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The standard of proof used to consolidate these listings is current best guess (not 'absolute cast-iron certainty') -- so do not necessarily trust every suggested link, eg between a birth and a subsequent marriage, or consolidation, eg between different census returns. The listings have been mostly compiled from published indexes: you are strongly advised to check out wherever possible the original underlying documents, which may contain further information that could contradict the assumptions here.

Also be very aware that the listings are far from complete. There are many more Healds whose parishes have not yet been included in the IGI or VRI; many Healds lost or mistranscribed in both the 1881 and 1901 censuses; and many more still to transcribe at FreeBMD (latest progress). Just because there is only one Heald listed in a given place with a given name at a particular date, it is not necessarily safe to assume that they must definitely be the person you are looking for.

If there is any information you can add or correct, please contact me at j.heald@ucl.ac.uk.

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m.  1865Walter /HEALD/Ellen /HIRST/LANManchester, St JohnLINKLanBMD; LanBMD STJ/27/350 // b. 1847
m. Q11871Walter /HEALD/Anna Maria /GREENWOOD/YKSKirkstall, St StephenLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 359 Yks-LS CE26/A/63 // b. 1852
m. Q31873Walter /HEALD/Elizabeth /WILSON/CHSNorbury (Hazel Grove), St ThomasLINKChsBMD; Chs-ST ST75/2/300 GRO 8a 83 (Stockport)
m.15Oct1874Walter /HEALD/Emily Isabel /KRABBE/CHSARGENTINA, Buenos AiresLINK // b. LAN, 1842 UNIV Cam 1859
m. Q21875Walter /HEALD/[Mary /PARKES/]YKSWortleyLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 291
m. Q41875Walter /HEALD/Margaret Ann /RODGERS/CHSSutton, St GeorgeLINKChsBMD; GRO 8a 237 Chs-CE SGS/3/334
Ernest /HEALD/ Q21876Walter /HEALD/MaryYKSBarnsleyLINK(m. Emily 1899) GRO 9c 213 CEN 1881 (Wombwell) CEN 1901 (Sheffield)
m. Q41878Walter /HEALD/Jane /KELLY/LANChorltonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 1027 // b. 1846
m. Q41881Walter /HEALD/Annie /DOBBINS/CHSPrestbury, St PeterLINKChsBMD; GRO 8a 209 (Macclesfield) Chs-CE PSP/25/467
m. Q21888Walter /HEALD/[Mary /WALSH/]YKSSheffieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 694 // b. 1868
m. Q41892Walter /HEALD/Sarah Esther /TURNER/YKSWakefieldLINKFreeBMD; (m2?) GRO 9c 139
m.  1895Walter /HEALD/Mary E /WOOD/YKSLeeds, St SimonLINKYksBMD; Yks-LS CE40/A/139
m. Q11896Walter /HEALD/YKSHalifaxLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9a 551
m. Q21896Walter James /HEALD/[Sarah /HARVEY/]NTTSouthwellLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 725 // b. 1870
Phyllis /HEALD/ Q41897Walter /HEALD/ElizabethYKSBalbyLINK GRO 9c 809 CEN 1901 (Doncaster)
m. Q21898Walter /HEALD/Elizabeth Ann /TAYLOR/LANBradford, Christ ChurchLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 563 (Prestwich) LanBMD 33/7/428 // b. 1880
m. Q41901Walter /HEALD/LANChorltonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 1211
m. Q31902Walter /HEALD/LANBlackburnLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 760
m. Q31904Walter /HEALD/YKSWakefieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 127
m.  1910Walter /HEALD/Gertrude /BATT/YKSWoodhouse, St MarkLINKYksBMD; Yks-LS CE69/I/29
Leonard /HEALD/1Jul1913Walter /HEALD/Frances Annie /SCHOFIELD/YKSBradfordLINK LDS 2034364
Whitley /HEALD/30Sep1736Whitley /HEALD/AnnaLNDClerkenwell, Saint JamesLINKP001411; (m. Alice /PRESTON/ 1768) // UNIV Cam 1755
m.18Nov1768Whitley /HEALD/Alice /PRESTON/LNDWestminster, Saint Anne SohoLINKM062365; // b. 1736 UNIV Cam 1755
m. Q21909Wilhelm /HELD/LNDLondon C.LINKFreeBMD; GRO 1c 59
Robert /HELDE/  1481William /HELDE/Isabel /DE CHADWYK HELDE/LANSpotland, Of ChadwykLINK LDS 170500
John /HELDE/11Jun1543William /HELDE/KENNoningtonLINKP012951
m.26Aug1549William /HEALD/Agnes /GREAVES/DBYBeeleyLINKM047062
m.26Jan1551William /HEALD/Elizabeth /BRINDILL/LANChorleyLINKPR; PR marr LDS 183596 & 1239551 & A458666
Margareta /HEYLD/14Mar1561Wi /HEYLD/LINConingsbyLINKC027642
Joan /HELDE/ Abt.1564William /HELDE/[Mrs. Elizabeth /HELDE/]LANChorleyLINK(bur. 1 Feb 1565 or 1566 PR bur) LDS 457743
Elizabeth /HELDE/30Dec1566Willm. /HELDE/[Elizabeth /BRINDILL/]LANChorleyLINKP005701; AFN:1J2N-Q5W; PR bap LDS 446250 & 452075 & 457743 & 458666
m.27Nov1571William /HEALD/Margareta /PEASE/YKSSwillingtonLINK LDS A459157 & 459159
Johanes /HEALD/23Jun1582Williami /HEALD/DBYBeeleyLINKC047063
Henry /HELD/27May1584Wm /HELD/DBYMortonLINKP014941
m.10Aug1594William /HELDE/Margret /YARBOROW/LINConingsbyLINKVRI2; FHL 1541959
Henrie /HEALD/15Dec1596Willm. /HEALD/LANBrindleLINKP007941; PR bap
m. May1597Willm. /HEALD/Alice /STRETTELL/CHSMobberleyLINKM036691; (b. 1575 -AF) AFN:HKRJ-7G; LDS 1985420 & 1985495
m.24Jun1598William /HELDE/Ann /WOOD/LINConingsbyLINKVRI2; FHL 1541959
m. Dec1601Willm. /HEILDE/Alice /BURGES/CHSMobberleyLINKM036691
m.26Apr1604William /HEALD/Elizabeth /RADLEY/LANManchesterLINK LDS 458991 & A458987
Mary /HEALDE/12Oct1605William /HEALDE/YKSWhitkirkLINKP009781
m.10Jul1610William /HEALD/Anne /HEALD/YKSWhitkirkLINKM009784; PR xxx
m.12Apr1613William /HEALD/Jennet /ROBERTS/YKSAckworthLINKM005934
Thomas /HEALDE/9Apr1615William /HEALDE/DBYWirksworthLINKWIRKSW; VRI2 FHL 1041042
m.29May1615Willm. /HEALDE/Elizabeth /SHAWE/CHSMobberleyLINKM036691; LIC marr LDS batch 6930934
m.4Oct1616William /HEALD/Cecily /CLAYTON/LANLeylandLINKLIC; LIC marr
m.12Feb1617William /HEALD/Alice \ Anne /HARDMAN/LAN<of Ratcliff>LINKLIC; LIC marr LDS 184805
m.14Oct1617William /HEALD/Katherine /TAYLOR/LAN[Winwick]LINKLIC; LIC marr // he of Chorley
m.5Dec1617Willm /HELDE/Katherine /TALIOR/LANWinwickLINK LDS batch 7220740
m. Jan1620William /HELD/Jane /LIGHTFOOTE/YKSStillingfleetLINKM105573; VRI FHL 1068407
m.10Jun1620William /HEALD/Margaret /PYCROFTE/LANManchesterLINK LDS A455856
m.5Nov1620Gulielmus /HEILD/Ellena /CUNDALL/YKSAlneLINKM073783
Anne /HEALD/27Jan1622William /HEALD/Ellen /OLDHAM/LANBury, Saint MaryLINKP007051
m.22Jun1625Willm /HELD/Rachell /ADAMS/LNDLondon, Saint Gregory By Saint PaulLINKM054261
Mary /HEALD/13Mar1626Wm.CHSWilmslowLINKP009681
m.7Feb1627William /HEALD/Doritie /VNSWORTHE/LANBury, Saint MaryLINKM007051
Isabell /HEALD/9Sep1627Willm. /HEALD/YKSWhitkirkLINKP009781; PR xxx
m.27Apr1628William /HEALD/Jane /FENTON/CHSBowdonLINK LDS batch 6930934
Thomas /HEALD/11Apr1630William /HEALD/LANChorley, [The Acres]LINKP005701; PR bap LDS 452075 & 458666
William /HEALD/26May1633Wm /HEALD/KatharineLNDStepney, Saint DunstanLINKC055766
m.1Nov1634William /HEALD/Margaret /STRETTLE/CHSMobberley [Bowdon]LINKM036691; LDS batch 6930934
m.3Aug1636William /HEALD/Rachell /GRAVELEY/YKSWhitkirkLINKM009784
m.30Nov1637Gulielmus /HEALD/Margeriam /HOOPER/GLSTibbertonLINKM032491
m.26Apr1641William /HEALD/Alice /KNOTT/LANWalton-le-DaleLINKLIC; LIC marr // he of Leyland, she of Blackburn
m.8Oct1645William /HEALD/Margrett /WILSON/LANBury, Saint MaryLINKM007051; LDS 170400 & 170464 & 170520 (rel. James C. CAHOON JR)
m.28Dec1647William /HEALD/Grace /SCOFIELD/LANBuryLINK LDS A458261
John /HEALD/14Aug1654William /HEALD/LANMiddleton By OldhamLINKP007061
m.25Feb1660William /HEALD/Rebecca /STEPHENSON/YKSWhitkirkLINKM009784; PR xxx
Maria /HEALD/29May1664Guilielmi /HEALD/MariaeLINMarket RasenLINKC031082
m.11May1665William /HEALD/Anne /CAYES/YKSWhitkirkLINKM009784; PR xxx
m.17Sep1667William /HEALDS/Jaine /DOUBABIN/CHSEast Lancashire, #1 HardshawLINK LDS 1985633 // Hardshaw was a noted centre of the Quakers; #1 may mean a register book?
m.31Dec1667William /HEALD/Jane /TAYLOR/LANBuryLINK LDS A458902
Alicia /HEILD/26Oct1669Guilielmi /HEILD/YKSHeslingtonLINKC071633; PR bap
m.28Apr1679William /HEELD/Jane /RAINTREE/YKSAlneLINKM073783
m.1Jan1681William /HIELD/Ann /BELL/YKSYork, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorLINKM009411
m.25Apr1681William /HEALD/Ann /TAYLOR/LANBuryLINK LDS A458904
m.28Nov1682William /HEALD/Ann /LORD/LANBuryLINK LDS 183529 & 184280 & A184624 & 455376 & A455373 (rel. John LORD)
bur.7Mar1683William /HEILD/DBYWirksworthLINKWIRKSW
bur.8Jun1684William /HEALD/YKSPriestleyLINKPR; PR bur
m.6Feb1691William /HEALD/Mary /CAUTHORNE/YKSDoncasterLINKPR; PR marr
m.2Oct1693William /HEALD/Elizabeath /GERARD/LANCrostonLINKM007951
Ann /HEILD/2Feb1698William /HEILD/YKSAcombLINKC039611
Ann /HIELD/19Feb1698William /HIELD/YKSAllerthorpe By PocklingtonLINKC071683
m.29Oct1700Gulielmus /HEELD/Maria /FAWDINGTON/YKSAlneLINKM073783
Samuell /HEALD/  1702Willm. Samuell /BRASGIRDLE/CHSMobberleyLINKC036691
m.13Jun1702William /HEALD/Hannah /TREVIS/CHSPownall FeeLINK AFN:K0KX-7D; // b. 1671
m.13Aug1702William /HEALD/Hannah /TRIFFIS/ [/GRIFFIS/]CHSMobberleyLINKM036691; LDS batch 8413232 // heald04 has /TRAVIS/
m.8Apr1703Willm. /HEALD/Grace /LEE/YKSWakefield, All SaintsLINKM018301
Mary /HEALD/8Jan1704William /HEALD/Hannah /TREVIS/CHSPownall FeeLINK(d. 25 Jul 1748 -AF) AFN:Z92L-K7;
m.18Apr1704William /HEALD/Elizabeth /GILLING/YKSOwstonLINKVRI2; FHL 1545732 LDS batch 9010732
John /HEALD/5Jan1706William /HEALD/YKSWath Upon DearneLINKP009651
m.26Dec1706William /HEALD/Sarah /CROSSLAND/YKSSheffieldLINK LDS 455797 & A455797
m.23Oct1707William /HEALD/Susannah /MEOLS/CHS<Lower Bebington>LINKLIC; LIC marr // he of Brombrough
Grace /HEALD/26Sep1708William /HEALD/YKSBolton By Bowland, [of Holden]LINKP007101; (bur. 20 Feb 1709 -PR bur) PR bap
Ann /HEALD/21Aug1709William /HEALD/MarjoryLNDLondon, St. Andrew HolbornLINKC020837
m.26Jul1710William /HEALD/Jane /GILL/YKSRothwellLINKM010613; LDS 183493 & 184267 & 184614 (rel. William LONGSTROTH)
William /HEILDS/26Jan1711William /HEILDS/YKSYork, Holy Trinity MicklegateLINKP011101
Willm. /HEALD/17Dec1718Willm /HEALD/YKSWakefield, All SaintsLINKP018301
m.15Aug1719William /HEALD/Elizabeth /POTTS/CHS<eckles>LINK LDS 1760931
m.7Nov1721William /HEALD/Mary /DICKONSON/YKSDoncasterLINKPR; PR marr // he of Carcroft
m.30Jan1722William /HEALD/Alice /COLEMAN/YKSDoncasterLINKPR; PR marr // he of Carcroft
m.12Dec1723William /HEALD/Elizabeth /PASHLEY/YKSLoversallLINKM106332; (b. 1690 -AF) AFN:19KR-PH9;
Elizabeth /HEALD/12Jun1726William /HEALD/[Elizabeth /PASHLEY/ or Alice]YKSOwstonLINKC106812; AFN:19KR-J1J; VRI2 FHL 1545732
Hannah /HEALD/9Oct1726William /HEALD/LANAstleyLINKC036632
m.3Oct1728Wm. /HEALD/Grace /FIELD/YKSWakefield, All SaintsLINKM018301
m.4Nov1729William /HELDS/Hannah /JOHNSON/YKSYork, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorLINKM009411
m.15Nov1729William /HEALD/Sarah /OXSPRING/YKSDoncasterLINKPR; PR marr // he of Adwick-le-Street, she of Arksey
m.14Jan1730William /HEALD/Ann /OTLEY/YKSDarfieldLINKM017531
m.28Feb1730William /HEALD/Elizabeth /WRENCH/CHSOver PeoverLINKM036711
m.23Nov1732William /HEILD/Mary /THOMSON/YKSRufforthLINKM071842
m.10Jun1733Willm. /HEALD/Alice /WARD/HRTHitchin, St. MaryLINKM072482
m.11Feb1734William /HEALD/Jane /RABY/LANChorley, St LawrenceLINKVRI2; FHL 1517686 LDS 1985414 & 458666
John /HEALD/ Abt.1738William /HEALD/YKSEcclesfieldLINK TR cutler 1751
m.11Dec1739William /HEALD/Sarah /FENTON/YKSLeeds, Saint PeterLINKM009621; PR xxx // to Wakefield 1743 ?
m.18Dec1739William /HEALD/Mary /TAPLEY/KENCuxtonLINKM135182
m.16Aug1740William /HELD/Susanna /MALEGAE/LNDWestminster, Saint JamesLINKM147507
m.5Jan1743William /HEALD/Hannah /CLOWES/CHSPrestbury, [Macclesfield Forest]LINKM012382; PR marr LDS batch 7028927
m.18Dec1744William /HEALD/Anne /BAILEY/KENSaint Werburgh HooLINKM131462
Thomas /HEALD/23Sep1745William /HEALD/EstherCHSMobberleyLINK LDS batch 6930934
m.6Oct1746William /HEALD/Mary /WALLIS/KENSaint Werburgh HooLINKM131462
m.20Apr1747William /HEALD/Agnes /SHEPHERD/LANPreston, Saint JohnLINKM007132
m.29May1747William /HEALD/Ann /ROLLISON/LANChorley, St LawrenceLINKVRI2; FHL 1517686
m.30Jan1748William /HEALD/Martha /WALKER/CHSPrestbury, [Macclesfield Forest]LINKM012382; PR marr
m.9Oct1748Willm. /HEALD/Betty /HAYES/YKSSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterLINKM007756
m.30Jan1749William /HEALD/Mary /BOSTON/YKSArkseyLINK LDS batch 8929830
m.25Feb1749William /HEALD/Anne /POOLE/YKSOwstonLINKM106812; AFN:19KR-J0B; VRI2 FHL 1545732
William /HEALD/24Jul1750William /HEALD/Elizabeth /BRITTON/DBYStaveleyLINKVRI2; FHL 1041903
m.11Dec1758William /HEILD/Ann /DAVENPORT/LANManchesterLINK LDS 177859 & A456917 & 456917 (rel. James Hampson BRADSHAW)
m.8Aug1759William /HEALD/Hannah /BURRELL/YKSWakefield, All SaintsLINKM018303; REL 16 // b. 1728
m.17May1762William /HEALD/Margaret /BEAREA/LNDWestminster, Saint Martin In The FieldsLINKM001452
John /HEALD/4Sep1762William /HEALD/Ellen /CLEGG/YKSWakefield, All SaintsLINKP018301
m.1Oct1762William /HEALD/Ann /BOTTEN/KENSaint Werburgh HooLINKM131462
m.31Dec1766William /HIELD/Ellen /GILL/YKSLong MarstonLINKM060831
m.31Oct1768Willm. /HEALD/Mary /SERGENT/KENSaint Werburgh HooLINKM131462
m.12Nov1770William /HEALD/Millicent /BRAMWELL/DBYTideswellLINK LDS batch 7001202
m.25Oct1774William /HEALD/Ann /STANDISH/LANChorleyLINK LDS A458666 & 458666
m.20Feb1776William /HEILD/Molly /KENYON/LANLiverpool, Saint Peter Church StreetLINKM020953; & VRI FHL 1068921
m.1Apr1776William /HEALD/Martha /BARLOW/CHSPrestbury, [both of Sutton]LINKM012382; PR marr
m.17Feb1777William /HEALD/Hannah /TABERAN/YKSLeeds, Saint PeterLINKM009624
m.27Mar1778William /HEALD/Elizabeth /WALKER/YKSRotherhamLINK LDS 170421 & 170470 & A184641 & 184642 (rel. John William WARD)
m.5Sep1779Willm /HEALD/Betty /HATFIELD/LANWiganLINKM005562; LDS batch 7220709
m.28Aug1780William /HEALD/Sarah /LAWTON/YKSWakefield, All SaintsLINKM018303
m.11Nov1780William /HEALD/Anne /HIGGINBOTHAM/CHSPrestbury, of Bo[llington ?]LINKM012382; PR marr LDS 170401 & 178070 & 177975 (rel. Joseph S. PEERY)
m.22Jun1781William /HEILD/Ann /JOHNSON/LANLiverpool, Saint NicholasLINKM005991
m.21Apr1782William /HEALD/Mary /WARDENLEY/YKSConisbroughLINKM106272
m.23Oct1783Wm. /HIELD/Elizabth. /HESSEL/YKSCatton Near YorkLINKM106612
m.21Jun1784William /HEALD/Martha /VINCENT/LNDSt. Marylebone, Saint Mary-St. Marylebone RoadLINKM035243; INDX pallot
William /HEALD/17Jul1785William /HEALD/RachelYKSSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterLINKC007757
Thomas Johnson /HEILD/8Oct1786William /HEILD/Nancy /JOHNSON/LANWiganLINKC005566
m.26Nov1786William /HEALD/Sarah /TOWNEND/YKSSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterLINKM007757; REL 39 // see also 1802
m.3Mar1787William /HEALD/Betty /WHISTON/CHSPrestburyLINKM012382; PR marr // he of Macclesfield, she of Rainow
m.16Jul1788William /HEALD/Jane /SMITH/LANChorleyLINK AFN:LX3T-55; LDS A458666 & 458666 & A537508 & 537511 // b. 1746
m.7Sep1789William /HEALD/Frances /PALEN/LNDStepney, Saint DunstanLINKM055768
m.2Nov1789William /HEALD/Frances /ROEBUCK/NTTEast RetfordLINK LDS batch 7121502
m.1Dec1790William /HEALD/Mary /CORNER/LANChorleyLINK LDS A458666 & 458666
m.5Mar1792William /HEALD/Bridget /WALKER/YKSWakefield, All SaintsLINKM018303; // see also 1801
m.9May1792William /HEALD/Jane /HART/LNDSt. MaryleboneLINKM035241; INDX pallot
m.8Nov1792William /HIELD/Ann /HAMMONS/YKSAlneLINKM073782
m.19Jun1793Wm /HEALD/Ellen /VAUGHAN/CHSChester, Holy TrinityLINKM009671; INDX pallot
m.23Sep1793William /HEALD/Catherine /WHITTAKER/LANChorleyLINK AFN:BHW3-KH; LDS -- & A458644 & 458644 & 1985254 // b. 1773 (AF) or 1776
m.26Nov1793William /HEALD/Frances /SEARS/NTTWorksopLINKM008623; VRI FHL 504058
John /HEALDE/14Jun1795William /HEALDE/JaneLANManchester, CathedralLINKC005467
m.2Oct1796William /HEALD/Sarah /SIMPSON/YKSWath Upon DearneLINKM108122
m.27May1798William /HEALD/Elizabeth /HARRISON/YKSWakefield, All SaintsLINK LDS batch 7429534
m.26Aug1798William /HIELD/Etty /CARTMAN/YKSBridlingtonLINKM105873
William /HEALD/16Jun1799William /HEALD/YKSLeeds, Saint PeterLINKC009628
Eliza /HEALD/14Oct1799William /HEALD/Elizabeth /WEBSTER/LANLiverpool, St. NicholasLINKC005997
m.5Jan1801William Margetson /HEALD/Harriott /GREENWOOD/YKSDewsburyLINKM009054; UNIV Cam 1790 REL 22 // b. 1767
Bridget /HEALD/27Feb1801Willm. /HEALD/BridgetYKSWakefield, West Gate PresbyterianLINKC087581; (b. 7 Jan 1801; d. unm. Apr 1886 -REL) CEN 1851 CEN 1881 (Horncastle, LIN) // m. 1792
Willm. /HEALD/24Feb1802Willm. /HEALD/JaneLNDSt Marylebone, Saint Mary-St Marylebone RoadLINKC035244
Jonathan /HEALD/2Mar1802William /HEALD/Mary /CORNER/LANChorleyLINK LDS 452075 // m. 1790
George /HEALD/1Aug1802William /HEALD/SarahYKSSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterLINKC007759; // m. 1786
m.25Jun1803William /HEALD/Elizabeth /COOPER/LANChorleyLINK AFN:LX3T-9T; LDS 458666 & A458666 // b. 1779
m.25Jul1803William /HEALD/Mary /ELLIS/YKSDewsburyLINKM009054; // see also Wakefield 1815
Abigail /HEALD/21Aug1803William /HEALD/FrancesNTTWorksopLINKVRI; (b. 16 Aug 1803) FHL 504058
m.5Jan1804William /HEALDS/Mary /HURT/NTTFarnsfieldLINKM044701; PR marr INDX pallot
m.30Jun1804William /HEALD/Rebecca /SENIOR/YKSDewsburyLINK LDS batch 7603329
John /HEALD/16Dec1804William /HEALD/Catharine [/WHITTAKER/]LANChorleyLINKP005702; (b. 16 Nov 1804;m. Sarah /UNSWORTH/ 1826 -AF) AFN:PV4V-46; CEN 1851 (Preston) LDS 453822 & 458644
m.  1806William /HEALD/Martha /WOOD/LNDWestminster, St Giles in the FieldsLINKINDX; INDX pallot
Elizabeth /HEALD/15Jun1806William /HEALD/Rachel /WEBSTER/LANLiverpool, St NicholasLINKC005998
Elizabeth /HELD/4Jan1807William /HELD/ElizabethYKSHigh HoylandLINKC106553
Jane /HEALD/7Jun1807William /HEALD/AnnLANPreston, Saint JohnLINKC007132
Hannah /HEALD/17Jun1807William /HEALD/ElizabethYKSBridlingtonLINKC105873
m.15Aug1808William /HELD/Esther /POAD/YKSFylingdalesLINKM105352
Sarah /HEALD/11Dec1808Willm. /HEALD/AnnYKSAstonLINKC106232
m.29Dec1808William /HEALD/Elisabeth /WATTON/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005464; LDS 177859 & 178014 & A456274 & 456274 (rel. James Hampson BRADSHAW, George Hampson Bradshaw)
Mary /HEALD/2Jul1809William /HEALD/ElizabethCHSAltrincham, Hale And Shaws Lane PresbyterianLINKC076461
m.1Nov1809William /HEALD/Mary /REDFORD/YKSSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterLINKM007759
Alfred /HEALD/10Jun1810William /HEALD/Mary /PACE/ESSChelmsfordLINKREL; (m. Sarah Catherine /CLARK/ SFK, 1837; d. 17 Feb 1892) CEN 1881 (Wisbech St Peter, CAM) WILL 1892
Joseph /HEALD/15Aug1811William /HEALD/Mrs. Ann /HEALD/LANChorleyLINK LDS --
George /HEALD/24Jan1813William /HEALD/SarahYKSAdwick Le StreetLINKC039621; (bur 13 Mar 1813 aged 2m -NBI)
m.6Sep1813William /HEALD/Alice /GILLIBRAND/LANChorleyLINK LDS 458655 & A458655
Eliza /HEALD/5Dec1813William /HEALD/ElizabethYKSLeeds, Saint PeterLINKC071931
m.27Dec1814William /HEALD/Jane /HARRISON/YKSWakefield, Saint JohnLINKM004982
George Henry /HEALD/27May1815William /HEALD/MaryYKSWakefieldLINKC071651; // cf Dewsbury 1803
m.5Jun1815William /HEALD/Elizabeth /CHARLESWORTH/DBYBolsoverLINK LDS batch 7623656
Jane /HEALD/ Abt1816William /HEALD/AnnLANManchesterLINK CEN 1851
m.18May1817William /HEALD/Elizabeth /TOMLINSON/YKSSheffield, Cathedral Saint PeterLINKM007752
m.1Jan1818William /HEALD/Sarah /WARD/YKSLeeds, Saint PeterLINKM071931; // b. Wakefield 1795
m.22Jun1818William /HEALD/Martha /WARTON/LANChorleyLINK LDS A458644 & 458644 // b. 1797; to Manchester 1832
Jane /HEALD/21Mar1819William /HEALD/JaneLNDPaddington, Saint JamesLINKC079031
m.2May1819William /HEILDS/Ann /FORTH/YKSAcombLINKM039611
William /HEALD/19May1821William /HEALD/HannahLANLeighLINKC005394
m.6Sep1823William /HEALD/Mary /WESTHEAD/LANChorleyLINK LDS 458644 & A458644 // b. 1804; to Preston 1832
m.8Oct1823William /HIELD/Ann /HARRISON/YKSSculcoatesLINKM009152
m.22Nov1824William /HELLD/Alice /CROOK/BKMMarsh GibbonLINKM109921
m.10May1825William /HEALD/Mary /BOOTHROYD/YKSWakefieldLINKM071651
m.12Feb1827William /HEALD/Phoebe /FANTONY/LNDOld Charlton, Saint LukeLINKM015511
m.14May1827William /HEALDS/Sarah /STUBBS/YKSYork, Saint SampsonLINKM108671
m.18Oct1827William /HEALD/Mary /DOBSON/YKSWakefield, Saint JohnLINKM004982
m.10Dec1827William /HIELD/Anne /SCHOLEY/SCTGorbalsLINKM119354
m.21Dec1827William /HEALD/Sarah /HARTLEY/YKSWakefield, Saint JohnLINKM004982; // b. 1807
m.23Jun1828William /HEALD/Fanny /FITTON/CHSPrestburyLINKVRI2
Sarah /HEALD/12Oct1828William /HEALD/MaryYKSAdwick Le StreetLINKC039621; (visitor 1851) CEN 1851/5_6
William /HIELD/12Jan1829William /HIELD/AnnKENDover, Saint Mary The VirginLINKC036563
William /HEALD/ Bef1830William /HEALD/DBY<Allestree>LINKVRI2; (m. Sarah /BUXTON/; d. bef 1878) FHL 1041426
m.18Jul1831William /HEALD/Ann /LUNT/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM005467
m.23Mar1832William /HEALD/Mrs. Martha /HEALD/LANManchesterLINK LDS 177859 (rel. James Hampson BRADSHAW, Selina HAMPSON BRADSHAW) // incorrect event ?
Ann /HEALD/12Sep1832William /HEALD/Mary [/WESTHEAD/]LANPreston, Saint JohnLINKC007134; (m. James /TITTERINGTON/ 1854) CEN 1851 CEN 1881 (Fishwick) // m. Chorley 1823
m.10Feb1833William /HIELD/Mary /BURGESS/LANManchesterLINK LDS 177859 & 178014 & A456274 & 456274 (rel. George H. Bradshaw, James Hampson BRADSHAW)
m.2Feb1834William /HEALD/Elizabeth /STANDING/LANChorleyLINK AFN:1J2Q-JN8; LDS 458644 & A458644 // b. 1811; see also 1853
Mary Ann /HEALD/26Aug1835William /HEALD/Rebecca /UNWIN/YKSSheffield, Carver Street Wesleyan MethodistLINKC085401; CEN 1861 (Ecclesall Bierlow) CEN 1881 (Ecclesall Bierlow) CEN 1901 (Ecclesall Bierlow)
Mary /HEALD/23Sep1836William /HEALD/JaneLINNew SleafordLINKC030431
m.27Nov1837William /HEALD/Sarah /HOBMAN/ \ /OGMAN/YKSPontefract, St GilesLINKREL; GRO 22 339 // b. 1813; also 1851
m.23Apr1838William /HIELDS/Elizabeth /HEWGILL/YKSYork, Saint Mary Bishophill JuniorLINKM009413
m.14Sep1838William /HEALD/Emma /SKINGLEY/LNDKennington, Saint MarkLINKM015571; GRO 4 247 // cf ESS, 1842
m.  1839William /HEALD/Rachael /RIDGWAY/LANManchester, RegistrarLINKLanBMD; LanBMD MCR_RM/2/181 // b. 1818
James /HEALD/  1839William /HEALD/FrancesCHSEast MacclesfieldLINK Chs-CE EMC/2/31 CEN 1851 CEN 1881
m. Q21839William /HEALD/Dorothy /MARSDEN/LANWalton le Dale, St LeonardLINKLanBMD; GRO 21 349 (Preston) LanBMD 240/1/129
m.2Jun1839William /HEALD/Dorothy /MARSDEN/LANWalton Le DaleLINK LDS batch 9100730 // b. 1811
m. Q31839William Richard /HEALD/YKSSheffieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 22 425
John /HEALD/ Q11840William /HEALD/AnneLANAshton TownLINK GRO 20 [1_]0 Chs-TA AST/4/95 CEN 1851 (Dukinfield)
m. Q21841William /HEALD/Ann /HANDY/YKSHull, Holy TrinityLINKYksBMD; GRO 22 266 Yks-HL HD/4/1
m.3Aug1841William Gore /HEALD/Matilda /WHITE/LNDRotherhithe, All SaintsLINKM019981; GRO 4 413 // b. 1821
Ann Elizabeth /HEALD/  1842William /HEALD/PhebeCHSMorleyLINK(d. Q1 1872 aged 30, Chs-CE WIL/11/3 (Wilmslow), GRO 8a 116 (Altrincham)) Chs-CE WIL/2/93 (Wilmslow) CEN 1851 (Pownall Fee)
m. Q41842William /HEALD/YKSRotherhamLINKFreeBMD; GRO 22 378
Ann /HEALD/21Dec1843William /HEALD/BridgetYKSWakefieldLINKC071651
m.23Apr1844William Margetson /HEALD/Mary /CARR/YKS<Birstall>LINKREL; REL 22 // b. 1803; see also 1851
m.25Dec1844William /HEALD/Lucy /BROWNE/LANLeigh, St Mary'sLINKLanBMD; LanBMD C10L/1/475 LDS batch 7101315
m.  1845William /HEALD/Ellen /WORSLEY/CHSBowdon, St MaryLINKChsBMD; Chs-TR CE5/2/60
m.1Jan1845William /HEALD/Harriet /HOWARTH/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097891; GRO 20 371 LanBMD CATH/41/154 // b. Church 1825; to Crayford KEN, 1858
m. Q21845William /HEALD/YKSWakefieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 22 551
Robert /HEALD/ Abt1846[William /HEALD/][Harriet]YKSSheffieldLINK CEN 1861 (South Sheffield)
George /HEALD/ Abt1847William /HEALD/HarrietYKSNether Hoyland \ Platts CommonLINK(m. Hannah [/HIGHAM/] 1878) CEN 1851 (Barnsley) CEN 1881 (Barnsley) CEN 1901 (Barnsley)
m.31Dec1847William /HEALD/Sarah /BUXTON/DBYAllestree, St EdmundLINKVRI2; GRO 19 405 FHL 1041426 // b. Bef 1830
m.13Aug1848William /HEALD/Mary /PROCTOR/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097892
m.19Nov1848William /HEALD/Elizabeth /GRIMSHAW/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097892; GRO 20 526
m.5May1849William /HEALD/Ann /WIGNAL/LANChorley, Saint GeorgeLINKM162742; (s. of James /HEALD/;da. of Henery /WIGNAL/) GRO 21 261 LanBMD C7/1/357 VRI FHL 1526078 // b. 1826; see also 1851
Elinor /HEILD/14Jul1849William /HEILD/Mary EllenLANManchester, CathedralLINKC073542
Margaret /HALD/14Aug1849William /HALD/JaneLANNewton In Makerfield, St PeterLINKVRI; FHL 1469068
m. Bef1850William /HEALD/ElizabethCHS<Northwich>LINK // b. Macclesfield 1822
Jonathan /HEALD/ Abt1850William /HEALD/Mary /BUTTERWORTH/LANNewtonLINK CEN 1851
m. Q21850William /HEALD/Mary /PIERPOINT/LANManchester, St MaryLINKLanBMD; GRO 20 726 LanBMD 9/6/185
m.28Aug1850William /HEALD/Betsey /CADMAN/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097892
Mary Elizabeth /HEALD/27Nov1850William /HEALD/Jane AnnLANLancaster, St MaryLINKVRI2; (b. 5 Nov 1850; m. 1873) CEN 1851 FHL 1526200
James /HEALD/ Feb1851William /HEALD/HarrietYKSBarnsleyLINK CEN 1851 (Barnsley) // m. Bef 1847; to Kirkthorpe 1854
William Simpson /HEALD/23Mar1851William /HEALD/MaryYKSAdwick Le StreetLINKC039621; (m. Ellen /MYCOCK/ LAN, 1869; d. 23 Feb 1906 -LDS)
m. Q21851William /HEALD/YKSWakefieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 22 659
Henry /HEALD/13Jul1851William /HEALD/AnnLANChorley, St GeorgeLINKVRI2; LanBMD CHO/16/57 FHL 1526077 // m. 1849
Robert /HEALD/6Aug1851William /HEALD/JaneLINNew SleafordLINKC030434; // m. Bef 1836
Sarah Hannah /HEALD/21Dec1851William /HEALD/SarahYKSKnottingleyLINKC108451; (m. Thomas /ADDY/ -REL; m. 1874 ?) REL 26 // m. 1837
Emily /HEALD/ Abt1852William /HEALD/[Rebecca /UNWIN/]YKSSheffieldLINK(d. Q1 1871, GRO 9c 189 (Ecclesall B.)) CEN 1861 (Ecclesall Bierlow) // m. Bef 1835
m. Q11852William /HEALD/LANPrestonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 545
Thomas /HEALD/8Aug1852William /HEALD/CicelyLANChorleyLINKP005702; GRO 8e 347 LanBMD CHO/18/26 CEN 1881 (Little Warley, ESS) CEN 1901 (Manchester)
m.2Oct1852William /HEALD/Hannah /CHAPMAN/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097893
Alfred /HEALD/  1853William /HEALD/ElizabethCHSNorthwichLINKChsBMD; (m. Agnes /BEAUMONT/ 1882) Chs-CC NO/14/064 CEN 1881 (Castle Northwich) CEN 1901 (Weaverham) // m. Bef 1850
John Margetson /HEALD/7Jan1853William Margetson /HEALD/Mary /CARR/YKSBirstallLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 429 (Dewsbury) UNIV Cam 1872 EXOR 1875 EXOR 1897 CEN 1901 (Ventnor, HAM)
m.8May1853William /HEALD/Mary Ann /BUCKLEY/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097893; GRO 8d 202
Eli /HEALD/26Aug1853William /HEALD/ElizabethLANChorley, St GeorgeLINKVRI2; GRO 8e 358 LanBMD CHO/19/59 FHL 1526077 // m. 1834
William James /HEALD/ Abt1854[William /HEALD/][Harriet]YKSKirkthorpe \ WarmfieldLINK(m. Ann Louisa /NICHOLLS/ 1876) CEN 1881 (Barnsley) CEN 1901 (Barnsley) REL 35 // m. Bef 1847
Mary /HEALD/ Abt1854William /HEALD/BRKHurstLINK CEN 1881 (Mere, CHS) CEN 1901 (Rochdale, LAN)
m. Q21854William Thomas /HEALD/LNDSt George's Hanover SqLINKFreeBMD; GRO 1a 371
m. Q11855William /HEILD/Agnes /HARRINGTON/LANLiverpool, St AlbanLINKLanBMD; GRO 8b 2 LanBMD 2017LP/1/128
m. Q21855William /HEALD/YKSSheffieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 291
m. Aft1856William /HEALD/MargaretLAN<Newton>LINK
m.1Aug1857William Hesketh /HEALD/Ellen /METCALF/LANPreston, Saint JohnLINKM007133; AFN:1BMN-QM5; GRO 8e 510 LanBMD 229/16/438 LDS 1985460 // b. 1833
m. Q31857William /HEALD/[Margaret /WILDMAN/]LAN<Lancaster>LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 657// b. 1829
George /HEALD/24Jan1858William /HEALD/ElizabethYKSMexborough \ DenabyLINKC109431; CEN 1861 (Rotherham)
m.21Apr1858William Norris /HEALD/Jane /WALKER/LAN<Halewood>LINK WCN heald_lf REL 8 10 // b. 1830; cf Bath SOM, 1858
m. Q21858William /HEALD/Mary /MOORE/\/MOONE/LANWithington, St PaulLINKLanBMD; GRO 8c 539 (Chorlton) LanBMD 114/1/25 // b. 1831
m. Q21858William Norris /HEALD/SOMBathLINKFreeBMD; GRO 5c 1165 // cf LAN, 1858
Alice Harriet /HEALD/28Nov1858William /HEALD/HarrietKENCrayfordLINKVRI; FHL 1469337 // m. Manchester LAN, 1845
m. Q41858William Jennings /HIELD/LNDWestminsterLINKFreeBMD; GRO 1a 454
m. Q31859William /HEALD/NTTNewarkLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 456
m. Q41859William Whitaker /HEALD/Mary Ann Brooke /DOUGHTY/YKSLeeds, Registered BuildingLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 637 Yks-LS RB/22/15 REL 20 WCN :1463339 // b. 1837
m. Abt1860William /HEALD/MaryYKSLINK // b. 1837
m. Abt1860William /HEALD/SarahLND<Deptford>LINK // b. 1836
m. Q21860William /HEALD/Nancy /TAYLOR/LANOswaldtwistle, ImmanuelLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 472 (Blackburn) LanBMD IMO/1/309
m. Q21860William /HEALD/Elizabeth /TYLDESLEY/LANLeigh, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8c 213 LanBMD ROL/11/74
m.25Oct1860William /HEALD/Grace /HARGREAVES/LANPreston, Saint JohnLINKM007133; LanBMD 229/20/455
Clara /HEALD/ Abt1861William /HEALD/AnnYKSWakefieldLINK CEN 1881 (Alverthorpe Cum Thornes)
m. Q11861William /HEALD/Sarah /BYERS/LANManchester, St JohnLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 406 LanBMD STJ/21/213
m. Q21861William /HEALD/Elizabeth /RICHARDS/YKSWakefieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 31
Frank /HELD/ Abt1862William /HELD/CarolineYKSAnstonLINK CEN 1881 (Killamarsh, DBY)
Louisa Mary /HEALD/ Q11864William /HEALD/CHSMereLINKChsBMD; (m. Ellis /BANCROFT 1887) GRO 8a 192 Chs-CE KNU/13/32 CEN 1881
m. Q11865William [Holroyd] /HIELD/Jane /PLANT/YKSLeeds, St PeterLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 447 Yks-LS CE46/68/371 // b. 1842
William Henry /HEALD/30Apr1865William /HEALD/AnnCHSLower WhitleyLINKVRI2; (d. 1875, Chs-WA LAT/6/109) FHL 1656489
m. Q31865William /HEALD/Mary /JAGGERS/YKSLeeds, All SaintsLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 468 Yks-LS CE33/356 // b. 1834
m. Bef1866William /HEALD/Ann /EASTWOOD/YKS<Ossett>LINK REL // b. 1828
m. Q31866William /HEALD/Ellen /BOOTH/LANChorley, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 619 LanBMD RO/9/119 // b. 1841
m. Q31866William /HEALD/Sarah /BOARDMAN/LANLeigh, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8c 246 LanBMD ROL/18/68
m.11Feb1867William /HEALD/Elizabeth /SKELTON/YKSQuarry Hill, St MaryLINKREL; GRO 9b 501 Yks-LS CE31/137 // b. 1846
m. Q11867William Richard /HEALD/Ellen /PRITCHETT/NTTSouthwellLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 353 // b. 1839
m. Q21867William /HEALD/Henrietta /PALMER/LANArdwick, St ThomasLINKLanBMD; GRO 8c 638 (Chorlton) LanBMD 21/2/120 // b. 1845
m. Q41867William /HEALD/DURGatesheadLINKFreeBMD; GRO 10a 858
m.15Dec1867William /HEALD/Hannah /TAYLOR/CHSStaleyLINKVRI2; GRO 8d 869 (Ashton under Lyne) Chs-TA CE35/4/417 // b. 1847
m. Q11868William /HEALD/Rachel /SCHOLES/LANBlackburn, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 527 LanBMD RM/40/154 // b. 1835
m.15Mar1868William /HEALD/Jane /CARR/LANChorley, Saint GeorgeLINKM162742; (both prev marr) LanBMD C7/3/141 GRO 8e 574 VRI FHL 1526078 // b. 1820
m.17May1869William /HEALD/Sarah /ROBINSON/LANChorley, Saint GeorgeLINKM162742; LanBMD C7/3/213 GRO 8e 563 VRI FHL 1526078 // b. 1845
m.28Jun1869William Simpson /HEALD/Ellen /MYCOCK/LANManchester, CathedralLINKM097896; GRO 8d 444 // b. YKS, 1851
m. Q31869William /HEALD/[Emily /COX/]NTTWorksopLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 56
m.17Oct1869William /HEILD/Ann /WALSH/LANAshton under Lyne, St MichaelLINKVRI2; GRO 8d 787 Chs-TA CE4/20/246 FHL 1550977 // b. 1814
m.  1870William H /HEALD/Alice /SCHOFIELD/ also /WARBURTON/ManchesterAncoats, All SoulsLINKLAN; LanBMD
Thomas /HEALD/ Abt1870William /HEALD/EmilyDBYCreswellLINK CEN 1881 (Elmton) CEN 1901 (Barlborough)
m. Q11870William /HEALD/Martha /WHITEHEAD/LANAshton, Civil MarriageLINKFreeBMD; Chs-TA ASH/RM/31/192 GRO 8d 725 // b. 1844
m. Q31870William /HEALD/Nancy /SOUTHERNWOOD/YKSPontefractLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 110 // b. 1840
m. Q11871William Henry /HEALD/Sarah Ann /BUCKLEY/YKSAshton (CHS), Civil MarriageLINKChsBMD; GRO 8d 760 Chs-TA ASH/RM/33/140 // b. Ashton-under-Lyne LAN, 1842
m.  1872William /HEALD/Catherine /SIMM/LANHeapey, St BarnabasLINKLanBMD; LanBMD C17/1/171
William Ann /HEALD/ Q11872William /HEALD/AnnaLANManchesterLINK GRO 8c 783 (Chorlton) CEN 1881 (Hulme)
m. Q21872William Chandler /HEALD/Ellen Sophia /MC CORMICK/LNDSt GilesLINKFreeBMD; GRO 1b 805 // b. 1847
m. Q31872William /HEALD/Margaret /JOHNSON/LANManchester, St JohnLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 652 LanBMD STJ/39/332
m.11Sep1872William /HEALD/Margaret /PHYSICK/LANChorley, Saint GeorgeLINKM162742; (s. of William /HEALD/;da. of Jones /MORRIS/;prev marr) GRO 8e 651 LanBMD C7/3/426 VRI FHL 1526078 // b. 1846
m.11Jan1873William Henry /HEALD/Mary Ann /THORNE/LANChorley, Saint GeorgeLINKM162742; GRO 8e 584 LanBMD C7/3/452 VRI FHL 1526078 // b. 1850 ; to Bolton 1877, Wigan 1883, Stockport CHS, 1901
Mary Jane /HEALDS/ Q11873William /HEALDS/HannahYKSCaytonLINK GRO 9d 331 (Scarboro') CEN 1881 (Danby) CEN 1901 (Leeds)
Mary Ann /HEALD/ Q11873William /HEALD/NTTBaldertonLINK GRO 7b 353 (Newark) CEN 1881 (Great Gonerby, LIN)
m. Q41873William Newman /HEALD/Susan /SACH/LANManchesterLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 549 // b. ESS, 1842; to Colchester ESS, 1873
Alice /HEALD/ Q41873William [Newman] /HEALD/SusanESSColchesterLINK GRO 4a 314 CEN 1881 (Heaton Norris, LAN) CEN 1901 (Heaton Norris, LAN) // m. Manchester LAN, 1873
m. Q21874William /HEALD/Elizabeth Ann /LITTON/CHSBredbury, St MarkLINKChsBMD; GRO 8a 4 (Stockport) Chs-ST ST64/3/451
m. Q31874William /HEALD/Rachel /CHARLTON/LANTyldesley, St. GeorgeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8c 268 (Leigh) LanBMD C6L/3/221 // b. Flixton 1847
m. Q31874William /HEALD/Elizabeth /HAYES/LANWarrington, St ElphinLINKChsBMD; GRO 8c 206 Chs-WA C25/10/74 // b. 1853
Emma /HEILD/ Abt1876William /HEILD/EmmaLINBriggLINK CEN 1881 (Glanford Brigg)
Katie T. /HEALD/ Abt1876William /HEALD/EstherCAMWor...terLINK CEN 1881 (Preston, SSX)
m. Q11876William /HEALD/YKSSheffieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 515
m. Q21876William James /HEALD/Ann Louisa /NICHOLLS/YKSWortleyLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 288 REL 35 // b. Kirkthorpe 1854
m. Q31876William /HEALD/Agnes /ANDREWS/YKSLeeds, Registered BuildingLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 764 Yks-LS RB/60/134 // b. 1854
m. Q31876William /HEALD/Martha Alice /HOLMES/LANBurnley, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 415 LanBMD RM/40/134 // b. HRT, 1855
m. Q11877William Henry /HEALD/Ann /BOTTOMLEY/YKSHyde (CHS), St GeorgeLINKChsBMD; GRO 8a 48 Chs-TA CE28/3/204 // m1 Ashton 1871 ?
m. Q11877William /HEALD/LNDW. Ham (ESS)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 4a 85
Maud /HEALD/ Q21877William /HEALD/Mary A. /THORN/LANBoltonLINK GRO 8c 443 CEN 1881 (Wigan) // m. 1873
m.6Jul1877William /HEALD/Margaret /GENT/LANChorley, St PeterLINKVRI2; GRO 8e 671 LanBMD C11/1/293 FHL 1517687 // b. 1853
m. Q31877William /HEALD/Alice /WILKINSON/LANPreston, St ThomasLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 818 LanBMD 237/1/201
m. Q41877William /HEALD/Mary AnnNTTNewarkLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 669 // b. 1848
m.2Aug1878William Clough /HEALD/Susannah Caroline /TAYTON/YKSKnottingleyLINKREL; REL 25 // b. 1853; cf LIN, 1880
m.  1879William /HEALD/Sarah A /YATES/LANPadgate, Christ ChurchLINKChsBMD; Chs-WA C17/1/152 // b. BRK, 1856; to Urmston 1882
m. Q41879William Unwin /HEALD/[Eliza /PARR/]YKSSheffieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 494 // b. 1839
m.3Dec1879William /HEALD/Sarah /WANE/LANChorley, Saint GeorgeLINKM162742; GRO 8e 634 LanBMD C7/4/376 VRI FHL 1526078 // b. 1857
m. Q21880Willie Temple /HEALD/Mary Elizabeth /HAWLEY/YKSSheffieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 407 // b. 1860
m. Q31880William Clough /HEALD/Susannah Caroline /TAYTON/LINBostonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7a 606 // cf YKS, 1878
Agnes /HEALD/ Q41880William /HEALD/Elizabeth A.CHSKerridgeLINKChsBMD; GRO 8a 105 Chs-CE BOL/30/7 CEN 1881 (Bollington)
m. Q41880William /HEALD/Ann Elizabeth /HALL/YKSSheffieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 493 // b. 1859
m. Q41880William John T /HELD/Elizabeth /HOWE/NTHPotterspuryLINKFreeBMD; GRO 3b 83 // b. BKM, 1848; m2 BKM, 1901
m. Bef1881William /HELD/HarrietDBY<Killamarsh>LINK // b. NTT, 1853
m. Q11881William /HIELD/WARBirminghamLINKFreeBMD; GRO 6d 72
m.8Jun1881William Johnson /HEALD/Betsy Ellen /WHITEHEAD/LINLincoln, BeltonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 831 (Thorne) LDS 2078181
Oliver William /HEALD/  1882William /HEALD/Sarah ALANUrmstonLINK Lan-TR STR/32/75 (Stretford) CEN 1901 //m. Padgate 1879
m. Q21882William James /HEALD/Hannah [/LEES/]LANPrestwichLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 601 // b. 1856
m. Q21882William /HEALD/Hannah /HULME/CHSAltrincham, Civil MarriageLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8a 316 Chs-TR ALT/9/71
m. Q31882William /HEALD/Jane /BOLTON/LANHeapey, St BarnabasLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 791 (Chorley) LanBMD C17/1/265
m. Q41882William Henry /HEALD/Jane Ellen /BYROM/LANBlackburn, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 677 LanBMD RM/82/49
Sarah /HEALD/ Abt1883William /HEALD/MaryLANWiganLINK CEN 1901 (Stockport, CHS) // m. Chorley 1873
m.7Mar1883William /HEALD/Elizabeth Ellen /WILKINSON/LANChorley, Saint GeorgeLINKM162742; GRO 8e 642 LanBMD C7/5/7 VRI FHL 1526078 // b. 1862
m. Q21883William /HEALD/Mary Hannah /OLDHAM/CHSHeaton Reddish, St MaryLINKChsBMD; Chs-ST ST8/2/218 GRO 8a 41 (Stockport)
m. Q41883William /HEALD/Eliza /HYDE/LANSalford, AscensionLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 11 (Salford) Lan-SD C29/2/311 // b. 1864
m.  1884William /HEALD/Ann /DOCKRAY/YKSLeeds, Registered BuildingLINKYksBMD; Yks-LS RB/80/119
m. Q31885William /HEALD/[Hannah /BIRD/]HAMPortseaLINKFreeBMD; GRO 2b 813
m. Q31888William /HEALD/[Beatrice Hanford /ROGERS/]NTTBasfordLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 236 // b. 1862
m. Q31888William /HEALD/Anne /HUNTER/LANPreston, St MaryLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 945 LanBMD 233/2/493 // b. WES, 1860
Nellie /HEALD/ Abt1889William J /HEALD/AnnaYKSHalifaxLINK CEN 1901
Mary Ann /HEALD/1Feb1889William /HEALD/AnnLANLiverpool, St James the LessLINKVRI2; (b. 7 Nov 1888) FHL 1545919
m. Q21889William /HEALD/Elizabeth /WESTBY/LANHulme, St MichaelLINKLanBMD; GRO 8c 1079 (Chorlton) LanBMD 69/3/339
m. Q21889William /HEALD/[Annie /CAMPEY/]YKSPontefractLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 183 // b. 1861
m. Q31889William /HEALD/Emily /HORN/YKSLeeds, St PeterLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 654 Yks-LS CE46/100/26
m.5Apr1890William /HEALD/Martha /MALLEY/LANLeyland, St AndrewLINKM005445; (m2) LanBMD 203/5/362 VRI FHL 1470827 // b. 1853
m. Q21890William /HEALD/LANChorleyLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 797
Ellen /HEALD/ Q41890Willim /HEALD/EmilyYKSLeedsLINK GRO 9b 413 Yks-LS NORT/199/59 CEN 1901 (Bramley)
m. Q11891William /HEALD/Emily /JACKSON/LANSalford, St ClementsLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 118 Lan-SD C47/2/457
m. Q11891William Dawson /HEALD/Eliza /GARBUTT/YKS, St PaulLINKYksBMD; GRO 9d 283 (Sculcoates) Yks-Hull JA/8/178
Mary Ann /HEALD/ Q31891William /HEALD/MargaretLANManchesterLINK GRO 8d 89 (Salford) CEN 1901 (Salford)
m. Q31891William /HEALD/Margaret Foster /HEALD/LANLower Crumpsall, St ThomasLINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 547 (Prestwich) LanBMD 81/1/154 // b. 1861
m. Q31891William /HEALD/LANLancasterLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 1244
m. Q31891William /HEALD/LNDWandsworthLINKFreeBMD; GRO 1d 934
William Lyster /HEALD/ Q31892William /HEALD/Sarah J.SRYBalhamLINK GRO 1d 76[41] (Wandsworth) CEN 1901 (Streatham, LND)
Milly /HEALD/ Q41892William /HEALD/Emma G.YKSConnisboroLINK GRO 9c 756 (Doncaster) CEN 1901 (Scarcliffe, DBY)
m. Q11893William Unwin /HEALD/[Elizabeth /PLADDY/]YKSSheffieldLINKFreeBMD; (m2) GRO 9c 505 // b. 1839
m. Q21893William /HEALD/Ellen /ALLISON/LANChorley, St LawrenceLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 673 LanBMD C10/3/264 // b. 1871
m. Q31893William /HEALD/Martha Ann /ASHWORTH/CHSHeaton Norris, Christ ChurchLINKChsBMD; Chs-ST ST5/4/317 GRO 8a 42 (Stockport) // b. 1860
Florence /HEALD/ Abt1894William /HEALD/GraceLANGolborneLINK CEN 1901 (Abram)
Grace /HIELD/ Abt1894William /HIELD/LucyLANRoytonLINK CEN 1901
m. Q11894William Allen /HEALD/LANChorltonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 1158
Edward Leonard /HEALD/ Q21894William /HEALD/MaryLANManchesterLINK GRO 8c 939 (Chorlton) CEN 1901 (Urmston)
m. Q21894William /HEILDS/[Fanny /GROMM/]YKSTadcasterLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 1141 // b. 1871
m. Q31894William /HEALD/KENMaidstoneLINKFreeBMD; GRO 2a 1289
m. Q11895William Hartley /HEALD/[Agnes Ann /CARLISLE/]YKSBarnsleyLINKFreeBMD; (m2) GRO 9c 199 // b. 1866
m. Q21895William /HEALD/[Jane /ALLATT/]YKSDewsburyLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 975 // b. NTT, 1873
William /HEALD/ Q41896William /HEALD/Mary ALINGainsboroLINK GRO 7a 747 CEN 1901 (Worksop, NTT)
m. Q41897William /HEALD/Margaret Ann /HART/LANChorley, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8e 783 LanBMD RO/29/1 // b. 1869
Amy /HEALD/ Abt1898William /HEALD/Emma G.DBYShirebrookLINK CEN 1901 (Scarcliffe) // m. YKS, Bef 1893
m. Q11898William Samuel /HEALD/[Fanny Gertrude /WILLIAMES/]LNDHendon (MDX)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 3a 245 // b. 1878
m. Q11898William Samuel /HEALD/[Fanny /MITCHELL/]LNDHendon (MDX)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 3a 345 // b. 1878
m. Q11898William /HEALD/[Clara /SUMNER/]LANPrestonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 881 // b. IRL, 1877
m. Q21898William Donald /HIELD/Florence Mary /TOWN/YKSLeeds, Registered BuildingLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 992 Yks-LS RB/126/66 // b. Dundee SCT, 1868
m.4Aug1898William Henry /HEALD/Margaret /SHARPLES/LANChorley, Saint GeorgeLINKM162742; GRO 8e 931 LanBMD C7/6/320 VRI FHL 1526078 // b. 1878
m. Q31898William Henry /HEALD/Ellen /BOSTOCK/LANWarrington, St ElphinLINKChsBMD; GRO 8c 257 Chs-WA C25/16/415 // b. CHS, 1876
Ralph /HEALD/25Dec1898William /HEALD/NellieLANChorley, St GeorgeLINKVRI2; (b. 21 Nov 1898; d. Q1 1900, GRO 8e 452) GRO 8e 517 LanBMD CHO/94/34
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1899William /HEALD/MaryNTTWorksopLINK CEN 1901 // m. Gainsborough LIN, Bef 1889
Edith /HILD/ Abt1899William /HILD/Lavinia---NATALLINK CEN 1901 (Nottingham)
Ada /HEALD/ Q11899William /HEALD/Emma G.YKSLazenbyLINK GRO 9d 496 (Guisbro') CEN 1901 (Scarcliffe, DBY) // m. Bef 1893
m. Q21899William Henry /HEALD/Annie Elizabeth /MEFFERT/LANLiverpool, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8b 273 LanBMD REG_LP/237/74
m. Q41899William Henry /HEALD/[Martha /SAXTON/]YKSWakefieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 133 // b. 1879
Amy /HEALD/ Q31900William T. /HEALD/MaireYKSHull, DrypoolLINK Yks-HL DRY/74/196 GRO 9d 198 (Sculcoates) CEN 1901 (Thornaby)
m. Bef1901William /HEALD/MaryNTT<Bevercotes>LINK // b. 1847
m. Bef1901William /HEALD/MaryYKS<Wakefield>LINK // b. WiAbt1837YKS_1030508
Doris /HEALD/ Q11901William /HEALD/Mary AnnCHSStockport FirstLINK GRO 8a 57 Chs-ST ST1/137/45 CEN 1901 // m. Chorley LAN, 1873
m. Q21901William /HEALD/YKSKnaresbro'LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9a 224
m. Q21901William /HEALD/YKSSheffieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 1077
m. Q41901William John T /HELD/BKMNewport P.LINKFreeBMD; (m2) GRO 3a 1531 // b. 1848; m1 NTH, 1880
m. Q21902William /HEALD/LANPrestonLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 1148
m. Q31902William /HEALD/NTTMansfieldLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 147
m. Q41902William Gill /HEALD/Isabella Mary /BLEZARD/LANWest Derby, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; GRO 8b 1047 LanBMD REG_WD/204/40 // b. LEI, 1876
m. Q41903William Henry /HEALD/DBYDerbyLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 1215
m. Q21904William /HEALD/LANChorleyLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 948
m. Q21904William /HEALD/NTTBasfordLINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 411
m. Q21905William /HEALD/LANSalfordLINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 12
m. Q31906William /HELD/NBLNewcastle T.LINKFreeBMD; GRO 10b 16
m.  1908William /HEALD/Sarah Ann /WITHINGTON/LANWigan, Register OfficeLINKLanBMD; LanBMD ROW/117/144
m.  1909William /HEALD/Ada /GRUNDY/LANBlackburn, St BarnabasLINKLanBMD; LanBMD CE7/1/308
m.  1909William /HEALD/Elizabeth /COOPER/LANWarrington, St PeterLINKChsBMD; Chs-WA C28/2/463
m.  1910William Herbert /HEALD/Maggie /LOWE/LANHindley, All SaintsLINKLanBMD; LanBMD C15/7/160
m. Q31912William /HEILDS/YKSLeedsLINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 812
m.24Dec1921William Henry /HEALD/Frances Rose /WALKER/NTTWarsop, St Peter and St PaulLINK LDS -- // b. 1897
m. Q21869Wright /HEALD/[Sarah Elizabeth /SAWTON/]YKSBradford, Yk.LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 66 // b. 1842
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