Heald Place-names in Derbyshire: Historical Notes
Yelt Farm, Doveridge, nr Uttoxeter
DE6 5JX -- SK125334 -- OS 1887 -- PND vol II, p.551
AOMB 1538 le Helde
Min Acct 1547 le Helde
Augmentation Office Miscellaneous Books 186, 399 (Public Record Office); Ministers Accounts (Public Record Office)
The Yeld, Bakewell
DE45 1FJ -- SK215681 -- OS 1883 -- PND vol I, p.34-5
     BelvoirCh (ms) Ed I Butonheld
ibid. 1335 le Helde
Shef LxC (ms) 1564 le Held
TA (ms) 1598 Heald
Documents at Belvoir Castle (unpublished manuscripts); Sheffield Public Library, Luxmoore Collection; Tithe Assessments (unpublished manuscripts)
Yeld Wood, Baslow
DE45 1SH -- SK261728 -- OS 1883 -- PND vol I, p.42
DBA xxii 1355 le Held
DBA xxiii 1386 le Held
OS 1840 Yeald Wood
Journal of the Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society
Heald Wood, Outseats, Hathersage
S32 1BQ -- SK232834 -- OS 1893 -- PND vol I, p.157
Shef JC (ms) 1637 Great and Little Heald
Derby (ms) 1667 Healds
Sheffield Public Library, Jackson Collection; Derby Public Library (unpublished documents)

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