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Wives of UK Healds, arranged by wife's first name

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The standard of proof used to consolidate these listings is current best guess (not 'absolute cast-iron certainty') -- so do not necessarily trust every suggested link, eg between a birth and a subsequent marriage, or consolidation, eg between different census returns. The listings have been mostly compiled from published indexes: you are strongly advised to check out wherever possible the original underlying documents, which may contain further information that could contradict the assumptions here.

Also be very aware that the listings are far from complete. There are many more Healds whose parishes have not yet been included in the IGI or VRI; many Healds lost or mistranscribed in both the 1881 and 1901 censuses; and many more still to transcribe at FreeBMD (latest progress). Just because there is only one Heald listed in a given place with a given name at a particular date, it is not necessarily safe to assume that they must definitely be the person you are looking for.

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m.25Jan1758Thomas /HELD/Saby Ann /MARTIN/YKSKingston Upon Hull, Holy TrinityLINK LDS batch 7900930
m.10Jun1661John /HEALD/Sarah /DEAN/---Alderley, OfLINK LDS 1903667 & 1903800 & 1903933 & 2034525
Mary /HEALD/13Sep1663Thomas /HEALD/SarahCHSMobberleyLINKC036691
m.26Nov1663Timothy /HEALD/Sarah /BARBER/---Alderley, OfLINK LDS 1903800 & 1903933 & 1985688 & 2078066
m.25Jul1671Robert /HEALD/Sarah /GUNSON/YKSDewsburyLINK LDS A459182
m. Abt.1676Thomas /HEALD/Sarah /PATCH OSBORN/---<concord>LINK LDS 1903667 & 1904023
m.16Feb1678Richard /HELD/Sara /MILSTON/LANFlixtonLINKM005221
Dorothy /HEALD/10Jul1679John /HEALD/Sarah F /DANE/---LINK LDS 1985586
Mary /HEILDE/19Mar1682Edward /HEILDE/SarahHRTHunsdonLINKVRI; FHL 991316
m.3Apr1684George /HEALD/Sarah /KENWORTHY/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005462
m.26Jan1700Henry /HEALD/Sarah /BRADLEY/YKSDewsburyLINK LDS A459182
m.2Oct1706Nich. /HEALD/Sara /CARR/YKSSheffieldLINK LDS batch 7026815
m.26Dec1706William /HEALD/Sarah /CROSSLAND/YKSSheffieldLINK LDS 455797 & A455797
m.3Aug1714Roger /HEALD/Sarah /LINDLEY/YKSLeeds, Saint PeterLINKM009621; PR marr LDS 2034626
m. May1722Ebenezer /HEALD/Sarah /LUPTON/YKS[Wakefield] Northowram, Northowram And Coley-NcLINKM007231; PR marr
John /HEALD/4Jul1724Jonathan /HEALD/Mrs. Sarah /HEALD/LANChorleyLINK LDS --
Sarah /HEALD/  1726Ebenezar /HEALD/Sarah /LUPTON/YKSWakefieldLINKREL; (m. James /JOHNSON/ 1759; d. 1 Oct 1792 or 1 Dec 1794, aged 68 -REL) LDS 1903702
m.15Nov1729William /HEALD/Sarah /OXSPRING/YKSDoncasterLINKPR; PR marr // he of Adwick-le-Street, she of Arksey
m.15Apr1733John /HEALD/Sarah /GUBB/DEVBratton FlemingLINKM050401
m.24Sep1738Benjamin /HEALD/Sarah /CROWTHER/YKSDewsburyLINKM009053
m.11Dec1739William /HEALD/Sarah /FENTON/YKSLeeds, Saint PeterLINKM009621; PR xxx // to Wakefield 1743 ?
John /HEALD/5Oct1746John /HEALD/SarahKENSaint Werburgh HooLINKC131462
Theophilus /HEELDS/3Feb1747Henry /HEELDS/SarahLINSpaldingLINKC031562
m.5Jul1747Thomas /HEILD/Sarah /MILLS/LNDWestminster, Fleet MarriageLINKTrial; // alleged at trial 11 Sep 1754
m.4Oct1747Robert /HEALD/Sarah /BRAMWELL/DBYPeak ForestLINKVRI; PR marr FHL 1041014; LDS 183544 & 184292 (rel. George W. BRAMWELL) // of Eyam
m.7Dec1747Benjamin /HEILD/Sarah /BROOM/LANManchesterLINK LDS 177859 & A456898 & 456898 (rel. James Hampson BRADSHAW)
Nicholas /HEALD/ Abt1753Robert /HEALD/SarahYKS<Braithwell>LINK(m. Sarah /BURROWS/ Bef 1784; bur. 4 Apr 1826, aged 73 -PR bur)
m.5Dec1756Thomas /HEALD/Sarah /HOPKINSON/YKSHartsheadLINKM009081; PR marr // she of Birstall
m.8Jul1759Robert /HEALD/Sarah /CAREY/CHSPrestburyLINKM012382; PR marr // he of Upton
m.1Feb1762Thomas /HIELDS/Sarah /CUTE/YKSNaffertonLINKM106382
m.18Jul1764John /HEALD/Sarah /MUSGRAVE/YKSDewsburyLINKM009053
m.15Oct1764George /HEALD/Sarah /WHITE/NTTMistertonLINK LDS batch 7016219
m.23Jan1766Henry /HEALD/Sarah /KAY/YKSWath Upon DearneLINK LDS batch 7121014
Hannah /HEALD/26Nov1769Thomas /HEALD/[Sarah]YKSHartshead, FallLINKPR; PR bap
m.  1770Thomas /HEYLD/Sarah /CLEG/LANWinwickLINKM014424; VRI FHL 1469062
m.17Aug1773John /HEALD/Sarah /CLAYTON/YKSBirstallLINKM108113
Mathew /HEALD/10Jul1774Mathew /HEALD/SarahCHSMacclesfield, St. MichaelLINKP011441
m.25Dec1775James /HEALD/Sarah /DEWSE/YKSDewsburyLINKM009053; REL 23 24 25
Thomas /HIELDS/29Nov1779Robert /HIELDS/SarahYKSNaffertonLINKC106382
m.28Aug1780William /HEALD/Sarah /LAWTON/YKSWakefield, All SaintsLINKM018303
m.18Mar1782Joseph /HEALD/Sarah /MOXON/YKSWakefieldLINK AFN:1ZQJ-GZW; LDS -- // b. 1756
Elisabeth /HEALD/9May1784Nicholas /HEALD/Sarah /BURROWS/YKSBraithwellLINKC049561; (b. 7 May 1784; d. 22 May 1784, bur 23 May 1784 -PR bur) PR bap VRI FHL 1545679
m.13Jul1784Henry /HEALD/Sarah /WALLIS/NFKNorwich, Saint Peter ParmentergateLINKM058581
m.18Jul1784George /HEALD/Sarah /ARDRON/YKSTreetonLINKM107972
m.26Nov1786William /HEALD/Sarah /TOWNEND/YKSSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterLINKM007757; REL 39 // see also 1802
Thomas /HEALD/7Jun1789John /HEALD/[Sarah /MOOREHOUSE/]YKSKirkburtonLINKVRI2; (m1 Fanny /GOLDTHORPE/ 1818;m2 Mary /CASTLE/ 1823; d. 1864 -AF) AFN:1QKV-LVC; CEN 1841 CEN 1851 FHL 990701
m.4Feb1790George /HEALD/Sarah /WILKINSON/NTTEvertonLINKINDX; AFN:3W56-1G; INDX pallot LDS A459162 & 459164 & batch 7314205 // b. 1765
m.28Jun1796John /HEALD/Sarah /BEVERLEY/YKSHalifaxLINKM007493
m.2Oct1796William /HEALD/Sarah /SIMPSON/YKSWath Upon DearneLINKM108122
m.10Mar1800Richard Henry /HEALD/Sarah /LINLEY/YKS<Wakefield>LINKREL; // b. 1771; see 1803
John /HEALD/27Jul1800Sarah /HEALD/LANCarrington (CHS)LINKVRI2; FHL 1655854
Henry Francis /HEALD/1Jan1801Richard /HEALD/SarahLNDWestminster, Saint Anne SohoLINKC150512
George /HEALD/1Aug1802William /HEALD/SarahYKSSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterLINKC007759; // m. 1786
m.9Nov1802John /HIELD/Sarrah /FOSTER/YKSHaxbyLINKM109032
Samuel Linley /HEALD/15Jan1803Richd. Henry /HEALD/SarahYKSWakefield [Hanshaw], West Gate PresbyterianLINKC087581; (b. 29 Dec 1802 -REL; m. Hannah /CALVERT/ 1829; m2 Priscilla Worrell /PORTER/ 1846; d. 31 Oct 1854 aged 52 -MI) CEN 1851 (Leeds) // m. 1800
Luke /HEALD/23Oct1803Sarah /HEALD/LANFlixtonLINKP005222
m.8Jan1804John /HEALD/Sarah /ALLSTEAD/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005464
John /HIELD/23Dec1804John /HIELD/SarahYKSHaxbyLINKC109032
Ann /HEALD/20Jan1811Sarah /HEALD/NTTWorksopLINKVRI; (b. 4 Dec 1810) FHL 504058
George /HEALD/24Jan1813William /HEALD/SarahYKSAdwick Le StreetLINKC039621; (bur 13 Mar 1813 aged 2m -NBI)
m.27Apr1815Thomas /HEALD/Sarah /MURREY/LNDWestminster, Saint JamesLINKM147516; INDX pallot // to Wakefield YKS, 1816 ?
m.25Sep1815Timothy /HEALD/Sarah /BOOTH/YKSKirkburtonLINKM009722; // b. 1794
George /HEALD/17Jun1816Thomas /HEALD/SarahYKSWakefieldLINKC071651; (? d. STS, 25 May 1858) WILL 1858 ?// m. LND, 1815 ?
m.27Nov1816John /HEILD/Sarah /PARKINSON/LANManchesterLINK LDS 456274 & A456274
m.1Jan1818William /HEALD/Sarah /WARD/YKSLeeds, Saint PeterLINKM071931; // b. Wakefield 1795
Thomas /HEALD/1Mar1818Joseph /HEALD/SarahYKSSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterLINKC007752
Hannah /HEALD/10Aug1819Joseph /HEALD/SarahYKSFarnley By LeedsLINKC009582; (bur. 29 Apr 1821, aged 1 -NBI)
m.11Jun1821John /HEALD/Sarah /ALLWOOD/NTTLowdhamLINKM047451
m.17Jun1821Jonathan /HEALD/Sarah /MC CLOUD/LANChorleyLINKM005701; // b. 1803
m.1Sep1822Nathan /HEALD/Sarah /BUTTERFIELD/YKSDewsburyLINKM009052; REL 23 // b. 1800 -REL
Christopher Smith /HELD/27Jan1824Thomas /HELD/SarahYKSScarboroughLINKC053882
m.21Jul1826John /HEALD/Sarah /UNSWORTH/LANChorleyLINK AFN:PV4V-46; LDS 458644 & 458644 & A458644 // b. 1804; to Preston 1841
m.14May1827William /HEALDS/Sarah /STUBBS/YKSYork, Saint SampsonLINKM108671
m.26Jun1827John /HEALD/Sarah /HEALD/YKSRotherhamLINKM009072; INDX pallot
m.12Aug1827John /HEALD/Sarah /BARKER/YKSDewsbury [Ossett], [Storrs Hill]LINK AFN:CSBH-8H; LDS batch 7703814 // b. 1800 -REL
m.21Dec1827William /HEALD/Sarah /HARTLEY/YKSWakefield, Saint JohnLINKM004982; // b. 1807
m.9Mar1828Benjamin /HEALD/Sarah /RICHARDSON/YKSBatleyLINKM108081; // cf Halifax 1829
m.15Dec1828Isaac /HEALD/Sarah /WILBY/YKSLeeds, Saint PeterLINKM071933
m.23Dec1828Benjamin /HEALD/Sarah /BEDFORD/YKSWakefield, Saint JohnLINKM004982; // cf Halifax 1829
Ann Rebecca /HEALD/8Nov1829Benjamin /HEALD/SarahYKSEllandLINKC009304; // cf 1828 , 1828
m.30Jun1831John /HEALD/Sarah /WHITE/NTTRadfordLINKM046641
Amelia /HEALD/25May1834Sarah /HEALD/YKSOssettLINKC107721
Absalom /HEALD/16Aug1835Joseph /HEALD/SarahYKSRothwellLINKC010612; (m. Annie 1857) CEN 1851 CEN 1881 (Hunslet)
m.27Nov1837William /HEALD/Sarah /HOBMAN/ \ /OGMAN/YKSPontefract, St GilesLINKREL; GRO 22 339 // b. 1813; also 1851
m.24Dec1837James /HEALD/Sarah /WALKER/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005469; GRO 20 423 LanBMD CATH/3/270
m.25Dec1837Alfred /HEALD/Sarah Catharine /CLARK/SFKNewmarket Saint MaryLINKM062581; GRO 14 193 // b. Chelmsford ESS, 1810; moved to Wisbech CAM, 1839
m.14Apr1838Henry /HEALD/Sara /SLATER/LANPreston, St JohnLINKLanBMD; LanBMD 229/1/215 GRO 21 322 LDS 457543 & A457543
m. Q41838Thomas /HEALD/Sarah /GARSIDE/LANEccles Parish, St Mary'sLINKLanBMD; GRO 20 670 (Salford) LanBMD C1/1/466
Henry /HIELD/ Q11840Sarah Ann /HIELD/YKSHeadingleyLINKC009592; (bapt 5 Apr 1840) GRO 23 376 (Leeds) Yks-LS KIRK/4/247 // b. 1822 ?
Anna /HEALD/22Nov1840Charles /HEALD/SarahLANManchester, CathedralLINKC097898
Margaret /HEALD/ Q21843John /HEALD/SarahLANPrestonLINK GRO 21 643 CEN 1851
Mary /HEALD/6Jul1845James /HEALD/SarahNTTKneesallLINKC044811
m.6Oct1845George /HEALD/Sarah Ann /MILLWARD/DBYAllestree, St EdmundLINKVRI2; FHL 1041426 // b. 1824
m.2May1846Henry George /HEALD/Sarah Wilkins /STEVENS/WILWilton By Salisbury, Saint MaryLINKM073324; GRO 8 801 // b. St Pancras LND, 1823; to London LND, 1847 ; to Burnley LAN, 1852; to Wonston HAM, 1854
m. Q11847John /HEALD/Sarah Ann /WATSON/YKSLeeds, St PeterLINKYksBMD; GRO 23 316 Yks-LS CE46/24/156 // b. 1821 or 1829; see also 1851
William [Ann] Chandler /HEALD/3Apr1847Henry George /HEALD/Sarah Wilkins /STEVENS/LNDSt Marylebone, All SoulsLINKC053911; (m. Ellen Sophia /MC CORMICK/ 1872; d. Q4 1894, GRO 1b 353 (Strand, LND)) CEN 1851 (Burnley, LAN) CEN 1881 (Camberwell, SRY) // m. Salisbury WIL, 1846
m.30Oct1847Joshua /HEALD/Sarah Jane /JACKSON/YKSDewsbury, All SaintsLINK REL 23 // b. 1829; see also 1853
m.31Dec1847William /HEALD/Sarah /BUXTON/DBYAllestree, St EdmundLINKVRI2; GRO 19 405 FHL 1041426 // b. Bef 1830
m.6Nov1848James /HEALD/Sarah Anne /BAND/LANAshton Under Lyne, St MichaelLINKVRI; (s. of Edward /HEALD/;da. of Christopher /BAND/) Chs-TA CE4/6/189 GRO 20 7 FHL 1550974 // b. Blackrod 1828; to Hadfield, Glossop DBY, 1851
m.  1849John /HEALD/Sarah A /SYKES/YKSWoodhouse, St MarkLINKYksBMD; Yks-LS CE69/B/281 // b. 1824; m2 Bef 1857 ?
m. Bef1851James /HEALD/Sarah A. [/BAND/]DBY<Hadfield>LINK // cf LAN, 1848;
Joseph /HEALD/  1851[John /HEALD/]Sarah A.YKSLeedsLINK(Lodger 1881) Yks-LS NORT/37/461 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 // m. 1847
William /HEALD/ Mar1851[Joseph /HEALD/][Sarah]YKSRothwellLINKYksBMD; Yks-LS ROTH/6/481 CEN 1851 // m. Bef 1835
Sarah Hannah /HEALD/21Dec1851William /HEALD/SarahYKSKnottingleyLINKC108451; (m. Thomas /ADDY/ -REL; m. 1874 ?) REL 26 // m. 1837
Alfred Edward /HEALD/ Abt1852[Henry George /HEALD/]Sarah [Wilkins /STEVENS/]LANBurnleyLINK(m. LND, 1885; d. Q4 1900, GRO 1b 172 (Islington, LND)) CEN 1881 (Camberwell, SRY) // m. Salisbury WIL, 1846
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1853Joshua /HEALD/Sarah JaneYKSAlverthorpe, PotovensLINKREL; (m. Eliza /CHAPPELL/ 1880; d. Horbury, 6 Feb 1932) CEN 1881 (Horbury) CEN 1901 (Horbury) // m. 1847
Arthur George /HEALD/13Aug1854Henry /HEALD/SarahHAMWonstonLINKVRI2; (m. Martha LND, 1877) EXOR 1889 CEN 1901 (Camberwell, LND) // m. Salisbury WIL, 1846
John /HEALD/ Abt1855Sarah /HEALD/LAN<Chorley>LINKVRI; (m. Elizabeth /HOLLIDAY/ 1875) FHL 1526078
m. Q11855Thomas /HEALD/Sarah Ann /PARKER/YKSLeeds, St PeterLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 281 Yks-LS CE46/46/489 // b. 1838
m.  1856Richard /HEALD/Sarah /SMITH/YKSLeeds, St PeterLINKYksBMD; Yks-LS CE46/50/56
m. Q41856Samuel /HEALD/[Sarah /CLOUGH/]LANManchesterLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 622
m.  1857Thomas /HEALD/Sarah /HEMINGWAY/YKSLeeds, St PeterLINKYksBMD; Yks-LS CE46/51/202 REL 21 // b. 1835
m.23Feb1857George /HEALD/Sarah /SIDDALL/DBYAllestree, St EdmundLINKVRI2; GRO 7b 535 (Belper) FHL 1041426 // b. 1824
m. Abt1860William /HEALD/SarahLND<Deptford>LINK // b. 1836
m. Q11861William /HEALD/Sarah /BYERS/LANManchester, St JohnLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 406 LanBMD STJ/21/213
Sarah Jane /HEALD/10Mar1861Henry /HEALD/SarahLANManchester, CathedralLINKC073545
m. Q41861Benjamin William /HEALD/[Sarah /FAWDEN/]DURStocktonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 10a 113 // b. Wakefield YKS, 1840
Melinda Jane /HEALD/ Q11862James /HEALD/SarahNTTKersallLINK(m. 1882) GRO 7b 290 (Southwell) CEN 1881 // m. Bef 1845
Henry /HEALD/ Abt1863Sarah A.LANManchesterLINK(m. Margaret YKS, 1896) CEN 1881 (Sheffield, YKS) CEN 1901 (Sheffield, YKS)
m.25May1863Robert /HEALD/Sarah Ann /WRIGHT/LANPreston, Saint JohnLINKM007133; LanBMD 229/23/352 // b. 1838
m.  1864John /HEALD/Sarah /BROWN/YKSHunslet, Registered BuildingLINKYksBMD; Yks-LS HUNSLETRB/1/90 // b. 1843
m.13Apr1865John /HIELDS/Sarah /ARMSTRONG/YKSYork, Saint Mary CastlegateLINKVRI; (s. of William /HIELDS/;da. of James /ARMSTRONG/) GRO 9d 63 FHL 1068537
m.29May1865Thomas /HEALD/Sarah Ann /TWISS/CHSDunham Massey, St MargaretLINKVRI2; FHL 1786490 Chs-TR CE10/1/190 // b. 1831; to Bollington 1881
m.28May1866George /HIELDS/Sarah Jane /THISTLETHWAITE/YKSYork, Saint DenisLINKM004344; GRO 9d 50 // b. 1842
m. Q31866William /HEALD/Sarah /BOARDMAN/LANLeigh, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8c 246 LanBMD ROL/18/68
m.17May1869William /HEALD/Sarah /ROBINSON/LANChorley, Saint GeorgeLINKM162742; LanBMD C7/3/213 GRO 8e 563 VRI FHL 1526078 // b. 1845
m. Q21869Wright /HEALD/[Sarah Elizabeth /SAWTON/]YKSBradford, Yk.LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 66 // b. 1842
m. Q11871William Henry /HEALD/Sarah Ann /BUCKLEY/YKSAshton (CHS), Civil MarriageLINKChsBMD; GRO 8d 760 Chs-TA ASH/RM/33/140 // b. Ashton-under-Lyne LAN, 1842
m.9Jul1871Christopher /HEALD/Sarah Ann /SHAW/LANAshton under Lyne, St MichaelLINKVRI2; Chs-TA CE4/21/286 GRO 8d 816 FHL 1550977 // b. DBY, 1851; to Glossop DBY, 1876
John /HIELD/ Abt1872John /HIELD/SarahCHSPott ShrigleyLINK(m. Jane Bef 1901 ?) CEN 1901 (Bollington)
m. Q31872John /HEALD/Sarah Ann /SPINKS/DBYDerbyLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 729 // b. 1846
John /HIELDS/ Q41872John /HIELDS/SarahYKSYorkLINK GRO 9d 46 Yks-York WAL/52/81 (Walmgate) CEN 1881 (York St Nicholas In Suburbs)
m. Q21873Alfred /HEALD/Sarah Ann Occleston /TOWNEND/LNDLondon, CityLINKFreeBMD; GRO 1c 109 WCN heald_lf // b. Manchester LAN, 1845
m.25Dec1873John /HEALD/Sarah /RUTTER/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097897; GRO 8d 494 REL 12 // b. 1854
Isabella /HEALD/26Dec1873Richard /HEALD/SarahLANPreston, Saint JohnLINKC007137
m. Q21874Thomas /HEALD/[Sarah /MOORE/]LANUlverstonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 1174
Emma /HEALD/ Q31874John /HEALD/SarahLANPrestonLINK GRO 8e 557 CEN 1881 (Little Bolton) CEN 1901 (Barnoldswick, YKS) // m. Bolton 1875
m. Q11875John /HEALD/[Sarah Alice /OGDEN/]LANBoltonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 346 // b. 1852; in Preston 1874; to Skipton YKS, 1890
Ralph /HEALD/ Abt1876Christopher /HEALD/Sarah Ann [/SHAW/]DBYGlossopLINK(m. Nancy LAN, 1900) GRO 7b 810 CEN 1881 (Glossop Dale) CEN 1901 (Middleton, LAN) // m. Ashton under Lyne LAN, 1871
m. Q11876Charles John /HELD/Sarah /MC LEISH/WARAstonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 6d 342
m. Q11877Samuel /HEALD/Sarah Alice /MOTTRAM/STSBurslem, St PaulLINKStsBMD; GRO 6b 120 (Wolstanton) StsBMD 4/04/145 // b. Tarporley CHS, 1855
m. Q31877Samuel /HEALD/Sarah /DICKINSON/YKSPontefract, <Knottingley>LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 151 // b. 1860
m. Q11878John William /HEALD/Sarah Ann /OVERTON/LANAncoats, All SoulsLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 227 LanBMD 15/1/491
Robert Temple /HEALD/ Q11878George A. T. /HEALD/SarahYKSSheffieldLINK(d. Q2 1881, GRO 9c 222 (Ecclesall B.)) GRO 9c 435 CEN 1881 (Ecclesall Bierlow)
m. Q21878James /HEALD/Sarah Elizabeth /SHALLCROSS/DBYChapel le F.LINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 1051
Ada /HEALD/ Q41878John /HEALD/SarahDBYNew MillsLINK GRO 7b 788 CEN 1881 (Beard) CEN 1901 (Disley, CHS)
m. Q41878James /HEALD/Sarah /TOWNEND/YKSDoncaster, Register OfficeLINKYksBMD; GRO 9c 938 Yks-DN DON/12/27
m. Q41878Robert /HEALD/Sarah /DAVENPORT/ also /HAMMOND/LANArdwick, St MatthewLINKLanBMD; (m2?) GRO 8c 775 (Chorlton) LanBMD 19/1/290 // b. 1818
Emma Jane /HEALD/ Q41878James /HEALD/SarahYKSDoncasterLINK(m. 1902) GRO 9c 719 (Doncaster) CEN 1881 (Cridling Stubbs) CEN 1901 (Cridling Stubbs)
m.  1879William /HEALD/Sarah A /YATES/LANPadgate, Christ ChurchLINKChsBMD; Chs-WA C17/1/152 // b. BRK, 1856; to Urmston 1882
m. Q31879Bowman /HEALD/Sarah Anne /HEPWORTH/YKSPontefractLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 142 // b. 1857; to Mexborough 1880
m.3Dec1879William /HEALD/Sarah /WANE/LANChorley, Saint GeorgeLINKM162742; GRO 8e 634 LanBMD C7/4/376 VRI FHL 1526078 // b. 1857
Henry Isaac /HEALD/ Q21880Bowman /HEALD/Sarah A.YKSMexboroughLINK GRO 9c 728 (Doncaster) CEN 1881 (Mexborough) CEN 1901 (Swinton) // m. [Knottingley] 1879
George Herbert /HEALD/  1881[Thomas /HEALD/][Sarah A.]CHSBollingtonLINK(Other 1901) Chs-CE BOL/30/32 CEN 1901 (Bolton, LAN) // m. 1865
m. Q11881John Norris /HEALD/Sarah Sykes /CAMELLY/LAN<Manchester>LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 888 WCN heald_lf REL 9 // b. 1859
m. Q21881Samuel /HEALD/Sarah Alice /KAY/LANManchester, St CatharineLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 483 (Prestwich) LanBMD 87/1/319 // b. 1857
m. Q21881George /HEALD/[Sarah Jane /CONYERS/]YKSDewsburyLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 849 // b. 1851
Oliver William /HEALD/  1882William /HEALD/Sarah ALANUrmstonLINK Lan-TR STR/32/75 (Stretford) CEN 1901 //m. Padgate 1879
m. Q21883George Thomas /HEALD/Sarah Jane /MORRIS/LANChorley, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 699 LanBMD RO/20/51
m. Q31883George /HEALD/Sarah Ann /HOUGH/LANChorley, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 777 LanBMD RO/20/71 // b. 1859
Joseph Edward /HEALD/ Q31884George /HEALD/SarahGLASwanseaLINK GRO 11a 759 CEN 1901 (St John)
m.15Aug1885Thomas Mather /HEALD/Sarah Ann /CHARNOCK/LANChorley, Saint GeorgeLINKM162742; GRO 8e 691 LanBMD C7/5/111 VRI FHL 1526078 // b. 1864
Samuel /HEALD/ Abt1886Samuel /HEALD/SarahLNDChelseaLINK CEN 1901 (Paddington)
Sarah Ann /HEALD/ Q11886Thomas /HEALD/SarahLINBeltonLINK GRO 9c 726 (Thorne) CEN 1901 (West Butterwick)
m. Q11886Thomas /HEALD/[Sarah Annie /BLYTHE/]YKSDriffieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9d 439 // b. 1861; to Leeds 1891
m. Q11887James /HEALD/Sarah Ann /ALLEN/LANPendleton, St PaulLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 33 (Salford) Lan-SD C30/3/302 // b. 1861
m. Q31887John William /HEALD/Sarah Jane /RAMSBOTTOM/LANArdwick, St ThomasLINKLanBMD; GRO 8c 800 (Chorlton) LanBMD 21/4/355 // b. Leeds YKS, 1858
William /HEALD/ Abt1888Samuel /HEALD/SarahGLAGlenneathLINK CEN 1901 (Paddington, LND) // m. LND, Bef 1886
m.18Jan1888Thomas /HEALD/Sarah Agnes /TAYLOR/LANChorley, Saint GeorgeLINKM162742; LanBMD C7/5/224 VRI FHL 1526078 // b. 1860
Ada /HEALD/ Q11888Thomas /HEALD/[Sarah]LANWartonLINK GRO 8e 770 (Lancaster) CEN 1901 (Carnforth)
Helena Florence /HEALD/ Q41890John /HEALD/SarahYKSSkiptonLINK GRO 9a 45 CEN 1901 (Barnoldswick) // m. Bolton LAN, 1875
Wilfrid /HEALD/ Q21891Tom /HEALD/SarahYKSLeeds WestLINK GRO 9b 604 Yks-LS WEST/196/180 CEN 1901 (Pudsey) // m. <Wetwang> 1886
m. Q21892Albert Temple /HEALD/Sarah Ann /GREEN/LANMiles Platting, St John the EvangelistLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 430 LanBMD 94/2/128 // b. 1870
William Lyster /HEALD/ Q31892William /HEALD/Sarah J.SRYBalhamLINK GRO 1d 76[41] (Wandsworth) CEN 1901 (Streatham, LND)
m. Q41892Walter /HEALD/Sarah Esther /TURNER/YKSWakefieldLINKFreeBMD; (m2?) GRO 9c 139
m. Q41893John /HEALD/[Sarah Amelia /HODGSON/]YKSWakefieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 53 // b. 1874
m. Q31894John /HEALD/Sarah Lydia /KNOTT/NTTNewarkLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 617 // b. 1871; to Farndon 1899
m.30Jun1895John William /HEALD/Sarah /RENSHAW/NTTWarsop, St Peter and St PaulLINK LDS --
m. Q31895Joseph /HEALD/[Sarah Phillips /SMITH/]SOMAxbridgeLINKFreeBMD; (m2) GRO 5c 919 // b. LAN, 1844
m. Q41895George /HEALD/Sarah Jane /BARBER/YKSWakefieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 119
m. Q21896Walter James /HEALD/[Sarah /HARVEY/]NTTSouthwellLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 725 // b. 1870
Clarice Mary /HEALD/ Q41899John /HEALD/SarahNTTFarndonLINK GRO 7b 466 CEN 1901 (Little Ponton Entire, LIN) // m. Chaddesden 1894
m.09Jul1900Herbert /HIELDS/Sarah Annie Clifford /PEACOCK/YKSCoverhamLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9d 1171 (Leyburn) LDS -- // b. Acomb 1872
m. Bef1901Samuel /HELD/SarahSTS<Cannock>LINK // b. 1875
m. Q41902James /HEALD/Sarah /STRINGFELLOW/LANHindsford, St. AnneLINKLanBMD; GRO 8c 394 (Leigh) LanBMD C3L/1/29
m. Q21905Albert Victor A /HEALD/Sarah Ann /EMMS/YKSWellington Street, St PhilipLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 931 Yks-LS CE76/B/259
m.  1906John /HEALD/Sarah Annie /HOWELLS/LANAshton under Lyne, Christ ChurchLINKChsBMD; Chs-TA CE1/8/79
m.  1907John W /HEALD/Sarah E /RENDER/YKSMorley, St PeterLINKYksBMD; Yks-LS CE115/C/323
m.  1907Frederick Samuel /HEALD/Sarah Ellen /TWEMLOW/CHSCongleton, Civil MarriageLINKChsBMD; Chs-CE C/17/126
m.  1908William /HEALD/Sarah Ann /WITHINGTON/LANWigan, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; LanBMD ROW/117/144
m. Q11870Joseph /HEALD/Selina /FROGGET/YKSDewsburyLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 670 // b. 1836
m.2Apr1874Joseph /HEALD/Selina Douglas /CURTIS/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097897; GRO 8d 230 // b. 1850
m. Q41874John Wood /HEALD/Selina /COOKE/YKSLeeds Registered BuildingLINKYksBMD; (m2) GRO 9b 879 Yks-LS RB/55/84 // b. 1849
m.17Mar1822Charles /HEALD/Sophia /REDMORE/YKSSculcoatesLINKM009152; AFN:11LS-K06; REL 28 29 // b. Wakefield 1802
m. Q31843Uriah /HEALD/Sophia /NORMAN/YKSWakefieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 22 484 // b. 1821
Charles /HEALD/31Mar1850Sophia /HEALD/YKSHorburyLINKC007582; CEN 1851
George H. /HILD/ Abt1877John /HILD/Sophia /WHITE/LNDNunhead (SRY)LINK CEN 1881 (Deptford St Paul, KEN)
m. Q41880George /HEALD/Sophia /RAYNER/YKSPontefractLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 133 // b. 1853
Robertus /HEALD/17Aug1651Nicholai /HEALD/SusannaeDBYHathersageLINKP013131
m.18Apr1678Isaac /HEALD/Susan /JOHNSON/LANFlixtonLINKM005221
Elizabeth /HEELD/2Jan1690Henery /HEELD/SusannaLINSpaldingLINKC031562
m.23Oct1707William /HEALD/Susannah /MEOLS/CHS<Lower Bebington>LINKLIC; LIC marr // he of Brombrough
m.16Aug1740William /HELD/Susanna /MALEGAE/LNDWestminster, Saint JamesLINKM147507
m.27May1754George /HEALD/Susanna /TOPHAM/YKSHemsworth Near WakefieldLINKM007311; PR marr LDS 183573 & 184314 & batch 7025918 (rel. John TOPHAM)
John /HEALD/28May1760James /HEALD/SusannaCHSMiddlewichLINKC089951
m.6Jul1772Richard /HEALD/Susanna /CONINGTON/LINBostonLINKM011332
Sarah /HEALD/16Aug1778John /HEALD/SusannahLANFlixtonLINKP005221
m. Sep1794James /HEALD/Susanna /DEWS/YKSDewsburyLINKM009053
John /HEALD/19Aug1801Richard /HEALD/SusannaYKSSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterLINKJ150552
m.6May1817Thomas /HIELD/Susanna /GOY/LINKettlethorpeLINKM029501; // moved to London LND, 1818, Newcastle NBL, 1818, Sunderland DUR, 1822
John /HIELD/26Jul1818Thomas /HIELD/Susanna /GOY/LNDLondon, Paternoster RowLINKVRI2; (b. 27 Jun 1818) FHL 815954 // m. Kettlethorpe LIN, 1817; cf NBL, 1818
John /HIELD/26Jul1818Thomas /HIELD/SusannaNBLNewcastle Upon Tyne, St Andrews Brunswick Pl Formerly OrpLINKC080551; // m. Kettlethorpe LIN, 1817; cf LND, 1818
Thomas /HIELD/14Oct1822Thomas /HIELD/Susannah /GOY/DURSunderlandLINKP002801; // m. Kettlethorpe LIN, 1817
m.10Apr1826Thomas /HEALD/Susannah /LYON/LANWiganLINKM005563
William George /HIELD/11Sep1831Thomas /HIELD/SusannaBDFBedford, Saint CuthbertLINKC003242
m.15Mar1835John /HEALD/Susanna /VALLANCE/NTTRadfordLINKM046641
m.21Dec1835John /HEILD/Susianna /SHEPHARD/LANManchesterLINK LDS 177859 & 178014 & A456274 & 456274 (rel. James Hampson BRADSHAW, George Hampson Bradshaw)
James /HEALD/2Jul1837John /HEALD/SusanLANManchester, CathedralLINKC097897
m.6Dec1837Ralph /HEALD/Susanna /HARRISON/LANBlackburn, Saint Mary the VirginLINKVRI; LanBMD CE12/1/170 GRO 21 19 FHL 1278808 // b. 1820
Thomas /HEALD/ Oct1839Thomas /HEALD/Susan /BELL/SCTRuthwellLINK LDS 453889 & 459200
m. Aft1851John /HILD/SasanSSXLINK // b. KEN, 1832
Ralph /HEALD/8Nov1853Ralph /HEALD/Susannah [/HARRISON/]LANPreston, Saint JohnLINKC007135; (d. Bef 25 Dec 1853 -AF) AFN:1BMM-LW0; LDS 1985460 & 1985460
Willy /HEALD/4Apr1855John /HEALD/Susanna /VALLANCE/NTTMansfield, Belredere StLINK LDS -- // m. 1835
m. Q31855George /HEALD/[Susannah /TOLSON/]YKSWakefieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 50
m.4Jul1870Charles John /HEALD/Susanna /DANN/SRYReigateLINK GRO 2a 245 LDS batch 7533809 // b. Cambridge CAM, 1844; moved to Keymer SSX, 1873
Florence Susanna /HEALD/ Q21873Charles J. /HEALD/Susanna /DANN/SSX<Keymer>LINK GRO 2b 228 (Brighton) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Lewisham, LND) // m. SRY, 1870
m. Q41873William Newman /HEALD/Susan /SACH/LANManchesterLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 549 // b. ESS, 1842; to Colchester ESS, 1873
Alice /HEALD/ Q41873William [Newman] /HEALD/SusanESSColchesterLINK GRO 4a 314 CEN 1881 (Heaton Norris, LAN) CEN 1901 (Heaton Norris, LAN) // m. Manchester LAN, 1873
m.2Aug1878William Clough /HEALD/Susannah Caroline /TAYTON/YKSKnottingleyLINKREL; REL 25 // b. 1853; cf LIN, 1880
m. Q31880William Clough /HEALD/Susannah Caroline /TAYTON/LINBostonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7a 606 // cf YKS, 1878
m.  1881-85George F /HEALD/Susan J /DAVEY/CHSCrewe, Christ ChurchLINKChsBMD; Chs-CC 114/2/128
Mary Ann /HEALD/ Q31887George /HEALD/SusanCHSTimperlyLINK GRO 8a 189 (Altrincham) Chs-TR ALT/66/94 (Altrincham) CEN 1901 (Llanrwst Rural, DEN) // m. Crewe 1884 ?
m. Q21894James /HEALD/Susannah /KIRK/LANBlackburn, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 751 LanBMD RM/119/131
Gertrude /HEALD/ Q21895Francis /HEALD/SusannahLANManchesterLINK GRO 8d 371 (Prestwich) CEN 1901 (Goole, YKS)
m. Q41895John Thomas /HEALD/Susan /HOLLINGSWORTH/YKSSculcoates, Register OfficesLINKYksBMD; GRO 9d 400 Yks-Hull SRO/49/62 // b. LIN, 1872
Laura /HEALD/ Q31897Francis /HEALD/SusannahYKSGooleLINK GRO 9c 881 CEN 1901 // m. Manchester LAN, 1892
m.9Apr1898James /HEALD/Susannah /THORNTON/LANBlackburn, St ThomasLINKVRI2; GRO 8e 684 FHL 1470819 // b. 1876
Susan Jane /HEALD/ Q41898George /HEALD/SusanDENLlanrwst RuralLINK GRO 11b 311 CEN 1901 // m. Crewe CHS, 1884 ?
Julia Annie /HEALD/ Q21899James /HEALD/SusanLANManchesterLINK GRO 8d 313 CEN 1901
m. Bef1901James /HEALD/SusannahLAN<Padiham>LINK // b. 1869
m. Q31904Harry /HEALD/Susannah /CHADWICK/LANWerneth, St ThomasLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 1215 (Oldham) LanBMD CE247/5/365
m. Q21892Francis Temple /HEALD/Susie /CLARKE/LANMiles Platting, St John the EvangelistLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 427 (Manchester) LanBMD 94/2/123 // b. 1869; to Goole YKS, 1897
m. Q11875Albert /HEALD/[Susy /INGHAM/]YKSDewsburyLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 912 // b. 1850
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