Heald Place-names in Yorkshire: Historical Notes
Heald Brow, Barnoldswick
Not yet located -- BB18 5NB -- SD877466 -- [OS 1853] -- PNWRY VI, 35
Healds Barn, Malham, Arncliffe
BD23 4DJ -- SD893630 -- OS 1852 -- PNWRY VI, 136
Raistrick (ms) C17
Collection of Craven deeds and transcripts of Dr A Raistrick, Linton in Craven
NB: map reference is for Head's Barn (1852) which may or may not be equivalent
Heald Lathe and Heald Wood, Beamsley, Skipton
Not yet located -- BD23 6HP -- SE080520 -- [OS 1854] -- PNWRY V, 72
WYD 1311 'A wood called Held'
TA (ms) 1847 Heald Close and Wood
West Yorkshire Deeds (Bradford Historical and Antiquarian Society, Local Records Series, Bradford 1929ff); Tithe Awards (manuscript).
Held Lane, Southowram, Halifax
HX3 9RH -- SE114234 -- OS 1854 -- PNWRY III, 94
Heald Wall Nook, Barkisland, Halifax
    HX4 0DB -- SE053202 -- OS 1854 -- not in PNWRY
The Healds, Ecclesall, Sheffield
also Healds House, Healds Lane (1855)
S10 3LW -- SK310865 -- OS 1855 -- PNWRY I, 199
Cust 1495 le Helde
Sheff Man 1494 le Helde
ibid. 1534, 1609 le heeldes
ibid. 1541 les Heldes
ibid. 1609 the Healde, the Healdes
Norf 1630 the Healde, the Healdes
Liber Finium Customarium (Transactions of the Hunter Society 257ff); A Descriptive Catalogue of Sheffield Manorial Records (ed. T. Walter Hall, 3 vols, Sheffield 1926-34); Documents Relating to the Duke of Norfolk's Estates (Corn Exchange, Sheffield).
Heald Wood, Ecclesall, Sheffield
S10 3TT -- SK312853 -- OS 1855 -- PNWRY I, 199
Heald Common, Thurlstone, Penistone
    S36 4TD -- SE173023 -- OS 1855 -- PNWRY I, 342
WCR(ii) 1600 le Helde
Wakefield Court Rolls (Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Record Series)
(Thanks to Jon Whiting for identifying this place to me).
Heald Head, Cawthorne, Staincross
Not yet located -- S75 4HH -- SE285080 -- [OS 1855] -- PNWRY I, 324
Hunter 1817 Heald Head
Joseph Hunter "South Yorkshire" 1828:London
Heald Wood, Ferry Friston, Castleford
WF10 3BQ -- SE444257 -- OS 1852 -- PNWRY II, 67
TA (ms)
OS 1841
Tithe Awards (unpublished; chiefly in the Ministry of Agriculture, Farming and Fisheries).
Heald Field, Castleford
also Heald Bottom Lane (1852)
WF10 4SF -- SE439259 -- OS 1852 -- PNWRY II, 70
Encl A (ms) 1822
Enclosure Awards (unprinted; chiefly in the West Riding Register of Deeds, Wakefield, and the Clerk of the Peace Quarter Sessions Books, York).
Heald's House, Dewsbury Moor
    WF13 4HT -- SE231227 -- OS 1854 -- not in PNWRY
OS 1854
Charlotte Bronte lived and taught here in 1837-8. See this page for further information.
Healds Hall, Liversedge, Birstall
WF15 6HW -- SE208240 -- OS 1854 -- PNWRY III, 28 1817 M
YD vii C13 le Helde
PRStP 1797 Heald Hall
Yorkshire Deeds 7 (Yorkshire Archaeological Society vol. 83); Parish Register of St Paul's, Leeds.
See this page for further information. The owner of the house is featured in Charlotte Bronte's novel "Shirley".

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