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Heald Children UK: Male, 1626-1725

COPYRIGHT NOTE: The information on these pages is principally derived from the LDS International Genealogical Index (IGI); the LDS Ancestral File; the 1851, 1881 and 1901 UK Censuses; the LDS British Vital Records CDs (2nd edition); CheshireBMD, LancashireBMD, and YorkshireBMD; the FreeBMD project; and contributions from individual researchers. It is presented here strictly for the purpose of noncommercial scholarship, in line with international standards of copyright Fair Use. Do not reuse this material commercially, or in any way likely to upset the LDS or HMSO; and do not reproduce it without this message.
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The standard of proof used to consolidate these listings is current best guess (not 'absolute cast-iron certainty') -- so do not necessarily trust every suggested link, eg between a birth and a subsequent marriage, or consolidation, eg between different census returns. The listings have been mostly compiled from published indexes: you are strongly advised to check out wherever possible the original underlying documents, which may contain further information that could contradict the assumptions here.

Also be very aware that the listings are far from complete. There are many more Healds whose parishes have not yet been included in the IGI or VRI; many Healds lost or mistranscribed in both the 1881 and 1901 censuses; and many more still to transcribe at FreeBMD (latest progress). Just because there is only one Heald listed in a given place with a given name at a particular date, it is not necessarily safe to assume that they must definitely be the person you are looking for.

If there is any information you can add or correct, please contact me at j.heald@ucl.ac.uk.

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James /HEALD/5Apr1629LANBuryWilliam /HEALD/LINKP007051
James /HEALD/1Jan1636HAMWinchester- LINKC136741
James /HEALD/ Abt.1642CHSWilmslowThomas /HEALD/Elizabeth /ROBSON/LINK LDS 1760930
James /HEALD/15Jan1642HAMWinchester- LINKC136741
James [or Jacobus] /HEALD/22Jun1645LANChorleyEvan /HEALD/LINKP005701; (m. 1671; bur. 3 Sep 1708 -AF) AFN:PV37-RQ; PR bap LDS 452075 & 458666 & -- REL 1 2 3 4 5
James /HEALD/22Apr1649CHSMobberlyThomas /HEALD/Elizabeth StewardLINK(d. Abt 1650 -AF) AFN:K0L1-0K; LDS 1903532 // wrong mother?
Jas. /HEALD/22Apr1649CHSWilmslow [Mobberley]Thos. /HEALD/[Elizabeth /HOBSON/]LINKP009681; LDS 1760911 & 1760779 & 1903603 & 1903823
James /HEALD/2Feb1658CHSMobberleyThomas /HEALD/ElizabethLINK LDS batch 6930934
Jacobi /HEALD/24Feb1658DBYGreat LongstoneHugh /HEALD/LINKC055512
James /HEALD/2Apr1658CHSOf MobberlyThomas /HEALD/Elizabeth StewardLINK(m. 1688 Elizabeth /STEWARD/ -AF) AFN:3ZW6-LS; // wrong mother?
James /HEALD/31May1685CHSChesterThomas /HEALD/LINKP015831
James /HEALD/ Abt.1687LANChorley- (m. 1710)LINK AFN:LX3S-FD; LDS 1760931
James /HEALD/31Mar1689CHSMobberleyJames /HEALD/ElizabethLINK LDS batch 6930934
James /HEALD/31May1689CHSMoberlyJames /HEALD/Elizabeth /STEWARD/LINK(d. 7 Aug 1758;bur. 10 Aug 1758 -AF) AFN:HKRH-L7;
James /HEALD/18May1691YKSMorleyJohn /HEALD/LINKC088021
James /HEALD/18May1691YKSTopcliffe By ThirskJohn /HEALD/LINKP009401; // non-geographical register ?
James /HEALD/22Feb1698LANOldhamJohn /HEALD/Alice /SCHOFIELD/LINKP005622
James /HEALD/ Abt.1703LANCroston- LINK LDS 183469 (rel. George BRADSHAW)
James /HEALD/24Oct1703LANLeylandEvan /HEALD/[Ellin /PARKER/]LINKP005441; (bur. 10 Jun 1718 -AF) AFN:PV38-3F; PR bap LDS 452075 & 458666
Jacob /HEALD/27Oct1711---- LINK LDS 178011 (rel. Jonathan H. Hale)
Jacob /HEALD/27Oct1711---Chester CountySamuel /HEALD/Mary /BANCROFT/LINK(schurdlu@aol.com) Rootsweb heald04
Jacob /HEALD/27Dec1711---MobberleySamuel /HEALD/Mary /BANCROFT/LINK LDS batch 5026245
James /HEALD/15Dec1714LANFlixtonJohn /HEALD/LINKP005221
Jas. /HEALD/29Jun1721LANChorleyTho. /HEALD/[Elizabeth]LINKP005702; AFN:PV38-BM; LDS 452075 & 458666
James /HEALD/30Nov1723DBYStaveleyJohn /HEALD/MaryLINKVRI2; FHL 1041903
Japhat /HEALD/11May1653YKSHorburyHenry /HEALD/[Margaret /OXLEY/]LINKP007581; (m. Martha /LEDGARD/ or /LEDGER/ 1690; bur 28 Sep 1700 -PR bur) PR bap LDS 962006 (rel. John SNOWBALL)
Job /HEALD/  1708YKSKirkburtonJohn /HEALD/LINK(m. Ann /HOLLINGSWORTH/ 1730) AFN:1QKV-M8S;
Jo. /HEALDE/20Jan1628YKSWhitkirkRoger /HEALDE/LINKP009781; (bur. 28 Nov 1629 -PR xxx) PR xxx
John /HEALD/5July1629DBYWirksworthRobeart /HEALD/LINKWIRKSW; (bur. 16 Feb 1631) VRI2 FHL 1041042
John /HEALD/25Mar1630LANManchesterRobarte /HEALD/LINKP005461; LDS 458993
John /HEALD/29Oct1632DBYEyamNicholas /HEALD/AnneLINK LDS 2034728
Johannes /HEALD/18Jan1633YKSWakefieldJohannis /HEALD/LINKVRI; FHL 98546
John /HEALD/  1634CHSJohn /HEALD/Dorothy /ROYLE/LINK LDS --
John /HEALD/23Feb1634YKSWhitkirkRobte. /HEALD/LINKP009781; PR xxx
John /HEALD/ Mar1634CHSAlderleyJohn /HEALD/Dorothy /ROYLE/LINK LDS 183557 & 184305 & 1239640 (rel. Jonathan H. HALE)
John /HEALD/ Abt.1636CHSBernwickJohn /HEALD/Dorothy /ANDREWS/LINK LDS 456235
John /HEALD/3Dec1636CHSAlderleyJohn /HEALD/Dorothy /ROYLE/ \ /ANDROSS/LINK LDS --
John /HEALD/ Abt.1637CHSJohn /HEALD/Mrs. John /HEALD/LINK LDS F516603
John /HEALD/26Mar1637CHSAlderleyJohn /HEALD/Dorothy /ROYLE/LINK AFN:7TJ1-38; LDS -- & batch 7504403 & 962064 & 2034719
John /HEALD/12Oct1637LANChorleyWillm. /HEALD/LINKP005701; PR bap LDS 452075 & 458666
John /HEALD/ Abt.1638CHSBerwick-Upon-Tweed- LINK LDS 183498 & 1842700 (rel. Aroet L. HALE)
John /HEALD/14Feb1638DBYWirksworthThomas /HEALD/Ann /HOADES/LINKWIRKSW; (bur. 16 Feb 1638; illegitimate)
John /HEALD/  1639CHSBerwick-On-The-TweedJonathan /HEALD/DOROTHYLINK LDS 1760906 & 1760931
John /HIELD/28Apr1639YKSOswaldkirkJohn /HIELD/LINKP017211
John /HEALD/ Abt.1640LANLeyland- LINK LDS 183469 (rel. George BRADSHAW) //
John /HEILD/1Jan1640LINHolbeachBartle /HEILD/AbigailLINKP011131
John /HEALD/27Sep1640LINConingsbyJames /HEALD/AneLINKC027642; VRI2 FHL 1541959
Jo /HEALD/4Jul1641NTTNorwellBen /HEALD/AnneLINKPR; PR bap
John /HEALD/22Sep1641LANChorleyEuani /HEALD/LINKP005701; (m. 1669 Ellen /FISHWICKE/; bur. 8 Nov 1714 -AF) AFN:PV37-QK; LDS 452075 & 458666
John /HEALD/15Sep1642DBYHathersageNicholas /HEALD/LINK LDS 442714 & 456372
Johannes /HEALD/15Oct1642DBYHathersageNicholai /HEALD/LINKP013131
John /HEALD/15Dec1644CHSMobberleyThomas /HEALD/LINKC036691
John /HEALD/30Aug1646YKSWhitkirkRoger /HEALD/LINKP009781; PR xxx
John /HEALD/5Dec1646YKSDewsburyRbt. /HEALD/[Mary /FLETCHER/]LINKP009051; PR bap LDS 452084 & 459184
John /HEALD/16Jan1647YKSHorburyHenry /HEALD/Margaret /OXLEY/LINK LDS 452084 & 455847
John /HEALD/16Jan1648YKSHorburyHenrie /HEALD/LINKP007581; (m1 Elizabeth /INGHAM/; m2 Widow /HANSON/ -REL, ? 1705) PR bap
John /HEALD/28Feb1651DBYGreat LongstoneHughe /HEALD/LINKC055512
John /HEALD/ Abt.1653DBYOfferton- LINK LDS 442712 (rel. CLARK)
John /HEALD/14Aug1654LANMiddleton By OldhamWilliam /HEALD/LINKP007061
John /HEALD/ Abt.1656CHS- LINK LDS 1760872
John /HEALD/2Apr1657YKSWhitkirkRoger /HEALD/LINKP009781; (b. 27 Mar 1657 -PR; bur. 2 Dec 1664 -PR xxx) PR xxx
Johannes /HEALD/16Jan1658DBYStaveleyRoberti /HEALD/AnneLINKVRI2; FHL 1041903
John /HELDE/22Mar1659LANGoosnarghWilliam /HELDE/LINKP005721; PR bap
John /HEALD/17Apr1659DBYMortonRobt /HEALD/LINKP014941
John /HEALD/7Mar1664STSEllastoneJohn /HEALD/ElizabethLINKP010101; PR bap
John /HEALD/ Abt.1667CHS- LINK LDS 1985297 & 1985393
John /HEALD/26May1667LANChorleyJohn /HEALD/[Ellen] /FISHWICK/LINKP005702; AFN:1J2N-KWL; PR bap LDS 457893 // illegitimate
John /HEALD/5Sep1669LANChorleyJo. /HEALD/[Ellen] /FISHWICK/LINKP005702; PR bap LDS 446243 & 457893 // illegitimate
John /HEALD/28Nov1669YKSThornhill By DewsburyThomas /HEALD/LINKP009801
John /HEALD/ Abt.1670YKSKirkheaton- (m. Paterntia /SPEIGHT/)LINK LDS 452084
John /HEALD/ Bef1670YKS<Leeds>Robert /HEALD/LINK(bur. 28 Aug 1670 -PR bur)
John /HEALD/  1670CHSMobberlyThomas /HEALD/Elizabeth StewardLINK AFN:HKRH-Z4; // wrong mother?
John /HEALD/ Abt.1670CHSMobberlyWilliam /HEALD/Jane /DUNBOBBIN/LINK LDS F516453
John /HEALD/24Apr1670DBYOffertonJohn /HEALD/Mrs. John /HEALD/LINK LDS 456372
John /HEALD/ Abt.1675CHSWilliam /HEALD/Jane /DONBOBBIN/LINK(m. 1701 Martha /FODEN/ -AF) AFN:HKRH-Z4; LDS F610865
John /HEALD/  1675CHSChesterWilliam /HEALD/Jane /DONBABIN/LINK LDS --
John /HEALD/ Abt.1675CHSMobberleyThomas /HEALD/Elizabeth /CHORLTON/LINK LDS 6142840
John /HEALD/ Abt.1675CHSPownall FeeThomas /HEALD/Elizabeth /STEWARD/LINK LDS -- & 2078154 //wrong parents ?
John /HEALD/ Abt.1676CHSPownall- (m. Martha /FODEN/)LINK LDS batch 6020182
John /HEELD/27Feb1676YKSAlneJohn /HEELD/LINKVRI2
John /HEELD/19Feb1677YKSAlneRichard /HEELD/LINKVRI2
John /HEALD/5Aug1677LANChorleyJohn /HEALD/[Ellen /FISHWICKE/]LINKP005702; PR bap LDS 446243 & 457893
John /HEALD/28Mar1678LANBuryWilliam /HEALD/Jane /TAYLOR/LINK LDS 442614
John /HEALD/2Apr1678LANBuryWilliam /HEALD/[Jane /TAYLOR/]LINKP007051; LDS 485902
Johes /HEALD/14Apr1678DBYTideswellRoberti /HEALD/LINKC058012
Johannes /HIELD/17Apr1678YKSYorkJohannis /HIELD/LINKP009711
John /HEALD/24Apr1679DBYHathersageJohn /HEALD/LINKP013131
John /HEALD/17Dec1679YKSMorleyJohn /HEALD/LINKC088021
John /HEALD/17Dec1679YKSTopcliffe By ThirskJohn /HEALD/LINKP009401; // non-geographical register ?
John /HEALD/16Dec1680YKSWhitkirkJohn /HEALD/LINKP009781; PR xxx
John /HEALDS/27Dec1680YKSDewsburyHenry /HEALDS/Mrs. Maria /HEALDS/LINK LDS 459186
John /HEALD/ Abt.1681LAN<of Flixton>- LINK LDS 1760736
John /HEALD/ Abt1682YKSKirkburton- LINK AFN:1QKV-M3R;
John /HEALD/13May1682DBYStony MiddletonMathew /HEALD/LINKC058972
John /HEILD/30Jul1682LANFlixtonIsaac /HEILD/LINKP005221
John /HEALDS/1Apr1683YKSDewsburyHenry /HEALDS/MariaLINK LDS 452084 & 459186
Johannes /HEELD/8Feb1684YKSAlneFrancisci /HEELD/LINKVRI2
John /HEILD/7Mar1685YKSWheldrakeThomas /HEILD/LINKVRI; FHL 1068417
John /HEALD/4Jan1686DBYOffertonJohn /HEALD/LINK LDS 442712 & 456372
John /HEALD/4Jan1687DBYHathersageJohn /HEALD/LINKP013131
John /HEALD/6Feb1687LANOldhamJohn /HEALD/MaryLINKP005622
John /HEALD/ Abt.1689CHSMobberlyWilliam /HEALD/Jane /DONBABIN/LINK LDS 1903643
John /HELD/26Dec1690DBYBlackwell By AlfretonJohn /HELD/LINKC060962
John /HEALD/7Feb1691LANChorleyRalph /HEALD/LINK LDS 452075 & 458666
John /HEALD/30Apr1692YKSCarcroft [Owston]William /HEALD/Mrs. Mary /HEALD/LINK(bur. 5 Sep 1695 -AF) AFN:19KR-PJH; LDS 2034483
John /HEALD/3Oct1692DBYNorth WingfieldJohn /HEALD/LINKC058752
John /HEELD/ Abt.1693LINSpalding- (m. Elizabeth /WILES/)LINK LDS 448070
John /HEALD/30Apr1693YKSOwstonWilliam HealdLINKVRI2; FHL 1545732
John /HEALD/1Feb1696LNDLondonJohn /HEALD/ElizabethLINKP020531
John /HEELD/12Apr1696LINSpaldingHenery /HEELD/SusannaLINKC031562
John /HEALD/30Aug1696YKSWakefield/HEALD/LINKP018301
Johanes /HEALD/27Dec1697DBYStony MiddletonNicolas /HEALD/HeleneLINKC058972
John /HEALD/  1700LANBlackburn- LINK LDS 177955 (rel. Thomas Heald Bradshaw)
Jonathan /HEELD/14Sep1701YKSAlneWillielmi /HEELD/LINKVRI2
John /HEALD/18Oct1701STSEllastoneHenry /HEALD/CatherineLINKP010101
Johannes /HEELD/25Feb1702YKSAlneWilliam /HEELD/LINKVRI2
John /HEALD/20Jul1702---MorleyJohn /HEALD/Martha /FODEN/LINK AFN:HKRJ-PV;
John /HEALD/ Abt.1703CHSSutton- (m. Elizabeth /GOODWIN/)LINK LDS 447880
John /HEALD/25Oct1705YKSLeedsRoger /HEALD/LINKP009621; PR bap
John /HEALD/27Dec1705LANEccleston With DouglasJohn /HEALD/LINKJ133711
John /HEALD/30Dec1705LNDLondonJohn /HEALD/MaryLINKP020531
John /HEALD/ Abt.1706YKSDewsbury- (m. Hannah /AVEYARD/)LINK LDS 448026
John /HEALD/5Jan1706YKSWath Upon DearneWilliam /HEALD/LINKP009651
John /HEALD/28May1706YKSLong MarstonRichard /HEALD/LINKC060831
John /HEALD/3Oct1708HRTHitchinJohn /HEALD/MaryLINKC072482
John [or Jonathan] /HEALD/30Oct1709LANChorleyEuan /HEALD/[Ellin /PARKER/]LINKP005702; (m. 1730 Margaret /BOLTON/; d. 9 Nov 1770 -AF) AFN:LX3R-01; LDS 452075 & 458666
John /HEYLD/16Jul1710YKSYorkRd. /HEYLD/LINKP009411
John Jr. /HEALD/ Abt.1711---MorleyJohn /HEALD/Martha /FODEN/LINK LDS batch 6020182
John /HEALD/9Jun1711YKSHorburyJon. /HEALD/LINKP007581; (bur. 13 Aug 1711 -PR bur) PR bap
John /HEILD/23Mar1712SCTAberdeenJohn /HEILD/Elizabeth /HEILD/LINKC111686
John /HEALD/21Dec1712LANFlixtonJohn /HEALD/LINKP005221
John /HEALD/ Abt.1713LANChorley- LINK LDS --
John /HEALD/5Feb1714YKSSheffieldMich. /HEALD/LINKP007751; TR cutler 1727
John /HEALD/29Mar1715KENSaint Werburgh HooRobt. /HEALD/MaryLINKC131462
Jno. /HELD/3Mar1716LNDLondonHugh /HELD/AnneLINKC025773
John /HEELD/26Dec1716YKSYorkWilliam /HEELD/LINKP009411
John /HIELD/28Apr1719YKSRufforthMark /HIELD/LINKVRI2; FHL 1068394
John /HEALD/30Aug1719YKSHorburyDavid /HEALD/LINKP007581; PR bap
John /HEALD/ Abt.1720---OfJohn /HEALD/Martha /FODEN/LINK LDS 1760919 & 1985348 & 1985511
John /HEALD/ Abt.1720---<pownall>John /HEALD/Martha /FODEN/LINK LDS --
John /HEALD/6Jan1722KENSaint Werburgh HooJohn /HEALD/MargaretLINKC131462
John /HEILD/24Feb1722YKSAlneThomas /HEILD/LINKVRI2
John /HEALD/7Jun1722---Chester CountyJohn /HEALD/Martha /FODEN/LINK(schurdlu@aol.com) Rootsweb heald04
John Cotton /HEALD/2Jan1723CHSMacclesfieldGeorge /HEALD/LINKJ076652
Johes /HEALD/28May1724DBYChesterfieldFranci /HEALD/LINKC035863
John /HEALD/4Jul1724LANChorleyJonathan /HEALD/Mrs. Sarah /HEALD/LINK LDS --
Joseph /HEALD/10Apr1638YKSWakefieldHenery /HEALD/[Janet /NAYLOR/]LINKVRI; FHL 98546; LDS 458243
Joseph /HEALD/24Dec1660LANWithingtonAbraham /HEALD/LINK LDS 452120 & 455856
Joseph /HEALD/7Nov1662LANManchesterAbraham /HEALD/LINKP005461
Joseph /HEALD/11Feb1684YKSTopcliffe By ThirskTimothy /HEALD/LINKP009401; (d. young -REL) // non-geographical register ?
Joseph /HEALDS/15Nov1690YKSDewsburyHenry /HEALDS/Mrs. Maria /HEALDS/LINK LDS 459186
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt.1696YKSTopcliffe By ThirskTimothy /HEALD/LINK LDS 1903702 // non-geographical register ?
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt1708YKSSheffieldNicholas /HEALD/LINK TR cutler 1732
Joseph /HEALD/27Oct1711---Chester CountySamuel /HEALD/Mary /BANCROFT/LINK(schurdlu@aol.com) Rootsweb heald04
Joseph /HEALD/ Abt.1713---MobberleySamuel /HEALD/Mary /BANCROFT/LINK LDS batch 5026245
Joseph /HEALD/29Oct1715YKSHorburyDavid /HEALD/LINKP007581; PR bap
Josuas [James] /HEALD/6Feb1639YKSWakefieldHenery /HEALD/[Janet /NAYLOR/]LINKVRI; (bur. 4 Mar 1670 -PR bur ?) FHL 98546; LDS 444895
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