transcribe at FreeBMD (latest progress). Just because there is only one Heald listed in a given place with a given name at a particular date, it is not necessarily safe to assume that they must definitely be the person you are looking for.

If there is any information you can add or correct, please contact me at j.heald@ucl.ac.uk.

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m.24Nov1664John /HARRISON/Anne /HELD/ScalbyYKS LDS 1239589
# -- PENNINES --
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Elizabeth /HEALD/3Jul1636P007691John /HEALD/Gargrave, [of Coniston]YKS PR bap
Elizabeth /HEALD/3Jul1635John /HEALD/Gargrave, ConistonYKS LDS 452107
An /HEALD/6Feb1689PR- Gargrave, [of Coniston Cold]YKS PR bap
Grace /HEALD/26Sep1708P007101William /HEALD/Bolton By Bowland, [of Holden]YKS(bur. 20 Feb 1709 -PR bur) PR bap
Rebekka /HEALD/8Jan1710P007101Wm. /HEALD/Bolton By BowlandYKS PR bap
Mary /HELD/25May1712P007101William /HELD/Bolton By BowlandYKS PR bap
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Ann /HYELDE/19Mar1626P017211Xpopher /HYELDE/OswaldkirkYKS
Mathew /HYELD/21Sep1628P017211Christopher /HYELD/[ANNE /HEWSON/]OswaldkirkYKS LDS 446185 & 457549
Mary /HYELD/25Mar1631P017211John /HYELD/OswaldkirkYKS
Royger /HYELD/3Apr1634P017211John /HYELD/OswaldkirkYKS
Thomas /HEYLD/18Apr1636P017211John /HEYLD/OswaldkirkYKS
John /HIELD/28Apr1639P017211John /HIELD/OswaldkirkYKS
Isabell /HEILD/14Aug1642P017211John /HEILD/OswaldkirkYKS
Mary /HEALD/25Jun1649Maud /HEALD/HusthwaiteYKS LDS batch 8414532
m.25Nov1667M017211Thomas /CLERK/Magdalen /HEALD/OswaldkirkYKS
Everill /HEALD/1Nov1668C017212Thomas /HEALD/OswaldkirkYKS
m.4Feb1705M007553Edward /BOWER/Joan /HEELD/CoxwoldYKS
# -- ALNE --
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Gulielmus /HEILD/20Mar1630VRI2Gulielmi /HEILD/AlneYKS
Anna /HEILD/18Oct1637C073783Gulielmi /HEILD/AlneYKS
Richardus /HEILD/12Apr1640VRI2Gulielmi /HEILD/AlneYKS
Ellena /HEILD/9Aug1645C073783Gulielmi /HEILD/AlneYKS
Anna /HEILD/19Apr1646C073783Fransisci /HEILD/AlneYKS
Alicea /HEILD/4Jun1648C073783Franscisci /HEILD/AlneYKS
Fransiscus /HEILD/13Dec1651VRI2Fransisci /HEILD/AlneYKS
Ellen /HEALD/24Sep1654C073783Francis /HEALD/AlneYKS
Anne /HEILD/20Feb1658C073783Francis /HEILD/AlneYKS
m.12Apr1659M073783Francis /HEILD/Tomison /WRIGHTSON/AlneYKS
m.2May1667M073783Richard /HEILD/Elizabeth /FARNHAM/AlneYKS
Richard /HEILD/13Feb1667VRI2Richard /HEILD/AlneYKS
Bernard /HEELD/3Apr1669VRI2Richard /HEELD/AlneYKS
Elizabeth /HEELD/10Dec1671C073783Richard /HEELD/AlneYKS
Guy /HEELD/10Jan1675VRI2Richard /HEELD/AlneYKS
m.29Apr1675M073783Richard /HEELD/Dorothy /FERRIMAN/AlneYKS
John /HEELD/19Feb1677VRI2Richard /HEELD/AlneYKS
Robertus /HEELD/30Sep1683VRI2Richard /HEELD/AlneYKS
Richardus /HEELD/19Sep1688VRI2Richardi /HEELD/AlneYKS
Franciscus /HEELD/19Dec1691VRI2Richardi /HEELD/AlneYKS
m.23Jan1672M073783George /KITCHIN/Ellen /HEALD/AlneYKS
Ellen /HEALD/8Dec1672C073783John /HEALD/AlneYKS
William /HEELD/16Oct1674VRI2John /HEELD/AlneYKS
John /HEELD/27Feb1676VRI2John /HEELD/AlneYKS
m.28Apr1679M073783William /HEELD/Jane /RAINTREE/AlneYKS
Anna /HEELD/26Apr1682C073783Gulielmi /HEELD/AlneYKS
Jana /HEELD/26Apr1682C073783Gulielmi /HEELD/AlneYKS
Maria /HEELD/17Feb1683C073783Williami /HEELD/AlneYKS
Johannes /HEELD/8Feb1684VRI2Francisci /HEELD/AlneYKS
Allicia /HEELD/21Mar1685C073783Francisci /HEELD/AlneYKS
Jana /HEELD/27Sep1689C073783Francisci /HEELD/AlneYKS
Urssula /HEELD/27Sep1689C073783Francisci /HEELD/AlneYKS
m.3Dec1682M073783Richardus /HEELD/Jana /STEVENSON/AlneYKS
m.6Oct1685M073783Richardus /HEELD/Hellena /HEELD/AlneYKS
Ursula /HEELD/21May1687C073783Richardi /HEELD/AlneYKS
Maria /HEELD/13Dec1694C073783Richard /HEELD/AlneYKS
m.6Nov1683M073783Johannes /HEELD/Jana /WILKINSON/AlneYKS
m.1May1684M073783Thomas /HEELD/Elizabetha /KITCHING/AlneYKS
Thomas /HELD/6Nov1692VRI2Thomae /HELD/AlneYKS
m.29Oct1700M073783Gulielmus /HEELD/Maria /FAWDINGTON/AlneYKS
Jonathan /HEELD/14Sep1701VRI2Willielmi /HEELD/AlneYKS
Johannes /HEELD/25Feb1702VRI2William /HEELD/AlneYKS
Maria /HEELD/29Nov1706C073783William /HEELD/AlneYKS
Anna /HEELD/13Mar1710C073783Willielmi /HEELD/AlneYKS
m.30Apr1700M073783Robertus /SHEEPHERD/Maria /HEELD/AlneYKS
m.18Feb1701M073783Richardus /FOUNTAINES/Ellena /HEELD/AlneYKS
m.1Dec1709M073783Johannes /HEELD/Maria /DOBSON/AlneYKS
Elizabetha /HEELD/18Dec1711C073783Johannis /HEELD/AlneYKS
Anna /HEELD/15Mar1712C073783Johannis /HEELD/AlneYKS
John /HEILD/24Feb1722VRI2Thomas /HEILD/AlneYKS
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m.31Jul1655M010981Thomas /GOODYARD/Mary /HEALD/York, Holy Trinity GoodramgateYKS
m.22Jun1671M004341Johannes /BRIGHAM/Martha /HEALD/York, Saint DenisYKS
Martha /HIELD/3Mar1676P009711Johis /HIELD/York, Saint LaurenceYKS
Johannes /HIELD/17Apr1678P009711Johannis /HIELD/York, Saint LaurenceYKS
m.4Nov1679M009411John /HEELD/Mary /WRAY/York, [Of Poppleton] Saint Mary BishophillYKS LDS 183508 & 184269 & 457608 (rel. Gladys WRAY)
Ann /HEILD/20Oct1680P009411John /HEILD/MargaretYork, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorYKS LDS 446200 & 457608
Margaret /HIELD/10Jan1682P009411John /HIELD/MargaretYork, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorYKS LDS 446200 & 457608
William /HIELD/ Abt.1657- (m. Ann /BELL/)York, Of St. Mary BishopshillYKS LDS 442579
m.1Jan1681M009411William /HIELD/Ann /BELL/York, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorYKS
m.1Jan1682William /HIELD/Ann /BELL/York, St. Mary BishopshillYKS LDS 456715
Anne /HEALD/6Sep1685P011101William /HEALD/York, Holy Trinity MicklegateYKS
Roger /HIELD/11Jun1688P009411William /HIELD/AnnYork, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorYKS LDS 456715
Ann /HIELD/  1689William /HIELD/Ann /BELL/York, St. Mary BishopshillYKS LDS 442579 & 456715
William /HIELD/8Mar1691P009411William /HIELD/AnnYork, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorYKS LDS 442579 & 456715
m.16Nov1694M108673Lanclotte /CROSSBY/Ellesebeth /HEILDE/York, Saint SampsonYKS
m.20Aug1696Ralph /WOODWARD/Elizabeth /HEILD/York, St. Michael Le BalfreyYKS LDS A458929
m.25Apr1695M071773Richard /HEILD/Mary /HATAN/Moor MonktonYKS
William /HEILD/24Feb1696P009411Richard /HEILD/MaryYork, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorYKS
Thomas /HIELD/1Mar1699P009411Richard /HIELD/MaryYork, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorYKS
Richard /HIELD/11Dec1701P009411Richard /HIELD/MaryYork, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorYKS
Elizabeth /HIELD/7May1704P009411Richard /HIELD/MaryYork, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorYKS
Mark /HEILD/30Sep1707P009411Richard /HEILD/York, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorYKS
John /HEYLD/16Jul1710P009411Rd. /HEYLD/York, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorYKS
m.25Jun1704M009711John /HOOD/Jane /HEILD/York, Saint LaurenceYKS
Margaret /HEELD/ Abt.1695- (m. John /THOMPSON/)York, Of St. Marys BishophillYKS LDS 446230
m.3Dec1716John /THOMPSON/Margaret /HEELD/York, St Marys BishophillYKS LDS A455383 & 455385
William /HEILDS/26Jan1711P011101William /HEILDS/York, Holy Trinity MicklegateYKS
Richard /HEELD/13Nov1712P009411Will /HEELD/York, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorYKS
Ann /HEELD/22Sep1714P009411William /HEELD/York, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorYKS
John /HEELD/26Dec1716P009411William /HEELD/York, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorYKS
Jane /HEELD/7May1718P009711Willm /HEELD/York, Saint LaurenceYKS
Anne /HEELD/7Mar1722P009711William /HEELD/York, Saint LaurenceYKS
William /HEELD/26Feb1724P009711William /HEELD/York, Saint LaurenceYKS
m.29Dec1724M009851Edward /HEILDS/Anne /WOAD/York, All Saints PavementYKS LDS 183578 & A459057 & 459061 (rel. John William WARD)
Katheran /HEILD/8Jul1655C060831John /HEILD/Long MarstonYKS
Marthey /HEALD/3May1654VRI2Peter /HEALD/[Bilbrough]YKS FHL 1068312
Mary /HEALD/8Jun1657VRI2Peter /HEALD/BilbroughYKS FHL 1068312
Mary /HEALD/08Jun1657C108863Peter /HEALD/Bishop WiltonYKS
Peter /HEALD/3Mar1658VRI2Peter /HEALD/BilbroughYKS FHL 1068312
Lovely /HEALD/20Mar1659VRI2Peter /HEALD/BilbroughYKS FHL 1068312
Lovely /HEALD/20Mar1659C108863Peter /HEALD/Bishop WiltonYKS
Faith /HEALD/20Mar1659VRI2Peter /HEALD/BilbroughYKS FHL 1068312
Faith /HEALD/20Mar1659C108863Peter /HEALD/Bishop WiltonYKS
m.3Nov1674VRI2William /BLAND/Sarah /HIELD/RufforthYKS FHL 1068394
Richard /HEALD/25Feb1690P007621John /HEALD/Askham RichardYKS PR bap
Ann /HEILD/2Feb1698C039611William /HEILD/AcombYKS
m.20Jun1705M060831Richard /HEALD/Elizabeth /PATRICK/Long MarstonYKS
John /HEALD/28May1706C060831Richard /HEALD/Long MarstonYKS
Rebecka /HEALD/8Mar1707C060831Richard /HEALD/Long MarstonYKS
m.4May1702M014451Thos. /DAWSON/Hel. /HEALD/WhixleyYKS
m.13Nov1712VRI2Mark /HEALD/Alice /CARBAL/RufforthYKS FHL 1068394
Thomas /HEALD/26Oct1713VRI2Mark /HEALD/RufforthYKS FHL 1068394
Elizabeth /HEILD/15Jul1715VRI2Mark /HEILD/RufforthYKS FHL 1068394
Jane /HEILD/15Jul1715VRI2Mark /HEILD/RufforthYKS FHL 1068394
Ann /HIELD/27Mar1717VRI2Mark /HIELD/RufforthYKS FHL 1068394
John /HIELD/28Apr1719VRI2Mark /HIELD/RufforthYKS FHL 1068394
Robert /HEILD/21May1722C071842Mark /HEILD/RufforthYKS
Alice /HIELD/20Jun1725C071842Mark /HIELD/AliceRufforthYKS
m.2Feb1725M060831Richard /HEALD/Ellen /HENDRY/Long MarstonYKS
Alicia /HEILD/26Oct1669C071633Guilielmi /HEILD/HeslingtonYKS PR bap
Jana /HEILD/1Dec1672C071633Guilielmi /HEILD/HeslingtonYKS PR bap
Cateren /HIELD/14Sep1684VRIThomas /HIELD/WheldrakeYKS FHL 1068417
John /HEILD/7Mar1685VRIThomas /HEILD/WheldrakeYKS FHL 1068417
Mary /HEILD/10Jul1687VRIThomas /HEILD/WheldrakeYKS FHL 1068417
William /HIELD/13Oct1689VRIThomas /HIELD/WheldrakeYKS FHL 1068417
Grace /HIELDE/1Jul1691VRIThomas /HIELDE/WheldrakeYKS FHL 1068417
Thomas /HIELD/10Jul1693VRIThomas /HIELD/WheldrakeYKS FHL 1068417
m.19Nov1689M105483Richard /HIELD/Alice /HARRISON/WheldrakeYKS
Jane /HELD/10Jan1706C071633Anthony /HELD/HeslingtonYKS
Jane /HELD/10Jan1707PRAnthony /HELD/HeslingtonYKS PR bap
William /HEELD/26Dec1723C071632Anthony /HEELD/HeslingtonYKS(bur 4 Sep 1726 -PR bur)
m.22Jun1708M105573Thomas /JOHNSON/Catherine /HELD/StillingfleetYKS VRI FHL 1068407
/HEILD/22Jan1681VRI2Francis /HEILD/BossallYKS FHL 1068315
m.12Apr1681VRI2Nicholas /HEILD/Katharine /SCALZING/BossallYKS FHL 1068315
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Ann /HIELD/19Feb1698C071683William /HIELD/Allerthorpe By PocklingtonYKS
Priscilla /HEILD/13Feb1706C071683William /HEILD/Allerthorpe By PocklingtonYKS
# -- SNAITH --
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m.5May1646Cressey_ /HEALD/Ann /LEAPER/SnaithYKS LDS A459187
Marie /HEALD/23May1646Cressey /HEALD/Ann /LEAPER/SnaithYKS LDS 452107
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bur.24Jan1628PRGeorge /HEALD/Whitkirk, [of Seacroft]YKS PR xxx // m. 1613
bur.6Jan1632PRJane /HEALD/Whitkirk, [of Seacroft]YKS PR xxx // m. 1613
Edward /HEALD/12Mar1626P009781Robt. /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS(bur. 12 Oct 1628 -PR xxx) PR xxx
Robart /HEALD/24Feb1628P009781Robt. /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
Mary /HEALD/27Feb1631P009781Robte. /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS(bur. 1 Aug 1632) PR xxx
John /HEALD/23Feb1634P009781Robte. /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
Isabell /HEALD/9Sep1627P009781Willm. /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
Jo. /HEALDE/20Jan1628P009781Roger /HEALDE/WhitkirkYKS(bur. 28 Nov 1629 -PR xxx) PR xxx
Roger /HEALD/26Feb1630P009781Roger /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
Willm. /HEALD/7Oct1632P009781Roger /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
bur.25Sep1634PRElizabeth /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx // wf of Roger
m.18Nov1635M009784Roger /HEALD/Elizabeth /BYWATER/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
Elizabeth /HEALD/2Oct1636P009781Roger /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
Mary /HEALD/24Mar1638P009781Roger /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx // illegitimate ?
Ann /HEALD/26Sep1638P009781Roger /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
Edward /HEALD/17Mar1639P009781Roger /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
m.8Feb1640M009784Roger /HEALD/Bes /BRODBENT/WhitkirkYKS
m.8Feb1641PRRoger /HEALD/Bes /BRODBENT/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
daughter4Jul1641PRRoger /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
Willm. /HEALD/3Dec1643P009781Roger /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
John /HEALD/30Aug1646P009781Roger /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
m.5Jul1628M009621Thos. /HEALD/Dorathy /GLEADALL/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS PR marr LDS 170403 (rel. Joseph GELDHILL)
bur.9May1630M009621Dorathy /HEALD/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS PR bur // wf of Thomas
m.26Aug1633M009621Thomas /HEALD/Margret /GREENE/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS PR marr LDS A455418 & 455419
Lidia /HEALD/29Jun1634P009621Thomas /HEALD/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS(m. William /GREAVES 1655)
Hellen /HEALD/ Bef1667Thomas /HEALD/<Leeds>YKS(bur. 3 Jun 1667 -PR bur)
Rachel /GRAVELEY/1Jan1612P009781Robert /GRAVELEY/WhitkirkYKS(m. William /HEALD/) // Pedigree, Thoresby Soc vol 2 (1891)
m.3Aug1636M009784William /HEALD/Rachell /GRAVELEY/WhitkirkYKS
m.6Jun1638M010821Henrye /HEALD/Issabell /GAYRE/KippaxYKS
Henrye /HEALDE/16Apr1639P010821Henrye /HEALDE/KippaxYKS
bur.6Apr1671PRIssabell /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx // wf of Henry
bur.24Jun1690PRHenry /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
m.29Nov1640M009784John /BAULL/Margarett /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
Ann /HEALD/16Nov1653P009781William /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
Margaret /HEALD/17Apr1656P009781Willm. /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS(b. 3 Apr 1656 -PR; bur. 20 Aug 1656 -PR xxx ?) PR xxx
Alice /HEALD/20Aug1657P009781William /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS(b. 19 Aug 1657 -PR) PR xxx
m.25Feb1660M009784William /HEALD/Rebecca /STEPHENSON/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
Robert /HEALD/18Dec1661P009781William /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
Richard /HEALD/22Nov1663P009781William /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
m.11May1665M009784William /HEALD/Anne /CAYES/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
Elizabeth /HEALD/18Feb1666P009781William /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
Sarah /HEALD/11Apr1666P009781William /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
William /HEALD/19Apr1667P009781William /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
Ann /HEALD/24Jun1668P009781William /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
Katherin /HEALD/23Nov1670P009781William /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
Rebekah /HEALD/21Jul1672P009781Willm. /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
Jane /HEALD/13Aug1684P009781William /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
Ann /ASBY/ Bef1638- (m. Robert /HEALD/; bur. 12 Sep 1667 -PR bur)<Leeds>YKS
m.3Oct1654M009621Robert /HEALD/Ann /ASBY/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS PR marr
Nathaniel /HEALD/26Aug1655P009621Robert /HEALD/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS PR bap
Jane /HEALD/22Feb1657P009621Robert /HEALD/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS(bur. 15 Aug 1680 -PR bur) PR bap
Isabell /HEALD/12Sep1658P009621Robert /HEALD/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS(bur. 6 Dec 1658 -PR bur) PR bap
Mary /HEALD/1Jan1660P009621Robert /HEALD/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS(bur. 4 Dec 1661 -PR bur) PR bap
Robert /HEALD/24Apr1664P009621Robert /HEALD/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS PR bap
William /HEALD/30Dec1666P009621Robert /HEALD/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS PR bap
Jane /NUTTY/ Bef1652- (m. Robert /HEALD/; bur. 7 Feb 1685 -PR bur)<Leeds>YKS
m.22Nov1668M009621Robert /HEALD/Jane /NUTTY/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS PR marr
John /HEALD/ Bef1670Robert /HEALD/<Leeds>YKS(bur. 28 Aug 1670 -PR bur)
Sarah /HEALD/18Jan1671P009621Robert /HEALD/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS(bur. 9 Mar 1672 -PR bur) PR bap
Thomas /HEALD/19Feb1673P009621Robert /HEALD/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS(bur. 6 Apr 1673 -PR bur) PR bap
Ann /HEALD/12Apr1674P009621Robert /HEALD/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS PR bap
Grace /HEALD/15Nov1676P009621Robert /HEALD/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS PR bap
Isabel /HEALD/22Jun1679P009621Robert /HEALD/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS(bur. 1 Jul 1679 -PR bur) PR bap
bur.16Mar1681PRRobert /HEALD/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS PR bur
Robert /HEALD/10Dec1654P009781John /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS(b. 30 Nov 1654 -PR) PR xxx
Elizabeth /HEALD/27Apr1656P009781John /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS(b. 15 Apr 1656 -PR) PR xxx
Frances /HEALD/3Mar1659P009781John /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS(b. 23 Feb 1659 -PR) PR xxx
Susan /HEALD/12Sep1661P009781John /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
m.29May1655M009621William /GREAVES/Lidia /HEALD/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS PR marr // b. 1634
m.17Jun1656M009621Roger /HEALD/Catherine /BARNBY/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS PR marr // of Halton
John /HEALD/2Apr1657P009781Roger /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS(b. 27 Mar 1657 -PR; bur. 2 Dec 1664 -PR xxx) PR xxx
Elizabeth /HEALD/28Apr1659P009781Roger /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS(bur. 23 May 1661 -PR xxx) PR xxx
Ann /HEALD/3Nov1661P009781Roger /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS(d. bef Dec 1675) PR xxx
Jane /HEALD/9Mar1664P009781Roger /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
Catherrene /HEALD/25Oct1666P009781Roger /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
bur.18Mar1674Katherine /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS // wf of Roger
bur.4Dec1675Roger /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS
Elizabeth /HEALD/ Abt1640- (m. William /BROOKS/ 1659; bur. 28 Mar 1698 -AF)LeedsYKS AFN:1FKF-BG3;
m.19Oct1659M009784William /BROOKE/Elizabeth /HEALD/Whitkirk [Killingbeck]YKS AFN:1FKF-BG3; PR xxx LDS 177890 & 184180 (rel. Joseph B. SCARBOROUGH) // b. 1640
m.25Jul1660M009784John /POOLE/Ann /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS
m.30Jun1662M010611Edward /HEALD/Elizabeth /LUPTON/RothwellYKS
William /HEALD/4May1665P009781Edward /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
m.10May1669M009784John /HEALD/Alice /SHARPLES/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
William /HEALD/25Oct1677P009781John /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
John /HEALD/16Dec1680P009781John /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
Roger /HEALD/31Mar1687P009781John /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
m.4Apr1670M009784Richard /PRINCE/Mary /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
m.11Feb1672M009784Henry /HEALD/Joan /HIGGINS/WhitkirkYKS
m.11Feb1673PRHenry /HEALD/Joan /HIGGINS/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
m.27Apr1676M014971Henricus /HEALD/Gratia /ELLIS/SwillingtonYKS
Gulielmus /HEALD/18Feb1677P014971Henrici /HEALD/SwillingtonYKS
Elizabetha /HEALD/21Jan1679P014971Henrici /HEALD/SwillingtonYKS
m.4Feb1688M009784Roger /BARMBY/Sara /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
m.11Jun1691M009784Thomas /THORPE/Joanna /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS PR xxx
Roger /HEALD/  1692- LeedsYKS LDS 1985453
Ann Bef1686- (m. Roger /HEALD/; bur. 25 Mar 1714 -PR bur)<Leeds>YKS
m. Bef1702Roger /HEALD/Ann<Leeds>YKS
Margrett /HEALD/2Apr1702P009621Roger /HEALD/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS(bur. 19 Mar 1706 -PR bur) PR bap
John /HEALD/25Oct1705P009621Roger /HEALD/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS PR bap
Sarah /LINDLEY/ Bef1698- (m. Roger /HEALD/; bur. 16 Nov 1716 -PR bur)<Leeds>YKS
m.3Aug1714M009621Roger /HEALD/Sarah /LINDLEY/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS PR marr LDS 2034626
Wm /HEALD/ Bef1716Roger /HEALD/<Leeds>YKS(bur. 6 Oct 1716 -PR bur)
m.11Jun1717M009621Roger /HEALD/Eliz. /MARSHALL/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS PR marr
m.18Feb1704M009782William /PARKER/Ann /HEALD/WhitkirkYKS
m.24Oct1705M009621John /HEALD/Cathe. /HANSON/Leeds, Saint PeterYKS PR marr // he of Thornes, she of Stanley; b. 1648
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m.8Feb1635M009081George /HEALD/Jjennett /RAYNER/HartsheadYKS PR marr
bur.17Dec1663Jennet /HEALD/HartsheadYKS PR bur // wf of George
bur.22Sep1674George /HEALD/HartsheadYKS PR bur
m.17Jul1648PRJohn /HEALD/Frances /DRAKE/HartsheadYKS PR marr LDS batch 7110506
Grace /HEALD/ Abt1655MIWilliam /HEALD/<Halifax>YKS(m. Francis /PRIESTLEY/ Bef 1685; bur. 16 Nov 1685) // cf IRL, 1655
bur.8Jun1684PRWilliam /HEALD/PriestleyYKS PR bur
John /HEALD/28Nov1669P009801Thomas /HEALD/Thornhill By DewsburyYKS
Anne /HEALD/23Apr1671P009801Thomas /HEALD/Thornhill By DewsburyYKS
Ann /HEALD/ Abt.1658- (m. Michaell /CLARKE/)AlmonburyYKS LDS 453871
m.1Sep1679Michaell /CLARKE/Ann /HEALD/KirkburtonYKS LDS A455838
m. Abt1654Francis /PRIESTLEY/Grace /HEALD/<of Halifax>YKS LDS 184732 // should be Bef 1685
m. Bef1685MIFrancis /PRIESTLEY/Grace /HEALD/<of Halifax>YKS // b. 1655
m. Apr1693PRMr /HEALD/Eliz /HOUGH/Northowram & ColeyYKS PR marr // Rev Thomas Heald ?
Whitley /HEALD/ Abt1694Thomas /HEALD/[Wakefield]YKS(bur. 22 Feb 1736 -PR bur) // UNIV Cam 1709
Nathl. /HEALD/26Jan1700C018501Tho. /HEALD/Huddersfield, St. PeterYKS
Elizab. /HEALD/19Dec1703C018501Tho. /HEALD/Huddersfield, St. PeterYKS
m.20Jun1717Thomas /HEALD/Mary /WALKER/HuddersfieldYKS AFN:TJFK-SR;
m. Jun1717PRMr [Thomas] /HEALD/Mrs /WALKER/HudderfieldYKS(vicar of Huthersfield) PR marr // UNIV Cam 1769
Richard /HEALD/1Dec1694Richard /LODGE/Ann /HEALD/KirkheatonYKS LDS batch 7312905
m.  1706Thomas /HEALD/Mary /BROOK/KirkheatonYKS LDS batch 8523830
m.  1707Tho. /HEALD/Mary /BROOK/KirkheatonYKS LDS batch 7219615
John /HEALD/ Abt1682- KirkburtonYKS AFN:1QKV-M3R;
m. Bef1708John /HEALD/<Kirkburton>YKS
Job /HEALD/  1708John /HEALD/KirkburtonYKS(m. Ann /HOLLINGSWORTH/ 1730) AFN:1QKV-M8S;
Israel /HEALD/13Sep1724VRI2Thomas /HEALD/KirkheatonYKS FHL 990704
# -- DEWSBURY --
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bur..17Mar1628PRAgnes /HEALDE/DewsburyYKS PR bur // or 1629; wf of Bryan /HEALDE/
m.5Feb1645PRRobt. /HEALD/Marye /FLETCHER/DewsburyYKS PR marr LDS A459182 & 459184
John /HEALD/5Dec1646P009051Rbt. /HEALD/[Mary /FLETCHER/]DewsburyYKS PR bap LDS 452084 & 459184
bur..1Jun1649PRMercie /HEALD/DewsburyYKS PR bur // wf of Robert /HEALD/
m.8Nov1649M009051Rbt. /HEALD/Elizabeth /TOWNEND/DewsburyYKS PR marr LDS 183587 & 459184 (rel. John Lewis TOWNSON)
Henry /HEALD/23Feb1650PRRobert /HEALD/ElizabethDewsburyYKS PR bap LDS 452084 & 459184
Henry /HEALD/23Feb1651P009051Rbt. /HEALD/DewsburyYKS
bur..5Jan1652PRElizabeth /HEALDE/DewsburyYKS PR bur // wf of Robert /HEALDE/
m.22Jun1653PRRobert /HEALD/Jane /NEWSOM/DewsburyYKS PR marr LDS A459182
Henry /HEALDS/ Abt.1652- (m. Maria)DewsburyYKS LDS 452084
Mrs. Maria /HEALDS/ Abt.1656- (m. Henry /HEALDS/)DewsburyYKS LDS 452084
m. Abt.1677Henry /HEALDS/Mrs. Maria /HEALDS/<of Dewsbury>YKS LDS 459186
Henry /HEALDS/21Sep1678Henry /HEALDS/MariaDewsburyYKS LDS 452084 & 459186
John /HEALDS/27Dec1680Henry /HEALDS/Mrs. Maria /HEALDS/DewsburyYKS LDS 459186
John /HEALDS/1Apr1683Henry /HEALDS/MariaDewsburyYKS LDS 452084 & 459186
Elizabeth /HEALDS/28May1683Henry /HEALDS/MariaDewsburyYKS LDS 452084 & 459186
Samuel /HEALDS/27Dec1685Henry /HEALDS/MariaDewsburyYKS LDS 452084 & 459186
Joseph /HEALDS/15Nov1690Henry /HEALDS/Mrs. Maria /HEALDS/DewsburyYKS LDS 459186
m.4Nov1691Henry /HEALDS/Anne /BOCOCK/DewsburyYKS LDS 459182 & A459182 // 2nd marriage
Robert /HEALD/ Abt.1646- (m. Sarah /GUNSON/)DewsburyYKS LDS 452084
m.25Jul1671Robert /HEALD/Sarah /GUNSON/DewsburyYKS LDS A459182
John /HEALD/ Abt.1670- (m. Paterntia /SPEIGHT/)KirkheatonYKS LDS 452084
m.14Nov1695John /HEALD/Paterntia /SPEIGHT/DewsburyYKS LDS A459182
Henry /HEALD/ Abt.1676- (m. Sarah /BRADLEY/)DewsburyYKS LDS 452084
m.26Jan1700Henry /HEALD/Sarah /BRADLEY/DewsburyYKS LDS A459182
John /HEALD/ Abt.1706- (m. Hannah /AVEYARD/)DewsburyYKS LDS 448026
Hannah /HEALD/ Abt.1708- (m. John /LONGLEY/)DewsburyYKS LDS 446176
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Robertus /HEALDE/2Dec1627VRIJohannes /SUGDEN/Annae /HEALDE/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS FHL 98546
m.1May1632VRIJohannem /HUIT/Jana /HEALDE/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS FHL 98546
m.14Oct1632VRIBryan /HEALDE/Anna /BRIGGS/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS FHL 98546
m.  1631VRI2John /HEALD/Unica /BLACKEBURNE/Sandal-MagnaYKS FHL 994073
Johannes /HEALD/18Jan1633VRIJohannis /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS FHL 98546
Tymothus /HEALDE/9Apr1636VRIJohannis /HEALDE/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS FHL 98546
Anna /HEALD/18May1639VRIJohn /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS FHL 98546
m.27Apr1635VRIWilliam /WHALLEY/Anna /HEALDE/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS FHL 98546
m.13Jun1637VRIHenry /HEALD/Jennata /NAYLER/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS FHL 98546; LDS 458243 & A458511
Joseph /HEALD/10Apr1638VRIHenery /HEALD/[Janet /NAYLOR/]Wakefield, All SaintsYKS FHL 98546; LDS 458243
Josuas [James] /HEALD/6Feb1639VRIHenery /HEALD/[Janet /NAYLOR/]Wakefield, All SaintsYKS(bur. 4 Mar 1670 -PR bur ?) FHL 98546; LDS 444895
m.16May1639VRIHenery /HEALD/Rebeckah /HOLDROID/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS FHL 98546
Margaret /OXLEY/ Abt1616REL- (d. Aug 1706, aged 90 -REL; bur 17 Aug 1706 -PR bur)<Horbury>YKS
m.14Jan1645E007581Henry /HEALD/Margaret /OXLEY/HorburyYKS PR marr REL 16 LDS 183584 & 962006 & A455847 (rel. John SNOWBALL)// d. in Civil War
Mercie /HEALD/1Nov1646P007581Henry /HEALD/[Margaret /OXLEY/]HorburyYKS(m. John /ARMITAGE/ -REL) PR bap LDS 170473 & 183584 (rel. John SNOWBALL)
John /HEALD/16Jan1648P007581Henrie /HEALD/HorburyYKS(m1 Elizabeth /INGHAM/; m2 Widow /HANSON/ -REL, ? 1705) PR bap
John /HEALD/16Jan1647Henry /HEALD/Margaret /OXLEY/HorburyYKS LDS 452084 & 455847
Tymothy /HEALD/11Nov1649P007581Henry /HEALD/[Margaret /OXLEY/]HorburyYKS(m. Rebecca /MARSHALL Bef 1679; bur. Horbury 25 Dec 1706 -REL, PR bur) PR bap REL 16 LDS 183584 & 452084 & 455847 & 962006 & 1904027 (rel. John SNOWBALL)
Japhat /HEALD/11May1653P007581Henry /HEALD/[Margaret /OXLEY/]HorburyYKS(m. Martha /LEDGARD/ or /LEDGER/ 1690; bur 28 Sep 1700 -PR bur) PR bap LDS 962006 (rel. John SNOWBALL)
bur.24May1653Henry /HEALD/HorburyYKS PR bur
m.28Jul1669M018301Thomas /HEALD/Eliza. /DYXSON/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Rebecca /MARSHALL/  C088021Timothy /MARSHALL/HannahMorley, Old Chapel IndependentYKS(m1 Timothy /HEALD/; m2 Stephen /HAINSWORTH/ 1709; d. 1718 -REL)
m. Bef1679RELTimothy /HEALD/Rebecca /MARSHALL/YKS REL 16 // b. 1649
Samuel /HEALD/30Aug1679C088021Timothy /HEALD/Morley, Old Chapel IndependentYKS
Samuel /HEALD/30Apr1679P009401Timothy /HEALD/Topcliffe By Thirsk, Topcliffe Congregational-NcYKS // non-geographical register ?
Joseph /HEALD/11Feb1684P009401Timothy /HEALD/Topcliffe By Thirsk, Topcliffe Congregational-NcYKS(d. young -REL) // non-geographical register ?
Hannah /HEALD/ Abt1686Timothy /HEALD/Rebecca /MARSHALL/YKS(m. John /BUXTON/ 1703; d. 1734 -REL) // v uncertain date of birth
Ebenezer /HEALD/7Mar1688P009401Timothy /HEALD/Topcliffe By Thirsk, Topcliffe Congregational-NcYKS(m. Sarah /LUPTON/ 1722; d. 6 Sep 1764, aged 76 -REL) OCC yeoman \ gentleman REL 16 // non-geographical register ?
Timothy /HEALD/20Sep1694P009401Timothy /HEALD/Topcliffe By Thirsk, Topcliffe Congregational-NcYKS(d. young -REL) // non-geographical register ?
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt.1696Timothy /HEALD/Topcliffe By ThirskYKS LDS 1903702 // non-geographical register ?
John /HEALD/17Dec1679C088021John /HEALD/Morley, Old Chapel IndependentYKS
John /HEALD/17Dec1679P009401John /HEALD/Topcliffe By Thirsk, Topcliffe Congregational-NcYKS // non-geographical register ?
Martha Abt1658REL- (m. Japhet /HEALD/; d. 1 Aug 1731, aged 73 -REL; bur. 4 Aug 1731 -PR bur)<Idle>YKS
m.1Dec1690M007231Japhet /HIELD/Martha /LEDGARD/Northowram, Northowram And Coley-NcYKS PR marr // b. 1653; Martha /LEDGER/ of Idle -REL
Sarah /HEALD/1Nov1692P007581Japhet /HEALD/HorburyYKS((birth); m. Samuel /DAWSON/ 1716) PR bap
Sarah /HEALD/16Nov1692C088021Japhet /HEALD/Morley, Old Chapel IndependentYKS
Sarah /HEALD/16Nov1692P009401Japhot /HEALD/Topcliffe By Thirsk, Topcliffe Congregational-NcYKS // non-geographical register ?
Mary /HEALD/7Mar1694P009401Japhot /HEALD/Topcliffe By Thirsk, Topcliffe Congregational-NcYKS // non-geographical register ?
Mary /HEALD/7Mar1695P007581Japhet /HEALD/HorburyYKS(b. 21 Feb 1694; m. Jeremiah /LUPTON/ 1720) PR bap
Hannah /HEALD/7Mar1694C088021Japhet /HEALD/Morley, Old Chapel IndependentYKS
John /HEALD/30Aug1696P018301/HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Martha /HEALD/7Apr1699P018301Japhet /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Martha /HEALD/8May1699C088021Japhet /HEALD/Morley, Old Chapel IndependentYKS
Martha /HEALD/8May1699P009401Japhot /HEALD/Topcliffe By Thirsk, Topcliffe Congregational-NcYKS // non-geographical register ?
bur.28Sep1700Japhett /HEALD/Horbury, [of Lupsett]YKS PR bur
James /HEALD/18May1691C088021John /HEALD/Morley, Old Chapel IndependentYKS
James /HEALD/18May1691P009401John /HEALD/Topcliffe By Thirsk, Topcliffe Congregational-NcYKS // non-geographical register ?
Lydia /HEALD/9Sep1696C088021John /HEALD/Morley, Old Chapel IndependentYKS
Lidia /HEALD/9Sep1696P009401John /HEALD/Topcliffe By Thirsk, Topcliffe Congregational-NcYKS // non-geographical register ?
Alice /HEALD/ Abt.1672- (m. Edmund /SYKES/)WakefieldYKS LDS 471060
m.17Apr1693Edmund /SYKES/Alice /HEALD/WakefieldYKS LDS A471825 & 471901
m.10Apr1699M018301Robt. /HEALD/Grace /ROUSE/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
m.11Dec1702John /WILSON/Rebecca /HEALD/PontefractYKS LDS batch 7503415
m.18Feb1703M018301John /BUXTON/Hannah /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS // b. 1686
m.8Apr1703M018301Willm. /HEALD/Grace /LEE/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
m.15Apr1706M018301Joseph /CLARKE/Eliz. /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Rebecca /HEALD/ Abt.1688- (m. Stephan /HAINSWORTH/)WakefieldYKS LDS 452868 // actually widow of Timothy /HEALD/, m1 Bef 1679
m.7Sep1709Stephan /HAINSWORTH/Rebecca /HEALD/SwillingtonYKS LDS 457660 & A457658 // m1 Bef 1679
m.8May1710M018301Joshua /CLARKE/Hannah /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
m.8May1710M007231Joshua /CLARK/Hannah /HEALD/[Osset] Northowram, Northowram And Coley-NcYKS PR marr
m.19Jul1710M018301John /HEALD/Alice /MARSDEN/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
m.20Jul1710M007231John /HEALD/[Osset] Northowram, Northowram And Coley-NcYKS PR marr
John /HEALD/9Jun1711P007581Jon. /HEALD/Horbury, [of Haggs]YKS(bur. 13 Aug 1711 -PR bur) PR bap
bur.14Dec1711Alice /HEALD/Horbury, [of Haggs]YKS PR bur
bur.27May1715John /HEALD/Horbury, [of Haggs]YKS PR bur
m.26Jul1710M010613William /HEALD/Jane /GILL/RothwellYKS LDS 183493 & 184267 & 184614 (rel. William LONGSTROTH)
David /HEALD/5Oct1713P007581David /HEALD/Horbury, [of Haggs]YKS PR bap
Joseph /HEALD/29Oct1715P007581David /HEALD/Horbury, [of Street side]YKS PR bap
Mary /HEALD/4May1717P007581David /HEALD/HorburyYKS PR bap
John /HEALD/30Aug1719P007581David /HEALD/HorburyYKS PR bap
m.30May1716M018301James /HEALD/Elizabeth /BRIGGS/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Elizabeth /HEALD/3Aug1719P018301James /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Samuel /HEALD/12Aug1724P018301James /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Sarah /HEALD/ Abt.1695- (m. Samuel /DAWSON/)WakefieldYKS LDS 445795
m.25Jun1716M010613Samuel /DAWSON/Sarah /HEALD/RothwellYKS // b. 1692
m.2Jul1716M007231Saml /DAWSON/Sarah /HEALD/[Wakefield] Northowram, Northowram And Coley-NcYKS PR marr LDS A456747
m.14Mar1720M007231Jeremiah /LUPTON/Mary /HEALD/[Wakefield] Northowram, Northowram And Coley-NcYKS PR marr // b. 1695
Sarah /LUPTON/ Abt1698William /LUPTON/YKS(d. 17 Jan 1767, aged 68 -REL)
m.15May1722M041641Ebenezer /HEALD/Sarah /LUPTON/WoodkirkYKS REL 16 // b. 1688
m. May1722M007231Ebenezer /HEALD/Sarah /LUPTON/[Wakefield] Northowram, Northowram And Coley-NcYKS PR marr
Timothy /HEALD/  1724Ebenezar /HEALD/Sarah /LUPTON/WakefieldYKS(m. Jane /BUXTON/ 1764; d. 6 Feb 1784, aged 59 -REL) LDS 1903941
Willm. /HEALD/17Dec1718P018301Willm /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Richard /HEALD/5Nov1720P018301William /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Mary /HEALD/8Oct1722P018301Willm /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Eliz. /HEALD/10Mar1725P018301Wm. /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
m.14Jul1723M010344Joseph /ELLIOTT/Lydia /HEALD/Sandal MagnaYKS
Mary /HEALD/1Jan1724P018301Samuel /HEALD/Wakefield, All SaintsYKS
Rachel /HEALD/27May1724C108082Henry /HEALD/BatleyYKS
Thomas /HEALD/ Abt.1719- (m. Elizabeth /PARKER/)BatleyYKS LDS 453761
# -- BARNSLEY --
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m.22Dec1626M107471Hugh /JOHNAS/Ann /HELD/BarnsleyYKS
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John /HEALD/5Jan1706P009651William /HEALD/Wath Upon DearneYKS
William /HEALD/5Jun1707P009651William /HEALD/Wath Upon DearneYKS
Henry /HEALD/29Jun1709P009651William /HEALD/Wath Upon DearneYKS
Elizabeth /HEALD/15Jun1712P009651William /HEALD/Wath Upon DearneYKS
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Thomas /HEALD/13Oct1663P007381Thomas /HEALD/BrodsworthYKS(bur. 15 Aug 1664 -PR bur) PR bap
William /HEALD/ Abt1664- (m. Mary)OwstonYKS AFN:19KR-PFV;
William /HEALD/ Abt.1666- OwstonYKS LDS 2034427
Mrs. Mary /HEALD/ Abt1668- (bur. 3 Mar 1703 -AF)OwstonYKS AFN:19KR-PG3;
Mrs. Mary /HEALD/ Abt.1671- OwstonYKS LDS 2034427
m. Abt.1691William /HEALD/Mrs. Mary /HEALD/YKS LDS 2034471
m.6Feb1691PRWilliam /HEALD/Mary /CAUTHORNE/DoncasterYKS PR marr
William /HEALD/ Abt1690William /HEALD/MaryOwstonYKS(m. 1723 Elizabeth /PASHLEY/;bur. 20 Feb 1753 -AF) AFN:19KR-PH9;
William /HEALD/ Abt.1698William /HEALD/Mrs. Mary /HEALD/OwstonYKS LDS 2034483
William /HEALD/ Abt.1698- CarcroftYKS LDS 2034427
event Abt.1698William /HEALD/OwstonYKS(m. Mrs. Alice /HEALD/) LDS F518032
John /HEALD/30Apr1692William /HEALD/Mrs. Mary /HEALD/Carcroft [Owston]YKS(bur. 5 Sep 1695 -AF) AFN:19KR-PJH; LDS 2034483
John /HEALD/30Apr1693VRI2William HealdOwstonYKS FHL 1545732
Elizabeth /HEALD/8May1697C106813William /HEALD/[Mary]OwstonYKS AFN:19KR-PKP; VRI2 FHL 1545732
Mary /HEALD/23Jul1699C106813William /HEALD/OwstonYKS VRI2 FHL 1545732
Mary /HEALD/28Jul1699William /HEALD/Mrs. Mary /HEALD/Carcroft [Owston]YKS(bur. 15 May 1703 -AF) AFN:19KR-PLW; LDS 2034471
Ann /HEALD/30Nov1701C106813William /HEALD/OwstonYKS(bur. 5 May 1703 -AF) AFN:19KR-PM4; VRI2 FHL 1545732 LDS batch 9010731
m.18Apr1704VRI2William /HEALD/Elizabeth /GILLING/OwstonYKS FHL 1545732 LDS batch 9010732
m. Apr1721PRJohn /HERRING/Eliz. /HEALD/DoncasterYKS PR marr // she of Carcroft
m.7Nov1721PRWilliam /HEALD/Mary /DICKONSON/DoncasterYKS PR marr // he of Carcroft
event Abt.1702Mrs. Alice /HEALD/OwstonYKS(m. William /HEALD/) LDS F518032
Mrs. William /HEALD/ Abt.1704- CarcroftYKS LDS 2034427
m.30Jan1722PRWilliam /HEALD/Alice /COLEMAN/DoncasterYKS PR marr // he of Carcroft
m. Abt.1723William /HEALD/Mrs. Alice /HEALD/OwstonYKS LDS F518032
William /HEALD/5Jul1724C106812William /HEALD/OwstonYKS VRI2 FHL 1545732
William /HEALD/6Jul1724William /HEALD/AliceOwstonYKS LDS batch 5008122
m.12Dec1723M106332William /HEALD/Elizabeth /PASHLEY/LoversallYKS(b. 1690 -AF) AFN:19KR-PH9;
event Abt.1718William /HEALD/Mrs. William /HEALD/ArkseyYKS LDS F505073
event Abt.1722William /HEALD/Mrs. William /HEALD/ArkseyYKS LDS F505073
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m.16Jun1689VRI2Henry /WARRALL/Susana /HEYLD/BradfieldYKS LDS batch 7806033
m.12Jul1691VRI2John /HEILD/Dorothy /SMITH/BradfieldYKS PR marr LDS 177882 & 184282 & 184622 (rel. Ernest HOLLINGS)
m.25May1703M007751Samuel /HEALDE/Hanna /DEPLIDGE/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS
Abraham /HEALD/30May1705P007751Sam. /HEALD/Sheffield, Saint PeterYKS
Sarah /HEALD/30May1705P007751Sam. /HEALD/Sheffield, Saint PeterYKS
Hanah /HEALD/3Oct1707P007751Sam. /HEALD/Sheffield, Saint PeterYKS
Martha /HEALD/29May1709P007751Sam. /HEALD/Sheffield, Saint PeterYKS
Hana /HEALD/26Oct1712P007751Sam. /HEALD/Sheffield, Saint PeterYKS
m.2Oct1706Nich. /HEALD/Sara /CARR/SheffieldYKS LDS batch 7026815
Lidia /HEALD/4Jun1707P007751Nich. /HEALD/Sheffield, Saint PeterYKS
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1708Nicholas /HEALD/SheffieldYKS TR cutler 1732
Wm. /HEALD/7Sep1711P007751Nich. /HEALD/Sheffield, Saint PeterYKS
John /HEALD/5Feb1714P007751Mich. /HEALD/Sheffield, Saint PeterYKS TR cutler 1727
Hanah /HEALD/13Apr1716P007751Nich. /HEALD/Sheffield, Saint PeterYKS
Sarah /HEALD/23Apr1717P007751Nich. /HEALD/Sheffield, Saint PeterYKS
Benj. /HEALD/27Jun1718P007751Nich. /HEALD/Sheffield, Saint PeterYKS
Thomas /HEALD/16Dec1720Nicholas /HEALD/SheffieldYKS LDS batch 7029423
William /HEALD/ Abt.1681- (m. Sarah /CROSSLAND/)Watch. SheffieldYKS LDS 452839
m.26Dec1706William /HEALD/Sarah /CROSSLAND/SheffieldYKS LDS 455797 & A455797
m.24Sep1710M007751John /MATTHEWMAN/Margt. /HEALD/Sheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterYKS LDS batch 7027414
Martha /HEALD/ Abt.1713- (m. Stephen /BROADBENT/)SheffieldYKS LDS 455700
Miss /HEALD/ Abt.1717- (m. Wiliam /ALDAM/)Sheffield, Of UpperthorpeYKS LDS 446103

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