Heald Births and Marriages UK: DBY NTT & LIN, 1626-1725

COPYRIGHT NOTE: The information on these pages is principally derived from the LDS International Genealogical Index (IGI); the LDS Ancestral File; the 1851, 1881 and 1901 UK Censuses; the LDS British Vital Records CDs (2nd edition); CheshireBMD, LancashireBMD, and YorkshireBMD; the FreeBMD project; and contributions from individual researchers. It is presented here strictly for the purpose of noncommercial scholarship, in line with international standards of copyright Fair Use. Do not reuse this material commercially, or in any way likely to upset the LDS or HMSO; and do not reproduce it without this message.
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The standard of proof used to consolidate these listings is current best guess (not 'absolute cast-iron certainty') -- so do not necessarily trust every suggested link, eg between a birth and a subsequent marriage, or consolidation, eg between different census returns. The listings have been mostly compiled from published indexes: you are strongly advised to check out wherever possible the original underlying documents, which may contain further information that could contradict the assumptions here.

Also be very aware that the listings are far from complete. There are many more Healds whose parishes have not yet been included in the IGI or VRI; many Healds lost or mistranscribed in both the 1881 and 1901 censuses; and many more still to transcribe at FreeBMD (latest progress). Just because there is only one Heald listed in a given place with a given name at a particular date, it is not necessarily safe to assume that they must definitely be the person you are looking for.

If there is any information you can add or correct, please contact me at j.heald@ucl.ac.uk.

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m. Abt.1627John /HEALD/Mrs. John /HEALD/<hathersage>DBY LDS 459060
Barbara /HEALDE/6Oct1628P013131Johannis /HEALDE/HathersageDBY
Barbara /HEALD/6Sep1628John /HEALD/HathersageDBY LDS 442709 & 459060
m. Aug1632M049632Anthonie /HELD/Elizabeth /NEALOR/BakewellDBY
m.29Oct1632Nicholas /HEALD/AnneEyamDBY LDS 2034728
John /HEALD/29Oct1632Nicholas /HEALD/AnneEyamDBY LDS 2034728
Elizabeth /HEILD/16Mar1634Nicholas /HEALD/AnneEyamDBY LDS 2034728
Nicholas /HEALD/6Dec1635Nicholas /HEALD/AnneEyamDBY LDS 2034728
Mary /HEALD/18Sep1636Nicholas /HEALD/AnneEyamDBY LDS 2034728
Ann /HEILD/9Jan1639Nicholas /HEALD/AnneEyamDBY LDS 2034728
William /HEILD/6Jun1641Nicholas /HEALD/AnneEyamDBY LDS 2034728
Margaret /HEALD/9Jan1648Nicholas /HEALD/AnneEyamDBY LDS 2034728
m.  1630John /MORTON/Dorothy /HEILD/DBY LDS 1985633
m.17Aug1633John /MORTON/Dorothy /HEILD/EyamDBY LDS A459137 & 459140
m. Abt.1641Nicholas /HEALD/Mrs. Nicholas /HEALD/<hathersage>DBY LDS 456372
Johannes /HEALD/15Oct1642P013131Nicholai /HEALD/HathersageDBY
John /HEALD/15Sep1642Nicholas /HEALD/HathersageDBY LDS 442714 & 456372
Nicholaus /HEALD/20Jul1644P013131Nicholai /HEALD/HathersageDBY LDS 442714 & 456372
Robertus /HEALD/17Aug1651P013131Nicholai /HEALD/SusannaeHathersageDBY
Richardus /HEALD/ Nov1653P013131Nicholai /HEALD/SusannaeHathersageDBY
m.10Jul1643M047062Edward /ASH/Frances /HEALD/BeeleyDBY
Marie /HEALD/2Feb1645C055512Hughe /HEALD/Great LongstoneDBY
Robert /HELD/19Dec1647C055512Hughe /HELD/Great LongstoneDBY
Thomas /HEALD/20Oct1650C055512Hughe /HEALD/Great LongstoneDBY
John /HEALD/28Feb1651C055512Hughe /HEALD/Great LongstoneDBY
Joan /HEALD/  1655C055512Hugh /HEALD/Great LongstoneDBY
Gulielmus /HEALD/24Feb1658C055512Hugh /HEALD/Great LongstoneDBY
Jacobi /HEALD/24Feb1658C055512Hugh /HEALD/Great LongstoneDBY
Francis /HEALD/ Abt.1627- HathersageDBY LDS 442710 (rel. PHILLIPE)
Mrs. Francis /HEALD/ Abt.1631- (m. Francis /HEALD/)HathersageDBY LDS 442709
m. Abt.1658Francis /HEALD/Mrs. Francis /HEALD/<hathersage>DBY LDS 459060
Ann /HEALD/20Feb1659Francis /HEALD/HathersageDBY LDS 442709 & 459060
Tho /HEALD/24Nov1667C013132Ffran /HEALD/HathersageDBY
Ann /HEALD/20Feb1670P013131Francis /HEALD/HathersageDBY
m.24Aug1663Robert /SHEPARD/Anna /HEALD/EyamDBY LDS batch 7819133 & 2034728
Robertus /HEALD/14Feb1664C058972Thomas /HEALD/Stony MiddletonDBY
Martha /HEALD/8Apr1666C058972Thomas /HEALD/Stony MiddletonDBY
Nicholas /HEALD/ Abt.1638- HathersageDBY LDS 442714 (rel. Rhoda SINGLETON BRYANT)
Nicholas /HEALD/ Abt.1645- PadleyDBY LDS 442716 (rel. Rhoda Singleton Bryant)
Mrs. Nicholas /HEALD/ Abt.1642- (m. Nicholas /HEALD/)HathersageDBY LDS 442710
Mrs. Prudence /HEALD/ Abt.1649- (m. Nicholas /HEALD/)PadleyDBY LDS 442711
m. Abt.1663Nicholas /HEALD/Mrs. Nicholas /HEALD/<hathersage>DBY LDS 456372
m. Abt.1670Nicholas /HEALD/Mrs Prudence /HEALD/<padley>DBY LDS 456372
Francis /HEALD/21Aug1664P013131Nicholas /HEALD/HathersageDBY LDS 442715 & 456372
Thomas /HEALD/24Nov1667P013131Nicholas /HEALD/HathersageDBY LDS 442716 & 456372
Nicholas /HEALD/3Nov1672P013131Nicholas /HEALD/HathersageDBY
Barbara /HEALD/13Dec1675Nicholas /HEALD/PadleyDBY LDS 442712 & 456372
Barbara /HEALD/2Jan1676P013131Nicholas /HEALD/PrudenceHathersageDBY
Alice /HEALD/14Oct1671Nicholas /HEALD/PadleyDBY LDS 442711 & 456372
Alice /HEALD/14Oct1677P013131Nicholas /HEALD/HathersageDBY
Nich /HEALD/14Oct1677C013132Nich /HEALD/HathersageDBY
Susanna /HEALD/13Apr1680P013131Nicholas /HEALD/Hathersage, [Padley]DBY LDS 442711 & 456372
Silence /HEALD/5Nov1682P013131Nicholas /HEALD/[Prudence]Hathersage, [Padley]DBY LDS 456372
m.13May1666M139081Robert /HEALD/Brichet /TAYLOR/Darley & Darley DaleDBY LDS batch 7132025 // of Tideswell
d.16Jun1666Mary /HEALD/EyamDBY LDS 2078178
d.26Jun1666Emmett /HEALD/EyamDBY LDS 2078178
d.1Jul1666Elizabeth /HEALD/EyamDBY LDS 2078178
d.18Jul1666Thomas /HEALD/EyamDBY LDS 2078178
Dorothy /HEALD/ Abt.1646- (m. Francis /GARRETT/)HathersageDBY LDS 442724
m.30Jun1667M013131Francis /GARRATT/Dorothy /HEALD/HathersageDBY LDS 459113
m.11Nov1667M013131James /WARRINGTON/Elizabeth /HEALD/HathersageDBY
m.9Apr1668Antonius /SPOONER/Jana /HEALD/EyamDBY LDS batch 7819133
m.5Nov1668Richard /DAVISON/Mary /HEALD/EyamDBY LDS 2034728
m.27Sep1680M013132Johes /BRITTLEBANKE/Alicia /HEALD/HathersageDBY
Robert /HEALD/ Abt.1652- PadleyDBY LDS 442718 ) (rel. HAWORTH (1612)
Mrs. Robert /HEALD/ Abt.1656- (m. Robert /HEALD/)PadleyDBY LDS 442711
m. Abt.1683Robert /HEALD/<padley>DBY LDS 459081
Samuel /HEALD/ Abt1677Robert /HEALD/<Padley>DBY TR cutler YKS, 1691
Johes /HEALD/14Apr1678C058012Roberti /HEALD/TideswellDBY
Nicholas /HEALD/10Aug1684P013131Robert /HEALD/Hathersage, [Padley]DBY LDS 442719 & 459081
Robt /HEALD/10Aug1684C013132Robti /HEALD/HathersageDBY
John /HEALD/ Abt.1653- OffertonDBY LDS 442712 (rel. CLARK)
Mrs. John /HEALD/ Abt.1657- (m. John /HEALD/)OffertonDBY LDS 442710
m. Abt.1669John /HEALD/Mrs. John /HEALD/<offerton>DBY LDS 456372
John /HEALD/24Apr1670John /HEALD/Mrs. John /HEALD/OffertonDBY LDS 456372
John /HEALD/24Apr1679P013131John /HEALD/HathersageDBY
John /HEALD/4Jan1686John /HEALD/OffertonDBY LDS 442712 & 456372
John /HEALD/13May1682C058972Mathew /HEALD/Stony MiddletonDBY
Nichlas /HELD/23Apr1685C058972Mathew /HELD/AnnaStony MiddletonDBY
m. Jun1685Johanes /HEALD/Maria /GREGORY/BaslowDBY LDS batch 7220008
Franciscus /HEALD/  1689C048292Johannis /HEALD/BaslowDBY
Elizabetha /HEALD/28Feb1691C048292Johannis /HEALD/BaslowDBY
John /HEALD/4Jan1687P013131John /HEALD/HathersageDBY
m.28Oct1685M013132Guil. /WOOD/Sarah /HEALD/HathersageDBY
m.8Apr1686Richard /JOHNSON/Hannah /HEALD/HathersageDBY LDS 183552 & 184214 & A184635 & 459071 & 1239588 (rel. George KNIGHTON)
m.14Jan1687M058012John /WARD/Susannah /HEALDS/TideswellDBY
m.21Oct1689M047062Samuel /HEALD/Elizabeth /SWEET/BeeleyDBY
m.4Oct1694M048292Franciscus /HEALD/Elizabetha /ELLIS/BaslowDBY
Johanes /HEALD/27Dec1697C058972Nicolas /HEALD/HeleneStony MiddletonDBY
Susanna /HEALD/30May1700C058972Nicholas /HEALD/HelanaStony MiddletonDBY
ANNA /HEALD/ Abt.1677- <baslow>DBY LDS 1761116
m.29May1698M048292Samson /WHITE/Anna /HEALD/BaslowDBY LDS 1760965 & batch 7129421
m.20Jul1701M058012Rico. /HEALD/Judith /SWINSCOT/TideswellDBY LDS batch 7002904
m.20Sep1702Henry /YELLOT/Alice /HALD/HopeDBY LDS batch 7104107
m.23Oct1712Daniel /HEALD/Christian_ /FURNIS/EyamDBY LDS batch 7328330
Thomas /HEALD/18Sep1713Daniel /HEALD/Christian_ /FURNIS/EyamDBY LDS batch 7328330
Ruth /HEALD/ Abt.1693- (m. Richard /FROGGAT/)EyamDBY LDS 537496
m.11Nov1714Richard /FROGGAT/Ruth /HEALD/EyamDBY LDS 537750 & A537750
m.5May1716M048512Robert /HYELD/Hester /ROBUCK/Chapel En Le FrithDBY
m.19Sep1717M058972Thomas /MASON/Elizabeth /HEALD/Stony MiddletonDBY
m.1Nov1720Daniel /HEALD/Mabella /WHITE/BeeleyDBY LDS batch 7219510
m.17Apr1722M035863Nicholaus /HEALD/Elizabetha /MARSDEN/ChesterfieldDBY
William /HEALD/ Abt.1725Francis /HEALD/MiddletonDBY TR cutler YKS, 1738 // cf 1728
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George /HEALD/6May1632P014941George /HEALD/MortonDBY
George /HEALD/29May1648P014941Robt /HEALD/MortonDBY
John /HEALD/17Apr1659P014941Robt /HEALD/MortonDBY
Ales /HEALD/5Jun1668P014941Robt /HEALD/MortonDBY
Roberti /HEALD/21Dec1656VRI2Roberti /HEALD/AnnaStaveleyDBY FHL 1041903
Johannes /HEALD/16Jan1658VRI2Roberti /HEALD/AnneStaveleyDBY FHL 1041903
Elizabetha /HEALD/28Apr1661C055752Roberti /HEALD/StaveleyDBY VRI2 FHL 1041903
Ellen /HEALD/10Dec1656K058753George /HEALD/North WingfieldDBY
Elizabeth /HEALD/29Jan1664K058753George /HEALD/AliceNorth WingfieldDBY
Mary /HEALD/3Mar1668K058753George /HEALD/North WingfieldDBY
m.29May1681M020382Jorg /HEALD/Janit /WOOD/PleasleyDBY
Ann /HEALD/15May1681P014941George /HEALD/MortonDBY
Robt /HELD/23Oct1683P014941George /HELD/MortonDBY
Hannah /HELD/15Mar1686P014941George /HELD/DorothyMortonDBY
George /HEALD/3May1688P014941George /HEALD/DorothyMortonDBY
m.5Feb1684M048272Anthony /HEALD/Isabella /SEDAN/Ault HucknallDBY PR marr
Robert /HELD/4Nov1685C060962Anthony /HELD/Blackwell By AlfretonDBY
Georg /HELD/26Dec1688C060962Anthony /HELD/Blackwell By AlfretonDBY
m.19Jan1688John /HEALD/Elizabeth /TAYLOR/Blackwell By AlfretonDBY LDS batch 7413013
Robert /HELD/11Dec1688C060962John /HELD/Blackwell By AlfretonDBY
John /HELD/26Dec1690C060962John /HELD/Blackwell By AlfretonDBY
John /HEALD/3Oct1692C058752John /HEALD/North WingfieldDBY
m.28Sep1693George /HEALD/Penelope /JARVIS/ChesterfieldDBY LDS batch 7823534
m.13Jun1695Anthony /HEALD/Mary /BROUGH/CrichDBY LDS batch 7109527
Anthony /HELD/23Feb1696C060962- Blackwell By AlfretonDBY
m.21Jun1698M014941Bestall /HEALD/Mary /HASLAM/MortonDBY
Mary /HEALD/25Mar1700P000351Beastal /HEALD/ShirlandDBY
Hannah /HEALD/28Oct1707P000351Beastall /HEALD/ShirlandDBY
Anne /HEALD/29Jul1711P000351Beastall /HEALD/ShirlandDBY
Elizabeth /HEALD/12Jan1719P000351- ShirlandDBY
Sarah /HEALD/19Mar1721P000351Beastall /HEALD/ShirlandDBY
Daniel /HEALD/ Abt.1699- MortonDBY LDS --
m.12Oct1703M014941Samuel /FELL/Anne /HEALD/MortonDBY
m.19Jun1712M060962George /HELD/Eliz. /BOOTE/Blackwell By AlfretonDBY
Henry /HELD/1Jun1713C060962George /HELD/ElizBlackwell By AlfretonDBY
Elizabeth /HEALD/7Oct1716K049943George /HEALD/DuffieldDBY
m.4Jan1718VRI2John /HEALD/Mary /CROFT/South WingfieldDBY FHL 496705 LDS A184735 & 183585 & 457455 & A457453 & 1239533 (rel. John William CROFTS)
m.4Jan1719John /HEALD/Mary /CROFT/South WingfieldDBY LDS 184735
James /HEALD/30Nov1723VRI2John /HEALD/MaryStaveleyDBY FHL 1041903
m.30Sep1718M014941Edward /STEERE/Hannah /HEALD/MortonDBY
m.10Nov1719M035863Georgius /SUTER/Maria /HELD/ChesterfieldDBY
Johes /HEALD/28May1724C035863Franci /HEALD/ChesterfieldDBY
m.7Jan1725Geo. /HEALD/Anne /HANCOCK/StaveleyDBY LDS batch 7717433 // alt
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Saray /HEALDE/10May1626WIRKSWRobeart /HEALD/WirksworthDBY VRI2 FHL 1041042
John /HEALD/5July1629WIRKSWRobeart /HEALD/WirksworthDBY(bur. 16 Feb 1631) VRI2 FHL 1041042
Izabell /HEALDE/3Aug1634WIRKSWRobeart /HEALD/WirksworthDBY VRI2 FHL 1041042
bur.4Jan1637WIRKSWRobeart /HEAYLD/WirksworthDBY
bur.22July1632WIRKSWElizabeth /HEALD/WirksworthDBY(w. of Barthe /HEALD/)
bur.30Jun1639WIRKSWBartholomew /HEAYLDE/WirksworthDBY
William /HEALDE/23Dec1632WIRKSWJames /HEALD/WirksworthDBY
m.25Aug1633WIRKSWBartholamew /HEALD/Francis /SLATOR/WirksworthDBY VRI2 FHL 1041042
Edward /HEALD/30Mar1635WIRKSWBartle /HEALD/WirksworthDBY VRI2 FHL 1041042
infant  1638WIRKSWBartholomew /HEALD/WirksworthDBY(bur. 4 Jun 1638)
bur.25Jul1639WIRKSWBartholomew /HEAYLD/ JrWirksworthDBY("Ju")
m.30Nov1637VRI2Samwell /GYE/Elin /HEALD/WirksworthDBY FHL 1041042
John /HEALD/14Feb1638WIRKSWThomas /HEALD/Ann /HOADES/WirksworthDBY(bur. 16 Feb 1638; illegitimate)
William /HEALD/6Dec1640WIRKSWEdward /HEALD/WirksworthDBY
bur.4Jun1692WIRKSWEdward /HEILD/WirksworthDBY
Robert /HEALD/27Feb1650J055493Robert /HEALD/LongfordDBY
Margret /HEALD/22Dec1652K055493Robert /HEALD/LongfordDBY
Thomas /HEALD/ Feb1654J055493Robert /HEALD/LongfordDBY
Henery /HEALD/7May1657VRIRobert /HEALD/JaneAshbourne, Saint OswaldDBY FHL 1041048
m.27Mar1660M049992James /ASHTON/Elizabeth /HELD/EdlastonDBY
bur.20May1671WIRKSWElizabeth /HEALD/WirksworthDBY(d. of William /HEALD/)
Elizabeth /HEALD/19Dec1681K055493Robert /HEALD/KatherineLongfordDBY
bur.5Apr1682WIRKSWFrances /HEALD/WirksworthDBY(w. of William /HEALD/)
bur.7Mar1683WIRKSWWilliam /HEILD/WirksworthDBY
m.25Apr1693M059492William /HANSON/Ann /HEALD/WirksworthDBY
m.29Apr1693VRIRobert /JACKSON/Margaret /HEALD/Fenny BentleyDBY FHL 1041104
m.29Nov1706VRIJohn /HEATH/Hellen /HEALD/Fenny BentleyDBY FHL 1041104; LDS 1903726
m.20Oct1709M055162John /HELD/Ruth /NODDER/KnivetonDBY
Robert /HEALD/16Mar1716C139092Robert /HEALD/Ashbourne, Saint OswaldDBY VRI2
Thomas /HEALDE/16Mar1719C139092Robert /HEALDE/Ashbourne, Saint OswaldDBY VRI2
Thomas /HEALD/27Dec1721C139092Robert /HEALD/Ashbourne, Saint OswaldDBY VRI2
m.15Jun1720M059492Benjamin /MATHER/Elizabeth /HELD/WirksworthDBY
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Elizabeth /HEALD/7Oct1716K049943George /HEALD/DuffieldDBY
Thomas /HEALD/21Sep1721C035872Francis /HEALD/Derby, All SaintsDBY
Mary /HEALD/ Abt.1711- (m. RICHARD /MILLWARD/ 1732)St. PeterDBY LDS 447851
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Cattarn /HEALD/18Mar1627C059412- MarnhamNTT
m.14Aug1628M061172Robertus /HEALD/Emmatta /WARD/StaplefordNTT
m.18Jun1633M059412Beniamin /HEALD/Anne /KINGE/MarnhamNTT PR marr
Hugh /HEALD/26Oct1634C059412Beniamin /HEALD/AnneMarnhamNTT
Jo /HEALD/4Jul1641PRBen /HEALD/AnneNorwellNTT PR bap
m.26Dec1687Matthew /HEALD/Mary /COTTOM/Normanton-on-TrentNTT PR marr
Nathan /HEILD/30Jun1693VRIGeorge /HEILD/AnneWarsopNTT FHL 504054
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Bridget /HEALD/23Mar1633VRIGeorge /HEALD/HaintonLIN FHL 989786
Dorothy /HEALD/22Feb1635VRIGeorge /HEALD/BridgetHaintonLIN FHL 989786
Ann /HEALD/11Oct1637VRIGeorge /HEALD/BridgettHaintonLIN FHL 989786
Mary /HEALD/28Apr1639VRIGeorge /HEALD/BridgettHaintonLIN FHL 989786
George /HEALD/3May1641VRIGeorge /HEALD/BridgetHaintonLIN FHL 989786
George /HEALD/11Dec1642VRIGeorge /HEALD/HaintonLIN FHL 989786
Anthony /HEALD/27Jul1645VRIGeorge /HEALD/BridgetHaintonLIN FHL 989786
m.14Feb1643M031191William /EASTON/Elizabeth /HAYLD/Roxby Cum RisbyLIN
Maria /HEALD/29May1664C031082Guilielmi /HEALD/MariaeMarket RasenLIN
Susana /HEALD/22Aug1666C031082Willyam /HEALD/Market RasenLIN
Elizabeth /HEALD/20Sep1666C031082Willyam /HEALD/Market RasenLIN
m. Jun1672VRIWilliam /TAYLOR/Elizabeth /HEALD/North WillinghamLIN FHL 1450433
Thomas /HEALD/27Apr1673C031101Thomas /HEALD/Middle Rasen TupholmeLIN
Elizabeth /HEALD/26Dec1679C031092Tho /HEALD/ElizabethMiddle Rasen (drakes)LIN
m.24Jun1698M031092Thomas /HEALD/Ellen /COOK/Middle Rasen (drakes)LIN
Thomas /HEALD/24Mar1700C031101Thomae /HEALD/Middle Rasen TupholmeLIN
Thomas /HEALD/1Feb1702C031101Thomas /HEALD/Middle Rasen TupholmeLIN
m.29Oct1701VRI2John /COOK/Mary /HEALD/CuxwoldLIN FHL 1542177
Anne /HEALD/27Sep1707C031092Joshua /HEALD/ElizabethMiddle Rasen (drakes)LIN
Elizabeth /HEALD/1Mar1708C031092Joshua /HEALD/ElizabethMiddle Rasen (drakes)LIN
Anne /HEALD/8Aug1720C031092Joshua /HEALD/AnneMiddle Rasen (drakes)LIN
m.29Jul1683M028521Thom /SAMSON/Mary /HEALD/Gayton-Le-MarshLIN
# -- LINCOLN --
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m.  1673M026311Anthony /HEALD/Joan /VLLIOTT/Lincoln, St. PaulLIN
Elizabeth /HEALD/16Mar1694C025901Antho. /HEALD/ElizabethBardneyLIN
George /HEALD/22Aug1697P011911Anthony /HEALD/ElizabethHorncastleLIN
Bridget /HEALD/27Mar1702P011911Anth. /HEALD/Eliz.HorncastleLIN VRI2 FHL 1542140
George /HEALD/ Abt.1707- LIN LDS 170404 (rel. Joseph S. PEERY)
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Elizabeth /HEELD/15Jul1632C027642Henry /HEELD/ConingsbyLIN
Elizabeth /HEALD/11Apr1639C027642James /HEALD/ElizabthConingsbyLIN VRI2 FHL 1541959
John /HEALD/27Sep1640C027642James /HEALD/AneConingsbyLIN VRI2 FHL 1541959
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Tomasin /HEILD/10Oct1635C028352Henry /HEILD/FosdykeLIN
William /HEYLD/24Jun1638C028352Henry /HEYLD/MargaretFosdykeLIN
William /HEYLD/16Aug1640C028352Henry /HEYLD/MargarettFosdykeLIN
John /HEILD/1Jan1640P011131Bartle /HEILD/AbigailHolbeachLIN
George /HEALD/ Abt.1631- (m. Catherin /TAYLOR/)HolbeachLIN LDS 452878
m.27May1656George /HEALD/Catherin /TAYLOR/SpaldingLIN LDS 457698 & A457698 & batch 7128132
Sarah /HEALD/26Jun1664C027902Chilton /HEALD/MaryDonington On BainLIN
Elizabeth /HEELD/2Jan1690C031562Henery /HEELD/SusannaSpaldingLIN
John /HEELD/12Apr1696C031562Henery /HEELD/SusannaSpaldingLIN
Susanna /HEELDE/19Feb1698C031562Henery /HEELDE/SusannaSpaldingLIN
Sarah /HEELDS/2Jan1701C031562Henery /HEELDS/SusannaSpaldingLIN
John /HEELD/ Abt.1693- (m. Elizabeth /WILES/)SpaldingLIN LDS 448070
m.27Jul1718John /HEELD/Elizabeth /WILES/SpaldingLIN LDS A455448 & 455450
Theophilus /HEELD/29Jan1723C031562John /HEELD/ElizabethSpaldingLIN

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