Heald Births and Marriages UK: YKS, 1851-1900

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Also be very aware that the listings are far from complete. There are many more Healds whose parishes have not yet been included in the IGI or VRI; many Healds lost or mistranscribed in both the 1881 and 1901 censuses; and many more still to transcribe at FreeBMD (latest progress). Just because there is only one Heald listed in a given place with a given name at a particular date, it is not necessarily safe to assume that they must definitely be the person you are looking for.

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# -- PENNINES --
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Sarah A. Abt1874CEN- (m. Herbert /HIELDS/)Kirby KnowleYKS CEN 1901 (Coverham Agg)
m.09Jul1900FreeBMDHerbert /HIELDS/Sarah Annie Clifford /PEACOCK/CoverhamYKS GRO 9d 1171 (Leyburn) LDS -- // b. Acomb 1872
William Percy /HIELDS/ Q21901FreeBMD- LeyburnYKS GRO 9d 694
Ida /HIELDS/ Q11903FreeBMD- LeyburnYKS GRO 9d 667 // d. Gt. Ouseburn Q3 1903 ?
Annie Lilian /HIELDS/ Q31904FreeBMD- LeyburnYKS GRO 9d 707
m. Q31883FreeBMDAnn /HEALD/Pateley BridgeYKS GRO 9a 84
Helena Florence /HEALD/ Q41890CENJohn /HEALD/SarahSkiptonYKS GRO 9a 45 CEN 1901 (Barnoldswick) // m. Bolton LAN, 1875
Percy /HEALD/ Q11893CENJohn /HEALD/SarahSkiptonYKS GRO 9a 44 CEN 1901 (Barnoldswick)
Edgar /HEALD/ Q11895CENJohn /HEALD/SarahSkiptonYKS GRO 9a 47 CEN 1901 (Barnoldswick)
William /HEALD/ Q21896CENJohn /HEALD/SarahSkiptonYKS GRO 9a 50 CEN 1901 (Barnoldswick)
John Reginald /HEALD/ Q11898CENJohn /HEALD/SarahSkiptonYKS GRO 9a 50 CEN 1901 (Barnoldswick)
Elizabeth J Abt1877CEN- (m. Sandy /HEALD/)SawleyYKS CEN 1901 (Barnoldswick)
m. Q31898FreeBMDSandy /HEALD/[Elizabeth Jane /PARKER/]SkiptonYKS GRO 9a 100 // b. LAN, 1876
John G /HEALD/ Abt1900CENSandy /HEALD/ElizabethRoytonLAN CEN 1901 (Barnoldswick, YKS)
m. Q31899FreeBMDMary Ellen /HEALD/SkiptonYKS GRO 9a 84
Mary /HEALD/ Q31902FreeBMD- SkiptonYKS GRO 9a 32
Alice /HEALD/ Q41904FreeBMD- SkiptonYKS GRO 9a 30
George /HEALD/ Q41879FreeBMD- WharfedaleYKS GRO 9a 149
m. Q21882FreeBMDAnn /HIELDS/WharfedaleYKS GRO 9a 233
Lily /HEILDS/ Q41889FreeBMD- TadcasterYKS GRO 9c 797
Lily /HEILDS/ Abt1890FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1893)<Wharfedale>YKS GRO 9a 98
m. Q11898FreeBMDMary Elizabeth /HEALD/WharfedaleYKS GRO 9a 181
m. Q31903FreeBMDJohn /HEALD/WharfedaleYKS GRO 9a 318
Horace /HEALD/ Q31905FreeBMD- WharfedaleYKS GRO 9a 149
m.  1903YksBMDJohn /HEALD/Alice E /CLARKSON/Wharfe District, Registered BuildingYKS Yks-Leeds WHARFERB/23/5
m.  1909YksBMDAndrew /HEALD/Hannah A /PICKLES/Wharfe District, Registered BuildingYKS Yks-Leeds WHARFERB/25/78
# -- NORTH EAST --
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Amy /HEALD/ Abt1883FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1893)<Richmond, Y.>YKS GRO 9d 417
m. Q31854FreeBMDEliza /HIELDS/GuisboroughYKS GRO 9d 564
Isabella Abt1847CEN- (m. Charles /HEALD/)StocktonDUR CEN 1881 (Shildon)
m.29Dec1869M007541Charles /HEALD/Isabella /CHATTO/EstonYKS GRO 9d 835 (Guisborough)// b. Wakefield 1846; moved to Leicester LEI, 1870, Birkenhead 1878, Liverpool LAN, 1878
William Henry /HEALD/ Q31876FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1880, GRO 10a 46 (Stockton))Guisbro'YKS GRO 9d 485
Andrew /HEALD/ Q41877FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1878, GRO 9d 363)Guisbro'YKS GRO 9d 504
Matthew /HEALD/ Q41877FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1878, GRO 9d 363)Guisbro'YKS GRO 9d 505
Alice /HEALD/ Q21880FreeBMD- Guisbro'.YKS GRO 9d 549
m. Q41888FreeBMDAmy /HEALD/Guisbro'YKS GRO 9d 910
Ada /HEALD/ Q11899CENWilliam /HEALD/Emma G.LazenbyYKS GRO 9d 496 (Guisbro') CEN 1901 (Scarcliffe, DBY) // m. Bef 1893
Mary Isabella /HEALD/ Q41901FreeBMD- Middlesbro'YKS GRO 9d 646
m. Q31902FreeBMDWilliam /HEALD/GuisbroYKS GRO 9d 855
Alice /HEALD/ Q31903FreeBMD- Middlesbro'YKS GRO 9d 626
m. Q31904FreeBMDThomas William /HEALD/Middlesbro'YKS GRO 9d 976
m. Q21905FreeBMDErnest /HEALD/Guisbro'YKS GRO 9d 949
Arthur /HILD/ Abt1860CEN- (Other 1901)ScarboroughYKS CEN 1901 (Woolwich)
Alice Abt1827CEN- (m. Henry /HELD/ Bef 1871)SnaintonYKS CEN 1901
m. Bef1871Henry /HELD/Alice<Snainton>YKS // b. 1827
Henry /HELD/ Abt1871CENHenry /HELD/AliceSnaintonYKS(grandson ?) CEN 1901
Hannah Abt1851CEN- (m. William /HEALDS/)CaytonYKS CEN 1881 (Danby) CEN 1901 (Scarborough)
m. Q41872FreeBMDWilliam /HEALDS/ScarboroughYKS GRO 9d
m. Bef1873William /HEALDS/Hannah<Cayton>YKS // b. Leavening 1850
Mary Jane /HEALDS/ Q11873CENWilliam /HEALDS/HannahCaytonYKS GRO 9d 331 (Scarboro') CEN 1881 (Danby) CEN 1901 (Leeds)
Sarah Ann /HEALDS/ Q41874CENWilliam /HEALDS/HannahThirsk \ SewerbyYKS GRO 9d 389 CEN 1881 (Danby) CEN 1901 (Scarborough)
Matthew /HEALDS/ Q41876CENWilliam /HEALDS/HannahOswald KirkYKS GRO 9d 417 (Helmsley) CEN 1881 (Danby) CEN 1901 (Leeds)
Alice /HEALDS/ Abt1880CENWilliam /HEALDS/HannahCastletonYKS CEN 1881 (Danby) CEN 1901 (Scarborough)
Lily /HEALD/ Abt1883CENWilliam /HEALD/Hannah /HEALD/East AytonYKS CEN 1901 (Scarborough)
Elizabeth Abt1852CEN- (m. Mathew /HEALD/)CrambeYKS CEN 1881 (Redcar) CEN 1901 (Aiskew)
m. Bef1874Mathew /HEALD/Elizabeth<Crambe>YKS // b. Leavening 1852
Maria /HEALD/ Abt1873CENMathew /HEALD/ElizabethThornton Le ClayYKS(d. Q3 1884, GRO 9d 361 (Guisbro')) CEN 1881 (Redcar)
William /HEALD/ Q11876CENMathew /HEALD/ElizabethSneintonYKS GRO 9d 381 (Scarborough) CEN 1881 (Redcar)
Ernest /HEALD/ Q31880CENMathew /HEALD/ElizabethPickeringYKS GRO 9d 451 CEN 1881 (Redcar) CEN 1901 (North Allerton)
Ethel /HEALD/ Q41885CENMatthew /HEALD/ElizabethLeaveningYKS GRO 9d 649 (Bedale) CEN 1901 (Aiskew)
Donald /HEALD/ Q31890CENMatthew /HEALD/ElizabethRichmondYKS GRO 9d 664 CEN 1901 (Aiskew)
m. Q31876FreeBMDJane Ann /HEALD/ScarboroughYKS GRO 9d 489
Eva Kate /HEALD/ Q21876CENJames [Waddington] /HEALD/AnnieGantonYKS GRO 9d 383 (Scarbro) CEN 1881 (Theberton, SFK) CEN 1901 (Croydon, SRY) // m. LAN, Bef 1864
m. Q31877FreeBMDLouisa /HEALD/WhitbyYKS GRO 9d 653
m. Q41879FreeBMDLucy /HEALD/ScarboroughYKS GRO 9d 619
m. Q11883FreeBMDJane Elizabeth /HEALD/ScarboroughYKS GRO 9d 491 // b. 1861
m. Q11885FreeBMDAnn /HEALD/ScarboroughYKS GRO 9d 479
Albert /HEALD/ Abt1885FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1886, GRO 9d 258)<Scarbro'>YKS
m. Q41885FreeBMDJoseph /HEALD/ScarboroughYKS GRO 9d 703
Ada Abt1868CEN- (m. Harry /HIELD/)YorkYKS CEN 1901 (Headingley)
m. Q11891FreeBMDHarry /HIELD/[Ada /DIXON/]Scarbro'.YKS GRO 9d 547 // b. 1865; to Leeds 1898
Frances /HELD/ Abt1893CEN- SnaintonYKS CEN 1901
m. Q41904FreeBMDJohn William /HIELDS/ThirskYKS GRO 9d 831
# -- YORK --
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Richard [W.] /HIELD/22Sep1851C011082Joseph /HIELD/Jennet IsabellaYork, Saint OlaveYKS Yks-YK BOO/11/40 (Bootham) CEN 1861 (Ecclesall Bierlow) VRI FHL 1068540 // m. LND, 1847
Richard /HIELD/ Abt1852CEN- (m. Helen /BRUCE/ LAN, Bef 1880; Visitor 1881)YorkYKS CEN 1881 (Wisbech St Peter, CAM) CEN 1901 (Wolverhampton, STS)
Thomas /HIELDS/5Jan1852C011082Hannah /HIELDS/York, Saint OlaveYKS GRO 9d 4 Yks-YK BOO/11/64 (Bootham) VRI FHL 1068540
William Booth /HIELDS/27Nov1859C108661Hannah /HIELDS/York, Saint MargaretYKS Yks-York WAL/29/68 (Walmgate)
Hannah Abt1838CEN- (m1 /HIELDS/;m2 /THEAKSTON/;wid. bef. 1881)AcombYKS CEN 1881 (York St Maurice)
Emily /HIELDS/  1858CENHannahAcombYKS Yks-York POP/1/58 (Poppleton) CEN 1881 (York St Maurice)
Emily /HEILDS/ Abt1858CEN- (Servt 1881)AcombYKS CEN 1881
George /HIELDS/  1860C039612Hannah /HIELDS/AcombYKS(bapt 4 Jan 1861; d. Q2 1882, GRO 9a 75 (Gt Ouseburn)) Yks-York POP/2/8 (Poppleton)
L. M. Abt1840CEN- (m. /HIELD/; wid. bef. 1881; Aunt of Joseph /THEAKSTONE/)PadmanLAN CEN 1881 (Little Ouseburn, YKS)
m.12Jun1858M009413Thomas /FORREST/Mary /HIELDS/York, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorYKS
Richard /HIELDS/  1853YksBMD- MicklegateYKS Yks-YK MIC/11/43
Ann /HIELDS/  1858YksBMD- YorkYKS Yks-York POP/1/67 (Poppleton)
George /HIELDS/  1859YksBMD- MicklegateYKS Yks-YK MIC/16/58
m.5Feb1859M105244Robert /HEILDS/Mary /MOISER/HuntingtonYKS
m. Q11859FreeBMDRobert /HEILDS/YorkYKS GRO 9d 13
James Moiser /HIELDS/  1861YksBMD- MicklegateYKS Yks-YK MIC/17/69
m. Bef1861John /HEILDS/Elizabeth<Acomb>YKS // b. 1831
Martha /HIELDS/  1855VRI2John /HIELDS/<Acomb>YKS(m. William /YARDY/ 1881) Yks-York POP/1/23 (Poppleton) FHL 1068308
Harry /HIELDS/3Mar1861C039612John /HIELDS/ElizabethAcombYKS(m. Mary /KNEESHAW/ 1885 -VRI) Yks-York POP/2/10 (Poppleton) CEN 1881
Elizabeth /HIELDS/ Q31864CENJohn /HEILDS/AcombYKS GRO 9a 90 (Gt Ouseburn) Yks-York POP/2/62 (Poppleton) CEN 1881
Mary Hannah /HIELDS/ Q21867C039612John /HEILDS/ElizabethAcombYKS(bapt 12 Mar 1872) GRO 9a 95 (Gt. Ouseburn) Yks-York POP/3/2 (Poppleton) CEN 1881
Emily /HIELDS/  1869C039612John /HIELDS/ElizabethAcombYKS(bapt 6 Jan 1870) Yks-York POP/3/38 (Poppleton) CEN 1881
John William /HIELDS/ Q31861CEN- (Apprentice 1881)YorkYKS GRO 9d 8 Yks-YK BOO/19/45 (Bootham) CEN 1881 (Stockton On Forest)
John William /HIELDS/  1862YksBMD- YorkYKS Yks-York WAL/34/46 (Walmgate)
John /HIELDS/ Abt1864CEN- (m. Elizabeth Bef 1889)YorkYKS CEN 1901
Matilda /WHITMARSH/ Abt1834VRIStephen /WHITMARSH/<York>YKS(m. Robert /HIELDS/) FHL 1068434
m.27Jul1863M009714Robert /HIELDS/Matilda /WHITMARSH/York, Saint LaurenceYKS(hb. prev marr) VRI FHL 1068434 // b. 1833
Jane /HIELDS/11Nov1863C071631Robert /HIELDS/MatildaHeslingtonYKS(d. Q2 1881, GRO 9d 28 (York)) Yks-York POP/2/48 (Poppleton)
Isabel /HIELDS/24Dec1865C071865Robert /HIELDS/MatildaYork, Saint SaviorYKS(regd. Q1 1866, GRO 9d 32; Serv 1881) Yks-York WAL/40/28 (Walmgate) CEN 1881 (Leeds) VRI2 FHL 1068543 // cf CON, 1865
Frederick /HIELDS/24Nov1867VRIRobert /HIELDS/MatildaYork, Saint MauriceYKS(Serv 1881) GRO 9d 34 Yks-York WAL/43/46 (Walmgate) FHL 1068537 CEN 1881 (Acomb)
Ernest /HIELDS/13Mar1870VRI2Robert /HIELDS/MatildaDringhouses, St EdwardYKS(d. Q3 1870, GRO 9d 14) GRO 9d 20 (York) Yks-YK MIC/26/26 (Micklegate) FHL 1068431
Robert /HIELDS/1Feb1875VRI2Robert /HIELDS/MatildaDringhouses, St EdwardYKS(Nephew of Robert /NALDRETT/; d. Q2 1894, GRO 9d 26) GRO 9d 17 Yks-YK MIC/31/73 (Micklegate) CEN 1881 (York St Mary Bishopshill Jnr) FHL 1068431
Thomas /WIND/ Bef1846VRI2Michael /WIND/<Acomb>YKS(m. Hannah /HIELDS/ 1863) FHL 1068308
m.28Nov1863VRI2Thomas /WIND/Hannah /HIELDS/AcombYKS FHL 1068308
m.13Apr1865VRIJohn /HIELDS/Sarah /ARMSTRONG/York, Saint Mary CastlegateYKS(s. of William /HIELDS/;da. of James /ARMSTRONG/) GRO 9d 63 FHL 1068537
Catharine /HIELDS/30Jan1866C011022John /HIELDS/SarahYork, Saint Michael-Le-BelfryYKS(d. Q1 1866, GRO 9d 10) GRO 9d 6 Yks-YK BOO/22/92 (Bootham)
Emma /HIELDS/2Jun1871VRIJohn /HIELDS/SarahYork, Saint Michael SpurriergateYKS(b. 19 May 1871) GRO 9d 9 Yks-YK BOO/26/90 (Bootham) FHL 1068538
Sarah Jane /THISTLETHWAITE/21Apr1841C006132Joseph /THISTLETHWAITE/SarahYork, Saint John OusebridgeYKS(m. George /HIELDS/) CEN 1881
m.28May1866M004344George /HIELDS/Sarah Jane /THISTLETHWAITE/York, Saint DenisYKS GRO 9d 50 // b. 1842
Walter Joseph /HEILDS/27Oct1871C071851George /HEILDS/Sarah JaneYork, Saint Mary Bishophill SeniorYKS(bap. 15 Feb 1872; d. Q4 1872, GRO 9d 15) GRO 9d 22 Yks-YK MIC/28/13 (Micklegate) VRI FHL 1068535
Edwin Walter /HIELDS/ Q11874VRIGeorge /HIELDS/Sarah JaneYork, Saint Mary Bishophill SeniorYKS(bap. 7 May 1874; m. Agnes NBL, 1896) GRO 9d 25 Yks-YK MIC/30/67 (Micklegate) FHL 1068535 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Tynemouth, NBL)
Sarah Jane /HIELDS/ Q31875FreeBMD- YorkYKS GRO 9d 26
Gertrude Sarah Jane /HIELDS/10Aug1876VRIGeorge /HIELDS/Sarah JaneYork, Saint Mary Bishophill SeniorYKS(b. 7 Sep 1875) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Tynemouth, NBL) FHL 1068535
Amy Ellen /HIELDS/28Feb1878VRIGeorge /HIELDS/Sarah JaneYork, Saint Mary Bishophill SeniorYKS(b. 13 Jan 1878) GRO 9d 24 Yks-York MIC/35/49 (Micklegate) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Tynemouth, NBL) FHL 1068535
Allan George /HIELDS/15Oct1880VRIGeorge /HIELDS/Sarah JaneYork, Saint Mary Bishophill SeniorYKS(bapt. 6 Jan 1881) GRO 9d 24 Yks-York MIC/38/95 (Micklegate) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Tynemouth, NBL) FHL 1068535
Mabel /HEALD/ Q11883FreeBMD- YorkYKS GRO 9d 5
Mabel A /HIELDS/  1882YksBMD[George /HIELDS/][Sarah Jane]YorkYKS Yks-York MIC/41/34 (Micklegate) CEN 1901 (Tynemouth, NBL)
m.  1868John /HIELDS/Mrs. Mary /HIELDS/AcombYKS LDS 2034355
Alice Abt1847CEN- (m. John /HIELDS/)HuntonYKS CEN 1881 (Acomb) CEN 1901 (Acomb)
Mrs. Alice /HIELDS/  1846- HuntonYKS LDS 1985291
m.17Mar1870VRI2John /HIELDS/Alice /LAW/AcombYKS GRO 9a 100 (Gt. Ouseburn) FHL 1068308 // b. 1847
Robert H /HIELDS/5Jan1871C039612John /HIELDS/AliceAcombYKS(m. Emily 1896) GRO 9a 87 (Gt. Ouseburn) Yks-York POP/3/54 (Poppleton) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (York)
Herbert /HIELDS/12Apr1872C039612John /HIELDS/AliceAcombYKS(m. Sarah Annie Clifford /PEACOCK/ 1900) GRO 9a 93 (Gt. Ouseburn) Yks-York POP/3/74 (Poppleton) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Coverham Agg)
Mary Jane /HIELDS/30Nov1873C039612John /HIELDS/AliceAcombYKS GRO 9a 87 (Gt Ouseburn) Yks-York POP/3/98 (Poppleton) CEN 1881
Harriet Alice /HIELDS/ Q21875FreeBMD- Gt. OuseburnYKS GRO 9a 101 Yks-York POP/4/23 (Poppleton)
Harriet Alice /HIELDS/15Aug1875VRI2John /HIELDS/AliceAcombYKS FHL 1068308 LDS 2034355
John William /HIELDS/ Q21876FreeBMDJohn /HIELDS/AliceAcombYKS(bapt 21 Nov 1880 -VRI2) GRO 9a 101 (Gt. Ouseburn) Yks-York POP/4/42 (Poppleton) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 LDS 2034339 FHL 1068308
James /HIELDS/ Q21878CENJohn /HIELDS/AliceAcombYKS(bapt 21 Nov 1880 -VRI2) GRO 9a 103 (Gt. Ouseburn) Yks-York POP/4/81 (Poppleton) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 LDS 2034339 FHL 1068308
Thomas Henry /HIELDS/21Nov1880VRI2John /HIELDS/AliceAcombYKS GRO 9a 95 (Gt. Ouseburn) Yks-York POP/5/28 (Poppleton) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 LDS 2034339 FHL 1068308
William George /HIELDS/ Abt1870FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1876)<York>YKS GRO 9d 17
Harry /HIELD/27Feb1870VRIJames /HIELD/ElizabethYork, Saint MargaretYKS FHL 1068435 GRO 9d 48
Harry /HIELDS/  1870YksBMD- YorkYKS Yks-York WAL/47/77 (Walmgate)
John Wm. /HIELDS/ Abt1872CEN- (Inmate 1881)Great OuseburnYKS CEN 1881 (Clifton In York)
Henry /HIELDS/ Q31871CEN- (Resident Pupil 1881)YorkYKS GRO 9d 17 Yks-YK MIC/27/84 (Micklegate) CEN 1881 (York St Saviour)
m.22Jan1872M011087John Robinson /JONES/Sarah Ann /HIELDS/York, Saint OlaveYKS GRO 9d 70
Sarah Abt1842CEN- (m. John /HIELDS/)YorkYKS CEN 1881 (York St Nicholas In Suburbs)
Sarah Abt1839CEN- (m. /HIELDS/; wid. bef. 1901)YorkYKS CEN 1901
m. Bef1873John /HIELDS/Sarah<York>YKS // b. 1841
John /HIELDS/ Q41872CENJohn /HIELDS/SarahYorkYKS GRO 9d 46 Yks-York WAL/52/81 (Walmgate) CEN 1881 (York St Nicholas In Suburbs)
Mary /HIELDS/ Q11876CENJohn /HIELDS/SarahYorkYKS GRO 9d 33 Yks-York WAL/58/77 (Walmgate) CEN 1881 (York St Nicholas In Suburbs)
Charles /HIELDS/ Q11879CENJohn /HIELDS/SarahYorkYKS GRO 9d 29 Yks-York WAL/65/3 (Walmgate) CEN 1881 (York St Nicholas In Suburbs) CEN 1901
Harriet Gowling /HIELDS/ Q21873CENThomas /HIELDS/CharlotteAcomb YorkYKS(m. NBL, 1896) GRO 9a 90 (Gt Ouseburn) Yks-York POP/3/91 (Poppleton) CEN 1881 (Byker, NBL) // m. LND, Bef 1865; to Newcastle NBL, 1875
m.14Aug1873VRI2Charles /HIELDS/Ann /WHITEHEAD/AcombYKS GRO 9a 121 (Gt Ouseburn) FHL 1068308
Elizabeth /HIELDS/ Q41873FreeBMD- Gt. OuseburnYKS GRO 9a 87
Mary /LOFTHOUSE/30May1847C108791Alfred /LOFTHOUSE/ElizabethNaburnYKS CEN 1881 (York St Mary Castlegate)
Mary /LOFTHOUSE/ Abt1849VRIAlvara /LOFTHOUSE/<York>YKS(m. John /HEALD/) FHL 1068537
m.13Aug1874VRIJohn /HEALD/Mary /LOFTHOUSE/York, Saint Mary CastlegateYKS GRO 9d 65 FHL 1068537 // b. Knottingley 1848
William Lofthouse /HEALD/6Feb1876VRIJohn /HEALD/MaryYork, Saint Mary CastlegateYKS(b. 25 Dec 1875) GRO 9d 37 Yks-York WAL/58/85 (Walmgate) FHL 1068537 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Royal Navy ship) # to antarctica 1901, 1910
Frederick John /HEALD/4Apr1877VRIJohn /HEALD/MaryYork, Saint Mary CastlegateYKS GRO 9d 45 Yks-York WAL/61/56 (Walmgate) FHL 1068537 CEN 1881
Alvara /HEALD/ Q41878CENJohn /HEALD/MaryYork CastleYKS GRO 9d 56 Yks-York WAL/64/96 (Walmgate) CEN 1881 (York St Mary Castlegate) CEN 1901 (West Derby, LAN)
Herbert Matthew /HEALD/6Mar1881VRIJohn /HEALD/MaryYork, Saint Mary CastlegateYKS Yks-York WAL/69/65 (Walmgate) FHL 1068537 CEN 1881
Sarah Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q31882VRIJohn /HEALD/MaryYork, Saint Mary CastlegateYKS(bapt 1 Oct 1882) GRO 9d 56 Yks-York WAL/73/20 (Walmgate) FHL 1068537
Alice Mary /HEALD/ Q41884VRIJohn /HEALD/MaryYork, Saint Mary CastlegateYKS GRO 9d 35 Yks-York WAL/77/71 (Walmgate) FHL 1068537
Emily [Ann] /HIELDS/ Q41874CEN- (Inmate 1881)AcombYKS GRO 9a 93 (Gt Ouseburn) Yks-York POP/4/15 (Poppleton) CEN 1881 (Clifton In York)
Mary Jane /HEALD/ Q11876CENJoe /HEALD/MaryYorkYKS CEN 1881 (Leeds) // m. Leeds 1875
Lilian /HEALD/ Abt1881CENJoe /HEALD/MaryYorkYKS CEN 1881 (Leeds)
James /WILSON/ Abt1849VRIJohn /WILSON/<York>YKS(m. Eliza /HIELDS/) FHL 1068545
m.17Jun1876M159661James /WILSON/Eliza /HIELDS/York, Saint ThomasYKS GRO 9d 83 VRI FHL 1068545 // b. 1851
Eleanor /HIELDS/ Q21877FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1877, GRO 9d 13)YorkYKS GRO 9d 10 Yks-York BOO/31/62 (Bootham)
Eliza /HEILDS/ Q41877FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1878, GRO 9d 26)YorkYKS GRO 9d 55 Yks-York WAL/62/82 (Walmgate)
Isabella S. Abt1857CEN- (m. Richard /HEALD/)SunderlandDUR CEN 1881 (Clifton In York, YKS) CEN 1901 (Strensall, YKS)
m.26Oct1878M159171Richard /HEALD/Isabell Snowden /LIDDLE/York, Clifton Church (St. Philip And St. JYKS GRO 9d 85 // b. 1854
Edith Mary /HEALD/ Q11879FreeBMD- YorkYKS GRO 9d 9 Yks-York BOO/33/16 (Bootham)
George Henry /HEALD/29Oct1880VRI2Richard /HEALD/Isabel SnoudonYork, St Philip and St JamesYKS(b. Q3 1880, GRO 9d 10) Yks-York BOO/34/61 (Bootham) CEN 1881 (Clifton In York)
Harry /HEALD/ Abt1881CEN- (Other 1901)CliftonYKS CEN 1901 (Huntington)
Mabel /HEALD/  1883CEN- (Other 1901)CliftonYKS Yks-York BOO/36/91 (Bootham) CEN 1901 (Huntington)
Richard Arthur /HEALD/ Q31886YksBMD- YorkYKS GRO 9d 7 Yks-York BOO/40/23 (Bootham)
Edward /HEALD/ Q11889CENRichard /HEALD/IsabellaCliftonYKS GRO 9d 6 (York) Yks-York BOO/42/36 (Bootham) CEN 1901 (Strensall)
Gertrude /HEALD/ Q31892CENRichard /HEALD/IsabellaStrensallYKS GRO 9d 67 (York) Yks-York FLA/6/50 (Flaxton) CEN 1901
Wilfred /HEALD/ Abt1895CENRichard /HEALD/IsabellaStrensallYKS Yks-York FLA/6/73 (Flaxton) CEN 1901
Mary /HEALD/ Abt1879FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1880, GRO 9d 6)<York>YKS
George Henry Parker /HIELDS/10Nov1880VRIEmily /HIELDS/York, Saint MauriceYKS(d. Q4 1880, GRO 9d 31) GRO 9d 44 Yks-York WAL/69/11 (Walmgate) FHL 1068537
Ann Abt1851CEN- (m. /HIELDS/; Inmate 1881)MarstonYKS CEN 1881 (Clifton In York)
George Thomas /HIELDS/ Q31880CENAnnYorkYKS(Inmate 1881) GRO 9d 9 Yks-York BOO/34/58 (Bootham) CEN 1881 (Clifton In York)
William /YARDY/ Abt1851VRI2James /YARDY/<Acomb>YKS(m. Martha /HIELDS/ 1881) FHL 1068308
m.1Mar1881VRI2William /YARDY/Martha /HIELDS/AcombYKS GRO 9a 135 (Gt.Ouseburn) FHL 1068308 // b. 1855
Richard /HEALD/4Feb1883VRI2George /HEALD/MaryYork, St Philip and St JamesYKS
Laura May\Mary /HIELDS/ Q21884FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1884, GRO 9a 69 (Gt. Ouseburn))YorkYKS GRO 9d 36 Yks-York MIC/43/60 (Micklegate)
Mary /KNEESAW/ Abt1863VRIRobert /KNEESAW/<York>YKS(m. Harry /HIELDS/) FHL 1068434
m.3Feb1885M009714Harry /HIELDS/Mary /KNEESHAW/York, Saint LaurenceYKS GRO 9d 46 VRI FHL 1068434 // b. 1861
Robert Ernest /HIELDS/ Q21885FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1885, GRO 9d 24)YorkYKS GRO 9d 31 Yks-York MIC/44/95 (Micklegate)
Annie Louisa /HIELDS/ Q21886FreeBMD- YorkYKS GRO 9d 61 Yks-York WAL/81/32 (Walmgate)
Ernest George /HEALD/ Q31886FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1887, GRO 9d 36)YorkYKS GRO 9d 45 Yks-York WAL/81/55 (Walmgate)
Ethel Emmeline /HEALD/ Q11888FreeBMD- YorkYKS GRO 9d 59 Yks-York WAL/84/98 (Walmgate)
Harold /HEALD/ Q41891FreeBMD- YorkYKS GRO 9d 53 Yks-York WAL/92/44 (Walmgate)
m. Q31886FreeBMDJohn Andrew /BOULD/Elizabeth /HEALD/YorkYKS GRO 9d 50 // b. Knottingley 1859
Elizabeth Abt1865CEN- (m. John /HIELDS/ Bef 1889)Sutton On ForestYKS CEN 1901 (York)
m. Bef1889John /HIELDS/Elizabeth<York>YKS // b. 1864
Alice /HIELDS/ Q11889CENJohn /HIELDS/ElizabethYork, LaythorpeYKS GRO 9d 60 Yks-York WAL/87/15 (Walmgate) CEN 1901 (York)
Nellie /HIELDS/ Abt1892CENJohn /HIELDS/ElizabethYork, MarygateYKS CEN 1901 (York)
Hannah Elizabeth /HIELDS/ Q41893CENJohn /HIELDS/ElizabethYork, Stamford StYKS GRO 9d 16 (York) Yks-York MIC/57/17 (Micklegate) CEN 1901 (York)
Agnes /HIELDS/ Abt1896CENJohn /HIELDS/ElizabethYork, Stamford StYKS CEN 1901 (York)
Francis Henry /HIELDS/ Q31898CENJohn /HIELDS/ElizabethYork, Risebery StYKS GRO 9d 21 (York) Yks-York MIC/64/39 (Micklegate) CEN 1901 (York)
Annie Katherine /HIELDS/ Q11901CENJohn /HIELDS/ElizabethYork, Risebery StYKS GRO 9d 22 (York) Yks-York MIC/68/31 (Micklegate) CEN 1901 (York)
Fred /HIELDS/ Q31889FreeBMD- YorkYKS GRO 9d 29 Yks-York MIC/51/20 (Micklegate)
Ada Abt1870CEN- (m. Thomas /HIELDS/)AcombYKS CEN 1901 (North Bierley)
m. Q21890FreeBMDThomas Bryant /HIELDS/[Ada /PRINCE/]Gt. OuseburnYKS GRO 9a 131 // b. Brentford LND, 1868; to Leeds 1891, Bradford 1893
Mary Ellen /HIELDS/6Sep1891VRI2John /HIELDS/ElizabethYork, St OlaveYKS Yks-York BOO/44/53 (Bootham) FHL 990879
Mary Ann Abt1872CEN- (m. /HIELDS/ Bef 1893; wid. bef. 1901)YorkYKS CEN 1901
m. Bef1893Mary Ann<York>YKS
Annie /HIELDS/ Abt1893CENMary AnnYorkYKS CEN 1901
Gertrude /HIELDS/ Q21894CENMary AnnYorkYKS GRO 9d 18 Yks-York MIC/57/92 (Micklegate) CEN 1901
William Cowl /HIELDS/ Q41898CENMary AnnYorkYKS GRO 9d 34 Yks-York MIC/65/7 (Micklegate) CEN 1901
Henry Cowl /HIELDS/ Q21900FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1900, GRO 9d 7)YorkYKS GRO 9d 8 Yks-York BOO/52/81 (Bootham)
Nellie Cowl /HIELDS/ Q31902FreeBMD- YorkYKS GRO 9d 61 Yks-York WAL/115/1 (Walmgate)
m. Q21893FreeBMDHenry /HIELDS/YorkYKS GRO 9d 75
Wilfred /HEALD/ Q21895FreeBMD- YorkYKS GRO 9d 71
Henry /HIELDS/ Q21895FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1895, GRO 9d 10)YorkYKS GRO 9d 24 Yks-York MIC/59/57 (Micklegate)
m. Q31895FreeBMDElizabeth /HIELDS/YorkYKS GRO 9d 19
Emily Abt1865CEN- (m. Robert /HIELDS/)GortonLAN CEN 1901 (York, YKS)
m. Q11896FreeBMDRobert /HIELDS/EmilyGt. OuseburnYKS GRO 9a 95 // b. 1871
Herbert John /HIELDS/ Q41896CENRobert /HIELDS/EmilyYorkYKS GRO 9d 28 Yks-York MIC/61/84 (Micklegate) CEN 1901
William Henry /HIELDS/ Q31900CENRobert /HIELDS/EmilyYorkYKS GRO 9d 35 Yks-York MIC/67/63 (Micklegate) CEN 1901
m. Q21896FreeBMDEmily Ann /HIELDS/YorkYKS GRO 9d 125
Florence Agnes /HIELDS/ Q21896FreeBMD- YorkYKS GRO 9d 17 Yks-York MIC/60/95 (Micklegate)
m. Q41896FreeBMDMary /HIELDS/YorkYKS GRO 9d 23
Ethel Prince /HIELDS/ Q21897FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1897, GRO 9d 21)YorkYKS GRO 9d 8 Yks-York BOO/49/66 (Bootham)
m. Q21897FreeBMDEmily /HIELDS/YorkYKS GRO 9d 19
Edith Mary /HIELDS/ Q21898FreeBMD- YorkYKS GRO 9d 25 Yks-York MIC/64/14 (Micklegate)
Ethel /HIELDS/ Abt1901FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1901)<York>YKS GRO 9d 42
m. Q21903FreeBMDGeorge Henry /HEALD/YorkYKS GRO 9d 23
m. Q31903FreeBMDJames /HIELDS/Gt. OuseburnYKS GRO 9a 146
Florence Alexandra /HIELDS/ Q41902FreeBMD- YorkYKS GRO 9d 38 Yks-York MIC/71/46 (Micklegate)
Ida /HIELDS/ Abt1903FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1903, GRO 9a 63)<Gt. Ouseburn>YKS // b. Leyburn 1903 ?
John Edgar /HIELDS/ Q41903FreeBMD- YorkYKS GRO 9d 25 Yks-York MIC/72/89 (Micklegate)
Eva Daisy W /HEALD/ Q21905FreeBMD- YorkYKS GRO 9d 2
Daisy /HEALD/  1905YksBMD- YorkYKS Yks-York SKE/8/16 (Skelton)
Herbert H /HEALD/  1910YksBMD- YorkYKS Yks-York SKE/8/82 (Skelton)
m. Q41905FreeBMDCharles /HIELDS/YorkYKS GRO 9d 96
John Charles /HIELDS/ Q11906FreeBMD- YorkYKS GRO 9d 38 Yks-York YKE/6/94 (York East)
Florence Barbara /HIELDS/ Q11906FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1906, GRO 9a 61)Gt. OuseburnYKS GRO 9a 80 Yks-York POP/11/13 (Poppleton)
m. Q41906FreeBMDJohn William /HIELDS/YorkYKS GRO 9d 115
Edith Eveline /HIELDS/ Q21907FreeBMD- YorkYKS GRO 9d 26 Yks-York YKE/10/39 (York East)
m. Q21907FreeBMDThomas Henry /HIELDS/Gt. OuseburnYKS GRO 9a 154
Sidney /HIELDS/ Q31907FreeBMD- Gt. OuseburnYKS GRO 9a 82 Yks-York POP/11/49 (Poppleton)
Robert /HIELDS/ Q31908FreeBMD- Gt. OuseburnYKS GRO 9a 82 Yks-York POP/11/69 (Poppleton)
Phyllis Mary /HIELDS/ Q11908YksBMD- Gt. OuseburnYKS GRO 9a 77 Yks-York POP/11/59 (Poppleton)
John /HIELDS/ Q31908FreeBMD- Gt. OuseburnYKS GRO 9a 82 Yks-York POP/11/69 (Poppleton)
m. Q11914FreeBMDAnnie L /HIELDS/YorkYKS GRO 9d 51
Albert Edward /HIELDS/24Mar1919- York WestYKS LDS -- & 1985743
Barbara A /HIELDS/ Abt1875FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1906)<Gt Ouseburn>YKS GRO 9a 70
Matthew /HEALD/ Q11852CEN- (m. Elizabeth Bef 1874)LeaveningYKS GRO 9d 2 (Malton) CEN 1881 (Redcar) CEN 1901 (Aiskew)
Richard /HELD/6Mar1854C073851George /HELD/JaneAcklam By Malton \ LeaveningYKS(m. Isabella S. [/LIDDLE/] 1878) CEN 1881 (Clifton In York) CEN 1901 (Strensall) // m. 1847
Hannah /HELD/10Aug1856C073851George /HELD/JaneAcklam By MaltonYKS
Tom /HELDS/17Apr1861C073851George /HELDS/JaneAcklam By MaltonYKS GRO 9d 320 CEN 1881 (Leavening) VRI2 FHL 1068307
Mary /HEALD/12Aug1866C073853George /HEALD/JaneAcklam By MaltonYKS GRO 9d 321 VRI2 FHL 1068307
Kate /HEALD/4Sep1870C073853George /HEALD/JaneAcklam By MaltonYKS(b. 16 Jul 1870) GRO 9d 343 (Malton) VRI2 FHL 1068307 CEN 1881
George /HEALD/17Mar1873VRI2George /HEALD/JaneAcklamYKS(b. 14 Mar 1873) GRO 9d 369 (Malton) CEN 1881 (Leavening) FHL 1068307
George /HEALD/ Abt1875CEN- (Other 1901)LeamingYKS CEN 1901 (Hunslet) // Leavening ?
Thomas /HEALD/ Q11860FreeBMD- MaltonYKS GRO 9d 324
Tom /HEALD/ Abt1861CEN- (m. Sarah 1886)AcklamYKS CEN 1901 (Pudsey)
Elizabeth /HEALD/ Abt1864CEN- (Servant 1881)LeaveningYKS CEN 1881 (Rillington)
Mary /HEALD/ Abt1867CEN- (Servant 1881)LeaveningYKS CEN 1881 (Yedingham)
m. Q21875FreeBMDHannah /HEALD/MaltonYKS GRO 9d 637
Ernest /HEALD/ Q11889FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1889, GRO 9d 257)MaltonYKS GRO 9d 391
m. Q21889FreeBMDMary /HEALD/MaltonYKS GRO 9d 581
m. Q11890FreeBMDElizabeth /HEALD/MaltonYKS GRO 9d 483
Sarah /HEALD/ Q11891FreeBMD- MaltonYKS GRO 9d 405
m. Q21893FreeBMDCatherine /HEALD/MaltonYKS GRO 9d 585
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Sarah Abt1863CEN- (m. Tom /HEALD/)NortonYKS CEN 1901 (Pudsey)
m. Q11886FreeBMDThomas /HEALD/[Sarah Annie /BLYTHE/]DriffieldYKS GRO 9d 439 // b. 1861; to Leeds 1891
Annie /HEALD/ Q11887CENTom /HEALD/SarahWetwangYKS GRO 9d 324 (Driffield) CEN 1901 (Pudsey)
Charles /HEALD/ Abt1851CEN- (m. Julia Ann /NORMAN/ YKS, 1871)ENG CEN 1881 (Hull Holy Trinity)
B /HEALD/ Abt1852CEN- (Other 1901; male)HullYKS CEN 1901 (Fleetwood, LAN)
m.  1853YksBMDCharles Bradley /HEALD/Elizabeth /WILSON/Hull, Register OfficesYKS Yks-HL HRO/6/45
m. Q11854YksBMDJohn /BROWN/Jane /HELD/Hull, Holy TrinityYKS GRO 9d 295 Yks-HL HD/15/115
m.  1860YksBMDJames /WILSON/Sophia A /HEALD/Sculcoates, Register OfficesYKS Yks-HL SR/8/165
m. Q21860FreeBMDSophia Ann /HEALD/SculcoatesYKS GRO 9d 271
William /HEALD/ Abt1862CEN- (Apprentice Fisherman 1881)<Kilnsea>YKS CEN 1881 (Kilnsea, YKS)
m. Q11863GRO 9d James William /LEACH/Sarah Ann /HELDT/Hull, Holy TrinityYKS Yks-HL HD/22/176
Arthur /HEALDS/ Abt1866FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1869, GRO 9d 157)<Hull>YKS
m.  1866YksBMDGeorge E /HEALD/Mary A /BIRTWHISTLE/, Holy TrinityYKS GRO 9d 271 Yks-Hull HD/24/305
m. Q31870YksBMDGeorge Edward /HEALD/Eliza /OLETT/, Holy TrinityYKS GRO 9d 318 Yks-Hull HD/28/3
Jemima Abt1847CEN- (m. Geo. Ed. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1901)HullYKS CEN 1881 (Hull Holy Trinity) CEN 1901 (Sculcoates)
m. Aft1870Geo. Ed. /HEALD/Jemima<Hull>YKS // b. Horbury 1845
m. Q31867YksBMDGeorge /HELDT/Ellen /BRANKLING/Hull, St Mary'sYKS GRO 9d 324 Yks-HL HT/3/212
Pirthaney Abt1829CEN- (m. Charles [Broadley] /HEALD/)Shipton In CravenYKS CEN 1881 (Beverley St Martin)
Gearthenia Abt1830CEN- (m. Charles /HEALD/)SkeptonYKS CEN 1901 (Sculcoates)
m. Q11870YksBMDCharles Broadley /HEALD/Perthaney /KILVINGTON/Sculcoates, All SaintsYKS(m2) GRO 9d 199 Yks-Hull HAS/18/24 // b. 1829
Joanna E. Abt1849CEN- (m. Joseph /HEALD/)YKS CEN 1881 (Cardiff St John, GLA)
m. Q21870FreeBMDJoseph /HEALD/[Joanna Elizabeth /FOSTER/]BeverleyYKS GRO 9d 182 // b. Chorley LAN, 1844; to Chorley LAN, 1872, Cardiff GLA, 1882, Romney MON, 1891
Julia Ann Abt1850CEN- (m. Charles /HEALD/)HullYKS CEN 1881 (Hull Holy Trinity) CEN 1901 (Sculcoates)
m. Q31871FreeBMDCharles /HEALD/Julia Ann /NORMAN/HullYKS GRO 9d 301 Yks-Hull HD/28/322 // b. ENG, 1851
m. Q31872FreeBMDHeinrich Augustus W /HELD/HullYKS GRO 9d 367
Lavinia /HEALD/18Jan1874C107482Isaac /HEALD/Mary HannahKingston Upon Hull, Holy TrinityYKS Yks-HL SUT/23/216 (Sutton) GRO 9d 113 (Sculcoates) Yks-HL SUT/23/216 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Holy Trinity) // m. Knottingley 1867
Isaac /HEALD/ Q41876CENIsaac /HEALD/Mary A.HullYKS GRO 9d 126 Yks-HL SUT/26/276 (Sutton) CEN 1881 (Hull Holy Trinity)
Joseph /HEALD/ Q21879CENIsaac /HEALD/Mary A.HullYKS GRO 9d 167 (Sculcoates) Yks-HL DRY/27/486 (Drypool) CEN 1881 (Hull Holy Trinity) CEN 1901 (Holy Trinity)
m. Q21878YksBMDJohn /CARR/Sarah Ann /HELDT/Hull, St MatthewsYKS GRO 9d 346 Yks-HL HW/1/264
George William /HEALD/ Abt1883FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1883)<Hull>YKS GRO 9d 148
Ada /HELDT/ Q11883YksBMD- MytonYKS Yks-HL MYT/139/424 GRO 9d 304 (Hull)
Eliza Abt1864CEN- (m. /HEALD/)W HartlepoolDUR CEN 1901 (Darlington, DUR)
m. Q11891YksBMDWilliam Dawson /HEALD/Eliza /GARBUTT/, St PaulYKS GRO 9d 283 (Sculcoates) Yks-Hull JA/8/178
Lilian /HEALD/ Q11894CEN[Eliza]Hull, West SculcoatesYKS(Other 1901) Yks-HL WES/83/281 GRO 9d 211 (Sculcoates) CEN 1901 (Darlington, DUR)
William Edward G /HEALD/ Q41897YksBMD- HessleYKS GRO 9d 158 Yks-HL HES/38/338
Wm /HEALD/ Abt1898CEN[Eliza]HullYKS(Other 1901) CEN 1901 (Darlington, DUR)
m. Q21892YksBMDArthur /WALDBY/Mary J /HIELDS/, Holy TrinityYKS GRO 9d 3_0 Yks-Hull HD/36/96
Annie Abt1871CEN- (m. Herbert /HEALD/)HullYKS CEN 1901 (Sculcoates)
m. Q41892YksBMDHerbert /HEALD/Annie /LANGDALE/Hull, Register OfficesYKS GRO 9d 526 Yks-HL HRO/35/60 // b. 1870
Winifred /HEALD/  1892YksBMD- East SculcoatesYKS Yks-HL EAS/51/498
Winifred /HEALD/  1892YksBMD- West SculcoatesYKS Yks-HL WES/79/202
Winifred /HEALD/ Q21892FreeBMD- SculcoatesYKS GRO 9d 214
Winifred /HEALD/ Q21892FreeBMD- SculcoatesYKS GRO 9d 244
Winifred /HEALD/  1892CEN- (rel Joseph LIN, 1870)Hull, [East Sculcoates]YKS Yks-HL EAS/51/498 CEN 1901 (Cleethorpes, LIN)
Stanley /HEALD/ Abt1896CEN- (rel Joseph LIN, 1870)HullYKS CEN 1901 (Cleethorpes, LIN)
Eliza Abt1853CEN- (m. Isaac /HEALD/)HullYKS CEN 1901 (Holy Trinity)
m. Q11893YksBMDIsaac /HEALD/Eliza /WILSON/Hull, St MatthewsYKS(m2) GRO 9d 355 Yks-HL HW/3/152 // b. Knottingley 1845
Grace B. Abt1870CEN- (m. George M. /HEALD/)HullYKS CEN 1901 (Sculcoates)
m. Q31893YksBMDGeorge Moore /HEALD/Grace Bates /GRAY/Hull, St PaulYKS GRO 9d 333 (Sculcoates) Yks-Hull JA/8/451 // b. LIN, 1869
Stanley Seymour /HEALD/ Q11896CENGeorge /HEALD/GraceHull, West SculcoatesYKS GRO 9d 212 Yks-HL WES/88/372 CEN 1901 (Sculcoates)
George Arthur /HEALD/ Q31897CENGeorge /HEALD/GraceHull, West SculcoatesYKS GRO 9d 235 Yks-HL WES/92/63 CEN 1901 (Sculcoates)
Norman /HEALD/ Abt1900CENGeorge /HEALD/GraceHullYKS CEN 1901 (Sculcoates)
Mary /HEALD/ Mar1901CENGeorge /HEALD/GraceHullYKS CEN 1901 (Sculcoates)
Robert Gray /HEALD/ Q41894FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1895, GRO 9d 138)Hull, West SculcoatesYKS Yks-HL WES/85/296 GRO 9d 239 (Sculcoates)
Susan Abt1874CEN- (m. John /HEALD/)HullYKS CEN 1901 (Sculcoates)
m. Q41895YksBMDJohn Thomas /HEALD/Susan /HOLLINGSWORTH/Sculcoates, Register OfficesYKS GRO 9d 400 Yks-Hull SRO/49/62 // b. LIN, 1872
Dorothy /HEALD/ Q31897CENJohn /HEALD/SusanHull, West SculcoatesYKS GRO 9d 249 Yks-HL WES/92/201 CEN 1901 (Sculcoates)
Kathleen /HEALD/ Q11898CENTownend /HEALD/AdaHull, East SculcoatesYKS GRO 9d 221 (Sculcoates) Yks-HL EAS/57/420 CEN 1901 (Sculcoates)
Geoffrey Norman /HEALD/ Q31899FreeBMD- Hull, West SculcoatesYKS Yks-HL WES/97/164 GRO 9d 249 CEN 1901 (Sculcoates)
Constance Mary /HEALD/ Q21901YksBMD- (d. Q3 1901, GRO 9d 165)West SculcoatesYKS GRO 9d 244 (Sculcoates) Yks-HL WES/101/58
Maire Abt1876CEN- (m. William T. /HEALD/ YKS, Bef 1901)ManchesterLAN CEN 1901 (Thornaby, YKS)
m. Bef1901William T. /HEALD/Maire<Hull>YKS // b. LAN, 1877
Amy /HEALD/ Q31900CENWilliam T. /HEALD/MaireHull, DrypoolYKS Yks-HL DRY/74/196 GRO 9d 198 (Sculcoates) CEN 1901 (Thornaby)
m. Q41901YksBMDSamuel /HEALD/Annie /JEFFERSON/Sculcoates, All SaintsYKS GRO 9d 345 Yks-HL HAS/28/155
Lottie Isabel /HEALD/ Q21902YksBMD- HessleYKS GRO 9d 167 Yks-HL (Sculcoates) HES/50/180
Wilfred Dawson /HEALD/ Q31902YKS- (d. Q4 1902, GRO 9d 145)Hull YksBMD
Blanche /HEALD/ Q11903YksBMD- East SculcoatesYKS GRO 9d 229 (Sculcoates) Yks-HL EAS/63/157
Thomas Bernard /HEALD/ Q11904YksBMD- West SculcoatesYKS GRO 9d 254 (Sculcoates) Yks-HL WES/107/127
Wilfred /HEALD/  1906YksBMD- East SculcoatesYKS Yks-HL EAS/67/163
Percy /HIELDS/ Q11908YksBMD- (d. Q2 1908, GRO 9d 155 (Hull))MytonYKS GRO 9d 301 (Hull) Yks-HL MYT/35a/218
m.  1909YksBMDEdwin A /PORTER/Lavinia /HEALD/Hull, Register OfficesYKS Yks-Hull HRO/54/116
Phyllis M /HEALD/  1910YksBMD- East SculcoatesYKS Yks-HL EAS/75/22
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Mary /WILSON/ Bef1846VRI2George /WILSON/<Sherburn (near Leeds)>YKS(m. George /HEILDS/ 1862) FHL 1068405
Mary Abt1844CEN- (m. George /HEILDS/; wid. bef. 1901)AberfordYKS CEN 1881 (Lotherton Cum Aberford) CEN 1901 (Lotherton Cum Aberford)
m.1Feb1862VRI2George /HEILDS/Mary /WILSON/Sherburn (near Leeds)YKS FHL 1068405 // b. 1834
m. Q11862FreeBMDGeorge /HEILDS/TadcasterYKS GRO 9c 665
Joseph /HEILDS/24May1863C007342George /HEILDS/MaryAberford \ LothertonYKS(m. Elizabeth 1891) Yks-LS ABER/11/63 CEN 1901 (Parlington)
Mary Ann /HEILDS/16Apr1865C007342George /HEILDS/MaryAberfordYKS(Servt 1881) Yks-LS ABER/11/174 CEN 1881
Sarah /HEILDS/5Dec1866C007342George /HEILDS/MaryAberfordYKS(Servant 1881) GRO 9c 631 (Tadcaster) Yks-LS ABER/11/275 CEN 1881 (Saxton Cum Scarthingwell)
George /HEILDS/ Abt1869CENGeorge /HEILDS/MaryAberfordYKS Yks-LS ABER/11/417 CEN 1881 (Lotherton Cum Aberford) CEN 1901 (Lotherton Cum Aberford)
William /HEILDS/2Aug1871C007342George /HEILDS/MaryAberfordYKS(b. Q2 1871, GRO 9c 684 (Tadcaster); m. [Fanny /GROMM/] 1894) Yks-LS ABER/13/192 CEN 1881 (Lotherton Cum Aberford) CEN 1901 (Lotherton Cum Aberford)
Jane /HEILDS/4May1873C007342George /HEILDS/MaryAberfordYKS GRO 9c 712 Yks-LS ABER/15/58 CEN 1881 (Lotherton Cum Aberford)
Emma Wilson /HEILDS/3Oct1875VRI2George /HEILDS/MaryAberfordYKS(b. 14 Aug 1875; m. William /OSBORN/ 1894) GRO 9c 769 (Tadcaster) Yks-LS ABER/17/247 CEN 1881 (Lotherton Cum Aberford) FHL 1068306
Alice /HEILDS/6Nov1878VRI2George /HEILDS/MaryAberfordYKS(b. 27 Sep 1878) GRO 9c 802 (Tadcaster) Yks-LS ABER/20/352 CEN 1881 (Lotherton Cum Aberford) FHL 1068306
George /HEALD/ Abt1855CEN- (widr bef 1901; Other 1901)AberfordYKS CEN 1901 (Bradford)
James /GILL/ Abt1843VRI2Christopher /GILL/<Bolton Percy>YKS(m. Elizabeth /HIELDS/ 1872) FHL 1068315
m.15Dec1872VRI2James /GILL/Elizabeth /HIELDS/Bolton PercyYKS FHL 1068315 // b. 1847
m. Q41872FreeBMDElizabeth /HIELDS/TadcasterYKS GRO 9c 116
m. Q21875FreeBMDLouisa /HIELD/WetherbyYKS GRO 9a 189
m. Q41882YksBMDFred /PRINCE/Emily /HIELDS/Allerton Bywater, St Mary the LessYKS GRO 9c 1158 (Tadcaster) Yks-LS CE89/147
m.  1887YksBMDJoseph /ROPER/Mary A /HEILDS/Aberford, St RicariusYKS Yks-LS CE88/229
m. Q41887YksBMDWilliam /GATENBY/Sarah /HIELD/Aberford, St RicariusYKS GRO 9c 1141 (Tadcaster) Yks-LS CE88/233
Lily /HEILDS/  1889YksBMD- AberfordYKS Yks-Leeds ABER/32/88
m. Q21890YksBMDCharles Middleton /MORRIS/Mary Hannah /HIELDS/Wetherby District, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9a 210 (Wetherby) Yks-LS WETHERBYRB/5/64
Elizabeth Abt1861CEN- Hutton BurcelYKS CEN 1901 (Parlington)
m. Q21891FreeBMDJoseph /HEILDS/[Elizabeth /FOUND/]TadcasterYKS GRO 9c 1062 // b. 1863
Fanny Abt1858CEN- (m. Wm /HEILDS/)RudstoneYKS CEN 1901 (Lotherton Cum Aberford)
Fanny Abt1857FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1910, GRO 9c 467)<Tadcaster>YKS
m. Q21894FreeBMDWilliam /HEILDS/[Fanny /GROMM/]TadcasterYKS GRO 9c 1141 // b. 1871
m. Q41894YksBMDWilliam /OSBORN/Emma Wilson /HEILDS/Thorner, St PeterYKS GRO 9a 240 (Wetherby) Yks-LS CE103/341 // b. 1875
m. Q21898YksBMDTom /WARRINER/Jane /HEILDS/Harewood, All SaintsYKS GRO 9a 259 (Wetherby) Yks-LS CE97/A/37
m. Q31898YksBMDJoseph /WILSON/Alice /HEILDS/Aberford, St RicariusYKS GRO 9c 1260 (Tadcaster) Yks-LS CE88/294
Harold James /HIELDS/ Q31906YksBMD- WetherbyYKS GRO 9a 121 Yks-LS WETH/7B/192
Wilfrid George /HIELDS/ Q21908FreeBMD- WetherbyYKS GRO 9a 119
William G /HIELDS/  1908YksBMD- WetherbyYKS Yks-LS WETH/8B/278
Lilian Alice /HIELDS/ Q31909YksBMD- WetherbyYKS GRO 9a 114 Yks-LS WETH/9B/136
Frederick T /HIELDS/  1910YksBMD- WetherbyYKS Yks-LS WETH/9B/497
m. Q21907FreeBMDJoseph /HEILDS/TadcasterYKS GRO 9c 1553
Herbert /HEILDS/ Q11908YksBMD- AberfordYKS GRO 9c 1063 (Tadcaster) Yks-LS ABER/55/217
Beatrice /HEILDS/ Q41909YksBMD- AberfordYKS GRO 9c 983 (Tadcaster) Yks-LS ABER/57/334
m. Q21901FreeBMDWilliam /HEALD/Knaresbro'YKS GRO 9a 224
m. Q21910FreeBMDFrederick /HIELD/Knaresbro'YKS GRO 9a 195
Emma /HIELD/ Abt1862CEN- (Servant 1881)ShadwellNFK CEN 1881 (Manningham, YKS) // Thorner, NE of Leeds
# -- LEEDS --
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# -- Kirkstall, Chapeltown --
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m. Q21863FreeBMDJane /HEALD/KirkstallYKS GRO 9b 286
Mary Abt1837CEN- (m. /HIELD/; wid. bef. 1881)LeedsYKS CEN 1881 (St Pancras, LND) CEN 1901 (St Pancras, LND)
John Heaton /HIELD/ Q21864FreeBMDMaryLeedsYKS(m. Harriet Mabel /KEEN/ LND, 1889) GRO 9b 450 Yks-LS WEST/71/370 CEN 1881 (St Pancras, LND) CEN 1901 (St Pancras, LND)
Robert /HIELD/ Q11866CENMaryLeeds [Chapeltown]YKS(m. Mary Ponsonby /BIRCH/ LND, 1894) GRO 9b 289 (Kirkstall) Yks-LS CHAP/10/98 CEN 1881 (St Pancras, LND) CEN 1901 (St Giles In The Fields & St George Bloomsbury, LND)
Florence /HIELD/  1867YksBMD- ChapeltownYKS Yks-LS CHAP/11/58
Florence /HIELD/ Q11868CENMaryLeedsYKS GRO 9b 297 (Kirkstall) CEN 1881 (St Pancras, LND)
Mary Heaton /HIELD/  1869YksBMD- (d. Q2 1870, GRO 9b 351)ChapeltownYKS Yks-LS CHAP/11/445
Annie Abt1841CEN- (m. James /HEALD/)LeedsYKS CEN 1881
Annie Abt1840CEN- (m. James /HEALD/)SlaithwaiteLIN CEN 1901 (Leeds, YKS)
m. Q41865YksBMDJames /HEALD/Annie /POGSON/Buslingthorpe, St MichaelYKS GRO 9b 509 (Leeds) Yks-LS CE9/102 // b. 1841
Elizabeth Abt1845CENElizabeth /HEPTONSTALL/Little PrestonYKS(m. Thomas /HIELD/) CEN 1881 (Leeds) CEN 1901 (Leeds)
m.  1868YksBMDThomas /HEALD/Elizabeth /BATTY/Rothwell, Holy TrinityYKS Yks-LS CE109/E/300
m. Q11868FreeBMDThomas /HIELD/Elizabeth /BATTY/KirkstallYKS GRO 9b 271 // visited Dundee SCT, 1868
Frederick /HIELD/ Q21870CENThomas /HIELD/Elizabeth [/BATTY/]LeedsYKS(m. Edith Bef 1899) GRO 9b [65]09 Yks-LS WEST/95/135 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Philip /HIELD/ Q11871CENThomas /HIELD/ElizabethLeedsYKS GRO 9b 520 Yks-LS WEST/98/473 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Marian /HIELD/ Q41872CENThomas /HIELD/ElizabethLeedsYKS GRO 9b 570 Yks-LS KIRK/49/94 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Leeds)
Edith /HIELD/ Q41874CENThomas /HIELD/ElizabethLeedsYKS Yks-LS KIRK/51/241 GRO 9b 586 CEN 1881
Winifred /HIELD/ Q41876CENThomas /HIELD/ElizabethLeedsYKS GRO 9b 593 Yks-LS KIRK/53/479 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Leeds)
Herbert A /HIELD/ Abt1882CEN[Thomas /HIELD/]ElizabethYorkshireYKS CEN 1901 (Leeds)
m. Q11870YksBMDJohn Wood /HEALD/Mary E /BOOTH/Bramley and Holbeck, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 362 Yks-LS BRAMLEYRB/1/101 // b. 1849
Clara /HEALD/ Q31870CENJohn W. /HEALD/BramleyYKS GRO 9b 329 Yks-LS BRAM/6/420 CEN 1881 (Headingley Cum Burley)
Selina Abt1852CEN- (m. John W. /HEALD/)KirkstallYKS CEN 1881 (Headingley Cum Burley) CEN 1901 (Headingley With Burley)
m. Q41874YksBMDJohn Wood /HEALD/Selina /COOKE/Leeds Registered BuildingYKS(m2) GRO 9b 879 Yks-LS RB/55/84 // b. 1849
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1875CENJohn W. /HEALD/KirkstallYKS CEN 1881 (Headingley Cum Burley) CEN 1901 (Headingley With Burley)
Harry /HEALD/ Q31876FreeBMD- Leeds \ KirkstallYKS GRO 9b Yks-LS KIRK/53/362
Harry /HEALD/ Abt1876CEN- (Visitor 1881)Kirkstall LeedsYKS CEN 1881 (Wortley In Bramley)
Harry /HEALD/ Abt1876FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1893)<Leeds>YKS GRO 9b 394
Harry /HEALD/ Abt1877CENJohn W. /HEALD/KirkstallYKS CEN 1881 (Headingley Cum Burley)
Ada /HEALD/  1880CENJohn W. /HEALD/KirkstallYKS Yks-LS KIRK/58/101 CEN 1881 (Headingley Cum Burley) CEN 1901 (Headingley With Burley)
Albert /HEALD/ Q31882CENJno /HEALD/SelinaLeedsYKS GRO 9b 546 Yks-LS KIRK/61/149 CEN 1901 (Headingley With Burley)
Janet /HEALD/ Q41887CENJno /HEALD/SelinaLeedsYKS GRO 9b 540 Yks-LS KIRK/68/500 CEN 1901 (Headingley With Burley)
Maud /HEALD/ Q31891CENJno /HEALD/SelinaLeedsYKS GRO 9b 550 Yks-LS KIRK/75/179 CEN 1901 (Headingley With Burley)
David Houlding /HIELD/ Q41872CEN[Joseph] /HIELD/Fanny [Kate] /HOULDING/HeadingleyYKS(m. LND, 1901) GRO 9b 569 (Leeds) Yks-LS KIRK/49/85 CEN 1881 (Potter Newton) CEN 1901 (Bloomsbury, LND) // m. Islington LND, 1871
Bessie Katherine /HIELD/  1874CEN[Joseph] /HIELD/Fanny K. /HOULDING/HeadingleyYKS GRO 9b 583 (Leeds) Yks-LS KIRK/51/212 CEN 1881 (Potter Newton)
Alice /HIELD/ Q41875YksBMD- KirkstallYKS GRO 9b 587 (Leeds) Yks-LS KIRK/52/414
Annie /HEILD/ Abt1876CEN[Joseph] /HIELD/Fanny K. /HOULDING/HeadingleyYKS CEN 1881 (Potter Newton)
Esther Margaret /HIELD/ Q11878CEN[Joseph] /HIELD/Fanny K. /HOULDING/HeadingleyYKS GRO 9b 588 Yks-LS KIRK/55/335 CEN 1881 (Potter Newton)
Mary Elsie /HIELD/  1880YksBMD- ChapeltownYKS Yks-LS CHAP/18/317
Elsie /HEILD/ Abt1880CEN[Joseph] /HEILD/Fanny K. /HOULDING/Chapel TownYKS CEN 1881 (Potter Newton)
Hugh /HIELD/ Q21882YksBMD- ChapeltownYKS GRO 9b 584 (Leeds) Yks-LS CHAP/20/63
Jessie /HIELD/ Q31882CEN- (Other 1901; m. Walter C /GREEN/ 1908)HeadingleyYKS GRO 9b [56]54 Yks-LS KIRK/61/222 CEN 1901 (Chapel Allerton)
Dorothy Elizabeth /HIELD/ Q41883YksBMD- (d. Q2 1898, GRO 9b 382)ChapeltownYKS GRO 9b 530 (Leeds)Yks-LS CHAP/21/15
Eustace John /HIELD/  1888YksBMDJoseph /HIELD/ChapeltownYKS Yks-LS CHAP/23/394 SCH Leeds Grammar 1898
m. Q21873FreeBMDTimothy /PULLAN/Elizabeth /HEALD/Farnley, St MichaelYKS GRO 9b 479 (Bramley) Yks-LS CE16/148 // b. Knottingley 1854 -REL
Joe /HEALD/ Q11875FreeBMD- KirkstallYKS GRO 9b 561 (Leeds)Yks-LS KIRK/51/439
Alfred /HEALD/ Q21878YksBMD- (d. Q1 1880, GRO 9b 364)KirkstallYKS GRO 9b 609 (Leeds) Yks-LS KIRK/55/369
Mary Ellen /HEALD/ Q21884YksBMD- (d. Q2 1884, GRO 9b 376)KirkstallYKS GRO 9b 575 (Leeds) Yks-LS KIRK/63/337
m.  1882YksBMDGeorge /WEST/Ann /HIELDS/Woodside, St JamesYKS Yks-LS CE138/192
Olive /HEALD/ Q11886YksBMD- (d. Q4 1886, GRO 9b 402)KirkstallYKS GRO 9b 570 (Leeds) Yks-LS KIRK/66/108
Mary A Abt1870CEN- (m. John /HEALD/ 1889)LeedsYKS CEN 1901 (Potter Newton)
m. Q11889YksBMDJohn /HEALD/Mary Annie /PLUMMER/Leeds, St GeorgeYKS GRO 9b 522 Yks-LS CE44/E/364 // b. 1864
Edith /HEALD/ Q31892CENJohn /HEALD/MaryChapeltownYKS GRO 9b 604 (Leeds) Yks-LS CHAP/26/240 CEN 1901 (Potter Newton)
George Edward /HEALD/ Q41894CENJohn /HEALD/MaryChapeltownYKS(d. Q2 1902, GRO 9b 315) GRO 9b 578 (Leeds) Yks-LS CHAP/28/417 CEN 1901 (Potter Newton)
Dorothy Vera /HEALD/ Q31898CENJohn /HEALD/MaryChapeltownYKS(d. Q3 1905, GRO 9b 149 (Hunslet)) GRO 9b 574 (Leeds) Yks-LS CHAP/33/242 CEN 1901 (Potter Newton)
Louise Ethel /HIELD/ Abt1898CENHarry /HIELD/AdaLeedsYKS CEN 1901 (Headingley) // m. Scarborough, 1891
Florence M Abt1872CEN- (m. William /HIELD/)LeedsYKS CEN 1901 (Potternewton)
m. Q21898YksBMDWilliam Donald /HIELD/Florence Mary /TOWN/Leeds, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 992 Yks-LS RB/126/66 // b. Dundee SCT, 1868
Gertrude Mary /HIELD/ Q21901YksBMD- ChapeltownYKS GRO 9b 585 (Leeds) Yks-LS CHAP/38/89
m. Q31902YksBMDWilliam Arthur /MORGAN/Ada /HEALD/Kirkstall, St StephenYKS GRO 9b 807 Yks-LS CE26/B/76
Roderick Hardy /HIELD/ Q41902YksBMD- ChapeltownYKS GRO 9b 523 (Leeds) Yks-LS CHAP/40/343
Joseph Alan /HIELD/ Q11903YksBMD- ChapeltownYKS GRO 9b 563 (Leeds) Yks-LS CHAP/41/148
David Allan L /HIELD/ Q21904YksBMD- ChapeltownYKS GRO 9b 562 (Leeds) Yks-LS CHAP/43/339
Mabel Ellen /HEALD/ Q21905YksBMD- ChapeltownYKS GRO 9b 557 (Leeds) Yks-LS CHAP/45/472
Ruth Elizabeth /HIELD/ Q31905YksBMD- ChapeltownYKS GRO 9b 545 (Leeds) Yks-LS CHAP/46/205
Edith /HIELD/ Q31906YksBMD- (d. Q3 1906, GRO 9b 341)ChapeltownYKS GRO 9b 515 (Leeds) Yks-LS CHAP/48/87
Vincent L /HEALD/  1908YksBMD- KirkstallYKS Yks-LS KIRK/111/77
# -- Wortley and Bramley --
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m.  1863YksBMDThomas /METCALF/Jane /HEALD/New Wortley, St John The BaptistYKS Yks-LS CE55/89
Hannah D. Abt1845CEN- (m. Charles /HEALD/)LeedsYKS CEN 1881 (Wortley In Bramley)
m. Bef1868Charles /HEALD/Hannah D.<Leeds>YKS // b. Hemingborough 1844
Alfred T. /HEALD/ Abt1868CENCharles /HEALD/Hannah D.LeedsYKS CEN 1881 (Wortley In Bramley)
Sarah J. /HEALD/ Abt1870CENCharles /HEALD/Hannah D.LeedsYKS CEN 1881 (Wortley In Bramley)
Walter /HEALD/ Abt1876CENCharles /HEALD/Hannah D.LeedsYKS CEN 1881 (Wortley In Bramley)
Charles /HEALD/ Abt1880CENCharles /HEALD/Hannah D.LeedsYKS CEN 1881 (Wortley In Bramley)
George F. /HEALD/ Abt1881CENCharles /HEALD/Hannah D.LeedsYKS CEN 1881 (Wortley In Bramley)
Male /HEALD/ Abt1869FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1869, GRO 9b 245)<Holbeck>YKS
m.  1875YksBMDMatthew /HEALD/Elizabeth /RICHMOND/New Wortley, St John The BaptistYKS Yks-LS CE55/A/223
Thomas /HEALD/ Q41876FreeBMD- WortleyYKS GRO 9b 401 (Bramley) Yks-LS WORT/75/336
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1877FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1878)<Bramley>YKS GRO 9b 258
m. Q31878YksBMDPhilip /DEWS/Mary /HEALD/Bramley and Holbeck District, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 424 (Bramley) Yks-LS BRAMLEYRB/2/139
Mary Abt1861CEN- (m. John W /HEALD/)EltonLAN CEN 1901 (Leeds, YKS)
m. Q41882YksBMDJohn William /HEALD/Mary Hellen /FENN/New Wortley, St John The BaptistYKS GRO 9b 522 (Bramley) Yks-LS CE55/B/175 // b. 1861
Emily Abt1862CEN- (m. Willim /HEALD/ Bef 1891)LeedsYKS CEN 1901 (Bramley)
m. Bef1891Willim /HEALD/Emily<Leeds>YKS // b. 1864
Ellen /HEALD/ Q41890CENWillim /HEALD/EmilyLeedsYKS GRO 9b 413 Yks-LS NORT/199/59 CEN 1901 (Bramley)
Mary Toulson /HEALD/ Q41891CENWillim /HEALD/EmilyLeedsYKS GRO 9b 437 Yks-LS NORT/204/125 CEN 1901 (Bramley)
George /HEALD/ Q41893CENWillim /HEALD/EmilyLeedsYKS(d. Q3 1904, GRO 9b 235 (Bramley)) GRO 9b 442 Yks-LS NORT/213/397 CEN 1901 (Bramley)
Sidney Richard /HEALD/ Q41894CENWillim /HEALD/EmilyLeedsYKS GRO 9b 462 Yks-LS NORT/218/283 CEN 1901 (Bramley)
Walter /HEALD/ Q41897CENWillim /HEALD/EmilyBramleyYKS GRO 9b 331 Yks-LS BRAM/29/323 CEN 1901
William /HEALD/ Q11900CENWillim /HEALD/EmilyBramleyYKS GRO 9b 338 Yks-LS BRAM/31/440 CEN 1901
m. Q41897FreeBMDWilliam Henry /HEALD/ \ /HEAD/BramleyYKS GRO 9b 575
Ernest /HEALD/ Q21896YksBMD- BramleyYKS GRO 9b 336 Yks-LS BRAM/28/136
Lois Ethel /HIELD/ Q21897YksBMD- BramleyYKS GRO 9b 345 Yks-LS BRAM/29/183
Harry /HEALD/ Q11899YksBMD- (d. Q3 1899, GRO 9b 244)BramleyYKS GRO 9b 337 Yks-LS BRAM/30/480
Edgar /HEALD/ Q31901YksBMD- BramleyYKS GRO 9b 337 Yks-LS BRAM/33/169
Herbert /HEALD/ Q41902YksBMD- BramleyYKS GRO 9b 310 Yks-LS BRAM/34/188
Clarenda /HEALD/ Q31904YksBMD- BramleyYKS GRO 9b 326 Yks-LS BRAM/36/1
Lily /HEALD/ Q31904YksBMD- BramleyYKS GRO 9b 332 Yks-LS BRAM/36/68
m. Q41904FreeBMDMary Ellen /HEALD/BramleyYKS GRO 9b 661
Jesse /HEALD/ Q31905YksBMD- BramleyYKS GRO 9b 330 Yks-LS BRAM/37/39
Ahrold /HEALD/  1906YksBMD- BramleyYKS Yks-LS BRAM/37/267
Harold /HEALD/  1906YksBMD- BramleyYKS Yks-LS BRAM/37/267
Ernest /HEALD/  1906YksBMD- BramleyYKS Yks-LS BRAM/37/268
Emily M /HEALD/  1908YksBMD- BramleyYKS Yks-LS BRAM/39/255
Lilian /HEALD/  1906YksBMD- WortleyYKS Yks-LS WORT/171/431
Alice A /HEALD/  1909YksBMD- WortleyYKS Yks-LS WORT/181/341
m.  1908YksBMDWilliam /SATTINSTALL/Annie /HEALD/Armley, St BartholomewYKS Yks-LS CE2/B/456
Mary E /HEALD/  1909YksBMD- WortleyYKS Yks-LS WORT/181/342
Jessie /HEALD/  1910YksBMD- WortleyYKS Yks-LS WORT/183/288
# -- Leeds North --
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Joseph /HEALD/  1851CEN[John /HEALD/]Sarah A.LeedsYKS(Lodger 1881) Yks-LS NORT/37/461 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 // m. 1847
John Thomas /HEALD/  1856YksBMD- Leeds NorthYKS Yks-LS NORT/51/450
John /HEALD/ Abt1856CEN[John /HEALD/]Sarah A.LeedsYKS(m. Mary Ann Bef 1872) CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Henry /HEALD/  1857CENJohn /HEALD/Sarah A.LeedsYKS(m. [Emily /PARRY/] 1883) Yks-LS NORT/55/113 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Churwell Township)
Albert /HEALD/ Q21859CENJohn /HEALD/Sarah A.LeedsYKS GRO 9b 382 Yks-LS NORT/62/300 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Walter /HEALD/ Q21861CENJohn /HEALD/Sarah A.LeedsYKS GRO 9b 387 Yks-LS NORT/68/346 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Arthur /HEALD/  1863CENJohn /HEALD/Sarah A.LeedsYKS(m. Annie [/WOODRUFF/] 1894) Yks-LS NORTH/75/272 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Holbeck Township)
Edwin /HEALD/  1865CENJohn /HEALD/Sarah A.LeedsYKS(m. Lydia Bef 1901) Yks-LS NORT/83/143 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Sarah A /HEALD/ Q31866CENJohn /HEALD/Sarah A.LeedsYKS GRO 9b 391 Yks-LS NORT/89/217 CEN 1881
Harriet Hannah /HEALD/  1869CENJohn /HEALD/Sarah A.LeedsYKS(m. Frederick /BRADWICK/ 1893) Yks-LS NORT/102/118 CEN 1881
Priscilla Porter /HEALD/ Q41852YksBMD[Samuel /HEALD/][Priscilla W.]Leeds NorthYKS(m. Joseph William /OGLESBY/ 1881) GRO 9b 358 Yks-LS NORT/42/10
Priscilla S. /HEALD/ Abt1855CEN[Samuel /HEALD/]Priscilla W.LeedsYKS CEN 1881 // m. 1846
Walter H. /HEALD/ Q11852CEN- (m. Hannah M. 1871)LeedsYKS GRO 9b 366 Yks-LS NORTH/39/355 CEN 1881
Walter /HEALD/ Abt1853CEN- (m. Mary Bef 1895)LeedsYKS CEN 1901 (Headingley Cum Burley)
m.  1853YksBMDJoseph S /TOMLINSON/Charlotte /HEALD/Woodhouse, St MarkYKS Yks-LS CE69/C/182
m.  1853YksBMDJoseph /BOOTH/Priscilla /HEALD/Woodhouse, St MarkYKS Yks-LS CE69/C/190
John /HEALD/ Q11853YksBMD- LeedsYKS GRO 9b 366 Yks-LS NORT/42/488
William /HEALD/  1854CEN- (m. Agnes 1876)LeedsYKS Yks-LS NORT/47/480 CEN 1881
Alfred /HEALD/  1855YksBMD- Leeds NorthYKS Yks-LS NORTH/48/463
Josiah /HEALD/  1856YksBMD- Leeds NorthYKS Yks-LS NORT/54/146
Mary Ellen /HEALD/  1858CEN- LeedsYKS Yks-LS NORT/58/134 CEN 1881
Hannah /HEALD/  1858YksBMD- Leeds NorthYKS Yks-LS NTH/59/416
Josiah /HEALD/ Q41860YksBMD- LeedsYKS GRO 9b 319 Yks-LS NORT/66/468
Josiah /HEALD/ Abt1862FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1901, GRO 9b 348)<Leeds>YKS
Josiah /HEALD/ Abt1863CENCharles /HEALD/[Anne]LeedsYKS CEN 1881 // m. 1845 ?
Charles /HEALD/  1863YksBMD- LeedsYKS Yks-LS NORTH/75/40
Charles /HEALD/ Abt1865CENCharles /HEALD/[Anne]LeedsYKS(m. Emma /GREENWOOD/ 1889 -REL) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 REL 18
Louisa /HEALD/ Q21861YksBMD- LeedsYKS GRO 9b 409 Yks-LS NORT/69/68
Thomas Walter /HEALD/ Q41862YksBMD- LeedsYKS GRO 9b 372 Yks-LS NORT/74/218
Emma /HEALD/  1863CEN- (Servant 1881)WoodhouseYKS Yks-LS NORT/76/212 CEN 1881 (Bramley In Bramley)
Sarah Abt1834CEN- (m. Thomas /HEALD/)LeedsYKS CEN 1881
m.  1857YksBMDThomas /HEALD/Sarah /HEMINGWAY/Leeds, St PeterYKS Yks-LS CE46/51/202 REL 21 // b. 1835
Rebecca /HEALD/ Q31864CENThomas /HEALD/SarahLeedsYKS GRO 9b 393 Yks-LS NORT/80/487 CEN 1881
Harry /HEALD/  1867CENThomas /HEALD/SarahLeedsYKS(m. Elizabeth /SHAW/ 1894 -REL) Yks-LS NORT/93/412 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 REL 21
Eliza Abt1845CEN- (m. Thomas /HEALD/)LeedsYKS CEN 1901
m. Bef1901Thomas /HEALD/Eliza<Leeds>YKS(?m2) // b. 1835
George /HEALD/  1865YksBMD- (d. Q4 1872, GRO 9b 344)Leeds NorthYKS Yks-LS NORT/84/56
Elizabeth Abt1845RELCharles /SKELTON/LeedsYKS(m. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1881) CEN 1881
m.11Feb1867RELWilliam /HEALD/Elizabeth /SKELTON/Quarry Hill, St MaryYKS GRO 9b 501 Yks-LS CE31/137 // b. 1846
Ada /HEALD/ Q21867CENElizabethLeedsYKS GRO 9b 472 Yks-LS NORT/93/153 CEN 1881
Esther /HEALD/ Q21876CENElizabethLeeds NorthYKS GRO 9b 534 Yks-LS NORT/133/419 CEN 1881
Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q21878CENElizabethLeedsYKS GRO 9b 501 Yks-LS NORT/142/373 CEN 1881
Francis /HEALD/  1880CENElizabethLeedsYKS Yks-LS NORT/151/379 CEN 1881
m.  1862YksBMDJohn /SLEIGHT/Ann /HEALD/Woodhouse, St MarkYKS Yks-LS CE69/D/322
Mary Abt1833CEN- (m. William /HEALD/)BarnsleyYKS CEN 1881 (Leeds)
m. Q31865YksBMDWilliam /HEALD/Mary /JAGGERS/Leeds, All SaintsYKS GRO 9b 468 Yks-LS CE33/356 // b. 1834
Ada /HEALD/  1869CENWilliam /HEALD/MaryLeedsYKS Yks-LS NTH/101/267 CEN 1881
Sarah Ann /HEALD/ Q41867FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1868, GRO 9b 252)<Leeds>YKS GRO 9b 415 Yks-LS NORT/95/148
John William /HEALD/  1868YksBMD- Leeds NorthYKS Yks-LS NORT/100/169
Ralph /HEALD/ Q11870YksBMD- (d. Q3 1870, GRO 9b 326)LeedsYKS GRO 9b 422 Yks-LS NORT/104/466
Charles Henry /HEALD/ Q21871FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1877, GRO 9b 275)LeedsYKS GRO 9b 464 Yks-LS NORT/110/439
Mary Jane Abt1858CEN- (m. Thomas /HEALD/)LeedsYKS CEN 1881 CEN 1901
m. Q11875YksBMDTom /HEALD/Mary Jane /PENROSE/Leeds Leylands, St ThomasYKS GRO 9b 683 Yks-LS CE47/222 // b. 1857
Samuel James /HEALD/  1876YksBMD- Leeds NorthYKS Yks-LS NORT/136/336
Samuel James /HEALD/ Q11877CENThomas /HEALD/Mary J.LeedsYKS(m. Mary Ellen /KELLY/ 1900) GRO 9b 505 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
George /HEALD/ Q41881CENTom /HEALD/MaryLeeds WestYKS GRO 9b 495 Yks-LS WEST/150/466 CEN 1901
Walter /HEALD/  1883CENTom /HEALD/MaryLeedsYKS Yks-LS NORT/168/278 CEN 1901
Walter /HEALD/ Q11884YksBMD- LeedsYKS GRO 9b 418
Walter /HEALD/ Q31884FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1886, GRO 9b 332)LeedsYKS GRO 9b 523 Yks-LS WEST/164/171
Alice /HEALD/ Q31886CENTom /HEALD/MaryLeedsYKS GRO 9b 454 Yks-LS NORT/180/46 CEN 1901
Arthur /HEALD/ Q21891CENTom /HEALD/MaryLeeds WestYKS GRO 9b 571 Yks-LS WEST/195/348 CEN 1901
Ann /HEALD/ Q31878YksBMD- (d. Q3 1878, GRO 9b 349)Leeds NorthYKS GRO 9b 551 Yks-LS NORT/144/398
m. Q31879YksBMDJames Henry /COUPLAND/Hannah /HEALD/Leeds Leylands, St ThomasYKS GRO 9b 589 Yks-LS CE47/358
Annie Copeland /HEALD/ Q11879YksBMD- Leeds NorthYKS GRO 9b 512 Yks-LS NORT/147/11
Ralph /HEALD/ Q21880YksBMD- (d. Q4 1880, GRO 9b 316)Leeds NorthYKS GRO 9b 479 Yks-LS NORT/151/443
m. Q11883YksBMDWilliam Copley /HEATON/Marian /HIELD/Woodhouse, St MarkYKS GRO 9b 594 Yks-LS CE69/F/414 // b. 1851 cf 1872
Mabel Annie /HEALD/ Q21883FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1885, GRO 9b 229)LeedsYKS GRO 9b 475 Yks-LS NORT/166/80
m. Q21885YksBMDJohn /RICHMOND/Rebecca /HEALD/Leeds Leylands, St ThomasYKS GRO 9b 662 Yks-LS CE47/A/10
George /HEALD/ Q41887FreeBMD- Leeds NorthYKS GRO 9b 4__ Yks-LS NORT/186/44
George /HEALD/ Abt1889CEN- (Other 1901)LeedsYKS CEN 1901
Frederick /HEALD/ Q21889YksBMD- (d. Q4 1889, GRO 9b 410)Leeds NorthYKS GRO 9b 464 Yks-LS NORT/192/211
m. Q41891YksBMDJohn William /WILSON/Ada /HEALD/Quarry Hill, St MaryYKS GRO 9b 773 Yks-LS CE31/A/472
Richard /HEALD/ Q41892YksBMD- (d. Q2 1893, GRO 9b 304)Leeds NorthYKS GRO 9b 472 Yks-LS NORT/209/257
Mary Louisa Abt1873CEN- (m. George /HEALD/)LeedsYKS CEN 1901
m.22Jan1894RELGeorge /HEALD/Mary Louisa /NIXON/Chapel Allerton, St MatthewYKS Yks-LS CE13/333 GRO 9b 553 (Leeds) // b. 1871
Frederick /HEALD/  1894YksBMD- Leeds SoutheastYKS Yks-LS SE/134/45
Frederick /HEALD/ Q21894FreeBMD- LeedsYKS GRO 9b 423
Frederick /HEALD/ Abt1895CENGeorge /HEALD/MaryLeedsYKS CEN 1901
Frederick /HEALD/ Abt1896RELGeorge /HEALD/Mary Louisa /NIXON/LeedsYKS(m. Connie; d. Abt 1951)
George /HEALD/ Q21896CENGeorge /HEALD/MaryLeedsYKS GRO 9b 444 Yks-LS NORT/225/190 CEN 1901
George /HEALD/ Abt1894RELGeorge /HEALD/Mary Louisa /NIXON/LeedsYKS(d. Abt 1909)
Cyril /HEALD/8Sep1898RELGeorge /HEALD/Mary Louisa /NIXON/Leeds, St Alban'sYKS(m. Ethel /HOLMES/) Yks-LS NORT/236/57 GRO 9b 465 CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/  1900YksBMD- Leeds NorthYKS Yks-LS NORT/246/198
Annie /HEALD/3Jan1901RELGeorge /HEALD/Mary Louisa /NIXON/Leeds, St Alban'sYKS(m. Frank /HAIGH/ Abt 1951) GRO 9b 395 CEN 1901
Hilda /HEALD/27Nov1902RELGeorge /HEALD/Mary Louisa /NIXON/Leeds, St Alban'sYKS(m. Stanley /DOBSON/ Abt 1925) GRO 9b 427
Albert Ezra /HEALD/9Oct1905RELGeorge /HEALD/Mary Louisa /NIXON/Leeds, St Alban'sYKS(m. Ethel Mary /JOHNSON/; d. 1970)
Elizabeth Abt1872CEN- (m. Harry /HEALD/)LeedsYKS CEN 1901
m.17Jul1894CertHarry /HEALD/Elizabeth /SHAW/Leeds, St PeterYKS Yks-LS CE46/103/63 GRO 9b 673 REL 21 // b. 1867
Margaret /HEALD/ Q31894CENHarry /HEALD/ElizabethLeeds NorthYKS Yks-LS NORT/217/272 GRO 9b 460 CEN 1901
Squire /HEALD/13Dec1896CertHarry /HEALD/Elizabeth /SHAW/Leeds NorthYKS(m. Edith /HORWELL/) Yks-LS NORT/228/333 CEN 1901 REL 21
Skuire /HEALD/ Q11897FreeBMD- LeedsYKS GRO 9b 448
William /HEALD/  1898YksBMD- Leeds NorthYKS Yks-LS NORT/237/347
William /HEALD/ Q11899CENHarry /HEALD/ElizabethLeedsYKS GRO 9b 423 CEN 1901
m. Q11899YksBMDArthur Allan /ANDREW/Ada /HEALD/Sheepscar, St ClementYKS GRO 9b 606 Yks-LS CE61/B/495
Harry /HEALD/ Q11901CENHarry /HEALD/ElizabethLeedsYKS(d. Q2 1901, GRO 9b 243) GRO 9b 388 CEN 1901
Hilda /HEALD/  1902YksBMD- Leeds NorthYKS Yks-LS NORT/254/189
Alice /HEALD/ Q31903YksBMD- (d. Q1 1904, GRO 9b 400)Leeds NorthYKS GRO 9b 449 Yks-LS NORT/257/71
John Thomas /HEALD/ Q31904YksBMD- Leeds NorthYKS GRO 9b 456 Yks-LS NORT/261/346
Albert Ezra /HEALD/ Q41905YksBMD- Leeds NorthYKS GRO 9b 389 Yks-LS NORT/265/485
# -- Leeds West --
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Jane Ann /HEALD/ Q11852YksBMD- LeedsYKS GRO 9b 408 Yks-LS WEST/35/125
Sarah /HIELD/ Q31853CEN[John /HIELD/]Jane [/HOLROYD/]LeedsYKS GRO 9b 395 Yks-LS WEST/39/64 CEN 1881 (Headingley Cum Burley) // m. 1840
Bertie /HIELD/  1857CEN[John /HIELD/]Jane [/HOLROYD/]LeedsYKS Yks-LS WEST/51/295 CEN 1881 (Headingley Cum Burley)
Marian /HIELD/  1851YksBMD- (m. William Copley /HEATON/ 1883)Leeds WestYKS Yks-LS WEST/34/102
James Henry /HIELD/  1855CEN- (m. Ann E. 1878; d. Q2 1890, GRO 8c 89 (Warrington, LAN))LeedsYKS Yks-LS WEST/44/236 CEN 1881
Frank Thurnell /HIELD/ Q31860FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1878, GRO 9b 353)LeedsYKS GRO 9b 372 Yks-LS WEST/59/146
Elizabeth /HIELD/ Q31862FreeBMD- LeedsYKS Yks-LS WEST/66/84 GRO 9b 414
Jane /HEALD/  1855YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS Yks-LS WEST/43/205
Hannah Maria /HEALD/  1855CENGeorge /HEALD/MaryLeedsYKS Yks-LS WEST/43/261 CEN 1881 // m. 1838
Jane Abt1828CEN- (m. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1881)ManchesterLAN CEN 1881
John W /HEALD/  1856YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS Yks-LS WEST/48/358
John /HEALD/ Abt1858CENJaneLeedsYKS(m. Sarah LAN, 1887) CEN 1881 (Manchester, LAN) CEN 1901 (South Manchester, LAN)
Sarah Ann Abt1840CEN- (m. Thomas /HEALD/)ManchesterLAN CEN 1881 (Wortley In Bramley, YKS) CEN 1901 (Wortley, YKS)
m. Q11855YksBMDThomas /HEALD/Sarah Ann /PARKER/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 9b 281 Yks-LS CE46/46/489 // b. 1838
Martha Ann /HEALD/  1857CENThomas /HEALD/Sarah AnnLeedsYKS Yks-LS WEST/51/460 CEN 1881 (Wortley In Bramley) CEN 1901 (Wortley)
John Wm. /HEALD/ Q41860CENThomas /HEALD/Sarah AnnLeeds WestYKS GRO 9b 265 Yks-LS WEST/60/125 CEN 1881 (Wortley In Bramley)
John W /HEALD/ Abt1861CEN- (m. Mary)LeedsYKS CEN 1901
David /HEALD/  1867CENThomas /HEALD/Sarah AnnLeedsYKS(d. Q2 1892, GRO 9d 235 (Bridlington)) Yks-LS WEST/83/487 CEN 1881 (Wortley In Bramley)
Sarah /HEALD/  1869CENThomas /HEALD/Sarah AnnLeedsYKS(d. Q2 1896, GRO 9b 228 (Bramley)) Yks-LS WEST/93/23 CEN 1881 (Wortley In Bramley)
Mary /HEALD/ Q31872GRO 9b Thomas /HEALD/Sarah AnnLeedsYKS(d. Q4 1890, GRO 9b 309 (Bramley)) CEN 1881 (Wortley In Bramley)
Thomas /HEALD/ Q31874CENThomas /HEALD/Sarah AnnLeeds [Wortley]YKS GRO 9b 409 (Bramley) Yks-LS WORT/69/101 CEN 1881 (Wortley In Bramley) CEN 1901 (Wortley)
Florence /HEALD/ Q41879CENThomas /HEALD/Sarah AnnLeeds [Wortley]YKS GRO 9b 391 (Bramley) Yks-LS WORT/84/307 CEN 1881 (Wortley In Bramley) CEN 1901 (Wortley)
Lily /HEALD/  1882CENThomas /HEALD/SarahLeeds [Wortley]YKS(d. Q3 1901, GRO 9b 256 (Bramley)) Yks-LS WORT/92/263 CEN 1901 (Wortley)
Arthur /HEALD/ Q21857YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS GRO 9b 416 Yks-LS WEST/49/498
Walter /HEALD/  1858YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS Yks-LS WEST/54/77
Ann /HEALD/ Q11859FreeBMD- LeedsYKS GRO 9b 372
Ann /HEALD/  1859YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS Yks-LS WEST/54/453
Charles /HEALD/  1865YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS Yks-LS WEST/76/274
Jane Abt1842CEN- (m. William Holroyd /HIELD/)LeedsYKS CEN 1881 (Manningham) CEN 1901 (Chapel Allerton)
m. Q11865YksBMDWilliam [Holroyd] /HIELD/Jane /PLANT/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 9b 447 Yks-LS CE46/68/371 // b. 1842
Harry /HIELD/  1865CENWilliam Holroyd /HIELD/JaneLeedsYKS(regd. Q1 1866, GRO 9b 469; m. Ada /DIXON/ 1891) Yks-LS WEST/77/443 CEN 1881 (Manningham) CEN 1901 (Headingley)
Ida /HIELD/ Q21868CENWilliam Holroyd /HIELD/JaneLeedsYKS GRO 9b 521 Yks-LS WEST/87/260 CEN 1881 (Manningham)
Sam /HIELD/ Q21870CENWilliam Holroyd /HIELD/JaneLeedsYKS(m. Ann Ellen /AMBLER/ 1900) GRO 9b 492 Yks-LS WEST/94/461 CEN 1881 (Manningham) CEN 1901 (Hunslet)
Richard /HEALD/  1867YksBMD- (d. Q3 1868, GRO 9b 412)Leeds WestYKS Yks-LS WEST/83/486
Hannah M. Abt1853CEN- (m. Walter H. /HEALD/)LeedsYKS CEN 1881
m. Q11871FreeBMDWalter /HEALD/Anna Maria /GREENWOOD/Kirkstall, St StephenYKS GRO 9b 359 Yks-LS CE26/A/63 // b. 1852
Emma /HEALD/ Q11875CENWalter H. /HEALD/Hannah M.Leeds WestYKS GRO 9b 525 Yks-LS WEST/117/239 CEN 1881
Mary E Abt1858CEN- (m. Walter /HEALD/ Bef 1895)LeedsYKS CEN 1901 (Headingley Cum Burley)
m. Q21875FreeBMDWalter /HEALD/[Mary /PARKES/]WortleyYKS GRO 9c 291
m. Bef1895Walter /HEALD/Mary E<Leeds>YKS(?m2) // b. 1853
Ada /HEALD/  1894YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS Yks-LS WEST/212/124
Ada /HEALD/ Q41894CENWalter /HEALD/MaryLeedsYKS GRO 9b 531 CEN 1901 (Headingley Cum Burley)
m. Q11872FreeBMDWilliam Copley /HEATON/Catherine Hannah /HIELD/Headingley, St MichaelYKS Yks-LS CE18/259 GRO 9b 483 // b. 1849; cf 1883
Charlotte /HEALD/ Q11875CENJohn E. /HEALD/MatildaLeedsYKS GRO 9b 513 Yks-LS WEST/117/119 CEN 1881 (Otley) CEN 1901 (Otley) // m. Wakefield 1871
George /HEALD/  1879CENJohn E. /HEALD/MatildaOtleyYKS Yks-LS OTLE/34/238 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Walter Aycliff /HEALD/ Q21873FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1877, GRO 9b 282)LeedsYKS GRO 9b 530 Yks-LS WEST/108/186
Mary J /HEALD/  1875YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS Yks-LS WEST/121/427
Mary Jane /HEALD/ Q11876FreeBMD- LeedsYKS GRO 9b 570
Agnes Abt1855CEN- (m. William /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1901)ShrewsburySAL CEN 1881 (Leeds, YKS) CEN 1901 (Leeds, YKS)
m. Q31876FreeBMDWilliam /HEALD/Agnes /ANDREWS/Leeds, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 764 Yks-LS RB/60/134 // b. 1854
Albert V. /HEALD/ Abt1877CENWilliam /HEALD/AgnesLeedsYKS CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Frederick William /HEALD/ Q31877CENWilliam /HEALD/AgnesLeedsYKS GRO 9b 578 Yks-LS WEST/130/294 CEN 1881
Mary Ellen /HEALD/  1879CENWilliam /HEALD/AgnesLeedsYKS Yks-LS WEST/142/226 CEN 1881
Polly /HEALD/ Abt1880CEN[William /HEALD/]AgnesLeedsYKS CEN 1901
George Andrews /HEALD/ Q21888CEN[William /HEALD/]AgnesLeeds WestYKS GRO 9b 4[90]5 Yks-LS WEST/201/108 CEN 1901
Ethel /HEALD/ Q31892CEN[William /HEALD/]AgnesLeeds WestYKS GRO 9b 518 Yks-LS WEST/201/108 CEN 1901
Arthur Ernest /HEALD/ Q31895CEN[William /HEALD/]AgnesLeeds WestYKS GRO 9b 534 Yks-LS WEST/215/358 CEN 1901
Harry /HEALD/ Q21878YksBMD- (d. Q1 1880, GRO 9b 358)Leeds WestYKS GRO 9b 562 Yks-LS WEST/133/472
Ann E. Abt1855CEN- (m. James H. /HIELD/; wid. bef. 1901)Chapel AllertonYKS CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Harrogate)
m. Q11878YksBMDJames Henry /HIELD/Annie E /WOOD/Chapel Allerton, St MatthewYKS GRO 9b 433 (Leeds) Yks-LS CE13/216 // b. 1855
Ethel /HIELD/  1881YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS Yks-LS WEST/150/189
Ethel /HIELD/ Abt1883CENAnnieWoodhouseYKS CEN 1901 (Harrogate)
Lilian /HEALD/  1881YksBMD- (d. Q3 1884, GRO 9b 394)Leeds WestYKS Yks-LS WEST/148/198
Harriett Abt1841CEN- (m. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1901)LeedsYKS CEN 1901
m. Bef1882/HEALD/Harriett<Leeds>YKS
Herbert Adamson /HIELD/28Feb1882SCHThomas /HIELD/LeedsYKS SCH Leeds Grammar 1891
Herbert Adamson /HIELD/ Q21882FreeBMD- DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 663
Herbert /HEALD/  1882CENHarriettLeedsYKS Yks-LS WEST/156/72 CEN 1901
Edith /HEALD/ Q21884CENHarriettLeedsYKS GRO 9b 525 Yks-LS WEST/162/344 CEN 1901
Emily /HEALD/  1882YksBMD- (d. Q4 1882, GRO 9b [38]56)Leeds WestYKS Yks-LS WEST/153/124
Josiah /HEALD/ Q31883FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1883, GRO 9b 297)Leeds WestYKS GRO 9b 496 Yks-LS WEST/159/124
Charles H /HEALD/  1885YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS Yks-LS WEST/166/223
John William /HEALD/ Q31885YksBMD- (d. Q1 1887, GRO 9b 380)Leeds WestYKS GRO 9b 510 Yks-LS WEST/168/360
Emma Abt1850CEN- (m. David /HEALD/)FeatherstoneYKS CEN 1901 (Normanton)
m. Q31886YksBMDDavid /HEALD/Emma /SCHOFIELD/Chapel Allerton, St MatthewYKS GRO 9b 515 Yks-LS CE13/278 // b. 1852
Alice Abt1863CEN- (m. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1901)LeedsYKS CEN 1901
m. Bef1886Alice<Leeds>YKS
James /HEALD/ Q31886CENAliceLeedsYKS GRO 9b 524 Yks-LS WEST/173/271 CEN 1901
Charles /HEALD/ Q21888CENAliceLeedsYKS GRO 9b 496 Yks-LS WEST/181/120 CEN 1901
Robert /HEALD/ Q31891CENAliceLeeds WestYKS GRO 9b 535 Yks-LS WEST/197/227 CEN 1901
Percy /HEALD/ Q11898CENAliceLeeds WestYKS GRO 9b 531 Yks-LS WEST/226/312 CEN 1901
Lilian /HEALD/ Q31888YksBMD- (d. Q3 1889, GRO 9b 335)Leeds WestYKS GRO 9b 601 Yks-LS WEST/183/7
Eva /HEALD/ Q41889YksBMD- (d. Q3 1890, GRO 9b 314)Leeds WestYKS GRO 9b 493 Yks-LS WEST/188/153
Sarah E /HEALD/  1890YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS Yks-LS WEST/194/97
Sarah Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q11891FreeBMD- LeedsYKS GRO 9b 490
Emma Abt1871CEN- (m. Charles Henry /HEALD/)LeedsYKS CEN 1901
m. Q31889YksBMDCharles Henry /HEALD/Emma /GREENWOOD/Leeds, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 907 Yks-LS RB/97/108 REL 18 // b. 1865
Florence /HEALD/ Q31891CENChas /HEALD/EmmaLeeds WestYKS GRO 9b 519 Yks-LS WEST/197/69 CEN 1901
Violet /HEALD/ Q11894CENChas /HEALD/EmmaLeeds WestYKS GRO 9b 530 Yks-LS WEST/208/248 CEN 1901
Elsie /HEALD/ Q41895CENChas /HEALD/EmmaLeeds WestYKS GRO 9b 507 Yks-LS WEST/216/390 CEN 1901
Dorothy /HEALD/ Q21898CENChas /HEALD/EmmaLeeds WestYKS GRO 9b 485 Yks-LS WEST/226/428 CEN 1901
Harrison /HEALD/ Q31890YksBMD- (d. Q3 1890, GRO 9b 350)Leeds WestYKS GRO 9b 530 Yks-LS WEST/192/151
Louie /HEALD/ Q21890YksBMD- (d. Q4 1890, GRO 9b 375)Leeds WestYKS GRO 9b 521 Yks-LS WEST/190/371
Wilfrid /HEALD/ Q21891CENTom /HEALD/SarahLeeds WestYKS GRO 9b 604 Yks-LS WEST/196/180 CEN 1901 (Pudsey) // m. <Wetwang> 1886
Elsie /HEALD/ Q21896CENTom /HEALD/SarahLeeds WestYKS GRO 9b 516 Yks-LS WEST/218/362 CEN 1901 (Pudsey)
Alice James Abt1870CEN- (m. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1901)LeedsYKS CEN 1901
m. Bef1891Alice James<Leeds>YKS
Elizabeth /HEALD/ Abt1891CENAliceLeedsYKS CEN 1901
Mary /HEALD/  1890YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS Yks-LS WEST/194/98
Mary /HEALD/ Q11891FreeBMD- LeedsYKS GRO 9b 490
Mary /HEALD/ Abt1891CENAliceLeedsYKS CEN 1901
Louisa /HEALD/ Q41893FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1893, GRO 9b 343)LeedsYKS GRO 9b 476
Louisa /HEALDS/  1893YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS Yks-Leeds WEST/206/461
Ellen Watson /HEALD/ Q21897YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS GRO 9b 507 Yks-LS WEST/222/418
Ellen /HEALD/ Abt1897CENAliceLeedsYKS CEN 1901
Arthur Watson /HEALD/ Q31898FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1898, GRO 9b 312)Leeds WestYKS GRO 9b 509 Yks-LS WEST/228/272
Emily Harrison /HEALD/ Q21892FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1895, GRO 9b 331)Leeds WestYKS GRO 9b 538 Yks-LS WEST/200/181
Ethel /HEALD/ Q11894FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1894, GRO 9b 286)Leeds WestYKS Yks-LS WEST/209/85 GRO 9b 564
Mary Ellen Abt1879CEN- (m. Samuel /HEALD/)LeedsYKS CEN 1901
m. Q41900YksBMDSamuel James /HEALD/Mary Ellen /KELLY/Woodhouse, St MarkYKS GRO 9b 901 Yks-LS CE69/H/140 // b. 1877
Herbert /HEALD/ Q31894FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1894, GRO 9b 292)Leeds WestYKS GRO 9b 524 Yks-LS WEST/211/113
m. Q11898YksBMDThomas /HEALD/Eliza /SPEIGHT/Woodhouse, St MarkYKS GRO 9b 634 (Leeds) Yks-LS CE69/H/2
Margaret George D C /HEALD/ Q31898FreeBMD- Leeds WestYKS GRO 9b 518 Yks-LS WEST/228/360
Edith Abt1874CEN- (m. Frederick /HIELD/)LeedsYKS CEN 1901
m. Bef1899Frederick /HIELD/Edith<Leeds>YKS // b. 1870
Phyllis /HIELD/ Q31899CENFrederick /HIELD/EdithLeeds WestYKS GRO 9b 498 Yks-LS WEST/232/301 CEN 1901
Hilda May /HEALD/ Q31901YksBMD- (d. Q4 1902, GRO 9b 342)Leeds WestYKS GRO 9b 478 Yks-LS WEST/241/151
Ethel Lily /HEALD/ Q41901YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS GRO 9b 481 Yks-LS WEST/242/358
Ronald Edward /HIELD/ Q41901YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS GRO 9b 505 Yks-LS WEST/243/97
m. Q21903YksBMDGeorge /HEALD/Ethel Lily /MELBOURNE/Woodhouse, St MarkYKS GRO 9b 981 Yks-LS CE69/H/219
Doris /HEALD/ Q31903YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS GRO 9b 502 Yks-LS WEST/250/48
Edward Watson /HEALD/ Q41903YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS GRO 9b 463 Yks-LS WEST/250/328
m.  1904YksBMDDavid /FOX/Mary E /HEALD/New Wortley, St John The BaptistYKS Yks-LS CE55/D/450
Charles Leslie /HEALD/ Q21904YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS GRO 9b 485 Yks-LS WEST/252/370
Thomas /HEALD/ Q21904YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS GRO 9b 511 Yks-LS WEST/253/131
Ivy /HEALD/  1904YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS Yks-LS WEST/255/253
Ivy /HEALD/ Q11905FreeBMD- LeedsYKS GRO 9b 450
Ida /HEALD/ Q31905YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS GRO 9b 492 Yks-LS WEST/258/120
Winifred /HEALD/ Q41905YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS GRO 9b 431 Yks-LS WEST/258/437
Agnes B /HEALD/  1906YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS Yks-LS WEST/262/308
m.  1908YksBMDAlex /CROSSLEY/Charlotte /HEALD/Otley, All SaintsYKS Yks-Leeds CE131/F/41
m. Q31908YksBMDWalter C /GREEN/Jessie /HIELD/Chapel Allerton, St MatthewYKS GRO 9b 813 Yks-LS CE13/A/19 // b. 1882
Edith A /HEALD/  1908YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS Yks-LS WEST/267/40
Georgina /HEALD/  1908YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS Yks-LS WEST/269/343
m.  1910YksBMDWalter /HEALD/Gertrude /BATT/Woodhouse, St MarkYKS Yks-LS CE69/I/29
Harold H /HEALD/  1910YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS Yks-LS WEST/275/58
Lily V /HEALD/  1910YksBMD- Leeds WestYKS Yks-LS WEST/278/215
# -- Leeds misc. --
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m. Q41851YksBMDThomas /CUNDILL/Ann /HEALD/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 23 496 Yks-LS CE46/37/59
m. Q41851YksBMDJames /HEALD/Ann /FEARNSIDE/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 23 522 Yks-LS CE46/37/164
m. Q41851YksBMDJames /MARSDEN/Mary /HEALD/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 23 542 Yks-LS CE46/37/242
m. Q21852YksBMDJohn /HEALD/Ellen /CLOUGH/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 9b 331 Yks-LS CE46/38/386 // cf Knottingley 1852
m. Q41852YksBMDWilliam /TINGLE/Frances /HEALD/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 9b 421 Yks-LS CE46/40/128
m. Q11852FreeBMDSarah Ann Calvert /HEALD/LeedsYKS GRO 9b 29_ // b. 1831
m.  1852YksBMDWilliam H /WRIGHT/Sarah A /HEALD/Leeds, St GeorgeYKS Yks-LS CE44/263
m.  1853YksBMDThomas /SIMPSON/Sarah /HEALD/Leeds, St PeterYKS Yks-LS CE46/41/29
m.  1853YksBMDJohn /WILKS/Sarah /HEALD/Leeds, St PeterYKS Yks-LS CE46/42/375
m. Q21854YksBMDJohn /KENYON/Rachel Thompson /HEALD/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 9b 306 Yks-LS CE46/44/378
m. Q31855YksBMDJoseph /TIDSWELL/Ann /HEALD/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 9b 393 Yks-LS CE46/48/24
m. Q41855YksBMDJerome /RENNERT/Louisa Albina /HEALD/Leeds, St John The EvangalistYKS GRO 9b 291 Yks-LS CE30/216 // b. 1833
m. Q21856YksBMDWilliam /HAIGH/Harriet /HEALD/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 9b 294 Yks-LS CE46/49/297
m.  1856YksBMDRichard /HEALD/Sarah /SMITH/Leeds, St PeterYKS Yks-LS CE46/50/56
m. Q11857YksBMDBenjamin /KIRK/Martha /HEALD/Leeds, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 423 Yks-LS RB/18/97
m. Q11857FreeBMDThomas /HEALD/LeedsYKS GRO 9b 36[23]
m. Q41857YksBMDHenry /SOWRAY/Elizabeth /HEALD/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 9b 298 Yks-LS CE46/53/73
Thomas /HEALD/ Abt1857CEN- (m. Mary Jane /PENROSE/ 1875)LeedsYKS CEN 1881 CEN 1901
m. Q31859YksBMDGeorge /BELLHOUSE/Sarah Ann /HEALD/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 9b 427 Yks-LS CE46/58/8
m. Q41859YksBMDIsaac /BANKS/Sarah Ann /HEALD/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 9b 443 Yks-LS CE46/58/216
Ann /HEALD/ Abt1860CEN- (Officer 1881)LeedsYKS CEN 1881 (Worsley, LAN)
Joseph /HILD/ Abt1860CEN- (m. Hannah)LeedsYKS CEN 1901 (Guiseley)
m.  1860YksBMDThomas /TILLOTSON/Jane /HEALD/Leeds, Registered BuildingYKS Yks-LS RB/23/138
m.  1863YksBMDWilliam /DAY/Jane A /HEALD/Leeds, St PeterYKS Yks-LS CE46/66/123
m.  1865YksBMDOliver /ORMEROD/Mary /HEALD/Leeds, All SaintsYKS Yks-LS CE33/355
m. Q41867YksBMDZebah /NOBLE/Elizabeth /HEALD/Quarry Hill, St MaryYKS GRO 9b 657 Yks-LS CE31/167
m. Q21870YksBMDGeorge /GOODALL/Ellen /HEALD/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 9b 527 Yks-LS CE46/77/285
m. Q41870YksBMDGeorge /HARTLEY/Harriet /HEALD/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 9b 578 Yks-LS CE46/78/97
m. Q41871YksBMDThomas /GRAY/Mary /HEALD/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 9b 647 Yks-LS CE46/79/328
Mary Ann Abt1853CEN- (m. John /HEALD/)LeedsYKS CEN 1881
m. Bef1872John /HEALD/Mary Ann<Leeds>YKS // b. 1856
John /HEALD/ Abt1872CENJohn /HEALD/Mary AnnLeedsYKS CEN 1881
Thomas /HEALD/ Abt1874CENJohn /HEALD/Mary AnnLeedsYKS CEN 1881
m. Q21872YksBMDCharles /WHITHAM/Ann Elizabeth /HEALD/Leeds, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 695 Yks-LS RB/48/102
m. Q31873YksBMDJohn /MOSBY/Elizabeth /HEALD/Leeds, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 734 Yks-LS RB/51/112
m. Q41874YksBMDFrank /HAMMOND/Ann /HEALD/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 9b 744 Yks-LS CE46/84/310
m. Q31874YksBMDGeorge /SMITH/Sarah /HEALD/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 9b 652 Yks-LS CE46/84/79
Mary  CEN- (m1 /TURNER/; m2 Joe /HEALD/)YorkYKS CEN 1881 (Leeds)
m. Q11875YksBMDJoe /HEALD/Mary /TURNER/Leeds, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 759 Yks-LS RB/55/145 // b. 1847; to York 1876
Harvey /HEALD/ Abt1875CEN- (Other 1901)LeedsYKS CEN 1901 (Goole)
m. Q31877FreeBMDMary Ann /HEALD/LeedsYKS GRO 9b 645
m. Q41877YksBMDJohn /BELLHOUSE/Martha /HEALD/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 9b 639 Yks-LS CE46/88/194
m. Q41877YksBMDSamuel /WEBSTER/Ellen /HEALD/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 9b 676 Yks-LS CE46/88/267
m. Q41878YksBMDJohn /MORRIS/Clara /HEALD/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 9b 625 Yks-LS CE46/89/312
m. Q21881YksBMDRichard /SAVILLE/Elizabeth /HEALD/Leeds, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 642 Yks-LS RB/73/86
m. Q41881FreeBMDJoseph William /OGLESBY/Priscilla Porter /HEALD/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 9b 643 Yks-LS CE46/92/322 // b. 1852
m. Q11882YksBMDJames /FARRAR/Elizabeth /HEALD/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 9b 495 Yks-LS CE46/93/97
m. Q11882YksBMDGeorge /HEALD/Harriet /HEATH/Leeds, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 560 Yks-LS RB/76/10
m. Q21882YksBMDJohn Edward /JOHNSON/Harriet /HEALD/Leeds, St GeorgeYKS GRO 9b 536 Yks-LS CE44/D/410
m. Q41882YksBMDGeorge /HOUGH/Sarah Elizabeth /HEALD/Leeds, Christ ChurchYKS GRO 9b 601 Yks-LS CE42/A/154
Henry /HEALD/ Abt1883CEN- LeedsYKS CEN 1901
m. Q41883YksBMDWilliam /RICHMOND/Sarah Ann /HEALD/Cross Green Leeds, St SaviourYKS GRO 9b 757 Yks-LS CE35/A/497
m. Q11884YksBMDJames A /MOXON/Ada /HEALD/Leeds, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 634 Yks-LS RB/81/104
m. Q11884FreeBMDWilliam /HEALD/LeedsYKS GRO 9b 589
m.  1884YksBMDWilliam /HEALD/Ann /DOCKRAY/Leeds, Registered BuildingYKS Yks-LS RB/80/119
m. Q41884YksBMDJosiah /HEALD/Alice Ann /MAYMENT/ or /MAYNERT/Leeds, St AndrewYKS GRO 9b 593 Yks-LS CE38/B/51
m. Q41885FreeBMDBarnet /HELD/LeedsYKS GRO 9b 830 \ GRO 9b 836
m. Q41885YksBMDGeorge /SALMON/Hannah Maria /HEALD/Leeds, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 812 Yks-LS RB/88/16
m. Q31886YksBMDJohn /HEALD/Mary Jane /JACKSON/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 9b 542 Yks-LS CE46/97/466
David Lewis /HELD/ Q41886FreeBMD- LeedsYKS GRO 9b 429
Kate /HILD/ Abt1886CEN- (Other 1901)LeedsYKS CEN 1901 (Hunslet)
m. Q31887YksBMDGeorge /HEALD/Annie /MITCHELL/Leeds, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 772 Yks-LS RB/90/101
m. Q31889YksBMDWilliam /HEALD/Emily /HORN/Leeds, St PeterYKS GRO 9b 654 Yks-LS CE46/100/26
Mary A Abt1857CEN- (m. James A /HEALD/)CheadleSTS CEN 1901 (Leeds, YKS)
m. Q21890YksBMDJames Allen /HEALD/Mary /GERRARD/Leeds, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 830 Yks-LS RB/98/113
m. Bef1901James A /HEALD/Mary A<Leeds>YKS // b. Northwich CHS, 1843
m. Q11891FreeBMDJohn /HEALD/LeedsYKS GRO 9b 522
m. Q21892FreeBMDEmma /HEALD/LeedsYKS GRO 9b 758
m.  1892YksBMDGeorge H /TURNPENNY/Emma /HEALD/Seacroft, St JamesYKS Yks-LS CE62/215
m. Q11892YksBMDHenry Fairfax /BROWN/Ada /HEALD/Leeds, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 626 Yks-LS RB/104/137
m. Q31893YksBMDFred /ADAMS/Clara /HEALD/Leeds, Registered BuildingYKS Yks-LS RB/108/181 GRO 9b 845
Frederick /BRADWICK/ Abt1868CertJoseph /BRADWICK/<Leeds>YKS(m. Harriet Hannah /HEALD/)
m.25Dec1893CertFrederick /BRADWICK/Harriet Hannah /HEALD/Leeds, All SaintsYKS GRO 9b 629 Yks-LS CE33/C/426 // b. 1869
m.  1895YksBMDWalter /HEALD/Mary E /WOOD/Leeds, St SimonYKS Yks-LS CE40/A/139
m. Q11896FreeBMDWalter /HEALD/Mary Ellen /WOOD/LeedsYKS GRO 9b 569
m. Q11897YksBMDGeorge Thomas /LABRON/ \ /LAHON/Sarah Ann /HEALD/Leeds, All SaintsYKS GRO 9b 508 Yks-LS CE33/D/66
m. Q21897FreeBMDEdith /HIELD/LeedsYKS GRO 9b 944
m.  1897YksBMDBenjamin F /HOLLINGS/Edith /HIELD/Leeds, Registered BuildingYKS Yks-LS RB/122/19
m. Q31898YksBMDThomas /ROBINSON/Mary Elizabeth /HEALD/Burmantofts, St Stephen and St AgnesYKS GRO 9b 747 (Leeds) Yks-LS CE8/235
Ann Ellen Abt1849CEN- (m. Sam /HIELD/)HaltonYKS CEN 1901 (Hunslet)
m. Q11900YksBMDSam /HIELD/Ann Ellen /AMBLER/Leeds, St John The EvangelistYKS GRO 9b 561 Yks-LS CE30/C/360 // b. 1870
Lydia Abt1864CEN- (m. Edwin /HEALD/)LeedsYKS CEN 1901
m. Bef1901Edwin /HEALD/Lydia<Leeds>YKS // b. 1865
m. Q21902YksBMDAlbert /DEARLOVE/Edith /HEALD/Little London, St MatthewYKS GRO 9b 805 Yks-LS CE32/D/329
m. Q11904YksBMDJohn Edward /MOORHOUSE/Mary Ann E /HEALD/Burmantofts, St Stephen and St AgnesYKS GRO 9b 473 Yks-LS CE8/472
m. Q41904YksBMDGeorge Henry /HEALD/Annie Josephine /SMITH/Leeds, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 916 Yks-LS RB/150/170
m. Q11905YksBMDGeorge /HEALD/Martha /HAW/Leeds, All Hallows with St SimonYKS GRO 9b 477 Yks-LS CE41/429
m. Q21905YksBMDAlbert Victor A /HEALD/Sarah Ann /EMMS/Wellington Street, St PhilipYKS GRO 9b 931 Yks-LS CE76/B/259
m.  1905YksBMDCharles H /HEALD/Margaret A /STONE/Leeds, Registered BuildingYKS Yks-LS RB/153/62
m. Q31905FreeBMDCharles Henry /HEALD/LeedsYKS GRO 9b 1055
m.  1906YksBMDAlbert /HEALD/Lilian /BROOKE/Leeds, St PeterYKS Yks-LS CE46/109/336
m.  1908YksBMDJames /HEALD/Harriett /DODSWORTH/Leeds, St AndrewYKS Yks-LS CE38/C/318
m.  1910YksBMDThomas /HEALD/Maria /SMITH/Leeds, St MargaretYKS Yks-LS CE39/18
m.  1910YksBMDHerbert /HEALD/Lucy E /SHIELDS/Leeds, Registered BuildingYKS Yks-LS RB/171/124
m. Q31912FreeBMDWilliam /HEILDS/LeedsYKS GRO 9b 812
m. Q11913FreeBMDHugh /HIELD/LeedsYKS GRO 9b 839
Ann Abt1835CEN- (m. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1901)LeedsYKS CEN 1901
# -- Leeds South-East --
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Sarah /HEALD/  1854YksBMD- Leeds SoutheastYKS Yks-LS SE/37/124
Ann Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q21859FreeBMD- Leeds SoutheastYKS GRO 9b 344 Yks-LS SE/47/168
Mary Ann Brook /DOUGHTY/14Jun1842CENThomas Brooks /DOUGHTY/Mary Ann /FOWLER/LeedsYKS(m. William W. /HEALD/) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 WCN :1463339
m. Q41859YksBMDWilliam Whitaker /HEALD/Mary Ann Brooke /DOUGHTY/Leeds, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 637 Yks-LS RB/22/15 REL 20 WCN :1463339 // b. 1837
Thomas /HEALD/ Jul1860RELWilliam W. /HEALD/Mary A.B.LeedsYKS GRO 9b 314 Yks-LS SE/50/33
George William /HEALD/  1863YksBMD- Leeds SoutheastYKS Yks-LS SE/58/185
George /HEALD/ Abt1864RELWilliam W. /HEALD/Mary A.B.LeedsYKS
George /HEALD/ Abt1866CENWilliam /HEALD/MaryLeedsYKS CEN 1901
Mary Ellen /HEALD/ Q21867CEN[William W.][Mary A. B.]LeedsYKS(Gdau of Mary A. /DOUGHTY/) GRO 9b 403 Yks-LS SE/67/29 CEN 1881
John Thomas /HEALD/ Q11870CENWilliam W. /HEALD/Mary A.B.LeedsYKS(m. Louisa /NELSON/ 1894) GRO 9b 375 Yks-LS SE/73/446 CEN 1881
Robert Frederick /HEALD/7Jan1872CENWilliam W. /HEALD/Mary A.B.LeedsYKS(m. Ada /MAUGHAM/ 1894; d. 28 Mar 1839 -REL, bur 1 Apr 1939 aged 67 -NBI) GRO 9b 395 Yks-LS SE/78/420 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 REL 20 WCN :1463339
Hetty /HEALD/  1873YksBMD- Leeds SoutheastYKS Yks-LS SE/83/419
Hetty /HEALD/ Q11874CENWilliam W. /HEALD/Mary A.B.LeedsYKS(m. Thomas /SNEESBY/ 1899) GRO 9b 415 CEN 1881
Lily /HEALD/ Q11876CENWilliam W. /HEALD/Mary A.B.<Leeds>YKS GRO 9b 478 Yks-LS SE/89/210 CEN 1881
Herbert /HEALD/  1877CENWilliam W. /HEALD/Mary A.B.<Leeds>YKS Yks-LS SE/94/274 CEN 1881
Herbert /HEALD/ Q11878FreeBMD- LeedsYKS GRO 9b 421
Edith /HEALD/2Jul1880CENWilliam Whitaker /HEALD/Mary Ann Brook /DOUGHTY/LeedsYKS GRO 9b 471 Yks-LS NORT/153/297 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 LDS --
John Thomas /HEALD/ Q11862YksBMD- LeedsYKS GRO 9b 337 Yks-LS SE/53/379
Mary /INGLE/ Abt1844CEN- (m. Joshua /HEALD/)LeedsYKS CEN 1881
m.  1863YksBMDJoshua /HEALD/Mary A /INGLE/Leeds Registered BuildingYKS Yks-LS RB/28/153 // b. 1839
John /HEALD/  1863YksBMD- Leeds SoutheastYKS Yks-LS SE/58/184
John /HEALD/ Abt1864CENJoshua /HEALD/MaryLeedsYKS CEN 1881
John /HEALD/ Abt1864CEN- (m. Mary 1889)LeedsYKS CEN 1901 (Potter Newton)
Eliza Ann /HEALD/ Q21867CENJoshua /HEALD/MaryLeedsYKS GRO 9b 396 Yks-LS SE/66/463 CEN 1881
Sarah Jane /HEALD/ Abt1870CENJoshua /HEALD/MaryLeedsYKS CEN 1881
Florence /HEALD/ Q11871CENJoshua /HEALD/MaryLeedsYKS GRO 9b 418 Yks-LS SE/76/329 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Arthur /HEALD/ Q41876CENJoshua /HEALD/MaryLeedsYKS GRO 9b 442 Yks-LS SE/91/203 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Hunslet)
Eleanor /HEALD/ Feb1881CENJoshua /HEALD/MaryLeedsYKS(d. Q2 1881, GRO 9b 242) Yks-LS SE/102/390 CEN 1881
Joshua Clifford C /HEALD/ Q21890YksBMD- Leeds SoutheastYKS GRO 9b 416 Yks-LS SE/123/384
Clifford /HEALD/ Abt1890CENJoshua /HEALD/ClaraLeedsYKS CEN 1901 // m2. Bradford, 1889
Clarice May /HEALD/ Q41892YksBMD- ChapeltownYKS GRO 9b 570 Yks-LS CHAP/26/320
Clarice /HEALD/ Abt1893CENJoshua /HEALD/ClaraLeedsYKS CEN 1901
Beatrice Ethel C /HEALD/ Q21895CENJoshua /HEALD/ClaraLeedsYKS Yks-LS SE/136/116 GRO 9b 409 CEN 1901
Doris /HEALD/ Abt1899CENJoshua /HEALD/ClaraLeedsYKS CEN 1901
John Thomas /HEALD/ Q11866YksBMD- (d. Q2 1866, GRO 9b 271)Leeds SoutheastYKS GRO 9b 403 Yks-LS SE/64/89
Phoebe /ELLIS/ Abt1842CEN- (m. George /HEALD/)DewsburyYKS CEN 1881 (Whitwood)
m.  1864YksBMDGeorge A /HEALD/Phebe /ELLIS/Leeds, St PeterYKS Yks-LS CE46/68/10 REL 17 // b. 1844
Caroline /HEALD/ Q21866CENGeorge /HEALD/PhoebeLeedsYKS GRO 9b 380 Yks-LS SE/64/237 CEN 1881 (Whitwood)
James /HEALD/ Q11871CENGeorge /HEALD/PhoebeLeedsYKS GRO 9b 343 Yks-LS HOLB/13/236 CEN 1881 (Whitwood)
Harry /HEALD/ Q11875CENGeorge /HEALD/PhoebeWhitwoodYKS GRO 9b 361 Yks-LS HOLB/21/59 CEN 1881
George /HEALD/22Jan1877RELGeorge /HEALD/PhoebeWhitwood, Old PitYKS(m. Mary /AYKROYD/; d. 1950 -REL) GRO 9c 154 (Pontefract) CEN 1881 REL 17
Gertrude /HEALD/ Q31879CENGeorge /HEALD/PhoebeWhitwoodYKS GRO 9c 118 (Pontefract) CEN 1881
John Henry /HEALD/ Q11868YksBMD- (d. Q1 1868, GRO 9b 229)LeedsYKS GRO 9b 406 Yks-LS SE/69/28
Jane /HEALD/  1869YksBMD- Leeds SoutheastYKS Yks-LS SE/73/376
Mary E. Abt1852CEN- (m. John A. /HEALD/)LeedsYKS CEN 1881
m. Bef1871John Alfred /HEALD/Mary Elizabeth /SHEARD/<Leeds>YKS // b. 1848
George /HEALD/25Dec1871RELJohn A. /HEALD/Mary E.Leeds, St SaviourYKS(b. 21 Sep 1871; m. Mary Louisa /NIXON/ 1894; d. Dec 1944 -REL; bur 27 Dec aged 73 -NBI) GRO 9b 369 Yks-LS SE/78/27 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Frederick /HEALD/ Q41874CENJohn A. /HEALD/Mary E.LeedsYKS(d. Q1 1890, GRO 9b 365) GRO 9b 452 Yks-LS SE/86/195 CEN 1881
Ann Slight /HEALD/19May1878RELJohn A. /HEALD/Mary E.Leeds, St SaviourYKS(b. 19 Jun 1877, GRO 9b 444 Yks-LS SE/93/221) CEN 1881
Frances /HEALD/ Q41879CENJohn A. /HEALD/Mary E.LeedsYKS(m. William /WILSON/ 1897) GRO 9b 452 Yks-LS SE/99/277 CEN 1881
Mary Ann /HEALD/15Jun1883RELJohn A. /HEALD/Mary E.Leeds, St SaviourYKS(b. 1 Jun 1883) Yks-LS SE/107/466
Mary Ann E /HEALD/ Q31883FreeBMD- LeedsYKS GRO 9b 389
Arthur /HEALD/ Q41887RELJohn A. /HEALD/Mary E.LeedsYKS GRO 9b 383 Yks-LS SE/117/402
Hilda /HEALD/27Dec1893RELJohn A. /HEALD/Mary E.Leeds, St Hilda'sYKS(b. 12 Dec 1893) Yks-LS SE/133/86
Hilda /HEALD/ Q11894FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1894, GRO 9b 236)LeedsYKS GRO 9b 412
John William /HEALD/ Q31873FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1873, GRO 9b 259)LeedsYKS GRO 9b 416 Yks-LS SE/82/406
Lottie /HEALD/ Q11874FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1874, GRO 9b 291 \ GRO 9b 294)LeedsYKS GRO 9b 433 Yks-LS SE/84/99
Joseph Arthur /HEALD/ Q31875FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1875, GRO 9b 292)LeedsYKS GRO 9b 437 Yks-LS SE/87/430
Florence Amelia /HEALD/  1876YksBMD- (d. Q1 1878, GRO 9b 270)Leeds SoutheastYKS Yks-LS SE/92/24
Florence Amelia /HEALD/ Q11877FreeBMD- LeedsYKS GRO 9b 474
Ellen Abt1846CEN- (m. Geo.H. /HEALD/)CongletonCHS CEN 1881 (Leeds, YKS)
Ellen Abt1849CEN- (m. George /HEALD/)CongletonCHS CEN 1901 (Leeds, YKS)
m. Q21878YksBMDGeorge Henry /HEALD/Ellen /MAIR/Leeds, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 645 Yks-LS RB/65/167 // b. 1849
Samuel Linley /HEALD/7Apr1879SCHGeorge Henry /HEALD/EllenLeedsYKS GRO 9b 408 Yks-LS SE/97/446 CEN 1881 SCH Leeds Grammar 1888 CEN 1901
Harry Mair /HEALD/23Nov1881SCHGeorge Henry /HEALD/EllenLeeds NorthYKS(Other 1901) GRO 9b 459 Yks-LS NORT/159/163 SCH Leeds Grammar 1892 CEN 1901 (Barwick In Elmet)
George Farnville /HEALD/14Dec1884SCHGeorge Henry /HEALD/EllenLeeds, ChapeltownYKS Yks-LS CHAP/21/318 SCH Leeds Grammar 1894 CEN 1901
William Gordon /HEALD/19Jan1886SCHGeorge Henry /HEALD/EllenLeedsYKS GRO 9b 426 Yks-LS SE/114/27 SCH Leeds Grammar 1896 CEN 1901
Jerome Ruenst /HEALD/ Apr1887SCHGeorge Henry /HEALD/EllenLeedsYKS GRO 9b 424 Yks-LS SE/116/463 SCH Leeds Grammar 1896 CEN 1901
Mabel Adelaide /HEALD/ Q31882YksBMD- Leeds SoutheastYKS GRO 9b 100 Yks-LS SE/105/289
Robert Nelson /HEALD/ Q31882YksBMD- (d. Q3 1882, GRO 9b 253)Leeds SoutheastYKS GRO 9b 403 Yks-LS SE/105/319
John /HEALD/ Q31886YksBMD- (d. Q3 1886, GRO 9b 267)Leeds SoutheastYKS GRO 9b 421 Yks-LS SE/115/141
Clara /HEALD/ Q21888YksBMD- (d. Q2 1888, GRO 9b 263)Leeds SoutheastYKS GRO 9b 424 Yks-LS SE/119/242
Florence Maud /HEALD/ Q21888YksBMD- (d. Q1 1890, GRO 9b 356)Leeds SoutheastYKS GRO 9b 424 Yks-LS SE/119/241
Florrie /HEALD/ Q11894FreeBMD- Leeds SoutheastYKS GRO 9b 439 Yks-LS SE/133/352
Ada /MANGHAM/ Abt1873RELGeorge /MANGHAM/LeedsYKS(m. Robert Frederick /HEALD/) CEN 1901
m.13May1894RELRobert Frederick /HEALD/Ada /MAUGHAM/Leeds, All SaintsYKS GRO 9b 593 REL 20 WCN :1463339 // b. 1872
m.  1895YksBMDRobert F /HEALD/Ada /MANGHAM/Leeds, All SaintsYKS Yks-LS CE33/C/447
George W /HEALD/  1895YksBMD- Leeds SoutheastYKS Yks-LS SE/138/35
George William /HEALD/ Q11896CENRobt /HEALD/AdaLeedsYKS GRO 9b 386 CEN 1901
Eliza /HEALD/ Q21899CENRobt /HEALD/AdaLeeds SoutheastYKS GRO 9b 420 Yks-LS SE/145/390 CEN 1901
Louisa Abt1873CEN- (m. /HEALD/; Other 1901)LeedsYKS CEN 1901
m. Q41894YksBMDJohn Thomas /HEALD/Louisa /NELSON/Leeds Knowsthorpe, St HildaYKS GRO 9b 656 Yks-LS CE37/216 // b. 1870
Edgar /HEALD/ Q21895CENLouisaLeedsYKS(Other 1901) GRO 9b 423 CEN 1901 Yks-LS SE/136/254
Minnie /HEALD/  1896CENLouisaLeeds SoutheastYKS(Other 1901) CEN 1901 Yks-LS SE/140/215
Minnie /HEALD/ Q11897FreeBMD- LeedsYKS GRO 9b 412
m. Q21895YksBMDWright /HOLSTEAD/Lily /HEALD/Leeds Knowsthorpe, St HildaYKS GRO 9b 623 Yks-LS CE37/234
Thomas /HEALD/ Q11896YksBMD- (d. Q1 1896, GRO 9b 262)Leeds SoutheastYKS GRO 9b 394 Yks-LS SE/138/119
m. Q31896YksBMDHarry /THOMPSON/Annie /HEALD/Leeds Knowsthorpe, St HildaYKS GRO 9b 739 Yks-LS CE37/294
William /WILSON/ Abt1878CertJohn /WILSON/<Leeds>YKS(m. Frances /HEALD/)
m.5Jun1897CertWilliam /WILSON/Frances /HEALD/Leeds Knowsthorpe, St HildaYKS GRO 9b 736 Yks-LS CE37/315 // b. 1879
Thomas /SNEESBY/ Abt1872CertAlfred /SNEESBY/LeedsYKS(m. Hetty /HEALD/)
m.18Feb1899CertThomas /SNEESBY/Hetty /HEALD/Leeds Knowsthorpe, St HildaYKS GRO 9b 496 Yks-LS CE37/379 // b. 1874
Albert /HEALD/ Q21899YksBMD- (d. Q2 1900, GRO 9b 280)Leeds SoutheastYKS GRO 9b 434 Yks-LS SE/146/22
Harry /HEALD/  1901YksBMD- Leeds SoutheastYKS Yks-LS SE/150/131
Mary Gray /HEALD/ Q11901CENBenjamin Gray /HEALD/Fanny Louisa /CALVERT/LeedsYKS GRO 9b 381 Yks-LS SE/150/59 CEN 1901 // m. LND, 1892
Charles Edward /HEALD/ Q11902YksBMD- Leeds SoutheastYKS GRO 9b 404 Yks-LS SE/152/319
Annie /HEALD/ Q31902YksBMD- Leeds SoutheastYKS GRO 9b 413 Yks-LS SE/153/385
m. Q31902YksBMDJohn /WRIGHT/Edith /HEALD/Leeds Knowsthorpe, St HildaYKS GRO 9b 813 Yks-LS CE37/469
m. Abt.1916John /WRIGHT/Edith /HEALD/LeedsYKS LDS --
Elsie /HEALD/ Q41902YksBMD- Leeds SoutheastYKS GRO 9b 371 Yks-LS SE/154/38
Horace /HEALD/ Q31904YksBMD- Leeds SoutheastYKS GRO 9b 410 Yks-LS SE/158/457
Robert F /HEALD/  1907YksBMD- Leeds SoutheastYKS Yks-LS SE/165/355
Margaret /HEALD/  1910YksBMD- Leeds SoutheastYKS Yks-LS SE/173/183
# -- Hunslet --
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Hannah /HEALD/  1851YksBMD- HunsletYKS Yks-LS HUNS/19/177
Louisa /HEALD/  1851YksBMD- HunsletYKS Yks-LS HUNS/19/334
Elizabeth Sarah /HEALD/ Q21856YksBMD- (m. Frederick /CLARKE/ 1875)HunsletYKS GRO 9b * Yks-LS HUNS/28/437
Ann Abt1820CEN- (m. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1881)DewsburyYKS CEN 1881 (Hunslet)
m. Q31855YksBMDEdwin /HEALD/Ann /PEACOCK/Potteryfield, St JudeYKS GRO 9b 264 (Hunslet) Yks-LS CE58/20
Ada /HEALD/  1858CENAnnHunsletYKS Yks-LS HUNS/33/334 CEN 1881
William /HEALD/ Q11861CENAnnHunsletYKS GRO 9b 284 Yks-LS HUNS/38/159 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Harrogate)
Jane Abt1839CEN- (m. Mark /HEALD/)MiddletonYKS CEN 1881 (Hunslet) CEN 1901 (Hunslet)
m. Q41859YksBMDMark /HEALD/Jane /RAMSDEN/Leeds, St PeterYKS Yks-LS CE46/58/173 // b. 1838
Emma /HEALD/ Q31864CENMark /HEALD/JaneMiddletonYKS GRO 9b 312 Yks-LS HUNS/47/493 CEN 1881 (Hunslet)
Mark /HEALD/ Q31870CENMark /HEALD/JaneHunsletYKS GRO 9b 275 Yks-LS HUNS/67/125 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Mary Ann /HEALD/ Q41875CENMark /HEALD/JaneHunsletYKS GRO 9b 306 Yks-LS HUNS/85/374 CEN 1881
Robert /HEALD/ Q11860CEN- (Lodger 1881; m. [Elizabeth /SIMPSON/] 1885)Leeds \ HunsletYKS GRO 9b 294 (Hunslet) Yks-LS HUNS/36/96 CEN 1881 (Warrington, LAN) CEN 1901 (Sunderland, DUR)
Mary /HEALD/ Q31861YksBMD- HunsletYKS GRO 9b 291 Yks-LS HUNS/39/264
Emma Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q31864YksBMD- HunsletYKS GRO 9b 282 Yks-LS HUNS/47/195
John Edward /HEALD/  1865YksBMD- HunsletYKS Yks-LS HUNS/50/468
Sarah Abt1847CEN- (m. John /HEALD/; d. bef 1901)HunsletYKS CEN 1881
m.  1864YksBMDJohn /HEALD/Sarah /BROWN/Hunslet, Registered BuildingYKS Yks-LS HUNSLETRB/1/90 // b. 1843
Sarah Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q31864CENJohn /HEALD/SarahHunsletYKS GRO 9b 295 Yks-LS HUNS/47/326 CEN 1881
Teresa /HEALD/ Q21867CENJohn /HEALD/SarahHunsletYKS GRO 9b 333 Yks-LS HUN/56/138 CEN 1881
John /HEALD/ Q41874CENJohn /HEALD/SarahHunsletYKS GRO 9b 304 Yks-LS HUNS/81/406 CEN 1881
John /HEALD/ Abt1875CEN- (m. Beatrice 1899)LeedsYKS CEN 1901 (Holbeck Township)
Ada /HEALD/ Q21877CENJohn /HEALD/SarahHunsletYKS GRO 9b 320 Yks-LS HUNS/91/224 CEN 1881
Herbert /HEALD/ Q31878CENJohn /HEALD/SarahHunsletYKS(m. Rebecca 1899) GRO 9b 334 Yks-LS HUNS/96/254 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
George /HEALD/ Q21866YksBMD- (d. Q2 1866, GRO 9b 243)HunsletYKS GRO 9b 307 Yks-LS HUNS/52/469
Ann Eliza /HEALD/ Q41867YksBMD- (d. Q1 1868, GRO 9b 188)<Hunslet>YKS GRO 9b 322 Yks-LS HUN/58/235
Leah /HEALD/  1868YksBMD- (d. Q4 1869, GRO 9b 192)HunsletYKS Yks-LS HUN/60/486
James /HEALD/ Abt1868FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1868, GRO 9b 263)<Hunslet>YKS
m. Q11868YksBMDJoseph /BARKER/Rachel /HEALD/Hunslet, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 325 Yks-LS HUNSLETRB/3/62
m. Q11869YksBMDJoseph /HEALD/Jane /ARMITAGE/Hunslet, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 377 Yks-LS HUNSLETRB/3/149
John /HEALD/ Q11870YksBMD- (d. Q3 1871, GRO 9b 191)HunsletYKS GRO 9b 261 Yks-LS HUN/65/152
m. Q41871YksBMDJoseph /HEALD/Jane /ELLIS/Hunslet, St Mary the VirginYKS GRO 9b 429 Yks-LS CE23/B/440
Albert /HEALD/ Q41872FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1872, GRO 9b 198)HunsletYKS GRO 9b 311 Yks-LS HUNS/74/423
m. Q41875YksBMDFrederick /CLARKE/Elizabeth Sarah /HEALD/Hunslet District, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 494 Yks-LS HUNSLETRB/7/117 // b. 1856
m.  1875YksBMDGeorge H /WALKER/Louisa /HIELD/Shadwell, St PaulYKS Yks-LS CE78/45
m. Q31876YksBMDJohn Alfred /PARKER/Sarah /HEALD/Potteryfield, St JudeYKS GRO 9b 452 (Hunslet) Yks-LS CE58/A/404
Harry /HEALD/ Q41876FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1877, GRO 9b 206)HunsletYKS GRO 9b 322 Yks-LS HUNS/89/471
m. Q11877YksBMDEdward /TURNER/Louisa /HEALD/Whitkirk, St MaryYKS GRO 9b 372 Yks-LS CE73/389
Blanche /HEALD/  1882YksBMD- (d. Q2 1882, GRO 9b 189)HunsletYKS Yks-LS HUNS/111/174
m. Q31882YksBMDJames /ROWEN/Emma /HEALD/Hunslet District, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 396 Yks-LS HUNSLETRB/11/40
Joseph /HEALD/  1883YksBMD- HunsletYKS Yks-LS HUNS/118/12
Joseph /HEALD/ Q11884FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1884, GRO 9b 206)HunsletYKS GRO 9b 261
Elizabeth Abt1863CEN- (m. Robert /HEALD/)HartlepoolDUR CEN 1901 (Sunderland)
m. Q31885YksBMDRobert /HEALD/Elizabeth /SIMPSON/Hunslet, St Mary the VirginYKS GRO 9b 368 Yks-LS CE23/E/353 // b. 1860; to Sunderland DUR, 1892
Sarah Hannah /HEALD/ Q41885YksBMD- (d. Q4 1900, GRO 10a 358 (Sunderland))HunsletYKS GRO 9b 296 Yks-LS HUNS/125/315
Lilian E /HEALD/  1887CENRobert /HEALD/ElizabethLeedsYKS Yks-LS HUNS/133/462 CEN 1901 (Sunderland, DUR)
Lilian Ethel /HEALD/ Q11888FreeBMD- HunsletYKS GRO 9b 260
m. Q41885YksBMDJohn /HEALD/Jane /HODGSON/Hunslet District, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 445 Yks-LS HUNSLETRB/12/157
m. Q21886FreeBMDEmma /HEALD/HunsletYKS GRO 9b 382
Arthur /HIELD/  1887YksBMD- HunsletYKS Yks-LS HUNS/130/190
m.  1887YksBMDEdward /HUDSON/Eliza A /HEALD/Potteryfield, St JudeYKS Yks-LS CE58/C/19
John William /HEALD/ Q11888YksBMD- (d. Q2 1888, GRO 9b 263 (Leeds))HunsletYKS GRO 9b 290 Yks-LS HUNS/134/259
m. Q21889YksBMDGeorge /HEALD/Emma /BERESFORD/Hunslet Moor, St Peter with St CuthbertYKS GRO 9b 447 Yks-LS CE25/C/318
m. Q21890YksBMDEzra Thomas /WEBSTER/Sarah J /HEALD/Potteryfield, St JudeYKS GRO 9b 467 Yks-LS CE58/C/193
George /HIELDS/ Q11891CENThomas /HIELDS/AdaLeedsYKS GRO 9b 262 (Hunslet) CEN 1901 (North Bierley) // m. Gt Ouseburn 1890
George /HIELDS/  1890YksBMD- HunsletYKS Yks-Leeds HUN/146/214
m. Q31892YksBMDWilliam Volence /DIXON/Teresa /HEALD/Hunslet, St SilasYKS GRO 9b 469 Yks-LS CE24/A/58
m. Q41898YksBMDWilliam /WHITTLESTON/Mary Ann /HEALD/Hunslet District, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 539 Yks-LS HUNSLETRB/20/108
Rebecca Abt1878CEN- (m. Herbert /HEALD/)HunsletYKS CEN 1901
m. Q21899YksBMDHerbert /HEALD/Rebecca /NELSON/Hunslet, St Mary the VirginYKS GRO 9b 495 Yks-LS CE23/I/348 // b. 1878
Richard N /HEALD/  1899YksBMD- HunsletYKS Yks-LS HUNS/186/146
Richard Nelson /HEALD/ Q11900CENHerbert /HEALD/RebeccaHunsletYKS GRO 9b 254 CEN 1901
Sarah /HEALD/ Q41901YksBMD- HunsletYKS GRO 9b 238 Yks-LS HUNS/194/308
Emily /HEALD/ Q31902YksBMD- HunsletYKS GRO 9b 277 Yks-LS HUNS/198/356
Harold /HEALD/  1903YksBMD- HunsletYKS Yks-LS HUNS/204/482
Harold /HEALD/ Q11904FreeBMD- HunsletYKS GRO 9b 242
Lily /HEALD/  1903YksBMD- HunsletYKS Yks-LS HUNS/204/486
Lily /HEALD/ Q11904FreeBMD- HunsletYKS GRO 9b 242
Harriet /HEALD/  1904YksBMD- HunsletYKS Yks-LS HUNS/209/157
Harriet /HEALD/ Q11905FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1905, GRO 9b 184)HunsletYKS GRO 9b 222
Edna /HEALD/  1905YksBMD- HunsletYKS Yks-LS HUNS/213/359
Mabel /HEALD/  1906YksBMD- HunsletYKS Yks-LS HUNS/215/9
Arthur /HEALD/  1907YksBMD- HunsletYKS Yks-LS HUNS/218/219
Herbert /HEALD/  1907YksBMD- HunsletYKS Yks-LS HUNS/220/182
Ronald /HEALD/  1909YksBMD- HunsletYKS Yks-LS HUNS/229/221
# -- Rothwell --
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m. Q21851YksBMDLuke /SIMPSON/Elizabeth /HEALD/Rothwell, Holy TrinityYKS GRO 23 324 (Hunslet) Yks-LS CE109/B/447
William /HEALD/ Mar1851YksBMD[Joseph /HEALD/][Sarah]RothwellYKS Yks-LS ROTH/6/481 CEN 1851 // m. Bef 1835
m. Q21855YksBMDRalph /HEALD/Mary /CLARK/Rothwell, Holy TrinityYKS GRO 9b 252 (Hunslet) Yks-LS CE109/C/243
Annie Abt1837CEN- (m. Absalem /HEALD/)LeedsYKS CEN 1881 (Hunslet)
m. Q21857YksBMDAbsalom /HEALD/Hannah /CROSBY/Rothwell, Holy TrinityYKS GRO 9b 284 (Hunslet) Yks-LS CE109/C/416 // b. Rothwell 1835; to Preston LAN, 1866, Bingley 1874
Ann /HEALD/  1856YksBMD- RothwellYKS Yks-LS ROTH/9/269
Clara /HEALD/  1858YksBMD- RothwellYKS Yks-LS ROTH/10/269
Mary Ann /HEALD/ Q41859YksBMD- RothwellYKS GRO 9b 250 Yks-LS ROTH/11/97
Sarah Elizabeth Banks /HEALD/ Q31859YksBMD- RothwellYKS GRO 9b 254 (Hunslet) Yks-LS ROTH/11/67
Emily /HEALD/ Q21860CEN- (Servant 1881)LeedsYKS GRO 9b 276 (Hunslet) Yks-LS ROTH/11/247 (Rothwell) CEN 1881 (Pendleton In Salford, LAN)
George /HEALD/ Q41861YksBMD- RothwellYKS GRO 9b 235 (Hunslet) Yks-LS ROTH/12/82
Mary Ann /HEALD/ Q11862YksBMD- RothwellYKS GRO 9b 270 (Hunslet) Yks-LS ROTH/12/143
Emma /HEALD/  1863YksBMD- RothwellYKS Yks-LS ROTH/12/324
Ralph /HEALD/  1865YksBMD- RothwellYKS Yks-LS ROTH/13/134
# -- Holbeck --
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Ralph /HEALD/  1851YksBMD- HolbeckYKS Yks-LS HOLB/19B/365
Elizabeth Ann /HEALD/  1852YksBMD- HolbeckYKS Yks-LS HOLB/22B/98
Elizabeth Ann /HEALD/ Q11853FreeBMD- HunsletYKS GRO 9b 263
Ellen /HEALD/  1854YksBMD- HolbeckYKS Yks-LS HOLB/25B/77
m. Bef1857John /HEALD/Mary<Holbeck>YKS // b. 1825
Harriet /HEALD/  1856CENJohn /HEALD/HolbeckYKS Yks-LS HOLB/28B/48 CEN 1881
Emmeline /HEALD/ Q41865CENJohn /HEALD/HolbeckYKS(m. Jim /THEWLIS/ 1889) GRO 9b 295 (Hunslet) Yks-LS HUNS/51/369 CEN 1881
Charlotte /HEALD/  1858YksBMD- HolbeckYKS Yks-LS HOLB/30B/472
(boy) /HEALD/  1869YksBMD- HolbeckYKS Yks-LS HOLB/9/340
Emily Abt1855CEN- (m. Henry /HEALD/)LeedsYKS CEN 1901 (Churwell Township)
m. Q11883YksBMDHenry /HEALD/Emily /PARRY/Leeds, St EdmundYKS GRO 9b 473 Yks-LS CE65/29// b. 1857
Alfred /HEALD/ Abt1882CENHenry /HEALD/EmilyLeedsYKS CEN 1901 (Churwell Township)
John William /HEALD/ Q41883FreeBMD- HolbeckYKS GRO 9b 310 Yks-LS HOLB/37/375
John /HEALD/ Abt1884CENHenry /HEALD/EmilyLeedsYKS CEN 1901 (Churwell Township)
m. Q11886YksBMDThomas /HOWE/Harriet /HEALD/Holbeck, St MatthewYKS GRO 9b 339 Yks-LS CE21/B/490
m. Q31886YksBMDDavid /HEALD/Anniss Jane /FOWLER/Holbeck, St MatthewYKS GRO 9b 433 Yks-LS CE21/C/22
George /HEALD/ Q11887YksBMD- (d. Q2 1887, GRO 9b 253 (Bramley))HolbeckYKS GRO 9b _15 Yks-LS HOLB/43/259
m. Q11889YksBMDJim /THEWLIS/Emmeline /HEALD/Holbeck, St MatthewYKS GRO 9b 383 Yks-LS CE21/C/184 // b. 1865
m. Q11893YksBMDElisha /HEALD/Emma /SMITH/Holbeck, St MatthewYKS GRO 9b 347 Yks-LS CE21/C/451
Annie Abt1867CEN- (m. Arthur /HEALD/)LeedsYKS CEN 1901 (Holbeck Township)
m. Q11894YksBMDArthur /HEALD/Annie /WOODRUFF/Hunslet, St Mary the VirginYKS GRO 9b 362 Yks-LS CE23/G/418 // b. 1863
John Henry /HEALD/ Q31894YksBMDArthur /HEALD/AnnieHolbeckYKS Yks-LS HOLB/56/120 GRO 9b 313 CEN 1901
Lily /HEALD/ Q31896CENArthur /HEALD/AnnieHolbeckYKS GRO 9b 318 Yks-LS HOLB/60/98 CEN 1901
Hilda /HEALD/ Q41897YksBMDArthur /HEALD/AnnieHolbeckYKS GRO 9b 317 Yks-LS HOLB/62/466 CEN 1901
Hannah Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q21900YksBMDArthur /HEALD/AnnieHolbeckYKS GRO 9b 326 Yks-LS HOLB/68/199 CEN 1901
Amelia Abt1870CEN- (m. David /HEALD/)HunsletYKS CEN 1901 (Holbeck)
m. Q21894YksBMDDavid /HEALD/Amelia /HEATON/Hunslet Moor, St Peter with St CuthbertYKS GRO 9b 379 (Hunslet) Yks-LS CE25/D/350
Frank /HEALD/  1895YksBMDDavid /HEALD/AmeliaHolbeckYKS Yks-LS HOLB/59/117 CEN 1901
Frank /HEALD/ Q11896FreeBMD- HolbeckYKS GRO 9b 309
Edgar /HEALD/ Q11898CENDavid /HEALD/AmeliaHolbeckYKS Yks-LS HOLB/63/271 GRO 9b 324 CEN 1901
Alice Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q21900CENDavid /HEALD/AmeliaHolbeckYKS Yks-LS HOLB/68/314 GRO 9b 337 CEN 1901
Beatrice Abt1876CEN- (d. Q1 1902, GRO 9b 313)LeedsYKS CEN 1901 (Holbeck Township)
m. Q41899YksBMDJohn /HEALD/Beatrice /MARTIN/Holbeck District, Registered BuildingYKS GRO 9b 612 Yks-LS HOLBECKRB/9/107 // b. 1875
m.  1906YksBMDHenry J /WISBEY/Florence /HEALD/Holbeck, St MatthewYKS Yks-LS CE21/E/252
Charles H /HEALD/  1907YksBMD- HolbeckYKS Yks-LS HOLB/84/251
Elizabeth /HEALD/  1908YksBMD- HolbeckYKS Yks-LS HOLB/86/465
# -- BRADFORD --
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m. Q31855FreeBMDHenry /HEALD/Bradford YYKS GRO 9b 231
m. Q21858FreeBMDElizabeth /HEALD/Bradford Yk.YKS GRO 9b 203
Mary Abt1825CEN- (m. Charles /HEALD/ Bef 1859)PudseyYKS CEN 1901 (Formby, LAN)
m. Bef1859Charles /HEALD/Mary<Baildon>YKS // b. 1823
Mary /HEALD/ Abt1859CENCharles /HEALD/MaryBaildonYKS CEN 1901 (Formby, LAN)
Jane Abt1842CEN- (m. Henry /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1901)North AllertonYKS CEN 1881 (Bradford) CEN 1901 (Bradford)
m. Q31861FreeBMDHenry /HEALD/[Jane /PEACOCK/]Bradford YkYKS GRO 9b 135 // b. Manchester LAN, 1832
Lucy /HEALD/ Q31862CENHenry /HEALD/JaneBradfordYKS GRO 9b 64 CEN 1881
Henry /HEALD/ Q41865CENHenry /HEALD/JaneBradfordYKS(m. Annie 1892) GRO 9b 64 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q21870CENHenry /HEALD/JaneBradfordYKS GRO 9b 72 CEN 1881
Florence /HEALD/ Q21874CENHenry /HEALD/JaneBradfordYKS GRO 9b 50 CEN 1881
Alfred /HEALD/ Q31877CENHenry /HEALD/JaneBradfordYKS GRO 9b 104 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Maud /HEALD/ Q41879CENHenry /HEALD/JaneBradfordYKS GRO 9b 95 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Lily /HEALD/ Abt1882CEN[Henry /HEALD/]JaneBradfordYKS CEN 1901
Amy /HEALD/ Q31884CEN[Henry /HEALD/]JaneBradfordYKS GRO 9b 99 CEN 1901
George /HEALD/ Abt1864FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1867, GRO 9b 63)<Bradford Yk.>YKS
m. Q21865FreeBMDJames Robert /HEALD/Bradford, Y.YKS GRO 9b _
Emily /HEALD/ Q31866FreeBMD- Bradford, YorkYKS GRO 9b 48
Jane Ann /HEALD/ Q41867FreeBMD- Bradford, Yk.YKS GRO 9b 71
James /HEALD/ Q21868YksBMD- PudseyYKS GRO 9b 247 (Bradford,Yk) Yks-LS PUDS/29/359
Fred /HEALD/ Q21868FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1868, GRO 9b 37)Bradford,YkYKS GRO 9b 56
Mary A. Abt1843CEN- (m. James Robert /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1901)BradfordYKS LDS batch 5015488 CEN 1881 (Bowling) CEN 1901
m.  1868James Robert /HEALD/Mary A.BradfordYKS LDS 1903561 // b. 1842
Anne /HEALD/ Q11870CENJames R. /HEALD/Mary A.BradfordYKS GRO 9b 42 CEN 1881 (Bowling) CEN 1901 LDS batch 5015488
Arton /HEALD/24Feb1874CENJames Robert /HEALD/Mary A.BradfordYKS CEN 1881 (Bowling) CEN 1901 (North Manchester, LAN) LDS 446157 & batch 5015488
Harton /HEALD/ Q21874FreeBMD- Bradford YYKS GRO 9b 45
Arton /HEALD/ Abt1872- (m. Mary Ellen /BRIGGS/ 1900)<Westscholes>YKS AFN:BBR9-20;
Ann Elizabeth /HEALD/ Abt1869FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1869, GRO 9b 109)<Bradford Yk>YKS
Sarah Abt1849CEN- (m. Wright /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1901)WhitehavenCUL CEN 1881 (Bowling, YKS) CEN 1901 (Bradford, YKS)
m. Q21869FreeBMDWright /HEALD/[Sarah Elizabeth /SAWTON/]Bradford, Yk.YKS GRO 9b 66 // b. 1842
Mary Ann /HEALD/ Q31871CENWright /HEALD/SarahBradfordYKS GRO 9b 93 CEN 1881 (Bowling)
Elijah /HEALD/ Q11874CENWright /HEALD/SarahBradfordYKS GRO 9b 104 CEN 1881 (Bowling) CEN 1901
Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q31877CENWright /HEALD/SarahBradfordYKS GRO 9b 99 CEN 1881 (Bowling) CEN 1901
Edward /HEALD/ Q31879CENWright /HEALD/SarahBradfordYKS(m. Mary Elizabeth /SMITH/ 1900) GRO 9b 73 CEN 1881 (Bowling) CEN 1901
Thomas Henry /HEALD/ Q41881CEN[Wright /HEALD/]SarahBradfordYKS GRO 9b 146 CEN 1901
Walter /HEALD/ Q41885CEN[Wright /HEALD/]SarahBradfordYKS GRO 9b 155 CEN 1901
Albert /HEALD/ Q31887GRO 9b [Wright /HEALD/]SarahBradfordYKS CEN 1901
m. Q31869FreeBMDTony /HELDT/Bradford YkYKS GRO 9b 330
Mary Jane Abt1843CEN- (m. Joseph /HEALD/)Shelf HalifaxYKS CEN 1881 (Bradford) CEN 1901 (Bradford)
m. Q41869FreeBMDJoseph /HEALD/Mary Ann /SHUTTLEWORTH/Bradford YorksYKS GRO 9b 315
m. Bef1872Joseph /HEALD/Mary Jane<Bradford>YKS // b. 1847
Arthur /HEALD/ Q11872CENJoseph /HEALD/Mary JaneBradfordYKS(m. Elizabeth Hannah /WILKINSON/ 1900) GRO 9b 158 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Sarah Ann /HEALD/ Q41876CENJoseph /HEALD/Mary JaneBradfordYKS GRO 9b 163 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Florry /HEALD/ Q21880CENJoseph /HEALD/Mary JaneBradfordYKS GRO 9b 128 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
m. Q31870FreeBMDThomas /HEALD/Bradford Yk.YKS GRO 9b 253
m. Q41870FreeBMDJoseph /HEALD/Bradford YkYKS GRO 9b 25
Mary /HEALD/ Q41871FreeBMD- Bradford,Y.YKS GRO 9b 45
Clara /HEALD/ Q11872FreeBMD- (m. 1895 ?)Bradford,Y.YKS GRO 9b 73
John /HEALD/ Q11872FreeBMD- Bradford,Y.YKS GRO 9b 155
Fred /HEALD/ Q21872FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1874, GRO 9b 28)Bradford Yorks.YKS GRO 9b 45
Martha /HEALD/ Q11874CENAbsalem /HEALD/AnnieBingleyYKS GRO 9a 173 (Keighley) CEN 1881 (Hunslet) // m. Rothwell 1857
Hetty /HEALD/ Q11874FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1898, GRO 9b 31)Bradford, Y.YKS GRO 9b 77
m. Q11874FreeBMDJames /JACKSON/Elizabeth Ann /HEALD/Bradford YorksYKS GRO 9b 314 // b. Knottingley 1847 -REL
m. Q21874FreeBMDJoseph /HEALD/Bradford, Y.YKS GRO 9b 69
Percy /HEALD/ Q11876FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1879, GRO 9b 30)Bradford YYKS GRO 9b 72
Martha /HEALD/ Q11876FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1876, GRO 9b 52)Bradford YYKS GRO 9b 213
Arthur /HEALD/ Q41875FreeBMD- BradfordYKS GRO 9b 84
Arthur /HEALD/ Abt1877CEN- (Other 1901)BradfordYKS CEN 1901 (Portsmouth, HAM)
Etty \ Hetty /HEALD/ Q21878FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1880, GRO 9b 31)Bradford, Y.YKS
Ernest /HEALD/ Q31878CEN- (Other 1901)BradfordYKS GRO 9b 117 CEN 1901 (Portsmouth, HAM)
m. Q41880FreeBMDGeorge Edward /HEALD/Bradford, Y.YKS GRO 9b 78
m. Q21882YksBMDEdmund /HEALD/Jane /LAWRANCE/Calverley, St WilfridYKS GRO 9b 171 (Bradford Y.) Yks-LS CE127/R/362
m. Q21883FreeBMDJoseph /HEALD/Bradford YYKS GRO 9b 192
John /HEALD/ Q11884FreeBMD- Bradford, Y.YKS GRO 9b 172
Herbert /HEALD/ Q41884FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1887, GRO 9b 118)Bradford, Y.YKS GRO 9b 72
Clara Abt1869CEN- (m. Joshua /HEALD/)LeedsYKS CEN 1901
m. Q11889FreeBMDJoshua /HEALD/[Clara /CROUDSON/]Bradford Y.YKS(m2) GRO 9b 244 // b. 1839; to Leeds 1890
Catherine /HEALD/ Abt1884FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1891, GRO 9b 41)<Bradford,Y>YKS
m. Q21890FreeBMDJane Ann /HEALD/Bradford YYKS GRO 9b 11
Arthur /HEALD/ Q41889FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1891, GRO 9b 102)Bradford YYKS GRO 9b 184
m. Q11891FreeBMDIda /HIELD/Bradford, Y.YKS GRO 9b 235
m. Q31891FreeBMDElizabeth /HEALD/BradfordYKS GRO 9b 12
m. Q31891FreeBMDMary Ann /HEALD/BradfordYKS GRO 9b 68
m. Q41891FreeBMDHarriet /HEALD/Bradford, Y.YKS GRO 9b 106
m. Q41891FreeBMDMartha Jane /HEALD/Bradford, Y.YKS GRO 9b 203
Henry /HEALD/ Q21893FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1893, GRO 9b 35)Bradford Y.YKS GRO 9b 53
Annie Abt1871CEN- (m. Henry /HEALD/)BradfordYKS CEN 1901
m. Q41892FreeBMDHenry /HEALD/[Annie Isabel /CRADDOCK/]Bradford YYKS GRO 9b 275 // b. 1865
Olive May /HEALD/ Q21894FreeBMD- Bradford, Y.YKS GRO 9b 71
Olive /HEALD/ Abt1894CENHenry /HEALD/AnnieBradfordYKS CEN 1901
Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q41895FreeBMD- Bradford, Y.YKS GRO 9b 40
Lizzie /HEALD/ Abt1896CENHenry /HEALD/AnnieBradfordYKS CEN 1901
Thomas Albert /HIELDS/ Q11893FreeBMD- N. BierleyYKS GRO 9b 17*
Albert /HIELDS/ Abt1893CENThomas /HIELDS/AdaBradfordYKS CEN 1901 (North Bierley) // m. Gt Ouseburn 1890
John /HIELDS/ Q11896CENThomas /HIELDS/AdaBradfordYKS GRO 9b 172 (N. Bierley) CEN 1901 (North Bierley)
Thomas /HIELDS/ Abt1899CENThomas /HIELDS/AdaBradfordYKS CEN 1901 (North Bierley)
William Percy /HIELDS/ Q11899FreeBMD- N. BierleyYKS GRO 9b 164
William Cecil /HIELD/ Q21894CEN- (rel Harry 1891)BradfordYKS GRO 9b 85 CEN 1901 (Headingley)
m. Q41895YksBMDArthur /PRIESTLEY/Clara /HEALD/Calverley, St WilfridYKS GRO 9b 325 (North Bierley) Yks-LS CE127/X/8 // b. 1872 ?
m. Q41897FreeBMDLucy /HEALD/Bradford Y.YKS GRO 9b 224
m. Q11898FreeBMDFlorence /HEALD/Bradford,Y.YKS GRO 9b 9
Nellie /HEALD/ Q11898FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1898, GRO 9b 31)Bradford, YYKS GRO 9b 30
Carrie Abt1876CEN- (m. Samuel /HEALD/)BradfordYKS CEN 1901
m. Q21898FreeBMDSamuel /HEALD/[Jane Carrie /BOWER/]Bradford YYKS GRO 9b 132 // b. LAN, 1866
Mary Ellen Abt1876CEN- (m. Arton /HEALD/)BradfordYKS CEN 1901 (North Manchester, LAN)
m.22Aug1900FreeBMDArton /HEALD/Mary Ellen /BRIGGS/Bradford [Westscholes], St. StephensYKS AFN:BBR9-20; GRO 9b 35 LDS 455799 // b. 1874; moved to Manchester LAN, 1901
Mary E Abt1881CEN- (m. Edward /HEALD/)BradfordYKS CEN 1901
m. Q31900FreeBMDEdward /HEALD/Mary Elizabeth /SMITH/Bradford, Y.YKS GRO 9b 162 // b. 1879
Ellen /HEALD/ Q11901FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1901, GRO 9b 79)Bradford, YYKS GRO 9b 124
Helen /HEALD/ Abt1901CENEdward /HEALD/MaryBradfordYKS CEN 1901
Elizabeth H Abt1875CEN- (m. Arthur /HEALD/)NorthallertonYKS CEN 1901 (Bradford)
m. Q21900FreeBMDArthur /HEALD/Elizabeth Hannah /WILKINSON/Bradford, Y.YKS GRO 9b 219 // b. 1872
Leonard /HEALD/1Jul1913Walter /HEALD/Frances Annie /SCHOFIELD/BradfordYKS LDS 2034364
m. Q11902FreeBMDElizabeth /HEALD/BradfordYKS GRO 9b 189
James /HEALD/ Q31903FreeBMD- BradfordYKS GRO 9b 115
m. Q41904FreeBMDSarah /HEALD/BradfordYKS GRO 9b 264
Emma /HEALD/ Q21905FreeBMD- BradfordYKS GRO 9b 112
# -- HALIFAX --
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m. Q21851FreeBMDAnn /HEALD/HalifaxYKS GRO 22 184
Susannah M /HEALD/ Abt1866FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1866, GRO 9a 306)<Halifax>YKS
Anna Abt1868CEN- (m. William J /HEALD/ Bef 1889)SheffieldYKS CEN 1901 (Halifax)
m. Bef1889William James /HEALD/Anna<Halifax>YKS // b. WIL, 1861
Nellie /HEALD/ Abt1889CENWilliam J /HEALD/AnnaHalifaxYKS CEN 1901
Annie Abt1871CEN- (m. Herbert /HEALD/)ClaytonYKS CEN 1901 (Halifax)
m. Q31892FreeBMDHerbert /HEALD/Annie /GLENDENNING/HalifaxYKS GRO 9a 717 // b. 1869
Mabel /HEALD/ Q31895CENHerbert /HEALD/AnnieHalifaxYKS GRO 9a 488 CEN 1901
Harold Major /HEALD/ Q31899CENHerbert /HEALD/AnnieHalifaxYKS GRO 9a 497 CEN 1901
Arthur /HEALD/ Q41892FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1893, GRO 9a 299)HalifaxYKS GRO 9a 407
m. Q11896FreeBMDWalter /HEALD/HalifaxYKS GRO 9a 551
Nora /HEALD/ Abt1904FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1905, GRO 9a 301)<Halifax>YKS
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Thos /HILD/ Abt1853CEN- (m. Hannah)SaddleworthYKS CEN 1901
Tim /HEALD/ Q11866LanBMD- Saddleworth, UppermillYKS GRO 9a 237 LanBMD UPP/16/455
m. Q21867FreeBMDHannah /HEALD/SaddleworthYKS GRO 9a 318
m. Q11871LanBMDJonathan /LEES/Jane /HEALD/Saddleworth, Register OfficeYKS GRO 9a 302 (Saddleworth) LanBMD S_WORTH_RM/3/46 (Oldham)
m. Q11871ChsBMDWilliam Henry /HEALD/Sarah Ann /BUCKLEY/Ashton (CHS), Civil MarriageYKS GRO 8d 760 Chs-TA ASH/RM/33/140 // b. Ashton-under-Lyne LAN, 1842
John /HEALD/ Q21875CENWilliam Hy. /HEALD/Saddleworth, GreenfieldYKS GRO 9a 275 LanBMD UPP/23/122 (Uppermill) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Stalybridge, CHS)
Ann Abt1847CEN- (m. William Hy. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1901)Saddleworth, GreenfieldYKS CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Stalybridge, CHS)
m. Q11877ChsBMDWilliam Henry /HEALD/Ann /BOTTOMLEY/Hyde (CHS), St GeorgeYKS GRO 8a 48 Chs-TA CE28/3/204 // m1 Ashton 1871 ?
Harry /HEALD/ Q31877CENWilliam Hy. /HEALD/AnnSaddleworth, GreenfieldYKS GRO 9a 270 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Stalybridge, CHS)
Fred /HEALD/ Q31884CEN[William Hy. /HEALD/]AnnGreenfieldYKS GRO 9a 249 CEN 1901 (Stalybridge, CHS)
Annie /HEALD/ Q31887CEN[William Hy. /HEALD/]AnnAshton Under Lyne (LAN), HartsheadYKS GRO 8d 565 (Ashton) Chs-TA HAR/67/45 CEN 1901 (Stalybridge, CHS)
Herbert Buckley /HEALD/ Q21871FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1871, GRO 9a 185)Saddleworth, UppermillYKS GRO 9a 260 LanBMD UPP/20/263
John /HEALD/ Q21872FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1872, GRO 9a 198)Saddleworth, UppermillYKS GRO 9a 265 LanBMD UPP/21/71
m. Q31873FreeBMDNancy /HEALD/SaddleworthYKS GRO 9a 318 // should be GRO 9a 348 ?
m. Q31873LanBMDThoams /CHEETHAM/Nancy /HEALD/Friarmere, St ThomasYKS GRO 9a 348 (Saddleworth) LanBMD CE217/1/247 (Oldham) // b. 1855
Arthur /HEALD/  1873LanBMD- Saddleworth, UppermillLAN LanBMD UPP/22/183
Arthur /HEALD/ Q11874FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1874, GRO 9a 188)SaddleworthYKS GRO 9a 245
Hannah Abt1849CEN- (m. Thos /HILD/ YKS, Bef 1877)OldhamLAN CEN 1901 (Saddleworth, YKS)
m. Bef1877Thos /HILD/Hannah<Saddleworth>YKS
Florence /HILD/ Abt1877CENThos /HILD/HannahSaddleworthYKS CEN 1901
Geo /HILD/ Abt1879CENThos /HILD/HannahSaddleworthYKS CEN 1901
Ann /HILD/ Abt1882CENThos /HILD/HannahSaddleworthYKS CEN 1901
Leonard /HILD/ Abt1887CENThos /HILD/HannahSaddleworthYKS CEN 1901
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Fanny /HEALD/ Abt1851CENEdward /HEALD/HannahWooldale \ Kirkheaton \ Scholes MoorYKS CEN 1851 CEN 1881 (Batley) CEN 1901 (Batley) // m. 1845
Alfred /HEALD/ Abt1856CENEdward /HEALD/HannahKirkheaton \ HolmfirthYKS(m. Teresa ?) CEN 1881 (Batley) CEN 1901 (Blackpool, LAN)
Louis (Twin) /HEALD/ Q21860Edward /HEALD/Hannah /SMITH/Kirkheaton \ Kirkburton \ HepworthYKS(m. Alice /TREVORROW/ 1889; d. 1935 Batley -AF) AFN:1QKV-KJ4; GRO 9a 279 (Huddersfield) CEN 1881 (Batley) CEN 1901 (Soothill Upper)
Clara (Twin) /HEALD/ Q21860CENEdward /HEALD/HannahKirkheatonYKS GRO 9a 279 CEN 1881 (Batley)
Ellen /HEALD/ Q11852FreeBMD- HuddersfieldYKS GRO 9a 265
Henry /HEALD/ Q31852FreeBMD- HuddersfieldYKS GRO 9a 262
John /HEALD/ Q31853FreeBMD- HuddersfieldYKS GRO 9a 257
Nancy /HEALD/ Abt1855CEN[Job /HEALD/]MaryHolmfirthYKS(m. Thomas /CHEETHAM/ 1873) CEN 1881 (Saddleworth) // m. 1843
Alfred /HEALD/ Abt1860CEN[Job /HEALD/]MaryHolmfirthYKS(m. Mary Annie A /WHITEHEAD/ LAN, 1900) GRO 9a 257 (Huddersfield) CEN 1881 (Saddleworth) CEN 1901 (Saddleworth)
Charles Orsini /HEALD/ Q21860CENFrederick /HEALD/AnnHepworthYKS(m. Agnes 1896) GRO 9a 274 (Huddersfield) CEN 1881 (Batley) CEN 1901 (Batley) // m. 1849
Ben /HEALD/ Abt1863CENFrederick /HEALD/AnnHepworthYKS CEN 1881 (Batley)
Ernest /HEALD/ Abt1865CENFrederick /HEALD/AnnHepworth \ HolmfirthYKS(m. [Hannah Elizabeth /PARR/] 1895) CEN 1881 (Batley) CEN 1901 (Batley)
m. Bef1866Joseph /HEALD/<Fulstone>YKS // b. 1825
Thomas /HEALD/ Abt1866CENJoseph /HEALD/Fulstone \ KirkburtonYKS(m. Annie [/SHORE/] 1889) CEN 1881 (Wooldale) CEN 1901 (Scholes)
James /HEALD/ Q41867CENJoseph /HEALD/UpperthongYKS GRO 9a 217 (Huddersfield) CEN 1881 (Wooldale)
Lydia Abt1836CEN- (m. Joseph /HEALD/)HepworthYKS CEN 1881 (Wooldale)
m. Q11875FreeBMDJoseph /HEALD/[Lydia /CASTLE/]HuddersfieldYKS(m2?) GRO 9a 464 // b. 1825
George /HEALD/ Q21876CENJoseph /HEALD/LydiaWooldale \ ScholesYKS(m. Hannah 1901) GRO 9a 317 (Huddersfield) CEN 1881 CEN 1901
John /HEALD/ Q31878CENJoseph /HEALD/LydiaWooldale \ ScholesYKS(m. [Alice /LEE/] 1901) GRO 9a 304 (Huddersfield) CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Bernard /HEALD/ Q41862CEN- (m. Bettie /PICKLES/ 1887)HepworthYKS GRO 9a 26 (Huddersfield) CEN 1901 (Batley)
m. Q31870FreeBMDLydia Ann /HEALD/HuddersfieldYKS GRO 9a 469
Mary /HEALD/ Q21870FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1872, GRO 9a 2)HuddersfieldYKS
m. Q31877FreeBMDHarriet Eliza /HEALD/HuddersfieldYKS GRO 9a 420
m. Q11886FreeBMDJoseph /HEALD/HuddersfieldYKS GRO 9a 452
Marguerite Hannah /HELD/ Q21886FreeBMD- HuddersfieldYKS
Annie Abt1864CEN- (m. Thomas /HEALD/)HepworthYKS CEN 1901 (Scholes)
m. Q41889FreeBMDThomas /HEALD/[Annie /SHORE/]HuddersfieldYKS GRO 9a 470 // b. 1866
Mary Ellen /HEALD/ Q11892CENThomas /HEALD/AnnieHepworthYKS GRO 9a 253 (Huddersfield) CEN 1901 (Scholes)
James /HEALD/ Q41890FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1890, GRO 9a 217)HuddersfieldYKS GRO 9a 263
William /HEALD/ Q41890FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1890, GRO 9a 217)HuddersfieldYKS GRO 9a 263
Hannah Abt1876CEN- (m. George /HEALD/)ScholesYKS CEN 1901
m. Q11901FreeBMDGeorge /HEALD/HannahHuddersfieldYKS GRO 9a 489 // b. 1876
Alice Abt1875CEN- (m. John /HEALD/)ScholesYKS CEN 1901
m. Q11901FreeBMDJohn /HEALD/[Alice /LEE/]HuddersfieldYKS GRO 9a 490 // b. 1878
Herbert /HEALD/ Q41901FreeBMD- HuddersfieldYKS GRO 9a 262
Fred /HEALD/ Q11903FreeBMD- HuddersfieldYKS GRO 9a 255
Ernest /HEALD/ Q21905FreeBMD- HuddersfieldYKS GRO 9a 275
# -- DEWSBURY --
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Charles William /HEALD/ Mar1851CENWilliam M. /HEALD/MaryBirstallYKS(m. Charlotte /JOLLIFFE/ HAM, 1893 -VRI) CEN 1851 (Gomersall) UNIV Ox 1869 EXOR 1875 CEN 1881 (Bobbington, STS) CEN 1901 (Chale, HAM) REL 22 // m. 1844
John Margetson /HEALD/7Jan1853FreeBMDWilliam Margetson /HEALD/Mary /CARR/BirstallYKS GRO 9b 429 (Dewsbury) UNIV Cam 1872 EXOR 1875 EXOR 1897 CEN 1901 (Ventnor, HAM)
Richard Greenwood /HEALD/14Jul1854RELWilliam Margetson /HEALD/Mary /CARR/BirstallYKS(d. 24 Feb 1856 -REL; bur 27 Feb aged 1 -NBI)
George F /HEALD/ Abt1851CENSeth /HEALD/MarthaOssettYKS(m. Sarah Jane /CONYERS/ 1881) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 // m. 1846
m. Q11851FreeBMDSarah /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 22 37
Agnes /HEALD/ Q11852FreeBMD- DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 456
Mary /HEALD/ Q41852FreeBMD- DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 474
Sarah /HEALD/ Q21853FreeBMD- DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 486
John Oddy /HEALD/ Q21853FreeBMD- DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 412
John /HEALD/ Abt1854FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1876)<Dewsbury>YKS GRO 9b 427
m. Q11856FreeBMDSarah Ann /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 452
m. Q21857FreeBMDAnn /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 547
m. Q41859FreeBMDMartha /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 748
Joseph /HEALD/ Q21860FreeBMD- DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 546
William Henry /HEALD/ Q21860FreeBMD- DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 548
Ann Maria /HEALD/ Abt1861FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1879, GRO 9b 466)<Dewsbury>YKS
Ann Abt1842CEN- (m. Amos /HEALD/)WortleyYKS CEN 1881 (Dewsbury Ossett Cum Gawthorpe) CEN 1901 (Ossett)
m. Bef1863Amos /HEALD/Ann<Ossett>YKS // b. 1840
m. Q11862FreeBMDAmos /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 583
Walter /HEALD/ Q41862CENAmos /HEALD/AnnOssettYKS GRO 9b 542 (Dewsbury) CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Theresa /HEALD/ Q11864CENAmos /HEALD/AnnOssettYKS GRO 9b 588 (Dewsbury) CEN 1881
Alice /HEALD/ Q11866CENAmos /HEALD/AnnOssettYKS GRO 9b 627 (Dewsbury) CEN 1881
Clara /HEALD/ Abt1869CENAmos /HEALD/AnnOssettYKS(d. Q1 1889, GRO 9b 467) CEN 1881
Mary Jane /HEALD/ Q21871CENAmos /HEALD/AnnOssettYKS GRO 9b 684 (Dewsbury) CEN 1881
Emily /HEALD/ Q21873CENAmos /HEALD/AnnOssettYKS GRO 9b 745 (Dewsbury) CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Arthur /HEALD/ Q21876CENAmos /HEALD/AnnOssettYKS GRO 9b 784 (Dewsbury) CEN 1881
Albert Ernest\Edwd. /HEALD/ Q41879CENAmos /HEALD/AnnOssettYKS GRO 9b 735 (Dewsbury) CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Edith /HEALD/ Q21885CENAmos /HEALD/AnnOssettYKS GRO 9b 678 (Dewsbury) CEN 1901
Annie Abt1856CEN- (m. Thomas /HEALD/)BatleyYKS CEN 1881
m. Bef1881Thomas /HEALD/Annie<Batley>YKS // b. 1837
John William /HEALD/ Q31864CENThomas /HEALD/BatleyYKS(m. Annie /BRUCE/ 1894) GRO 9b 488 (Dewsbury) CEN 1881 EXOR 1899 CEN 1901 (Dewsbury)
Hannah Jane /HEALD/ Abt1870CENThomas /HEALD/BatleyYKS(d. 11 Jul 1887, GRO 9b 396) CEN 1881 ADM 1887
Edgar /HEALD/ Q41872CENThomas /HEALD/BatleyYKS(m. [Amy /REDFEARN/] 1894) GRO 9b 610 (Dewsbury) CEN 1881 EXOR 1899 CEN 1901 (Heckmondwike)
Betsy Abt1841CEN- (m. Thomas /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1901)LIN CEN 1881 (Ardwick, LAN) CEN 1901 (South Manchester, LAN)
m. Aft1858Thomas /HEALD/Betsy<Yorks>YKS // b. 1840
m. Q41865FreeBMDAnn /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 834
Ann /EASTWOOD/ Abt1831CEN- (m. William /HEALD/)OssettYKS CEN 1881
m. Bef1866William /HEALD/Ann /EASTWOOD/<Ossett>YKS REL // b. 1828
Elizabeth /HEALD/ Abt1866CENWilliam /HEALD/AnnOssettYKS CEN 1881
Harvey /HEALD/ Q41866CENWilliam /HEALD/AnnOssettYKS(m. [Florence Whitaker /BROOKE/] 1889) GRO 9b 592 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 REL
Julia /HEALD/ Q31871CENWilliam /HEALD/AnnOssettYKS GRO 9b 645 (Dewsbury) CEN 1881
Benjamin /HEALD/ Q41873CENWilliam /HEALD/AnnOssettYKS GRO 9b 706 (Dewsbury) CEN 1881
m. Q31868FreeBMDWilliam Thomas /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 690
Albert /HEALD/ Abt1869FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1874)<Dewsbury>YKS GRO 9b 556
Albert /HEALD/ Abt1869FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1874)<Dewsbury>YKS GRO 9b 566
Elizabeth Abt1850CEN- (m. Thomas /HEALD/)London, LondonLND CEN 1881 (Dewsbury, YKS) CEN 1901 (Dewsbury, YKS)
m. Bef1870Thomas /HEALD/Elizabeth<Dewsbury>YKS // b. 1849
David /HEALD/ Abt1870CENThomas /HEALD/ElizabethDewsburyYKS(m. [Amelia /HEATON/] 1894) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Holbeck)
James W. /HEALD/ Abt1873CENThomas /HEALD/ElizabethDewsburyYKS CEN 1881
Mary Alice /HEALD/ Q31874CENThomas /HEALD/ElizabethDewsburyYKS GRO 9b 724 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Joseph /HEALD/ Q41877CENThomas /HEALD/ElizabethDewsburyYKS GRO 9b 740 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
John Henry /HEALD/ Abt1882CENThomas /HEALD/ElizabethDewsburyYKS CEN 1901
Fred /HEALD/ Q31888CENThomas /HEALD/ElizabethDewsburyYKS GRO 9b 614 CEN 1901
Sellena Abt1845CEN- (m. Joseph /HEALD/)MilnthereYKS CEN 1881 (Dewsbury)
m. Q11870FreeBMDJoseph /HEALD/Selina /FROGGET/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 670 // b. 1836
Martha Ann /HEALD/ Q31872CENJoseph /HEALD/SellenaBatley CarrYKS GRO 9b 669 (Dewsbury) CEN 1881 (Dewsbury)
Joshua /HEALD/ Q21870FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1870, GRO 9b 414)DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 660
m. Q31870FreeBMDWilliam /RHODES/Harriet /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 735 // b. 1847
Sarah /HEALD/ Q11871FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1871, GRO 9b 434)DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 662
m. Q41871FreeBMDElizabeth /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 1066
John Driver /HEALD/ Q41872FreeBMD- DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 730
m. Q11873FreeBMDMary /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 805
Joshua /OLDROYD/22Mar1848REL- (m. Mary /HEALD/; d. 1917)<Ossett>YKS
m.22Jun1873RELJoshua /OLDROYD/Mary /HEALD/Ossett, Wesleyan ChapelYKS GRO 9b 1005 (Dewsbury) // b. 1848
Mary H. Abt1851CEN- (m. Reuben /HEALD/)HeckmondwikeYKS CEN 1881 (Thornhill) CEN 1901 (Dewsbury)
m. Q21873FreeBMDReuben /HEALD/Mary Hannah /ROBINSON/Dewsbury, <Heckmondwike>YKS GRO 9b 859 // b. 1850
John William /HEALD/ Q31873FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1873, GRO 9b 389)DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 608
m. Q31873FreeBMDSarah /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 886
m. Q11874FreeBMDEllen /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 735
Lucy \ Susey Abt1846CEN- (m. Albert /HEALD/)BatleyYKS CEN 1881 CEN 1901
m. Q11875FreeBMDAlbert /HEALD/[Susy /INGHAM/]DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 912 // b. 1850
Harry /HEALD/ Q11877CENAlbert /HEALD/LucyBatleyYKS(d. Q4 1883, GRO 9b 404) GRO 9b 690 (Dewsbury) CEN 1881
Maria Ann /HEALD/ Q31880CENAlbert /HEALD/LucyBatleyYKS(d. Q4 1881, GRO 9b 358) GRO 9b 614 (Dewsbury) CEN 1881
m. Q21875FreeBMDHannah /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 897
m. Q11876FreeBMDJane /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 752
m. Q21876FreeBMDLucilla /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 815
William /HEALD/ Q11876FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1876, GRO 9b 417)DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 677
m. Q11877FreeBMDMary /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 860
Thomas /HEALD/ Q31877CENHenry /HEALD/AnnieThornhillYKS GRO 9b 773 (Dewsbury) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Bracebridge Heath, LIN) // m. Harby LIN, 1872
Florence /HEALD/ Q31879CENHenry /HEALD/AnnieThornhillYKS(d. Q2 1894, GRO 9b 409 (Dewsbury)) GRO 9b 731 (Dewsbury) CEN 1881
Harry /HEALD/ Q31883CENHenry /HEALD/[Annie]Thornhill LeesYKS GRO 9b 695 (Dewsbury) CEN 1901 (Thornhill)
Martha /HEALD/ Q21887CENHenry /HEALD/[Annie]Thornhill LeesYKS GRO 9b 705 (Dewsbury) CEN 1901 (Thornhill)
Betsy /HEALD/ Q11889CENHenry /HEALD/[Annie]Thornhill LeesYKS GRO 9b 679 CEN 1901 (Thornhill)
George /HEALD/ Q11892CENHenry /HEALD/[Annie]Thornhill LeesYKS GRO 9b 653 (Dewsbury) CEN 1901 (Thornhill)
Elizabeth Abt1864CEN- (m. Henry /HEALD/)ScotlandSCT CEN 1901 (Thornhill, YKS)
m. Q31898FreeBMDHenry /HEALD/[Elizabeth /BURNS/]DewsburyYKS(m2) GRO 9b 1306 // b. NTT, 1851
Percy /HEALD/ Q21899CENHenry /HEALD/ElizabethThornhill LeesYKS(d. Q4 1901, GRO 9b 457) GRO 9b 725 (Dewsbury) CEN 1901 (Thornhill)
Ada /HEALD/ Q21878FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1879, GRO 9b 523)DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 778
m. Q21880FreeBMDHannah /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 688
m. Q41880FreeBMDAgnes /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 886
Sarah J Abt1851CEN- (m. George F /HEALD/)BradfordYKS CEN 1901 (Ossett)
m. Q21881FreeBMDGeorge /HEALD/[Sarah Jane /CONYERS/]DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 849 // b. 1851
Joshua Conyer /HEALD/ Q31882CENGeorge /HEALD/SarahOssettYKS GRO 9b 698 (Dewsbury) CEN 1901
Herbert /HEALD/ Q31882FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1884, GRO 9b 475)DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 699
m. Bef1882Walter /TOLSON/Hannah /HEALD/<Batley>YKS // b. 1849
Ada /HEALD/ Abt1882FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1892, GRO 9b 422)<Dewsbury>YKS
Annie Abt1856CEN- (m. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1901)BatleyYKS CEN 1901
m. Bef1884Annie<Batley>YKS
Thomas Clifford /HEALD/ Q21884CENAnnieBatleyYKS GRO 9b 607 (Dewsbury) CEN 1901
Henry /HEALD/ Q11886CENAnnieBatleyYKS GRO 9b 614 (Dewsbury) CEN 1901
Henry /HEALD/ Abt1886FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1904, GRO 9b 446)<Dewsbury>YKS
Harold /HEALD/ Q41887CENAnnieBatleyYKS GRO 9b 5_1 (Dewsbury) CEN 1901
Nellie /HEALD/ Q31891CENAnnieBatleyYKS GRO 9b 604 (Dewsbury) CEN 1901
Eric /HEALD/ Q11894CENAnnieBatleyYKS GRO 9b 632 (Dewsbury) CEN 1901
m. Q11884FreeBMDAlice /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 783
Harry /HEALD/ Q11884FreeBMD- DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 673
Harry /HEALD/ Abt1885FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1898, GRO 9c 43)<Wakefield>YKS
Annie /HEALD/ Q21885FreeBMD- DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 687
Mary Hannah Abt1868CEN- (m. Albert Edward /HEALD/ 1886)...YKS CEN 1901 (Dewsbury)
m. Q41886FreeBMDAlbert Edward /HEALD/Mary Hannah /DAW/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 1041 // b. 1864
Blanche /HEALD/ Q31891CENAlbert /HEALD/MaryDewsburyYKS GRO 9b 662 CEN 1901
Emily /HEALD/ Q11895CENAlbert /HEALD/MaryDewsburyYKS GRO 9b 688 CEN 1901
Harry /HEALD/ Q21897CENAlbert /HEALD/MaryDewsburyYKS GRO 9b 685 CEN 1901
Albert /HEALD/ Q31898CENAlbert /HEALD/MaryDewsburyYKS GRO 9b 687 CEN 1901
Bettie Abt1865CEN- (m. Bernard /HEALD/)BatleyYKS CEN 1901
m. Q41887FreeBMDBernard /HEALD/Betty /PICKLES/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 990 // b. 1862
Ellen /HEALD/ Abt1889CENBernard /HEALD/BettieBatleyYKS CEN 1901
Fred /HEALD/ Q41891FreeBMD- DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 5[35]5
Fred /HEALD/ Q41891CENBernard /HEALD/BettieBatleyYKS GRO 9b 585 (Dewsbury) CEN 1901
John /HEALD/ Q41887FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1894, GRO 9b 389)DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 655
Alice Abt1864CEN- (m. Louis /HEALD/)St IvesCON CEN 1901 (Soothill Upper, YKS)
m. Q11889FreeBMDLouis /HEALD/Alice /TREVORROW/BatleyYKS AFN:1QKV-KJ4; GRO 9b 834 (Dewsbury) // b. 1860
John /HEALD/ Q11890CENLouis /HEALD/Alice /TREVORROW/Hanging Heaton \ BatleyYKS(m. Maggie /MICKLETHWAITE/ 1920; d. 1961 Doncaster -AF) AFN:1QKV-KBV; GRO 9b 696 (Dewsbury) CEN 1901 (Soothill Upper)
Alfred /HEALD/ Q11895CENLouis /HEALD/AliceBatleyYKS GRO 9b 611 (Dewsbury) CEN 1901 (Soothill Upper)
Louis /HEALD/ Q31899CENLouis /HEALD/AliceHanging HeatonYKS GRO 9b 697 (Dewsbury) CEN 1901 (Soothill Upper)
m. Q21889FreeBMDSelina /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 924
William /HEALD/ Q31889FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1889, GRO 9b 461)DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 659
Florence W Abt1870CEN- (m. Harvey /HEALD/)OssettYKS CEN 1901
m. Q41889FreeBMDHarvey /HEALD/Florence Whitaker /BROOKE/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 1142
Clara Ann /HEALD/ Q41890CENHarvey /HEALD/FlorenceGawthorpeYKS GRO 9b 661 (Dewsbury) CEN 1901 (Ossett)
William Alfred /HEALD/ Q41894CENHarvey /HEALD/FlorenceGawthorpeYKS GRO 9b 699 (Dewsbury) CEN 1901 (Ossett)
Ben /HEALD/ Q11897CENHarvey /HEALD/FlorenceGawthorpeYKS GRO 9b 720 (Dewsbury) CEN 1901 (Ossett)
Lilley /HEALD/ Q21899CENHarvey /HEALD/FlorenceGawthorpeYKS GRO 9b 715 (Dewsbury) CEN 1901 (Ossett)
m. Q31891FreeBMDTheresa /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 1172
Martha Abt1849CEN- (m. John /HEALD/)AlverthorpeYKS CEN 1901 (Ossett)
m. Bef1892John /HEALD/Martha<Ossett>YKS // b. 1855
Sarah Ann /HEALD/ Q41892CENJohn /HEALD/MarthaOssettYKS GRO 9b 697 (Dewsbury) CEN 1901
William /HEALD/ Abt1895CENJohn /HEALD/MarthaOssettYKS CEN 1901
m. Q31893FreeBMDMartha Ann /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 993
m. Q31893FreeBMDJulia /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 1045
Stanley /HEALD/ Q41893FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1894, GRO 9b 388)DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 651
Alfred /HEALD/ Q41893FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1896, GRO 9b 386)DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 598
Amy Abt1873CEN- (m. Edgar /HEALD/)HeckmondwikeYKS CEN 1901
m. Q21894FreeBMDEdgar /HEALD/[Amy /REDFEARN/]DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 895 // b. 1872
Thomas /HEALD/ Q31899CENEdgar /HEALD/AmyBatleyYKS GRO 9b 637 (Dewsbury) CEN 1901 (Heckmondwike)
m. Q31894FreeBMDElizabeth /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 1106
Annie Abt1868CEN- (m. John W /HEALD/)BatleyYKS CEN 1901 (Dewsbury)
m. Q31894FreeBMDJohn William /HEALD/Annie /BRUCE/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 1134 // b. 1864
Mary Bruce /HEALD/ Q11896FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1896, GRO 9b 419)DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 644
Marion Bruce /HEALD/ Q31897CENJohn /HEALD/AnnieDewsburyYKS GRO 9b 688 CEN 1901
Florence Annie /HEALD/ Q11899CENJohn /HEALD/AnnieDewsburyYKS GRO 9b 655 CEN 1901
Thomas Stanley /HEALD/ Q41900CENJohn /HEALD/AnnieDewsburyYKS GRO 9b 643 CEN 1901
William /HEALD/ Q41894FreeBMD- DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 697
Arthur /HILD/ Abt1895CEN- (Other 1901)OssettYKS CEN 1901
Hannah E Abt1867CEN- (m. Ernest /HEALD/)BatleyYKS CEN 1901
m. Q11895FreeBMDErnest /HEALD/Hannah Elizabeth /PARR/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 665 // b. 1865
Jane Abt1873CEN- (m. William /HEALD/)HeckmondwikeYKS CEN 1901 (Dewsbury)
m. Q21895FreeBMDWilliam /HEALD/[Jane /ALLATT/]DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 975 // b. NTT, 1873
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1896CENWilliam /HEALD/JaneDewsburyYKS CEN 1901
Agnes Abt1861CEN- (m. Charles /HEALD/)BatleyYKS CEN 1901
m. Q11896FreeBMDCharles /HEALD/[Agnes /SENIOR/]DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 669 // b. 1860
Mary /HEALD/ Q31897FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1898, GRO 9b 461)DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 708
m. Q31898FreeBMDBenjamin /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 1257
m. Q31899FreeBMDMary Jane /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 1485
John William /HEALD/ Abt1901FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1902, GRO 9b 378)<Dewsbury>YKS
Albert /HEALD/ Q31901FreeBMD- DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 682
Joseph /HEALD/ Q21902FreeBMD- DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 655
John Burns /HEALD/ Q21902FreeBMD- DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 710
Herbert /HEALD/ Q41902FreeBMD- DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 621
William /HEALD/ Q21903FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1903, GRO 9b 405)DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 681
William Maurice /HEALD/ Q21903FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1904, GRO 9b 429)DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 664
Charlie /HEALD/ Q11904FreeBMD- DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 679
Joseph Henry /HEALD/ Q21904FreeBMD- DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 687
m. Q31905FreeBMDHarry /HEALD/DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 1352
Jeremiah Bruce /HEALD/ Q41905FreeBMD- DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 579
m.  1906YksBMDAlfred /HEALD/Jessie T /COUSINS/Morley, St PeterYKS Yks-LS CE115/C/245
m.  1907YksBMDJohn W /HEALD/Sarah E /RENDER/Morley, St PeterYKS Yks-LS CE115/C/323
Emily /HEALD/  1908YksBMD- MorleyYKS Yks-LS MORL/60/237
Grace /HIELD/ Q11908FreeBMD- DewsburyYKS GRO 9b 634
m.  1920John /HEALD/Maggie /MICKLETHWAITE/BatleyYKS AFN:1QKV-KBV; // b. 1890
Clara /HEALD/ Abt1860FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1885)<Dewsbury>YKS GRO 9b 338
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Mary Abt1832CEN- (m. James /HEALD/)WakefieldYKS CEN 1851
Mary Abt1832CEN- (m. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1881)WakefieldYKS CEN 1881
Mary Abt1831FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1893, GRO 9c 32)<Wakefield>YKS
m. Bef1851James /HEALD/Mary<Wakefield>YKS // b. 1831
m. Q11851FreeBMDJames /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 22 589
William Hy. /HEALD/ Feb1851CENJames /HEALD/MaryWakefieldYKS CEN 1851
Harriet Abt1832CEN- (m. John /HEALD/)OssettYKS CEN 1851
m. Bef1851John /HEALD/Harriet<Ossett>YKS // b. 1832
Nathan Hall /HEALD/2Feb1851C007582John /HEALD/HarriettHorburyYKS CEN 1851
Everella Abt1832CEN- (m1? /CHAPPILL/; m. John /HEALD/)Alverthorpe WakefieldYKS CEN 1881 (Alverthorpe Cum Thornes)
m. Bef1851John /HEALD/Everella<Wakefield>YKS // b. 1822
Fred /HEALD/ Abt1851CENJohn /HEALD/WakefieldYKS CEN 1881 (Alverthorpe Cum Thornes)
Sarah Jane /HEALD/ Abt1864CENJohn /HEALD/WakefieldYKS CEN 1881 (Alverthorpe Cum Thornes)
Harriett /HEALD/ Abt1868CENJohn /HEALD/WakefieldYKS CEN 1881 (Alverthorpe Cum Thornes)
Sarah Jane /CHAPPILL/ Abt1868CENEverellaWakefieldYKS CEN 1881 (Alverthorpe Cum Thornes)
m. Q21851FreeBMDEliza /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 22 636
m. Q21851FreeBMDEliza Ann /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 22 651
m. Q21851FreeBMDWilliam /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 22 659
David /HEALD/ Q21852CEN[Samuel /HEALD/]JaneWarmfieldYKS(m. Emma [/SCHOFIELD/] 1886) GRO 9c 11 (Wakefield) CEN 1881 (Normanton) CEN 1901 (Normanton) // m. 1847
Richard /HEALD/ Abt1858CEN[Samuel /HEALD/]JaneWarmfieldYKS(d. Q1 1892, GRO 9c 33 (Wakefield)) CEN 1881 (Normanton)
Elisa /HEALD/ Abt1866CEN[Samuel /HEALD/]JaneWarmfieldYKS CEN 1881 (Normanton)
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1855CEN- (m. Margaret IRL, Bef 1883)WarmfieldYKS CEN 1901 (Normanton)
John /HEALD/ Q11852FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 47
John /HEALD/ Abt1852CEN- (widr bef 1901)AllerthorpeYKS CEN 1901 (Outwood)
John /HEALD/ Abt1853CEN- (m. Mary Bef 1877)Thornes LaneYKS CEN 1881 (Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe)
Richard Arthur /HEALD/ Q21853FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c *5
Mary /HEALD/ Q31852FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 34
Eliza Ann /HEALD/ Q31852FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 39
Edwin /HEALD/ Q31852FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 51
Joseph /HEALD/ Q31853FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 38
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1853RELJoshua /HEALD/Sarah JaneAlverthorpe, PotovensYKS(m. Eliza /CHAPPELL/ 1880; d. Horbury, 6 Feb 1932) CEN 1881 (Horbury) CEN 1901 (Horbury) // m. 1847
Ann /HEALD/ Abt1857RELJoshua /HEALD/Sarah JaneHorburyYKS(bapt Horbury 7 Jul 1868; m. Wm. Vernon /JACKSON/; d. Horbury, 30 Jul 1907) CEN 1881
William James /HEALD/ Abt1854CEN[William /HEALD/][Harriet]Kirkthorpe \ WarmfieldYKS(m. Ann Louisa /NICHOLLS/ 1876) CEN 1881 (Barnsley) CEN 1901 (Barnsley) REL 35 // m. Bef 1847
Arthur /HEALD/ Abt1857CENWilliam /HEALD/HarrietKirkthorpe \ WarmfieldYKS CEN 1881 (Barnsley) CEN 1901 (Barnsley)
m. Q41854FreeBMDEleanor /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 6
m. Q41854FreeBMDHarriet /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 31
John /HEALD/ Abt1855CEN- (m. Martha Bef 1892)AlverthorpeYKS CEN 1901 (Ossett)
Robert /HEALD/ Abt1855CEN- (m. Emma, <Derby> DBY, Bef 1901)WakefieldYKS CEN 1901 (Derby, DBY)
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1855CEN[Richard /HEALD/]AngelaWakefieldYKS(Niece 1881) CEN 1881 // m. 1842
m. Q21855FreeBMDMargaret /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 25
m. Q31855FreeBMDGeorge /HEALD/[Susannah /TOLSON/]WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 50
Joe Tolson /HEALD/ Abt1856CEN- (m. Hannah [/WESTERMAN/] 1878)WakefieldYKS CEN 1881 (Alverthorpe Cum Thornes) CEN 1901
m. Bef1860George /HEALD/<Thornes>YKS // b. 1831
George Edward /HEALD/ Q41859CENGeorge /HEALD/ThornesYKS(m. Gertrude Bef 1890) GRO 9c 39 (Wakefield) CEN 1881 LDS 2078024 CEN 1901 (South Hiendley)
Claricia /HEALD/ Q31861FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 50
Clarinda /HEALD/ Abt1862CENGeorge /HEALD/ThornesYKS CEN 1881 LDS 2034824
William /HEALD/ Abt1864CENGeorge /HEALD/ThornesYKS CEN 1881 LDS 2078024
Willim /HEALD/ Abt1864CEN- (m. Emily Bef 1891)WakefieldYKS CEN 1901 (Bramley)
Walter /HEALD/ Q11868CENGeorge /HEALD/ThornesYKS(m1 Bef 1889; m2 Sarah 1892) GRO 9c 64 (Wakefield) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 LDS 2078024
Ann Abt1837CEN- (m1 /CUSWORTH/; m2 George /HEALD/)WakefieldYKS CEN 1881 (Thornes)
m. Q21871FreeBMDGeorge /HEALD/Ann /CUSWORTH/WakefieldYKS(m2) GRO 9c 33 // b. 1831
Herbert /HEALD/10Sep1871CENGeorge /HEALD/AnnThornesYKS(m. Laura /ROSE/ 1900) AFN:C5TN-HM; GRO 9c 61 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Doncaster) LDS 177938 & 178031
Emily /HEALD/ Abt1881CEN- (G Daur 1881)ThornesYKS CEN 1881
Samuel H. /HEALD/ Abt1856CEN- (Shopman 1881)WakefieldYKS CEN 1881 (Westminster St James, LND)
m. Q21856FreeBMDHannah /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 53
Mary Ann Abt1834CEN- (m. Thos. /HEALD/)Wosbro DaleYKS CEN 1881 (Stockton On Tees, DUR)
m. Abt1858Thomas /HEALD/Mary Ann<Wakefield>YKS // b. 1834
Henry /HEALD/ Abt1858CENCharles /HEALD/MaryWakefieldYKS(m. Eliza LAN, Bef 1891) CEN 1881 (Everton, LAN) CEN 1901 (West Derby, LAN) // m. Bef 1849
Harriet /HEALD/ Q11861FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 42
Harriet /HEALD/ Abt1860CENJohn /HEALD/AnnWrenthorpeYKS CEN 1881 (Wakefield) // m. 1845
John /HEALD/ Abt1863CENJohn /HEALD/AnnWrenthorpeYKS CEN 1881 (Wakefield)
m. Q21860FreeBMDJoseph /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 33
Fred /HEALD/ Q41860CEN- (m. Mary Bef 1887)WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 43 CEN 1901
Ann Abt1828CEN- (m. William /HEALD/)RochdaleLAN CEN 1881 (Alverthorpe Cum Thornes, YKS)
m. Bef1861William /HEALD/Ann<Wakefield>YKS // b. 1827
Clara /HEALD/ Abt1861CENWilliam /HEALD/AnnWakefieldYKS CEN 1881 (Alverthorpe Cum Thornes)
Maria /HEALD/ Q11861CEN- (Visitor 1881)WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 11 CEN 1881 (Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe)
Jane E. /HEALD/ Abt1861CEN- (Serv 1881; m. 1883)WakefieldYKS CEN 1881 (Falsgrave)
Lucy /HEALD/ Q11861FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 25
Helen /HEALD/ Q21861FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 21
Elizabeth /RICHARDS/ Abt1840CENAnnSouth KirbyYKS(m. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1881; d. 30 Aug 1894) CEN 1881 (Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe); ? WILL 1894
m. Q21861FreeBMDWilliam /HEALD/Elizabeth /RICHARDS/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 31
Alice /HEALD/ Q11867CEN[William /HEALD/][Elizabeth /RICHARDS/]WakefieldYKS(Niece of William /WORDSWORTH/; m. Tom Cabel /BLACKMORE/ 1890) GRO 9c 20 CEN 1881 (Darlington, DUR) EXOR 1894
Annie Maria /HEALD/ Q31871CEN[William /HEALD/]Elizabeth /RICHARDS/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 24 CEN 1881 (Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe) EXEC El1894YKS
John /HEALD/ Q31861FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 30
William /HEALD/ Q11862FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 28
Frederick William /HEALD/ Q11862FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1870, GRO 9c 39)WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 11
Eliza /HEALD/ Q11862FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 52
Catharine Maria /HEALD/ Abt1863CENDavid /HEALD/WakefieldYKS(m. 1884) CEN 1881 // m. 1843
Albert E. /HEALD/ Abt1864CEN- (Brother of Thomas 1849; m. Mary 1886)WakefieldYKS CEN 1881 (Dewsbury) CEN 1901 (Dewsbury)
Emily /HEALD/ Abt1870CEN- (Sister 1881)DewsburyYKS CEN 1881
m. Q11863FreeBMDEliza /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 33
Jane Elizabeth /HEALD/ Abt1864FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1870, GRO 9c 29)<Wakefield>YKS
Martha /HEALD/ Q31864CEN- (Servt 1881)WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 27 CEN 1881 (Scarborough)
Henry /HEALD/ Abt1865FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1866, GRO 9c 23)<Wakefield>YKS
m. Q41865FreeBMDJames /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 1
Joseph /HEALD/ Q21866FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1866, GRO 9c 24)WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 20
Benjamin /HEALD/ Q21866FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1866, GRO 9c 24)WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 21
Male /HEALD/ Abt1866FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1866, GRO 9c 41)<Wakefield>YKS
Ann /HEALD/ Q21866FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 39
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1867CEN- (Nurse 1881)WakefieldYKS CEN 1881 (Scarborough)
m. Q11867FreeBMDMartha /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 1
Elizabeth Abt1843CEN- (m. Joseph /HEALD/)AisthorpeLIN CEN 1881 (Ardsley, YKS) CEN 1901 (Ardsley, YKS)
m. Q41867FreeBMDJoseph /HEALD/[Elizabeth /RENSTEN/]WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 24 // b. Harby NTT, 1846
m. Bef1869Joseph /HEALD/Elizabeth<Walton>YKS
Mary E. /HEALD/ Abt1869CENJoseph /HEALD/ElizabethWaltonYKS CEN 1881 (Ardsley)
John Henry /HEALD/ Q41870CENJoseph /HEALD/ElizabethWaltonYKS(m. Lillie Elizabeth /STEVENS/ 1894) GRO 9c 6 (Wakefield) CEN 1881 (Ardsley) CEN 1901 (Ardsley)
Martha Ann /HEALD/ Q41872CENJoseph /HEALD/ElizabethWaltonYKS GRO 9c 176 (Barnsley) CEN 1881 (Ardsley)
Annie /HEALD/ Q11875CENJoseph /HEALD/ElizabethWaltonYKS(m. Joseph Henry /BALL/ 1895 -VRI) GRO 9c 168 (Barnsley) CEN 1881 (Ardsley) FHL 1545882
George Wm. /HEALD/ Abt1877CENJoseph /HEALD/ElizabethWalton \ ArdsleyYKS CEN 1881 (Ardsley) CEN 1901
Henry Arthur /HEALD/ Q11879CENJoseph /HEALD/ElizabethWalton \ ArdsleyYKS GRO 9c 215 (Barnsley) CEN 1881 (Ardsley) CEN 1901
Joseph /HEALD/ Q41881CENJoseph /HEALD/ElizabethArdsleyYKS GRO 9c 176 (Barnsley) CEN 1901
Ruth /HEALD/ Q11884CENJoseph /HEALD/ElizabethArdsleyYKS GRO 9c 193 (Barnsley) CEN 1901
Anne Abt1835CEN- (m. James /HEALD/)WrenthorpeYKS CEN 1881 (Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe)
m. Bef1868James /HEALD/Anne<Wrenthorpe>YKS // b. 1830
Henry /HEALD/ Q21868CENJames /HEALD/AnneWrenthorpeYKS GRO 9c 19 (Wakefield) CEN 1881 (Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe)
George /HEALD/ Q11870CENJames /HEALD/AnneWrenthorpeYKS(m. [Sarah Jane /BARBER/] 1895) GRO 9c 26 (Wakefield) CEN 1881 (Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe) CEN 1901 (Wakefield)
Andrew /HILDE/ Abt1868CEN- (m. Annie)Stanley Cum WrenthorpeYKS CEN 1901 (Barrow In Furness, LAN)
George /HEALD/ Abt1869FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1870, GRO 9c 37)<Wakefield>YKS
m. Q31869FreeBMDAlice /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 50
m. Q31869FreeBMDAnn /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 70
Ann Abt1837CEN- (m. Joseph /HEALD/)WakefieldYKS CEN 1881 (Scarborough)
Ann /HEALD/ Abt1836FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1883)<Scarborough>YKS GRO 9d 239
m. Bef1870Joseph /HEALD/Ann<Wakefield>YKS // b. 1834
Herbert /HEALD/ Abt1870CENJoseph /HEALD/AnnWakefieldYKS CEN 1881 (Scarborough)
Herbert /HEALD/ Abt1869CEN- (m. Annie 1892)WakefieldYKS CEN 1901 (Halifax)
Herbert /HEALD/ Q31870FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 57
Herbert /HEALD/ Abt1870FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1870, GRO 9c 43)<Wakefield>YKS
Walter /HEALD/ Q41871CENJoseph /HEALD/AnnWakefieldYKS(m. Elizabeth Bef 1898) GRO 9c 41 CEN 1881 (Scarborough) CEN 1901 (Doncaster)
Mary Abt1847FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1893)<Wakefield>YKS GRO 9c 16
Mary Abt1848CEN- (m. John /HEALD/)StanleyYKS CEN 1881 (Sandal Magna)
m. Abt1870John /HEALD/Mary<Thornes>YKS // b. 1844
Ann Abt1835CEN- (m. John /HEALD/)South KirbyYKS CEN 1901 (Sandal Magna)
m. Bef1901John /HEALD/Ann<Sandal Magna>YKS(?m2) // b. 1844
Alice /HEALD/ Q31870FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1870, GRO 9c 18)WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 25
Matilda Abt1850CEN- (m. John E. /HEALD/)LeedsYKS CEN 1881 (Otley) CEN 1901 (Otley)
m. Q31871FreeBMDJohn Edward /HEALD/Matilda /CHAPMAN/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 80 // b. 1850 ; to Leeds 1875
Mary Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q21873CENJohn E. /HEALD/MatildaWakefieldYKS GRO 9c 41 CEN 1881 (Otley)
John Edward /HEALD/ Abt1871FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1873)<Wakefield>YKS GRO 9c 36
m. Q31872FreeBMDSarah /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 77
Hannah Johnson /BOWERS/13Feb1852REL- (m. John Wm. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1901; d. 6 Apr 1906 -REL)Horbury, St PetersYKS CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Ruth /BOWERS/24Mar1871RELHannah Johnson /BOWERS/Horbury Bridge, St JohnsYKS(bur. Horbury 26 Dec 1944)
m.29Sep1872FreeBMDJohn William /HEALD/Hannah Johnson /BOWERS/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 16 REL 23 // b. 1850
Joe /HEALD/2Mar1873RELJohn Wm. /HEALD/HannahHorbury Bridge [Ossett], St JohnsYKS(m. Martha /WOOD/ 1896; d. Horbury, 2 Mar 1853 -REL) GRO 9b 717 (Dewsbury) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Shillington)
Florence /HEALD/28Mar1875RELJohn Wm. /HEALD/HannahHorbury Bridge, St JohnsYKS(d. unm.; bur. Horbury 7 Sep 1858 -REL) GRO 9c 69 (Wakefield) CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Fred /HEALD/ Q11878CENJohn Wm. /HEALD/HannahHorbury Bridge, St JohnsYKS(bapt 14 Apr 1878; bur. Horbury, 31 Oct 1887 -REL, GRO 9c 43) GRO 9c 73 (Wakefield) CEN 1881
Jane (Jinny) /HEALD/25Dec1879RELJohn Wm. /HEALD/HannahHorbury Bridge, St JohnsYKS(m. John William Salisbury /RYLEY/ 1900) CEN 1881
George /HEALD/7Sept1884RELJohn Wm. /HEALD/HannahHorbury Bridge, St JohnsYKS(m. Beatrice /SUTTON/ 1909; bur. Clowne DBY, abt 1947 -REL) GRO 9c 70 (Wakefield) CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/21Aug1886RELJohn Wm. /HEALD/HannahHorbury Bridge, St JohnsYKS(m. John William /BROADHEAD/ 1905) CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/ Q41886FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 69
John /HEALD/23Feb1889RELJohn William /HEALD/HannahHorbury Bridge, St JohnsYKS(killed 1 Aug 1918 -REL) GRO 9c 68 (Wakefield) CEN 1901 LDS batch 8807434
Arthur /HEALD/1Oct1892RELJohn Wm. /HEALD/HannahHorbury Bridge, St JohnsYKS(m. Ida /BROOK/ 1923; d. Ossett 4 Dec 1963 -REL) GRO 9c 67 CEN 1901 REL 23
Ethel /HEALD/18Jan1895RELJohn Wm. /HEALD/HannahHorbury Bridge, St JohnsYKS(m. John /SMALES/ 1921; bur. Martin LIN, Mar 1982 -REL) GRO 9c 75 (Wakefield) CEN 1901
Herbert /HEALD/ Q41872FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1892, GRO 9c 42)WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 28
Mary Abt1845CEN- (m. Edwin /HEALD/)CarltonYKS CEN 1881 (Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe) CEN 1901 (Outwood)
m. Bef1873Edwin /HEALD/Mary<Pot Ovens>YKS // b. 1845
Charlotte /HEALD/ Q41872CENEdwin /HEALD/MaryPot OvensYKS GRO 9c 25 (Wakefield) CEN 1881 (Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe)
Hannah /HEALD/ Abt1874CENEdwin /HEALD/MaryPot OvensYKS CEN 1881 (Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe)
Clara /HEALD/ Q21876CENEdwin /HEALD/MaryPot Ovens \ WrenthorpeYKS(Other 1901) GRO 9c 38 (Wakefield) CEN 1881 (Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe) CEN 1901 (S John, LND)
Absalom /HEALD/ Q31878CENEdwin /HEALD/MaryPot Ovens \ WrenthorpeYKS GRO 9c 38 (Wakefield) CEN 1881 (Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe) CEN 1901 (Outwood)
Herbert /HEALD/ Q31880CENEdwin /HEALD/MaryPot OvensYKS(m. Ann 1899) GRO 9c 37 (Wakefield) CEN 1881 (Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe) CEN 1901 (Sandal Magna)
Mary Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q41886CENEdwin /HEALD/MaryWrenthorpeYKS GRO 9c 43 (Wakefield) CEN 1901 (Outwood)
Arthur /HEALD/ Q11874FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1874, GRO 9c)WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 63
Ellen K. Abt1847CEN- (m. Joseph /HEALD/)WakefieldYKS CEN 1881 CEN 1901
m. Q41873FreeBMDJoseph /HEALD/[Ellen Redfearn /JOHNSON/]WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 92
m. Bef1877Joseph /HEALD/Ellen K.<Wakefield>YKS // b. 1846
Ernest /HEALD/ Q41876CENJoseph /HEALD/Ellen K.AlverthorpYKS(m. Emma 1900) GRO 9c 72 CEN 1881 (Wakefield) CEN 1901 (Warmfield Cum Heath)
John William /HEALD/ Q31879CENJoseph /HEALD/Ellen K.Alverthorp \ WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 70 (Wakefield) CEN 1881 (Wakefield) CEN 1901
Herbert /HEALD/ Abt1882CENJoseph /HEALD/EllenWakefieldYKS CEN 1901
Sarah Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q21884CENJoseph /HEALD/EllenWakefieldYKS GRO 9c 62 CEN 1901
John /HEALD/ Abt1874CEN- (m. [Sarah Amelia /HODGSON/] 1893; rel John 1819)<Wrenthorpe>YKS CEN 1901 (Outwood)
Elizabeth Hannah /HEALD/ Q11874FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 41
Martha A. /WILD/ Abt1851CENJoseph /WILD/AlverthorpeYKS(m. /HEALD/; wid. bef. 1881) CEN 1881 (Ossett Cum Gawthorpe)
m. Q11874FreeBMDAbsolom /HEALD/Martha Ann /WILD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 3
John /HEALD/ Q11875FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 74
John /HEALD/ Abt1875CENMartha A.AlverthorpeYKS CEN 1881 (Ossett Cum Gawthorpe)
Mary Abt1861CEN- (m. John /HEALD/)Newton Lane EndYKS CEN 1881 (Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe)
m. Bef1877John /HEALD/Mary<Stanley>YKS // b. 1853
m. Q11873FreeBMDJohn /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 31
m. Q11874FreeBMDJohn /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 96
William Henry /HEALD/ Q11879CENJohn /HEALD/MaryNewton Lane EndYKS GRO 9c 41 (Wakefield) CEN 1881 (Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe)
William /HEALD/ Abt1879CEN- (m. Martha 1899)OutwoodYKS CEN 1901 (East Ardsley)
Mary E. /HEALD/ Abt1880CENJohn /HEALD/MaryNewton Lane EndYKS CEN 1881 (Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe)
m. Q21874FreeBMDMary Hannah /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 49
m. Q31874FreeBMDSarah Ann /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 48
Alfred /HEALD/ Q41875CENDavid /HEALD/Hannah M.NormantonYKS GRO 9c 11 (Wakefield) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 // m. <Knottingley> 1868
Walter /HEALD/ Q21878CENDavid /HEALD/Hannah M.NormantonYKS GRO 9c 13 (Wakefield) CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Florence /HEALD/ Q21880CENDavid /HEALD/Hannah M.NormantonYKS GRO 9c 7 (Wakefield) CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Harold D /HEALD/ Abt1883CENDavid /HEALD/HannahNormantonYKS CEN 1901
Lawrence /HEALD/ Q21899CEN- (Gson? 1901)NormantonYKS GRO 9c 28 (Wakefield) CEN 1901
Joshua /HEALD/ Q21875FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1879, GRO 9c 44)WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 49
m. Q21875FreeBMDGeorge Henry /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 51
Mary Isabel /HEALD/ Q31876FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1877, GRO 9c 18)WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 36
Agnes Mary /HEALD/ Q41877CEN<William Thos. /HEALD/>WakefieldYKS(Niece of Martha A. 1842) GRO 9c 37 CEN 1881 (Badsworth) CEN 1901
Hannah Abt1856CEN- (m. Joe T. /HEALD/)WakefieldYKS CEN 1881 (Alverthorpe Cum Thornes) CEN 1901
m. Q11878FreeBMDJoe Tolson /HEALD/[Hannah /WESTERMAN/]WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 41 // b. 1856
Harry /HEALD/ Q21878CENJoe T. /HEALD/HannahWakefieldYKS GRO 9c 87 CEN 1881 (Alverthorpe Cum Thornes) CEN 1901
Fred /HEALD/ Q41879CENJoe T. /HEALD/HannahWakefieldYKS GRO 9c 76 CEN 1881 (Alverthorpe Cum Thornes) CEN 1901
Clara /HEALD/ Q21886CENJoe /HEALD/HannahWakefieldYKS GRO 9c 82 CEN 1901
Lucy /HEALD/ Q31893CENJoe /HEALD/HannahWakefieldYKS GRO 9c 82 CEN 1901
Florrie /HEALD/ Abt1896CENJoe /HEALD/HannahWakefieldYKS CEN 1901
Albert /HEALD/ Q21898FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 78
Albert /HEALD/ Abt1898CENJoe /HEALD/HannahWakefieldYKS CEN 1901
Annie E Abt1882CEN- (Daur in law)WakefieldYKS CEN 1901
Eliza Abt1859CEN- (m. Joe /HEALD/)Kirkhouse Green \ SnaithYKS CEN 1881 (Horbury) CEN 1901 (Horbury)
m. Q21880FreeBMDJoe /HEALD/Eliza /CHAPPELL/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 83 // b. 1853
Wilfrid /HEALD/ Q41880CENJoe /HEALD/ElizaHorburyYKS GRO 9c 63 (Wakefield) CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1883CENJoe /HEALD/ElizaHorburyYKS CEN 1901
Dora /HEALD/ Q11886CENJoe /HEALD/ElizaHorburyYKS GRO 9c 74 (Wakefield) CEN 1901
Fred /HEALD/ Q31888CENJoe /HEALD/ElizaHorburyYKS GRO 9c 68 (Wakefield) CEN 1901
Lucy /HEALD/ Q21891CENJoe /HEALD/ElizaHorburyYKS GRO 9c 67 CEN 1901
John William /HEALD/ Q31895CENJoe /HEALD/ElizaHorburyYKS GRO 9c 72 (Wakefield) CEN 1901
Harry /HEALD/ Q31898CENJoe /HEALD/ElizaHorburyYKS GRO 9c 78 CEN 1901
m. Q21878FreeBMDJohn /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 80
m. Bef1881John /HEALD/<Outwood>YKS // b. 1852
Mary Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q21880CENJohn /HEALD/OutwoodYKS GRO 9c 39 (Wakefield) CEN 1901
Harold /HEALD/ Abt1882CENJohn /HEALD/OutwoodYKS CEN 1901
Walter /HEALD/ Q31884CENJohn /HEALD/OutwoodYKS GRO 9c 45 (Wakefield) CEN 1901
Herbert /HEALD/ Q21887CENJohn /HEALD/OutwoodYKS GRO 9c 47 (Wakefield) CEN 1901
Herbert /HEALD/ Abt1888CEN- (Other 1901)OutwoodYKS CEN 1901 (East Ardsley)
Jane /HEALD/ Q41879FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 65
William Camplin /HEALD/ Q41880FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 31
m. Q41880FreeBMDAnne /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 13
Florence /HEALD/ Abt1882FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1882, GRO 9c 19)<Wakefield>YKS
m. Q21882FreeBMDMaria /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 93
m. Q31882FreeBMDClara /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 108
Margaret Abt1860CEN- (m. Joseph /HEALD/ Bef 1883)IrelandIRL CEN 1901 (Normanton, YKS)
m. Bef1883Joseph /HEALD/Margaret<Ireland>IRL // b. Warmfield YKS, 1855
Jane /HEALD/ Abt1883CENJoseph /HEALD/MargaretIrelandIRL CEN 1901 (Normanton, YKS)
Ethel /HEALD/ Abt1885CENJoseph /HEALD/MargaretNormantonYKS CEN 1901
David Samuel /HEALD/ Q11887CENJoseph /HEALD/MargaretNormantonYKS GRO 9c 10 (Wakefield) CEN 1901
Willie /HEALD/ Abt1889CENJoseph /HEALD/MargaretNormantonYKS CEN 1901
Harry /HEALD/ Q11891CENJoseph /HEALD/MargaretNormantonYKS GRO 9c 18 CEN 1901
Elsie /HEALD/ Abt1893CENJoseph /HEALD/MargaretNormantonYKS CEN 1901
Lilley /HEALD/ Abt1895CENJoseph /HEALD/MargaretNormantonYKS CEN 1901
Arundel David /HEALD/ Q11883FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 33
m. Q11883FreeBMDClarinda /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 49
Louisa /HEALD/ Q11883FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1886, GRO 9c 24)WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 46
Alice /HEALD/ Q41883FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1900, GRO 9c 56)WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 67
Alice /HEALD/ Q21884FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 47
Alice /HELD/ Abt1885CEN- (Other 1901)WrenthorpeYKS CEN 1901 (Blackpool, LAN)
m. Q11884FreeBMDAnnie /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 37
m. Q11884FreeBMDCatherine Maria /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 84 // b. 1863
m. Q31884FreeBMDHarriet /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 55
Mary E Abt1863CEN- (m. Fred /HEALD/ Bef 1887)HorburyYKS CEN 1901 (Wakefield)
m. Q41885FreeBMDFred /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 59
m. Bef1887Fred /HEALD/Mary E<Wakefield>YKS // b. 1860
Eliza Ann /HEALD/ Q41886CENFred /HEALD/MaryWakefieldYKS GRO 9c 75 CEN 1901
Walter /HEALD/ Q31889CENFred /HEALD/MaryWakefieldYKS GRO 9c 68 CEN 1901
Joe /HEALD/ Q31897CENFred /HEALD/MaryWakefieldYKS GRO 9c 14 CEN 1901
m. Q11887FreeBMDSarah Jane /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 72
Victoria /HEALD/ Q41887FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 50
Emily /HEALD/ Q21888FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1895, GRO 9c 52)WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 71
Rachel /HEALD/ Abt1888FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1888)<Wakefield>YKS GRO 9c 25
m. Bef1889Walter /HEALD/<Wakefield>YKS // b. 1868
Hannah /HEALD/ Abt1889CENWalter /HEALD/WakefieldYKS CEN 1901
Sarah Ann /HEALD/ Abt1890CENWalter /HEALD/WakefieldYKS CEN 1901
Sarah E Abt1870CEN- (m. Walter /HEALD/)WakefieldYKS CEN 1901
m. Q41892FreeBMDWalter /HEALD/Sarah Esther /TURNER/WakefieldYKS(m2?) GRO 9c 139
Lizzie /HEALD/ Abt1894CENWalter /HEALD/SarahWakefieldYKS CEN 1901
Herbert /HEALD/ Q31895CENWalter /HEALD/SarahWakefieldYKS GRO 9c 52 CEN 1901
Winnie /HEALD/ Abt1899CENWalter /HEALD/SarahWakefieldYKS CEN 1901
Joseph William /HEALD/ Q11889FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS
Ann Clay /HEALD/ Abt1889FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1889, GRO 9c 27)<Wakefield>YKS
m. Q21890FreeBMDCharlotte Elizabeth /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 123
m. Q21890FreeBMDTom Cabel /BLACKMORE/Alice /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 92 // b. 1867 ?
Ethel /HEALD/ Q31890FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1890, GRO 9c 20)WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 40
Emily /HEALD/ Q41891FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1897, GRO 9c 6)WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 19 \ GRO 9c 49
m. Q41891FreeBMDHarriet /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 92
Emma Abt1869CEN- (m. /HEALD/)WakefieldYKS CEN 1901
m. Bef1892/HEALD/Emma<Wakefield>YKS
Lilian /HEALD/ Abt1892CENEmmaWakefieldYKS CEN 1901
Eva /HEALD/ Q11894FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 62
Eva /HEALD/ Abt1894CENEmmaWakefieldYKS CEN 1901
Eva /HEALD/ Abt1894CEN- (Other 1901)WakefieldYKS CEN 1901
Minnie /HEALD/ Q31895CENEmmaWakefieldYKS GRO 9c 53 CEN 1901
Mary Jane /HEALD/ Q31897CENEmmaWakefieldYKS GRO 9c 56 CEN 1901
Raymond /HEALD/ Q11892FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1892, GRO 9c 43)WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 65
Elsie /HEALD/ Q11893FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 28
Sarah Abt1875CEN- (m. John /HEALD/)SheffieldYKS CEN 1901 (Outwood)
m. Q41893FreeBMDJohn /HEALD/[Sarah Amelia /HODGSON/]WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 53 // b. 1874
Martha Ann /HEALD/ Q31895CENJohn /HEALD/SarahWrenthorpeYKS GRO 9c 40 (Wakefield) CEN 1901 (Outwood)
Rowland Absalom /HEALD/ Q21897CENJohn /HEALD/SarahWrenthorpeYKS GRO 9c 54 (Wakefield) CEN 1901 (Outwood)
Sarah Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q31898CENJohn /HEALD/SarahWrenthorpeYKS GRO 9c 43 (Wakefield) CEN 1901 (Outwood)
Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q21895FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1898, GRO 9c 34)WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 17
Florence Lily /HEALD/ Q41895FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 30
Florence /HEALD/ Q41895FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 79
Sarah Jane Abt1873CEN- (m. George /HEALD/)GomersallYKS CEN 1901 (Wakefield)
m. Q41895FreeBMDGeorge /HEALD/Sarah Jane /BARBER/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 119
Harry /HEALD/ Q41896CENGeorge /HEALD/SarahAlverthorpeYKS GRO 9c 79 CEN 1901 (Wakefield)
Florrie /HEALD/ Q21899CENGeorge /HEALD/SarahWakefieldYKS GRO 9c 64 CEN 1901
Annie Abt1873CEN- (m. Andrew /HILDE/ Bef 1896)KeighleyYKS CEN 1901 (Barrow In Furness, LAN)
m. Bef1896Andrew /HILDE/Annie<Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe>YKS // to Devonport DEV, 1897, Barrow LAN, 1900
Frederick /HILDE/ Abt1896CENAndrew /HILDE/AnnieStanley Cum WrenthorpeYKS CEN 1901 (Barrow In Furness, LAN)
m. Q41896FreeBMDHenry /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 8
Martha /WOOD/30Jul1871CEN- (m. Joe /HEALD/; d. Horbury Br, Feb 1953)Chapelthorpe [Dirtcar]YKS CEN 1901 (Shillington)
m.21Nov1896RELJoe /HEALD/Martha /WOOD/Horbury BridgeYKS GRO 9c 33 // b. 1873
Doris /HEALD/21Apr1898FreeBMDJoe /HEALD/Martha /WOOD/Horbury BridgeYKS(d. 7 Jun 1898 -REL, GRO 9c 3) GRO 9c 69 (Wakefield)
Jane /HEALD/ Q31897FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1897, GRO 9c 43)WakefieldYKS
m. Q41897FreeBMDElizabeth Hannah /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 87
m. Q21898FreeBMDAnnie /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 95
Frances Winifred /HEALD/ Q41898FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 34
Emma Abt1878CEN- (m. Herbert /HEALD/)NormantonYKS CEN 1901
m. Q41898FreeBMDHerbert Simpson /HEALD/[Emma /BETTLEY/]WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 50 // b. 1874
Ernest /HEALD/ Q11899CENHerbert /HEALD/EmmaNormantonYKS GRO 9c 36 (Wakefield) CEN 1901
Alice /HEALD/ Q21900CENHerbert /HEALD/EmmaNormantonYKS GRO 9c 31 (Wakefield) CEN 1901
Lilian /HEALD/ Q31899FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1900, GRO 9c 26)WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 45
Ann Abt1880CEN- (m. Herbert /HEALD/)WakefieldYKS CEN 1901 (Sandal Magna)
m. Q41899FreeBMDHerbert /HEALD/AnnWakefieldYKS GRO 9c 86 // b. 1880
John Edwin /HEALD/ Q11901CENHerbert /HEALD/AnnSandalYKS GRO 9c 9 (Wakefield) CEN 1901 (Sandal Magna)
m. Q41899FreeBMDEliza /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 105
Martha Abt1879CEN- (m. William /HEALD/)Clay CrossDBY CEN 1901 (East Ardsley, YKS)
m. Q41899FreeBMDWilliam Henry /HEALD/[Martha /SAXTON/]WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 133 // b. 1879
John William /HEALD/ Q11900CENWilliam /HEALD/MarthaEast ArdsleyYKS GRO 9c 94 (Wakefield) Yks-LS ARDS/31/476 CEN 1901
m. Q21900FreeBMDHarry /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 83
Emma Edith Abt1877CEN- (m. Ernest /HEALD/)WakefieldYKS CEN 1901 (Warmfield Cum Heath)
m. Q31900FreeBMDErnest /HEALD/Emma Edith /SPEIGHT/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 106 // b. 1876
John William Salisbury /RYLEY/3Mar1879REL- (m. Jane /HEALD/)<Wakefield>YKS
m.6Aug1900FreeBMDJohn William Salisbury /RYLEY/Jane /HEALD/Horbury BridgeYKS GRO 9c 21 // b. 1879
m. Q41900FreeBMDAnnie Elizabeth /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 83
Mary Abt1839CEN- (m. William /HEALD/)West ArdsleyYKS CEN 1901 (Wakefield)
m. Bef1901William /HEALD/Mary<Wakefield>YKS // b. WiAbt1837YKS_1030508
Glayds Eleanor /HEALD/ Q31901FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 22
Florrie /HEALD/ Q31901FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 30
John William /HEALD/ Q31901FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 57
Margaret /HEALD/ Q41901FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 49
Harold /HEALD/ Q21902FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1902, GRO 9c 48)WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 78
George Irvin /HEALD/ Q31902FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1902, GRO 9c 42)WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 87
m. Q31902FreeBMDMary Ethel /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 34
m. Q31902FreeBMDMary Elizabeth /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 40
James McHenry /HEALD/ Abt1903FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1903, GRO 9c 24)<Wakefield>YKS
Reginald /HEALD/ Q21903FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 63
Percival /HEALD/ Q31903FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1904, GRO 9c 12)WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 38
James McHenry /HEALD/ Q31903FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 40
m. Q31903FreeBMDClara /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 117
m. Q41903FreeBMDAgnes Mary /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 105
Hilda /HEALD/ Q11904FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 83
Grace /HEALD/ Q11904FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 19
Ann /HEALD/ Q21904FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 12
m. Q21904FreeBMDEliza Ann /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 111
m. Q31904FreeBMDWalter /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 127
m. Q41904FreeBMDFlorence /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 129
Maria /HEALD/ Q11905FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 71
John William /HEALD/ Q11905FreeBMD- WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 47
m. Q21905FreeBMDJohn William /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 130
m. Q21905FreeBMDJane Elizabeth /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 46
m. Q41905FreeBMDAnnie /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 25
m. Q41905FreeBMDTom /HEALD/WakefieldYKS GRO 9c 70
Herbert R /HEALD/  1908YksBMD- ArdsleyYKS Yks-LS ARDS/39/2
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James /HEALD/ Feb1851CENWilliam /HEALD/HarrietBarnsleyYKS CEN 1851 (Barnsley) // m. Bef 1847; to Kirkthorpe 1854
Joseph /HEALD/ Feb1851CENWilliam /HEALD/HarrietBarnsleyYKS CEN 1851 (Barnsley)
Charles /HEALD/ Q41861CENWilliam /HEALD/HarrietBarnsleyYKS(m. Hannah 1899) GRO 9c 118 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Herbert /HEALD/ Q21864CENWilliam /HEALD/HarrietBarnsleyYKS(widr bef 1901) GRO 9c 141 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Sheffield)
Elizabeth /ELLIOTT/ Abt1830VRIJohn /ELLIOTT/<Wombwell>YKS(m1 /HEALD/;m2 Aaron /EVANS/) FHL 1545842
m. Abt1851/HEALD/Elizabeth /ELLIOTT/<Wombwell>YKS
Maria /HEALD/ Abt1866CEN- (Lodger 1881)WombwellYKS CEN 1881 (Tonge, LAN)
Aaron /EVANS/ Abt1840VRIJohn /EVANS/<Wombwell>YKS(m. Elizabeth /HEALD/) FHL 1545842
m.10Oct1869VRIAaron /EVANS/Elizabeth /HEALD/Wombwell, St. MaryYKS GRO 9c 227 (Barnsley) FHL 1545842
Walter /HEALD/ Q21852CEN- (m. Mary Bef 1877)BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 105 CEN 1881 (Wombwell) CEN 1901
m. Q31854FreeBMDThomas /HEALD/BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 149
Octavius /HEALD/ Q31859FreeBMD- BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 114
Emma /HEALD/ Q11862FreeBMD- BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 137
m. Q41866FreeBMDGeorge /HEALD/Emma /HARTLEY/BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 183
William Hartley /HEALD/ Q41866CENGeo. /HEALD/Emma /HARTLEY/BarnsleyYKS(m1 1886; m2 [Agnes Ann /CARLISLE/] 1895) GRO 9c 148 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Hannah Abt1853CEN- (m. Geo. /HEALD/)SaddleworthYKS CEN 1881 (Barnsley) CEN 1901 (Barnsley, YKS)
m. Q31878FreeBMDGeorge /HEALD/[Hannah /HIGHAM/]BarnsleyYKS(m2) GRO 9c 147 // b. 1847
George Percy /HEALD/ Q31879CENGeo. /HEALD/HannahBarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 18[46] CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Ethel /HEALD/ Q31887CENGeorge /HEALD/HannahBarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 195 CEN 1901
Herbert Harry /HEALD/ Q31892CENGeorge /HEALD/HannahBarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 197 CEN 1901
Effie /HEALD/ Q31870FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1876, GRO 9c 107)BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 126
Thomas /HEALD/ Q21873FreeBMD- WortleyYKS GRO 9c 249
Sarah Ann /HEALD/ Q41874FreeBMD- BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 160
m. Bef1875Thomas /HEALD/<Barnsley>YKS // b. Knottingley 1854; m2 Oldham LAN, 1884, to Bolton LAN, 1900
m. Q11876FreeBMDThomas /HEALD/BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 181
Kate /HEALD/ Abt1875CENThomas /HEALD/BarnsleyYKS CEN 1901 (Bolton, LAN)
Ann L. Abt1855CEN- (m. William J. /HEALD/)BarnsleyYKS CEN 1881 CEN 1901
m. Q21876FreeBMDWilliam James /HEALD/Ann Louisa /NICHOLLS/WortleyYKS GRO 9c 288 REL 35 // b. Kirkthorpe 1854
Fred /HEALD/ Q31876CENWilliam J. /HEALD/Ann L.BarnsleyYKS(m. [Margaret /WHYSALL/] 1898) GRO 9c 166 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Harriet Ann /HEALD/ Q11878CENWilliam J. /HEALD/Ann L.BarnsleyYKS(m. GRO 9c 215 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Carlton)
Albert /HEALD/ Abt1880CENWilliam J. /HEALD/Ann L.BarnsleyYKS CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Lucy /HEALD/ Abt1883CENWilliam /HEALD/AnnBarnsleyYKS CEN 1901
William James /HEALD/ Q31886CENWilliam /HEALD/AnnBarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 206 CEN 1901 REL 35
Arthur /HEALD/ Abt1889CENWilliam /HEALD/AnnBarnsleyYKS CEN 1901
Rowland /HEALD/ Q31891CENWilliam /HEALD/AnnBarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 209 CEN 1901
Allen /HEALD/ Q21896CENWilliam /HEALD/AnnBarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 214 CEN 1901
Stanley /HEALD/ Q11898CENWilliam /HEALD/AnnBarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 250 CEN 1901
George William /HEALD/ Q41876FreeBMD- BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 170
Albert /HEALD/ Abt1877FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1877, GRO 9c 152)<Wortley>YKS
Mary Abt1854CEN- (m. Walter /HEALD/)IpswichSFK CEN 1881 (Wombwell, YKS) CEN 1901 (Barnsley, YKS)
m. Bef1877Walter /HEALD/Mary<Barnsley>YKS // b. 1852
Clara Ann /HEALD/ Abt1866FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1893)<Barnsley>YKS GRO 9c 111 // == Clara Ann /WARD/ ?
Ernest /HEALD/ Q21876CENWalter /HEALD/MaryBarnsleyYKS(m. Emily 1899) GRO 9c 213 CEN 1881 (Wombwell) CEN 1901 (Sheffield)
Effie E. /HEALD/ Abt1881CENWalter /HEALD/MaryWombwellYKS CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Barnsley)
Charles Walter /HEALD/ Q21885CENWalter /HEALD/MaryBarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 212 CEN 1901
Florence Mary /HEALD/ Q41889CENWalter /HEALD/MaryBarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 188 CEN 1901
George /HEALD/ Q21879CENGeorge /HEALD/ElizabethBarnsleyYKS(Boarder 1881) GRO 9c 178 CEN 1881 (Newton, LAN) CEN 1901 (North Manchester, LAN) // m. Manchester LAN, 1872
Maude Alice /HEALD/ Q21884CENGeorge /HEALD/ElizabethBarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 206 CEN 1901 (North Manchester, LAN)
Richard Stanley /HEALD/ Q11879FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1880, GRO 9c 146)BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 234
m. Q31883FreeBMDMaria /HEALD/BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 211
Harriet Gertrude /HEALD/ Q31882FreeBMD- BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 206
Charles Herbert /HEALD/ Q21884FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1884, GRO 9c 261 (Sheffield))BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 197
Eva /HEALD/ Q41884FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1887, GRO 9c 120)BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 177
m. Q31886FreeBMDWilliam Hartley /HEALD/WortleyYKS GRO 9c 284 // b. 1866
George /HEALD/ Q41886CENWilliam /HEALD/BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 203 CEN 1901
Agnes Abt1865CEN- (m. William /HEALD/)BarnsleyYKS CEN 1901
m. Q11895FreeBMDWilliam Hartley /HEALD/[Agnes Ann /CARLISLE/]BarnsleyYKS(m2) GRO 9c 199 // b. 1866
Horace /HEALD/ Q41895CENWilliam /HEALD/AgnesBarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 200 CEN 1901
Frank /HEALD/ Q41897CENWilliam /HEALD/AgnesBarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 220 CEN 1901
Lily /HEALD/ Q41887FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1887, GRO 9c 113)BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 182
m. Q41891FreeBMDMartha Ann /HEALD/BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 427
Leonard /HEALD/ Q21894FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1894, GRO 9c 108)BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 192
m. Q31894FreeBMDEmily /HEALD/BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 281
Lily E Abt1871CEN- (m. John /HEALD/)PaddingtonLND CEN 1901 (Ardsley, YKS)
m. Q31894FreeBMDJohn Henry /HEALD/Lillie Elizabeth /STEVENS/BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 325 // b. 1870
Lizzie /HEALD/13Oct1895VRI2John Henry /HEALD/Lillie ElizabethArdsleyYKS GRO 9c 245 (Barnsley) CEN 1901 FHL 1545882
John /HEALD/28Dec1896VRI2John Henry /HEALD/Lillie ElizabethArdsleyYKS GRO 9c 233 (Barnsley) CEN 1901 FHL 1545882
Martha /HEALD/26Feb1899VRI2John Henry /HEALD/Lillie ElizabethArdsleyYKS(d. Q2 1903, GRO 9c 119) GRO 9c 240 (Barnsley) CEN 1901 FHL 1545882
Joseph Henry /BALL/ Abt1872VRIAnthony /BALL/<Ardsley by Barnsley>YKS FHL 1545882
m.8Sep1895M073953Joseph Henry /BALL/Annie /HEALD/Ardsley by BarnsleyYKS GRO (Barnsley) 9c 217 VRI FHL 1545882 // b. 1875
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1886FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1900)<Barnsley>YKS GRO 9c 111
Margaret Abt1880CEN- (m. Fred /HEALD/)CarltonYKS CEN 1901 (Barnsley)
m. Q11898FreeBMDFred /HEALD/[Margaret /WHYSALL/]BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 195 // b. 1876
Fred /HEALD/ Q31898CENFred /HEALD/MargaretBarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 241 CEN 1901
Beatrice /HEALD/ Q11900CENFred /HEALD/MargaretBarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 214 CEN 1901
Margaret /HEALD/ Abt1885CENFred /HEALD/MargaretBarnsleyYKS CEN 1901
m. Q11898FreeBMDMary Elizabeth /HEALD/BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 213
Emily Abt1877CEN- BarnsleyYKS CEN 1901
m. Q21899FreeBMDErnest /HEALD/[Emily /DURANT/]BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 297 // b. 1876
Charles Walter /HEALD/ Q41899FreeBMD[Ernest /HEALD/]EmilyWortleyYKS GRO 9c 321 CEN 1901 (Barnsley)
Hannah Abt1867CEN- (m. Charles /HEALD/)BarnsleyYKS CEN 1901
m. Q31899FreeBMDCharles /HEALD/[Hannah /HEPTINSTALL/]BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 367 // b. 1861
m. Q11900FreeBMDHarriet Gertrude /HEALD/BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 266
Harold /HEALD/ Q21901FreeBMD- BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 261
Margaret /HEALD/ Q21901FreeBMD- BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 225
Harry Stevens /HEALD/ Q11902FreeBMD- BarnsleyYKS
James /HEALD/ Q41902FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1902, GRO 9c 139)BarnsleyYKS
Ivy /HEALD/ Q21904FreeBMD- BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 238
Elsie /HEALD/ Q21905FreeBMD- BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 237
m. Q21905FreeBMDHenry Arthur /HEALD/BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 405
Hilda /HEALD/ Q41905FreeBMD- BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 226
m. Q41905FreeBMDAlbert /HEALD/BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 305
m. Q41905FreeBMDEffie Ethel /HEALD/BarnsleyYKS GRO 9c 429
Edith /HEALDS/ Q41887FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1887, GRO 9c 99)HemsworthYKS GRO 9c 119
Gertrude Abt1872CEN- (m. George E /HEALD/ Bef 1890)South HiendleyYKS CEN 1901
m. Q31887FreeBMDGeorge Edward /HEALD/HemsworthYKS GRO 9c 162
m. Bef1890George /HEALD/Gertrude<South Hiendley>YKS // b. 1859
Charles Edward /HEALD/ Q31888FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1888, GRO 9c 68)HemsworthYKS GRO 9c 148
Walter /HEALD/ Q11890CENGeorge /HEALD/GertrudeSouth HiendleyYKS GRO 9c 160 (Hemsworth) CEN 1901
Edwin /HEALD/ Q11892CENGeorge /HEALD/GertrudeSouth HiendleyYKS GRO 9c 145 (Hemsworth) CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/ Q31895CENGeorge /HEALD/GertrudeSouth HiendleyYKS GRO 9c 180 (Hemsworth) CEN 1901
George /HEALD/ Q21898FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1898, GRO 9c 99)HemsworthYKS GRO 9c 160
William /HEALD/ Q41899CENGeorge /HEALD/GertrudeSouth HiendleyYKS GRO 9c 171 (Hemsworth) CEN 1901
Eliza Ann /HEALD/ Q11902FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1902, GRO 9c 104)HemsworthYKS GRO 9c 194
Emily /HEALD/ Q41903FreeBMD- HemsworthYKS GRO 9c 174
Mary /HEALD/ Q21905FreeBMD- HemsworthYKS GRO 9c 183
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Sarah Hannah /HEALD/21Dec1851C108451William /HEALD/SarahKnottingleyYKS(m. Thomas /ADDY/ -REL; m. 1874 ?) REL 26 // m. 1837
Sarah /HEALD/ Abt1853CEN- (Serv 1881)NottinglyYKS CEN 1881 (Almondbury)
Sarah /HEALD/ Abt1851CEN- (Other 1901)KnottingleyYKS CEN 1901 (Bradford St Peter)
George /HEALD/26Jun1853C108451William /HEALD/SarahKnottingleyYKS(m. Sophia 1880) GRO 9c 6** (Pontefract) CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Samuel /HEALD/6May1855C108451William /HEALD/SarahKnottingleyYKS
Samuel /HEALD/ Abt1857CEN- (m. Sarah 1877)KnottingleyYKS CEN 1901 (Glass Houghton)
Samuel /HEALD/ Abt1860CEN- (m. Sarah 1877)KnottingleyYKS CEN 1881 (Glass Houghton)
James /HEALD/28Dec1856C108451William /HEALD/SarahKnottingleyYKS
James /HEALD/ Abt1856CEN- (m. Louisa /BRAMHAM/ 1883)KnottingleyYKS CEN 1901
Elizabeth /HEALD/30Jan1859C108451William /HEALD/SarahKnottingleyYKS(Serv 1881; m. John Andrew /BOULD/, York 1886) CEN 1881 (Tanshelf)
Harriet /HEALD/ Feb1851RELThomas /HEALD/Catherine<Knottingley>YKS(m. /RHODES/ -REL) CEN 1851 // m. 1847
Harriet /HEALD/ Abt1851CEN- (Serv 1881)KnottingleyYKS CEN 1881 (Horton In Bradford)
Tom /HEALD/28Dec1856C108451Thomas /HEALD/CatharineKnottingleyYKS(b. 17 Aug 1854 -REL)
Thomas /HEALD/ Abt1854CEN- (m. Bef 1875; m2 Mary /MOTTRAM/ LAN, 1884)KnottingleyYKS CEN 1901 (Bolton, LAN)
James /HEALD/28Dec1856C108451Thomas /HEALD/CatharineKnottingleyYKS
James /HEALD/ Abt1857CEN- (m. Sarah E Bef 1878)KnottingleyYKS CEN 1881 (Cridling Stubbs) CEN 1901 (Cridling Stubbs)
John /HEALD/2Feb1859C108341Thomas /HEALD/CatherineWomersley \ Cridling StubbsYKS(m. [Harriet /BECKETT/] 1881) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Knottingley)
William /HEALD/12Feb1861C108341Thomas /HEALD/CatherineWomersley \ Cridling StubbsYKS(m. [Annie /CAMPEY/] 1889) CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Martha /HEALD/ Abt1863CENThomas /HEALD/CatharineCridling StubbsYKS(m. /THOMPSON/ -REL) CEN 1881
m. Q11851FreeBMDRobert /CLOUGH/Margaret /HIELD/PontefractYKS(m2) GRO 22 339 // m1 1842
Ann /HEALD/ Abt1852RELJoseph /HEALD/[HannahKnottingleyYKS(m. James Cawthorn /WORFOLK/ Bef 1880 -REL) // m. Bef 1845
Townend /HEALD/ Q21857CEN[Joseph /HEALD/][Hannah]KnottingleyYKS(m. Elizabeth Ann Bef 1881; m2 [Ada /JACKSON/] 1887; neph. of Elizabeth /MORTON/ (1821)) GRO 9c 68 (Pontefract) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Sculcoates)
Lucy H. /HEALD/ Abt1864CENJoseph /HEALD/HannahKnottingleyYKS(m. /BELLHOUSE/) CEN 1881
Sarah Jane /HEALD/ Q21868CENJoseph /HEALD/HannahKnottingleyYKS(m. John W. /BURTON/ -REL) GRO 9c 80 (Pontefract) CEN 1881
Mary /HEALD/ Q41852CEN- (Servant 1881)KnottingleyYKS GRO 9c 65 (Pontefract) CEN 1881 (Bradford)
m.13May1852M109224Richard Layton /HIELD/Eliza /YATES/HemingbroughYKS(da. of Joseph /YATES/) GRO 9d 143 (Howden) // b. 1830
Jane Abt1830CEN- ([m. Isaac /HEALD/ 1851])GlasshoughtonYKS CEN 1881 (Mexborough) CEN 1901 (Knottingley)
m. Q41851FreeBMDIsaac /HEALD/[Jane /BUTTERFIELD/]PontefractYKS GRO 22 472 //b. 1819
Mary Ann /HEALD/ Q11852CENIsaac /HEALD/KnottingleyYKS(m. /STEAD/ -REL) GRO 9c 63 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1854CEN[Isaac /HEALD/]JaneKnottingleyYKS(m. Harriet Ann /WRIGGLESWORTH/ 1880) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Swinton)
Bowman [or Beaumont] /HEALD/ Abt1857CENIsaac /HEALD/JaneKnottingleyYKS(m. Sarah Anne /HEPWORTH/ 1879; m2 Janie /DANSON/ 1896 -VRI) CEN 1881 (Mexborough) EXOR 1897 CEN 1901 (Swinton)
John William /HEALD/ Q11861CENIsaac /HEALD/[Jane]KnottingleyYKS(m. 1883; widr bef 1901) GRO 9c 64 (Pontefract) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Darwen, LAN)
Isaac Alfred /HEALD/16Oct1864C108451Isaac /HEALD/JaneKnottingleyYKS
Herbert Ernest /HEALD/ Q11868CENIsaac /HEALD/[Jane]KnottingleyYKS(m. [Kate /SAXTON/] 1893) GRO 9c 77 (Pontefract) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Swinton)
Mary A. Abt1848CEN- (m. Isaac /HEALD/)KnotleyYKS CEN 1881 (Hull Holy Trinity)
m. Q41867FreeBMDIsaac /HEALD/[Mary Hannah /HARRISON/]PontefractYKS GRO 9c 106 // b. 1845; moved to Hull 1874
Joseph Thomas /HEALD/27Jun1868C108451Isaac /HEALD/Mary AnnaKnottingleyYKS GRO 9c 82 (Pontefract)
Herbert /HEALD/ Q11870CENIsaac /HEALD/Mary A.KnotleyYKS(m. Annie 1892) GRO 9c 83 (Pontefract) CEN 1881 (Hull Holy Trinity) CEN 1901 (Sculcoates)
George /HEALD/ Abt1862CEN- (m. Emma Bef 1890)FeatherstoneYKS CEN 1901
Ellen Abt1829CEN- (m. John /HEALD/)FarnleyYKS CEN 1881 (Knottingley)
m.18Apr1852John /HEALD/Ellen /CLOUGH/KnottingleyYKS REL 25 // b. 1828; cf Leeds 1852
William Clough /HEALD/20May1853C108451John /HEALD/EllenKnottingleyYKS(b. 18 May 1853; m. Susannah Caroline /TAYTON/ 1878; d. 16 Apr 1930 -REL) GRO 9c 65 (Pontefract) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 REL 25
William Clough /HEALD/31Jul1853C108451John /HEALD/EllenKnottingleyYKS
Elizabeth /HEALD/12Nov1854C108451John /HEALD/EllenKnottingleyYKS(m. Timothy /PULLAN/ 1873)
Ann /HEALD/19Oct1856C108451John /HEALD/EllenKnottingleyYKS(m. Tom /DEAKEN/ 1878)
Agnes /HEALD/ Abt1858CENJohn /HEALD/EllenKnottingleyYKS CEN 1881
Ellen /HEALD/ Q41862CENJohn /HEALD/EllenKnottingleyYKS(m. John H /FELL/ Bef 1879 -REL) GRO 9c 65 (Pontefract) CEN 1881
Mary Ann /HEALD/2Jul1867C108451John /HEALD/EllenKnottingleyYKS
William /HEALD/ Q31860FreeBMD- PontefractYKS GRO 9c 61
Jacob /HEALD/ Q31860FreeBMD- PontefractYKS GRO 9c 62
Agnes /HEALD/ Q11861FreeBMD- PontefractYKS GRO 9c 64
Jane Abt1838CEN- (m. Robert /HEALD/)RawcliffeYKS CEN 1881 (Featherstone) CEN 1901 (Featherstone)
m. Bef1863Robert /HEALD/Jane<Knottingley>YKS // b. 1838
Sarah Jane /HEALD/22Feb1863C108451Robert /HEALD/JaneKnottingleyYKS
Clara /HEALD/ Q21864CENRobert /HEALD/JaneKnottingleyYKS(m. 1883) GRO 9c 70 (Pontefract) CEN 1881 (Featherstone)
William /HEALD/27May1866C108451Robert /HEALD/JaneKnottingleyYKS(d. Q1 1867, GRO 9c 51) GRO 9c 69 (Pontefract)
John /HEALD/ Abt1865FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1866, GRO 9c 66)<Pontefract>YKS
m. Q41865FreeBMDHarriet /HEALD/PontefractYKS GRO 9c 112
m. Q41866FreeBMDMary A /HEALD/PontefractYKS GRO 9c 107
m. Bef1868Charles /SMITH/Sarah /HEALD/<Knottingley>YKS // b. 1848
Hannah M. Abt1847CEN- (m. David /HEALD/)KnottingleyYKS CEN 1881 (Normanton)
Hannah Abt1844CEN- (m. David /HEALD/)KnottingleyYKS CEN 1901 (Normanton)
m. Q11868FreeBMDDavid /HEALD/Hannah Martha /HUNT/Pontefract, <Knottingley>YKS GRO 9c 104// b. 1843; to Normanton 1875
John William /HEALD/1Aug1869C108451David /HEALD/Hannah MarthaKnottingleyYKS CEN 1881 (Normanton) CEN 1901 (Normanton)
George R. /HEALD/ Abt1872CENDavid /HEALD/Hannah M.KnottingleyYKS(m. 1898) CEN 1881 (Normanton) CEN 1901 (Normanton)
Herbert Simpson /HEALD/ Q21874CENDavid /HEALD/Hannah M.Knottingley \ NormantonYKS(m. Emma 1898) GRO 9c 19 (Wakefield) CEN 1881 (Normanton) CEN 1901
m. Q11869FreeBMDGeorge Thomas /MORTON/Mary Ann /HEALD/PontefractYKS GRO 9c 115
Emma Jane /HEALD/ Abt1869FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1869, GRO 9c 49)<Pontefract>YKS
Mary Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q11870FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1870, GRO 9c 63)PontefractYKS GRO 9c 86
m. Q31870FreeBMDWilliam /HEALD/Nancy /SOUTHERNWOOD/PontefractYKS GRO 9c 110 // b. 1840
Sarah Jane /HEALD/ Abt1872CEN[William /HEALD/][Nancy /SOUTHERNWOOD/]KnottingleyYKS(Niece of William /SOUTHERNWOOD/ (1817)) CEN 1881
James /HEALD/ Abt1871FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1882, GRO 9c 78)<Pontefract>YKS
Mary Ellen /HEALD/ Abt1873FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1873, GRO 9c 46)<Pontefract>YKS
m. Q11874FreeBMDSarah Hannah /HEALD/PontefractYKS GRO 9c 146 // b. 1851
m. Q41874FreeBMDSarah /HEALD/PontefractYKS GRO 9c 185
Elizabeth /HEALD/ Abt1876CEN- (Other 1901)Thorpe ...YKS CEN 1901 (Castleford All Saints)
Sarah E Abt1854CEN- (m. James /HEALD/)Conisboro \ SheffieldYKS CEN 1881 (Cridling Stubbs) CEN 1901 (Cridling Stubbs)
m. Bef1878James /HEALD/Sarah E<Conisborough>YKS // b. 1857
Sarah E. /HEALD/ Abt1878CENJames /HEALD/SarahConisboroYKS CEN 1881 (Cridling Stubbs)
Emma Jane /HEALD/ Q41878CENJames /HEALD/SarahDoncasterYKS(m. 1902) GRO 9c 719 (Doncaster) CEN 1881 (Cridling Stubbs) CEN 1901 (Cridling Stubbs)
Sophia C. /HEALD/ Q31880CENJames /HEALD/SarahDarrington LeysYKS GRO 9c 105 (Pontefract) CEN 1881 (Cridling Stubbs)
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1887CENJames /HEALD/SarahCridling StubbsYKS CEN 1901
Alice /HEALD/ Q11886FreeBMD- PontefractYKS GRO 9c 107
Al[l_]ce /HEALD/ Q31886FreeBMD- PontefractYKS GRO 9c 98
Herbert /HEALD/ Abt1890CENJames /HEALD/SarahCridling StubbsYKS CEN 1901
Albert /HEALD/ Q11891FreeBMD- PontefractYKS GRO 9c 93
Albert /HEALD/ Abt1891CENJames /HEALD/SarahCridling StubbsYKS CEN 1901
Lily /HEALD/ Q31893FreeBMD- PontefractYKS GRO 9c 108
Lilly /HEALD/ Abt1893CENJames /HEALD/SarahCridling StubbsYKS CEN 1901
Katherine /HEALD/ Abt1895CENJames /HEALD/SarahCridling StubbsYKS CEN 1901
Ethel /HEALD/ Q41897FreeBMD- PontefractYKS GRO 9c 99 //cf 1898, 1897
Rose Ethel /HEALD/ Q41897FreeBMD- PontefractYKS GRO 9c 100
Ethel /HEALD/ Abt1898CENJames /HEALD/SarahCridling StubbsYKS CEN 1901
James William /HEALD/ Q21899CENJames /HEALD/SarahCridling StubbsYKS GRO 9c 112 (Pontefract) CEN 1901
Sarah Abt1860CEN- (m. Samuel /HEALD/)KnottingleyYKS CEN 1881 (Glass Houghton) CEN 1901 (Glass Houghton)
m. Q31877FreeBMDSamuel /HEALD/Sarah /DICKINSON/Pontefract, <Knottingley>YKS GRO 9c 151 // b. 1860
William /HEALD/ Q21879CENSamuel /HEALD/SarahGlass Houghton \ CastlefordYKS GRO 9c 139 (Pontefract) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Woolwich, LND)
George William /HEALD/ Q11883CENSamuel /HEALD/SarahGlass HoughtonYKS GRO 9c 94 (Pontefract) CEN 1901
Sarah /HEALD/ Q11886CEN- (Other 1901)GlasshoughtonYKS GRO 9c 135 (Pontefract) CEN 1901 (Castleford)
Ellen /HEALD/ Abt1888CENSamuel /HEALD/SarahGlass HoughtonYKS CEN 1901
Ellen /HEALD/ Q11889FreeBMD- PontefractYKS GRO 9c 135
Sam /HEALD/ Abt1896CENSamuel /HEALD/SarahGlass HoughtonYKS CEN 1901
Ben /HEALD/ Abt1898CENSamuel /HEALD/SarahGlass HoughtonYKS GRO 9c 136 (Pontefract) CEN 1901
Susannah Caroline /TAYTON/ Abt1854CEN- (m. William C. /HEALD/)BostonLIN CEN 1881 (Knottingley, YKS) CEN 1901 (Knottingley, YKS)
m.2Aug1878RELWilliam Clough /HEALD/Susannah Caroline /TAYTON/KnottingleyYKS REL 25 // b. 1853; cf LIN, 1880
John H /HEALD/ Abt1882CENWilliam /HEALD/SusannahKnottingleyYKS CEN 1901
Lily /HEALD/ Q21884CENWilliam /HEALD/SusannahKnottingleyYKS GRO 9c 105 (Pontefract) CEN 1901
Agnes /HEALD/ Q21888CENWilliam /HEALD/SusannahKnottingleyYKS GRO 9c 98 (Pontefract) CEN 1901
Arthur Tayton /HEALD/4Oct1892RELWilliam Clough /HEALD/Susannah Caroline /TAYTON/KnottingleyYKS GRO 9c 100 CEN 1901 REL 25
m. Q41878FreeBMDTom /DEAKEN/Ann /HEALD/PontefractYKS GRO 9c 175 // b. 1856
m. Bef1879RELJohn H /FELL/Eliza /HEALD/PontefractYKS
m. Q41878FreeBMDEliza /HEALD/PontefractYKS GRO 9c 173
Ann Abt1845CEN- (m. Benjamine /HEALD/)KnottingleyYKS CEN 1901
m. Q21879FreeBMDBenjamin /HEALD/Ann /HARGRAVE/PontefractYKS GRO 9c 119 // b. 1850
Sarah Anne Abt1856CEN- (m. Bowman /HEALD/; d. 30 Nov 1893, GRO 9c 456 (Rotherham))KnottingleyYKS CEN 1881 (Mexborough) ADM 1897
m. Q31879FreeBMDBowman /HEALD/Sarah Anne /HEPWORTH/PontefractYKS GRO 9c 142 // b. 1857; to Mexborough 1880
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1883CENBenjamine /HEALD/AnnKnottingleyYKS CEN 1901
m. Bef1880RELJames Cawthorn /WARFOLK/Ann /HEALD/<Knottingley>YKS
Elizabeth Ann Abt1860CEN- (m. Townend /HEALD/; d. Q1 1885, GRO 9c 70 (Pontefract))KnottingleyYKS CEN 1881
m. Bef1881Townend /HEALD/Elizabeth Ann<Conisborough>YKS // b. 1857
Herbert Ernest /HEALD/ Q41880CENTownend /HEALD/Elizabeth AnnKnottingleyYKS GRO 9c 91 (Pontefract) CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Harriet Ann /WRIGGLESWORTH/ Abt1862CEN- (m. Joseph /HEALD/)KnottingleyYKS CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Swinton)
m. Q41880FreeBMDJoseph /HEALD/Harriet Ann /WRIGGLESWORTH/PontefractYKS GRO 9c 168 // b. 1854
Florence /HEALD/ Abt1887CENJoseph /HEALD/HarrietKilnhurstYKS CEN 1901 (Swinton)
Alfred /HEALD/ Q41891CENJoseph /HEALD/HarrietKilnhurstYKS GRO 9c 7 (Rotherham) CEN 1901 (Swinton)
William /HEALD/ Abt1880FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1880)<Pontefract>YKS GRO 9c 63
Sophia Abt1853CEN- (m. George /HEALD/)KnottingleyYKS CEN 1881 CEN 1901
m. Q41880FreeBMDGeorge /HEALD/Sophia /RAYNER/PontefractYKS GRO 9c 133 // b. 1853
George /HEALD/ Q31887CENGeorge /HEALD/SophiaKnottingleyYKS GRO 9c 93 (Pontefract) CEN 1901
Sophia /HEALD/ Q11894CENGeorge /HEALD/SophiaKnottingleyYKS GRO 9c 106 (Pontefract) CEN 1901
Eliza /HEALD/ Q11894CENGeorge /HEALD/SophiaKnottingleyYKS GRO 9c 106 (Pontefract) CEN 1901
Edith /HEALD/ Q21896CENGeorge /HEALD/SophiaKnottingleyYKS GRO 9c 98 (Pontefract) CEN 1901
John /HEALD/ Abt1881FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1881, GRO 9c 84)<Pontefract>YKS
Hannah Jane /HEALD/ Q41881FreeBMD- PontefractYKS GRO 9c 98
Harriet Abt1856CEN- (m. John /HEALD/)Cridling StubbsYKS CEN 1901 (Knottingley)
m. Q41881FreeBMDJohn /HEALD/[Harriet /BECKETT/]PontefractYKS GRO 9c 181 // b. 1859
George /HEALD/ Q11884FreeBMD- PontefractYKS GRO 9c 127
George B /HEALD/ Abt1885CENJohn /HEALD/HarrietCridling StubbsYKS CEN 1901 (Knottingley)
John Wheatman /HEALD/ Q31888CENJohn /HEALD/HarrietCridling StubbsYKS GRO 9c 100 (Pontefract) CEN 1901 (Knottingley)
Albert /HEALD/ Q41890FreeBMD- PontefractYKS
Albert /HEALD/ Abt1890CENJohn /HEALD/HarrietCridling StubbsYKS CEN 1901 (Knottingley)
Male /HEALD/ Abt1882FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1882, GRO 9c 73)<Pontefract>YKS
Willie /HEALD/ Q31882FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1883, GRO 9c 60)PontefractYKS GRO 9c 89
Jane /HEALD/ Abt1882CEN- (Other 1901)PontefractYKS CEN 1901 (Sheffield)
Sarah Elizabeth /HEALD/ Abt1882CEN- (Other 1901)KnottingleyYKS CEN 1901 (Mere Whitwood)
Annie /HEALD/ Q11883FreeBMD- PontefractYKS GRO 9c 95
Tom /HEALD/ Abt1883CEN- (Other 1901)Darrington LaysYKS CEN 1901 (Outwood)
Thomas /HEALD/ Q11883FreeBMD- PontefractYKS GRO 9c 93
Sarah /HEALD/ Abt1885CEN- (Other 1901)DarringtonYKS CEN 1901 (Cridling Stubbs)
Mary Ellen /HEALD/ Q11883CEN- (Other 1901)KnottingleyYKS GRO 9c 94 (Pontefract) CEN 1901 (Holbeck Township)
Alice /HEALD/ Q21883FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1894, GRO 9c 51)PontefractYKS GRO 9c 101
Alice /HEALD/ Q11884FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1884, GRO 9c 79)PontefractYKS GRO 9c 131
m. Q21883FreeBMDJohn William /HEALD/PontefractYKS GRO 9c 121 // b. 1861; to Seaforth LAN, 1884, Clayton Le Moors LAN, 1888
m. Q31883FreeBMDClara /HEALD/PontefractYKS GRO 9c 120 // b. 1864
Louesa Abt1859CEN- (m. James /HEALD/)KnottingleyYKS CEN 1901
m. Q41883FreeBMDJames /HEALD/Louisa /BRAMHAM/PontefractYKS GRO 9c 200 LDS 2078193 // b. 1856
Emily /HEALD/ Q21884FreeBMD- PontefractYKS GRO 9c 100
Emily /HEALD/22Jan1884CENJames /HEALD/Louisa /BRAMHAM/KnottingleyYKS([m. Benjamin Virgo /CARTWRIGHT/ 1906]) CEN 1901 LDS 2078193
Alfred /HEALD/ Q31885CENJames /HEALD/Louisa /BRAMHAM/KnottingleyYKS GRO 9c 91 (Pontefract) CEN 1901
Alfred /HEALD/  1886James /HEALD/Louisa /BRAMHAM/KnottingleyYKS LDS --
Sarah Jane /HEALD/ Q41887CENJames /HEALD/Louisa /BRAMHAM/KnottingleyYKS(b. 25 Sep 1887;Other 1901; [m. John William /STACEY/ 1931]) GRO 9c 91 (Pontefract) CEN 1901 LDS 2078193
Fred /HEALD/ Q41889FreeBMD- PontefractYKS GRO 9c 91
Fred /HEALD/ Abt1889CENJames /HEALD/Louisa /BRAMHAM/KnottingleyYKS CEN 1901 LDS 2078193
Annie /HEALD/ Q41889CEN- (Other 1901)KnottingleyYKS GRO 9c 88 (Pontefract) CEN 1901
John William /HEALD/ Abt.1891James /HEALD/Louisa /BRAMHAM/KnottingleyYKS LDS 2078193
John William /HEALD/ Q21895CENJames /HEALD/LouesaKnottingleyYKS GRO 9c 109 CEN 1901
Ethel /HEALD/ Abt.1893James /HEALD/Louisa /BRAMHAM/KnottingleyYKS LDS 2078193
Ethel /HEALD/7Sep1897James /HEALD/Louisa /BRAMHAM/KnottingleyYKS(m. Herbert /WRIGHT/ 1938) CEN 1901 LDS batch 2260017 REL 27
Lilly /HEALD/27Jul1903FreeBMDJames /HEALD/Louisa /BRAMHAM/KnottingleyYKS GRO 9c 108 LDS 2078193
Sam /HEALD/ Abt.1905James /HEALD/Louisa /BRAMHAM/KnottingleyYKS LDS --
Sam /HEALD/ Abt.1907James /HEALD/Louisa /BRAMHAM/KnottingleyYKS LDS 2078193
Sarah /HEALD/ Q41884FreeBMD- PontefractYKS GRO 9c 102
Sarah /HEALD/ Q21885FreeBMD- PontefractYKS GRO 9c 95
Sarah /HEALD/ Abt1885FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1885, GRO 9c 58)<Pontefract>YKS
Isabella /HEALD/ Abt1885CEN- (Other 1901)KnottingleyYKS CEN 1901
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1886CEN- (Other 1901)KnottinglyYKS CEN 1901 (Boston, LIN)
m. Q11887FreeBMDAgnes /HEALD/PontefractYKS GRO 9c 131
Ada Abt1866CEN- (m. Townend /HEALD/)KnottingleyYKS CEN 1901 (Sculcoates)
m. Q31887FreeBMDTownend /HEALD/[Ada /JACKSON/]PontefractYKS(m2) GRO 9c 140 // b. 1857; to Hull 1898
Alfred /HEALD/ Q31888CENTownend /HEALD/AdaKnottingleyYKS GRO 9c 91 (Pontefract) CEN 1901 (Sculcoates)
Harry /HEALD/ Q31892CENTownend /HEALD/AdaKellingleyYKS GRO 9c 97 (Pontefract) CEN 1901 (Sculcoates)
Eliza Ann /HEALD/ Q11895CENTownend /HEALD/AdaKellingleyYKS GRO 9c 105 (Pontefract) CEN 1901 (Sculcoates)
m. Q41887FreeBMDCaroline /HEALD/PontefractYKS GRO 9c 193
Martha /HEALD/ Q11888FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1891, GRO 9c 61)PontefractYKS GRO 9c 94
Annie Abt1863CEN- (m. Wm /HEALD/)Cridling StubbsYKS CEN 1901
m. Q21889FreeBMDWilliam /HEALD/[Annie /CAMPEY/]PontefractYKS GRO 9c 183 // b. 1861
Joseph /HEALD/ Q21889CENWm /HEALD/AnnieCridling StubbsYKS GRO 9e 98 CEN 1901
Emma Abt1872CEN- (m. George /HEALD/ Bef 1890)FeatherstoneYKS CEN 1901
m. Bef1890George /HEALD/Emma<Purston>YKS // b. 1862
Herbert /HEALD/ Q11890FreeBMD- PontefractYKS GRO 9c 95 // cf 1890
Herbert /HEALD/ Q11890FreeBMD- PontefractYKS GRO 9c 118
Herbert /HEALD/ Abt1890CENGeorge /HEALD/EmmaPurstonYKS CEN 1901
Henry /HEALD/ Q21890FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1890, GRO 9c 64)PontefractYKS GRO 9c 90
m. Q31891FreeBMDLucy Hannah /HEALD/PontefractYKS GRO 9c 189
William /HEALD/ Q41891FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1893, GRO 9c 70)PontefractYKS GRO 9c 97
Sam /HEALD/ Q41891FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1893, GRO 9c 63)PontefractYKS GRO 9c 101
Lily /HEALD/ Q21892FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1892, GRO 9c 58)PontefractYKS GRO 9c 95
Alfred /HEALD/ Q31892FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1893, GRO 9c 74)PontefractYKS GRO 9c 122
Kate Abt1872CEN- (m. Herbert /HEALD/)KilnhurstYKS CEN 1901 (Swinton)
m. Q21893FreeBMDHerbert Ernest /HEALD/[Kate /SAXTON/]RotherhamYKS GRO 9c 995 // b. 1868
Maggie /HEALD/ Q31895CENHerbert /HEALD/KateKilnhurstYKS GRO 9c 763 (Rotherham) CEN 1901 (Swinton)
Dorothy /HEALD/ Q21899CENHerbert /HEALD/KateKilnhurstYKS GRO 9c 793 (Rotherham) CEN 1901 (Swinton)
Male /HEALD/ Q11894FreeBMD- (d. Q1 1894, GRO 9c 69)PontefractYKS GRO 9c 109
Sam /HEALD/ Q11895FreeBMD- PontefractYKS GRO 9c 166
Catherine /HEALD/ Q41895FreeBMD- PontefractYKS GRO 9c 98
Male /HEALD/ Q41895FreeBMD- (d. Q4 1895, GRO 9c 71)PontefractYKS GRO 9c 104
m. Q11898FreeBMDGeorge Robert /HEALD/PontefractYKS GRO 9c 157 // b. 1872
Hilda /HEALD/ Q21898FreeBMD- (d. Q2 1898, GRO 9c 59)PontefractYKS GRO 9c 99
Bea /HEALD/ Q21898FreeBMD- PontefractYKS
Female /HEALD/ Q31899FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1899, GRO 9c 59)PontefractYKS GRO 9c 100
m. Q31899FreeBMDSarah Jane /HEALD/PontefractYKS GRO 9c 210
m. Q11900FreeBMDSarah Jane /HEALD/PontefractYKS GRO 9c 157
Sam /HEALD/ Q41899FreeBMD- (d. Q3 1900, GRO 9c 66)Pontefract