Heald Place-names in Cheshire: Historical Notes
The Heald, Wrenbury
CW5 8HJ -- SJ582486 -- OS 1882 -- PNC vol III, p. 120
     Bryant 1831 The Heald
Tithe Awards 1841 First, Second Yeald; Yeald meadow; Yeald's field
(W. Bryant, Map of Cheshire, 1831; TA = Tithe Awards)
The Yeld, Kelsall
also Yeld Lane
CW6 0TE -- SJ533693 -- OS 1881 -- PNC not yet checked
Hield Manor, Aston-by-Budworth
See also: Earliest Healds: Hield Manor
CW9 6LP -- SJ673776 -- OS 1881 -- PNC vol II, p.102
Tab c.1200 Helda (in Hestona)
Orm early C13 Helda (in Hestona)
Tab c.1247 Helda (in Hestona)
ibid. 1247 Helde et freq with variant spelling Held
Tab (1653) late C13 Helde (in Estona)
Plea 1296 Helda (in Estona)
Tab 1328 la Helde (p)
ibid. 1331 le Heldpark
MidCh 1348 le Helde (p)
Tab 1490 Helde (iuxta Budworth)
ibid. 1513 the Helde
ChRR 1556 Healde
ibid. 1576 Held Wood
Orm (1666) 1581 Heldbroke [ie Hield Brook]
Orm (1666) H2 [1154--89] Hield
Orm (1666) 1355 del Heild
Tab 1568 the hall of the Hield
ibid. 1601 Heyld
ibid. 1637 Heild
Bryant 1831 Hield Farm & Lane
OS 1842 Hield Brow
(Manuscripts of the Leicester-Warren family at Tabley House: Tab (1653) = manuscript recopied in 1653; G. Ormerod, History of Cheshire (2nd revised ed.), ed. T Helsby, London 1882; Orm (1666) = Peter de Leycester's History of the Bucklow Hundred, reproduced in [Orm] in full; Deeds, Inquisitions etc enrolled on the Plea Rolls of the Co. of Chester (Reports of the Deputy Keeper of Public Records 26-30: London, 1865-9); A Middlewich Chartulary, edition of a C17 manuscript, ed J. Varley (Chetham Society, NS 105, 108: 1941-4); Calendar of the Chester Recognisance Rolls)
Heald Street, Stockport
SK1 2AS -- SJ900909 -- OS 1882 -- not found in PNC
Street names were only considered in PNC if C17 or earlier
Heald Wood, Romily, Stockport
also: Heald, Healdwood House
SK6 4AX -- SJ941917 -- OS 1882 -- PNC vol I, p.293
Bryant 1831 Heald Wood, Heald Wood House, The Heald
TA, TA Map 1849 Hield, Hield House
(W. Bryant, Map of Cheshire, 1831; TA = Tithe Awards)
Heald Green, Cheadle
SK8 3RX -- SJ842860 -- OS 1882 -- PNC vol I, p. 244
TA 166 1841 Heald Green
R. Stewart-Brown suggested that the name Heald Green may be associated with David son of Leuk del Heald (1289): Calendar of the County Court, City Court and Eyre Rolls of Chester, 1259-1297 (Chetham Society of Lancs and Ches, New Series vol.84), p.132
Heald House, Pownall Fee
SK9 5NT -- SJ822820 -- [OS 1882] -- PNC vol I, p.231
White 1860 Heald House
(F. White & Co. - History, Gazetteer and Directory of Cheshire. 1860, Sheffield.)
"There was a Heald House Farm located in Morley Green on the Mobberley road just opposite to where Eccups lane goes off to Lindow Common. Haven't been lately. My great uncle lived there and it was his postal address although I never saw a name board. His name was Bower and several generations farmed there from the mid 1800's until about the 1960s" (Ian Young 30.1.03)

The house buildings are clearly visible, but not named, on the 1882 map.

Heild End Farm,Wildboarclough
SK11 0BG -- SJ984674 -- OS 1881 -- PNC vol I, p. 161
Bryant 1831 Yeld-end
OS 1842 Heildend, Heild Rocks
OS 1911 Heildend, Heild Rocks, Heild Wood
Heald Road,Bowdon
WA14 2JE -- SJ764867 -- OS 1882 -- PNC vol II, p.15
OS 1842 Heald Road
Healdmill, Mobberley
See also: Earliest Healds: Mobberley
now known as: Wee Bridge Farm
WA16 7QG -- SJ840820 -- OS 1882 -- PNC vol II, p.65
Orm 1672 Hield Mill
(Sir Peter Leycester's history of the Bucklow Hundred, reproduced in Ormerod's History of Cheshire, 1819, 2e 1882)

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