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Heald Children UK: Female, 1851-1900

COPYRIGHT NOTE: The information on these pages is principally derived from the LDS International Genealogical Index (IGI); the LDS Ancestral File; the 1851, 1881 and 1901 UK Censuses; the LDS British Vital Records CDs (2nd edition); CheshireBMD, LancashireBMD, and YorkshireBMD; the FreeBMD project; and contributions from individual researchers. It is presented here strictly for the purpose of noncommercial scholarship, in line with international standards of copyright Fair Use. Do not reuse this material commercially, or in any way likely to upset the LDS or HMSO; and do not reproduce it without this message.
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The standard of proof used to consolidate these listings is current best guess (not 'absolute cast-iron certainty') -- so do not necessarily trust every suggested link, eg between a birth and a subsequent marriage, or consolidation, eg between different census returns. The listings have been mostly compiled from published indexes: you are strongly advised to check out wherever possible the original underlying documents, which may contain further information that could contradict the assumptions here.

Also be very aware that the listings are far from complete. There are many more Healds whose parishes have not yet been included in the IGI or VRI; many Healds lost or mistranscribed in both the 1881 and 1901 censuses; and many more still to transcribe at FreeBMD (latest progress). Just because there is only one Heald listed in a given place with a given name at a particular date, it is not necessarily safe to assume that they must definitely be the person you are looking for.

If there is any information you can add or correct, please contact me at j.heald@ucl.ac.uk.

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Abigail /HEALD/ Abt1865NTT<Southwell>- (d. Q2 1867, GRO 7b 167)LINKFreeBMD
Abbey Clara /HEALD/ Q21875LANSouthportJohn /HEALD/JaneLINK(m. 1899) GRO 8b 756 (Ormskirk) CEN 1881 (Chorley)
Ada /HEALD/  1858YKSHunsletAnnLINK Yks-LS HUNS/33/334 CEN 1881
Ada E. /HEALD/ Abt1864LANCheethamJonathan /HEALD/LINK CEN 1881
Ada T. /HEALD/ Abt1865LANLiverpoolNicholas T. /HEALD/AletheaLINK CEN 1881 (Hulme) // m. Sheffield YKS, 1861
Ada Ellen /HELD/ Abt1865BKM<Newport P.>- (d. Q1 1867, GRO 3a 372)LINKFreeBMD
Ada /HEALD/ Q21867YKSLeedsElizabethLINK GRO 9b 472 Yks-LS NORT/93/153 CEN 1881
Ada Mary /HEALD/1Sep1867LNDLondonRobert Timothy /HEALD/Ann ElizabethLINKC041301; CEN 1881 (Wimbledon, SRY)
Ada /HEALD/ Abt1868YKS<Ecclesall B.>- (d. Q1 1889, GRO 9c 246)LINKFreeBMD
Ada /HEALD/  1869YKSLeedsWilliam /HEALD/MaryLINK Yks-LS NTH/101/267 CEN 1881
Ada Emma E /HELD/ Abt1869BKM<Newport Pagnell>- (d. Q4 1871, GRO 3a 359)LINKFreeBMD
Ada Lavinia /HEALD/ Q21870DBYHeanorThomas /HEALD/MaryLINK(bur. Heanor, 22 Jun 1901, aged 31, GRO 7b 101 (Basford)) GRO 7b 126 (Basford, NTT) CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Ada Caldwell /HEALD/ Q31874LANChorlton- (d. Q4 1874 aged 0, Chs-ST ST1/62/35, GRO 8a 53 (Stockport); bur Cheadle 15 Dec 1874 -NBI)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 665
Ada /HEALD/ Q21877YKSHunsletJohn /HEALD/SarahLINK GRO 9b 320 Yks-LS HUNS/91/224 CEN 1881
Ada /HEALD/ Q21878YKSDewsbury- (d. Q1 1879, GRO 9b 523)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 778
Ada /HEALD/ Q41878DBYNew MillsJohn /HEALD/SarahLINK GRO 7b 788 CEN 1881 (Beard) CEN 1901 (Disley, CHS)
Ada /HILD/ Abt1879LANOldhamMaryLINK CEN 1901
Ada /HEALD/ Q11879YKSSheffield- (gdau ?)LINK GRO 9c 422 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Ada /HEALD/27Jul1879LANBlackburnJames /HEALD/MariaLINKVRI2; (b. 11 Jul 1879) GRO 8e 400 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 FHL 1470819
Ada /HEALD/  1880YKSKirkstallJohn W. /HEALD/LINK Yks-LS KIRK/58/101 CEN 1881 (Headingley Cum Burley) CEN 1901 (Headingley With Burley)
Ada /HEALD/ Q41880LAN<Blackburn>William /HEALD/LINKVRI2; (m. John William /MAUDSLEY/ 1900) GRO 8e 383 FHL 1470819
Ada /HEALD/15Dec1880LANBlackburnJames /HEALD/[Alice /STRINGFELLOW/]LINKVRI2; (b. 27 Nov 1880) CEN 1881 FHL 1278806
Ada /HEALD/ Abt1881STSBurslemSamuel /HEALD/SarahLINK(d. Q4 1883, GRO 6b 103 (Wolstanton)) CEN 1881
Ada /HEALD/ Abt1882YKS<Dewsbury>- (d. Q3 1892, GRO 9b 422)LINKFreeBMD
Ada /HELD/ Abt1883LNDKennington- (Other 1901)LINK CEN 1901 (Reigate, SRY)
Ada /HEALD/ Abt.1883LANPrestonJames /HEALD/Margaret /SMITH/LINK(d. 15 Dec 1968 Lexington, Mass. USA -AF) AFN:1BMN-TXJ; LDS 1985635 & 1985635
Ada /HEALD/ Abt1883LAN<Salford>- (d. Q2 1889, GRO 8d 6)LINKFreeBMD
Ada /HEALD/ Q11883LANManchester- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 367
Ada /HELDT/ Q11883YKSMyton- LINKYksBMD; Yks-HL MYT/139/424 GRO 9d 304 (Hull)
Ada Annie /HEALD/ Q31883LINBelton- Other 1901)LINK GRO 9c 694 (Thorne) CEN 1901
Ada Mary /HEALD/ Q11884STSBurslemThomas /HEALD/ElizaLINK GRO 6b 160 CEN 1901
Ada /HEALD/29Oct1884LANGannow [nr Burnley]William /HEALD/Martha AliceLINKVRI; (bapt. 19 May 1885; d. Q3 1885, GRO 8e 110 (Burnley)) GRO 8e 224 (Burnley) FHL 1526145
Ada /HEALD/ Abt1886LAN<Bolton>- (d. Q2 1888, GRO 8c 240)LINKFreeBMD; // b. Chorley ?
Ada /HEALD/ Q11886LANChorley- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 539 LanBMD CHO/70/54
Ada /HEALD/ Abt1888LINBeltonJames /HEALD/EstherLINK CEN 1901
Ada /HEALDE/ Q11888Newton A.- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 5b 120
Ada /HEALD/ Q11888LANWartonThomas /HEALD/[Sarah]LINK GRO 8e 770 (Lancaster) CEN 1901 (Carnforth)
Ada Alice /HEALD/ Q31891LANBoltonJames /HEALD/AliceLINK GRO 8c 469 CEN 1901
Ada /HEALD/22May1892LANChorleyRobert James /HEALD/ElizabethLINKVRI2; (b. 28 Apr 1892) GRO 8e 552 LanBMD CHO/81/53 CEN 1901
Ada /HEALD/  1894YKSLeeds West- LINKYksBMD; Yks-LS WEST/212/124
Ada /HEALD/ Q41894YKSLeedsWalter /HEALD/MaryLINK GRO 9b 531 CEN 1901 (Headingley Cum Burley)
Ada Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q21895YKSSheffieldWilliam /HEALD/AnneLINK GRO 9c 557 CEN 1901 (Nether Hallam)
Ada /HEALD/15Jun1898LANPrestonGeorge /HEALD/Ann ElizaLINKVRI2; GRO 8e 641 CEN 1901 FHL 1471020
Ada /HEALD/ Q11899YKSLazenbyWilliam /HEALD/Emma G.LINK GRO 9d 496 (Guisbro') CEN 1901 (Scarcliffe, DBY) // m. Bef 1893
Ada /HEALD/ Q21901LINThorne- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 897
Ada /HEALD/ Q31903LANPreston- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 538
Ada /HEALD/ Q11904LANSalford- (d. Q2 1904, GRO 8d 55)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 99
Ada /HEALD/ Q11905LANChorley- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 473
Ada /HEALD/ Q41905LANBlackburn- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 338
Adelaide Mary /HEALD/ Q11852BKMWoburn- (Niece of Adelaide S. /HEALEY/; m. LND, 1887)LINK GRO 3a 361 (Wycombe) CEN 1881 (Iver)
Adelaide Eleanor /HEALD/ Q11871LANW. Derby- (d. Q2 1871, GRO 8b 322)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8b 441
Agnes /HEALD/ Q11852YKSDewsbury- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 456
Agnes /HEALD/  1855CHSBollington- LINKChsBMD; Chs-CE BOL/12/93
Agnes /HEALD/10Apr1855LANPrestonRalph /HEALD/Susannah /HARRISON/LINK(m. Henry /WILDING/ 1874;bur. 13 Aug 1909 -AF) AFN:M02M-RF; LDS 1985635
Agnes /HEALD/29Apr1855LANPrestonRalph /HEALD/SusannaLINKC007135
Agnes /HEALD/ Abt1857CHSBollingtonSamuel /HEALD/AgnesLINK CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Kerridge) // m. 1849
Agnes /HEALD/ Abt1857ESSMaldon- (Serv 1881)LINK CEN 1881 (St Giles In Fields, LND)
Agnes /HEALD/ Abt1858YKSKnottingleyJohn /HEALD/EllenLINK CEN 1881
Agnes /HEALD/ Q11861YKSPontefract- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 64
Agnes /HEALD/ Abt1865YKS<Ecclesall Bierlow>- (d. Q4 1871, GRO 9c 206)LINKFreeBMD
Agnes /HEALD/8Aug1868LANManchesterJohn /HEALD/Ann /BUTTERWORTH/LINKREL; (m. Thomas /GREATOREX/ 1887 -REL) CEN 1881 (Hulme) // m. Lymm CHS, 1858
Agnes /HEALD/ Q11870LANAshton U LyneJohn /HEALD/[Ellen]LINK GRO 8d 450 Chs-TA AST/72/49 (Ashton Town) CEN 1881 (Oldham) CEN 1901 (Oldham)
Agnes Mary /HEALD/ Q41877YKSWakefield<William Thos. /HEALD/>LINK(Niece of Martha A. 1842) GRO 9c 37 CEN 1881 (Badsworth) CEN 1901
Agnes /HEALD/ Q41880CHSKerridgeWilliam /HEALD/Elizabeth A.LINKChsBMD; GRO 8a 105 Chs-CE BOL/30/7 CEN 1881 (Bollington)
Agnes /HEALD/ Abt1881CHSBollingtonMargaretLINK CEN 1901 (Withington, LAN)
Agnes Bertha /HEALD/ Abt1881SFKThebertonJames [Waddington] /HEALD/AnnieLINK(m. Harry /LOTE/ LIN, 1904 -VRI2) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (St Matthew)
Agnes A. /HEALD/ Abt1882LANBurnley[John /HEALD/]IsabellaLINK CEN 1901 (Easby, YKS)
Agnes /HEALD/  1883CHSBirkenhead- LINKChsBMD; Chs-WR BIR/135/42
Agnes /HEALD/ Q11884CHSBirkenhead- (d. Q3 1884, GRO 8a 309)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8a 468
Agnes /HEALD/ Q21888YKSKnottingleyWilliam /HEALD/SusannahLINK GRO 9c 98 (Pontefract) CEN 1901
Agnes Walmsley /HEALD/30Apr1890LANOver DarwenThomas Edward /HEALD/Margaret Agnes /WALMSLEY/LINK(m. 1914 Frank /BERRY/) GRO 8e 473 CEN 1901 LDS batch 7500016 & batch 7500016
Agnes Anna /HEALD/ Q41894DBYDerby- (d. Q1 1898, GRO 7b 332)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 516
Agnes /HIELDS/ Abt1896YKSYorkJohn /HIELDS/ElizabethLINK CEN 1901 (York)
Agnes Annie /HEALD/ Q31897LANPreston St John- (Other 1901; rel John m. 1874)LINK GRO 8e 651 CEN 1901 (Easby, YKS)
Agnes Sisson /HEALD/ Q41902LANChorley- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 463
Agnes /HIELDS/ Q31905NBLTynemouth- (d. Q3 1905, GRO 10b 136)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 10b 273
Agnes B /HEALD/  1906YKSLeeds West- LINKYksBMD; Yks-LS WEST/262/308
Agnes E /HEALD/  1906LANStretford- LINKLanBMD; LanBMD STR/70/69
Alethea /HEALD/ Q31894LANManchesterAlbert /HEALD/SarahLINK GRO 8d 302 CEN 1901 (Harpurhey)
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1851LANPrestonRalph /HEALD/SusanLINK CEN 1851 // m. 1837
Alice /HEALD/ Q21852LANBlackburn- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 292 LanBMD B/48/58
Alice S. /HEALD/ Abt1853LAN- (Boarder 1881)LINK CEN 1881 (Hooton Pagnell, YKS)
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1853CHSTarporleyJohn /HEALD/AnnLINK CEN 1881 // m. 1836
Alice /HEALD/5May1853LANManchesterThomas /HEALD/AliceLINKC073543
Alice /HEALD/ Q21853LANChorlton- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 496
Alice Susannah /HEALD/ Q21853LANUlverston- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 545
Alice /HEALD/ Q31853LANChorlton- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 426
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1854LAN<Blackburn>Thomas /HEALD/LINKVRI2; (m. Robert /CROSSLEY/ 1876) FHL 1470928
Alice /HEALD/  1854LANBlackburn- LINKLanBMD; LanBMD B/56/63
Alice /HEALD/  1855CHSBunbury- LINKChsBMD; Chs-CC BU/10/095
Alice /HEILD/30Dec1855LANLiverpoolWilliam /HEILD/AgnesLINKP020943
Alice /HEALD/18May1856LANChorleyIsaac /HEALD/HannahLINKVRI2; FHL 1517687 // m. 1845; cf 1857
Alice /HEALD/ Q21856LANFlixtonMary /HEALD/LINK(da of Mary 1817) GRO 8c 4*5 (Barton) Lan-TR STR/9/6 (Stretford) CEN 1881
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1857KEN<Dartford>[William /HEALD/][Harriet]LINKFreeBMD; (d. Q1 1874, GRO 2a 228)
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1857LANManchesterAnneLINK(bapt Chorley 1856 ?) CEN 1881 (Chorlton On Medlock, LAN)
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1857YKSSheffield[Joseph /HEALD/]MarthaLINK CEN 1861 (Ecclesall Bierlow) CEN 1881 (Ecclesall Bierlow) CEN 1901 (Ecclesall Bierlow)
Alice /HEALD/ Q21857LANManchester- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 306
Alice Harriet /HEALD/28Nov1858KENCrayfordWilliam /HEALD/HarrietLINKVRI; FHL 1469337 // m. Manchester LAN, 1845
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1859LAN<Chorley>- (d. Q1 1882, GRO 8e 373)LINKFreeBMD
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1859LANNewton Heath- (Sister 1881)LINK CEN 1881 (Newton)
Alice Ann /HEALD/ Q31859LANManchester- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 204
Alice /HEALD/26Oct1859LANChorleyJames /HEALD/MaryLINKVRI2; (b. Q3 1859, GRO 8e 399; d. Q4 1869, GRO 8e 341d. Q1 1882, GRO 8e 373) LanBMD CHO/27/50 FHL 1526077
Alice /HEALD/27Nov1859LANPrestonJames /HEALD/AnnLINKC007136
Alice Anne /HEALD/16Apr1860LANManchesterHenry /HEALD/MaryLINKC033031
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1861LAN<Chorlton>- (d. Q4 1893)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 575
Alice Ann /HEALD/ Q11861LANManchester- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 244
Alice /HEALD/ Q31861LANBlackburn- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 304 LanBMD B/91/30
Alice Ann /HEALD/ Q31861LANManchester- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 199
Alice Ann /HEALD/31Aug1862LANChorleyMatthew /HEALD/ElizabethLINKVRI2; FHL 1526077
Alice Ann /HEALD/31Aug1862LANManchesterHenry /HEALD/Mary AnnLINKC073546
Alice /HEALD/ Q31862LNDIslington- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 1b 282
Alice Ann /HEALD/ Q31862LANWigan- (d. Q2 1867, GRO 8c 22)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1863LANManchester- (Serv 1881)LINK CEN 1881
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1864LANBurnageWilliam /HEALD/MaryLINK CEN 1881 (Withington)
Alice Sarah /HEALD/ Q11864LANChorlton- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 534
Alice Ann /HEALD/ Q11864CHSRomilayRowland /HEALD/MarthaLINK Chs-ST MAR/10/17 (Marple) GRO 8a 3 (Stockport) CEN 1881 (Salford, LAN)
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1866LNDIslington- (Other 1901; rel Henry /HEALD/ 1845)LINK CEN 1901 (Handsworth, STS)
Alice /HEALD/ Q11866LANManchester- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 301
Alice /HEALD/ Q11866YKSOssettAmos /HEALD/AnnLINK GRO 9b 627 (Dewsbury) CEN 1881
Alice Maria /HEALD/ Q11866LANWarringtonHenry /HEALD/Mary AnnLINK(m. William /PARSONS/ 1899) GRO 8c 171 Chs-WA WAR/53/421 CEN 1881 // m. 1850
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1867LANManchester- LINK CEN 1901 (Sth Manchester)
Alice /HEALD/ Q11867YKSWakefield[William /HEALD/][Elizabeth /RICHARDS/]LINK(Niece of William /WORDSWORTH/; m. Tom Cabel /BLACKMORE/ 1890) GRO 9c 20 CEN 1881 (Darlington, DUR) EXOR 1894
Alice /HEALD/ Q21868SRYCroydon- (d. Q1 1869, GRO 2a 137)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 2a 202
Alice /HEALD/14Jun1868LANPrestonJames /HEALD/Margaret [/SMITH/]LINKC007137; (d. 2 Jul 1942 Mass. USA -AF) AFN:1BMN-VMT; GRO 8e 598 LDS 1985635 & 1985735 CEN 1881
Alice /HELDT/ Abt1869LIN<Caistor>- (d. Q2 1869, GRO 7a 387)LINKFreeBMD
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1869LANManchesterJames /HEALD/AnneLINK CEN 1881 (Chorlton On Medlock, LAN)
Alice Mary /HEALD/  1869LANSalford- (d. Q4 1871, GRO 8d 79)LINKLanBMD; LanBMD RR/75/23
Alice /HEALD/3Oct1869LANPrestonRobert /HEALD/SarahLINKC007137; CEN 1881 (Oldham)
Alice /HEALD/31Oct1869LANManchesterJames /HEALD/AnnLINKC073547
Alice Ann /HELD/ Abt1870YKSWalesWilliam /HELD/CarolineLINK CEN 1881 (Killamarsh, DBY)
Alice /HEALD/ Q31870YKSWakefield- (d. Q3 1870, GRO 9c 18)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 25
Alice Ellen /HEALD/ Abt1871LANBlackburnThomas /HEALD/EllenLINK CEN 1881
Alice Mary /HIELDS/ Q11871LNDCrawford StreetThomas /HIELDS/CharlotteLINK GRO 1a 563 (Marylebone) CEN 1881 (Byker, NBL)
Alice Adelaide /HEALD/ Q21871CHSNorthwichThomas /HEALD/MariaLINK([m. Arthur /SENIOR 1898]) GRO 8a 256 Chs-CC NO/32/089 CEN 1881
Alice Ann /HEALD/23Jun1871LANPrestonJohn /HEALD/Mary JaneLINKC007137; GRO 8e 600 CEN 1881
Alice /HEALD/ Q11872LANBolton[Sandy /HEALD/]LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 369 CEN 1901 (Preston)
Alice /HEALD/ Q41872CHSBirkenheadThomas /HEALD/EllenLINKFreeBMD; Chs-WR BIR/91/13 GRO 8a 446 CEN 1881 // m. Salford LAN, Bef 1871
Elicia /HEALD/ Abt1873LANBradfordJohn /HEALD/ElizabethLINK CEN 1881 (Beswick)
Alice Jane /HEALD/ Q11873LANChorleyThomas /HEALD/IsabellaLINK GRO 8e 502 LanBMD CHO/47/37 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Alicia /HEALD/ Q11873LANManchester- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 385
Alice /HEALD/ Q21873LINThorne- (d. Q1 1874, GRO 9c 422)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 663
Alice /HEALD/ Q41873ESSColchesterWilliam [Newman] /HEALD/SusanLINK GRO 4a 314 CEN 1881 (Heaton Norris, LAN) CEN 1901 (Heaton Norris, LAN) // m. Manchester LAN, 1873
Alice /HEALD/24May1874LANLiverpoolThomas /HEALD/EllenLINKP020951
Alice /HEALD/ Q21875LANBlackburnJames /HEALD/MariaLINK GRO 8e 414 CEN 1881
Alice /HEALD/ Q21875LANOrmskirk- (d. Q3 1879, GRO 8b 445)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8b 734
Alice /HIELD/ Q41875YKSKirkstall- LINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 587 (Leeds) Yks-LS KIRK/52/414
Alice Maud Marion /HEALD/ Q41875LANPendletonFrederick /HEALD/Clara E.LINK(m. Charles Seymour B /SMITH/ 1896) GRO 8d 129 (Salford) LanBMD RR/105/1 (Regents Road) CEN 1881 (Salford)
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1876LANNewton HeathJas. /HEALD/Cath.LINK CEN 1881 (Newton)
Alice /HEALD/ Q31876LANPrestwich- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 356
Alice /HIELD/ Abt1877CHSGt WarfordJohn /HIELD/MaryLINK CEN 1901 (Hazel Grove)
Alice Rachel /HEALD/8Jul1877LANChorleyJohn /HEALD/JaneLINKVRI2; (m. 1901) LanBMD CHO/55/8 GRO 8e 555 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 FHL 1526077
Alice /HEILDS/6Nov1878YKSAberfordGeorge /HEILDS/MaryLINKVRI2; (b. 27 Sep 1878) GRO 9c 802 (Tadcaster) Yks-LS ABER/20/352 CEN 1881 (Lotherton Cum Aberford) FHL 1068306
Alice /HEALD/ Q41878LANAshtonFrederick /HEALD/HannahLINK GRO 8c 152 (Wigan) CEN 1881 (Ashton In Makerfield)
Alice Ada /HEALD/ Q41878YKSSheffield- (d. Q3 1880, GRO 9c 295)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 421
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1879LANManchesterMaryLINK(Other 1901) CEN 1901
Alice C. /HEALD/ Abt1879LANManchesterWalter /HEALD/JaneLINK CEN 1881 (Ardwick)
Alice Esther /HEALD/ Q11879WARBirminghamHenry /HEALD/Emma E.LINK GRO 6d 412 (Aston) CEN 1881 (Aston) CEN 1901 (Handsworth, STS)
Alice Calderwell /HEALD/ Q11879LANChorlton- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 830
Alice Wells H /HEALD/ Q11879LNDHolborn- (d. Q1 1880, GRO 1b 585)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 1b 769
Alice /HEALDS/ Abt1880YKSCastletonWilliam /HEALDS/HannahLINK CEN 1881 (Danby) CEN 1901 (Scarborough)
Alice Ann /HEALD/  1880LANChorley- (d. Q1 1880, GRO 8e 344)LINKLanBMD; LanBMD CHO/59/75
Alice /HEALD/ Q21880YKSGuisbro'.- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9d 549
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1883YKSHorburyJoe /HEALD/ElizaLINK CEN 1901
Alice /HEALD/ Q11883YKSSheffield- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 459
Alice /HEALD/ Q21883LANBoltonGeorge /HEALD/EstherLINK GRO 8c 444 CEN 1901
Alice /HEALD/ Q21883YKSPontefract- (d. Q2 1894, GRO 9c 51)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 101
Alice /HEALD/ Q41883YKSWakefield- (d. Q2 1900, GRO 9c 56)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 67
Alice /HEALD/ Q11884YKSPontefract- (d. Q1 1884, GRO 9c 79)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 131
Alice /HEALD/ Q21884YKSWakefield- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 47
Alice Mary /HEALD/ Q41884YKSYorkJohn /HEALD/MaryLINKVRI; GRO 9d 35 Yks-York WAL/77/71 (Walmgate) FHL 1068537
Alice /HELD/ Abt1885YKSWrenthorpe- (Other 1901)LINK CEN 1901 (Blackpool, LAN)
Alice Maud /HELDT/ Q21885LNDHackney- (d. Q4 1886, GRO 1b 362)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 1b 583
Alice /HEALD/ Q21885NTTNewark- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 454
Alice Edith /HEALD/ Q31885LNDSt. Saviour- (Other 1901)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 1d 173 CEN 1901 (Bath, SOM)
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1886YKS<Barnsley>- (d. Q2 1900)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 111
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1886YKSKnottingly- (Other 1901)LINK CEN 1901 (Boston, LIN)
Alice /HEALD/ Q11886YKSPontefract- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 107
Alice /HEALD/ Q21886LANBlackburnHugh /HEALD/DorothyLINK GRO 8c 361 CEN 1901
Alice /HEALD/ Q31886YKSLeedsTom /HEALD/MaryLINK GRO 9b 454 Yks-LS NORT/180/46 CEN 1901
Al[l_]ce /HEALD/ Q31886YKSPontefract- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 98
Alice /HEALD/28Nov1886LANChorleyWilliam /HEALD/Elizabeth EllenLINKVRI2; GRO 8e 504 LanBMD CHO/71/78 FHL 1526077 CEN 1901
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1887YKSCridling StubbsJames /HEALD/SarahLINK CEN 1901
Alice /HEALD/ Q11887LANManchesterGeorge /HEALD/AliceLINK GRO 8d 327 (Prestwich) CEN 1901 (North Manchester)
Alice /HEALD/ Q11887LANManchesterSamuel /HEALD/[Margaret]LINK GRO 8c 887 (Chorlton) CEN 1901 (South Manchester)
Alice /HEALD/ Q21887LANPendletonJames /HEALD/SarahLINK GRO 8d 16 (Salford) CEN 1901
Alice Elsie /HEALD/ Q21887YKSSheffieldHenry /HEALD/AnnieLINK GRO 9c 359 (Ecclesall B.) CEN 1901 (Norton, DBY)
Alice Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q11888NTTBasford- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 112
Alice /HILD/ Abt1889LANLiverpoolJohn /HILD/MaryLINK CEN 1901 (Poulton Cum Seacombe, CHS)
Alice /HIELDS/ Q11889YKSYorkJohn /HIELDS/ElizabethLINK GRO 9d 60 Yks-York WAL/87/15 (Walmgate) CEN 1901 (York)
Alice Ann /HEALD/ Q21889LANManchesterJames /HEALD/ElizabethLINK GRO 8d 358 (Prestwich) CEN 1901 (North Manchester)
Alice /HEALD/ Q21889LANWithingtonJohn W /HEALD/Mary ELINK GRO 8c 7_4 (Chorlton) CEN 1901
Alice /HEALD/ Q31890LANMancrRobert /HEALD/MaryLINK GRO 8d 148 (Salford) CEN 1901 (Salford)
Alice Winifred /HEALD/ Q41890YKSSheffield- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 455
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1891LAN<Chorley>- (d. Q4 1891, GRO 8e 370)LINKFreeBMD
Alice /HEALD/ Q21891LANSouthport[John /HEALD/]JaneLINK GRO 8b 799 (Ormskirk) CEN 1901 (Birkdale)
Alice /HEALD/ Q41891LANChorley- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 537 LanBMD CHO/80/75
Alice /HEALD/ Q41891LANChorley- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 523 LanBMD CHO/80/46
Alice /HEALD/ Abt1892LANChorleyJoseph /HEALD/LINK CEN 1901
Alice /HEALD/ Q21892LANPendletonWilliam /HEALD/ElizaLINK GRO 8d 4 (Salford) CEN 1901
Alice Annie /HEALD/ Q31892HAMGosportWilliam /HEALD/HannahLINK GRO 2b 544 (Alverstoke) CEN 1901 (Alverstoke)
Alice Hilda /HILDE/ Q41892CMNLlanelly- (d. Q4 1894, GRO 11a 548 )LINKFreeBMD; GRO 11a 983
Alice /HIELD/ Abt1895LANBolton- (Other 1901; rel James 1842)LINK CEN 1901
Alice /HIELDS/ Abt1895NBLNewcastle On Tyne- (Other 1901; gdau of Thomas and Charlotte?)LINK CEN 1901 (Byker)
Alice /HEALD/ Q11895STSBurslemThomas /HEALD/ElizaLINK GRO 6b 156 (Wolstanton) CEN 1901
Alice Ann /HEALD/ Q11897LANAspull- LINK GRO 8c 14 (Wigan) CEN 1901 (Westhoughton)
Alice /HEALD/ Q11899LANChorley- (d. Q3 1899, GRO 8e 382)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 516 LanBMD CHO/94/48
Alice Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q21900YKSHolbeckDavid /HEALD/AmeliaLINK Yks-LS HOLB/68/314 GRO 9b 337 CEN 1901
Alice /HEALD/ Q21900YKSNormantonHerbert /HEALD/EmmaLINK GRO 9c 31 (Wakefield) CEN 1901
Alice Ann /HEALD/ Q31901LANBlackburn- (d. Q1 1904, GRO 8e 310)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 380
Alice /HEALD/ Q31903LANChorlton- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 766
Alice /HEALD/ Q31903YKSLeeds North- (d. Q1 1904, GRO 9b 400)LINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 449 Yks-LS NORT/257/71
Alice /HEALD/ Q31903YKSMiddlesbro'- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9d 626
Alice /HEALD/ Q41903LANChorley- (d. Q4 1903, GRO 8e 356)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 453
Alice /HEALD/ Q11904YKSPontefract- (d. Q1 1904, GRO 9c 74)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 108
Alice /HEALD/ Q41904YKSSkipton- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9a 30
Alice Mary /HEALD/ Q11905NTTSouthwell- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 482
Alice A /HEALD/  1909YKSWortley- LINKYksBMD; Yks-LS WORT/181/341
Alizon Mildred B /HEALD/ Q21891KENHastings- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 2b 31
Alison Mildred B /HEALD/ Abt1892SAL<Cleobury M.>- (d. Q1 1892, GRO 6a 516)LINKFreeBMD
Alma /HELD/3Aug1856BKMLeckhampsteadJohn /HELD/JaneLINKC008012; (Serv 1881; m. 1883) CEN 1881 (Newport Pagnell)
Alma /HELD/ Q41891NBLNewcastleThomas /HELD/EmilyLINKFreeBMD; GRO 10b 64 (Newcastle T.) CEN 1901 (Benwell) // m. BKM, 1883
Alma Sarah /HEALD/ Q21893LNDStrand- (d. Q2 1894, GRO 1b 374)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 1b 653
Amelia Mary /HEALD/20Dec1857LNDWestminster [St Giles, MDX]Frederick /HEALD/Eliza JaneLINKC062201; CEN 1881 (St Anne Soho, LND) CEN 1901 (St Pancras)
Amelia /HEALD/ Q41859LANManchester- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 50_
Millicent A. /HEALD/ Abt1860NTTFRANCE- (Sis 1881)LINK CEN 1881 (Nottingham St Mary, NTT)
Amelia /HEALD/25Dec1860LANChorleyThomas /HEALD/AgnesLINKVRI2; (m. William /BROMLEY/ 1882 -VRI) GRO 8e 385 LanBMD CHO/29/22 CEN 1881 FHL 1526077
Amelia /HEALD/ Q41861LANManchester- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 266
Millicent /HEALD/ Abt1864NTTFRANCE- (Sis 1881)LINK CEN 1881 (Nottingham St Mary, NTT) CEN 1901 (Nottm)
Amelia /HEALD/ Q41877LANNewton HeathEdward /HEALD/MarthaLINK(m. Charles /THOMAS/ 1895) GRO 8d 399 (Prestwich) CEN 1881 (Newton) REL 11
Amelia /HEALD/ Q31889LANPrestwich- (d. Q4 1890, GRO 8d 280)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 334
Milly /HEALD/ Q41892YKSConnisboroWilliam /HEALD/Emma G.LINK GRO 9c 756 (Doncaster) CEN 1901 (Scarcliffe, DBY)
Amelia /HEALD/ Q21895LANChorlton- (d. Q2 1895, GRO 8d 84(Salford))LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 951
Amelia Emma /HEALD/ Q41895LANPreston- (d. Q1 1896, GRO 8e 420)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 571
Amelia /HEALD/ Abt1896LANManchesterRobert /HEALD/MaryLINK CEN 1901 (South Manchester)
Millicent /HEALD/ Q31899YKSEcclesall B.- (d. Q3 1899, GRO 9c 210)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 393
Amy /HEALD/ Abt1865DBYBolsover- (Servt 1881)LINK CEN 1881 (Elmton)
Amy /HEALD/1Oct1865DBYScarcliffeJohn /HEALD/AnnLINKC096751
Amy /HEALD/ Q21868DBYMastin MoorJohn /HEALD/MaryLINK(m. Edward /HAYWOOD/ 1891 -VRI) GRO 7b 570 (Chesterfield) CEN 1881 (Clowne) FHL 1041899
Amy /HEALD/ Q21870STSBurton On TrentElizabethLINK(m. 1890) GRO 6b 382 CEN 1881
Amy Ellen /HIELDS/28Feb1878YKSYorkGeorge /HIELDS/Sarah JaneLINKVRI; (b. 13 Jan 1878) GRO 9d 24 Yks-York MIC/35/49 (Micklegate) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Tynemouth, NBL) FHL 1068535
Amy Gertrude /HEALD/ Q41878SFKThebertonJames /HEALD/AnnieLINK GRO 4a 764 (Blything) CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (St Margaret In The Close, LIN) // m. LAN, Bef 1864
Amy /HEALD/ Q41881LNDHackneyGeorge /HEALD/AmeliaLINK GRO 1b 579 CEN 1901
Amy /HEALD/ Abt1883YKS<Richmond, Y.>- (d. Q2 1893)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9d 417
Amy /HEALD/ Q31884YKSBradford[Henry /HEALD/]JaneLINK GRO 9b 99 CEN 1901
Amy Gertrude /HEALD/ Q11892LANSalfordJoseph /HEALD/EmmaLINK GRO 8d 183 CEN 1901
Amy Gladys /HEALD/ Q21892LNDDulwichFrederick /HEALD/AmyLINK GRO 1d 531 (Lambeth) CEN 1901 (East Ham, ESS)
Amy /HEALD/ Q31897NTTMansfield- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 65
Amy /HEALD/ Abt1898DBYShirebrookWilliam /HEALD/Emma G.LINK CEN 1901 (Scarcliffe) // m. YKS, Bef 1893
Amy /HEALD/ Q31900YKSHullWilliam T. /HEALD/MaireLINK Yks-HL DRY/74/196 GRO 9d 198 (Sculcoates) CEN 1901 (Thornaby)
Amy /HEALD/ Q31903DURGateshead- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 10a 1131
Amy /HEALD/ Q31903LANSalford- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 193
Ann /HEALD/ Abt1824YKSSheffield- LINK CEN 1861 (West Sheffield)
Ann /HEALD/ Abt1825LAN<Bolton>- (d. Q4 1883)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 215
Ann /HEALD/ Abt1836YKS<Scarborough>- (d. Q4 1883)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9d 239
Hannah Deakin /HEALD/ Abt1840CHS<Northwich>- (d. Q1 1873)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8a 173
Hannah /HEALD/  1851YKSHunslet- LINKYksBMD; Yks-LS HUNS/19/177
Fanny /HEALD/ Abt1851YKSWooldale \ Kirkheaton \ Scholes MoorEdward /HEALD/HannahLINK CEN 1851 CEN 1881 (Batley) CEN 1901 (Batley) // m. 1845
Ann /HEALD/9May1851LANChorleyDaniel /HEALD/Mary AnnLINKP005702; (m. John William /TAYLOR/ 1871 -VRI) LanBMD CHO/16/55 // m. 1849
Ann /HEALD/ Abt1852YKSKnottingleyJoseph /HEALD/[HannahLINKREL; (m. James Cawthorn /WORFOLK/ Bef 1880 -REL) // m. Bef 1845
Ann /HEALD/16May1852LANPrestonThomas /HEALD/IsabellaLINKC007135; GRO 8e 385 // m. 1849; moved to WES, 1858
Hannah /HEALD/  1854CHSHeaton Norris- LINKChsBMD; Chs-ST HEA/21/35
Ann /HEALD/  1854CHSNewton \ HydeJerimiah /HEALD/AnnLINK Chs-TA NEW/11/90 CEN 1881 (Hyde) CEN 1901
Nancy /HEALD/ Abt1855YKSHolmfirth[Job /HEALD/]MaryLINK(m. Thomas /CHEETHAM/ 1873) CEN 1881 (Saddleworth) // m. 1843
Hannah Maria /HEALD/  1855YKSLeedsGeorge /HEALD/MaryLINK Yks-LS WEST/43/261 CEN 1881 // m. 1838
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1855YKSWakefield[Richard /HEALD/]AngelaLINK(Niece 1881) CEN 1881 // m. 1842
Ann /HEALD/  1856YKSRothwell- LINKYksBMD; Yks-LS ROTH/9/269
Anne Maria /HEALD/13Jul1856LINHaxeyThomas /HEALD/ElizabethLINKC029081; (m. Joseph Watkinson /TWIDALE/ 1878 ?) REL 29
Hannah /HELD/10Aug1856YKSAcklam By MaltonGeorge /HELD/JaneLINKC073851
Ann /HEALD/19Oct1856YKSKnottingleyJohn /HEALD/EllenLINKC108451; (m. Tom /DEAKEN/ 1878)
Ann /HEALD/ Abt1857YKSHorburyJoshua /HEALD/Sarah JaneLINKREL; (bapt Horbury 7 Jul 1868; m. Wm. Vernon /JACKSON/; d. Horbury, 30 Jul 1907) CEN 1881
Annie C. /HEALD/ Abt1857LNDShoreditchThomas H. /HEALD/CatherineLINK CEN 1881 (St Luke, LND) CEN 1901 (St Sepulchre)
Ann /HEILD/5Apr1857LANLiverpoolWilliam /HEILD/AgnesLINKP020943
Hannah /HEALD/ Q21857DBYBelper- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 423
Ann Buxton /HEALD/ Abt1858DBYHeanorThomas /HEALD/MaryLINK(m. 1883) CEN 1881
Anne /HEALD/  1858LANHeath Charnock[Andrew /HEALD/]EleanorLINKLanBMD; LanBMD ADL/5/56 (Adlington) CEN 1881
Hannah /HEALD/  1858YKSLeeds North- LINKYksBMD; Yks-LS NTH/59/416
Ann /HIELDS/  1858YKSYork- LINKYksBMD; Yks-York POP/1/67 (Poppleton)
Hannah Elizabeth /HEALD/ Abt1859NTTBilboroughThomas /HEALD/HarriettLINK CEN 1881
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1859LANBurnage- (Serv 1881)LINK CEN 1881 (Blackrod, LAN)
Ann /HEALD/  1859YKSLeeds West- LINKYksBMD; Yks-LS WEST/54/453
Ann /HEALD/ Abt1859YKSSheffield- (Gdau of Robert 1800)LINK CEN 1861 (South Sheffield) CEN 1881 (Attercliffe Cum Darnall)
Ann /HEALD/ Q11859YKSLeeds- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 372
Hannah /HEALD/6Mar1859LANManchesterEdwin /HEALD/MaryLINKC073545; (m. Jonathan /HINCHCLIFFE/ CHS, 1877 -VRI2)
Ann /HEALD/ Q21859CHSAltrincham- (d. Q1 1871 aged 11, Chs-TR ALT/21/70, GRO 8a 122)LINKChsBMD; GRO 8a 169 Chs-TR ALT/18/90
Ann Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q21859YKSLeeds Southeast- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 344 Yks-LS SE/47/168
Ann /HEALD/ Abt1860YKSLeeds- (Officer 1881)LINK CEN 1881 (Worsley, LAN)
Ann Maria /HEALD/ Abt1861YKS<Dewsbury>- (d. Q4 1879, GRO 9b 466)LINKFreeBMD
Ann /HEALD/ Q11861DBYBelper- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 408
Hannah /HEALD/ Q11861DBYBelper- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 408
Ann /HEALD/ Q11861LANChorlton- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 551
__an /HEALD/ Q21861NTTBasford- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 92
Hannah /HEALD/ Q31861NTTMansfield- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 47
Hannah /HEALD/8Dec1861DBYBolsoverJohn /HEALD/AnneLINKC060971
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1862NTTFRANCE- LINK CEN 1901 (Nottm)
Ann /HEALD/ Abt1862DBYPalterton- (Serv 1881)LINK CEN 1881 (Bewerley, YKS)
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1863LAN<Chorley>Daniel /HEALD/LINKVRI; (m. Daniel /GREENHALGH/ 1885) FHL 1526078
Hannah /HEALD/5Apr1863LANChorleyDaniel /HEALD/MaryLINKP005702; (d. Q1 1869, GRO 8e 360) LanBMD CHO/32/65 // m. Preston, 1859
Ann /HEALD/23Aug1863DBYScarcliffeJohn /HEALD/AnnLINKC096751
Ann /HEALD/18Oct1863LANChorleyDaniel /HEALD/AbigailLINKVRI2; LanBMD CHO/33/40 CEN 1881 FHL 1526077
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1864YKSSheffield[George Robert Temple /HEALD/]ElizaLINK CEN 1881 (Nottingham St Mary, NTT) // rel. NTT, 1881
Nanny /HEALD/ Abt1865LAN<Blackburn>- (d. Q3 1866, GRO 8e 229)LINKFreeBMD
Ann /HEALD/ Abt1865LAN<Chorlton>- (d. Q2 1866, GRO 8c 470)LINKFreeBMD
Ann M /HEALD/ Abt1865YKS<Sheffield>- (d. Q3 1866, GRO 9c 216)LINKFreeBMD
Ann /HEALD/ Q21866YKSWakefield- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 39
Annie C /HIELDS/ Q41866LNDBrentford (MDX)Thomas /HIELDS/CharlotteLINK GRO 3a 38 CEN 1881 (Byker, NBL)
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1867YKSWakefield- (Nurse 1881)LINK CEN 1881 (Scarborough)
Ann /HEALD/ Q11867LANAspullRalph /HEALD/JaneLINK GRO 8c 14 (Wigan) CEN 1881
Ann Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q21867YKSSheffield[Richard W] /HEALD/Mary AnLINK(Other 1901) GRO 9c 308 (Ecclesall B.) CEN 1881 (Mexborough) CEN 1901 (Scarborough)
Ann Eliza /HEALD/ Q41867YKS<Hunslet>- (d. Q1 1868, GRO 9b 188)LINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 322 Yks-LS HUN/58/235
Ann /HEALD/  1868LANBlackburn- (d. Q4 1869, GRO 8e 239)LINKFreeBMD; LanBMD B/132/22
Ann Elizabeth /HEALD/ Abt1869YKS<Bradford Yk>- (d. Q3 1869, GRO 9b 109)LINKFreeBMD
Anne Maria Caroline /HEALD/25Jul1869LNDWimbledon \ SohoRobert Timothy /HEALD/Ann ElizabethLINKC013443; CEN 1881 (Wimbledon, SRY) CEN 1901 (North Wimbledon, SRY)
Hannah Jane /HEALD/ Abt1870YKSBatleyThomas /HEALD/LINK(d. 11 Jul 1887, GRO 9b 396) CEN 1881 ADM 1887
Anne /HEALD/ Q11870YKSBradfordJames R. /HEALD/Mary A.LINK GRO 9b 42 CEN 1881 (Bowling) CEN 1901 LDS batch 5015488
Ann Ellen /HEALD/ Q21870LANBlackburn- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 403
Annie /HEALD/ Q41870CHSHyde- (d. Q1 1871, GRO 8a 17)LINKChsBMD; GRO 8a 12 (Stockport) Chs-TA HYD/46/22
Hannah /HELD/9Apr1871STSGoldenhillCharles /HELD/HarrietLINKVRI2; (b. 21 Jun 1868) FHL 1470995
Fanny /HELD/9Apr1871STSGoldenhillCharles /HELD/HarrietLINKVRI2; (b. 17 Nov 1870) FHL 1470995
Annie Maria /HEALD/ Q31871YKSWakefield[William /HEALD/]Elizabeth /RICHARDS/LINK GRO 9c 24 CEN 1881 (Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe) EXEC El1894YKS
Annie /HEALD/ Q41871LANBlackburnAlfred /HEALD/JaneLINK GRO 8e 333 CEN 1881 (Witton) CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1872LAN<Chorlton>- (d. Q2 1872)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 467
Hannah Edith /HEALD/ Q21872CHSAltrinchamThomas /HEALD/Sarah A.LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8a 176 Chs-TR ALT/37/22 CEN 1881 (Bollington) CEN 1901 (Bolton, LAN)
Annie /HEALD/ Q21872LANChorley- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 73
Annie /HEALD/ Q31872LEILeicester CityCharles /HEALD/IsabellaLINK GRO 7a 34 (Blaby)CEN 1881 (Shildon, DUR)
Ann /HEALD/ Q41872DBYDerbyGeorge /HEALD/MaryLINK GRO 7b 420 CEN 1881 (Derby St Peter)
Hannah Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q41872CHSHyde- (d. Q1 1875, GRO 8a 13)LINKFreeBMD; Chs-TA HYD/49/56 GRO 8a 15 (Stockport)
Annie Louisa /HEALD/ Q21873LNDHatcham \ New CrossRichard /HEALD/LouisaLINKFreeBMD; GRO 1d 738 (Greenwich) CEN 1881 (Deptford St Paul, KEN) CEN 1901 (Ashtead, SRY)
Annie /HEALD/ Q31873LANChorlton- (d. Q1 1875, GRO 8c 635)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 728
Annie /HEALD/ Q41873LANLeighSarahLINK GRO 8c 226 CEN 1881 (Bedford)
Hannah /HEALD/ Abt1874YKSPot OvensEdwin /HEALD/MaryLINK CEN 1881 (Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe)
Ann /HEALD/ Q11874YKSSheffieldCharles /HEALD/OliveLINK GRO 9c 452 CEN 1881
Hannah /HEALD/ Q41874LANBlackburn- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 385
Ann /HEALD/ Abt1875LANFarnworthJohn /HEALD/Margaret A.LINK CEN 1881
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1875LANLeicester- (Other 1901)LINK CEN 1901 (Bolton)
Nancy /HEALD/ Q11875LANManchester- (d. Q3 1875, GRO 8d 139)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 185
Annie /HEALD/ Q11875YKSWaltonJoseph /HEALD/ElizabethLINK(m. Joseph Henry /BALL/ 1895 -VRI) GRO 9c 168 (Barnsley) CEN 1881 (Ardsley) FHL 1545882
Hannah /HEALD/ Q21875LANSalford- (d. Q2 1877, GRO 8d 28)LINKLanBMD; GRO 8d 63 (Salford) LanBMD GRE/116/19
Annie /HEILD/ Abt1876YKSHeadingley[Joseph] /HIELD/Fanny K. /HOULDING/LINK CEN 1881 (Potter Newton)
Annie /HILD/ Abt1876CHSNew Ferry- (Other 1901)LINK CEN 1901 (Glusburn, YKS)
Annie /HILD/ Abt1876LANOldhamMaryLINK CEN 1901
Ann /HEALD/ Q11876LANPrestwich- (d. Q3 1877, GRO 8d 232)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 399
Ann Maria /HEALD/10Jul1876LANManchesterJohn /HEALD/Ann /BUTTERWORTH/LINKREL; GRO 8c 856 (Chorlton) CEN 1881
Annie /HEALD/ Q41876LANLancasterJames /HEALD/CatherineLINK GRO 8e 692 CEN 1881 CEN 1901
Annie Eliza T /HEALD/ Q41876LANManchesterNicholas Temple /HEALD/AletheaLINK GRO 8c 793 (Chorlton) CEN 1881 (Hulme) // m. YKS, 1861
Ann Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q41876YKSSheffieldGeorge /HEALD/Mary AnnLINK GRO 9c 430 CEN 1881
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1877YKS<Bramley>- (d. Q3 1878)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 258
Ann /HEILD/ Abt1878SCTLanark- (Visitor 1881)LINK CEN 1881 (Govan) // rel. Mary ENG, 1839 ?
Ann Slight /HEALD/19May1878YKSLeedsJohn A. /HEALD/Mary E.LINKREL; (b. 19 Jun 1877, GRO 9b 444 Yks-LS SE/93/221) CEN 1881
Annie /HEALD/ Q21878LANLatchford (CHS)William /HEALD/ElizabethLINK GRO 8c 227 (Warrington) Chs-WA LAT/10/380 CEN 1881
Ann /HEALD/ Q31878YKSLeeds North- (d. Q3 1878, GRO 9b 349)LINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 551 Yks-LS NORT/144/398
Annie /HEALD/ Q31878LANManchesterWalter /HEALD/EllenLINK GRO 8d 244 CEN 1881
Annie Copeland /HEALD/ Q11879YKSLeeds North- LINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 512 Yks-LS NORT/147/11
Hannah /HEALD/ Q41880LANOrmskirkEdwin /HEALD/MaryLINK GRO 8b 798 LanBMD OK/20/1 CEN 1881 CEN 1901 (Nelson)
Fanny /HEALD/ Q41881LANBlackburnThomas /HEALD/PheobeLINK GRO 8e 339 CEN 1901
Hannah Jane /HEALD/ Q41881YKSPontefract- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 98
Ann /HILD/ Abt1882YKSSaddleworthThos /HILD/HannahLINK CEN 1901
Annie Hepworth /HEALD/ Q31882YKSMexbroBowman /HEALD/[Sarah A.]LINK GRO 9c 693 (Doncaster) CEN 1901 (Swinton)
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1883YKSKnottingleyBenjamine /HEALD/AnnLINK CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/ Q11883YKSPontefract- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 95
Hannah /HEALD/ Q41883CHSHeaton Norris- (Other 1901; rel Thomas 1849 ?)LINK GRO 8a 40 (Stockport) Chs-ST HEA/62/22 CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/ Q41883NTTWestwoodHenry /HEALD/MaryLINK GRO 7b 109 (Basford) CEN 1901 (Selston)
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1885YKSSheffieldFrederick /HEALD/ElizaLINK CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/ Q21885YKSDewsbury- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9b 687
Annie Maria /HEALD/ Q41885YKSSheffield- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 471
Hannah /HEALD/ Q11886NTTE. Retford- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 4
Annie /HEALD/ Q21886YKSSheffield- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 515
Annie Louisa /HIELDS/ Q21886YKSYork- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9d 61 Yks-York WAL/81/32 (Walmgate)
Annie /HEALD/21Aug1886YKSHorbury BridgeJohn Wm. /HEALD/HannahLINKREL; (m. John William /BROADHEAD/ 1905) CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/ Q41886STSBurslemSamuel /HEALD/[Sarah]LINK GRO 6b 141 (Wolstanton) CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/ Q41886YKSWakefield- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 69
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1887YKSSheffield- (Other 1901)LINK CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/ Q11887YKSWetwangTom /HEALD/SarahLINK GRO 9d 324 (Driffield) CEN 1901 (Pudsey)
Annie /HEALD/ Q31887YKSAshton Under Lyne (LAN)[William Hy. /HEALD/]AnnLINK GRO 8d 565 (Ashton) Chs-TA HAR/67/45 CEN 1901 (Stalybridge, CHS)
Ann Ellen /HEALD/ Q41887LANAspullEdward /HEALD/EllenLINK GRO 8c 18 (Wigan) CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/ Q11888LANBoltonGeorge /HEALD/EstherLINK GRO 8c 438 CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/ Q21888LAN<Lancaster>- (d. Q4 1891, GRO 8e 520)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 750
Hannah /HEALD/ Q21888LANManchesterWalter /HEALD/EllenLINK GRO 8d 2[856][568] CEN 1901
Annie /HEILD/ Abt1889LANManchsAnnieLINK CEN 1901 (Salford)
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1889LANTyldesley[William /HEALD/]RachaelLINK CEN 1901 (Atherton)
Ann Clay /HEALD/ Abt1889YKS<Wakefield>- (d. Q4 1889, GRO 9c 27)LINKFreeBMD
Hannah /HEALD/ Abt1889YKSWakefieldWalter /HEALD/LINK CEN 1901
Annie Isabella /HEALD/ Q11889LANPrestonJohn /HEALD/AmeliaLINK GRO 8e 619 CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/ Q41889YKSKnottingley- (Other 1901)LINK GRO 9c 88 (Pontefract) CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/ Q21890NTTWestwoodRobert /HEALD/ElizthLINK GRO 7b 128 CEN 1901 (Selston)
Annie Winifred /HELD/ Q31890BKMNewport P.- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 3a 725
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1892LANManchesterRobert /HEALD/MaryLINK CEN 1901
Ann Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q11892YKSSheffield- (d. Q1 1892, GRO 9c 294)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 444
Annie /HEALD/ Q21892LANBolton- (d. Q1 1893, GRO 8c 283)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 531
Annie Temple /HEALD/ Q21892LANManchester- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 286
Annie /HEALD/ Q31892LANWithingtonJohn W /HEALD/Mary ELINK GRO 8c 756 (Chorlton) CEN 1901
Annie /HIELDS/ Abt1893YKSYorkMary AnnLINK CEN 1901
Hannah Elizabeth /HIELDS/ Q41893YKSYorkJohn /HIELDS/ElizabethLINK GRO 9d 16 (York) Yks-York MIC/57/17 (Micklegate) CEN 1901 (York)
Annie /HILD/ Abt1894DURDarlingtonJoseph /HILD/HannahLINK CEN 1901 (Guiseley, YKS)
Annie /HEALD/ Q31894LANWigan- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 92
Hannah /HEALD/ Q41894CHSBollington- (d. Q4 1895 aged 0, Chs-CE BOL/26/34, GRO 8a 97 (Macclesfield))LINKChsBMD; GRO 8a 118 (Macclesfield) Chs-CE BOL/38/65
Ann /HEALD/ Q11895YKSSheffieldWalter /HEALD/MaryLINK GRO 9c 532 CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/ Q31895YKSSouth HiendleyGeorge /HEALD/GertrudeLINK GRO 9c 180 (Hemsworth) CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1896YKSDewsburyWilliam /HEALD/JaneLINK CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/ Q31896CHSEast Macclesfield- LINKChsBMD; GRO 8a 123 Chs-CE EMC/45/2
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1897LAN<Preston>- (d. Q4 1903, GRO 8e 376)LINKFreeBMD
Annie Lilian /HEALD/ Q21897LANNewton HeathWilliam /HEALD/HannahLINK GRO 8d 316 (Prestwich) CEN 1901 (North Manchester)
Annie /HEALD/ Q31897LANBoltonWilliam /HEALD/MaryLINK GRO 8c 396 CEN 1901 (Stockport, CHS)
Annie /HEALD/ Q41897CHSStockport First- LINKChsBMD; GRO 8a 83 Chs-ST ST1/129/9
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1898LANBoltonThomas /HEALD/ElizabethLINK CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1898LANPrestonWilliam /HEALD/ClaraLINK CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/ Q21898LANPreston- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 568
Fanny /HEALD/ Q41898CHSStockport- (d. Q1 1901, GRO 8a 23)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8a 29
Annie /HIELD/ Abt1899CHSStaplefordRobert /HIELD/EllenLINK CEN 1901 (Bruen Stapleford)
Annie /HEALD/ Abt1899NTTWorksopWilliam /HEALD/MaryLINK CEN 1901 // m. Gainsborough LIN, Bef 1889
Hannah /HEALD/ Q21899LANBlackburnHugh /HEALD/DorothyLINK GRO 8e 358 CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/ Q21899NTTWorksop- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 7b 30
Anne Isabella /HEALD/ Q31899LANPrestonWilliam /HEALD/AnnLINK GRO 8e 545 CEN 1901
Nancy Mabel /HIELD/ Q31899LNDSt PancrasJohn /HIELD/HarrietLINK GRO 1b 142 CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/  1900YKSLeeds North- LINKYksBMD; Yks-LS NORT/246/198
Ann Eliza /HEALD/ Q21900YKSDoncaster- (d. Q2 1900, GRO 9c 496)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 872
Hannah Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q21900YKSHolbeckArthur /HEALD/AnnieLINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 326 Yks-LS HOLB/68/199 CEN 1901
Annie /HEALD/ Q21900LANUrmstonWilliam /HEALD/MaryLINK Lan-TR STR/57/71 (Stretford) GRO 8c 718 (Barton I.) CEN 1901
Fanny /HEALD/ Q31900LANManchesterJoseph /HEALD/FannyLINK GRO 8d 361 (Prestwich) CEN 1901 (North Manchester)
Annie /HEALD/3Jan1901YKSLeedsGeorge /HEALD/Mary Louisa /NIXON/LINKREL; (m. Frank /HAIGH/ Abt 1951) GRO 9b 395 CEN 1901
Annie Katherine /HIELDS/ Q11901YKSYorkJohn /HIELDS/ElizabethLINK GRO 9d 22 (York) Yks-York MIC/68/31 (Micklegate) CEN 1901 (York)
Annie Mary /HEALD/ Q21901LANChorlton- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8c 708
Hannah Margaret /HEALD/ Q21901LANWest DerbyArthur /HEALD/MaryLINK GRO 8b 261 CEN 1901
Annie Elizabeth /HEALD/ Q41901YKSPontefract- (d. Q4 1901, GRO 9c 64)LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 114
Annie /HEALD/ Q31902YKSLeeds Southeast- LINKYksBMD; GRO 9b 413 Yks-LS SE/153/385
Annie /HEALD/ Q41902LANPrestwich- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 347
Annie /HEALD/ Q41902LANW. Derby- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8b 518
Annie /HEALD/ Q11904LANBlackburn- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 331
Ann /HEALD/ Q21904YKSWakefield- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9c 12
Annie Lilian /HIELDS/ Q31904YKSLeyburn- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 9d 707
Annie /HEALD/ Q31904LANPrestwich- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8d 342
Annie /HEALD/ Q41905LANBlackburn- LINKFreeBMD; GRO 8e 340
Annie /HILDS/ Abt1907CHS<Stockport>- (d. Q4 1907, GRO 8a 53)LINKFreeBMD
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