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Heald Children UK: Male, 1801-1850

COPYRIGHT NOTE: The information on these pages is principally derived from the LDS International Genealogical Index (IGI); the LDS Ancestral File; the 1851, 1881 and 1901 UK Censuses; the LDS British Vital Records CDs (2nd edition); CheshireBMD, LancashireBMD, and YorkshireBMD; the FreeBMD project; and contributions from individual researchers. It is presented here strictly for the purpose of noncommercial scholarship, in line with international standards of copyright Fair Use. Do not reuse this material commercially, or in any way likely to upset the LDS or HMSO; and do not reproduce it without this message.
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The standard of proof used to consolidate these listings is current best guess (not 'absolute cast-iron certainty') -- so do not necessarily trust every suggested link, eg between a birth and a subsequent marriage, or consolidation, eg between different census returns. The listings have been mostly compiled from published indexes: you are strongly advised to check out wherever possible the original underlying documents, which may contain further information that could contradict the assumptions here.

Also be very aware that the listings are far from complete. There are many more Healds whose parishes have not yet been included in the IGI or VRI; many Healds lost or mistranscribed in both the 1881 and 1901 censuses; and many more still to transcribe at FreeBMD (latest progress). Just because there is only one Heald listed in a given place with a given name at a particular date, it is not necessarily safe to assume that they must definitely be the person you are looking for.

If there is any information you can add or correct, please contact me at j.heald@ucl.ac.uk.

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James /HEALD/29Apr1804YKSDewsburyFrances /HEALD/LINKC009054
James /HEALD/23Sep1804LANWiganJames /HEALD/Catharine /TOWNLEY/LINKC005567
James /HEALD/4Nov1804LANManchesterJohn /HEALD/SarahLINKC005468
James /HEALD/14Apr1805LANFlixtonJames /HEALD/MaryLINKP005222
James /HEALD/21Jun1807YKSSheffieldMary /HEALD/LINKC150521
James /HEALD/28Feb1808LANFlixtonJohn /HEALD/HannahLINKP005222
James /HEALD/31Jul1808YKSHorburyDavid /HEALD/Ellinor [/HARTLEY/]LINKP007581; (bur. 19 Aug 1819, aged 11 -NBI) PR bap LDS 442549 & 458819
James /HEALD/25Jun1809LANFlixtonJames /HEALD/MaryLINKP005222
James /HEALD/ Abt1811CHSBunbury- (m. Francess Bef 1835)LINK CEN 1851 (Tarporley)
James /HEALD/3Nov1811LANPrestonThomas /HEALD/EllenLINK LDS batch 7328902
James /HEALD/17May1812YKSRothwellJames /HEALD/AnneLINKP010611; (bur. Hunslet 16 Jan 1825, aged 12 -NBI)
James /HEALD/18Apr1813LANManchesterRichard /HEALD/EstherLINKC097891
James /HEALD/ Abt1815LANFlixton- (m. Alice 1842)LINK CEN 1851
James Rix /HEALD/26Mar1815LANManchesterRichard /HEALD/EstherLINKC097892
James /HEALD/28Oct1815YKSWakefieldJames /HEALD/HannahLINKC071651
James /HEALD/ Abt1816LANChorley[William /HEALD/]LINK(m. Isabella [/STANNING/] 1840) CEN 1841 CEN 1851 (Wheelton)
James /HEALD/ Abt1816YKS<Holbeck>- (d. Q3 1875)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 238
James /HEALD/ Abt1816LANPreston- (m. Rosanna)LINK CEN 1851
James /HEALD/22Nov1816LANPrestonRalph /HEALD/MaryLINK LDS batch 7328902
James /HEALD/ Abt1817LANBlackburn- (m. Elizabeth 1840)LINK CEN 1851 (Ashton under Lyne) CEN 1881 (Ashton Under Lyne)
James /HEALD/5Oct1817LANLiverpoolRobert /HEALD/ElizabethLINKC005999
Jas Cheetham /HEALD/26Oct1817LANManchesterJohn /HEALD/AnnLINKP020851; // m.1815, Preston?
James /HEALD/9Nov1817LANChorleyJames /HEALD/Mary [/MANGNALL/]LINKP005702; AFN:1J2Q-JLT; LDS 453822 & 458644
James Wilding /HEALD/1Dec1817LANManchesterJames /HEALD/MaryLINKC097892
James /HEALD/ Abt1818LANBlackrod- LINK CEN 1881 (Glossop Dale, DBY) // should be 1828 ?
James /HEALD/22Mar1818LANChorleyWilliam /HEALD/ElisabethLINKP005702; AFN:1J2P-BVB;
James /HEALD/29Mar1818YKSLeedsElizabeth /HEALD/LINKC071931
James /HEALD/5Jul1818YKSRothwellGeorge /HEALD/MaryLINKC010612; CEN 1851
James /HEALD/11Aug1819LANLiverpoolJohn /HEALD/MargaretLINKP020272
James /HEALD/28May1820YKSHorburyDavid /HEALD/HelenLINKC007582
James /HEALD/8Oct1820LANChorleyWilliam /HEALD/Martha [/WARTON/]LINKP005702; LDS 453822 & 458644
James /HEALD/12Nov1820LANLeighGeorge /HEALD/MargaretLINKC005394
James /HEILD/21Nov1820NTTSouthwellHannah /HEILD/LINKC061161
James A. /HEALD/ Abt1821LANManchester- (m. Ruth [/LEECH/] 1843)LINK CEN 1851 (Upholland) CEN 1881 (Ardwick)
James /HEALD/ Abt1821LANManchester- (m. Esther Bef 1851)LINK CEN 1851 (Heap Heywood)
James /HEALD/ Abt1821NTTSouthwell- (m. Sarah Bef 1845)LINK CEN 1881 (Kersall)
James /HEALD/17Oct1821LANPrestonHenry /HEALD/AliceLINKC007133
James /HEALD/ Abt1822LAN<Blackburn>- (d. Q2 1893)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 339
James Sanderson /HEALD/11Aug1822NTTNottinghamElizabeth /HEALD/LINKP015431; //rel. 1837
James /HEALD/ Abt1824CHSAltrincham- (d. 1850 aged 26, Chs-TR ALT/7/21)LINKChsBMD
James /HEILD/ Abt1824LAN<Ormskirk>- (d. Q2 1873)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8b 461
James /HEALD/24Oct1824CHSAltrinchamSamuel /HEALD/MaryLINKC076461
James /HEALD/ Abt1825CHSHale- (lodger 1851)LINK CEN 1851 (Timperley)
James /HEALD/ Abt1825CHSHale- (lodger 1851)LINK CEN 1851 (Timperley) CEN 1881 (Timperley)
James /HEALD/ Abt1825CHSKnutsford- (d. 1897 aged 72, Chs-CE KNU/20/75)LINKChsBMD
James /HEALD/11Jan1825CHSRingwayJohn /HEALD/MaryLINKVRI2; FHL 1836023
James Waddington /HEILD/13Nov1825YKSHalifaxStansfield Waddington /HEILD/Elizth.LINKC007492; (d. Q1 1894, GRO 4a 570 (Ipswich))
James /HEALD/20Aug1826LANLiverpoolJohn /HEALD/ElizabethLINKP020272
James /HEALD/19Nov1826YKSOssettNathan /HEALD/SarahLINKC107721
James /HEALD/ Abt1827YKSHalifaxStanfodd /HEALD/ElizabethLINK CEN 1851 (Alverthorpe)
James Morris /HEALD/14Jun1827CHSDisleyJohn /HEALD/Mary AnneLINKC058681; (m. Mary /HULSE/ 1847; d. New Mills, 31 Jan 1880) CEN 1851 EXOR 1873 WILL 1880
James /HEALD/ Abt1828LANLatham- LINK LDS 183416 (rel. John D. SWIFT)
James /HEALD/ Abt1828LANStockport \ Salford- (m. Mary Ann [/WHITTAKER/] 1850; d. 3 May 1895, GRO 8d 69)LINK CEN 1851 (Manchester) CEN 1881 WILL 1896
James /HEALD/6Apr1828LANBlackrodEdmond /HEALD/MargaretLINKC005312; (m. Sarah Anne /BAND/ 1848 -VRI) CEN 1851
James /HEALD/27Jul1828LANChorleyJames /HEALD/Rebecca [/CORNER/]LINKP005702; AFN:1J2P-B3K; CEN 1841 LDS 446233 & 458679
James /HEALD/ Abt1829LANEccles- (nephew of Michael /BENT/)LINK CEN 1851 (Hulme)
James /HEALD/ Abt1830LAN?Makall?- (sister of Nancy 1832)LINK CEN 1851 (Oswaldtwistle)
James /HEALD/ Abt1830YKSWakefield- (m. Anne Bef 1868)LINK CEN 1881 (Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe)
James /HEALD/10May1830LANChorleyHugh /HEALD/Alice /MANGNALL/LINK AFN:1J2Q-K09; LDS 453822 & 458644
James /HEALD/16May1830LANChorleyHugh /HEALD/AliceLINKP005702; (m. Mary /RIDING/ 1858) CEN 1841 CEN 1851 CEN 1881
James /HEALD/ Abt1831YKSWakefield- (m. Mary Bef 1851)LINK CEN 1851
James /HEALD/6Feb1831LANPrestonJohn /HEALD/CharlotteLINKC007133; (m. Ann [/HORRIBIN/] 1849) AFN:1BMM-NK8; CEN 1851 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 LDS 2034548
James /HEALD/14Feb1831YKSWakefieldRichard /HEALD/JaneLINKC071651
James [Waddington] /HEALD/ Abt1832YKSHalifax- (m. Annie LAN, Bef 1864)LINK CEN 1881 (Theberton, SFK)
James /HEALD/ Bef1833LAN<Blackburn>Henry /HEALD/LINKVRI2; (m. Mary /FISHER/ 1850)
James /HEALD/31Aug1834LANManchesterWilliam /HEALD/AnnLINKC097896
James /HIELD/3Oct1834YKSHeadingleyJohn /HIELD/ElizabethLINKP009591; (bur. 5 Oct 1834, infant -NBI)
James /HEALD/ Abt1835CHSWittonHenry /HEALD/MaryLINK CEN 1851
James /HEALD/ Abt1837LAN<Bolton>- (d. Q4 1837)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 21 55
James /HEALD/ Abt1837LANManchester- (m. Elizth. Bef 1859)LINK CEN 1881 (Great Bolton)
James /HEALD/11Apr1837LANPrestonWilliam /HEALD/MaryLINKC007134
James /HEALD/30Jun1837LNDDeptfordWilliam /HEALD/PhabeLINKP001622
James /HEALD/2Jul1837LANManchesterJohn /HEALD/SusanLINKC097897
James /HEALD/ Abt1838YKSRobert /HEALD/MaryLINK(m. Mary A. DUR, 1860) CEN 1851 (Wakefield) CEN 1881 (Stockton On Tees, DUR) CEN 1901 (Stockton On Tees, DUR)
James /HEALD/ Abt1838LANBlackburn- (m. Maria Bef 1871)LINK CEN 1881 CEN 1901
James /HEALD/ Abt1838CHSNorthwick- (Lodger 1881)LINK CEN 1881 (Hunslet, YKS)
James /HEALD/11Mar1838LANBlackburnJohn /HEALD/AliceLINKVRI2; LanBMD B/2/21 CEN 1851 FHL Film 1278805
James /HEALD/ Q21838YKSWakefield- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 22 662
James /HEALD/  1839CHSEast MacclesfieldWilliam /HEALD/FrancesLINK Chs-CE EMC/2/31 CEN 1851 CEN 1881
James /HEALD/  1839LANFlixton- (d. 1839 aged 0, LanBMD FLX/1/33)LINKLanBMD; Lan-TR FLX/1/48
James /HEALD/  1839YKSLeeds[George /HEALD/][Mary]LINK Yks-LS WEST/6/13 CEN 1851
James /HEALD/ Abt1840LND<Greenwich>- (d. Q1 1840)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 5 139
James /HEALD/ Abt1840LAN<Leigh>- (d. Q2 1840)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 21 433
James /HEALD/ Abt1840LAN<Preston>- (d. Q1 1840)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 21 533
James /HEALD/ Q11840YKSLeeds- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 23 418
James /HEALD/ Abt1841YKSLeeds- (m. Annie 1865)LINK CEN 1881 CEN 1901
James /HEALD/ Abt1842LND<Greenwich>- (d. Q1 1842)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 5 185
James /HIELD/ Abt1842LANHorwich- (m. Alice Bef 1874; rel Alice 1895)LINK CEN 1901 (Bolton)
James Roberts /HEALD/ Q21842YKSAlmondbury \ HuddersfieldJoseph /HEALD/Mary KayLINK(m. Mary A. 1868) GRO 22 292 (Huddersfield) CEN 1851 CEN 1881 (Bowling) LDS batch 5015488 // m. <Blackley> LAN, Bef 1828
James /HEALD/ Q21842YKSLeeds[John Whitaker /HEALD/][Ann /SMITH/]LINKREL; (d. Bef 1851 ?) GRO 23 346 Yks-LS SE/9/498
James /HEALD/ Q31842CHSKnutsford- (d. Q4 1842, GRO 19 13)LINKChsBMD; GRO 19 1_ (Altrincham) Chs-CE KNU/3/18
James /HEALD/  1843LANChorleyJoseph /HEALD/MaryLINK(m. Mary H. Bef 1873; ? bur Swansea 25 Feb 1892 aged 49 -NBI) LanBMD CHO/6/80 CEN 1851 CEN 1881 (Roath, GLA)
James /HEALD/ Abt1843LANFlixtonJohn /HEALD/BettyLINK CEN 1851
James A /HEALD/ Abt1843CHSNorthwick- (m. Mary YKS, Bef 1901)LINK CEN 1901 (Leeds, YKS)
James /HEELD/ Abt1843LANPendleton- LINK CEN 1881 (Pendleton In Salford)
James /HEALD/ Abt1843LANStretford- LINK Lan-TR STR/2/93 (Stretford)
James /HEALD/ Abt1843LANStretfordElizabethLINK(m. Annie Bef 1881; grandson of John /HEALD/ m. Bef 1816) CEN 1851 (Barton upon Irwell) CEN 1881 (Liverpool) CEN 1901 (Liverpool)
James /HEALD/ Q21843LANChorlton- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 20 290
James /HEALD/ Q41843CHSHyde- (d. Q4 1843, GRO 19 183 (Stockport))LINKChsBMD; GRO 19 254 (Stockport) ChsBMD TA HYD/9/43
James /HEALD/ Abt1844LAN<Preston>- (d. Q2 1844)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 21 375
James /HEALD/ Q11845LANSalford- LINKLanBMD; GRO 20 904 LanBMD RR/15/30
James /HEALD/ Q21846LANChorlton- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 20 235
James /HEALD/ Q21846LANChorlton- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 20 314
Jas. /HEALD/ Abt1847LANNewton Heath- (m. Cath. [/MOONEY/] 1873)LINK CEN 1881 (Newton)
James /HEALD/ Q31847LANManchester- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 20 712
James /HEALD/ Abt1848LANManchesterIsaac /HEALD/Hannah /GEE/LINK CEN 1851 (Ardwick)
James /HEALD/ Abt1848LANManchester- (m. Anne [/MC COMB/] 1868)LINK CEN 1881 (Chorlton On Medlock, LAN)
James /HEALD/  1848LANStretford- (d. 1848 aged 0, LanBMD STR/4/16)LINKLanBMD; Lan-TR STR/5/23
James /HEALD/ Q11848YKSWakefield- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 22 67
James /HEALD/ Q31848LANChorlton- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 20 [25][35]1
James /HEALD/ Q41848LANLiverpool- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 20 350
James /HEALD/ Abt1849LANPreston- (m. Charlotte LND, Bef 1894)LINK CEN 1901 (St Mary Stratford Bow, LND)
James /HEALD/ Q11849LANPrestonAlfred /HEALD/MaryLINK(m. Alice /STRINGFELLOW/ 1869) GRO 21 717 CEN 1851 (Blackburn) CEN 1881 (Blackburn)
James Joseph /HEALD/ Q31849LNDLondonRichard /HEALD/AnnLINKC001462; (bapt. 8 May 1850) GRO 2 185 CEN 1881 (Newington, SRY) CEN 1901 (Newington)
James /HEALD/18Nov1849LANPrestonRalph /HEALD/Susanna [/HARRISON/]LINKC007135; (m. Margaret /SMITH/ 1868; d. 31 Dec 1929 Newton, Mass. USA -AF) AFN:1BMN-PT7; CEN 1851 CEN 1881 LDS 2034548 & 2034679
James /HEALD/  1850LANBrindle/Withnell- LINKLanBMD; LanBMD BR/6/94
James Taylor /HEALD/ Q31850LANChorlton- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 20 198
James /HEALD/ Oct1850LANChorleyThomas /HEALD/ElizabethLINK(bapt 9 Feb 1851) LanBMD CHO/15/90 FHL 1526077 CEN 1851 // could be 1850 (x2)
James /HEALD/10Nov1850LANChorley [Hoapey]James /HEALD/IsabellaLINKVRI2; (m. Catherine [/WILCOCK/] 1874) FHL 1526077 (Wheelton) CEN 1851 CEN 1881 (Lancaster) EXOR 1895 CEN 1901 (Lancaster) // could be 1850 (x2)
James /HEALD/ Q41850LANChorley- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 21 372 // could be 1850 or 1850
James /HEALD/ Q41850LANChorley- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 21 378
James /HEALD/ Q41850LANManchester- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 20 553
James /HEALD/ Abt1851LAN<Chorley>- (d. Q3 1875)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 311
Jeremiah Percira /HEALD/20Feb1809LNDShoreditchAnn /HEALD/LINKC040802
Jerimiah /HEALD/ Abt1819YKSDewsbury- (m. Ann [/ROWBOTHAM/] LAN, 1843; d. Hyde, CHS 15 Mar 1897)LINK CEN 1881 (Hyde, CHS) WILL 1898
Jeremiah /HEALD/3Apr1820YKSBirstallJoseph /HEALD/RebeccaLINKC108111
Jeremiah /HEALD/  1838CHSHyde- LINKChsBMD; ChsBMD TA HYD/1/74
Job /HEALD/10Aug1817YKSCumberworthTimothy /HEALD/SarahLINKC107871; (m. Mary 1843; d. Q4 1876 aged 70, GRO 9a 167 (Saddleworth)) CEN 1841 (Kirkburton) CEN 1851 (Wooldale)
John /HEALD/  WES<Heversham>- (m. Ann 1845)LINK CEN 1851
Jonathan /HEALD/ Abt1796LANChorley- (m. Sarah /MACCLOUD/)LINK LDS 453822 // should be 1803
John /HEALD/ Abt1801LAN(ENG)- (m. Mary /WRIGHT/ 1829 ?)LINK CEN 1841 (Huddersfield, YKS)
John /HEALD/ Abt1801LAN<Chorlton>- (d. Q1 1868)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 437
John /HEALD/12Apr1801LANFlixtonJames /HEALD/MaryLINKP005222
John /HEALD/19Aug1801YKSSheffieldRichard /HEALD/SusannaLINKJ150552
Jonathan /HEALD/2Mar1802LANChorleyWilliam /HEALD/Mary /CORNER/LINK LDS 452075 // m. 1790
Jonathan /HEALD/28Mar1802LANChorleyWilliam /HEALD/Mary [/CORNER/]LINKP005702; LDS 458666
John /HEALD/22Aug1802YKSEast ArdsleyDavid /HEALD/LINKP006161
Jonn /HEALD/5Sep1802CHSBosleyMary /HEALD/LINKP010401
John /HEALD/17Oct1802YKSBatleyJoseph /HEALD/HannahLINKC108082; (b. 19 Sep 1802) REL 30 31
Jonathan /HEALD/29Oct1802LANChorleyThomas /HEALD/Elizabeth /HODSKINSON/LINK LDS 453864 & 458678
Jonathan /HEALD/21Nov1802LANChorleyThomas /HEALD/ElisabethLINKP005702; AFN:1J2P-9TX;
Jonathan /HEALD/ Abt1803LANChorley- (m. Sarah [/MACCLOUD/] 1821)LINK CEN 1841 CEN 1851 CEN 1881 // could be 1802 or 1802
John /HEALD/ Abt1803CHSMacclesfield Forest- (bur 1 Apr 1860 aged 56 -NBI)LINK CEN 1851 // rel. Corbishley ?
John /HEALD/13Mar1803YKSHunsletJames /HEALD/LINKP009611; (b. 8 Feb 1803 -PR; bur. Rothwell 13 Feb 1820, aged 17 -NBI) PR xxx
John /HEALD/ Abt1804YKSEast ArdsleyDavid /HEALD/Hannah /GREEN/LINK AFN:23HV-GRK;
John /HEALDS/7Jan1804NTTFarnsfieldWilliam /HEALDS/MaryLINKC044701
John /HEALD/6May1804LANFlixtonJohn Barlow /HEALD/JaneLINKP005222
John /HEALD/16Dec1804LANChorleyWilliam /HEALD/Catharine [/WHITTAKER/]LINKP005702; (b. 16 Nov 1804;m. Sarah /UNSWORTH/ 1826 -AF) AFN:PV4V-46; CEN 1851 (Preston) LDS 453822 & 458644
John /HIELD/23Dec1804YKSHaxbyJohn /HIELD/SarahLINKC109032
John /HEALD/ Abt1805YKSWakefield- (m. Elizabeth [?/STABLER/])LINK CEN 1851
John /HEALD/17Nov1805NTTMansfieldDaniel /HEALD/Elizabeth /BREWITT/LINK LDS --
John /HEALD/ Abt1806CHSTarporley- (m. Ann 1836)LINK CEN 1881
Jonathan Pereira /HEALD/7Apr1806LNDShoreditchAnn /HEALD/LINKC040802
John /HEALD/27Dec1806YKSWakefieldWilliam /HEALD/RebeccaLINKP018302
John /HEALD/ Abt1807CHS- (Inmate 1881)LINK CEN 1881 (Knutsford Nether, CHS)
John /HEALD/24May1807LANWiganJames /HEALD/Catharine /TOWNLOW/LINKC005567
John /HEALD/21Feb1808LNDDeptfordChambers /HEALD/HannahLINKP001622
John /HEALD/28Feb1808CHSRingwayJohn /HEALD/AnnLINKVRI2; (b. 31 Jan 1808) FHL 1836023
John /HEALD/1May1808YKSDoncasterJoseph /HEALD/Hannah /WARD/LINKC106302
John /HEALD/24Jul1808LANManchesterJohn /HEALD/SarahLINKC097891
John /HELDT/24Oct1808YKSKingston Upon HullFrederic /HELDT/IsabellaLINKC107523; ([m. Elizabeth bef. 1843])
John /HEALD/ Abt1809CHSTiverton- (m. Anne /GREENWAY/ 1836)LINK CEN 1851 (Tarporley)
John /HEALD/26Apr1809NTTNottinghamCharles /HEALD/MaryLINKP015431
John /HEILD/6Aug1809YKSSutton On The ForestThomas /HEILD/ElizabethLINKC105582
John /HEALD/15Oct1809LANFlixtonLuke /HEALD/EllenLINKP005222
John /HEALD/ Abt1810LANFlixton- (m. Betty Bef 1832)LINK CEN 1851
John /HEALD/ Abt1810CHSHale- (servant 1851)LINK CEN 1851 (Dunham Massey)
John /HEALD/ Abt1810YKSMethley- (d. 20 Jun 1890)LINK CEN 1881 WILL 1890
John /HEALD/ Abt1811DBY<Alfreton>- (m. Hannah Bef 1832; d. 7 Jan 1872, GRO 7b 333 (Belper))LINK CEN 1851 WILL 1872
John /HEALD/ Abt1811CHSWest Macclesfield- (d. 1881 aged 70, Chs-CE WMC/41/82)LINKChsBMD
John /HEALD/18Aug1811CHSMacclesfield/HEALD/AnnLINKP011441
John /HEALD/19Sep1811YKSBatleyThomas /HEALD/MarthaLINKC108082
John /HEALD/ Abt1812YKSBatley- (m. Hannah /ODDY/ 1833)LINK CEN 1841 CEN 1851
John Whitaker /HEALD/ Abt1812YKSLeedsGeorge /HEALD/Mary /WHITAKER/LINKREL; (m. Ann /SMITH/ 1835; d. Bef 1851 -REL) REL 19 20
John /HEALD/29Mar1812YKSSheffieldWilliam /HEALD/AnnLINKC150522
John /HEALD/4Jun1813LANChorleyJohn /HEALD/MaryLINKP005702; LDS 452075 & 458666
John Evers /HEALD/27Feb1814YKSLeedsGeorge /HEALD/MaryLINKC071931
John /HIELDS/  1815YKSAcomb- LINK LDS 1985304
John /HEALD/ Abt1815LANLiverpool- (lodger 1851)LINK CEN 1851 (Warrington)
John /HEALD/2Jul1815LANChorleyJohn /HEALD/Elisabeth [/JOLLY/]LINKP005702; LDS 453822 & 458644
John /HEALD/24Dec1815LANChorleyWilliam /HEALD/Elisabeth [/COOPER/]LINKP005702; AFN:1J2P-BSW; LDS 452075 & 458666
John /HEALD/19Aug1816DBYWirksworthGeorge /HEALD/, shoemakerHannahLINKC059491; (m. Anne 1839) INCE 022c (29) CEN 1851 CEN 1881 (Bishops Waltham, HAM) WILL 1889
John /HIELD/16Sep1816YKSYorkJohn /HIELD/ElizabethLINKC011012
John /HEALD/ Abt1817LANChorley- (widr bef 1901; rel Thomas 1857)LINK CEN 1901 (Bolton)
John /HEALD/ Abt1817LANPrestonThomas /HEALD/LINKVRI2; (m. Alice /PICKUP/ 1837) CEN 1851 (Blackburn) FHL 1278817
John /HIELD/ Abt1817YKSYork- (m. Jane /HOLROYD/ 1840)LINK CEN 1851 (Leeds)
John Chambers /HEALD/24Aug1817LNDDeptfordThomas /HEALD/HellenLINKP001622
John /HEALD/ Abt1818LAN<Bolton>- (d. Q2 1901)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 243
John /HEALD/24May1818LANRingleyJames /HEALD/MargaretLINKP007071
John /HIELD/26Jul1818LNDLondonThomas /HIELD/Susanna /GOY/LINKVRI2; (b. 27 Jun 1818) FHL 815954 // m. Kettlethorpe LIN, 1817; cf NBL, 1818
John /HIELD/26Jul1818NBLNewcastle Upon TyneThomas /HIELD/SusannaLINKC080551; // m. Kettlethorpe LIN, 1817; cf LND, 1818
John /HEALD/26Jul1818LANPrestonJohn /HEALD/CharlotteLINK(d. Bef 1826 -AF) AFN:1BMM-ND7; LDS 1985460 & batch 7328902
John /HEALD/ Abt1819YKSWrenthorpe- (widr bef 1901; rel John 1874)LINK CEN 1901 (Outwood)
John /HEALD/9May1819YKSKirkburtonThomas /HEALD/FannyLINKC009722; (m. Catharine Bef 1851) CEN 1841 CEN 1851
John /HEALD/20Jun1819LANHaltonAbraham /HEALD/Elizabeth [/DAWSON/]LINKVRI2; (b. 19 Jun 1819; bur. 9 Dec 1860, Warton -PR bur) PR bap FHL 1526205 LDS batch 5006141
John /HEALD/ Abt1820LANBedford Lea- (Patient 1881)LINK CEN 1881 (Barrow In Furness)
John /HEALD/ Abt1821LANChorley- (m. Elizabeth Bef 1843)LINK CEN 1851
John /HEALD/ Abt1821YKSLeeds- (m. Sarah Ann 1847 ?)LINK CEN 1881
John /HEALD/ Abt1821YKSWakefield- (m. Elizabeth [/WILCOCK/] 1843)LINK CEN 1851 (Thornes)
John /HEALD/23Apr1821YKSWakefieldWilliam /HEALD/JaneLINKC071651
John /HEALD/8Jul1821LANManchesterJohn /HEALD/ElizabethLINKC097893
John /HEALD/ Abt1822LAN<Manchester>- (pauper 1851)LINK CEN 1851
John /HEALD/ Abt1822LAN<Preston>- (widr bef 1851; boarder 1851)LINK CEN 1851
John /HEALD/ Abt1822YKSWakefield- (m. Everella Bef 1851; widr bef 1901)LINK CEN 1881 (Alverthorpe Cum Thornes) CEN 1901 (Stanley)
John /HEALD/ Abt1822YKSWrenthorpe- (m. Ann 1845)LINK CEN 1881 (Wakefield)
John /HEALD/12May1822LANChorleyJames /HEALD/Rebecca [/CORNER/]LINKP005702; (bur. 20 Oct 1822) AFN:1J2P-B0X; LDS 458679
John /HEALD/28Jul1822LANBlackrodMary /HEALD/LINKC005312
John /HEALD/ Abt1823YKSBatley- (m. Ann Bef 1851)LINK CEN 1851 (Heckmondwicke)
John /HEALD/ Abt1823LANChorley- (m. Elizabeth Bef 1843)LINK CEN 1881 (Halliwell)
John /HEALD/ Abt1823LANChowbent- (m. Mary Bef 1850, Preston)LINK CEN 1851 (Preston)
John /HEALD/21Mar1823LANChorleyWilliam /HEALD/Alice [/GILLIBRAND/]LINKP005702; CEN 1841 LDS 453822 & 458655
John Norris /HEALD/28May1823CHSStockportGeorge /HEALD/AnnLINKVRI2; (d. an infant) WCN heald_lf FHL 1751719 // father b. LAN, 1785
John /HEALD/18Jan1824YKSLeedsJohn /HEALD/HarrietLINKC071932
John /HEALD/4Jul1824LANChorleyJonathan /HEALD/Sarah /MACCLOUD/LINK CEN 1841 CEN 1851 LDS 453822 & 458644
John /HEALD/18Jul1824YKSLeedsRalph /HEALD/ElizabethLINKC071932
John /HEALD/ Abt1825LANChorley- (m. Ann Bef 1855)LINK CEN 1881 (Halliwell)
John /HEALD/ Abt1825YKSHunslet- (m. Bef 1857)LINK CEN 1881 (Holbeck)
John /HEALD/9Jan1825LANLiverpoolJohn /HEALD/ElizabethLINKP020272
John /HEALD/16Jan1825LANChorleyWilliam /HEALD/Mary [/WESTHEAD/]LINKP005702; LDS 453822 & 458644
John /HEALD/ Abt1826YKSHunslet- (m. Sarah Ann LND, 1847)LINK CEN 1851 (Holbeck)
John /HEALD/ Abt1826LANStretford- LINK CEN 1881
John /HEALD/12Apr1826LANPrestonJohn /HEALD/CharlotteLINKC007133; AFN:1BMM-NHT; LDS 2034548
John /HELD/25Jun1826BKMLeckhampsteadWilliam /HELD/AliceLINKC008012; (widr bef 1901) CEN 1881 (Bradwell) CEN 1901 (Thurton Entire, NFK)
John /HEALD/ Abt1827LAN<Blackburn>Henry /HEALD/LINKVRI2; (m. Nancy /CRAVEN/ 1849) FHL 1278818
John /HEALD/ Abt1827LANCarnforth- (rel Thomas 1863)LINK CEN 1881 (Chorlton On Medlock)
John /HEALD/8Jan1827DBYBolsoverWilliam /HEALD/ElizabethLINKC060971
John /HEALD/6May1827LANWarton Near LancasterJohn /HEALD/AnneLINKVRI; PR bap FHL 1068754
John /HEALD/22Jul1827LANPrestonHenry /HEALD/AliceLINKC007133
John /HEALD/29Jul1827CHSBowdon [Altringham]Allen /HEALD/BettyLINK(b. Hale -PR; m. Hannah [/HUGHES/] LAN, 1849) CEN 1881 (Salford, LAN) REL 12
John /HEALD/23Sep1827YKSBatleyJohn /HEALD/AnnLINKC108081; CEN 1841
John /HEALDES/14Oct1827NTTFarnsfieldWilliam /HEALDES/MaryLINKC044701
John /HEALD/4Nov1827DBYMortonHenry /HEALD/AnneLINKC014942
John /HEALD/ Abt1828YKSWakefield- (m. Hannah Maria Bef 1849; d. 1 Jan 1879)LINK CEN 1851 (Stanley) WILL 1879 ADM 1882
John /HEALD/20Jan1828YKSAskham BryanWilliam /HEALD/SarahLINKC039721
John /HEALD/27Apr1828YKSKnottingleyJohn /HEALD/AnnLINKC108451; (m. Ellen /CLOUGH/ 1852; widr 1901; d. 11 Jan 1909 -REL) CEN 1851 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 REL 25
John /HEALD/ Abt1829LANBlackburn- (m. Nancy [/CRAVEN/] 1849)LINK CEN 1851 (Blackburn) CEN 1881
John /HEALD/ Abt1829LANLancaster- (m. Beda)LINK CEN 1901 (Toxteth Park) // or Liverpool 1829
John /HEALD/ Abt1829YKSLeeds- (m. Sarah Ann 1847 ?)LINK CEN 1851
John /HEALD/ Abt1829LANLiverpool- (m. Beda 1866)LINK CEN 1881 (Toxteth Park) // or Lancaster 1829
John /HEALD/18Jan1829LANLancasterJohn /HEALD/JaneLINKVRI2; (b. 26 Oct 1828) FHL 1526146
John /HEALD/1Mar1829LANLeighWilliam /HEALD/HannahLINKC005395
John Holt /HIELD/12Jul1829LNDStepneyJohn /HIELD/ElizabethLINKC055762
John /HEALD/ Abt1830LANWharton- (servt 1851)LINK CEN 1851 (Rusholme)
John /HEALD/5Jul1830YKSWakefieldBenjamin /HEALD/MariaLINKC071651
John /HEALD/ Abt1831YKS<Harthill>- (m. Mary /TAYLOR/ DBY, 1858)LINK AFN:CQ3D-6V;
John /HEALD/ Abt1831LANMiddletonHenry /HEALD/ElizabethLINK CEN 1851 (Barton upon Irwell)
John /HEALD/ Abt1831YKS<Sheffield>- (d. Q4 1885)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 255
John /HEALD/1May1831LANChorleyJames /HEALD/Rebecka [/CORNER/]LINKP005702; (bur. 8 May 1831 -AF) AFN:1J2P-B4R; LDS 458679
John /HEILDS/10Jul1831YKSAcombRichard /HEILDS/MaryLINKC039611; (m. Elizabeth Bef 1861) CEN 1881
John /HEALD/4Sep1831YKSOssettNathan /HEALD/SarahLINKC107721; (d. 12 Mar 1852 -REL)
John /HEALD/1Nov1831DBYChesterfieldElizabeth /HEALD/LINKC035862
John /HILD/ Abt1832KENChatham- (m. Sasan 8M_JoSaAft1851SSX)LINK CEN 1901 (Hastings, SSX)
John /HEALD/ Abt1832DBYChesterfield- (m. Ann Bef 1859)LINK CEN 1881 (Scarcliff) CEN 1901 (Scarcliffe)
John /HEALD/ Abt1832DBYLINK<John /HEALD/> CEN 1851
John /HEALD/ Abt1832YKSOssett- (m. Harriet Bef 1851)LINK CEN 1851
John /HEALD/ Abt1832YKSSheffield[Robert /HEALD/][Mary /HOPKINSON/]LINK(m. Harriett 1854) CEN 1861 (West Sheffield) CEN 1881 WCN cmahoney // m. Wakefield 1832
John /HEALD/29Apr1832CHSDisleyJohn /HEALD/Mary AnneLINKC058681; CEN 1851 (Peeres, Marple)
John /HEALD/ Abt1833LAN(ENG)John /HEALD/Mary /WRIGHT/LINK CEN 1841 (Huddersfield, YKS)
Jonathan /HEALD/ Abt1833CHSBollingtonJonathan /HEALD/MaryLINK(m. LAN, Bef 1861; m2 Ann LAN, 1881; d. 7 Oct 1884) CEN 1851 EXOR 1878 CEN 1881 (Cheetham, LAN) ADM 1885
John /HIELD/ Abt1833CHSMacclesfield- (m. Sarah Bef 1872)LINK CEN 1901 (Bollington)
John /HEILD/2Jun1833LANOrmskirkJames Johnson /HEILD/AliceLINKVRI; FHL 1469029
John /HEALD/18Jan1834LANLeighJames /HEALD/AliceLINKC005395
John /HEALD/7May1834LANBarton Upon IrwellPeter /HEALD/ElizabethLINKC088281
John /HEILD/ Bef1835CHS<Runcorn>Jonah /HEILD/LINKVRI2; (m. Mary /BROCK/ 1852)
John /HEALD/19Jun1836YKSHartsheadCharles /HEALD/HarrietLINKC107711
John /HEALD/26Jun1836CHSTarporleyJames /HEALD/Frances [/WILKINSON/]LINKVRI2; (b. 1 Jun 1836; m. Ann /BUTTERWORTH/ 1858 -REL) REL 14 CEN 1851 CEN 1881 (Hulme, LAN) FHL 1751854
John /HEALD/27Dec1836DBYEckingtonJohn /HEALD/AnnLINKC049971; (m. Mary /TAYLOR/ 1858; uncle of Henry /FOX/; widr bef 1901) CEN 1851 CEN 1861 CEN 1881 (Ecclesall Bierlow, YKS) CEN 1901 (Mexborough, YKS)
John /HEALD/ Abt1837NTTWigsley- (m. Eliza Bef 1860)LINK CEN 1881 (Thurlby, LIN)
John /HEALD/26May1837YKSBraithwellJames /HEALD/LINKC049561; PR bap VRI FHL 1545679 REL 38
John /HEALD/ Abt1838DBYBolsover- (m. Mary Bef 1859)LINK CEN 1881 (Clowne)
John /HEALD/18Mar1838LANManchesterJames /HEALD/SarahLINKC097897
Jonathan /HEALD/12Aug1838LANChorleyJonathan /HEALD/SarahLINKVRI2; (nephew of John /MCLEOD/; m. Alice Bef 1859) GRO 21 302 LanBMD CHO/1/80 CEN 1841 CEN 1851 (Bolton) CEN 1881 (Little Bolton) FHL 1526077
John /HEALD/ Abt1839LAN<Leigh>- (d. Q3 1839)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 21 3
John J. /HEALD/ Abt1839CHSMacclesfield- LINK CEN 1901
John /HEALD/ Bef1839LIN<Skellingthorpe>George /BAXTER/LINKVRI2; (m. Eliza /MINWICK/ 1856) FHL 1542198
John /HEALD/14Apr1839LANChorleyJames /HEALD/MargaretLINKVRI2; LanBMD CHO/2/38 FHL 1526077
John /HEALD/ Abt1840YKSSheffield[George /HEALD/][Ann]LINK CEN 1861 (West Sheffield)
John /HEALD/ Abt1840YKSSheffield- (m. Emma /PASS 1861)LINK CEN 1881
John /HEALD/ Q11840LANAshton TownWilliam /HEALD/AnneLINK GRO 20 [1_]0 Chs-TA AST/4/95 CEN 1851 (Dukinfield)
John /HEALD/26Jul1840YKSBatleyJohn /HEALD/HannahLINKC108081
John /HEALD/ Abt1841LANChorley- (m. Hannah Bef 1870)LINK CEN 1881 (Halliwell)
John /HIELDS/  1841YKSDunnington- (m. Sarah Bef 1873)LINK Yks-YK DUN/1/54 CEN 1881 (York St Nicholas In Suburbs)
John /HEALD/ Abt1841YKSKirkburtonJob /HEALD/LINK CEN 1851
John /HEALD/10Jan1841LANChorleyJames /HEALD/MargaretLINKVRI2; LanBMD CHO/4/28 GRO 21 349 CEN 1841 CEN 1851 FHL 1526077
John /HEALD/6Mar1841LANChorleyThomas /HEALD/ElizabethLINKVRI2; (m. Mary Jane /MATHER/ 1864 -VRI) CEN
John /HEALD/ Q21841LNDLondon- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 2 254
John /HEALD/ Q21841LANManchester- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 20 [6_]62
John /HEALD/19Sep1841LANManchesterJames /HEALD/AnnLINKC097899
John /HEALD/28Oct1841NTTThorneyJoseph /HEALD/JaneLINKC054011; GRO 15 518 (Newark)
John /HEALD/28Nov1841LANPrestonRalph /HEALD/Susanna [/HARRISON/]LINKC007134; (m. Anne [/NUTTALL/] 1863; d. 9 Jan 1923 Newton, Mass. USA -AF) AFN:1BMN-PM0; CEN 1851 CEN 1881 LDS 2034548 & 2034602
John /HEALD/ Abt1842LANChorley- (m. Jane [/LAURENCE/] 1870)LINK CEN 1881 CEN 1901
John /HEILDS/ Abt1842LNDKnightsbridge (MDX)- (Lodger 1881)LINK CEN 1881 (Clerkenwell, LND) CEN 1901 (Islington)
John /HEALD/ Abt1842NTTWigsleyJoseph /HEALD/JaneLINK CEN 1881
John /HEALD/20Mar1842LANChorleyHugh /HEALD/AliceLINKP005702; AFN:1J2Q-K5B; LanBMD CHO/5/76 CEN 1851
Jonathan /HEALD/ Q21842LNDLondonRichard /HEALD/AnnLINKC001462; (bapt. 8 May 1850) GRO 2 186 CEN 1881 (Newington, SRY) CEN 1901 (Newington)
John /HEALD/26Nov1842LANBrinscall [Chorley][James /HEALD/][Isabella]LINKLanBMD; (m. Mary Jane /SIMPSON/ 1864) GRO 21 304 LanBMD CHO/6/52 (Chorley) CEN 1851 (Wheelton) CEN 1881 (Over Darwen) CEN 1901 (Darwen) LDS 183537 & 184286 (rel. Jane SIMPSON)
John Thomas /HEALD/ Q41842LANBlackburn- LINKLanBMD; GRO 21 27 LanBMD B/15/45
John /HEALD/ Q41842YKSSheffield- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 22 581
John /HEALD/ Abt1843LAN<Burnley>- (d. Q1 1843)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 21 168
John /HEALD/ Abt1843LAN<Preston>- (d. Q3 1843)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 21 364
John /HEALD/  1843YKSRothwell[Joseph /HEALD/][Sarah]LINK(m. [Sarah /BROWN/] 1864; widr bef 1901) Yks-LS ROTH/3/162 CEN 1851 CEN 1881 (Hunslet) CEN 1901 (Hunslet)
John /HEALD/ Q21843YKSLeeds- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 23 460 (Leeds) // or 1843
John /HEALD/ Q21843LANSalford- LINKLanBMD; GRO 20 794 LanBMD GRE/17/88
John /HEALD/22Oct1843LANManchesterLeonard /HEALD/ElizaLINKC097899; CEN 1851 (Manchester)
John /HEALD/ Q41843YKSWakefield- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 22 623
Jno /HEALD/ Abt1844YKSLeeds- (m. Selina 1874)LINK CEN 1901 (Headingley With Burley)
John /HEALD/ Abt1844YKSThornes- (m. Mary 1870)LINK CEN 1881 (Sandal Magna)
John /HEALD/ Abt1844YKSWakefield[John /HEALD/][Elizabeth /WILCOCK/]LINK(grandson 1851) CEN 1851 (Thornes)
John /HEALD/ Abt1844YKSWakefield- (m2? Ann Bef 1901)LINK CEN 1901 (Sandal Magna)
John /HEALD/17Nov1844DBYNorth WingfieldNathan /HEALD/MaryLINKC058751; GRO 19 4[10]9 (Chesterfield)
John /HEALD/ Abt1845LANLiverpool- LINK CEN 1881 (Nether Hallam, YKS)
John /HIELD/ Abt1845CHSMaccersfield- (m. Mary Bef 1877)LINK CEN 1901 (Hazel Grove)
John /HEALD/ Q21845LANLiverpool- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 20 423
John William /HEALD/ Q31845LANPreston- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 21 678
John Frederick /HELDT/ Q41845YKSHull- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 22 397 Yks-HL STMY/4/151
John /HEALD/ Abt1846DBYAllestreeGeorgeSarah A.LINK(m. Sarah Ann /SPINKS/ 1872; m2 Ann Bef 1901) CEN 1851 CEN 1881 (Derby St Werburgh) CEN 1901 (Derby)
John /HEALD/ Abt1846NTTMansfield- (Lodger 1881)LINK CEN 1881
John /HEALD/ Abt1846LANSalford- (m. Elizabeth Bef 1868; widr bef 1901)LINK CEN 1881 (Beswick) CEN 1901 (North Manchester)
John Fenton /HEALD/2Apr1846YKSWakefieldGeorge Fenton Bargh /HEALD/MaryLINKC071651; GRO 22 734 CEN 1851 (Stanley)
John /HEALD/19Apr1846LANPrestonJames /HEALD/RosannaLINKC007134; CEN 1851
John /HEALD/ Q21846CHSAltrincham- LINKChsBMD; GRO 19 7 Chs-TR ALT/6/98
John /HEALD/ Q21846LANKirkhamJas. /HEALD/ElizabethLINK(m. Ellen Bef 1870) GRO 21 490 (Fylde) LanBMD KH/5/84 CEN 1851 (Ashton under Lyne) CEN 1881 (Oldham) CEN 1901 (Oldham)
John /HEALD/ Q21846LANPreston- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 21 722
John Aulsebrooke /HEALD/ Q41846LINNew SleafordWilliam /HEALD/JaneLINKC030431; (bapt 19 Oct 1849) GRO 14 543 (Sleaford) CEN 1881 (Old Sleaford)
John Henry /HEALD/ Q41846LANPrestonJohn /HEALD/SarahLINK GRO 21 657 CEN 1851
John /HEALD/ Abt1847CHSBulington- (m. Isabella /TILLOTSON/ LAN, 1874; d. 4 Sep 1895)LINK CEN 1881 (Burnley, LAN) EXOR 1890 WILL 1895
John /HIELDS/6Jun1847YKSAcombJohn /HIELDS/MaryLINKC039611; (m. Alice 1870) GRO 23 659 (York) Yks-YK MIC/6/64 (Micklegate) VRI2 FHL 1068308 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
John Brewitt /HEALD/18Jun1847NTTMansfieldJohn /HEALD/Susanna /VALLANCE/LINK LDS --
John Brewitt /HEALD/ Q31847NTTMansfield- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 15 489
John /HEALD/ Abt1848CHSBollingtonSamuel /HEALD/Agnes MLINK CEN 1851
John /HILD/ Abt1848---GERMANY- (m. Sophia /WHITE/, <Nunhead> SRY, Bef 1877)LINK CEN 1881 (Deptford St Paul, KEN) CEN 1901 (Bermondsey, LND)
John Alfred /HEALD/26Feb1848YKSLeeds[John Whitaker /HEALD/][Ann /SMITH/]LINKREL; (m. Mary Elizabeth /SHEARD/ Bef 1871; d. 1896 -REL) Yks-LS SE/22/97 CEN 1851 CEN 1881
John Alfred /HEALD/ Q11848MGYForden- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 23 42
John /HEALD/ Q21848LANChorlton- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 20 229
John Clark /HEALD/ Q21848CAMWisbeach- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 14 198
John /HEALD/27Aug1848YKSKnottingleyWilliam /HEALD/SarahLINKC108451; (m. Mary /LOFTHOUSE/ 1874 -VRI) CEN 1851 CEN 1881 (York St Mary Castlegate) FHL 1068537
John /HEALD/ Q31848MONPontypool- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 26 475
John Wood /HEALD/  1849YKSChapeltown- (m. Mary E. /BOOTH/ 1870; m2 Selina /COOKE/ 1874)LINKYksBMD; Yks-LS CHAP/4/184 CEN 1881 (Headingley Cum Burley)
John /HEALD/ Abt1849LANPreston- (m. Mary Jane [/MORRIS/] 1870)LINK CEN 1881
John H /HEALD/ Abt1849LANPreston- (m. Jane Bef 1875)LINK CEN 1901
John /HEALD/ Q31849CHSGodley[Jeremiah /HEILD/]LINK(m. Martha /LEES/ 1870) GRO 20 89 (Ashton) Chs-TA NEW/9/6 (Newton) CEN 1881 (Hyde) CEN 1901
John J. /HEALD/ Abt1850NTTHarby- (m. Hannah YKS, Bef 1877)LINK CEN 1881 (Brightside Bierlow, YKS) CEN 1901 (Brightside Bierlow, YKS) // cf Sheffield 1877
John /HEALD/ Abt1850LIN<Lincoln>John /HEALD/LINKVRI2; (m. Hannah /HAYES/ 1874 -VRI2) FHL 1542050
Jonathan /HEALD/ Abt1850LANNewtonWilliam /HEALD/Mary /BUTTERWORTH/LINK CEN 1851
John E. /HEALD/ Abt1850YKSWakefield \ Aggbrig- (m. Matilda /CHAPMAN/ 1871)LINK CEN 1881 (Otley) CEN 1901 (Otley)
John Thomas /HEALD/ Q21850CHSMarple- LINKChsBMD; GRO 19 339 (Stockport) Chs-ST MAR/5/46
John Wm. /HEALD/8Aug1850YKSAlverthorpe [Ossett]Joshua /HEALD/Sarah Jane /JACKSON/LINK(m. Hannah Johnson /BOWERS/ 1872; bapt. Horbury Br 26 Mar 1879; d. 20 Oct 1894 -REL) CEN 1881 (Horbury) REL 23
John William /HEALD/18Aug1850CHSTaxalJames /HEALD/MaryLINKVRI2; FHL 1850100
John Thomas /HEALD/ Q41850LANBlackburnJohn /HEALD/AliceLINK(m. Mary Bef 1880) GRO 21 10 LanBMD B/41/92 CEN 1851 CEN 1881 (Accrington)
John /HEALD/ Abt1851LIN<Lincoln>- (m. Mary Ann /YOUNG/ 1886; d. bef 1892 -VRI2)LINKVRI2; FHL 1542051
John C. /HEALD/ Abt1851CAMWisbechAlfred /HEALD/Sarah C.LINK CEN 1881 (Wisbech St Peter) CEN 1901 (Wisbech St Peter) // m. Newmarket SFK, 1837
Johnson /HEALD/ Abt1832LANPatricroft- (Brother 1881)LINK CEN 1881 (Hulme)
Johnson /HEALD/5Mar1832LANBarton Upon IrwellPeter /HEALD/ElizabethLINKC088281
Johnson /HEALD/ Abt1851LAN<Chorlton>- (d. Q1 1886, GRO 8c 483)LINKFreeBMD
Jonas /HEALD/27Sep1812YKSLeedsJohn /HEALD/LINKC009627; (bur. Wakefield 9 Mar 1815, aged 2 -NBI)
Joseph /HEILDS/15Aug1802YKSAcombJoseph /HEILDS/Ann /MAYKING/LINKC039611
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1804LAN<Chorley>- (d. Q1 1868)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 311
Joseph Geo. /HEELD/ Abt1805LNDLambeth- (Uncle of Mary Anne J. /WAYSOLLE/ (1853))LINK CEN 1881 (Deptford St Paul, KEN)
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1805YKSPot Hovens- (m. Sarah Bef 1835)LINK CEN 1851 (Rothwell)
Joseph /HEALD/28Apr1805LANChorleyThomas /HEALD/Elisabeth [/HODSKINSON/]LINKP005702; AFN:1J2P-9VS; LDS 453864 & 458678
Joseph /HEALD/5Jan1806LANChorleyWilliam /HEALD/Elisabeth [/COOPER/]LINKP005702; (m. Elizabeth /JOLLY/ 1838) AFN:1J2P-BN3; CEN 1851 LDS 452075 & 458666
Joseph /HEALD/3Feb1806YKSWakefieldFenton /HEALD/EleanorLINKP018302
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1808LANManchester- (m. Mary Bef 1828)LINK CEN 1841 (Almondbury, YKS) CEN 1851 (Almondbury, YKS)
Joseph /HEALD/19Aug1808YKSWakefieldJohn /HEALD/Rachel /THOMPSON/LINKP004981
Joseph /HEALD/12Apr1809LNDHackneyJoseph /HEALD/Rachel /MARSDEN/LINKVRI; (m. Ann Glover /THOMPSON/ LAN, 1832; d. 5 Jul 1877, Newcastle) WILL 1877 FHL 815988 Dr Williams Library 4205
Joseph /HEALD/12Apr1809YKSWakefieldJoseph /HEALD/Rachel /MARSDEN/LINK LDS 1903941 // should be LND, 1809
Joseph /HEALD/6May1810YKSDewsburyHannah /HEALD/LINKREL; (m. Leah /LAND/ Bef 1837) // mother b. 1780
Joseph /HEALD/15Aug1811LANChorleyWilliam /HEALD/Mrs. Ann /HEALD/LINK LDS --
Joseph /HEALD/27Sep1811LANChorleyJames /HEALD/MaryLINK LDS --
Joseph /HEALD/3Nov1811LANChorleyJames /HEALD/Mary [/MANGNALL/]LINKP005702; AFN:1J2Q-JJF; CEN 1851 (Tockholes) LDS 453822 & 458644
Joseph /HEALD/19Apr1812NTTOssingtonMarmaduke /HEALD/EleanorLINKC168101
Joseph /HEALD/25Oct1812YKSOssettJohn /HEALD/AnnLINKC087201
Joseph Burrell /HEALD/13May1813LNDSt John The BaptistTimothy /HEALD/Mary /BECKETT/LINKVRI; (gs. of Joseph [/BURRELL/] and Martha /BECKETT/) FHL 8159991 Dr Williams Library 1153
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1815YKSKingston-u-hull- (Hkpr husb 1851; m. Mary Ann Bef 1851)LINK CEN 1851 (Dewsbury)
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1815YKSKirkburtonThomas /HEALD/MaryLINK CEN 1851 (Fulstone) // should be 1825 ?
Joseph /HIELDS/5Aug1815YKSHaxbyThomas /HIELDS/ElizabethLINKC109031
Joseph /HEILD/ Abt1816IRL- (Boarder 1881)LINK CEN 1881 (Liverpool, LAN)
Joseph /HEALD/1Jan1816LANChorleyWilliam /HEALD/Catharine [/WHITTAKER/]LINKP005702; (m. Mary Bef 1839; d. Q2 1873, GRO 8e 311) AFN:PV4V-92; CEN 1841 CEN 1851 WILL 1873 LDS 453822 & 458644
Joseph /HEILDS/ Abt1817YKSHuby- (Serv 1881)LINK CEN 1881 (Oulston)
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1818YKSSheffield- (m. [Martha /SMITH/ Bef 1857 ?)LINK CEN 1861 (Ecclesall Bierlow)
Joseph /HEALD/13Feb1819YKSWakefieldGeorge /HEALD/MaryLINKC071651
Joseph /HEALD/29Aug1819LANChorleyJames /HEALD/AnnLINKP005702; LDS 458644
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1821CHSStyal- (m. Elizabeth [/SMALL/] LAN, 1848)LINK CEN 1881 (Salford, LAN)
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1822NTTOssington- (m. Jane Bef 1842)LINK CEN 1881 (Wigsley)
Joseph /HEALD/14Jul1822YKSKnottingleyJohn /HEALD/AnneLINKC108451; (m. Hannah Bef 1845) CEN 1851 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Joseph /HEALD/21Mar1823LANChorleyWilliam /HEALD/Alice [/GILLIBRAND/]LINKP005702; (m. Alice 1843) CEN 1841 CEN 1851 LDS 453822 & 458655
Joseph /HEILDS/14Sep1823YKSAcombWilliam /HEILDS/AnnLINKC039611; (m. Mary /EMPSON/ 1847)
Joseph /HEALD/29May1825YKSKirkburtonThomas /HEALD/MaryLINKC009722; (m1 Bef 1866; m2 Lydia 1875) CEN 1841 CEN 1881 (Wooldale)
Joseph /HIELDS/10Jul1825YKSYorkJohn /HIELDS/EstherLINKC108621; & VRI FHL 1068425
Joseph /HIELD/ Abt1826YKSYork- (m. Jennet Isabella /HODGES/ LND, 1847)LINK CEN 1861 (Ecclesall Bierlow)
Joseph /HEALD/28May1826LANChorleyJames /HEALD/Rebecca [/CORNER/]LINKP005702; (bur. 28 Mar 1827) AFN:1J2P-B2C; LDS 458679
Joseph /HEALD/27Jul1828YKSSheffieldGeorge /HEALD/AnnLINKC007752; (m. Bef 1862) CEN 1861 (West Sheffield) CEN 1881
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1829CHSMacclesfieldWilliam /HEALD/FrancesLINK(m. Mary Bef 1881; d. 1887 aged 58, Chs-CE EMC/31/34) CEN 1851 CEN 1881
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1829LANManchesterWilliam /HEALD/AnnLINK CEN 1851
Joseph Carr /HEALD/12Jun1829CHSStockportGeorge /HEALD/MaryLINKVRI2; FHL 1751721
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1832LANFlixtonJohn /HEALD/BettyLINK CEN 1851
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1832LANFlixton- (m. Eliza [/BENT/] 1852)LINK CEN 1881 (Prestwich) CEN 1901 (Prestwich)
Joseph /HEILDS/15Apr1832YKSAberfordJoseph /HEILDS/MaryLINKC007342
Joseph /HEALD/22Jun1832LANChorleyHugh /HEALD/Alice [/MANGNALL/]LINKP005702; (m. Margaret ['May'] /WIDDOWSON/ 1859 -VRI) AFN:1J2Q-K1H; CEN 1841 EXOR 1868 CEN 1881 (Kirkdale) WILL 1884 LDS 453822 & 458644
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1833LANChorley- (apprentice 1851)LINK CEN 1851 (Preston)
Joseph /HEALD/5Jul1833YKSWakefieldWilliam /HEALD/JaneLINKC071651; CEN 1851 (Thornes)
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1834YKSWakefield- (m. Ann Bef 1870)LINK CEN 1881 (Scarborough)
Joseph /HEILD/16Nov1834LANManchesterStansfield /HEILD/ElizabethLINKC097896; CEN 1851 (Alverthorpe, YKS)
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1835LANManchester- (m. Mary [/WARREN/] 1859)LINK CEN 1881 (Hulme)
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1835LANWest LeighAliceLINK CEN 1851 (Bedford)
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1836YKS<Dewsbury>- (bur. 30 Jun 1883 -REL)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 433
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1836YKSOssett- (m. Selina /FROGGET/ 1870)LINK CEN 1881 (Dewsbury)
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1837CHSHydeSamuel /HEALD/Hannah [BRIARLEY]LINK(widr bef 1901) CEN 1851 CEN 1901 (Bradford, YKS) // m. Glossop DBY, 1834
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1837YKS<Wakefield>- (d. Q4 1885)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 23
Joseph /HEALD/25Feb1838YKSOssettNathan /HEALD/SarahLINKC107721
Joseph /HEALD/  1839YKSLeeds North- LINKYksBMD; Yks-LS NORT/4/328
Joseph /HEALD/16May1841LANManchesterJames /HEALD/SarahLINKC097899; GRO 20 214 (Chorlton)
Joseph Jackson /HEALD/1Sep1841NTTMansfieldJohn /HEALD/SusannaLINK(m. Rebecca [/GEESON/] 1870) CEN 1881 (Warsop) CEN 1901 (Warsop) LDS batch 8506731
Joe Lewin /HEALD/ Q21842YKSWakefield- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 22 644
Joseph /HEALD/16Apr1843LANChorleyJoseph /HEALD/ElizabethLINKVRI2; (m. Elizabeth aft 1881; d. 15 Apr 1888) GRO 21 354 LanBMD CHO/7/7 CEN 1851 CEN 1881 ADM 1889 FHL 1526077
Joseph Henry /HEALD/  1844CHS<Staley>Jeremiah /HEALD/[Ann /ROWBOTHAM/]LINKVRI2; (m. Elizabeth /DENERLEY/ 1865) GRO 20 128 (Ashton) Chs-TA NEW/5/47 (Newton) // m. Manchester LAN, 1843
Joseph /HEALD/ Q41844LANChorleyJoseph /HEALD/MaryLINK(m. [Joanna Elizabeth /FOSTER/] YKS, 1870; m2 [Sarah Phillips /SMITH/] SOM, 1895) GRO 21 370 LanBMD CHO/9/16 CEN 1851 EXOR 1873 CEN 1881 (Cardiff St John, GLA) CEN 1901 (Rumney, MON)
Joseph George /HEALD/ Q31845LNDLondonRichard /HEALD/AnnLINKC001462; (bapt. 8 May 1850) GRO 2 199
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1846YKSAlverthorp \ Wakefield- (m. Ellen K. Bef 1877)LINK CEN 1881 (Wakefield) CEN 1901
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1846NTTHarby- (m. Elizabeth YKS, Bef 1869)LINK CEN 1881 (Ardsley, YKS) CEN 1901 (Ardsley, YKS) // rel. 1851 ?
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1846YKSWakefieldJohn /HEALD/ElizabethLINK CEN 1851 (Thornes)
Joseph /HIELD/ Q11846YKSLeeds[John /HIELD/][Jane /HOLROYD/]LINKFreeBMD; (m. [Fanny Kate /HOULDING/] LND, 1871) GRO 23 508 Yks-LS WEST/20/301 CEN 1851 CEN 1901 (Limpley Stoke Entire, WIL)
Joseph /HEALD/ Q31846LANManchester- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 20 750
Joseph Lewis /HEALD/9Sep1846YKSHorburyJames /HEALD/ElizaLINKC007582
Joe /HEALD/  1847YKSLeeds[George /HEALD/][Mary]LINK Yks-LS WEST/24/251 CEN 1851
Joseph /HEALD/  1847YKSRothwell Haigh[Joseph /HEALD/][Sarah]LINK(m. Mary Jane Bef 1872) Yks-LS ROTH/5/6 CEN 1851 CEN 1881 (Bradford) CEN 1901 (Bradford)
Joe /HEALD/ Abt1847YKSYork- (m. Mary [/TURNER/] 1875)LINK CEN 1881 (Leeds)
Joseph /HEALD/ Q31847LANChorleyJames /HEALD/MargaretLINKVRI2; (bapt. 17 Oct 1847; m. Jane [/COLLINSON/] 1868; widr bef 1901) GRO 21 300 LanBMD CHO/12/40 CEN 1851 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 FHL 1526077
Joseph /HEALD/ Q11848LANSalford- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 20 79
Joseph /HEALD/ Q31848LANSalford- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 20 795
Joseph /HEALD/15Oct1848LANManchesterAbram /HEALD/HannahLINKC073542
Joseph /HEALD/15Oct1848LANManchesterWilliam /HEALD/HarrietLINKC073542
Joseph /HEALD/  1849LANAspull- LINKLanBMD; LanBMD ASPL/7/305
Joseph Edward /HEALD/ Q31849LANPrestonJohn /HEALD/SarahLINK(m. Phillis /BARKER/ 1876) GRO 21 622 CEN 1851 CEN 1881 (Blackburn) CEN 1901 (Blackburn)
Joseph /HEALD/  1850LANBarton on IrwellGeorge James /HEALD/Martha /JONES/LINK(m. Selina D. [/CURTIS/] 1874); d. 15 May 1899) LanBMD BAR/9/70 CEN 1851 (Barton upon Irwell) CEN 1881 (Putney, SRY) WILL 1899 WCN heald_lf
Joseph /HEALD/3Nov1850LANManchesterAbraham /HEALD/HannahLINKC073542
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1851LAN<Salford>- (d. Q2 1878)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 86
Joshua /HEALD/22Nov1829YKSOssettNathan /HEALD/SarahLINKREL; (m. Sarah Jane /JACKSON/ 1847) CEN 1851 (Alverthorpe) REL 23
Joshua /HEALD/  1839YKSLeeds[John Whitaker /HEALD/][Ann /SMITH/]LINK(m. Mary /INGLE/ 1863; m2 [Clara /CROUDSON/] 1889) Yks-LS HUNS/3/105 CEN 1851 CEN 1881
Joshua /HEALD/ Abt1845YKSLeeds- (m. Clara 1889)LINK CEN 1901
Julius /HELD/ Abt1846---GERMANY- (m. Ellen, <Liverpool> LAN, Bef 1881)LINK CEN 1881 (Rainford, LAN)
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